this mv is fun! and i liked all the colours ~

Who is Xiumin?

♡ Kim Minseok

♡ “Baozi”

♡ “Umin”

♡ Mom-friend who has better grades than a scientist

♡ He is really smart 

♡ Lots of knowledge

♡ He was going for his PhD when i can’t even pass my class

♡ He can do anything by working hard

♡ Coffee maniac

♡ The fact that his coffee tastes like heaven is the proof

I’m pretty sure he had coffee dates with chen

♡ Is the cutest

♡ Can kill you with his aegyo

♡ “Wolf aegyo version” by kim baozi

♡ seriously he’s so cute

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♡ He’s also the oldest

♡ *chokes*

♡ A 4-year-old trapped inside a 27-year-old’s body

♡ Went to a shinee concert with suho-also the oldest- and screamed while he was fanboying

♡ Needs to be protected 

♡ At all costs

♡ Wants to see little mermaid

♡ But is more beautiful than little mermaid

♡ He’s magnificent

♡ His eyes are important

♡ Only group member who doesn’t have double eyelid surgery

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♡ He is truly handsome

♡ His photo shoots are art

♡ He was in top 15 when they listed most handsome korean idols

They all deserve to be n1

♡ Looks more like gd than gd

♡ jk jk

♡ He has his own unique colour

♡ Unfortunately,isn’t appreciated enough

♡ The “lost maknae”

♡ The “old maknae”

♡ He has the potential and the talent to be the maknae

All of them do tho

♡ But age matters only in korea

♡ He looks like a korean god

♡ Is a korean god indeed

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♡ He’s smol in the group

♡ The “170cm line”

♡ Chen+xiumin+kyungsoo

♡ When they made fun of kyungsoo’s height he laughed his ass off

♡ Is married to chen after his first love luhan left him

♡ Luhan gets turned on and would buy anything if xiumin calls him “Lu-ge”

♡ Xiuhan was precious however

♡ Xiuchen is adorable

♡ Chen is like”his wife”

But we all know who’s the wife here

♡ Happy married couple

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♡ I seriously love their relationship

♡ They had a car date where Xiumin was driving

It was the biggest proof

♡ They also take part together in mvs most of the time

♡ —–>love me right

♡ Pls protect this couple at all costs

♡ “Kim bros”

♡ Suho+chen+xiumin+kai+lost brother sehun

♡ Is in a sub-unit along with chen and baekhyun

♡ Xiu pretends like he hates the beagle line

♡ but actually is a secret member of the beagle line

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♡ Has a love-hate relationship with baekhyun

♡ Will actually beat his ass

♡ also loves him a lot

their relationship is complicated

♡ The secret couple who fights all the time

♡ but actually love each other

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♡ A wise man once said “ do re mi fa sol la xiu min”

♡ Xiumin can dance really well  but

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♡ U know what I mean

Don’t take drugs or hang out too much with baek

♡ He has the best voice ever

♡ calming and soothing

♡ Amazing smile

♡ Makes my heart flutter

♡ He looks good in any hair colour

♡ Dyed his hair blonde,green,pink,black,brunette and many more colours

♡ And was rocking each colour

♡ Was a cute baby

he is still our baby

♡ As well as being cute as fuck

♡ there’s a person called xiudaddy

♡ He is h0t

Everyone is a xiudaddy enthusiast indeed 

♡ His wink can kill anybody

He’s literally on fire

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♡ He is either cute giggly aegyo king umin or fucking xiudaddy 

♡ There’s no in between

♡ He has abs of steel

♡ and face of a baby

♡ was criticised about his weight a lot when they debuted

I hate fucking haters

♡ So he lost weight

♡ We all miss our chubby xiumin

♡ Thank god Lay said

♡ “Weight isn’t a matter if you love someone”

♡ Is great with kids’

♡ Went to see his wife’s Chen’s look-a-like Da Eul and had fun with Eul’s sister

♡ Has a collab with AoA’s Jimin called “call me bae”

♡ Needs more collabs

♡ Was actually a quiet member but now he expresses himself more

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♡ He is the perfect cute daddy husband material who needs more appreciation and recognition P R O T E C T  A N D  L O V E  H I M  P LS


So…. I’m crying.
I’ve actually been crying for hours.
Well one word: Seventeen.

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I spent so many days in worry. When I heard that Seventeen are changing their concept I was extremely worried. After all,what I have noticed is that some people do not  accept change. They expect a group to have the same branding forever.

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So like I said, I was worried.

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Flirty Christian Yu

Request from Anonymous:  Hi! First of all, I love your account! Can I please request a Christian Yu scenario where Jay is the readers bestfriend & helps her make Christian jealous because he’s been ignoring her or spending more time with other female celebrities lately, please?! Sorry, if its really specific, I just love Jay & Christian!!

I hope you like it :D 


You were sitting at AOMG’s office waiting for your boyfriend, Christian to finish his meeting with Jay. The two of them were discussing plans for a music video. You met Christian through Jay since Jay is one of your best friends. It didn’t take you long to fall head over heels for Christian. He is very charismatic and friendly. So sometimes that part of him flirts with other girls and he doesn’t even realise it. Most of the times it doesn’t bother you, but there are days when it does. Obviously. He’s your boyfriend and seeing him doing his harmless flirting makes your blood boil. Because let’s face, there are prettier girls out there. Who’s to say he won’t find someone better than you. 

“Babe, we won’t be too long. Jay is having a little trouble understanding my concept,” Christian said as he poked his head out of the room. You simply nodded and continued scrolling through your Instagram feed not before hearing Jay’s voice, “I’m not slow. Your boyfriend doesn’t understand my VISION”. 

One hour later and Jay emerged from the room. “Ah, what do you see in him besides his big arms, tattoos and that accent. He doesn’t get what I want”. You watched Jay sat down across from you, and putting his feet on the glass table. You asked, “what were you two having trouble about?” Jay sighed and took off him cap. “I want to shoot the mv in black and white but your boy wants to it in colour”. You laughed. They always argue about the silliest things. You asked Jay, “What is my boy doing in there, Jay?” He replied, “He’s on the phone with someone. A girl. I saw the contact photo. Should I be worried, [Y/N]?” You shook your head. “If I’m not worried, why should you?” But truthfully, you were. You had noticed over the past week or so, Christian has had many phone calls and messages from his female celebrity friends.


“Is this dress too revealing, I feel like it is,” you asked Christian. The both of you were getting ready to an advanced screening of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie. You were wearing a purple maxi dress but it had a high slit so pretty much your left leg was exposed. “Nah, it’s not. It’s a movie premier so we’ll be sitting down for most of the night anyway. You’ll be fine,” Christian reassured you. The two of you then met up with the boys and girl from AOMG. “Wow [Y/N], your dress looks incomplete. They haven’t sewn it completely. You better return it,” Simon D joked. Jay then butt in, “Are you stupid? She’s obviously wearing that dress so Christian has things to do if the movie gets boring”. You hit both of them across the head. Hoody then did the same. 

When you arrived at the premiere there were many photographers and celebrities. Everyone looked stunning. Christian got out first and helped you after. Photographers had their cameras AOMG so camera flashes were coming at every angle. All of you went inside the venue and in the corner of your eye, you saw a group of female celebrities eyeing your boyfriend. His arms were around you so doesn’t that make it obvious he’s taken, you thought. After meeting and greeting most of the people there, everyone had to wait around before the movie started. During this time you saw Christian in a corner mingling with a female celebrity. You have seen her album covers around the city but you can’t remember her name. You sat down across from where they were standing. Christian then left her so you got up thinking he was looking at you but instead, he went over to the bar and said something to the bartender. The bartender then gave two glasses of white wine? champagne? You couldn’t tell but the liquid was translucent. He then went back to his ‘new female friend’. 

You continued to stared at them and tried to read their lips but you were no good at that. As you continued, you saw Christian had got his phone out and handed to her and it looked like she put her number in. Just then, the same group of females that you saw earlier approached him. Not only that, but after a few minutes of chatting, he passed his phone around to his newly found friends. 

“I asked you before and I’ll ask again, what do you see in him?” You looked over and saw Jay sitting next to you. He had noticed you staring at your boyfriend. “Shush you. You introduced him to me remember?” “Yeah, but he wasn’t asking a million girls to put their numbers in their phone before”. “It’s probably nothing,” you say. “They are just probably asking if he’s interested in being the director for their next song or something.” Jay repeated you last two words, “or something.” You turned to Jay and he noticed your eyes are watery and your nostrils are flared open. “Let’s do something fun to get back at him instead of sitting here looking at we are about to assassinate him.” You smiled, “What do you propose we do, Park?” He got up and held out his hand. You took it and followed him to the bar. Jay choose seats that were directly in Christian’s point of view. “What are we doing, Jay?” “Follow my lead,” Jay insisted. 

Jay ordered drinks for the two of you and every now and then, Jay would pull his chair closer to you and was now only inches away from you. “Jay, what are you doing, you’re squishing me towards the wall. Move back a bit.” Jay looked at you, “let’s make your boyfriend see what he is missing out of. Put your hand on my knee, [Y/N]”. “So we are trying to make him jealous?” you asked. “Duh. C’mon put your hand on my knee.” You did just that and Jay leaned into your ears and whispered, “pretend to look over but don’t look directly at him and see if he’s looking”. Again, you did just that. Christian was definitely looking at the two of you and he didn’t look too amused. 

Jay pulled back and you nodded you head, then Jay showcased one of his winks directly at you. Surely Christian saw that. You then moved your hand to brush through Jay’s hair. “Aw it’s so soft and fluffy,” you laughed. “Hey, don’t mess with it, I spent hours trying to style it,” Jay told you. “You laughed again, “you know, I half expected it to be all greasy. Are you trying to pick up someone tonight?” Jay shook his head, “I’m just here for the free drinks and food. Oh and the ahem movie.” He looked at the cameras and winked into it. “Why are you doing that? You’re so lame, Park”. 

The two of you were talking about the upcoming AOMG tour and Jay’s hand was on yours. “Is this too much, Jay? Should we stop?” you asked. “We’ll stop when he comes over”. He then pulled your chair facing him so that your legs were between his. The two of you continued to talk and you lost track of time. You didn’t even notice Jay’s hand was your bare thigh. “Ok Park, that’s far enough”. Jay apologise and ordered two more drinks. When the drinks were set down, Christian came over. “Hey, what you two talking about?” he asked as he pulled another chair and put in the middle between Jay and yourself. Jay leaned back and smirked at him. You just gave Jay your ‘stop it’ look. 

“We were just talking, that’s all,” you answered Christian’s question. Just then, one of female celebrities came and stood next to Christian. Her hand rested on his shoulders. You looked at him and he glared back you. Jay noticed then he quickly took your hand and pulled you up from your seat. “Let’s get out of here, [Y/N]”. You were lost for words. Christian would just sit there and do nothing? 

You sat on the steps and Jay had given his your jacket to cover your legs. He sat down and put his arms around you and you rested your head on his shoulders. Both of you sat in silence, before you hear Christian’s voice, “[Y/N]! Come inside, the movie is about to start”. You ignored him. 

“Babe, c’mon”. Christian was now standing in front of you, just a few steps down and Jay’s arms were still around you. “I thought you were too busy for me, Christian. Why don’t you ask your newly found girl friends to keep you company?” Christian was taken aback, “What do you mean my new girl friends?” “She meant the ones surrounding you before or specifically the one with the hand on your shoulders,” Jay retorted back. “Are you being serious?”, Christian asked, “Is that why you have been playing handsy and footsy with him all night long? Are you jealous and can I not talk to other females?” You laughed, “You can talk with all the females in the whole freaking world for all I care. But you’re always flirting with them and they might get the wrong idea. And that girl who put her hand on your shoulders. Why didn’t you do anything?” Christian was now looking back and forth at you and Jay. “It’s because I saw how the two of were acting and plus his hands were on your thighs. That’s way more intimate.”

“So you’re jealous that [Y/N] is with another guy?” Jay asked. “Of course, but when the other guy is you, I’m super worried,” Christian said, “because you two have known each for so long. [Y/N] is beautiful and Jay, you’re alright so I don’t know, maybe you two might fall for each other or something. And I don’t want to lose [Y/N]”. You smiled at Christian. “I don’t want to lose you too babe, and I’m sorry for making you jealous. And don’t you worry, Jay isn’t my type so it’s never going to happen. I know too much of his bad habits that I’ve put off by him”. Christian laughed and bent down to kiss you, “And I’m sorry too”. You gave back Jay his jacket and stood up. “Shall we going inside, babe?” 

“Hey I made whatever it is you two have happen so don’t bad mouth me, [Y/N].” Jay uttered, “and Christian, I’m just ‘alright’? Surely I’m on the same level of attractiveness as [Y/N]? Both Christian and you laughed at him. “If you could rock my girlfriend’s dress then I might change my mind, Jay”. 

WINGS You Never Walk Alone Theory Part 2

Read part 1

This part of the theory is based on the mv teasers only, i might make more parts when the mvs are out

NONE OF THESE GIFS ARE MINE (apart from one that looks like shit lol)

  • More contrasting scenes:

This one might not seem evident but notice how Jungkook goes from

  1. Looking sad, with a pale face and bluish lips to looking healthy (his hair and skin look more colourful),
  2. The weather goes from cold and gray to sunny,
  3. And in the second scene the phrase “you never walk alone” can now be read behind him

What i understand from this change of scene is him gaining hope, now he knows that “he never walks alone”, and he even looks at the distance like he is seeing a better future coming

This one i mentioned in part 1:

It goes from warm light and cosy athmosphere to dark and even scary (considering how lost Jungkook looks), but I do notice that rap line doesn’t look that happy in that second gif so i’m not very sure about this one, and like i said before i think that the reason for this mood change is probably gonna become clearer in the mv

One thing i noticed is that each time a sad/dark scene comes up it consists of one of the members being alone, in the rest of the teaser a lot of happy moments are shown and most of them (not all) consist of the boys being together

i know Jimin looks pissed but they’re having fun okay

So i guess we can say that the phrase “you never walk alone” is meant to cheer anyone having problems or going through hardships (just like Jungkook in the two first gifs of this post) because we can only be truly happy when we have each other

So maybe the paradoxal changes could represent how the boys get lost, lonely, hopeless, sad, depressive ect. but when they are all together they can get through the hardships and become happy

II. Not Today:

This teaser is very short but it can still be analyzed, the boys are running away from a bunch of black hooded figures

As soon as i saw them i was immediately reminded by the same figures from the Fire mv

There’s already many theories about them, but i think there is two most logical options that actually compliment this teaser:

Possibility n° 1: The hooded figures are the boys’ demons/sins/negative thoughts such as self hatred and depression ect

Possibility n° 2: The hooded figures are the bad people that judge the boys, underestimate them, critisize them and even contempt them

In both cases they are obviously running away from them because both are negative

In Fire mv Yoongi burns one of them with a handshake, so he is kind of tricking the figure into thinking he is friends with it but then burns it after he turns on the music

Later in the mv again the boys are tricking the figures by dancing with them at first and luring them into one place before leaving them in there and making the place explode

(this is the only gif that i made myself and it looks like shit lmao)

So this either means

Possibility n° 1: The boys went through hard times, they were depressed and did stuff they regret and were in such dark times that they even attempted suicide in different ways (Run mv, I Need U mv) why did they have a tough time in the first place? well there’s this whole big theory about Jin dying so when they lost their friend they went downhill but that’s a whole other story

So now they are trying to erase of those bad thoughts/actions by literally setting them on fire.

Possibility n° 2: Same thing but with society being the hooded figures, the boys are tired of being discriminated and treated badly so they decide to burn down all the negative people

In Not Today teaser we also notice that at the beginning we can’t see who are the boys running away from because it is hidden by smoke

This could have a meaning:

Possibilty n° 1: When we are facing our demons and having bad thoughts it is not apparent to the people around us because we don’t talk about it. You can’t tell if a person is going through depression just by looking at them

Possibility n° 2: Even though young people are treated badly in our society it is something considered normal and acceptable to do, so we don’t realise it at first, it is hidden by the ideas that society itself put in our minds

It could also have a political meaning and that is that the rulers and people n power who don’t treat us right hide that fact, they pretend like everything is doing great though people are suffering

The black hooded figures could represent one of these possibilities or they could represent them all

We are back to “you never walk alone” when we see that at the end of the Fire mv they are all together happy and having fun, leaving behind the negative thoughts.


And in Not Today they are all running away together and in one direction

This shows once again that we aren’t truly happy if we don’t have each other

Youth concept:

BTS is still in the youth concept and that is shown by three main factors:

  1. “For Olemas to be happy, one child has to be constantly miserable” how society judges the young people and wants them to do things they don’t want to do, so then society is content despite the sadness of the youth
  2. If BTS is truly critisizing Korea’s education system then it is defending youth and trying to show that grades and diplomas aren’t as important as the mental health and the well being of students (the youth)
  3. The black hooded figures represent the problems of young people

Now i understand why this comeback happened so soon, it’s because Blood Sweat & Tears was more like a little break from the youth concept, but it doesn’t represent the true motives of Wings -solo songs all talked about serious subjects while the title track was about temptation

Also the fact that BTS is releasing this album while they’re on tour and performing their new songs the first time during a concert shows that they are really gifting it to armys, they even said so

Wings: You Never Walk Alone is a gift from BTS to every army (or the youth in general) that is struggling with mental health issues or simply going through hard times to help them feel understood, that they are not alone and that there is always hope



[TRANS] haru*hana (vol. 44) - Star Gravure, B.A.P

Releasing their latest Japanese single including tracks released in the same month in Korea!

B.A.P have released their 8th Japanese single “HONEYMOON”! The tracks 
“HONEYMOON” and “ALL THE WAY UP” are also included in their newest Korean album “BLUE”, making this a same-month release. 

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BOBBY-LOVE AND FALL: First impressions.

iKON’s Bobby just dropped his first solo album. After all the jealousy and mean comments I read when it was announced that he would be releasing a full album, I really wanted it to be amazing. It is. Not the way I was expecting though. This album is definitely full of surprises. When MOBB (WINNER’s Mino and Bobby’s unit) made their debut I found out Bobby was the one who participated in writting the music for their titles and then Mino gave it his own spin. That’s why I put Bobby on my list of idols that make me excited about their solo careers specially since he’s only 21. He wrote all the lyrics and took part in composing every song for Love and Fall.

If you’re expecting this album to be a party hardcore hip hop trip then let me tell you it’s nothing like that. The only song that has a heavy beat that matches his previous song HOLUP! as well as MOBB’s FULL HOUSE is UP a collab with MINO. When Bobby went to MBC’s King of Masked Singer I was surprised about his singing voice. I knew he could sing because of the snippets he’s shown with iKON and MOBB but I didn’t know he could sing that well. I now wonder if he made that appearance as a spoiler for this album. I’ve listened to this album on repeat ever since it dropped just a few hours ago, here’s what I think about it track by track.

I LOVE YOU. As most summer songs in kpopland, the beat is tropical house. A fun song about love with a sad twist in the end. He mixes his unique voice with a few hip hop verses. 

RUNAWAY. One of my favorite songs of the album. A melancholic song about wanting to runaway when the pressure of daily life and fear of failing is suffocating you. I love the chill rap.

다른 세상 사람 (A person who’s out of this world). A more hip hop based song with a slow beat about meeting a girl out of this world and warning her to stay away.

텐데 (I would). Another of my favorites. A song about turning a friend with benefits to a more serious relationship.

UP (feat. MINO). A song with a heavy beat with lyrics that talk about fame. This song gave me mixed feelings. I kind of wanted them to do a stronger rap on this track but I do think their lyrics are witty and fun.

SECRET (feat. D.K and KATIE). A very pretty mid tempo ballad. The lyrics talk about a girl with a boyfriend.

IN LOVE. This pretty love song is one of the highlights of the album. Bobby’s falsetto on this track is so beautiful specially with those strings in the background. 

수영해 (Swim). A bright colourful song with a chill beat.

Firework. A sexy song that will make you unconsciously follow the beat with your whole body. 

내게 기대  (Lean on me). A great way to end the album with this upbeat song about being there for the one you love in the hard times.

As a side note, I barely posted this when I realized the MVs had been taken down and reuploaded for the second time. Even though they haven’t confirmed it, seems like a hacker is doing this. Maybe someone who is not happy that Bobby got a full album. I can’t possibly relate to that kind of thinking. Either way I hope YG properly fixes the problem.

BIGBANG T.O.P : This means war.

Requested by aph-dead-nation: Fluffy T.O.P scenario where he and his super short gf get into a tickle fight? A/N: this was done on mobile so it seems like shite. You and T.O.P. You and BIGBANG’s rapper.   You and Choi Seunghyun. More like you and your boyfriend of 4 plus years. That’s how you got to see him as who he was. He was just Seunghyun to you, what the world saw and what you saw was rather different. Yes, in media he was 4D, this eccentric idol who was still refined and posh, a man who would post photos of wine and elaborate art on his SNS. Deep voice, fashionista, so much swag and so suave. It was similar, in all honesty, to what you saw, yet it was so different. Seunghyun was still very much eccentric and he did enjoy beautiful art, great wine and delectable foods but he was also a lot more playful; poking fun at you, joking around and having a good time with you. He shows this side of him to you every day and sometimes he’s shown a bit of his playful side to the media a few times, sometimes small things; in the MV for Let’s Not Fall In Love and a few times on shows or tiny videos that have been shared, like him playfully teasing Se7en; a fellow idol. But when he’s on variety programs, that’s when his true colours tend to be revealed. But for you, this was a 24/7 thing. You adored it, it was so fun to be with him. You loved him dearly. But sometimes… the playing turned into wars of a sort. Your boyfriend is 182 cm tall. You are… well… definitely not. Not even in the late 160s. You’re just.. short. Very short. This was his greatest form of teasing, putting his chin on the top of your head, calling you sweet little names like “tiny bean”, “my little one”, they were cute yeah but cmon. Does he have to mention it everyday? Why yes.  He does. Because it gets under your skin. Other forms of teasing would be putting things on the shelves that you can’t reach, then bringing it up when you try and reach for whatever it is you need. You always found your own ways of driving him bonkers, rearranging his wine collection was at the top of the list. He was used to it and expected it, but he won’t tell you. Didn’t want to ruin your fun really. Today was no different. Seunghyun had gotten home at a late hour, naturally finding you awake on the couch of your shared apartment. Normally you’d be reading or doing something for work to pass the time; tonight, for example,  you were reading. But something caught your attention. No, not the door closing. Not the sound of shoes being kicked off. No, no, no. It was a smell. The smell of your favourite food. Your eyes quickly fixed on your boyfriend,  there he was. In all his glory, a simple pair of jeans, a nice white dress shirt along with a long coat. Of course he looked like he came right off of the runway. He was also carrying a bag. “Is that what I think it is?” “But of course, I needed to get the best for my jagi. ” He was already making his way towards you, getting there within seconds and then sitting beside you. “Anything for my lovely girlfriend who always stays up for me everyday.” He put the bag of food down on the coffee table; you followed suit putting down your book. He then pulled you into his side, you fit so well under his arm, so short that your head was right at his chest, your head resting on it lightly. “(Y/N)? Where did you go? You disappeared!” He joked, shaking you around a little. “Seunghyun! You’re so mean..!” Of course he knew you were only joking around. For a little physical retaliation on your part, you poked and tickled at his sides earning you some chuckles and some moving. You got a reaction. Of course you were going to continue. So continue you did. You sat up straighter and started trying to tickle his sides even more. Trying to get a reaction from him. He wiggled a bit, laughing with you. “Haha! I win this war! Okay,  let’s eat now.” You naively thought it was over so naturally you reached for the bag of food. Big mistake. You felt his large hands wrap around your waist, pulling you back towards him. Your back hitting the couch cushions, Seunghyun towering over you. “The war hasn’t even begun.” A smirk crossed his beautiful lips, turning them from something sweet into something sinful. Before you could even rebute his claim; his long fingers were digging into your sides, finding all manners of ticklish spots causing you to squirm and wiggle, little giggles soon turning into squeals and loud laughs as you struggled against his hold. His fingers were unrelenting, merciless in their attack against your body. “Surrender or this will continue.” He was so calm, his voice steady while on the other hand, you.. well you were an absolute mess of laughter and wiggling, desperate for this horror to stop. You couldn’t continue this, it was getting to the point of pain. You couldn’t escape, he was much larger than you and his position, straddling your thighs while his hands tickled all over your sides. You couldn’t move your legs and your arms weren’t of any help, even when you pushed against him. It did nothing. “Okay, okay!! You win!! You wiiin! ” You cried out, tears already falling from the corners of your eyes. The sinful smirk he had turned into a soft smile. He leaned down and pressed his smiling lips to yours. “Of course I won, shortie.” Another kiss. “I’ll always win the tickle fights.” Another kiss. “But you, sweet (Y/N), you’ve won my heart.” That’s when you leaned up to give him a kiss. Finally able to sit up. “The best victory of all.” You murmured against his lips. You both remain there for a moment, lips just grazing against the others. Before you spoke, “Cause you bring me food.” “Real romantic, (Y/N).” He deadpanned. “But you looove me.~” You sang in response. “But alas.. It is true.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead. “Speaking of food.. I did bring your favourite.” “God, I love you.”

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Our Peter Pan theory

It is fairly obvious that the comeback theme is infired (lol) by Peter Pan. We have a feeling that BigHit had this whole thing planned since (at least) Skool Luv Affair. In the new teaser pics, the instagram tags and also in the live broadcasts, they hinted at this concept. 

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I built my theories based on @andthenkpophappened‘s theories (x) and @jenosgf‘s theories (x) !! I suggest reading their theories first before mine

My theories are also ultimately built on the idea that everything is just a dream, so I’ve gathered some stuff as well as analyzed things through a dream interpretation point of view. I honestly tried answering some questions but really, I made some more lol rip…

1: SM_NCT # 1. The Origin

  • The first thing we see is an hour glass, but instead of two bulbs like usual, there are three. This could hint towards the notion already addressed that this story does not follow Earth time.
  • The very next peculiar thing we see is a red moon/a blood moon. In dreams, blood moons usually mean, or are associated with fear of the future; of the unknown. (Perhaps fear of what could happen once they realize that everything is just a dream?)
  • The little boy plants a red flag. Red flags are usually warnings signs about danger or a problem. It could also be a symbol of a revolution. 
  • After the little boy draws on a piece of paper with charcoal, three mountains, a moon, and an ocean, we see glimpses of him standing in what looks to be a field of tall grass. Dreaming of tall grass is a warning to the dreamer to not become entangled in unreal ideas, and bring order to thoughts and behavioural patterns (just like jumping from one dream to another). It can also mean illusions and unattainable hopes. 
  • A woman appears behind him, in my opinion, could be his mother. 
  • She extends her hand and makes him choose between three colours, 

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BIGBANG’s Interview with July

          Early morning, there was a long line of traffic leaving Seoul. It was May 1st, a Friday before the long weekend. It was also the release day of Big Bang’s new single. Their comeback took as many as 1,157 days. The reaction was enthusiastic. ‘LOSER’ and ‘BAE BAE’ made it to the trending search words and the first place on music charts within seconds. The world was uproarious with stories of Big Bang. At that time, Big Bang was having a free but busy morning in the middle of a barley field in Ansung, Gyeonggido. A tractor-carriage carrying tourists passed by every 15 minutes, but no one had ever imagined Big Bang being here. Colourful clothes were hanging on the hanger leaning against a tree, and staff members and the cars that the members were riding in formed some kind of a fort. The sky was blue as ever. In an old storage building that used to be a drama film set, models that got their makeup done since 7 in the morning were rubbing their sleepy eyes and looking in the mirror. From the speakers, Big Bang’s new songs were playing repeatedly. The five members of Big Bang were stretching.

          “Which song was good?” The first one to bring a chair over and ask the question was Taeyang. It’s been a year since I have seen him after his solo album activities. He was tanner and more muscular than before. “Yesterday I stayed at the office until midnight editing the music video. Then I emptied by mind and watched for people’s reactions.” Since they hadn’t been on broadcasts or doing any kind of interview yet, Taeyang was curious as to how the new songs appealed to the public. It wasn’t an anxiety about how the market would evaluate their songs, it was 100% curiosity. To be honest, the two songs were shockingly good. If the era of Big Bang could be divided into two, pre-‘Lies’ and post-‘Lies’ periods, I felt like the new album would also become another turning point for Big Bang. This was Big Bang’s music… It’s not easy to find musicians that can create the type of music only they can make, and it’s even harder to gain popularity with such music. Other than Big Bang, who would ever be able to talk about sticky rice cakes and martial compatibility in such a classy way?

          “Isn’t it fun? The lyrics are enjoyable too. The lyrics weren’t ‘sticky rice cake’ at first, it was ‘call the police’. At first we just had the flow and we were discussing what the lyrics should be, and suddenly ‘sticky rice cake’ came up, and I really like it. We were going to use sticky rice cakes and buckwheat jelly together…but we thought that would be too much.” The background stories of how the music came to be is always interesting. But what I wanted to find out about the most was Taeyang’s long hair in ‘BAE BAE’ music video! Seeing shirtless Taeyang with long straight hair riding a horse was very shocking. “That was my idea. I wanted to be sexual but funny at the same time rather than being cool. So I overdid it, and even the staff in our office had clear likes and dislikes to the scene. So yeah, it turned out like that.” I was thinking, what would it be like if today’s photoshoot included a scene of Taeyang riding a horse? Let’s say if he learned how to horse-ride. “Not at all. Once I climbed on a horse without practice and I was almost crushed to death. Although it was fine because it was a well-trained horse.”

          In the music video, TOP with a cat-eye contact lense on one eye, appears with Kohei Nawa’s crystal deer. Just like how he appeared with Kim Hwan Ki’s ‘deer’ in his previous solo track <Doom Dada>, he again brought forth a modern artwork to the image of Big Bang. TOP is not only a quite well-known furniture collector but also a known art lover. “Kohei Nawa and I are friends. I appear in the MV without one eye, and in the lyrics I say ‘pretty eyes like a deer’, which is an old expression. Since it’s like falling in love when I meet a girl that has something that I don’t have, I naturally came up with this. Also, I rap about natural beauties, and the artwork is a ‘natural’ taxidermied deer.” How they can put a lot of effort into each music video? That’s because their release is a special long-term project. CEO Yang Hyun Suk had said that instead of releasing a formal album right away, Big Bang will be releasing 4 single albums (M, A, D, E) with 2 songs each on the first day of every month from May to August. In September, the word ‘Made’ will be completed and the full album will be released.

          The songs have been already made. But the list hasn’t been confirmed yet. If they make a better song in between, the list may be added or changed. It’s still a secret whether there will be more songs in the final album.  “I can’t tell you. We need to look cool too, right?” The only thing they can add to what’s already been said is that they can’t restrict the genre of their music, and also that all songs have been made recently. Of course GD started preparing the new album ever since the actives of <Still Alive> have ended, but it was early this year when Big Bang got together and good songs were starting to be made. Things just worked out naturally when they were laughing and having fun. They dumped the old songs with no regrets. “That was when we had the most fun. Around March and April when we were done recording, we decided to listen to all the songs one day. We had wine and cheese in the studio and we danced and had fun with the music. It was a lot of fun.” I can imagine that it would have been like the music video of ‘We Like 2 Party’.

          The photoshoot was no different. Taeyang said that Daesung in his beret looks like a bus guide lady and shouted “Ohri~”. Daesung started shaking his body and danced in response. It has been a while since Daesung, who usually doesn’t leave his house unless he’s working, has been out to the field like this. At their concert at the Olympics Stadium before the release of the album, Seungri even commented about Daesung “He doesn’t do anything other than playing the drums at home. Please come out of the house”. “It’s somewhat true. I don’t enjoy going out. I wanted to learn how to play the drums ever since I was young, so I started learning it after my first solo album tour in Japan. It’s been around 2 years. It’s a lot of fun.” And the reaction of the members after watching him play? “Do you know the movie <Whiplash>? It’s like that.” This crazy and comical drummer basically doesn’t give a damn about anything. For the filming of music video of ‘LOSER’, Daesung changed his hairstyle to create an image of loneliness. “When I covered my eyes and changed my image, I became cautious and quiet. To be honest, I can’t see very well.” Daesung learned how to communicate without his eyes. “So I’m studying how to act with my lower face”

          Daesung has been busy with his solo activities in Japan for a while. The hyungs commented on Daesung’s popularity: “In Japan, Daesung is the most popular after the emperor.* Whenever we’re on stage for a Japan tour, we lose our nerves because of the cheers for Daesung.” They jokingly bragged about Daesung’s popularity. Daesung didn’t know how to react to their compliments. “Ayoo, what are you talking about. The reason why I can do my solo activities is because of Big Bang, and that tells us how Big Bang’s popularity got bigger in Japan.” The last day of the concert in April was Daesung’s birthday. Under Seungri’s lead, a cake was brought up to the stage and hundreds of fans and the members congratulated his birthday. After the concert, they was an after-party. “I had a lot of fun. Some people were worried that I was working on my birthday, but it was the most special birthday I’ve ever had. If I didn’t have that, I would have just stayed home and order a lot of delivery food, and that would have been it.” I was curious as to what he got for his birthday from the members. “Nothing. We just decided one day not to exchange gifts. Just like that.” The reason is pretty great. As Big Bang’s popularity grew, their income grew along with that, and if they start choosing suitable gifts for each other, one day they’ll have to buy houses for each other. So this is what a life of a superstar is like.

          The members think that the biggest superstar amongst Big Bang is Seungri, of course. “He’s like a celebrity the most amongst us. I envy him.” Even when travelling, this young elegant gentleman has a different way of doing things. Because he has world-wide personal connections, private planes are involved. He even has a friend that owns a club/team. “My friend has an elevator in his house!” Seungri, chewing on a cheap kimbab, proudly added. Members tease but adore this innocent maknae. Honestly speaking, Seungri had a lot of thoughts while preparing for this album. He was dispirited from different incidents too. “I felt like I was losing my judgment. So rather than taking up my opinions, I listened to what the members or other producers said. In the end, I’m happy that the album is out.” Seungri was assigned the most important parts of the shoot. For example, he roughly drove a vintage pickup truck at 30km/h. He also put his arms around a model and acted out a romantic scene. Seungri, who had a guitar on him, strum the strings and started singing Lee Jang Hee’s song from the 60’s. “I have something to tell you~. Tonight I suddenly have something to tell you.” Then he asked model Lee Ho Jung, whom he first met today, in a gentle voice. “Do you by any chance know how to play a C minor?”

          The photoshoot continued until sunset. With the clear moon, a helicam was flying in the sky. Members, who have never seen a helicam this close, were amused by it like little kids. “We have a lot of fun just by being together. We’ve known each other since our trainee days, when we were in our 10’s. We know everything about each other. When I go out, I don’t have any friends. That’s because I don’t have a lot of common experiences to talk about with others. But when the five of us get together, we chat and we laugh. That’s what powers me up the most.” Taeyang said. Next year, it will be Big Bang’s 10th anniversary. The finale of ‘Made World Tour’ that will continue to 2016 will probably be their 10th-year commemorative concert. Big Bang has already overcome the limits of an idol group from YG Entertainment. Boys in their 10’s who used to sing ‘Dirty Cash’ without even understanding the meaning have surpassed a stage of creating their own, classy songs and became an icon of an era. Of course the process was not always as good as playing with water in the summer. We can see that just by looking at the lyrics of the song ‘LOSER’. GD said this: “Everyone has their own problems. We do too, because we’re humans. Seeing us from TV, people may think that after performing at a concert in front of a lot of people, we go out to parties, drink and hang out with girls, but that’s not true. When we’re done our work, we go home, watch a movie, sleep, and that’s it. There’s a sense of emptiness that we get from this.” What kept them going was each other.

          Whenever Big Bang released a new album, it was always beyond our expectations. What would it be like after 10 years? “If there’s no excitement, there’s no reason for us to continue.” TOP was determined. GD added that other members agree with TOP. “From a third-person point of view, if our appearance on stage is not good, then we don’t do it. If we’re not cool and not confident, what can we show you? Trying too hard to look cool, I hate that so much.” So this means when Big Bang is no longer like Big Bang anymore. “But right now, this is really fun. I felt it again with our activities with the current album. As time passes, we start to find out more about ourselves, what we can do to become better, that’s how it’s been for us until now. I want to keep it this way for 10, 20 years from now,” Taeyang said. Just like the name ‘Made’, Big Bang is still in the process of making themselves with the completion of the new songs. Even when it got dark outside, members sat down in a deserted house and continued to talk about their music and their future. After their manager nagged them a couple times, they finally got up. Before getting in the car, I told them “You guys are cool”. Instead of a goodbye, they said, “We think we’re cool too! We still have that ‘hungry spirit’ inside us.”

*emperor: seems like they were referring to the four famous Korean actors in Japan.


Yo hello its going to take awhile so sit yourself back down and let me explain the analysis of this. This epilogue (or atleast this era) is supposed to finally show the relation and back story of I Need U and Run (part 1 and part 2 era). 

From what we’ve seen before, it is clearly obvious that the main plot behind this was about a group of 7 boys talking about both the pleasures and pains of youth/being young. (the whole JIN IS DEAD and TAEHYUNG KILLED HIS FATHER thing can be considered as side plots for now).

First lets start off with the symbolisms (bc we all know how much they love doing this):

It starts off with a distorted projection of the title “YOUNG FOREVER” which was previously only “FOREVER”. Considering it is a projection, we can safely assume this is from a TV. Normally this kind of misinterpreted screen comes from a TV that’s old and worn out so the quality tends to be worse than being young and healthy. However right after this, the projection changes to show a high quality version of the title “YOUNG FOREVER”. This transition meant that although they have grown older, the spirit of their youth shall not die.

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[ENG] SEVENTEEN’s Interview @ Haru Hana Magazine (Part 3)

Parts: [1] [2] [3]

※The interview was done before the comeback in the middle of April.

Music production episode—Secret talk about producing music & special stage

Q:  What is your inspiration for composing music?

WW: Reading books, movies, dramas etc. becomes the hint for writing lyrics and stage performances.

VN: It’s the trend. Because lyrics are the stories of this era. Because (I) want to write lyrics that everyone can relate to, I often search up on trends on the internet.

SC: You have to have a lot of imagination. Sketching out the music video on your mind, and writing lyrics according to that scene. But the MV that I always think about is always totally different from the actual MV. (laughs)

Q: How did you all create the concept for the choreography?

HS: After listening to the music, we will first hold a concept meeting within the unit. We considered concepts like should we be good students, should we be bad students. From then, I will search for items that complies with this concept, and after that, it’s the time to start making the choreography. Then, we will gather everyone one by one, and make changes to the choreography that we already have.

MG: In the instance of PRETTY U, we rewatched “High School Musical” while preparing for the choreography. We were really concerned about how should we do it to make it fun and overflowing with energy on the stage.

WW: This time’s use of books in our performance is also a point, because it’s the first time we used small props, we couldn’t really imagine it happening…. We are a bit worried because of that.

cr: jia @ what17says
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Help me out please?

“Guys I need your help!

I have a very fun assignment for school, and now I’m having some troubles.
The thing is, I have to make a Music Video as an assignment.

And of course, I’d like to do something Kpop related.
The thing is, my group (yaay it’s an assignment in group ;;) have an idea, but I didn’t like it at all.

We have this idea of ‘Coloring the world’ mv kinda style.

Like finding a colorful book when the world is kinda dark, and then the music video will be filled with cute colours and all! Something upbeat, something fun!

The song needs to be upbeat and danceable. But, we’d like something that starts slow but at the chorus, it has a nice beat and a fun vibe.

Sadly, I can’t find any song like that…

Do you guys have an idea? Or have any other Music Video ideas?

I wanted to do a Selfcam cute video (with beautiful old city locations and 1-4-3 of Henry) , but one of my teammates thought that’d be too safe and too easy ;; (Although I prefer safe, instead of a too big challenge that makes the result bad and cringy…)

Please help me out!! It’d be very much appreciated! Any ideas are more than welcome!!
Thank you!”

[TRANS] Hanryu Pia (August 2016) - B.A.P

After restarting activities last year in November, B.A.P have actively promoted both domestically and overseas. Their 5th Japanese single “FEEL SO GOOD” is a refreshing pop number that talks about love. Renewing their image from what they’ve shown till now, we asked the 6 of them who came in colourful outfits about when they “FEEL SO GOOD”!

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1. I love the audio. I am in the mood right now for something like this. Dirty, dark and slightly dangerous with some sort of risky element. I feel like it’s the flip side to Bobby’s music. Bobby is younger, more carefree and living in a house-party. Mino’s solo is older, darker and living in an estranged two-person-party. 

2. I don’t understand a lot of Korean yet (I’m learning) so the audio alone had a weariness to it. Not quite desperation but almost. When I saw the MV, it definitely took on a more sultry and seductive vibe. This is the main reason why I always listen to the audio first, the MV always colours my judgement. I dig both vibes though.

3. I’ve always loved how smooth and grounded Mino’s voice and rhythm is. This song is such a good example of it. He is so restrained and never lets go of the beat. It’s really calming to listen to. Bobby is forever chasing or getting chased by the rhythm. Haha. Some days that’s all I want to listen to though.

4. Maybe MOBB’s concept is really: no shirts. I’m fine with it. I support all their artistic endeavours. 

5. Okay all jokes aside, I actually love the contrast between the personas Mino and Bobby are going with right now. Mino gives off this quieter but more menacing and seductive vibe. He seems more mature and world-weary of the two. Bobby is louder, confident and flirty. Mino kinda draws you inward into a dark corner but Bobby is all out in the open. Like fireworks. God, I need to stop getting poetic. 

6. I’m not sure how their voices are going to mesh but the solos have me really excited for the MOBB material tomorrow. I love aggressive fun music but I’m also hoping we get something more heavy and introspective too. 

7. Once upon a time I wanted Jaewon in this project but right now, I can see why it’s just a duo. It makes sense. Mino and Bobby are already excellent performers and Jaewon might not be ready for this. Not yet. 

8. I wonder who I should thank for all the amazing material this week. Hashtag Blessed And Grateful.

Seventeen’s first win!!

Wow! This is so exciting and tear jerking! Seventeen is a super talented group of 13 people that make up 3 units which makes up one group( hence the namesake Seventeen). I found out about Seventeen during Mansae and truthfully, I have never learned so many names and fallen in love in such a short period on time.

To be honest, when Pretty U came out I was worried. I watched the live show and when they showed the music video I was a bit underwhelmed, especially as all the action in the mv distracted me from the awesomeness of the song.

Yet the live… The live proved just how good this song is with its ‘anime opening style’ part that Woozi and the other members parts were also vibrant and colourful. The dance was interesting( though i must confess that I preferred Joshua’s synchronisation mistake to the actual, sorry) and I found myself listening to the song on repeat and buying the album!

However, why was I so worried? Well that is because I was scared that not enough people would not for seventeen’s comeback, especially with Eunji and Twice’s comeback. And I was really upset because I really wanted Seventeen to win at least once!

And they did! They deserve it! Watching them cry and and be so happy made me want to cry and be happy! Pretty U is beautiful, fun and amazing and I can’t wait to listen to the rest of the album.

So congratulations Seventeen!

S.Coups- the great leader( Hulk coups)
Jeonghan- our special Angel
Joshua-our soulful voice
Jun-the vacuum( and dancer)
Hoshi-the great choreographer with the beautiful eyes
Wonwoo- our deep voiced rapper
Woozi- do I have to say anything? The scary producer huyng who looks just soooo good and handsome with an AMAZING height( in my opinion) cause I like guys my height( hehe)
DK- his voice though… Gets me every time
Mingyu-super talented visual
The8- he’s so adorable that I cannot help myself but love him
Seungkwan- he cracks me up all the time, his personality is just that awesome
Vernon- God, he’s improving so much and I am so proud of him.
Dino-the Maknae who has just too much potential!

You are are all talented, amazing and seem to have such beautiful souls! May you have more amazing moments like these!

Rant- over

Thank you for reading :)

[TRANS] FINEBOYS (September 2016) - The Bag and Favourite Items of People You’re Curious About


Perfume has been trending amongst the members lately!

“All of them love clothes, but their tastes are totally different!” is B.A.P. If you ask “who is the most fashionable in the group?”, they’ll agree that “Zelo is the one who always chases after the trends!”. Within the B.A.P members, the one thing that is commonly trending amongst them is perfume. When they went to London during their world tour, it seems like they all visited Jo Malone and bought their favourite scent. Don’t forget to check out their new “FEEL SO GOOD” MV where they’re dressed in various outfits. 

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