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“Could you at least pretend enjoy yourself, there are a lot of big packs here that we should try to impress,” Derek muttered to Stiles as they sat through the third, no fourth, speaker of the morning at the U.S. Supernatural Convention. 

“You said I had to show up, I even put on a button down for you, but you never said anything about enjoying myself,” Stiles show back, “We’re in New York, there are so many cool bookshops I could be checking out.”

“I’ll buy you any books you want after the event today,” Derek whispered, eyes on Stiles. 

“Fine,” Stiles said, sitting up a little straighter, “But I still don’t see why Boyd couldn’t have come with you.”

“You’re my emissary and mate,” Derek said, “I need you here help with treaties and to keep the single wolves away from me.”

“You just want me here for my body,” Stiles said with a smirk, ignoring the looks from people around them, “I get it.”

“Shut up Stiles,” Derek whispered, his ears burning red. He saw Satomi give him an amused look and he started to wonder if he was crazy for thinking Stiles could behave through the three day convention. It was only the first day after all. 

“Promise me some mind blowing hotel sex tonight and I’ll be the model emissary,” Stiles whispered right into Derek’s ear, sending chills down his spine. He was in for an interesting week. 

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so, for your botw zelink fanfic, can you maybe do like a re-imagining of the scene where Link tells Zelda the reason why he doesn't talk ( as stated in the diary )?

Today was the day. After the events of yesterday, Zelda had come to the realization that she needed to talk things out with her appointed knight. With Link. There was miscommunication between them, if that’s what you could call it. He never spoke a word, and that was probably why she misinterpreted him so badly. But she assumed the worst of him and let it show, and now was the time to put things right.

After she got dressed and left her room, she waited for her knight to arrive. Usually she would go on without him, uneager to have him join her, but not today. So when he finally arrived, the surprise in his eyes was unmistakeable.

“Good morning.” She said, and he nodded to her. “Link, could I talk to you privately?” She clasped her hands in front of her, fingers fidgeting together nervously. She had thought over what she was going to say all night, sleeping restlessly over it. Now it was time that she put all that had transpired between them to rest.

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「 we’re going for the gold  」

exposehq’s event #8 when: 4/17-4/19 • where: all over • this event is mandatory*
note: events are in the background !! para, plot, post about them as you desire

because you have gained so much public attention and media momentum (mostly thanks to exposé), you have been given a special gift: the ability to give back. there are people who like, look up to, and/or aspire to be where you are; if you put something positive into the world, odds are, someone will follow your example. and it’s time to cash in on this gift of yours and give to those who need it! just today, a representative for the HOLLYWOOD OLYMPICS reached out to you and asked if you’d like to participate in their charity event. graciously, you accepted, because who could say no after their sales pitch? 

the hollywood olympics are a new, olympic-esque tournament devoted to athletic contents, complete with randomly selected teams, a professional stadium, and a live stream that can be accessed all over the world. for 3 days, you will be donating all of your energy into the fundraiser. you’ll be selling food, drinks, and merchandise to the attendees and sweating your asses off in the sporting events. audiences across the world will have the opportunity to watch and donate to the causes, and 100% of the proceeds will be split up for the charities. 

within the next few days, you’ receive a care package from the hollywood olympics. inside you’ll find a jersey, team assignment, and all the information you’ll need. pack your bags and brush up on your portuguese, folks! you’re heading to take over the estádio do maracanã in rio de janeiro, brazil! 

*pregnant muses exempt but welcome to attend/partially participate


’ i’m sorry, but i have no intention of leaving. ’
’ now, we’re here for a good time, aren’t we boys ? ’
’ look, we’ll… do what they want, go home, and try to forget this ever happened ! ’
’ ha ! he squealed like a little pig when he died. let’s see if you do, too. ’
’ now i’ll just gut your ignorant carcasses, instead ! ’
’ don’t play ignorant with me, _______. you will not prevent justice from being done. ’
’ his son lies dead in a river of blood that runs through the enire palace ! ’
’ i need names and i need them now. ’
’ get this ____ out of the city. today. ’
’ and i was beginning to think _____ were all stodgy priests. ’
’ your majesty, i would have not put it so bluntly. ’
’  there are events in ______ you should be aware of. ’
’ to defeat them, we have to work together. it’s not an idea everyone seems able to grasp. ’
’ it may be allegroy, meant to teach us that our own evil causes human suffering. ’
’ he’s inside, but… i don’t think it’s my place to discuss his activities. ’
’ his majesty could not contain his excitement after your meeting.  ’
’ it takes more than legends to win a battle. that’s not an argument i’ll repeat here. ’
’ pray that our king proves amenable to wisdom, if you’re the praying sort. ’
’ cannibals, beasts, witches and now _____ ? what isn’t to be scared of ? ’
’ yes, i was harassing you by delivering a message. ’
’ here i thought we were getting along so well. i was even going to name one of my children after you… the grumpy one. ’
’ the way she wields guilt they should stick her in the army. ’
’ whatever their cunning, i guarantee they won’t take us by surprise. ’
’ you fear barbarians will swoop down upon you ? ’
’ yes, swooping is bad. ’
’ you’re… some kind of… sneaky… witch-thief ! ’
’ she’ll put us all in the pot, she will. just you watch. ’
’ you are required to do nothing, least of all believe. ’
’ your fascination with glory and legends will be your undoing. ’
’ the suspicious, dim-witted one who was with you before, yes. ’
’ age and power are relative — it depends on who is asking. ’
’ last time i looked, you had ears. ’
’ pardon me, but i had the impression that you needed assistance, whatever the form. ’
’ not to… look a gift horse in the mouth, but won’t this add to our problems ? ’
’ there are those who would take advantage of your weakened state if we let them. ’
’ i have not shirked my duty to the throne, and neither will any of you ! ’
’ i will brook no threat to this nation… from you or anyone ! ’
’ falling on your blade in grief seemed like too much trouble, i take it ? ’
’ have you never lost someone important to you ? ’
’ i can be friendly when i desire to. alas, desiring to be more intelligent does not make it so. ’
’ couldn’t you crawl into a bush somewhere and die ? ’
’ perhaps we have different ideas of freedom. ’
’ i doubt he would listen. he blindly follows his master’s commands. ’
’ i — i appreciate your enthusiasm, but it would be inappropriate for me to be in your quarters unescorted. ’
’ oh, encourage the hound, why don’t you ? ’
’ if the mind is not exercised, it withers just as the body does. ’
’ i’m sure i’ll freeze in the southern rain and be jealous of you up here, warm and safe. ’
’ what’s a wench ? is that what you put on to get the bucket out of the well ? ’
’ a wench is a woman that pours ale in a tavern. or a woman who drinks a lot of ale. ’
’ that bastard ! i’ll cut his lying throat myself ! ’
’ ah, my darling girl… if only will could make it so. ’
’ warn your brother. and know that we love you both. you do us proud. ’
’ he is a very young man. i try to keep that in mind, as should you. ’

sleeping beauty & the perv//suga

Unspecified!au. Min Yoongi. 1018 words.

In which you’re accused of something he’s been doing long before you.

Author’s note:Let’s like, not talk about how my first three scenarios are all bout this cutie pie.

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Yoongi makes himself comfortable on the couch, placing an arm over his eyes to block the light while the other rests on his stomach.

“No way, Sleeping Beauty is way better than Cinderella.” He hears you argue hotly.

“What? Are you listening to yourself? Snow White is the best!” Hoseok retorts.

“Actually, Alice is. She falls into a rabbit hole, goes on an adventure and comes back just in time for dinner.” Jimin reasons.

Silence falls in the room for a while, and Yoongi assumes, as you and Hoseok ponder on what Jimin said.

“I still like Sleeping Beauty.” You defiantly finalize.

“I still like Pocahontas.” Hoseok decides.

“Weren’t you saying Snow White’s better just now?” You point out, Yoongi assume, with eyebrows knitted together and a cute little pout on your lips.

“Details details.” Hoseok waves a hand dismissively.

“You guys say that but actually deep down, you know Alice is the best.” Jimin knowingly says.

“I’m hungry, what are we having tonight?” You ask, completely disregarding Jimin’s statement and changing the subject.

Jimin pouts but says nothing about it. No less than a minute later, Yoongi hears shuffling and voices discussing about how “we should kidnap Jin-hyung and make him drive us to McDonalds” and “why should we kidnap him? He’ll drive us willingly.” And then there’s brief silent before someone mumbles out ‘party pooper.’

But unbeknownst to Yoongi is that one of the noisy lot stayed until the voices are out of earshot.

You smile at the motionless body on the couch, tip toeing over as to not make any sound that indicates your presence. Kneeling next to the couch, you carefully lift Yoongi’s arm off his eyes and places it on his other arm on his stomach. His eyelids are closed and his chest rises and falls in a steady pattern. Leaning in, your lips greets his in a light peck but your entire body freezes when his lips curl up into a smile into the kiss.

“Morning,” You murmur sheepishly, “Sleeping beauty.”

“Pervert.” Yoongi narrows his eyes at you, a teasing smile on his lips.

At that, your already flushed cheeks turn into shades of crimson and your eyes shoot up to meet his.

“Wh- what?” Is all you manage to get out.

“Taking advantage of a sleeping poor old me.”

“Well, for me to take advantage of you, you need to actually be asleep.” You defend.

“I could’ve been for all you know.” He counters, enjoying your agitation.

“Well, I know you weren’t.” You voice.

“Of course you’d know.” He makes himself comfortable again, closing his eyes, indicating the end of the debate, until he adds,“Perv.”

♔ ♔ ♔ ♔

“And then the cars from the planes and explodes.” Jungkook finishes, making explosion noises and sputtering his spit everywhere which means the dishes on the table.

“That’s terrible. I hope nobody died. Were you there too? Are you okay?” You ask mindlessly, still eyeing the food that’s got the maknae’s spit all over it.

Seven pairs of eyes are fixated on you, assessing you as though you’ve grown another head. You meet their gazes but avoids Yoongi’s like he himself is the plague as traces of red covers your cheeks at your remembrance of earlier events.


Jungkook awkwardly scratches the back of his head, not knowing how to word it properly without putting you to shame because of how much he respects you. You lift an eyebrow, prodding further without the need for voiced words.

“It’s a movie; Fast and Furious 7, I just saw it with you, uh, today.”

Realization hits you full force as you recall watching the movie on your laptop with Jungkook and Namjoon today after you basically shamefully walk out of the room and leave Yoongi to sleep- like he’s supposed to.

Well, this is awkward.

“_____, are you okay?” Jimin asks, gone is the mischief in his eyes that they usually hold, replaced by pure concern; he’s always been the most compassionate one among all of them.

“I’m fine.”

And if things can’t get any worse, it just did. Hoseok brings his fist up to his mouth as he indiscreetly coughs out, “Sexual tension.”

“Miss! Can we add another dish to our order?” Jin gestures to the waitress.

You shoot him a grateful smile, appreciating what he did to get the spotlight off you as you start fidgeting uncomfortably.

♔ ♔ ♔ ♔

That night, you feel the bed dip from next to you, but you make no indication to show you’re awake. One way to avoid any further awkward situation is to just pretend to be in deep slumber and you’re doing just that.

A soft hand caresses the side of your face, pushing out the stray strands that covers your countenance.

“_____.” Yoongi whispers, low enough to not wake you up in case you’re asleep.

He’s lying so close to you, your shoulder his pressed against his chest as he lays on his side, facing you. His woody scent intoxicates you. It isn’t long before the warmth of his touches leaves you and from the slight movements you sense and permanent pause, you assume that he’s made himself comfortable in bed and is going to sleep as well.

But then your body shivers from the sudden contact of a pair of soft lips pressed against yours. It doesn’t take long until you’re kissing him back. And just like that, all the tension and awkwardness you felt before dissipates, letting the usual casual atmosphere replace itself.

“I honestly feel so attacked right now.” You confess, breaking away.

“Doesn’t seem like it when you were kissing me back.” He lies next to you with that teasing smirk plastered on his face.

“I could’ve actually be asleep just now, you know?” You point out.

“I know. I do that every night when I come home and you’re already asleep.”

“And I’m the pervert in this relationship” You scoff in disbelief.

“That, you are.” He confirms almost too instantly.

Silence stretches on you scoot closer, resting your head on his chest and draping an arm over his torso. “G'Night Sleeping Beauty.”

“Night, perv.”

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42. NSFW Rowaelin

Hey anon. It’s done.And it may or may not be 1:00am right now. It gets really intense. Hopefully you enjoy (prompt list is here)


SHIP: Rowaelin


Before/while mating bond clicks in place// After war

Also I’m ignoring the events of EoS for this particular fic

Rowan was flying faster than he had before. He knew Aelin could be stupid, irrational and crazy but she had just purposely put herself in danger and he didn’t get why. She had no reason to be anywhere near Oakwald forest and it just didn’t make sense. After all, Aelin had meeting all day today. Rowan just couldn’t work it out. But Aelin was in trouble and he needed to be there for his carranam.

He arrived at Terrasen’s castle just as Aelin was walking through the entry hall. He grabs her shoulders and scans her face gently, causing her to slap away his hands.

“I’m fine, buzzard” She says, avoiding his gaze.

“I’m not. You scared the shit out of me!” Rowan all but yells at her. “Why were you even near Oakwald?” Rowan sighs. Aelin shrugs.

“I needed to be alone and I was hoping-“

“Were you hoping to get killed by rebels or something. There are a millions of other places to be alone, Fireheart!” Rowan begins pacing, trying to calm himself.

“I needed to think where someone couldn’t find me” Aelin says softly. Rowan rubs the bridge of his nose.

“I can’t- I won’t- you know what, I’ll be in our room” And with that he stalks off.


Half an hour later Rowan was still trying to sort out why on earth Aelin had been found in the middle of Oakwald forest meditating in a bubble of fire when Aelin walked into the room, past him and into the bathing room.

She comes out wearing one of her usual short nightgowns and leans against the doorframe.

“I’m sorry, Rowan. I didn’t mean to freak you out. I just need to think about some things” Aelin apologises. He turns to look at her.

“I’m not angry. I’m just - I’m just confused as to why you did it” Sighing, Rowan stands and walks away from Aelin into the wardrobe when he hears her yell from behind him.

“I DID IT BECAUSE I’M HOPELESSLY IN LOVE WITH YOU” Rowan freezes where he stands.

“What?” he grinds out, turning and walking back to stand in front of Aelin.

“You had been away a lot and I just wanted to be around something that reminded me of you” Aelin slightly mumbles, tilting her head down. Rowan finally let’s himself stare at Aelin. If she’s in love with him, that means his love isn’t as unrequited as he thought.

“Fireheart, you love me?” He questions softly, taking her chin and facing her towards him. She nods and, almost as if she got her confidence back, she leans up and places her lips on his.

And then it snaps. A feeling he had only felt once before. Mate.

Aelin, evidently, felt it too and she leant away enough to whisper in his ear “what was that?” He answered with his lips. Kissing her, he grabbed the underside of her thighs and picked her up, bringing her to the bed but still not pulling away. He paused to lay her down and rest above her, growling “Mate” before beginning his lips descent down her neck, kissing and licking and biting, thoroughly enjoying the sound of Aelin’s gasping.

Aelin’s hands found the base of Rowan’s shirt and pulled it up. Rowan sat up and took it off, liking the sight of Aelin below him. Her hands find his abs, running her fingers down to the waistband of his pants and back up to his neck, pulling him back to her as his hands grasped her hips beneath her nightgown. Running his hands down to the edges of the nightgown, he pulled it over her head, leaving nothing underneath. Her eyes said it all did you seriously think I would be wearing underwear.

Trying not to laugh, he brings his head down and begins to bite and suck at her nipples, liking the feeling of her fingers in his hair. Aelin works her hands down his back and around to his waistband, taking both underwear and pants down at the same time and almost gasps at the sight of him. Rowan’s kisses have now reached her stomach and Aelin thinks she might just pass out from the feeling. His lips find her centre as he kisses and licks and holy shit Aelin has never felt like this. She shakes as she hits her high, Rowan’s name a prayer on her lips as he comes back up to be eye level.

“It’s okay, just breath” he whispers to her as her chest rises and falls. Aelin makes a ‘hmming’ noise before pushing Rowan on his back and moving to straddle him. Leaning down, she becomes chest to chest and softly whispers “my turn.”

Lifting herself, Aelin sets herself over him before coming down and guiding him into her. She throws her head back at the feeling of him inside of her before beginning to rock and roll her hips over his, gaging his reaction below her as she quickens and slows her pace. Rowan reaches up and softly rubs his fingers over her boobs as he groans and moans.

Rowan roars into his climax and Aelin is sure the whole castle can hear him and as Aelin follows over the cliff, she’s definite the whole castle can hear them.

And she doesn’t mind one bit.


“ I love you more than a bestfriend chris..”

“what ?”

“I said….. I love you more than a bestfriend… I’m…. in love with you..” im sitting here shocked as fuck, robyn ? in love with ME ? I don’t even know what to say, as I stared at her trying to make sense of what she said she quickly got up speed walking away.

“wait, where you going ?” she ran out the door but I caught up to her grabbing her arm.

“why are you leaving ? whats wrong ?” she had her head down looking at her feet not saying anything. I lifted her head wiping away her tears waiting for her to talk.

“this is so embarrassing, here I am confessing to you when you don’t even feel the same.” She tried to pull away but I tightened my grip on her arm.

“and how do you know I don’t feel the same ?” to be honest I do feel the same, I never really act on my feelings because that’s just not what I do. I caught hints of her flirting and the way she blushes whenever I say some inappropriate shit to her or touch her but I always ignore it. I never looked to deep into it because what would robyn want with me ?  im not her type, her type would be like one of them  niggas with degrees and shit not somebody in the drug game. And another thing, she need somebody with patience to deal with how emotional she get sometimes and that I don’t have.

“you don’t act like it…”

“I  don’t act like a lot of things robyn.”

“so does this mean you do feel the same ?”

“maybe.. maybe even more than you do.” She started blushing like crazy it was too cute, I pulled her in for a hug and wrapped my arms around her waist while she wrapped hers around my neck.

“Im so glad I finally got it out now” she whispered into my neck.

“how long have you been wanting me robyn ?” I said then pulled back a little to look at her, smirking.

“Im not telling you…”

“you probably be having dreams about me and everything huh ?” she froze and then stepped back letting me go.

“w-what ? no ! why would I have dreams about you ?!” I looked at her and grinned, she say she don’t but the way she acting right now telling me different.

“why you stuttering ?” I said stepping closer to her.

“uhh, can we go finish eating ? im starving !” she said and started walking back inside the restaurant and I just shook my head laughing.

We finished eating our food and I can finally say that a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Knowing that he feels the same almost made me want to break out and do a happy dance but I kept my cool. But what kind of scared me was when he asked if I had dreams about him, of course I did, real wild ones but I couldn’t tell him that, he’d probably think I was some kind of weirdo. Although I tell him everything I’d rather keep that to myself. We were now on our way to my house, chris was dropping me off and then leaving because he had some things to take care of.

“ what a night this was, huh ? found out my bff is in love with me.” he said.

“yeah…” I said with a nervous giggle.

“you gotta stop being so shy robs, its cute and all but that shit gotta go.”

“I wish it could, I hate being shy especially around you.”

“why especially around me ?”

“because, you like the loud ghetto ratchet girls.. and im the complete opposite of that.”

“and you like them smart degree niggas and im not that.”

“well I guess the saying ‘opposites attract’ is right ?” I said with a small laugh and he nodded and said he guess.

“so how long you been wanting me to be yo boyfriend ?” he said looking over at me with a smirk lightly gripping my thigh. I didnt know what to respond to first, his hand on my thigh or the question. I decided to be bold with this next move, I put my hand on top of his and moved it a little higher not taking my eyes off him. He looked down at our hands and raised his eyebrow.

“how long you been wanting for me to be your girlfriend ?” I said then ran my tongue over my lip. There was a car honking at us infront of us signaling for us to go right, chris quickly took his eyes from me and back on the road.

“oh shit ! look what you almost made me do, almost got us both killed” he said swerving back into the right lane.

“im sorry…” I said with a flirty smirk, this was actually fun.

“I see you tryna dance with the devil, I don’t think you ready for that, miss.”

“and how do you know what im not ready for ?” right after I said that he quickly placed his hand on my inner thigh, but this time he went higher than last time, grazing my panties and I quickly closed my legs with a gasp.

“exactly.” He said with a grin, I noticed that we wasn’t moving anymore, we were now parked in my driveway.

“don’t wait up, I don’t know how long this gonna take me.”

“okay, be careful.” I said and leaned over to peck his cheek and got out walking to my front door. I unlocked it and did a quick walk through that chris always makes me do whenever he drops me off and has to leave. I walked back out to the porch and gave him a thumbs up, he winked at me and then drove off. I took all my clothes off and went to straight to shower, I was still a little giddy from all earlier events, I still cant believe I actually told him and he feels the same. I also need to get out of this shy stage because it really ruins the moment sometimes, I wonder what he would’ve done if I didn’t stop him in the car ? I washed up and got out putting on my boy shorts and one of chris’ plain white T shirts then got in bed. It seems like my eyes closed immediately after laying my head on the pillow, I was beyond tired, today was definitely an eventful one.


Lying on his soft bed his body weighing over me, I feel pleasure rising again. One finger massaging my clit while two more stroke over my opening. I grasped his shoulders holding onto him as if my life depended on it, my world is melting, becoming one with his, and becoming one with him. My eyes are heavy, the drug-like state he’s induced me in has my mouth open in a soundless scream. As he continues to please me I look for his gorgeous face, startled to find it so close to mine.

He’s been watching me this whole time.

My irregular breathing becomes raspy as I take in his inhuman beauty, I cant believe I was ever afraid of him. His eyes lock with mine and im pleased to see that he’s enjoying watching me shiver under his touch. His firm mouth is turned up in a devastating smile, sharp, pointed teeth showing his lower lip. I cried out and squeezed my eyes shut as a rub by his fingers sends a charge racing to my heart. My hips buck off the bed and crash into his. The hand placed over my pussy moves with me, unwilling to let me take control, affording pleasure only when Chris sees fit. His dick slaps against my thigh and I hear my demon king growl. His fingers stop moving and I open my eyes again, breathing hard. Staring into those wicked red eyes again I see that overwhelming desire I’ve been feeling, echoed on his face as he looks at me. That hand which has pleasured me so wonderfully withdraws, sliding back up my stomach. Up it goes, his fingers trailing ever so slightly past my navel, tracing the lines of my ribcage and brushing against my nipples. All the while, the Demon of Lust stares into my very soul. He knows me, really knows me and I believe he cares for me as well. His hand finally reaches up caressing my cheek. I lean into his touch, eyes closed and heart aching, inhaling my own scent still on his fingers. His thumb comes to rest over my lips while his fingers unfurl to cradle my cheek. I kiss that thumb until it slips away and is replaced by his lips. This is what I have waited for, for so long. It’s not just the anticipation of my first time, if I had wanted it that badly, any man would have given it to me. No, what I’ve been waiting for was this, something meaningful and tender. He breaks away from me slowly, planting a brief peck on my lips again before his body begins to move. His arm which had been holding him up straightens, his thigh slides away from mine as together they help him move lower down the bed. His warm breath washes over my mostly naked skin as his head hovers over my stomach. Soon he’s crouched in between my legs, hands on both sides of my hips, knees straddling my calves and tail lashing playfully. Giving my stomach a quick lick he looks up at me, another wide grin spreading across his dark face. He grabs my panties again this time shredding them. The ripping noise and sharp nip of stretched elastic surprises me and my tense body jumps slightly. Tearing away the cotton, he lowers his head further. As he passes my clit his tongue lashes out and licks my sensitive nub. My hips respond automatically, tilting up to meet his lips. He doesn’t give me the satisfaction though, moving further down instead, that long tongue tracing my inner thigh. He continues his trail, past my knees and down my left calf. He brings his head back up looking at me.

“Beautiful,” he growls before dipping this head back down to taste me again.

 "and delicious.“ My hands find there way to his head pushing him further into me as he wildly licked all over my pussy.

“mmmmm chrisssss…… don’t stopppp pleaaseeee”

I stood in the doorway shocked at what I was seeing and hearing. Apparently I was fucking the shit out of robyn in her dream and she clearly was loving it according to her moans and light screams. As funny as this was to watch it was also kind of turning me on at the same time. I let her go o for about 10 more minutes before I decided to wake her up.

“well well well….. whats going on here ?”

I stood in the doorway shocked at what I was seeing and hearing. Apparently I was fucking the shit out of robyn in her dream and she clearly was loving it according to her moans and light screams. As funny as this was to watch it was also kind of turning me on at the same time. I let her go on for about 10 more minutes before I decided to wake her up.

“well well well….. whats going on here ?”