this needed to happen for two reasons


… the EYEWITNESS fandom really needs your help! EYEWITNESS is a really great new suspense drama about two boys, Philip and Lukas, who witness a triple murder but have to keep it a secret because one of them is scared that people will find out he is gay. One of them happens to be the foster son of the local Sheriff (who, btw, is a woman!) who is investigating the murder. From there on the show has multiple plot strands that all tangle together at some point, but the romance between Philip and Lukas is at the heart of it all.

Speaking of which … these are the boys:

Reasons why you will love EYEWITNESS:

  • Complex and complicated love story between two boys (one comfortable with his sexuality, the other deeply closeted) that feels honest and real
  • Doesn’t shy away from showing physical intimacy between the boys (seriously, they are making out shirtless 7 minutes into the first episode!)
  • Tough kick-ass female characters
  • Lots of POC & LGBT representation
  • Defies gender stereotypes
  • Positive portrayal of foster kid with foster parents
  • Deals with important issues like PTSD, drugs and the challenges of coming out in a realistic way
  • Suspense and lots of plot twists you won’t see coming
  • A killer who is creepy as hell
  • An amazing cast!!!

Oh, and did I mention it’s actually well-written?

Unfortunately diverse shows never have it easy, especially if they focus heavily on LGBTQ characters / couples. Add to that the fact that USA Network has basically done nothing at all to promote this show, and you can imagine that ratings are really low. So low in fact that the show will get cancelled if ratings don’t go up drastically!

EYEWITNESS deserves better! And we as a fandom are trying to make that happen. We are trying to get more people to watch to increase ratings. 

So PLEASE … if you live in the US then please watch EYEWITNESS tonight (and the next few Sundays after that) at 10 PM on USA Network. If you can’t watch it live then please DVR it and watch it the next day. Or you can do both which according to the show’s producers will count for two viewings!!!

If you want to catch up on the first 5 episodes you can do so on the USA Network website or app, or you can get the episodes on VoD (iTunes, Amazon Video, etc).

For people outside the US, if you buy the show on iTunes or Amazon Video (if your country has it) then this will also contribute to ratings!!!

If you like the show, please tweet some love for it to @USA_Network and use the hashtags #Eyewitness and #Philkas!

Let’s show the big networks that we WANT shows with diversity, and that those shows CAN be successful! Let’s show them that people will tune in for these kind of shows so that they will continue making them!

Her Return

Let’s not beat around the bush here. We know Bismuth is coming back at some point. She still has make amends with Lapis, learn from her mistakes and ultimately rejoin the crystal gems as a mentally stable member of the team.

There are a lot of things Bismuth needs to do, but in order for her to come back, Steven and the gems are going to need to find a reason to let her out of her bubble, and as a fan theorist It’s high time I talk about how I think that’s going to happen.

Bismuth’s return can go one of a few different ways, but if she’s going to come back on her own, we need to stop thinking for a moment about WHO she is and start focusing on what she is: A weaponsmith, and a damned good one at that.

If bismuth’s coming back it’s going to be because someone needs a new weapon, and there are really only two cases we have a chance of predicting

The first is Rose’s sword, which Bismuth herself crafted. Unlike ordinary gem weapons, Rose’s sword is a real, permanent object that can’t be summoned endlessly or replaced if lost or broken.

Being a legendary sword, there’s a very decent chance that at some point, for some reason or another that sword is going to get shattered, as so many heroes swords do. If that happens, it would need to be reforged and Bismuth is the only gem we know who could do it (unless garnet uses her future vision to gain years of blacksmithing experience instantly by practicing in a bunch of alternate timelines).

Unfortunately this scenario is still fairly unlikely for the simple fact that we don’t know anyone with a sword strong enough to cut through it (Ronaldo’s nippon steel notwithstanding)

No, if there’s one way to drag bismuth back, there’s really only one good hook


Let’s look at the facts here. Peridot may have metalbending skills, but her being able to use it depends on her having a piece of metal that’s light enough for her to lift and pointy enough to do damage but isn’t embedded in the wall or ground.

Unless people in Beach City leave piles of rebar lying around, Peridot is going to need some sort of weapon, and as luck has it we might be just be coming up on the topic within the next two episodes

While we’ve been following the crystal gems on a rescue mission to the human zoo, Garnet left Lapis and Peridot (and Connie) in charge of protecting beach city in her absence. If this was an implicit thing I wouldn’t be talking about it, but because they gave us more than a few seconds to focus on their task I am going to go ahead and assume that something is going to come up while they’re gone

Now, I don’t have any doubt that Lapis can handle any problem that comes up, and if Connie is in the picture she’d be able to do something or other with her months of sword training and perplexing superhuman strength, but Peridot is going to contribute nothing to the party, and the realization would crush her tiny spirit.

Now, while we’re treated to a flashback of what happened (in the narrative frame of Lapis or Peridot describing the events to Steven) Peridot would be struggling to cope with the fact that being a nerd isn’t enough to protect earth. She needs some kind of combat training, and more importantly, she needs a weapon, and who do you think they’d turn to under those circumstances?

Guess who?

Bismuth coming back into the picture with peridot has an added bonus, because now that they’re roommates and teammates, if you’re getting a peridot Lapis will probably be there too, leaving us all the setup we need for a bismuth/lapis confrontation.

I just love it when everything comes together, even it’s only in my imagination

tiny little 12x04 coda with dean because reasons. also the end scene didn’t happen. it just didn’t. 

The motel rooms were cheap as dirt, but Dean wasn’t complaining. It wasn’t often he and Sam could afford to get two rooms. The walls might be thinner than paper, there might be at least thirty suspicious stains within Dean’s sight, there might be leaks and mould and grime and he still wouldn’t mind. He needed the space. Just for a little while.

It’d been two days since his mother left, and he thought he’d learnt almost as much about his her whilst she’d been gone. It still hurt. But he got it more.

There were so many things happening, and all of them hurt a little. Mom leaving. Cas leaving. Cas teaming up with Crowley. Arguing with Sam on the hunt, even though they were okay now. That kind of thing.

He was dealing with it. Slowly. It occurred to him that he could do with a little advice. Or perhaps just some good company.

Cas’s number seemed to dial itself.

“Hello, Dean.” Dean smiled a little into the mouthpiece. The familiar greeting comforted him, like a hand on his shoulder. Cas might come and go, but at least he didn’t ever change too much.

“Hey, Cas. How’s it going?”

“Not well. Well, perhaps it is. I don’t know.” Despite the fact that the topic in question was the devil himself, Dean huffed a little at the coherency of Cas’s reply.

“You wanna be a little less specific there, Sherlock?” Silence on the other end of the line. Dean almost heard Cas rolling his eyes.

The fact that Cas even picked up the call showed he was okay. But Dean still felt a little worried. He knew Cas could handle himself, knew that he wouldn’t take any crap from Crowley. Or Rowena or whomever else he ended up tagging along with.

He just didn’t want Cas to feel like he was cleaning up a mess he singlehandedly caused. Because he was cleaning it up, but it wasn’t his fault. Not all of it, at least.

“We haven’t heard anything to suggest that he’s moved from the very bottom of the ocean somewhere.” Cas spoke nonchalantly, as if this was a conversation he regularly had. What strange lives they led.

“Well, that’s good, right?”

“For the moment, yes.” Cas went quiet for a moment, obviously considering his next words. “I could probably come back to Kansas for a night or two, if you and Sam wanted?”

Dean had been expecting Cas to ask how he was. Then again, Cas knew him just as well as Sam. And odds were Sam had updated him earlier anyway.

Dean didn’t even have to think about his answer.

“Yes. Yeah, that’d be nice. God knows we all deserve a few days off…literally.” Cas didn’t laugh at that either, but he did smile. Dean heard it.

“Okay, I’ll see you at the bunker in a day or two.”

“Sounds good.”



“Speaking from experience, you are not an easy person to just leave.”

Dean didn’t know how to respond. But he knew it made him smile and he knew it meant Cas wanted to come home.

“Thanks, Cas. See you soon.”

“Goodnight, Dean.” They both spent a few moments just breathing into their phones, waiting for the other to hang up, before the dial tone starts up in Dean’s ear.

“Parting is such sweet sorrow,” he whispered, to no one in particular. Himself, maybe.

Cas was coming home. He and Sam were fine. And Mom…well, she just needed a little space. And Dean would give her that.

Dean unlocked his phone again to send one last text before going to bed. After all, he had a lot of driving to do tomorrow.

I love you too, Mom.

Space Australia

you know that post that goes around talking about how alien life would be afraid of earth and its crazy oxygen breathing lifeforms?

I need to write a one-shot about Hal Jordan explaining to a young Superman that earth is actually an extremely gross hella toxic hell world for alot of other alien life forms out there. Sure,alien invasions are happening all the time, but no one wants this pathogenic shit hole. Nah.

“Okay,” Supes would say, “but if we’re such a lousy planet, why do we have like two Green Lanterns? How come so many threats end up out here?”

And Hal gets all cagey like “Look, man, don’t be mad but 99% of the reason bad dudes come to this planet is because its like space Australia. Lanterns think it’s funny to like… trick bad guys into coming out here so they either get wiped out by some mutated super virus or a tropical storm or something.”

Supes just like, “Lobo doesn’t seem like he’d be bothered by a storm.”

“Right, well, if the storms don’t get them, then the statistically improbable Kryptonian roided out on yellow sunlight certainly will…”

“Do not send dangerous criminals to Earth to fight me! And I am not ‘roided out’. Is that what you’re telling people?!”

“They never see it coming. It’s like intergalactic Thunder Dome.”


You can do more when you remember that you’re disabled.

People with disabilities are often taught the anti-skill of pretending to ourselves and others that we have no disability-related limitations.

Most people (disabled or otherwise) have the related anti-skill of assuming that everyone present has pretty much the same physical and cognitive abilities. (Or, in other words, that no one present has a disability that significantly affects physical or cognitive functioning.) This often leads to the assumption that people who aren’t doing a task either haven’t been told what to do, or aren’t sufficiently motivated to do it.

These two anti-skills can make it very, very hard to solve problems when something goes wrong for disability-related reasons.

This kind of conversation tends to happen a lot:

  • Someone: You need to do the thing.
  • Disabled person: I’m having trouble with the thing.
  • Someone: “Can’t you just do the thing this way that sounds reasonable but is actually impossible for you?”
  • Disabled person: “You’re telling me it’s possible in tones of absolute conviction and are making me forget that I won’t be able to do it that way. Ok, I’ll do the thing from now on.”
  • The disabled person, predictably, fails to do the impossible thing.
  • Someone with an entirely reasonable need for the thing to get done: Why didn’t you do the thing?!
  • Disabled person: I don’t know. I’m sorry, I’ll try harder, I’ll do it from now on.
  • This, predictably, doesn’t work either. 
  • The task doesn’t get done, because it’s impossible to do things that way.
  • In these situations, disability is neither acknowledged nor accommodated, and things end badly for everyone.

Or, to give a less abstract example:

  • Aubrey has severe ADHD. She’s been fired from several jobs for failing to keep track of things and missing key deadlines, and she’s on thin ice at her current position. Blair, Aubrey’s boss, is running out of patience for the problems caused by Aubrey’s overdue work.
  • Blair: Aubrey, you’ve missed several deadlines, and it’s causing serious problems for the team. What’s going on?
  • Aubrey: I’m having trouble keeping track of everything.
  • Blair: Most of us here use to-do lists on our cubicle whiteboards. I’ve noticed you don’t have a to-do list on your whiteboard. Can you do that from now on?
  • Aubrey (who has never, ever used a to-do list successfully): Ok, I’ll start using a marker board and meet my deadlines from now on.
  • Blair believes that everyone can use to-do lists, and has never thought of the possibility that anyone might not be able to.
  • Blair is making a suggestion that from his perspective is completely reasonable and possible. 
  • Aubrey responds to Blair’s certainty, and forgets that her limitations will prevent that from working for her. 
  • She believes, in the moment, that if she tries hard and takes enough responsibility, she’ll be able to use the to-do list and meet her deadlines this time. 
  • Even though that’s never worked before, and there’s no real reason to believe that it will work any better this time.
  • Trying hard doesn’t make disability go away, and it doesn’t make impossible things possible.
  • Aubrey, predictably, fails to use the marker board, because that strategy doesn’t work for her. And she, predictably, gets fired, because the tasks need to get done and she’s not doing them.
  • From Blair’s perspective, Audrey was given a lot of patience, guidance, and multiple chances.
  • Blair has a legitimate need for the work to get done.
  • This is probably going to keep happening, so long as Audrey tries to rely on willpower to solve problems rather than honest assessment of her capabilities.

When others expect us to do impossible things, it can be hard to remember that they are impossible. Particularly if we’re told that they’re easy or that everyone can do them. Especially if we are surrounded by people who are successfully doing the thing.

All of this can be very disorienting, especially if someone whose opinion we care about is angry or disappointed. It can be surprisingly difficult to keep in mind that disability is real.

It’s also crucially important. Agreeing to do something impossible that “everyone” can do doesn’t magically give us the ability to do it. It just sets us up for failure.

We are all much better off if we face reality and spend time doing things that are possible. Everyone else does. It’s well-known that expecting people to do impossible things is counterproductive and demoralizing. Only exceptionally unreasonable employers expect people to lift 300lbs, sprout wings and fly, turn lead into gold, or decrypt 128-bit encryption keys in their heads.

It’s just as unreasonable to expect disabled people to do things that our impairments make impossible. One limitation we share with everyone is that pretending that something is possible won’t make it possible. We are much better off acknowledging reality, working with our brains and bodies rather than against them.

This is hard. Remembering the truth often requires us to fight through shame and disorientation, or to violate serious taboos. No one succeeds at this 100% at the time, but it does get easier with practice. It’s also really, really worth it.

Whenever you are able to stop trying to do an impossible thing through sheer force of will, it makes it more possible to do things. You don’t have to overcome disability to do things that matter. You just have to find things to do that are actually possible, with the abilities you actually have. The things that you really can do are worth doing.

a few things-

1. Queerbaiting is real, and has been happening since the beginning of this show, and I am not surprised by its continuation

2. I am (unfortunately) not surprised that a fanwork (which BBC Sherlock is) made by two middle-aged cis white guys did not speak to the needs of a group of diverse young people with a contemporary vision of what media can and should be

3. There is no reason why we cannot take the work we did and expand it into our own continued readings and writings

4. I have every confidence that in the near future someone from this community will produce an openly queer Holmes and Watson for the ages

5. What is special about Sherlock is the community around it. There are a hundred great TV shows out there, but Sherlock inspires readings and fanworks which are some of the best I have ever come across in my interactions with fandom on both academic and personal levels

6. Authorial intent is bullshit, the author is dead, and a text is what you want it to be. It is ok to be mad with the writers for stringing folks along, but make no mistake, this media belongs to YOU, not them

7. Please don’t delete! This is an opportunity to write the story how you want it to be told! Even if that doesn’t mean making things, it means talking about and interfacing with media in a way that values the things that you value, and changing the conversation changes the future


The 100 AU: Clarke, Raven and Octavia as The Powerpuff Girls (insp)

jungkook scenario | make me blush

You can call me whenever you want… Even if you don’t have a reason to. >> Jungkook
requested by anon
 drabble // fluff // 400 words

You’re about to cry. This is, like, THE worst thing that could have possibly happened.

On the evening you most needed a rest - after having slogged through four lectures, and then walked, literally, two full miles to get home after you missed the bus (stupid bus driver, not waiting for you) all you want is to crawl into bed, and sleep forever. But, thwarting your plans, smack! bang! in the middle of your bed, sitting like it owned the place, is a massive spider. No joke. It’s massive! Almost the size of a dinner plate, okay, that’s an exaggeration, more like fist-sized, but it is very hairy, and it has long spindly legs that give you the shivers.

You stare at it for a moment, locked in a showdown, a battle of wills - who will bend first? You do. Of course you do. The spider scuttles forwards and you scream. And sprint out of the room. Up onto the couch in the lounge, just in case it escapes from the bed and hunts you down. Now what?

When you were younger you would have called for one of your parents to come and get rid of the eight-legged demon. But now you were an adult, living alone, paying bills, making your own toast, and whenever there’s a spider in the house it’s up to you to do something about it… but only before you try one last resort. Reaching for the phone, you dial the number of your saviour.

“Hello…. Jungkook? I know it’s late, and this is stupid, but I really need your help.”

“I don’t care if it’s stupid. You can call me whenever you want… Even if you don’t have a reason to.”

“Thank you for getting rid of that spider.” You snuggle into Jungkook’s chest - a hug is his reward for being a good boyfriend.

“What’ll you do if this happens again while I’m busy?”


He laughs. “Okay. I guess I’ll just have to be prepared to come to your rescue at all times.”

“Mmm… my knight in shining armour.”

He kisses the top of your head. “Yeah I am. Never forget it.”

A/N: So, we’re reading Lyrical Ballads for 18th century lit paper, and I thought it was interesting how the poets tried to capture natural speech in their writing, so I thought I’d try to replicate speech in this drabble, with more modern language of course! I wanted it to be like a friend recounting a story… I’m not entirely sure how successful it was, but it was fun <3

I hope you liked it and have a lovely day/ night!

Wanna request another drabble? Be my guest: you can find the sentences on this –> list

i mean, honestly, for all the awesome stuff we’ve caught and all the great and amazing subtext that lsit and rebekah everyone else has found, i have only ever needed five basic facts to convince anyone of tjlc. 

  1. the bbc did a study and resolved to commission more lgb works the year that sherlock was commissioned.
  2. mark gatiss is an openly gay man.
  3. steven moffat, whom many perceive as being the holdout, has written two iterations of married lesbian detectives.
  4. both identify tplosh, whose writer has said he wished he had gone farther with the relationship between john and sherlock, as their favorite adaptation. 
  5. they have said they’ve never disagreed on anything.

i mean that’s it, i’ve converted people, especially other queer people, in sixty seconds with just those five facts, because together they debunk any reasons that people could possibly come up with for not having it happen. 

it’s just so implausible that it won’t happen at this point, there’s no need to doubt. (also credits to rebekah @softsons because this list comes from xer first tjlce video) 

Farkle & Maya + “evolution.”

There is a reason these two are paralleled/the highlight of the Darwin lesson…

And the stark contrast in how their changes are received by their friends/family is VERY intentional and blatant.

Farkle:  You don’t have to call me Donnie Barnes. I made that up. My name is Farkle Minkus. I’m growing up. And I don’t know what’s going to happen next. But you guys are my best friends, so deal with it.

Farkle:  This is me now.

Farkle: In order for a living organism to thrive, it needs to be allowed to grow.

Maya: What’s wrong with who I am now?

Farkle pushed back. He may have dropped Donnie - but he told them to back off, and let him see who he DID turn out to be…let him figure it out.

Maya?  Maya was doing the same…She was growing, she was being changed (by people!) and letting hope in, trying to believe the universe cared about her, (the pigeon!), starting to say her prayers, forgiving herself for her father leaving, …and thinking maybe she could have a “nice boy,” too, that MAYBE she deserved good things ––– growing up. 

(Maya’s always wanted to do well in school - “I want not to fail.” And what lesson was that, by the way?


What lesson do they call back to that she remembered in the finale? EVOLUTION.)

She, unlike Farkle, was not allowed to thrive. She didn’t push back.

She was not becoming Riley, she was evolving, until everyone - mainly Riles, returned her back to “exactly where I need you to be.”

(And are now confused why she only got one A…Come on Topanga.)

Art teacher: I owe you an apology, Miss Hart.

Maya: Everybody does.

“If  you let someone say who you are, then you really won’t be who you are who and if you do, you certainly won’t end up who you were meant to be.”

Scorpio & Aries
  • Scorpio, falling asleep in class, not even bothering to hide her face:
  • Teacher, glances around the class: So who can tell me what happened to the United States's government in the year of 1921?
  • Aries, sees the teacher about to call on her, raises his hand: Mrs. G, can you tell me the reason why you and Mr. A are always visiting each other? Answer me this question- is his dick bigger than the principal's? Are you two dating? Are the three of you planning on having a three-some? Why does Ms. D always complaining to you that she doesn't get the d? Should we start the wedding planning now? Do we need to sign Ms. D up for eHarmony? Or would she have better luck on OkCupid?!
  • Teacher, gasps:
  • Teacher: Aries, can I see you in the hallway for a moment, please?
  • Aries, the whole class laughing their ass off, walks past Scorpio, smiles: I did this for you
  • Scorpio, mumbles: No one asked, you dumb ass.
Find balance in your life. Work hard but don’t let work take over your life, you will lose yourself. Love, but love for the right reasons. Life is too short for anything mediocre. Know who you are and know that you are worthy of reaching your dreams and that it is never too late to start creating that life you have always dreamed of. Do not compare yourself to others, that’s just deadly. No two souls are the same. You are your own person, you are beautiful and you are unique. Put your trust in the universe. Some things are just meant to happen, and some are not. Let go of whatever is stealing your happiness, it’s hard but it is worth it. Embrace change. Embrace life. Everything happens for a reason, sometimes you just need to breathe, trust and let go.
Reasons I Couldn't Wait for Most Wanted Book 2

- Sam and Dave’s relationship
- Information about Hayley Rose’s death
- What happened after Sam got into Dave’s car instead of going back to Texas
- Cassandra’s history with Dave
- Most Wanted universe connection to The Freshman and Rules of Engagement
- More of Reza, Nikhil and Mirasol (best trio ever)
- Ok srsly I need Book Two bcuz the suspense is killing me


The Stanford Prison Experiment + effect on participants. 

On August 20, 1971, Zimbardo announced the end of the experiment after only six days. 

I ended the study prematurely for two reasons. First, we had learned through videotapes that the guards were escalating their abuse of prisoners in the middle of the night when they thought no researchers were watching and the experiment was “off.” Their boredom had driven them to ever more pornographic and degrading abuse of the prisoners.

It happened that the uniforms faded their individuality and personality. Guards feel the need to abuse of their dominance and prisoners started feel the duty to obey even if it wasn’t real. 

The quotes are from the movie but were based on the real patients interview as the prison #416 reaction :

I began to feel that I was losing my identity, that the person that I called Clay, the person who put me in this place, the person who volunteered to go into this prison – because it was a prison to me; it still is a prison to me. I don’t regard it as an experiment or a simulation because it was a prison run by psychologists instead of run by the state. I began to feel that that identity, the person that I was that had decided to go to prison was distant from me – was remote until finally I wasn’t that, I was 416. I was really my number. 

I was actually more mad at myself for half believing she was a good person and wouldn’t betray me.  My gut told me she was a betraying two-faced skank whore with the morals of a meth addict needing a fix but I ignored myself. THAT won’t be happening again! Plus, anyone that ruthless—for whatever reason—will do anything for their cause. Extremism is extremism and extremists are hinkey people not to be trusted!
—  Mama, re: Anora’s behavior at the Landsmeet
Ugh people.. Come on..

I have to put my two cents into this, so bare with me.

Why do people get it in their heads that it is okay to constantly badger Jensen with Destiel questions when we know he doesn’t ship it?
It’s fucking rude.

There’s a reason his responses are getting grumpier and grumpier, we as a fandom need to accept that he just doesn’t ship it and move on.
I love Destiel, would I like it if it became canon? Hell yes.

But it wouldn’t be the end of the world if it never happens once before this show ends.

Cas and Dean already have an amazing relationship, even if it isn’t romantic.
Dean finally has a friend that hasn’t abandoned him and would willingly walk into his own death so Dean wouldn’t have to go alone.

Dean helped Cas break through his angel ‘programming’ and realize he has free will and even though he has the power to do whatever he wants, he needs to act with responsibility.

They have both taught each other so much and have helped each other, I’m content with the current state of their friendship.

What I’m trying to say, is be happy with what you have (they don’t owe us anything really..), please for the love of Chuck stop bullying Jensen with these questions that you KNOW he doesn’t want to answer(and stop being offended when he answers differently than how you wanted), ship to your hearts content but do not force your ship on another person. Be they your friends, family, internet strangers or OUR BOYS.

We’re a family right?
Why do we keep trying certain members like shit and go out of our way to make them uncomfortable?

Save all your Destiel questions for this adorable nerd:

He’s already made it clear he ships it.

I’ve redesigned melliferian hands and feet again. This happened for two reasons.

For one, I realized their fingers had been out of proportion with the things they would be gripping on a daily basis. Human hands are a good size for the things we manipulate - if we needed to grip large branches, we’d have longer fingers to match that necessity. With how small these guys are, much of the world and the things they need to grab are much bigger than them. Even a twig would be like a baseball bat in their hands. Longer digits with more surface area for grippy setae makes the most sense.

As for the other reason - while fewer digits makes sense for the same reason (more grippy surface) the actual reason for the new number of digits is I’m changing the bee’s number system. I thoughtlessly made them use base 10, but I’ve decided to change this. They use base 12 now, and I gave them 12 fingers to count on (and like many of us, they are leaving their toes out of it)

And yes, this means all of their names are going to change - that particular undertaking I’ll save for another time, since I’m still working on the specifics of the sound of their counting system.


Part One 

Part Two

Part Three

So Peter and Felix were now clean and wearing some hand-me-downs donated by your dad.

‘Alright tomorrow we will need to buy some clothes for you two, but this will do for tonight.’ you said.

‘Now you have to figure out where they are going to sleep.’ your dad said from the kitchen.

‘Right, we have one guess room, I think Peter should have that one and Felix can sleep on the air mattress in my room.’ you said.

‘I will tell you all the reasons that’s not happening over dinner, food is ready.

‘Come on, I’m sure you guys are hungry.’ you said as you lead them to the kitchen.

‘Didn’t want to overwhelm them so we’re having a beef stew tonight.’ your dad said as everyone sat down.

Peter and Felix immediately filled their bowls.

‘Hey hey hey! Manners, wait til he gives the go ahead.’ you scolded.

‘Sorry boss.’ Felix said.

‘Why should I listen to you, girl?’ Peter challenged.

‘We already had this dance in the hall I rather not do it again so how about the fact you’re in my house.’ you sighed as you filled your own bowl.

Peter ignored you as he began eating his stew.

‘Anyway, back to this sleeping arrangement, Felix will not be sleeping in your room.’ your dad said.

‘Dad come on, it’s not like we would do anything, I just met the guy, plus isn’t he like a few centuries too old for me.’ you blushed.

‘To me he is a teenage boy who hasn’t been with a girl in centuries, all the more reason to not have him alone in a room with my daughter.

‘I can assure you sir you have nothing to worry about. After the day I’ve had, I wouldn’t be in the mood or have the energy to lay with your daughter.’ Felix said seriously as he continued eating.

You however had been in the middle of taking a sip of water and by the end of Felix’s sentence your shirt was more hydrated than you were. 

‘Excuse me.’ your dad glared.

Peter was clearly holding back a laugh and more than you wanted to run and hide in your room you wanted to knock that grin off his face.

You cleared your throat and wiped your chin and neck.

‘He can’t sleep on the couch, its super uncomfortable, I doubt you want to bunk with him Dad. and him and Peter in one room will resort in a dead body. So the only place left for him to sleep is my room, unless want me and Peter in a room together. Keep in mind Peter is the one who wants to harm me.’ you said to your dad, using your “mom” voice.

Your dad, grumbled as he played in his food.

‘Thought so, now everyone just shut up and eat.’ you said firmly.

 You looked and saw Peter getting ready to talk and quickly put a stop to it.

‘Peter say one word and I will end you I swear to God.’ you said.