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Lars’ face when he realized that these Gems, who saved his life, have spent their own lives under threat of execution for being different. Have spent their lives being afraid because of who they are, just like him, except no one was even going to try and kill him for baking or being a spaz or saying the “wrong” thing.

This is his paradigm shift. You can see it on his face. He’s found a reason to be brave.

~Contains Spoilers for Steven Universe: Wanted~

What she says: I’m fine

What she really means: HOLY FUCK BALLS So Lars is now pink and brave and probably immortal and stuck on Homeworld for the time being while Steven gets to go home to earth and I really hope??? We get to see the off colors come to earth??? They need to be happy and Lars needs to be happy and OH SHIT SOMEONE MIGHT HAVE FRAMED ROSE QUARTZ!! Is Zircon gonna be okay??? Please don’t shatter her!! And holy FUCK Lars died??? But Steven, god bless him, brought him back to life and THAT’S MORE THAN LIKELY WHAT HAPPENED TO LION AND IM LOSING MY SHIT

nerdyfrogisderpy  asked:

Is it just me or does Lance from Sym Bionic Titan sort of look like Keith without the gloves and jacket?

dude the first thing I thought of when I first saw a Voltron gif like a year ago was “wait that’s…..that’s Lance” it took me so long to get Keith & Lance’s names straight bc I kept calling Keith Lance bc HE IS EXACTLY LIKE HIM I CANT GET OVER IT… this was I think the very first Voltron post I made

high points:

- they look almost. EXACTLY the same. same mullet, same shirt, same broody expression

- excellent fighter

- quiet/moody demeanor

- not [fully] human

- pilots a robot that can combine with other robots to make a bigger robot


- ????????????????? they are twins????