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Hello! Just an update, with some help from @reverthelp I have said my shahada today, Masha-Allah! I’m posting these pictures with this notification because this was the day I decided that eventually I was going to be Muslim. I put on the closest thing I had to a hijab and I prayed, and it made me so happy that I needed to take some pictures to commemorate the moment. As an American teenager living under a roof where I can’t be anything but Catholic, I will try to the best Muslim I can. However since I will be practicing in secret I will not wear the hijab right away and things like fasting or not eating certain foods will be incredibly hard to do. So it is on the last day of Ramadan 2017, right before Eid that I have become Muslim. I am still learning and will still be learning and adjusting for a long time I’m sure. If anyone wants to talk to me I’d love to, especially if you are a revert who has some tips and pointers for me. Thank You for all those who have helped me a lot: @reverthelp @revert-muslimah and the many many YouTubers and Scholars whose videos I learned from. 


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Had some grown women online from a “supportive group” try to attack me today simply because I disagreed with them after I made a joke (that wasn’t problematic in the tumblr sense at all). Even after I apologized several times! Crazy right? Obviously more to that but just, wow. People try to make drama out of anything and have a deep need to exert control. Well anyway I’m back in New York. Yesterday @debrisoftitan did a live show for WBRC - Brooklyn College Radio’s “Taken Over Everything Good”. It was a load of fun/terrifying. And tomorrow I have a photoshoot in Manhattan that I’m nervous but excited for! As well as more upcoming projects.

Lots of things have been…all over the place these days. I don’t know what road life will take next. But it does make you feel alive I have to say. Putting yourself out there is hard. And yes, you indeed DO sign yourself for criticism that way. That’s not validating negative behavior at all. But I’ve accepted I can’t police other’s opinions of me & what I do. It would make me a sad person for sure. I’ve carved out my space of the internet to be a happy, diverse, cute place and plan to keep all the drama-lovers out of it. As well as a  handful of people who just only support you when things are going good. 

“control your inner circle, control the mode of your life.“

So yeah, I’m gonna wash off the negativity and take a dip in the pool with my amazing friends :)

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Productive day!

After a bit of a meltdown yesterday and a bad night in terms of switching, nightmares and body memories I’ve actually managed to be a productive Snorlax today. I (with Helen co con at points and Luke co con at other points) have:

  • Washed all of our plastic cups for the week.
  • Made myself and ate two lots of food today.
  • Sorted a ton of paperwork that’s been building up for ages and filed, recycled or shredded it.
  • Gone through our new care plan and our new relapse management (crisis) plan, highlighting what needs changing/correcting.
  • Written a long email to our CPN (community psychiatric nurse) about the plans and a lot of other points about our care that have come up recently (this took me hours to get right!)
  • Copied our therapist into that email.
  • Filled in a form we needed to do for the water company.
  • Unpacked the printer (yes, we still have stuff to unpack!)
  • Printed new car insurance and breakdown cover policies to put in the car.
  • Scanned in recent disability and housing benefit letters (I like to keep them on our private external hard drive, just in case, plus it’s easier to print them if we need copies for anything!)
  • Printed hotel info for London next week (we’re going to see Adele in concert!)
  • Had food shopping delivered and put that all away.
  • Had an hour on Tumblr answering asks..

And it’s only 7pm 😄

The day drove here and there sleepover pick-up piano recital unpacking messes laundry library. Make it good make it whole make it sing. Shape it salvage it smooth it.

Much later after watering the greenhouse stood absolutely still staring at the blackberry blossoms. They are part of the wild avalanche of solid nature slowly creeping pushing stealing back down from the hill toward the house the whole thing has a pulse.

And a day like today it has a pulse too. Taking care of detail after detail and loving what needs to be loved. The pulse is quiet but stubborn. I am still here you are still there you are still there I am still here. We make it good we made it good we’ll make it good.


23.06.2017 I was sitting with my friend in coffie shop and I pulled out sketchbook, which I bought earlier. I did this asying words to my friend: “We (both) feel awfoul right now, so we need to relax. Just draw… No matter what… Just do it.” We spend 3 hours talking and filling those pages. Some of our topics were sad, some of them full of joy. But we ended with good mood and commitement that we need do this more often. Because somewhere in between, we just forgot how to be happy, relax and even doodling become only frustrating thing to do. Yesterday when I opened this sketchbook, I began not only new scrapbook, I also started something else. But this is a topic for another post. 

I still can’t forgot those words, my friend spoke to me, at the end of our meeting:

“I am glad we met today, you’ve made me happy.” 

and this also changed my mood for rest of this day.    

…Love is all you need 💗✌️🌸☮️

‘Our World’ was the first broadcast planetary show for UK The Beatles made a live performance (BBC) on today date: June,25th 1967
50 years ago!

Let me tell you a story. Today I wore this shirt. Its one of the 3 shirts I ordered from @lookhuman for pride month (10/10 would recommend their shirts are extremely soft and fit well). My mom was obviously uncomfortable with the choice and confronted me later in the day asking me why “I feel the need to wear a shirt that tells complete strangers I’m gay.”

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Last night Dina the fifth harmo lawyer started a hashtag #make5hapriorityepic and lauren liked it . So the trending happened.

Oh that. I like 5h’s lawyer. 👌🏻 well, there is a power struggle within epic records as always, she juz chose to speak last night daz why it blew up. She prolly did it because.. I’m guessing there is a decision to be made today within epic records re the girls that she needs buzz, to shake the label more. I am pretty sure there is a reason why she did it last night, perhaps something happened behind close doors and she is handling the legalities of such. But never too big, she can handle that. 🤙🏻

My joints as I stand up after having been sitting for awhile:

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Thomas I hope you're okay with all the current drama, I personally believe that you did nothing wrong at all. You're always making sure you're inclusive and doing the right thing, sorry your fandom's exploded :(

Hey!! Yeah, I’m doing fine!! Please don’t worry, these sorts of things happen sometimes and it gets very hard to address and handle all at once! I have made mistakes though, so please don’t feel like you have to defend all that I do, that’s not your responsibility, and I’ve been doing what I can to make sure things were addressed!

There was a piece of art of myself that was posted a while back that I put under a Read More and tagged nsfw because it was, and it was revealed later, after the artists’ bio was updated, that they were not of appropriate age, and that was a complete mistake on my part to make sure! I’ve always made a point to clarify, if people asked me, that if they were to do any nsfw art of me and submit it, that they should be of appropriate age to be doing so. My tumblr started as a personal blog and I thought tagging things appropriately would be enough, but this occurrence absolutely made me rethink how my blog was laid out and how much more consideration I needed to be putting into my blog and who was viewing it, so I made a public apology for it yesterday (in the #TSask) and decided to restructure my blog in order to make sure this never happens again. Posts I deemed too questionable, I have removed and if they ever go up again, they would be going up on a sideblog of some kind. I absolutely appreciate those who brought this up to me. I should have been the one to catch it, and I need to be far more vigilant about what I post from here on out!

There was also the post I responded to about why I felt it right to include asexuals and aromantics of any combination in the community. I’ve been having many really awesome and respectful conversations with people on both sides of this argument and its been really good, for me and I think for a lot of them, to gain understanding on where we’re both coming from. I am so grateful to those who came to me and got to discuss with me incredibly important things to remember and respect: the early struggles of the trans and gay community, the Stonewall Riots, the travesties and systemic oppression that still happen around the world today that need to be fought. We also got to discuss issues like arranged marriages that affect people on all areas of the spectrum. We talked about different demographics of the community and where they would like to stand or not stand. And the importance of limited resources made available to people of the community were discussed with me as well. I’ve been so absolutely grateful to those of you who came to me and are still coming to me to talk through these things, because I don’t claim to know everything, and many of the discussions were ended wonderfully respectfully. In the end, obviously, I have no, or maybe just really little, say in what defines the community. In what I say, I am absolutely making no attempt to prioritize people over another, because there are some extreme things that need to be fought. I can only be in control of myself and who I deem to be valid and who I would like to offer my support. I truly am trying to put myself in everyone’s shoes and see where they’re coming from. And I am so grateful so many of you came to me so respectfully to talk! That’s amazing! That, I think, is the most optimal form of discussion for people on both sides. I don’t like seeing anyone on either side attacking each other, and it’s so devastating to see so much of it. 

I truly hope this helps bring clarity for those of you who were confused or looking for an update! The internet can be a confusing place and the truth can be mangled, but I am doing everything I can to make sure I amend for any bad decisions and hear you all out as best as I can. I’m only human, and I truly do care about you and where you’re all coming from, so I hope you can all bear with me! 


Sehun blowing you kisses to wish you a good day ahead  (´。• ω •。`) ♡

BTS’ ‘Spring Day’ is used in today’s episode of SBS ‘The Its Know’「Sewol Ferry, returning after 3 year - Will hope rise up again?」

It’s the only song as well as idols’ song to be used, not including instrumental background music. ‘The Its Know’ is an investigation program, covering unsolved mysteries as well as hidden stories. Today’s episode is dedicated to Sewol Ferry disaster, as tomorrow, April 16th, marks 3 full years since the disaster which took away 304 lives, with 9 people still remaining missing.

1. Every second of every minute you were with him, you thought of him as God, when he should have been seeing a Goddess in you too. But instead he just saw a girl and that is why it hurts this much. You need to love each other for the humanity within you, or you should love each other like Gods, there is no middle path.

2. The darkest version of this kind of damage is how little you think of yourself right now. And it is because he didn’t want you. But think of all the people who do want you, who think you are special, who think the world of you. They may not be him, but the trouble is, you let him become the sun when you should have let him be human instead. Humans are flawed. No one deserves that pedestal in your head but you.

3. There will always be another boy. But what you should be looking for is a man.

4. The strongest thing about you was the thing he had forgotten to appreciate. And you deserve someone who looks at that very thing about you and respects and admires you greatly for it.

5. He didn’t understand, nor appreciate everything you had given up just to see him smile that day. And who wants to be with someone that doesn’t appreciate you?

6. Even when you said you needed him the most, even when you had given him that third, fourth, fifth chance to make amends, he did not apologise the way he should have to you. and you deserve more than that any day.

7. There is enough kindness and strength in your heart that you will want to give him a third, fourth, fifth chance. Don’t. Not today, not tomorrow, not day after. No one is worth the time and effort, no one other than you for yourself.

8. Start thinking of three things that made you smile today and every day. And remember that without him, there are still things in the world that make you smile. Hold onto that.

9. Do everything you enjoyed when he thought was annoying or simply not good enough, even the smallest things. Feel the freedom of no one telling you what you should and shouldn’t do.

10. Remember the girl you were before you met him. Remember her, with the smiles and the grace and the funny stories that didn’t involve him. Remember her with the strength to get over anything. Channel her. Bring her back. She deserves resurrection.

—  Nikita Gill, 10 Things to Remember After You Break Up With Him

Okay, so like how when sheep/kids baaa at you and you baaa back and they all baaa again?? How would aliens react is if a human on their mission started making the creatures noise back at them until they all doing it.


The mission was fairly simple in Grutona’s mind: follow the tracks of certain creatures and use environmental clues to discern aspects of the creature’s lifestyle and needs. The group had been following the large, octagonal shaped prints of a swutonaton for the past several standard hours, and up to this point, they still hadn’t actually encountered the beast.

Good. Grutona was not keen on being eaten alive today, which would surely be the result of disturbing the beast. Protocol on the mission was to leave should contact be breached with any species that was not fully documented.

However, there was one member of the team that made Grutona worry. Maria seemed to take things like Protocol as more of a… guideline. Already today Maria had disregarded rules about eating wild tree fruit claiming “they have these on my planet, don’t worry!” Grutona did worry. Especially when Maria added: “Besides, they’re delicious.” Grutona knew what type of treefruit Maria was eating, and xhe was skeptical of the claim. These deadly fruits humans called “lemons” were HIGHLY acidic and sour. On xer home world, a fruit like that would be used by deadly criminals as a poison.

Needless to say, having a human on the crew had been an eye-opening, mind-boggling experience. Grutona was learning more about universal cultures on this mission than ever before, that was for certain.

It was a few more minutes of walking along the path, Grutona taking note of the way the plant life was smashed down to the side of the path of the tracks as if the swutonaton had stopped for a time and rested.

“Ah, so it appears swutonaton are a restful breed, and likely a predator species as evident by their choice location being one leaving them so vulnerable.” Kerip, another member of the team, said this clinically, xis eyes dilating further as his species was wont to do in order to get a magnified look at things. As he was examining he spoke to his partner, Bepin who recorded xis observations on a datapad.

There was a noise further down the trail, strangely like a yawn. Grutona looked over cautiously. Maria was gone. Grutona frowned and made toward the sound hoping it was just Maria doing some sort of human thing xhe was unfamiliar with and not the beast hiding in the plant life beyond planning an attack on the mission crew.

But when had luck ever been on Grutona’s side?

As xhe rounded the bend in the trail xhe was met with the horrifying sight. Xhe would have screamed if it were a characteristic of xer race. Instead, xhe stood there in shock.

Maria stood in front of the creature they were tracking all right. The only thing was, the team was entirely wrong about what they thought they were following here. They had assumed the animal was very large, at least nine or ten times the actual size of the creatures in front of them now. And creatures they were. There were at least fifteen of these creatures and they were all piled atop one another, drooling heavily, spiked tails and trunks laying anywhere. 

“I’d definitely call this a dog-pile.” Maria chuckled, completely unconcerned at the reality that basically everything they had assumed about these creatures was wrong. Maria turned to look at Grutona, eyes gleaming in mischief. “Guess we were wrong about the elephant-sized animal with forty pig-sized feet, huh?” Grutona said nothing, still reeling. They needed to leave, Protocol demanded it, and they needed to go soon before more of the creatures woke up as one was doing now.

“Hey, look! They’re starting to wake up! They’re so cute!” Maria took another step closer to them, making cooing noises as Grutona watched in horror as more of the swutonatons started to rouse. Footsteps behind xer alerted xer to the rest of the team arriving to the scene finally. 

There was a moment of stunned silence before an exasperated sound came from Bepin and Kerip started mumbling in astonishments about all the things they had wrongly ascertained. 

“We should leave,” a voice of reason finally called from the back of the group: Teriwald, the ranked officer from the ship who had been tasked with “protecting the scientists” on the expedition.

Grutona found xer voice again, finally. “You’re–”

There was a sudden, loud sound from the pile of creatures “Meeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrm.”

“Okay, that was the greatest thing I’ve ever heard,” Maria was watching the herd of swutonaton with complete adoration in her gaze. Grutona had been warned to be wary of humans when they assumed a look like this one. There was no telling what kind of things they might do next. 

Whatever Grutona had expected, it was not what Maria did next. Maybe xhe thought she would have started running in circles around the group or walk over and touch one, but xhe certainly did not predict that  Maria would raise her arms in imitation of a swutonaton trunk and repeat the noise back at them in perfect imitation. “Meeeeeeeerrrrrm!”

“What are you doing, we need to go!” Teriwald reminded in an increasingly demanding tone. 

“Calm down, Waldo, we’re fi–” Maria was cut off by several cries of the swutonaton calling back at her.


“Oh, this is too good!” More of the swutonaton had stirred now, and they were climbing off of each other and standing in a herd before Maria who laughed and made the noise again. 


“MEEEEEEEEERRRRRM!!!” The entire herd of seventeen (Grutona had counted in xer moments of horror earlier) swutonaton were now calling back at Maria’s prompting. 

Nobody on the team said anything as they all watched in rapt attention Maria and the herd of swutonaton yell at each other for the next ten standard minutes. 

Humans, Grutona concluded, still half horrified, are weird.

Between Two Lungs by caramelle/caramelkru

Cassian doesn’t exactly mean to, but as he’s coming up from his bow, he sort of accidentally on purpose makes eye contact with the young Erso heiress.

Her glance merely passes over him, and her face remains perfectly and diplomatically blank.

And yet, somehow, he instantly feels like he’s already managed to offend her.

Amazing Regency/Pride & Prejudice AU one-shot! Read it on AO3.

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although weirdly enough out of all the people i can remember pete interacting with in the show, as far as i can tell, hes only taller than sonny and daniela,, which is weird to think about, he just seems really tall because he literally only stands by tiny tiny sonny

even so! he’s the perfect height,,

the perfect height difference for hugs and forehead kisses,, how lucky we all are


june 20, 2017 

hey everyone!! i’m back from my (unannounced) brief hiatus… spring term was really busy for me, and i’ve spent these first three weeks of summer relaxing, which was very much needed. but, now i’m back and ready to go!! 

today i reviewed chemistry and translated some passages of the aeneid in preparation for my ap chemistry and ap latin courses next year. still made time for reading and art though :) 

glad to be back, and i hope everyone has a productive and restful summer!! <3