this must mean arashi were there!!!


Arafes'13 Part 2 (in which they protect leader!)

S: Well this time round.

N: Yes.

S: From last year, with Arafes, we had everyone to vote, and centering around the ranking results, we formed the concert, how was it? How many of you here who voted?

Audience: Yes~

N: Oh, it’s awesome.

A: Thank you!

O: Thank you!

S: This makes us happy.

A: Those who had the songs they voted being performed?

Audience: Hai~

A: Wow, there’s a lot.

O: From now on, songs which might be performed?

A: It’s the same for everyone right!

N: That’s the same for everyone!

M: Everyone is hoping for that! This time round, it might be easier to choose the songs, how was it?

S: What do you mean?

M: There were many songs right?

S: Able to choose 10 songs. 

M: Hence i thought many songs could be chosen.

S: I see i see. Are there people who “I didnt vote but i came”? How many are here? Instead, really, please take care of us, Arashi, in the days to come. Please vote the next time round!

A: Please do! They must be just saying along for now.

O: You can’t say that!

S: It’s okay not to mention about the truth! This time round, we did the concert with each member producing a corner.

N: So far, 3 people?

S: Yeah. Aiba san, Ohno san.

A/O: Yes.

S: Ohno san, about “Mysterious” corner, which part contained an important point? Is it okay to tell that to everyone now?

O: Well, but, my solo was also part of the boting (he messed up the word voting) result.

S: Voting result?

O: The first, “Take me FLYaway” (yes, he messed up title of his own solo)

N: What’s the song name called?

S: Why is it that he is just speaking normally and everyone is laughing? He is merely just talking! 

M: He’s our leader!

A: Everyone is in high spirits today, that’s the cause.

N: What is the title called?

O: My solo?

N: Yes.

O: Take me FARaway.

A: Pronunciation of a native. 

N: That was good pronunciation.

O: Yes yes, ah, sorry, we are in Japan. It’s a slow tempo song, i was wondering how to bring it up. The start of Tokei is slow right, the connection would be good i thought, we can slowly increase the excitement at Monster. I thought what would it be, “Mysterious” would be good. 

S: The theme.

O: Yes.

S: Aiba’s theme was sunset. 

A: Sunset.

N: Regretful to say, it was cloudy today. 

M: Well well well..

S: (laughs)

N: It was very cloudy today.

S: It was good yesterday!

A: But it’s good that it didn’t rain isn’t it?

S: Really?

A: Yes!