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I’ve Made a Decision

I am going to be doing a series of artwork based off the Sisterhood of the Assassin’s Creed Fandom! 

To all the bloggers in the sisterhood! Please read this if you can! I want to be able to draw all of you in your own personalized Assassin Robes! Please listen carefully! 

Please note: YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS IF YOU DON’T WANT TO! All I am getting out of this is the experience, I am completely ok if you do not want to participate!

Could you all submit to my blog:
1. What you look like (if you don’t want to share, please give me a description ex: hair color and style, beauty marks, etc.)
2. What your personalized Assassin Robes will look like! Please provide references and what color you would like them! (ex: if you are wearing a hood or a hat)
3. Tell me what time era you would be a part of in the Assassin’s Creed fandom (ex: Golden Age of Piracy, Renaissance, Colonial, etc.) So I can get a better perspective of the outfit!
4. How you want to be standing/holding in the final peice (see picture below)

Reason why I want to do this: I want to do this so I can hone my skills as an artist

Time I will start Sketches: As soon as I can, but I am in College, so school comes first

Time I will start Coloring: Summer break

When I will post it: Hopefully by the end of Summer/Mid-Fall. Maybe sooner if I work hard for it.

How they will end up: Something close to this

(but not with a detailed background, but will have the Assassin Symbol in background, and will be posting the sketches for your approval, but will be posting all of them at the same time in one post)

All the people that I know who are part of the sisterhood is @swiggle-muffin @emouel @babelast @idiotgangleader

For those who I did not list, please reblog this and tag the people in this so they will know also!

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Hello! I hope you don't mind me asking, but how did you get your job position on Star Vs :o? I want to work on an animated series myself one day, but i'm a bit lost as how to actually get a job in the business. Any sort of help will be appreciated! ♥

Hey friend! My hiring story’s a bit crazy- I was actually doing some Star fanart for one of the Fanart Saturday things on the DisneyXD tumblr, and someone actually reposted some of my stuff to reddit. One of our directors Tyler Chen saw my art on that reddit, liked what he saw on my blog, and asked if I’d like to do a board test! And a few weeks after that, I was hired because it just so happened they were looking for a revisionist for season 3!

So while luck and timing were a big part of it, I feel the most important part of me being hired was having years worth of comics and art on my blog. I never went to art school, so I’ve had to do most of my studies and networking on my own. Being an eager student and someone who likes to reach out to other artists will definitely take you a long way! So do a ton of studies, try doing comics or sequential art that shows how you can tell stories, and make yourself visible online. Good luck!

𝖘𝖎𝖑𝖛𝖊𝖘𝖙𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖊𝖑𝖚𝖗𝖚𝖘 𝖙𝖚𝖗𝖓𝖘 2!

Holy crap guys, it’s been 2 years since I started up this blog and I honestly have never had a better time anywhere else. I sincerely want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for making this blog work! I know Nid’s happy to be here and so am I, and this cat won’t be leaving you guys alone anytime soon. Thank you guys so much for making wonderful memories for me. I’m busy studying so I can’t work on any giveaways or whatever, so here’s a follow forever from me.

ƒσℓℓσω ƒσяєνєя - what would I do without you?









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I’m sure I missed a bunch of people cause I’m a forgetful little shit :’D But thank you guys so much for being here with me through these two years. If you guys aren’t on this post and wanna talk more, let’s talk! My IMs and inbox are always open for IC and OOC interactions alike. Let’s look forwards to another amazing year together!

♡, Silver


I’ve got to get my blog business in order. I never do anything I’m tagged in lately. It’s so bad. I love getting tagged too. It’s just that I’m always on my phone. It’s so rare I sit at the computer and we all know how annoying formatting is with the app. And I need to post armpits regularly. What kind of armpit blog is this? A shitty one, that’s what kind. I need to answer questions more. I’m bad. If you sent me stuff anon though I don’t feel guilty. It’s dumb. Unless you want to confess your undying love for me. Then you should totally do it on anon. That’s cool. But like, don’t ask what book I’ve read on anon. That’s unnecessary. Anyway, I’m working on it. There’s just a lot of nonsense right now.

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Hello!!! I love your blog and the woods fam ruined my life, so thanks for that (no really though) :) can I ask what your gallery ID is? have a fantabulous day!!!!

hii!!!!!!!!!!! thanks :’-))) my life is also ruined so yay:-)….also sry my gallery id is *!!!ToP sEcRet!!!* only bc me n @kismet-sims share an origin accnt n use the gallery 2 send eachother sims………..n i dont rly kno whats on there lol……………. could b bad………but i do have a few sims up for dl ovr here if u want friend!!!!!! hope u have a gr8 day 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I know you re blogging my comment wasn't an invite onto your page but I just wanted to say that you truly inspire me and I am so happy to see you doing what you love to do and being successful and brilliant at it. Being able to know that a shawty out of Philly can drop out and still be amazing is something like a miracle to witness. So thank you, for being. Sincerely, a fellow Philly jawn


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I've been going through blogs that recently followed me and several have made posts about wanting to be super skinny and how it's pretty and they get to wear cute clothes.. I'm a little curvier (teensy bit chubby) and now I'm feeling bad about my weight again. I just wish I was cute enough to wear skirts and dresses but I never feel cute in them ๐Ÿ˜žI'm not very feminine but I want to wear skirts and stuff sometimes.. I just feel ugly in them and I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

ok I’m going to be real with you.

Skinny is Gorgeous

Curvy is gorgeous

In between is gorgeous

Reptilian sorcerers are scary.

But You can wear the crap out of whatever you want. You gotta look at yourself and say, GIRL IT’S SOMETHING HE CAN GRAB. They are called love handles for a reason….CUZ PEOPLE LOVE THEM.

Every single body type is gorgeous and every body time can wear cute clothes.

I will gag a hoe with a cheeseburger if she tries to make you feel lesser. Because you’re incredible.

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Hey, I'm new to pokepaganism and want to reach out to find a pokemon to work with, but idk how. Any help?

My #pokemon companions tag on my blog has a lot of useful information from myself and other Poképagans I’ve reblogged from. I’d give it a look!

As for general starting advice, here are some ways to go:

Meditation. I’m really bad at meditation, but I know for many it’s essential to their practice. Meditate, reflect on yourself, your thoughts and feelings. See if you get a better understanding of what you want and who you are. Maybe the perfect Pokémon will come to mind.

Divination. Pendulums, Tarot cards, Runes, etc. Since I’m most familiar with Tarot, here’s some examples. Do some readings. Does the cups suit appear a lot during a Tarot reading? Could be indicating a water type or fairy type. (Fairy=emotions seems like a good fit for cups.) Swords? Flying or psychic perhaps. (Swords=air/mind.) Lots of cards with 2 in them? Could be a gen 2 Pokémon. Could be a Pokémon with two heads. (Okay, a little too literal there.) Let’s say your readings keep saying your biggest concern right now is school. A psychic type can help you focus your knowledge, and fighting types too are really good at promoting self-discipline. A “Fool” card might mean “hey, you should pick one of the regional starters” since you’re just starting your journey. …Or it might just mean Slowpoke.

Research. Just learn a bunch more about a bunch of Pokémon. Their anime/manga/game appearances, their movesets, their Pokédex entries, what their designs are based on, their fandom interpretations/common theories about them. The more you know about Pokémon, the more informed your choices can be. There’s a lot of Pokémon and there’s always more to learn about them.

Signs. If you feel like you keep interacting with signs in your daily life that seem to point towards a particular Pokémon, or at least a sort of type of Pokémon, pay attention to how you feel about these signs.

Just Try It. You don’t have to commit to having a Pokémon as your main Pokémon right away. Ash and Pikachu’s relationship developed with time and patience. But you can just start interacting with Pokémon and seeing how you work together. Maybe it develops into something, maybe not. There’s no rush to pick your main companion right away. What’s the most recent Pokémon game you’ve played? Look at your main team. Maybe try starting there? What’s your favorite Pokémon? Is it a powerful legendary, and does that seem overwhelming? Okay, start smaller. Favorite starter? Favorite regional bird? Favorite early-game bug type? Slowpoke?

If anyone wants to share advice/their own stories in the replies/reblogs to help this person out, go for it!

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I love Frances Ha! I was kinda unsure when I first saw it too but I like the mumblecore style and I really like the message and the relationships in the film and I love love love Greta Gerwig's performance as Frances and I think everybody can relate to her sense of "what am I supposed to be doing? How do I get there? What do I want to do with my life, and how can I reconcile that with what I CAN do?" Huge fan of the film and also your blog, keep on keepin on!

gonna watch it again and make up my mind, haha, but yeah I really like the naturalistic vibe xx

// hi how are you guys? are you having a great day?

anyway, i have to talk about something. 

soo, this blog hasn’t been exactly active(some personal problems) and i want to say it was really stressful for me, i was trying really hard no to disappoint but in the end drawing for this blog doesn’t bring me joy as it had in the beginning, nor do i like the au anymore (my biased ass wanted taekook but oh well, life).

thank you so much for the support until now (i didn’t ever think i’ll get almost 600 followers!!) but i’ll have to delete this.  the thing is, i’m going to open another one, and i’ll colab with admin cata for that! we already know what the au is going to be about and it’s great ( i’m having a jeongguk one, she has hoseok). it’s going to be easier for me to have a just one member oriented ask blog(and i can at least draw gguk right, bless). i don’t know, i felt like i had to tell you guys and not just detele the blog right away. 

thank you again, and see you soon, i guess? 

one of these things

@extremeskeleton ty for tagging me thot

rules: answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you want to get to know better

nickname: dev

star sign: libra

height: 5'5 & 1/4″ (exactly)

time right now: 10:07 pm

last thing you googled: fiatp 2017 tour tickets

favorite music artist: frank iero and the celebration/patience, mcr, hozier (ik), the front bottoms, fob, panic, insert other emo bands here, etc

song stuck in my head: cemetery drive

last tv show i watched: criminal minds

what i’m wearing right now: jeans, tank top, big sweatshirt

when i created this blog: bruh in like,, 2012? early 2013. who knows

do i get asks regularly: na

why did i choose my url: love me (a punk) some ramen

gender: p sure im nonbinary but like, who tf knows

hogwarts house: ravenclaw/hufflepuff

pokémon team: valor

favorite color: dark red, dark blue, dark green

favorite characters: like,, spencer reid? and. like bones

dream job: er nurse (idk why ??)

number of blankets: five usually

number of followers: 677 as of rn


i don’t really kno anyone on here :( so i’m just gonna tag some ppl 

@c0ntriti0n , @deathrowcoffee , @ierohero , @vinylgoth , @dearpercocet , @vaaallyyy , @holysmokesitspatrick , @cryptidway , & @ghostoutthecloset

i just tagged u guys bc i love the stuff u rb and yr all great ppl from what i can tell! u don’t have to do this if u don’t want to tho so no worries :)


Decided to post some of my real art that isn’t fandom related to my blog, just to see what would happen if I posted something personal. Such a game changer. So, here are some portrait studies for this evening…

I do take requests if I feel like it and I’m dying for things to draw so please put some in my ask box!!

My system and I are really thinking of reintegrating and I just feel so stupid for thinking that I won’t be special anymore. That if I’m not mentally ill then all of you won’t want to follow this blog and that maybe this blog won’t have a purpose anymore. That maybe I won’t have a purpose… That I’ll be boring and average and won’t have anything to contribute to the world. I honestly don’t know who I am without my disorders and I’m scared that I’ll just be a crap human being… I don’t want to lose all of you.

Guys I keep getting this anon hate that I support (I’m quoting this person): “a man who benefits off making jokes about genocide of an entire race” (Felix) and I think he/she is getting me wrong. I don’t support him, I think that he went to far and I’m not defending him. I want to stay drama & hate free but what should I do about it? I don’t want to ruin everybody’s mood on my blog

I was tagged by @label-mentally-deranged and @thrashnheavy (Why thank you!)

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Nicknames: Sherry, Shez

Height: 5′5″ or 169cm

Time right now: 11:51 am

Last thing I googled: University Stuff

Fave music artist: Metallica

Song stuck in my head: (We Are) The Roadcrew - Motorhead

Last movie I watched: Dracula Untold

Last TV show I watched: Uhh probably Friends

What I’m wearing now: Grey jumper and Cream shorts

When I created this blog: June, 2016

The kind of stuff I post: Metallica, all day, every day

Do I have other blogs?: I do actually @slymustard is my side music blog where everything but Metallica goes and @scorpiiono which is just where I blog whatever the hell I feel like.

Do I get asks regularly?: Hell yeah I do

Why did I choose my URL?: Well James use to play a Electra Flying V guitar, So I took the flying part and his Last night and ding ding winner!

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Pokemon team: Valor

Fave colors: Blue, Black, Purple (Deep purple *hahah cough*)

Average hours of sleep:  I aim for 8 hours

Lucky number: 10, 2, 5

Favorite characters: Butters from Southpark

Dream job: To be in a job that doesn’t feel like Job

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1

Following: 116

And I tag: @aldaarnafjall, @maybe-sabaton-things, @ride-the-storm, @psych0cupcak3s, @allweheardesperatecry, @iamnightbreed, @loveittodeath, @guitargoat,


Hello again ~~ I wanted to clear a few things up. 

This blog used to be but, I have changed the URL to make it my personal blog. Feel free to continue following as I do blog a bunch of anime to my personal account. But, I won’t get my feelings hurt if you unfollow. ^u^ 
Please make sure to follow  to continue following what this blog used to be. The only thing that has changed is that it used to be my main blog but I have changed it so that it is now a side blog. It just makes things easier on me to have my main blog be my personal blog.

Some of you know and some of you don’t know but I have a few side blogs. I will list them for you below if you are interested. 

NARUTO: shikashikamarunara 
MYSTIC MESSENGER: mypreciousyoosung 
MULTI-ANIME-FANDOM (Bungou Stray Dogs, Noragami, etc.): bungoustray-gods 
NO. 6: nezumihasmyheart 

Again - thank you so much to everyone following me. I hope you continue to follow me on my same URL