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So I want to make it clear that I’m not an anti for this ship, but I do feel the need to call out those who call Karamel abusive while blatantly ignoring what has been going on in the Sanver’s relationship.

So I am calling out the abuse - 

1. Maggie lied to Alex about how she came out, saying her parents supported it when in fact they ostracised her. They way she initially dealt with was to totally shun Alex, making her feel like crap. Okay, so she made it up to Alex in the end but four episodes later….

2. Maggie lies about a past relationship. The implication that her previous girlfriend was to blame for the split up when it turns out that Maggie had an affair is not a good thing to do. While Alex responded well, saying that it wasn’t her place to judge on previous actions, Alex, like her sister does not deserve to be lied to, and having an affair, lying about it and making the other person is a pretty big deal - okay, it’s not lying about being the Prince of Daxam big, but you know it’s manipulative. 

3. Maggie forced Alex to come out with the implication of a further relationship and originally backtracked on that. If anyone tells me it was for Alex’s own good so she could accept herself, then you are pretty much guilty as sin. You don’t force people you care about to come out. You don’t throw them under the bus like that. 

So I just don’t see how this behaviour is considered acceptable when in the same breath saying Karamel is abusive. 

And that isn’t to say that I am blind to what has previously happened in Karamel but if you are going to call out Mon-El in that relationship, then you have to call out Kara as well because she has been blatantly racist and prejudice towards Mon-El for being a Daxamite on more than one occasion as well as not allowing him chances to explain himself - such as in Star-Crossed. That said, Mon-El didn’ t respond quickly enough to his parents return, leading to Kara having to engage with the Daxamites. 

To my mind, neither behaviour is good. But the hypocrisy has to bloody stop. 

italyvalenzo  asked:

Wut kind of things made you feel happy in the way that you actually get exited ( i need this in case of depression  :) ?

  • When people are nice to each other and compliment each other!
  • When I see people outside and they’re cute or do something cute (Like today I saw a group of guys and one was playing with the other’s ponytail absentmindedly and that was the cutest thing ever!) 
  • When I get compliments (I ain’t gonna lie about that)
  • Drawing a picture I like
  • Finding something I really really wanna eat that moment
  • Finishing an assignment on time
  • Creating something
  • Hearing about people’s day
  • Being asked about my opinion, because then I feel important
  • Seeing a cute animal outside
  • Wearing something I haven’t worn in a long time because the weather wasn’t fitting
  • Finding a real good song and realizing it fits my OTP or OC
  • Finishing a good video game
  • Online shopping lol
  • Cleaning my flat thoroughly and reorganizing my stuff again
  • Learning something new
  • Helping others

I was scrolling thought the humans are weird tag and the thought that humans celebrate so many weird things occurred to me so here is a very short piece:

Humans are weird, they’ll celebrate everything. Klixxaan was well aware of this fact after International pancake day. Xe was still unsure what a pancake was but both the Humans, Samantha and Ian had been very excited. Talking loudly about what they were going to put on their pancakes…it was all very odd.

Klixxaan clicked xir mandibles together, “Why is there a human pastry on the table, Samantha?”
“Well, it’s my birthday, so I made myself a cake. Do you like the decorations?”
“Yes, but Samantha, you were not born today. Are you confused as to how old you are?” the fur on the back of xir neck rose a little in concern, “Do you need to see our medic?” Samantha brightened into a human response of happiness, a smile.
“No, I’m celebrating the anniversary of my birth, on earth, its very important, we celebrate with our families. I was born in July, in the warm season.” Klixxaan thought for a second.
“I was hatched in the warm season too. But I don’t know which date.”
“If you like,” she paused a little bit shyer than usual, “You can share my birthday. Although for you I suppose it might be called a hatch-date.” 
Klixxaan’s eyelids deepened to a deep red signalling pleasure.
“I would like that very much Samantha.” Maybe she would let him taste the Human pastry.

As a German proverb says ‘one shouldn’t praise the day before the evening’, so I probably shouldn’t make this post but I had such a good day and it’s not even 1pm. The doctor i met today was really nice and I felt comfortable around him, I finally got an appointment for my Lenny tattoo and it doesn’t cost as much as I feared it would, treated myself by buying a new Agatha Christie book and some nice pencils, everyone in the stores was really polite and I didn’t even panic when they asked if I need help because I was in such a good mood, and lost like 2kg and my outfit today is really cute?

Bones ending? I don’t know what that means. Like, this is not a goodbye, because it’s not forever, Bones needs to stop airing new episodes, but we wont forget everything we’ve been trough, right?

I have no idea how it will be for all of us after today, so I needed to write something, specially to to remind each one of you, how important and loved you are.

I haven’t been in the fandom since the beginning, I’ve been here for 6 years. Bones was with me all time I spent at uni, it always helped me to go trough all the craziness I was in. I had some pretty tough time there and watch the episodes, reblog the gif here or just talk about the episodes always made me feel better.

Bones was the first TV show (not kids related, the disney ones) that I was interested in really watch it, at first I didn’t like it because it was so gross and my brother was always watching while I was having breakfast… But Angela first and then Brennan started to show me that the Bones was much more than that… My inexperience with TV shows and curiosity (and FOX) made me watch the show out of order, like 5th, 3th, 1th, 2th and 3th 6th because I didn’t understand to the importance of that but I was able to understand the show… After the 7th season I started to be on Tumblr and watch the livestreams with everyone… Because of Bones, I got a chance to know some incredible people who now are my Bones family.

Some people I’ve never talked much but they are here since I joined tumblr, others I haven’t talked to them in awhile but I can’t forget them, some I’ve know for few years and now they we are my friends really good friends, a few of them I got a chance to meet in person and some are my sisters more than my real sisters.

I just want to say thank you all, I know the cast was important, but I wouldn’t be here without you guys. Thank you for all the patience, all the talks, all the unexpected hugs, all the advices, all the laughs, the happiness and the feels, all the liveblogs, the secret santas moments, the amazing memories and specially the friendship. Thank you for let me be a anon when I needed, but also thank you for letting me be me.

Under here there are messages to some people that were important to me because of Bones and I will never forget them.

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today did end up being very good. we drove in the empty farmer’s market lot and long boarded after … i don’t have much experience with either but my friend helped me & then let me eat the brownies she made … a keeper. i cried on the phone with my nana, we talked about a lot of feelings and moving forward with what i need to do and i’m just so thankful to have her in my life. there were some uncomfortable things today but i’m learning to brush them off and focus on better thoughts. i also think that sol’s eyebrows look like black caterpillars. goodnight

Health Diary 28-03-17

What I ate

Breakfast: peanut butter nicecream with rawnola, peanut butter and hemp seeds

Snack: gluten free toast with vegemite 

Lunch: brown rice, and potato, mushroom and pea curry with papadums

Snack: homemade granola with apple puree

Dinner: nachos - organic corn chips, salsa, mexican black beans and chipotle tahini


Nil (again - whoops!)

Healthy habits

Water: 2 liters 

Tea: 1 

Coffee: 3

Supplements: nil

Health update

Today I feel quite good. My throat is still a bit sore, but I’ve felt alert and energetic all day, and have made quite a decent dent in my next essay! (It’s due on Sunday but I need to have it submitted by tomorrow because I work Thursday and Friday, and then off to Melbourne for the weekend! Yippee!). My concentration has been okayyy, but I’m still so easily distracted. But I’m about a third of my way through my essay, and hoping to write another couple of hundred words tonight. Tomorrow I’ll need to finish it off, then I can have a little mini-break from study!

Ragnarok - Soulmate Challenge #5

Incorporates Soulmate challenge #5 - Each day on your arm is a particular event your soulmate will face today. (Examples: Promotion, family death, new pet, meeting soulmate…) by @insideoflit

Annabella belongs to @the-shadow-of-atlantis
Aria belongs to @lovekenya24

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Roy whistled happily as he made breakfast.

Lian was with Annabella and for the first time in a long time it was time for him and Maia to just relax.

After a rough time to say the least, this much needed couple time was a relief.

“Did you hear that?” Maia called as she walked into the kitchen

“Hear what?” He asked as confusion played on her face.

“There was a loud noise like some horn.” She shrugged and approached him, bringing her lips to his.

“I didn’t hear it.” He said after their lips parted and lifted her onto the counter, pressing up against her.

“But I am preoccupied.”

“Tell me about -” she started to say but disappeared before his eyes.

“Maia?!” He called out and looked around worriedly before looking at his arm.

For years he had her daily moments almost inked on his skin.

“Come to Midgard” was the first one that struck him as the oddest but “fighting the archdemon” “becoming a warden” were among just many that also included “eating a pepperoni sandwich.”

He expected a kidnapping or getting lost but instead saw Ragnarok.

His stomach churned as the bacon started to burn and tended to it as he called Zatanna.

“Roy I was just going to call.” Her voice greeted him “You got it too.”

“What’s going on Zee?” He demanded letting stress getting the best of him

“Come into the League, we’ll figure this out.”

As his feet touched the Watchtowers floor, he immediately was led to the meeting room where John Constantine was explaining to the league about the nature of the mystery.

“It seems we’ve been placed in a pocket dimension while the battle takes place.” He continued to say as Roy sat down.

“We need to get involved.” Hal spoke up as Roy was thankful not to see Annabella present.

“It is highly unlikely they’d allow us access through.” John said “As if also appears, our Asgardian friends have remained in our regular dimension to fight.”

“And as the myth goes, it is unlikely they will survive.” Bruce spoke up “However, they have not been named in the texts, we cannot anticipate anything. We need to be ready to defend anything that comes through - We will be sending a team through.”

“And I’ll see what I can find from the corps. Surely they have a protocol for this.” Hal said as Roy remained quiet.

As the Leaguers dispersed he felt Olivers hand on his back

“She’ll be okay.”

Zatanna raised her hands towards the screen and started muttering. Seconds later an overlook of Gotham showed on the map and Roys eyes widened as he saw the crowd of people standing around the bay.

As Zatanna shifted the focus he was able to recognize a handful of people. Thor and Loki standing by a man who he had seen in passing before, a man John was now telling him as Maias father, Odin.

He saw Eluf standing by a man and a woman who resembled him, while he spotted Maia. Or atleast looked dauntingly alike, the woman stood in an armor of blue with another man who he presumed was her husband. Her posture was straight and her expression cold as she stood watching the waters. Skadi and Ullr as John pointed out.

Maia appeared next to her and after they shared a glance Maia moved to her brothers. As she conversed with a man Roy didn’t recognize she moved away with a group of others.

“The water.” Zatanna said softly and John swore as a giant serpent begin to rise from the water.

“The portal will be safe for travel in five seconds.”

“i’m going.” Roy said as he approached.

“Me too.” Oliver nodded as Diana and Barry also stepped forward.

“Then let’s go.” Batman agreed and began to walk through the portal.

Roy looked around as he left the portal. Superman and Wonder Woman had already approached the All Father and he saw everyones gaze on them.

“You should not be here.” Thor said as he approached him while Eluf embraced Zatanna.

“Where is she?” He asked quickly in response.

“I cannot tell you.” Thor shot him an apologetic look “you  should return to safety, you have a family to care for.”

“Maia is my family.” Roy responded angrily catching the attention of the others “Where is she?”

“Roy, return home.” Loki interjected “This is too dangerous for you and you know this.”

“I’m not going anywhere without Maia.” He said stubbornly

“My daughter is currently fulfilling her destiny.” Skadi said from her spot. “Now leave mortal, Jormungdur is rising​.”

“I will repeat myself again.” Roy shot her a look “I am not going anywhere without your daughter.”

“Do not interrupt her.”

Roy ignored her and looked at his watch 4.45am, he knew that normally Maia would be lapping Gotham right now and figured that the clocktower would be his best vantage point to find her.

As he climbed up, he could hear a growling and looked down to see Maia being chased. He could see the direction she ran was the same one she had run every morning since coming to Earth and a pit grew in his stomach.

That was why she ran every morning.


Maia ran as fast as she could, her mind only on the destination point as she tried to stop the fear of the giant wolf Fenrir chasing her.

Roy was safe, Lian was safe, her friends were safe and she was happy that her Thor had listened to her idea of making sure the mortals were safe in a pocket dimension, for when the time came.

He was hot on her tail and as she turned around to shoot her bow, and caught sight of Roy. Her heart jumped out her chest as she saw him and stumbled.

“Shit.” She muttered as she heard Roy call out for her.

The wolves attention turned to him and started to approach him, causing Maia to shoot ice at the wolf, only angering it more.

Lead him to Baldur. Don’t slow down, he will kill you.

Those were the only orders she had and had been practicing for since a child.

“Come on.” She muttered and grinned as the wolf started pouncing at her as Roy’s arrows bounced off of it’s skin.

The plan had changed due to Roy’s interference and she then lead it down a different path.

As she ran, she realized she had hit a dead end and turned. Raising her hands she sealed the entrance with an ice wall, leaving her and the wolf.


When Roy finally reached her, the ice had been broken through and Maia was sitting up against the wall.

“Maia!” He yelled as he approached, noticing the pool of blood around her.

“I failed.” She frowned as she looked up at him.

“It’s okay.” He reassured her as he searched for the wound “you didn’t fail anybody, where is the wolf?”

She pointed over at the frozen wolf in the corner

“It won’t stop him for long.”

Wrapping a bandage around her leg he helped her up and away from the scene.

“Why didn’t you teleport?” He asked her.

“He had your scent, I couldn’t risk it.” She said softly as she winced “How did you know?”

“My arm.” He said “did you see yours?”

“No.” She frowned and tried to hold up her armor clad arm “who else is here?”

“The league, don’t worry, let’s go. Can you teleport?”

She shook her head and felt him lift her her onto his back before walking over to find help.


Roy watched her as the healers tended to her leg.

The battle was won and no life was wasted, thanks to the extra help of the league.

Maia had her focus on the interaction between Thor and Superman as Diana stayed next to her. The serpent slain, the wolf rechained.

Oliver however was talking to Odin about Maias experiences.

“So I told her there were elves  in there. And then, I found her pulling the machine apart trying to save the elves and liberate them from washing the dishes.” Oliver laughed as Odin chuckled, while people surrounded them being healed.

“Gentle on the leg, it will need to heal naturally from now.” The healer said and Maia nodded as Roy approached.

“Looks like you’ll be missing your runs.” Diana chuckled causing Maia to groan. “I’m sure Red Arrow can think of something to preoccupy you in the meantime.”

“If she doesn’t sit still I’ll sic Annabella onto her.” Roy smirked

“I recommend for her to stay in Asgard.” The healer frowned at Maias companion’s.

“Maia will be safe with us.” Diana assured her causing Skadi to shoot her a look of indifference from nearby “Sorry, Drifa will be safe with us.”

“She’s still mad that myself and Eluf are not married.” Maia waved her hand as the dimension shift brought the citizens and the other heroes back.

“Maia!” Lians voiced called out as she ran up to her. As Lian climbed onto her lap to embrace her, Roy knew that this was the perfect opportunity.

“Have I ever told you how stupid you can be sometimes?” Annabella sighed as she and Aria approached her “You scared everyone today.”

“Only when I’m out of Peanut Butter.” Maia laughed

“Dont think we’re going to go easy on you.” Aria said sternly as she pulled her into a hug.

“We’ll need to look at your arm.” The healer said and Maia nodded, allowing them to undo the armor as her arm ached.

As they peeled back the fabric under her arm, she caught sight of the words underneath and read them to herself before gasping.

“What’s wrong?” Maia looked up to see Christine by her side

“Is everyone here?” Maia asked as she looked around, and sure enough a large crowd appeared as they looked upon the gods and heroes.

“Maia. You’re at my work, of course I’m here.” Christine motioned to City Hall behind her. “What happened?”

“P-r-o-p-o-s-e.” Lian spelled out as she read Maias.arm. “Propose. My spelling is getting so much better right Maia? Right Grandma Christine?”

“That’s right.” Christine smiled as she looked at her daughter and over at Roy who was speaking to Odin and Skadi “Are they who I think they are?”

“Yeah.” Maia nodded as her insides squirmed and felt nervous as she saw him finally start to approach.

I just have this headcanon that christophe and victor’s friendship is nothing but spending money and shenanigans like victor is already impulsive and out of control but chris is such a shameless ENABLER. Don’t tell me the reason victor has a hot pink $8 million cadillac convertible ISN’T because of Yuuri asking Victor to go pick out a car that was “reasonably priced and compact” and then Chris stepping in and being like ‘ew you don’t want the paparazzi taking pics of you in an ugly, soccer mom toyota corolla. No, get the one from the showroom thats a prized antique who cares if it’s millions of dollars IT’S FABULOUS YOU NEED TO BE FABULOUS.“ Victor pulls up in this ridiculous barbie car with Chris in the front seat with two pairs of ray bans on his head holding a 12-pack of wine coolers like "We made good decisions today” and yuuri storms out to scream at both of them.


Sehun blowing you kisses to wish you a good day ahead  (´。• ω •。`) ♡


I didn’t have much to do today so I made some voltron icons! Please like/reblog if you’re gonna use them, but you don’t need to credit me!

Eurus Killed Redbeard

In the trailer for The Final Problem, Mycroft tells Sherlock “Every choice you’ve ever made, every path you’ve ever taken, the man you are today is your memory of Eurus.” 

Mycroft sees his brother as someone, who, like him, disregards sentiment in favor of cold, calculated reason. Because of the innate human need to connect, abandoning sentiment completely is likely the result of a traumatic end to a sentimental relationship. 

The fact that Mycroft always says “Redbeard” to warn Sherlock about getting too emotionally close suggests that this was the initial trauma. 

The flashbacks we’ve been seeing are likely just before Redbeard was killed by his sister–it’s Sherlock’s last memory of being unafraid to love someone (a dog, but still). 

Mycroft’s discussion of Eurus suggests she is extremely dangerous: 

”It didn’t the last time” directly follows this, suggesting Euros is the same “legitimate security concern.” 

“Sherrinford” here likely suggests a mental asylum or prison, and a very high security one (this could very well be where all of the tortuous mind palace looking scenes we’ve seen could be, but that’s a whole different meta). 

Murderous tendencies are obviously a security risk, and if Eurus has the psychopathy of a serial killer, that would necessitate the high security Mycroft suggests is necessary. 

One of the first behaviors serial killers demonstrate is animal torture.

Mummy and Daddy Holmes would know this, and there would likely be signs that she was in danger of becoming a serial killer throughout her childhood. They likely tried many therapies, but nothing was working. And then Euros killed Redbeard, and they insitituonalized their daughter before she could move onto humans. 

In those flashbacks, Sherlock is young, which explains why he wouldn’t recognize her (even with his drug-addled state, he should have recognized her slightly if he had seen her at all recently). They Holmes family never talked about her. It’s why Sherlock is basing his behavior on her “memory,” not her presence. 

The depth of Sherlock’s fear of attachment, stemming from Redbeard, suggests this wasn’t an ordinary “dog grows old and dies” story. There was trauma involved. 

And nothing says trauma like watching your older (I’m headcanoning that she’s in between the brothers) sister kill your dog–two destroyed relationships at once. 

Sherlock loved his sister and his dog, and because he let sentiment blind him (or Mycroft and the Holmes parents hid the signs from him), he lost both in one event. To protect himself, he built emotional barriers. 

It’s the path he chose–because of his traumatic memory of Eurus. 

(Eurus spelling taken from BBC subtitles.) 

if you couldn’t go to a march because:
- you felt unsafe for whatever reason
- you had no one to go with
- you have social anxiety
- you have any other kind of mental illness
- you are physically disabled
- you had no transportation
- there was no march or rally near you

that’s ok
don’t beat yourself up friend
sometimes we can’t do things we want to do, and we shouldn’t feel guilty about that, okay?

okay bitches, there’s something you need to know about maple syrup

Since none of y’all in the Check Please fandom know how it’s made, and I’ve read some pretty traumatising things in fics, I took these pictures especially for you today. And some are taken from the internet.

We dig holes on our maple trees so come Spring, they leak through metal peens.

In Québec, maples wear buckets. It’s FASHIONABLE.

Now, these are the quaint little érablières (maple tree places?), but others don’t mess around.

Then, what comes out can’t be eaten directly (except by squirrels), it needs to be boiled into one of these motherfuckers here

Now there are different ways of cooking maple, so you can have syrup, butter, and other goodies. What interests us right now is what we call “tire” (pronounce teer)

Below are pictures I took today at the Sugar Shack fair in my town. There are barrels of already boiled tire, and you need to boil it again to serve it. 

Then you pour it on the snow, in neat little lines. I should have taken that one, it was bigger than the one I actually got. 

Now you take a popsicle stick, start at one end and roll it up. You need to wait until it’s cold enough to stick together, and then you have to make sure it’s not lopsided or anything otherwise it gets all over your fingers and that shit’s sticky as hell.

Here you have the result (it’s pretty small, should be bigger). It’s so sweet, the best part is the cold snow that melts in your mouth at the same time. 

And THAT’s how you eat tire sur la neige. Yum yum. (say hi to my friend photobombing me). I don’t want to read false maple representation on future fics from now on, or the angry French Canadian fairy will come and set you right!