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I hope you all enjoy this - chapter 10 is here. We’re almost done the story! Can’t believe it. But i hope you’ll enjoy this and stick with me for the last of it.


It was such a gorgeous day I’m so glad I decided to get out and do something. I only went for a very brief walk because the trails where we wanted to go were too muddy and flooded.  Hopefully in the next few weeks it’ll dry up, even though I know we’re expecting a big drop in temp for next week.

I’m feeling pretty full of a cold so I’m gonna rest up before the gym tonight!


I was SO TEMPTED to buy this shirt I found at Spencer’s but I was with some friends of a friend and way too embarrassed 😭 When I go back with just my friends I’m gonna see if they still have it because LOOK AT IT! When I saw it I swear my heart started pounding ❤️

Omgosh! Why’s it gotta be so high up, too! I know I’d embarrass mehself tryin to get a look at sizes ^_^;; I can’t wait for ya to get it! I’m so envious but excited!



Rushing this out because it’s still day 5 somewhere in the world, right???

A gift for the illustrious @trashwarden. Thank you for providing us all with this lovely event and for encouraging so many content creators with such brightness and enthusiasm!

Pavelyan. Dorian Pavus x Vaxus Trevelyan (belongs to @trashwarden). Approx 2000 words, most under the cut <3

“Dorian… Hey, are you even listening to me?”

Dorian blinked, waking from his trance with a slight shiver. Sharply, he glanced across as Felix, who stood with his arm crossed, frowning.

“Oh don’t go giving me that look,” Dorian chided, rolling his eyes. “You know perfectly well the nature of my… distraction.”

Felix sighed deeply but turned anyway, scanning the beach. People rushed back and forth across the golden sand, kicking it up in fountains of fine powder as they shrieked and laughed beneath the midday sun. The water was packed with people, bobbing up and down like corks in the rolling waves.

“I… don’t see him,” Felix said after a long moment, squinting against the glare. “Is he even—”

“Here?” Dorian finished for him, then let out a bark of laughter. “Of course he’s here! Why, whatever would the people do without their dashing hero, waiting to pluck them from the throes of despair?”

“I don’t know… maybe wait for another lifeguard to do it?”

“Nonsense,” Dorian replied with a dismissive wave of the hand. “He’s over there. By the large striped umbrella. I’d know that back anywhere.”

Felix, snorting, shook his head, a smile spreading across his face. “Of course you would, Dorian. Are you ever going to go and introduce yourself to him, or should I just trip you over next time he walks past so that he stops to help?”

To Felix’s doubtless surprise, Dorian actually seemed to consider his offer for a moment. But he eventually just shook his head, a cunning gleam bright in his grey eyes. “No need for that, my friend. I have just the thing…” Without further preamble, Dorian reached down and began tugging his shirt up over his head. Felix watched, amused, as Dorian wriggled free of the clothing and held it out expectantly.

“I hope you didn’t just invite me along to be your coat-rack, Dorian,” Felix noted, but took the shirt anyway, slinging it over his shoulder. “That might just hurt my feelings.”

Flashing him a bright grin, Dorian reached out and clapped him on the back good-naturedly. “Felix, I request your company because I enjoy it. I only request your coat-rack services because, in this rare instance, I need it.”

“What exactly are you planning, Dorian?”

Dorian’s grin widened. “Tell me, have you ever heard of strategic drowning?

Felix stared blankly for a moment, then frowned. “… No?”

Dorian winked. “Good. Now watch closely” he turned slightly, casting his gaze out towards the open water.I am about to coin the term.”

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in an non-surprising turn of events I’m making the impulsive decision to go to Nashville in May to see the WYATR podcast with Paget like… yolo.