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#Studyblrs get real

This year, I aced all my classes while taking every honors class available. My weighted GPA ended up being WELL over a 4.0 and I got on the Headmaster’s list (95 or above average )every quarter. Everyone was so happy for me and always says how smart I am.

But what people don’t see is this:
•me being in no sports and only one extracurricular activity so I had more time to do work
•me doing homework from the moment I get home to the moment I go to sleep, with little to no family interaction or free time
•me struggling to keep friendships up and distancing myself from others
•all the times I’ve cried myself to sleep from stress or had complete breakdowns.
•the times I’ve had to make a doctors appointment and miss school so I could have extra time to work on something I just COULDN’T. DO.
•all the times people haven’t taken my problems seriously because “oh you shouldn’t be complaining” “if it’s so much work, why did you take all honors then?”“oh boo hoo being smart must be so hard”
•the added struggle of doing what I do with ADHD

people always forget the fact that I work my BUTT off every single day to get where I am. I’m not truly “smart”/“gifted”. I just put in SO much effort. I have to do extra to make up for my ADHD. Additionally, I have a bunch of health problems. I don’t have the privilege of skipping sleep to work on stuff the night before, eating crap, etc. people legitimately make fun of me (whether they mean to or not) for taking such good care of myself. Well guess what: I HAVE to. I already get sick all the time, so imagine if I didn’t take every possible step to be organized and healthy. And I don’t even have a JOB right now.

In the end though, I KNOW it will all pay off. I WILL (hopefully) get scholarships, get accepted to s good college. I don’t have a college fund because my family has been poor for a long time and most of the money that could go to it goes to my private school. We will soon see what ends up happening to me school wise, but for now just keep this in mind:

Don’t let appearances fool you.

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GoM+Kagami+Imayoshi when they enter in their s/o room and find a big frame (or panel that you put pictures with magnets??) with some pictures of them together and only their magnets are in a heart shape?? love your blooog frst time getting your ask open and i'm crying!! asdfgHJKL;

Oh my lordy anon this is soooo cute, I’m so happy you managed to get an ask in. Thank you for the support ^.^

Kuroko picked up the frame from your bedside table, pink blush quickly spreading across his cheeks. You must really, truly love him to keep this there. When you entered the room you went to grab it back from his but he wouldn’t let you “___-san… I’m happy you have all these photos of us. Could you please print me some copies?”

Kise squealed when he noticed it “Oh ___-cchi~ I have one of these too; eh why does yours have less love hearts than mine?”. You felt a deep regret for letting him see your little collage but couldn’t help but feel flattered at how much he was gushing over this. Maybe you’d put a few more hearts on there, just for him.

Midorima was horrified at the large picture of him in the middle of smaller ones of the two of you. Did you really need to put his face right there, and right on the wall facing the window too? He demanded you took down the picture of just him; “but what do I put in the middle Shin-chan?”. He promptly took a camera out of his bag “this was your lucky item for today; it must be fate that we take a new picture of us… not that I really want you to keep all these pictures nanodayo”

Murasakibara loved it. He loved the bright colours, the cute decorations and mostly the pictures of the pair of you. “Ne ____-chin. This must have taken so much effort, your work belongs in an art gallery it’s so pretty”. Spending a bit of time looking at it he turned to you and demanded “make me one, I want to see ___-chin all the time like ___-chin can see me”

Aomine had barged his way into your room before even asking if he could enter, you’d tried to stop him but that just made him push harder. “look I’m just gonna go sleep in your bed for a bit or is there something dirty you’re hiding in there ___-chan?”. The second he spotted the mini shrine he turned into a blushing mess… he’d wanted to find your underwear, not something that made you cuter than you already were. “geez ____, I know I’m hot and everything but maybe you should tone it down a little; it’s too cutesy”

Akashi grinned; it seemed he’d truly taken occupation in your mind. He appreciated how much effort you’d put in and it meant a lot that someone wanted to keep pictures of him close by. He hadn’t had anyone do that in a long time. You asked him if he liked it and he confirmed with a nod, a little stunned that he couldn’t think of the right words. Once he’d gotten his act together he pulled you into a hug with your head resting on his shoulder “thank you for loving me this much ____, I’ll be sure to keep you happy”

Kagami the nerdlord couldn’t handle this and immediately took to shouting “What’s all this ___-chan! What if someone see’s, I mean you look beautiful but doesn’t it look weird?”. He didn’t realise how harsh he’d sounded and started panicking when he saw tears surface “I’m sorry Kagami-kun, I’m sorry if I embarrass you. I promise I’ll get rid of it”. He quickly tried to rectify the situation by picking you up and nuzzling his head to yours “no no no! I’m sorry it’s just… I’m so flattered and I didn’t realise you liked me as much as I like you. Please keep it up” “okay okay, put me down now… and stop shouting Bakagami”

You knew you were in trouble when you saw Imayoshi with your photo collage in his grip “my my ___-chan look at what I found” He waved it in your direction “it’s really lovely you know, and you kept it by your bedside too. Perhaps it’s because you always want to see my face first thing in the morning”. You gulped as he approached you, letting him push you down onto the bed “mmm or maybe you needed to see my face at night? Either way I’m going to treat you for this”

ok but lots of ppl love to talk about Tony Starks Issues™ of which there are plenty

but can we give my boy some credit pls?

the last solo movie he made an entire army of robots, had robots watching over him while he slept, didn’t go anywhere w/o a suit etc.

we saw him struggling with extreme ptsd and anxiety through the whole movie.

and now in cw he doesn’t have a suit with him at all when Bucky goes off. can you imagine how much effort it must have taken to leave his suit behind for the first time? how much he must have struggled? like yeah he has the little watch but that’s nothing compared to a full suit

I just want everyone to give tony stark some credit bc he is trying to get better and yeah he’s still damaged but he’s making an effort. he’s also got a pretty shitty support system so if he’s managing this all by himself that’s even better

fuck I love Tony stark ok

And the thing is that you can tell that Jared is anxious in his video. His voice is shaking, he’s trying to swallow his overwhelming emotions and keep himself under control, and he’s fidgety when he keeps smoothing his hands over his sweatshirt. You guys, this campaign and this family means so much to Jared. It really resonates with him and he’s incredibly thankful for it just like you and me. Do you realize how much energy and how much effort it must’ve taken him to make that one video? As someone with anxiety, I know just how draining that must have been for him. I can’t even express how proud I am of him. Even though he must have been anxious and nervous about it, he still smiled brightly, bringing out those killer dimples. When I see Jared smile, I feel like the sun is shining. I feel warm and comforted, like my heart is being wrapped in a soft blanket. And he does this for us, you guys. This is really important to him, and did you notice how much he talked about reminding himself that he needs to love himself first? That he always needs that reminder to always keep fighting? He needs this just as much as any of us. And he deserves it just as much as any of us. 

I feel blessed to exist at the same time as Jared Padalecki. This year has been one of the hardest for him, and the same is true for myself. I’m working really hard on my mental health these days, and without Jared and without this family, I honestly don’t think I would be where I am now, if not here at all. I just really want to emphasize how much courage Jared has to do any of this and how strong he is for expressing his battle with mental illness publicly and for setting up an entire campaign dedicated to raising money for the same cause. I love Jared so fucking much, and I feel so safe when he’s around. Even if it’s just a video like this on Facebook, I feel like he’s here wanting to take care of all of us. He is truly a blessing to this family and to this world. 

It makes me extremely sad that people are actually viewing Dan and Phil as bad people because the app cost money, and they were ‘mislead". It may not be important to you, but you don’t know how important this must have been to them. You don’t actually know how much effort it might’ve taken them. Why do people have to complain about everything that they do? Why do people have to be so damn negative? Why do people have to find a way to put every thing that Dan and Phil are proud of down? You could SEE the excitement, the pride, but yet you still find a way to complain. Ugh. Sorry.

Slow and passionate Ashton smut (request)
Imagine you were over for the first time at your highschool boyfriend Ashton’s place with no one around. He had planned on everyone being out for the night, because so far you hadn’t gone further than just making out and Ashton’s hand accidentally on purpose slipping under your shirt, where it stayed for about three seconds before he’d pull away excusing himself a million times.
You never said anything, but you wished his hands would have gone further up every time.
Just the thought of his hands touching your boobs was driving you crazy, sometimes even in class when Ashton sat next to you and your thighs would be touching.
So you decided for yourself that today would be it. Today you wouldn’t be able to fight it anymore. You decided to try and seduce Ashton tonight.
What you didn’t know was that he was planning the same, because being a teenage boy his testosterone was going ballistic every time he saw you in your bikini.
“Hi.” You giggled shyly as he opened the door with the biggest smile on his face. You loved the fact that you could see it in his face, how happy you made him. Because he made you happy, but you never told him that afraid he’d get scared.
You were wearing a white summer dress and one could see your lilac underwear shining through. Ashton swallowed hard at the sight, but moved aside to let you in the house.
“You … umm… look great.”
He stuttered as he shut the door.
“Thank you.”
You smiled to yourself as you saw how tense Ashton was knowing what you were wearing underneath. He had thought about what you wore under all that clothing a lot, but the reality was so much better than his fantasies. Ashton tried hard not to stare at your boobs, but damn you were hot.
Getting his focus back Ashton quickly pecked your cheek, before grabbing your hand and pulling you upstairs. On his floor in front of his bed he had built a castle out of pillows and blankets and there were bowls of candy and fruits and other goodies inside of it.
“Ash, this is amazing! It must have taken you ages! You’re amazing.”
You were nearly speechless. He had put in so much effort to make the perfect cuddle place and you were about to tear it apart. You almost felt bad for what you were planning to do with him. He looked so sweet and innocent sitting down pulling you after him in between his legs, your back against his chest.
“I wanted to make something special for you. To show you how much you mean to me. I’ve never felt like this about any girl.”
He smiled as you blushed. And pecked the back of your neck. His gesture took you by surprise, because he had never done that. Your hair was up in a pigtail and your neck was completely exposed to him. He couldn’t resist touching your skin with his lips.
A moan slipped your lips at the contact, surprising Ashton. He didnt know such a simple gesture could give you suck pleasure. But he knew he liked the sound of you moaning, so he did it again. You leaned back against his chest further and threw your head back, allowing his access to kiss your neck further.
“Ash.” You sighed, eyes closed and completely lost in his touch. His hands found your arms and rubbed up and down creating a friction that made you shiver.
Ashton was so turned on as you repeatedly moaned his name. He could already feel his erection growing in his pants. Every sigh or breath you sucked in made him melt into a puddle. A very hard puddle to say at least.
“Y/N?” Ashton pulled away and turned you to face him.
“May I… I mean can we.. Um… Would you make love to me?”
Ashton’s cheeks were redder than you had eve seen them before.
You said and his frown disappeared the second you leaned in to kiss him again and slowly started in unbuttoning his shirt. You straddled his waist and ran your fingers down his chest slowly. Ash leaned back against the bed and watched you in awe. His hands playing with the hem of your dress.
“Can you help me take it off?”
Ashton nodded and sat up a little, his face now close to your sensitive neck. You felt every breath hot against your skin, as he slowly unzipped you. His finger traced down your spine as his other hand pulled down the zipper and you shivered, little goosebumps covering your body.
You stretched one leg a little to get the clothing off you easier and kicked the bowl of m&ms over. Colorful chocolates were now covering the blanket around you.
Ashton giggled at your clumsiness and grabbed a blue m&m and put it between his teeth, looking at you expectantly.
You giggled pecking his lips stealing the m&m. You did the same with a green one, but it fell as ash tried to steal in from you and landed in his crotch. You looked down to find quite a bulge in Ashton’s pants.
“Maybe we should take this to the bed and collect the m&ms later?”
“That’d be great.” He said lifting you into his arms as he stood up and carried you over to the bed, lying you down softly and instantly following on top of you.
You reached down in between your bodies, wanting to undo Ashton’s jeans, but you accidentally touched his hard on and he moaned into your mouth.
“Don’t tease me.”
You grinned against his lips, but “teased” him again, as he called it. This time staying there longer and toying a little with him.
“Y/N please. I’m a horny teenage boy I will cum in my pants if you keep doing this.”
“Sorry.” You mumbled, not really being sorry and he knew it. Rolling his eyes he quickly pulled down his pants and looked at you. You hadn’t seen each other naked before.
“Ready?” He asks and you nod a little insecure.
“Let’s do it together.”
You sat up and gently touched his skin a little over the waistband of his boxers. Your eyes never left his as you pulled down his underwear exposing him completely. His erection slapped against his lower stomach and your cheeks flushed.
Ashton giggled a little, but you knew he wasn’t laughing at you, but simply felt a little insecure as well.
“You are perfect.” You whispered genuinely as you traced over his whole body with your hands.
“Your turn.” Ashton said as you finished taking him in. He reached behind you and unclasped your bra. You couldn’t help but giggle a little as he struggled at first. His cheeks were bright red as you were completely naked in front of him. For a moment he just stared at you, before mumbling something you didn’t fully understand because he was talking so fast, but before you could ask his lips were already placing open mouthed kisses all over your body. You arched your back and your hands found his straightened hair, moans of his name falling out of your mouth.
“Y/N I need to …”
He trailed off but you knew what he meant.
“Me too. Do it.”
He nodded before grabbing a condom from somewhere under his bed and rolling it over. You watched curiously and started to get impatient, wiggling on the mattress.
Ashton chuckled.
“Patience princess. Ok. I’ll go slow. Tell me if you want me to stop ok?”
You nodded as he lined himself up at your entrance and a second later you felt his tip entering you. He pushed inside slowly.
“Shit.” He hissed closing his eyes.
“Look at me, ash.” You whispered and his eyes flew open immediately. His cock was buried deep inside you, completely filling you. He gave you time to adjust.
“Baby, I need to move.” Ash breathed.
“I’m ok.” You simply replied and soon after Ashton started to slowly pull out and pushed back in.
“Fuck!” You cursed at the feeling and Ashton chuckled.
“I’ve never heard you swear before. It’s kind of reassuring knowing I can make you swear when I do this.”
He said cheekily before pushing inside in a different angle. Your head flew back as you let out another stream of curses.
“Look at me.” Ashton teased you and you had to fight the urge to shut your eyes and completely get lost.
After a few strides his put up his pace and your hissed: “yes, yes! Deeper, ash. Deeper.”
He didn’t need to be asked twice as he buried himself as deep as he could inside you, brushing your gspot.
“Holy shit!”
You cursed and clenched a little, making Ashton suck in a loud breath.
“Fuck, baby girl. Can you do that again?”
And you did. You clenched every time he hit your gspot and your moaning got louder with every thrust.
“Ashton, ash! Baby!” You blurted out whenever he hit you deepest.
Ashton replied with saying your name between moans and curses and it didn’t take long until you felt his length twitch inside you.
“I’m cumming.” Ashton whimpered, sending you over the edge.
“Oh my god! Yes! Yes! Yes! Ashton! Yes! Oh! Baby! Yes!” Your orgasm hit you hard and you started shaking under your boyfriend.
The sight was too much for Ashton, seeing you come undone underneath him, because of his touch set his own orgasm free and he joined you shouting your name in pleasure.
“Shit! Y/N! Oh fuck! Yes! Baby oh my… Ohh!” His last moan was long and loud and you grabbed his face in your hands forcing him to look into your eyes as he fell apart.
You were both heavily panting as he collapsed on top of you, burying his face in the crook of your neck.
You hands slowly traced down his back and you felt his heartbeat fast against your chest.
“I am so in love with you.” Ashton whispered in your ear and you smiled, wishing this moment to last forever.

Sorry this took so long to write