this my new fave kesha song

@lesbevvy, aka my new fave mutual, tagged me in a thing so im doing it!! it’s the thing where you list your top ten songs atm so thank u friend and here we go

  1. shout out to my ex - patent pending
  2. low - todrick hall
  3. rainbow - kesha
  4. feelings - hayley kiyoko
  5. legally blonde - legally blonde cast
  6. aaa - the aaa girls
  7. santa’s coming for us - sia
  8. dancing on my own - robyn
  9. everyone is gay - a great big world
  10. he likes boys - simone battle

whomst do i tag u may wonder. well. @trashmouth-smashmouth, @loveallthatjazz, and @trashmouth-kaspbrak of course. and ykw @sailor-zeplin and @allisonsyukimura too bc i do what i want.

@darlingamelia tagged me to do this!!!!! thank you!!!!!

rules: answer the questions and tag 20 people (won’t have THAT many people)

Nickname: my baby sister lila calls me betty but i HATE IT, only she’s allowed to call me betty

Gender: i’m a girl

Star Sign: capricorn, but i’m nothing like a capricorn so that’s why i legit believe in zodiac signs (but i still think they are fun so i keep doing em)

Height: 5′4

Time: 8:52 am

Birthday: january 10 (my 17th birthday is today!!!!)

Favorite Bands: i’m basic so one direction, i’ve been listening to glee covers so that’s like a band

Favorite Solo Artists: kesha is an ultimate fave but i’m also so basic that i enjoy taylor swift too

Song Stuck in My Head: the glee cover of never can say goodbye is, but so are a lot of the new vegas radio songs

Last Movie I Watched: i watched a bit of the prince of egypt (but not all of it, mainly just the songs while my mom and pea legit watched it)

Last Show I Watched: i watched wife swap bc wife swap is the ultimate reality tv show

When I Created This Blog: june 2013, but i didn’t really use it so i really started using it consistently was sometime in 2015

What I Post: i have a lot of random shit i post, i got greys, tangled/disney, glee, dragon age, mass effect, video games in general, political shit, gay shit, and anything i just find funny or that i wanna reblog

Last thing I googled: what x squared minus 8 is bc i was trying to check my answers on my math homework (couldn’t find it!)

Do I get asks? sometimes, but not really a lot

Why did I choose my url? i love dragon age and aeducan is one of the two origins in origins that is my fave (tabris and aeducan are tied for me) and i think it just sounds and looks better

Following Blogs: 695

Followers: 244

Favorite Colors: purples and blues

Average Hours of Sleep: lately it’s been worse…… like 5-7 (7 on a goodnight)

Lucky Number: 17

Instruments: i can’t play shit

What I Am Wearing: my nice black suede leggings (they’re so smoooooth), and my floral green shirt, navy keds (target brand obviously), and my dad’s old coat

How many blankets I sleep with: one

Dream Job: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dream Trip: new york city

Favorite Food: potato soup is so good but i’m so lazy

Nationality: american

Favorite Song Right Now: i love praying by kesha, but i also am loving the my man cover from glee (why is glee mentioned so much in these)

Languages I speak: english and technically french if you count my two years of french i took in school that i’ve since quickly forgotten but i don’t think that counts

@flannelbian @fl0wer-b0ys @alienshepard @gaytrashcat @ghostsonthewisconsinriver @gilbertalexander @figureskatinggiraffes @nebula-lesbian @nikkota @a-wandering-intern and i tag whoever else wants to do it, just say i tagged you (sorry if i tagged anybody who didn’t wanna do it!!! obviously nobody has to do it!!)

anonymous asked:

Song suggestion time! River - Vanessa Carlton Ship to wreck - Florence + the machine Godzilla - Kesha ---> one of my faves so I hope you like it ^-^

I’ve heard the later two but checking outttt da first.

And as per new song policy, here are three different songs! I tried to make them as different from each other as possible lol.

1. Runaway by Sasha Sloan

2. Big Jet Plane by Angus and Julia Stone

3. Sorry by Nothing But Thieves