this my new fave kesha song

So I was tagged by @hellacluttered / @knivestheresnothingtoit to do this cool get to know meme~

Thank you for tagging me, dude! :D

Relationship Status: I am currently single.

Favorite Color: This changes pretty regularly because I work in a field where part of my job is picking colors for things (whaddup product design) but shades of orange/salmon are usually pretty on point as is royal blue, kelly green, and a good mint.

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick. Not a big makeup fella.

Last Song I Listened Too: I’ve had Kesha’s new track ‘Praying’ on repeat since it came out, don’t even joke.

Top Three Shows: Um, of all time or like, as in which I watch most often? Because of all time would probably be Gravity Falls, Brooklyn 99, and Futurama. Actually you know I watch all of those pretty damn frequently too. I also watch Over the Garden Wall a lot and would probably consider it among my faves as well, though it and the others sort of shuffle positions for who’s in the top three on any given day.

Top 3 Characters: Okay so this also tends to change based on what media I’m consuming but currently they are: Vasquez, Joshua Faraday, Gina Linetti.

Top 3 Ships: Faraday/Vasquez (like y’all didn’t know), and uh. Hm. I’m not like, actively invested really in any ships much beyond these jerks but I think that probably the Leverage OT3 (Parker/Hardison/Eliot) and my guilty pleasure ship of Gina/Rosa from Brooklyn 99 are pretty high up there. 

Iiiiii am probably not going to tag anyone because I have a lot of weird anxiety about it and am also like, medicated right now, BUT if you’re into this kind of thing and you want to do it, please by all means do. Feel free to tag me if you want and I’ll do my best to remember to say when I am less medicated. 

Nice to meet anyone new to the blog who hasn’t seen me flail about gay cowboys yet~

krysyuy  asked:

3, 16, 28, 42 ♥

3: I sleep like a corpse lmao. On my back, staring straight up at the ceiling, my hands clasped over my stomach. That or a very twisted fetal position. There is no in between.


28: Fave soda? I hate carbonation, but I make exceptions for sparkling water :) Sorry, Krys.

42: Strangest thing I’ve eaten? I’m Korean lmao. I’ve eaten all sorts of weird shit. Live octopus that squirms in your mouth? Check. Jellyfish? Imagine a crunchy noodle. That’s what jellyfish is like. Controversial meats? Sure.

Thank you, Kryssssssss <33333

Me a month ago, listening to True Colors: Wow this song is amazing, I can’t wait to see what Kesha can do when she’s free to release music again.
Me now, having downloaded Praying and awaiting the full album: Yasss baby, I see your True Colors and they are BEAUTIFUL!! 😭Be free my girl, show the world what you got!! 👏🏾