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Words I personally find offensive in the gender debate and will not use in the fight for women’s rights and liberation.

* Tranny

* Troon

* Freak

I’m sure there’s many more but you get the gist.

No one can, or should, gatekeep or ‘police’ the words you use but I personally just don’t think in these terms.

If someone’s an Asshole or who’s character is repugnant or criminal i’ll tell them, preferably to their face, but using dehumanising language & denigrating other people isn’t part of my character when defending my rights and slurs actively get in the way of facts being heard.

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anonymous asked:

for all of those people commenting and saying "what is pretentious" about it, is the fact that you're going up to these artists demanding that they draw your character and for what? greed. its disgusting lmao

OOC. okay, so considering this appears to be a problem, I’m going to address it – so LISTEN UP because I’m only doing it once. 

I have no idea where you got your wild claims that I’m ‘demanding’ artists to draw my character. I’m not fucking demanding anyone to do anything. I’m COMMISSIONING them, and before even approaching them with an idea, I ask if they’re comfortable with it out of RESPECT. I have NEVER, and will NEVER go up to an artist and fucking demand something. I would never go up to ANYONE and demand something. 

You’re speaking as if I waltz around this fandom just expecting things to be done for me; as you’ve defined me as ‘pretentious’ and, now apparently, greedy. I can assure you that I am neither of these things, and while I respect other people’s opinions, I don’t find it funny or cute that you’re shining a light down on me that shows me as someone who DEMANDS things from others. 

I don’t demand shit. 

I don’t expect anything from people because I believe I’m holier than thou; I don’t ask for random things because I feel that I deserve them; and I certainly don’t fucking disrespect people. 

Reasons for making an Ozymandias theme:

  • Tried to make one that’s King’s Men themed but it didn’t work out.
  • @blackknightofpars keeps throwing Ozy stuff at me!
  • and dozens of notifications when @herfoxy keeps tagging me in Ozy screenshots on Facebook! 

Y’all can relax about that whole Rey and Kylo “I need someone to show me my place in all this” and holding-out-hand thing from the trailer because they’re two completely different scenes (not that it matters if it were one scene, because Rey could pull a Luke-and-Vader-on-Bespin sort of thing)

When Rey says, “I need someone to show me my place in all this,” she is still in the outfit she went to find Luke in. You can tell by her high collar and the thickness of the material:

The light source is static as well, constant, even, likely a lamp of some sort, and the set of her shoulders and neck seems to indicate she’s sitting down. She’s most likely saying this line in Luke’s hut, explaining why she went to find him.

In contrast, that shot of Kylo holding out his hand has a mobile, flickering light source somewhere off to his left, and while that seems to match up to Rey’s right, the light is nowhere near steady, and all the bits of flaming debris falling down behind him would have caused the lighting to change around Rey, if she was really there.

And you can see Kylo meeting eyes with someone standing opposite him, while Rey’s sitting down.

So I’m all for that idea that Kylo’s holding out his hand to Leia. Even if it were Rey, it wouldn’t be immediately after she said that line. Sneaky, Lucasfilm.