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Do you think Ashi died like the other Daughters or survived?

OH MAN…I’ve had my eye on Ashi since the first episode when she showed how different she was from her other sisters. In her training when they were younger, she showed happiness at the world outside, and just seemed to be presumed the weakest out of the Daughters because of this.

I can only imagine what that kind of training can do to someone, and she must have only continued on out of fear of course. Still, I knew that they just wouldn’t show this sense of reluctance in her and not bring it again, which I’m glad they did in this episode! Especially with this scene:

All the Daughters are just so confused by this act of kindness among animals. One of them even states they don’t like it, while Ashi (I assume it’s her, it’s hard to tell when they all look the same lmao) is just more less asking questions. She’s curious and I think that’s what makes her so different from them. The rest of the Daughters either see the deer as a symbol for Aku or they hate the show of affection. She even assumes watch when they settle down for the night, which I think show’s her different from the rest too because she’d rather be alone.

Now onto the fight with Jack at the end of the episode, it was interesting to see that despite Ashi being deemed the weakest, she was the last one to go down among her sisters:

She didn’t hold out for long of course, and Jack easily defeated her.

But this part sort of threw me off. Her dialogue sounded forced, “Die you worthless scum…you won’t escape Aku’s grasp yada yada” And I thought this could be to make the situation a little funnier, but she honestly didn’t sound too into it. Like the villain in a school play just reading his lines in monotonous tone. Now to answer your question: Did she die like the rest of the Daughters?

Ehh I don’t think so. The other Daughter’s were stabbed or had an injury to the head that caused them to die right away (or the one who was just launched over the edge), but Ashi just fell like her other sister. I think either she is the only survivor or the other Daughter who also fell somehow survived too. Now they were trained for anything, so it’s likely they/she survived I don’t think they would kill her off this quickly, especially since the show had already introduced her as the deviant of the Daughters (and she’s the only one with an actual name I think lmao). It’d be bad character development to just kill her off, unless it was to fuck with Jack even more (the Daughter’s were all victims of Aku as well). 

I have a feeling the show is going to bring her back to either A: Finish off Jack, or B: Help Jack (or C and Aku comes into the picture and does something to her). Overall, I really hope Ashi survived because it’d be interesting to see where the story takes her :D

To the human being nature is anonymous. Its scattered elements exist, potentially defined by their own names. True rapport between nature and human beings begins when we name things. It is then that the real exchange between things and man begins. When one sees a humanized tree, that tree truly exists. In other words, I strive to create an unnatural environment in my world. That is really a natural thing to do. For me, the naturalizing through allegory and metaphor that one finds in Japanese folk songs is completely unnatural. On numerous occasions I have written about the reconciliation of the Japanese people and nature. But now, by turning away from such thinking, I want to try to understand it in a new way.

What I have been saying is that we must give meaning to sound by returning it to its original state as a naked being. Sounds themselves, their movement as personalized beings—that is what we must discover and continue to discover anew. Organized sound is merely a subjective creation of the human being and is not the personalized sound I am discussing. My phrase “give meaning to sound” refers to something other than mere naming and differentiating. It concerns a total image. Both my acceptance and my suspicion of “chance music” stem from this point of view.

I want to carve away the excess to expose the single real existence. I must continue to work, striving always for precision and clarity.

from Confronting Silence: Selected Writings, Toru Takemitsu.

okay okay but what if, Reyes is super stern and foreboding when he’s Commander Reyes, but the instant he’s with friends and can be Gabriel again, he is the most cheerful dork in existence. Like he’s honestly so idealistic and positive and he’s always smiling and he’s basically a giant teddy bear.

And the first time it happens, his friends are completely baffled by the change and even after years of seeing him switch personalities like that, they still get whiplash seeing him go from Gabriel to Commander Reyes and back again in .5 seconds, because seriously it’s like he’s a completely different person.

(Imagine Jack trying to tell the other soldiers and new recruits that no, no Reyes is a total sweetheart honest, and the others give him the most incredulous look in existence, because seriously, Jack, seriously? He glared at me for the entire the day for not being on time and had everyone double our daily training exercises after a prank disrupted the base one night.

And Jack’s like “honestly, he’s really nice and adorable and once you see it guys, you’re gonna want to protect him from everything wrong in the world and cuddle him into submission.”

Disgust on their faces. “Morrison, we really don’t need to know any details about your intimate relationship with the commander” and Jack just flushes red.)


Q: What do you want to say to your debut self?
                                 This… I want to say to my debut self “This is only the beginning!” Also, “Everything that you’ve done so far is only to prepare for debut. From now on, you must continue to move forward!

As we know, women have to break down many barriers on the road to success. One of those barriers is the way we are constantly reminded we are not men, as if it is a flaw. People call me one of the “world’s greatest female athletes”. Do they say LeBron is one of the world’s best male athletes? Is Tiger? Federer? Why not? They are certainly not female. We should never let this go unchallenged. We should always be judged by our achievements, not by our gender.
In the world that we live in today, there is a constant pressure projected onto us each and every day. We are told that we must continuously work hard, make more money, and acquire more possessions. Then, and only then, will we be considered as ‘successful.’ Right? No, not even close. This road only leads to a life of pure discontentment. Before we get dragged into this cycle, we must first consider what 'success’ truly is, and it may be slightly different for everyone. Take a moment to ask yourself, and see what you have to say. What do you consider to be successful? Yes, for some it may involve making some money during your lifetime, although make sure that, what ever it is, it’s your own opinion, not society’s.

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I’m Jewish, and I support my Muslim brothers and sisters.

“וַיִּקְבְּר֨וּ אֹת֜וֹ יִצְחָ֤ק וְיִשְׁמָעֵאל֙ בָּנָ֔יו אֶל־מְעָרַ֖ת הַמַּכְפֵּלָ֑ה אֶל־שְׂדֵ֞ה עֶפְרֹ֤ן בֶּן־צֹ֙חַר֙ הַֽחִתִּ֔י אֲשֶׁ֖ר עַל־פְּנֵ֥י מַמְרֵֽא׃” “And Isaac and Ishmael his sons buried him in the cave of Machpelah, in the field of Ephron the son of Zohar the Hittite, at the face of Mamre” (Gen 25:9)

According to the Hebrew Bible, the children of Abraham/Ibraham came together when our shared patriarch Abraham/Ibraham passed away.  We are a family and must continue to work towards creating peace between our beloved peoples and traditions.

Wow yeah okay let’s take Victor Trevor - Sherlock’s very first boyfriend from canon - and in our adaptation turn him into a little boy who gets brutally murdered thereby destroying Sherlock’s capacity to have a fulfilling emotional life until he meets John Watson but let’s not satisfactorily resolve even that relationship because god forbid we acknowledge 130 years of love no we must continue to wank to the Power of Ambiguity™

I mean,


  • “ i have a bad feeling about this. ”
  • “ i don’t sense anything. ”
  • “ the negotiations will be short. ”
  • “ offhand, i’d say this mission is past the negotiation stage. ”
  • “ you were right about one thing, ____ , the negotiations were short. ”
  • “ at last we’re getting results. ”
  • “ again you come before me, ____. ”
  • “ you will not be pleased when you hear what i have to say, ____. ”
  • “ we will see. ”
  • “ we must continue to rely on negotiation. ”
  • “ how can we negotiate ?
  • “ we must defend ourselves. ”
  • “ this is a dangerous situation, _____. ”
  • “ i will not condone a course of action that will lead us to war. ”
  • “ that won’t be necessary. ”
  • “ you hear that ? that is the sound of a thousand terrible things headed this way. ”
  • “ we must warn them !
  • “ thank you for your help. ”
  • “ there’s always a bigger fish. ”
  • “ relax. ”
  • “ you overdid it. ”
  • “ this is not good !
  • “ drop your weapons !
  • “ i said: drop your weapons !
  • “ i will not co-operate. ”
  • “ in time, their suffering will persuade you to our point of view. ”
  • “ your negotiations seem to have failed, _____. ”
  • “ the negotiations never took place. ”
  • “ that won’t be a problem. ”
  • “ under the circumstances, i suggest you come to ____ with me. ”
  • “ my place is with my people. ”
  • “ they will kill you if you stay. ”
  • “ either choice presents great risk to all of us. ”
  • “ i’ll take care of that. ”
  • “ it’s risky, but there’s no alternative. ”
  • “ we should not have made this bargain. ”
  • “ you must trust my judgment, ____. ”
  • “ how did you end up here with us ?
  • “ i feel it also, ____. ”
  • “ this is not a good idea. stay close to me. ”
  • “ are you an angel ?
  • “ how do you know so much ?
  • “ this is a strange world to me. ”
  • “ yeah, it’d be a pity if you had to pay for me. ”
  • “ fear attracts the fearful. ”
  • “ what if it is true, and the people are dying ?
  • “ the biggest problem in the universe is that no one helps each other. ”
  • “ you assume too much. ”
  • “ ____ will not approve.”
  • “ ____ doesn’t need to know. ”
  • “ well, i don’t approve. ”
  • “ i will watch over him/her/them. you have my word. ”
  • “ will you be alright ?
  • “ he/she/they was/were in my life for such a short time.,, ”
  • “ will i ever see you again ?
  • “ what does your heart tell you ?
  • “ be brave, and don’t look back. ”
  • “ it’ll bring you good fortune. ”
  • “ what options do we have ?
  • “ i wish i had your confidence in this, ____. ”
  • “ i will not defer !
  • “ i will do what i must. ”
  • “ i sense much fear in you. ”
  • “ please, ____, stay here, where it’s safe. ”
  • “ ____ is dangerous. they all sense it. why can’t you ?
  • “ i promise you, i will not let that happen. ”
  • “ i’m not sure what you hope to accomplish by this. ”
  • “ i am sorry for my deception, but under the circumstances it has become necessary to protect myself. ”
  • “ if we do not act quickly, all will be lost forever. ”
  • “ i ask you to help us. no, i beg you to help us. ”
  • “ be patient. let them make the first move. ”
  • “ it is so good to see you again. ”
  • “ it’s good to be home. ”
First Dates I

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genre: comedy/angst/light smut? idk, etc

pairing: johnny x reader

word count: 2345

Parts: I II III

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Never give up.
It’s like breathing—once you quit, your flame dies letting total darkness extinguish every last gasp of hope. You can’t do that. You must continue taking in even the shallowest of breaths, continue putting forth even the smallest of efforts to sustain your dreams. Don’t ever, ever, ever give up.
—  Richelle E. Goodrich

The horses are coming
   So you better run~

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