this my blog and i do what i want

when this blog began back in March of 2014, nothing was expected from it. ironically, this blog was the manifestation of a post (that post is here) from earlier that month and this blog was created to share some laughs among some bored friends

a couple of these friends reblogged some of the posts on the blog and the blog suddenly went viral, with a bunch of people asking “when are you going to make more?”

so what is this blog?

looking back -and i didnt necessarily plan this - the blog had three distinct stages

  1. relatable humor blog (problems 1-120)
  2. nuanced perspectives of life from straight white boys (121-350)
  3. humor/character driven, non-linear story development (351-1000)

i had no idea what the hell i was doing through the first two stages. sometime during the second stage, I asked myself, “hmm…this blog focuses on teenage masculinity…how do other people see teenage masculinity and how do I, literally, show that one can become better?” the answer to this is the product that you see today. i wanted to develop a humorized abstract of masculinity through the eyes of a straight white boy instead of continuing to callously satirize white boys. so the product you see today is a result of that. i wanted to keep this blog as ambiguous as i could and I wanted other people to form their own opinions of this blog so, as good artists do, i didn’t say anything. 

the ask above was the last ask that I saw in my inbox this afternoon and i have seen this ask probably over 500 times over the history of the blog. so to answer the question….the answer is both. the blog is supposed to be like this in order to invoke a sense of levity, but also to create a reality that is true for some straight white dudes, and in my opinion, it is what made the blog unique. 

why even do this?

I have been on tumblr since 2012. I have seen a lot of shit. from francieum, the club penguin blogs, badgoku14, and the sandsverse blogs - I wanted to bring something different to tumblr - i wanted to poke fun at straight white boys, but i wanted to be entirely realistic and spot on as well. There’s a reason why there isn’t a “Gay Black Girl Problems” and that’s because not many people can relate to what a gay, black girl goes through day in and day out. Straight White Boys are everywhere, and for that reason, many people can, at the least, relate to being in the presence of a straight white boy, and if i could do that with clever, realistic humor and didn’t demonize white dudes, i knew that the community would be better off for it. additionally, there are few, pure content creators on this site anymore. I know a lot of people use this site as an escape and look for humor to cheer them up, so I thought that I could give back and help people when this site helped me laugh when I was feeling down

who are you?

the wait will be over very very soon

Vocal Rest

A/N: Just so you know, this was such a good idea, but I kind of cringed writing this. Damn I love smut but its so damn hard to write. I applaud smut blogs!! aha! But I’m honestly so bad at smut, so I didn’t go full on detail, but I tried my best :) xox

Word Count: 832

Warnings: Slight smut, Swearing

Shawn hadn’t stopped following you all day. You were sure that he just wanted sympathy for being ill, but the doctor gave strict instructions, and he needed to follow them.

“Shawn, what do you want?” You sigh, as he places his head in your lap. Your hand makes its way into his curly mop, and he sighs deeply. “It’s hard work right? Not being able to talk all day” you joke, watching as he turned around to face you. His lips pout together and you lean down to kiss him, knowing he is feeling sorry for himself. You place you’re eyes back on the TV in front of you, continuing what you were doing before Shawn interrupted you.

About 10 minutes later, Shawn stops fidgeting and you decided that he’s maybe fallen asleep, until you feel his hand creep up your thigh. You ignore him, knowing he’s probably just bored, but his fingers keep on moving around, making your breath hitch slightly.

“Shawn, what do you think you’re doing?” You ask, placing your hand on top of his. He ignores you, partly because he can’t respond, but mainly because he wanted to piss you off. His fingers tangle with yours, until he moves them up your arm. “Shawn?” You repeat, watching as his fingers trace your skin. You pull yourself from under him and turn to face him, watching as his smug grin grows. “What?” You ask.

He pulls out his phone, typing presumably what you thought was what he wanted to say. He sends you a text that simply reads, ‘sex?’ And you feel a laugh escape your lips.

“No!” You yelp, secretly really wanting to agree. His smug suddenly disappears and he throws his head back, mumbling something inaudible. You lean forwards, placing your hands on his thighs, trying your best to wind him up. His head shoots back to face you, his eyes watching your lips intensely. “You are on vocal rest my darling” You whisper against his lips. You hover there for a few moments before kissing his rosy cheek. “And that means you must be silent.” You move your lips to his jaw, slowly nipping at his soft skin by his neck. His head falls down onto your shoulder and his hands find their way to your hips.

“Please” he whispers desperately, his hands now sliding under my shirt. You couldn’t say no. He was to easy to give in to. You pull away and look into his eyes, as they search desperately for an answer in yours.

“I suppose” You grin, watching his smile grow bigger than you could possibly imagine.

He pressed lips against yours desperately. You lean into him, forcing him to lie backwards, cupping his cheeks. His hands are fumbling around your body, searching desperately for your button at the top of your jeans.

Eventually, he manages to remove your jeans, so you decide to do the same. You move yourself so you can remove his skin-tight jeans, pulling them down painfully; If Shawn wasn’t allowed to speak, you were going to make this hell for him.

You slowly start to place your hand over his boxers, making his head roll backwards. You take this opportunity to kiss his jawline, still palming him slowly. He places his head on your shoulder and mumbles something incoherent. You stop suddenly, pulling away.

“What happened to not being allowed to talk?” You smirk, watching his red face crease into a frown. He looks as if you have just taken a puppy off him; his eyes wide and desperate. You carry on, being as slow as possible. Shawn was doing an alright job at keeping quite, just constant shaky breaths and sighing. You would be lying if you said that you weren’t absolutely loving this. Seeing Shawn struggling to keep himself held together was not only funny to watch, but was actually very, very hot.

You can tell that he wants to make some form of noise, but he knew that if he did, you would stop straight away. His plump bottom lip was being help painfully tight by his teeth, looking red and sore. You place your lips on his, stopping him before he actually started biting through them.

'You’re doing so well baby" You whisper against his mouth, knowing that sooner or later he would be thrown over the edge; whether it was the magic that your hand was working, the small talk you were making, or the built up fustration he had boiling up inside.

After a few more moments his head is thrown backwards, his mouth parted slightly. You knew any moment know that he was bound to make a noise whilst orgasming.

“Fuck I can’t do this anymore baby” He croaks, coming completely undone by your touch. You smile to yourself, finishing off.

You lean forwards and kiss his blotchy checks, making his eyes flutter close.

“I love you so much” He mumbles, relaxing against the sofa.

“Shhh, you’ve said enough for today” You respond, resting your head against his heaving chest.

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wait, so are you guys antis? or is it just a matter of not wanting discourse on this blog? I mean I understand if it's the second answer, but also I feel as if that excludes fans, do you see what I mean?

Ok, so I knew we’d get this ask sooner or later, the other mods are not as into the voltron fandom as I am meaning they are healthy and they have other interests lmao, but I, myself, am an anti and I see Shiro as 25 and the other paladins as 16-17 and Pidge as 14. But I don’t want to get into some huge argument about this because that’s not what the blog is for, it’s for posting funny quotes about the paladins and I see that it’s best to try to stay out of all the discourse as much as we can since there’s already a lot of toxic shit in this fandom. So, yeah it’s kinda for both reasons? I don’t want to get too deep into this

TL;DR: Let’s just keep this as platonic and safe as we can because I’m not in the mood to get into any fights on this blog, feel free to argue with me somewhere else

- Mod Keith

anonymous asked:

is that a degree on your desk? whats your major?

That is my Certificate in Botanical Science Illustration!  In addition to that, I’m currently going to f. Lewis for graphic design (AKA how to art on computer) I do scientific and regular illustration freelance, but am slightly terrible about updating my art blog, lol.  Anyway, here’s my portfolio:

If anyone wants to commission me anything send me a not and we can talk over email about what you’d like and prices.

So, I’ve been getting a lot of requests that basically boil down to “my [Pokémon] got hurt/hostile/strange, what should I do”?

You take it to a Pokémon center. Immediately.

I don’t want to be flippant, but a blog is not a good resource for this sort of problem. If a Pokémon is injured or acting in a potentially dangerous manner, I cannot give accurate advice, because I don’t have the whole picture (see the adventures of Louie the Tangrowth as an example).

When in doubt, take it to a Pokémon center. If it’s far away, you still have to take it to a Pokémon center. That’s part of being a responsible trainer.

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So, hi! I just found your blog due to my extensive, obsessive searches on Zane, and I wanted to say I really love your art! I was wondering what au's you most like (for Ninjago)?

Thank you! All Ninjago AUs are great AUs! But I’d have to say my favorite is the Wild West AU. I’m not sure who started it, but I guess I can build off of it.

Mr. Barnes

{Chapter 1} {Chapter 2} Chapter 3

Summary: Your first official l day on the job is much harder than you anticipated and not because of the workload. 

Pairing: Bucky x fem reader

Warnings: Some swearing, and small injury

Word Count: 1670

A/N: I’m getting notes on both of my previous chapters so I’m just gonna keep writing more until I get to where I want to end it. I really don’t want my blog to just be this fic and I’m really wanting to do some requests so sent those in and I’ll get them up asap. And my tag list is non existent right now but I’d love to have one so if you want to be added just let me know. -Hannah xo

You woke up to the angry sound of your alarm blaring from your phone. The sleep you got was shit compared to what you usually get. Every time you would get anywhere near close to falling asleep he would make his way back into your mind. Even when you did finally fall asleep he would just appear in your dreams in more ways than one.

As you rolled out of bed hitting the off button on your alarm you sat on the edge of your bed. “He is my boss,” you thought to yourself “yes, he is very attractive, fit, and is part of the avengers, but he is your boss.” You leaned forward and but your head in your hands and let out a defeated groan.

Skipping breakfast on your way out the door again was probably the worst decision you could’ve made. Your butterflies were worse than they were yesterday but the scent of the coffee shop as you walked in was oddly soothing.

You grabbed a coffee for both yourself and Bucky and headed to the tower. Upon arrival F.R.I.D.A.Y immediately greeted you. “Good morning, Miss Y/L/N. Would you like to know where Mr. Barnes is?”

“Yes, that would be helpful. Thank you, F.R.I.D.A.Y.” You started walking towards the elevator as the AI spoke back “He’s coming back from his morning run now, he’ll be through the doors in seconds.” And merely seconds after F.R.I.D.A.Y finished Bucky walked through the front doors. “Good Morning, Mr. Barnes. I brought you your coffee, two creams, one sugar.” You smiled and held it out to him.

He grabbed the coffee as he walked passed you into the elevator. You turned around and looked at him surprised he didn’t say anything back.

Bucky stares at you. “Are you coming, or not?” He sounded severely pissed off so you quickly walked into the elevator and stood next to him. After about a minute of awkward silence you pull out your phone. “Mr. Barnes, today you have a meeting later tonight before a party Tony is having, and before that it’s all mostly training with Mr. Rogers and Mr. Wilson.”

He looks over at you without a word before turning back to the door as the elevator dings. “Thanks” he says before stepping out and heading down the hall to the living quarters of the tower. When Bucky walked down the hallway all he could think about was how knew that he was being very brief, but you were all that he could think of. The amount of sleep he got decreased, he was distracted, and he wasn’t training as hard as he should be, and he knew the only way to fix that was to be as professional as he could be.

You were in the main living room space at the table going over your planner while you waited for Bucky to come back up for his training session. He had 15 minutes before he had to start and you weren’t worried.

Steve appeared in the living room soon after you sat down and began to work. “Uh, excuse me, Y/N, have you seen Bucky? Our training session starts soon.” you looked up at the large avenger before you “I believe he went back to his room to shower after his run. He didn’t really say exactly what he was doing but I’m assuming.” you smiled and looked down at your planning “and you have about 15 minutes before it starts so most likely he’ll be around soon.” 

Steve sits down at the chair across from you. “We only briefly met yesterday, but I’m Steve, Steve Rogers, but you probably already knew that.” He chuckled and smiled at you. You felt a slight blush creep onto your cheeks as the attractive avenger sat in front of you. “I did, actually.” you smile and glanced up to his eyes. 

“It’s nice to have someone new around here, I’m getting kinda sick of everyone else.” he says with a little wink. You raise your eyebrows “so you’re saying, if I stick around you’ll get sick of me too?” He leans back in his chair before he laughs. “Oh, Doll, I could never get used to a pretty face like yours.” 

Damn. You thought to yourself. These Avenger men sure can be flirty.

Both of your heads turn towards the door as Bucky walked in. “Hey, Buck, I was just getting to know Y/N here. Are you ready to train?” Bucky looks between the both of you thinking about the conversation he just heard, and sees the small amount of  pink that was left in your cheeks. He knew Steve would try to make a move but, hell, would he let him. 

Bucky looks at Steve and with confidence says “Ready as I’ll ever be.” Before the two men leave Bucky turns to you. “Would you like to come down and see what we do in training?” 

“Oh, uh. Why not.” You said softly unsure of if Bucky was still angry. You followed the men down the hall to the training room and all Bucky could think of was how Steve would regret flirting with you. He knew being reserved and blunt wasn’t going to work to get you out of his head. Holding back wasn’t an option now.

As the three of you arrived in the large training room you went to the side of the room and took a seat at a small table before watching the two Avengers go at it. “Okay, so we’re just gonna work on normal hits and similar things today.” Steve said as he backed away from Bucky who was about ready to fight. Steve threw the first few hits as Bucky blocked and this continued on for quite some time.

You watched silently as the men fought before you and before you know it you were once again staring at Bucky. There was just something that made him so easy to watch. Between the thin layer of sweat that covered his entire body, the way he moved, and the light that would reflect off his metal arm it was just hard not to watch his every move. 

He looked over at you as the two broke apart to grab water and he noticed you. Your stare wasn’t inanely obvious but regardless, it was a stare. He knew that purposely trying to show off would be a stupid idea but when Steve came back to fight he didn’t hold back. “Buck, what the hell.” Steve grunted as he dodged and blocked Bucky’s suddenly extremely forceful hits. 

The training session seemed to almost quadruple in intensity and you were pulled out of your state of thought. Bucky was throwing some strong punches and Steve was blocking them equally as well but faster than you could blink Steve threw a punch and landed it right between Bucky’s ribs sending backwards onto the ground.

“Oh Fuck.” Steve exclaimed before running over to Bucky who was now on the ground holding his chest. “Buck, are you okay?” You quickly rushed over beside the two men “Is there anything you need me to do?” Steve turns and looks at Bucky then back to you. “Stay here with him, I don’t think I broke a rib but I’m not sure. I’ll be back.” 

You kneeled next to Bucky as he caught his breath. “Fucking hell” he wheezed and tried to sit up. “Nonono. You should probably stay still until Mr. Rogers comes back.” You panicked as you placed your hand on his shoulder attempting to keep him on his back but failed. He stood up leaving you on your knees below him. He reaches his hand down to help you up, and as you stood up your heel got caught under the other and you fell forward. Only to be caught by Bucky. As he caught you he let out a small grunt. “Oh  my god, I’m so sorry, are you okay?” You apologized as you stood up. “I’m fine Y/N. Are you?” He says as he moves his hand to your lower back to steady you. You chuckled “I’m fine. I’m not the one who just got punched in the chest by a super solider.

You were still pressed up against Bucky from the fall when Sam, Tony, and Steve all walk back in. You both quickly pull apart as you straightened your skirt out. “Oh well I see you two are getting along” Tony comments as he walks further into the room “I can also see that you didn’t break a rib.” he says while shooting a look at Steve who just shrugs. Sam walks over to Bucky and pulls up his shirt. Bucky tries swatting at his hand but Sam already had it up too far. “But hell is that bruised.” The four of you looked at the nasty bruise.

“Well, I’d say to call it here. We can catch up on training another time.” Sam said as he puts his hand on Bucky’s shoulder. Bucky nods and the five of you start to head out of the training room. “Y/L/N,” Tony spoke from behind me “You’re coming to the party tonight right?” he looked at you with a raised eyebrow. “Well, I didn’t really think I was invited.” You paused as Sam, Steve, and Bucky left, leaving you and Tony behind. “Nonsense, you’re part of the team now, and I think that tin arm is taking a pretty good liking to you.” You blushed when he mentioned Bucky. “So head home and get yourself ready, I’ll tell tin arm to take it easy until the party tonight.” You smiled “Thank you Mr. Stark.”

“Oh, just call me Tony, and I will see you later” He said with a nod before heading out. You headed out to your car only thinking about the possible outcomes of tonight’s events.

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I'm sorry but in order for you to be able to improve your blog, you have to be able to take criticism without getting triggered every time. Please don't misunderstand, but it's true that you can do anything you'd like with your blog, but it seems like you created this blog to share bts content with other people and of course there's going to be people who gets disappointed when the content isn't what they expected it to be

I can take criticism

I just don’t like other fans bringing down other groups that’s my only problem

And I don’t especially want people bringing it here

If people want to tell me they don’t like my blog or what I do on it i can take that… and they can just unfollow me

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Hello Strangetomato! I just found your blog and i'm speachless!!! I adore your sims and your gameplay! This is brilliant! I want my game look like yours but i'm totally new to sims. Please,can you tell me which skinsets and eyes are you using? And where i can download pretty objects for my game? What would you recommend?

Thank you! :D I’m glad you like my stuff and I hope you’ll have fun with the game, too. Happy simming!

My skins are Maxis Improved by Ale and my eyes are Easy/Lucky/Free by Phobia, on the Maxis sclera by Josh. (In truth, I use a set that are my own persnickety colour edits of these eyes, but Phobia’s set will give you a tonne of options, many very similar to mine.)

As for objects, I’ll direct you to the buy mode section of my Pinterest, especially the clutter and the plants. Actually, now that I’ve mentioned it, I have all my defaults pinned there, too. I don’t have everything I’ve pinned in my game, but you’ll find a lot of options there.

So apparently overnight we hit the 1k mark oh my god??? There are now just over one thousand of you amazing people following this blog and I feel so honored and grateful I don’t even know what to say except THANK YOU!!

So let’s have a celebration! :D ♥


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Aged-up CMC?

Thanks for the idea, Anon!

Another milestone, thanks so much to all of you for spreading the word and sharing my art. I’m not here for the popularity, but it does warm my heart to know people actually like what I draw enough to follow me and show others.

I’m thinking about doing a little redesign to the blog, possibly before BronyCon. Keep a look out in the near future! And for those that want a higher res version of the CMC, I’ll be making a separate post later.

I know the follow forever isn’t a flashy picture, but I kind of want to speak from the heart with this post. I don’t really believe having a flashy promo or follow forever really matters as long as you enjoy what it is you’re doing (not to discredit anyone that does make everything look beautiful and amazing with their promos/follow forevers!)

So, I started this blog about a month ago and Ken is one of my two muses that I created when I was a kid. The other muses name is Akio Shimada and both of them were like separations of myself. Eventually, as time passed on, Ken became more of his own character. I brought him to tumblr about a month ago and the reception I received with him was astronomical. I’ve heard people reading about my threads (people who I don’t even interact with) to people who have recommended my blog to other people. Seriously, it’s a huge honor and it makes me feel so good that people actually feel like I’m someone worth telling  other people about. I don’t want to keep it super mushy because I have people who I really want to mention below

@domina-gladiis : You should have known you were going to be on this list. We’ve talked about Ken and Elizabeth so much that Ken has actually mentioned Elizabeths name in a couple of my other threads LOL. You’re such a wonderful person to talk to and I was so surprised that you came to me to talk about Ken and Elizabeth. We’ve been talking ever since that first day and I really enjoy all of our threads. Those two are so cute for each other and are definitely one of my favorite ships on this blog. I love the two of them so much.

@radiantdescender: There are so many things that I want ot be able to express to you and some other people that I can’t in mere words. You’ve been with me since I first started my blog with Akio and you still decided to follow me onto this blog. While Rias may like Akio more, I personally like Ken and Rias a lot more. They have such an interesting dynamic, but it’s really hard to pick favorites with either of my boys LOL. Seriously, you’ve been so supportive since I began this new blog and I appreciate you so much for it ♥

@morteem: Yet another person who has been so supportive and has followed me to the ends of the Earth. I really appreciate all the conversations we have and the fact you take the time out of your day to talk to me is phenomenal. I’m so glad to be apart of your life!

@karismatickitty: and yet ANOTHER person who I literally can’t describe in words. I’ve known you for a very very LONG time and everytime we’ve talked you have been supportive. You were with me when I FIRST started Akio and we’ve been RPing and friends ever since (even though we don’t really talk as much anymore). You’re a great person and I never want you to change. I appreciate all it is you’ve done for me (especially all of those cute drawings you did of Akio when we first met LOL). I really really enjoy our conversations and I hope you’re doing well!

@aceprinccss: You literally talk to me everyday. I’m honestly surprised you haven’t gotten tired of me. Even though I may not seem like it, I am genuinely interested in all the stuff we talk about when it comes to Eve and Ken. It all makes sense honestly and the two of them together are super cute. Ken will protect his smol girlfriend at any cost.

@seacrowned : I don’t really know where to begin honestly. We talk on skype a lot and you really do mean the world to me! 

People who I don’t talk to as much, but we all have threads together and we’ve talked once before. I love you all! I want to talk more to people!

@rosaiism @fxlsificxtion @unknxwn-hxcker @vericulumvenatrix @kizcku @oblitusxxpuella @queenharumiura @kinkshameus @undesiredcrown @awadatsu @woodrattt @belladonnax

People who I have yet to talk to yet but never be afraid to message me! <3

@panthertastic @behutend @gothiciism @galaxtia @milagrosloera @juhososhiken @nekoka @crxssedworlds @thecrystalizeddemongirl @the-younger-umino @bubbleheartz @pplwatchrz @captivusborn @maddesan @hikxrii @amxgii @summersworn @fructevampir @oongxku @childxvil @detectivewxlf-revived @sullyxwan @succubiism @ousaiacademy @ammxt @fragilefated @shxnigxmi @stzgesu @bluepedant @sofficecuore @divinaedominus @lunarcyrus @lcvasuite @insomniius @kxkehi @fanxlis @koseisha @bimycu @chiijoku @avengeriiism @kniightli @verdiansoul @dissimulxte @sxikii

If I didn’t tag you I’m so sorry! Thank you so much everyone! I love you all! My inbox is always open and it always will be! ♥♥♥♥

EDIT: In conjunction with this here is a picture of my discord!


“do you remember what you wished for when i gave you my tag, miss rue?”

“well… i wanted to be better at a job i enjoy doing. to come up with new medicine to help other mons, and to make a living for both me and seulgi.”

“that’s not quite it. it was part of your intentions, but i think what you really wanted was time. when we met, you were selling pills that would quench your thirst so you wouldn’t have to spend time to get something to drink, and you could use those few extra minutes for anything you wanted, like being with a loved one. you know… i think you were always good at your job, miss rue. you just need a little confidence to propose all those ideas for new kinds of medicine i know you have.”

“i-i… how do you know they’ll work?”

“i don’t. but you’ll never know if you don’t try. but who knows, maybe you’ll finally be able to use your secret savings and ask miss seulgi to marry you. you’ve always had enough sick days saved up to spend time with her, but you just need to make a little more for a perfect wedding, right?”

“wh-what– did nico come in here and tell you about that when i wasn’t looking??”

“hehe, not telling~”

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tbh i unfollowed you a while back because honestly you went from funny to trying too hard to just cringe-y... idk, maybe if you went back to how you used to be, things might be different...

well, this is my blog, so, I’m gonna continue doing what I want with it. If you find that to be cringey, too bad so sad sucks to be you  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hey guys!! Love what I do?
Want to help support me but don’t want to spend a lot of money or commission me?
You’re in luck, because I just set up a Ko-fi!
The website is .
Go check it out, and maybe throw a few bucks my way to help me out a bit.
Have a great day everyone!!
(Also reblogs are amazing)

Someone left a rather heated comment in my ask box complaining that my blog tends to be Chat Noir heavy compared to other Miraculous Ladybug characters. I think I keep it pretty even between the love square, which as the name suggests is kinda the focus of this blog. However, I post quite a bit of content for Alya and Nino, Chloe, as well as Tikki and Plagg.

I guess the comment bothered me a bit because the commenter made it VERY clear that they were bashing me for my content. But at the same time…

No one is making you follow my blog.

I post anything I see that I enjoy. I was a Chat RPer, so I do love my cat son, but- no. You know what. I’m not gonna explain my blogs content to anyone.

This is my blog. I will post what I want.

I hope some of you get some enjoyment out of what I post as much as I do.


While I welcome all the lovely anons who come to my inbox talking about trash (and the asks which I answer privately because I don’t want to out anyone’s trashiness), I just wanted you all to know that my blog is not a trash blog.

I have no sources. I only know what I read on other trash blogs.

I will reblog trash, and voice my opinion at times but that’s all it is. My opinion.

I also welcome any asks (on and off anon) and if you want to message me, feel free to do so. I don’t bite, I swear… unless you come over to attack me, then I’m definitely biting.

If you do send me an ask off anon and you’re clearly admitting you’re trash, I will answer it privately.

If it’s just a question asking me to explain something then I’ll answer and post it unless you ask me to answer it privately.

And finally, trolling and hate IS NOT tolerated here. If you don’t like it, move on. If you voice your opinion nicely then I don’t mind, but if you come along and say hateful things about trash then you’re getting blocked.