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Day 2 ~ Superhero AU

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Sometimes, in the hecticness that characterizes Adam’s days, he would really like to tell himself that he didn’t asked for any of this. Instead, he knows he kind of did, he let himself go through the rabbit holes of fever dreams, he listened to an omnipotent forest over and over again.

Cabeswater asked, at the end, “What role do you want in all this, child, now that you know?”

Adam only had one answer, “I will be your hands, I will be your eyes.”

And thus it all began.


It would be so much easier if Adam could be college student by day, superhero by night, but as a general rule of thumb Adam’s life is never easy, and the Greenmantels are not nocturnal enough for their plans to be disrupted only after dark. As a result, Adam routinely juggles two jobs, college work, some highly magical shenanigans and tries to get some sleep when he can.

And, more importantly, he tries to leave his group of friend and his boyfriend happily oblivious of everything, because he trusts them with his life and needs to keep them safe at the same time.

Every step he took, he chose. He keeps choosing it every day. They didn’t, so it’s not their burden to take.

Sometimes, though, Adam wishes it were easier, with everything out in the open. It would be possible, then, to admit that Cabeswater is overwhelming, that having a sixth sense without always being able to interpret it is confusing. That he doesn’t know what he’s doing. That he’s tired, so tired.

His friends just thinks he’s overworked, and in some sense he is, but nothing of what they tried would really help. Still, it’s endearing when Gansey always makes sure he has all the right books around to study on, when Blue constantly comes over with leftovers, when Henry provides a virtually unlimited supply of coffee exactly when Adam feels he really needs it. Ronan, inexplicably, always manages to be there exactly when Adam needs him, when the ice he’s walking on is at its thinnest, and never really makes him feel like he’s losing it.

He’s lucky, to have so many anchors. Adam says it to himself over and over again, soaking in the comfort Ronan’s fingers caressing along his naked back in a late spring night. Sleep is proving difficult to catch, in a background rustling of countless leaves that are not really in the room with them, and Ronan’s chest raises and fall rhythmically in his sleep.

Adam doesn’t know how he’s managing to cuddle him and sleep at the same time, but his bones still ache from the crazy chase for displaces magical artifacts and four double shifts during the weeks, so he just wants more. He shuffle even closer, hooking one leg around Ronan’s and hiding his face in the familiar crook of his neck.

Ronan turns his head in his sleep and kisses an indefinite point on Adam’s hair before stilling again. Heat spreads through Adam’s nerves like a wave, and if he weren’t so damn drained he would maybe wake Ronan up, get himself a proper kiss, maybe even another round of sex.

His own limbs flip him off at the sheer thought of moving, though, so he stays put and lets himself slumber. It’s easier, with Ronan’s mindless touches anchoring Adam in this place, in this moment.

Cabeswater is already tended for, after all. Adam can sleep, and be rested for tomorrow. He will have his first day off in months and go with Ronan to see the old train station, open only for a day before they start the renewals.

It will be all right.


Except that it wasn’t.

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anonymous asked:

If Gabriel and Lucifer die sealing bahamut solving all the mess Charioce caused what was the point of this? Maybe make chari regret killing and enslaving them for nothing?

the show never acknowledges chari destroying cocytus or enslaving demons, so i doubt it’s to make him regret everything.

  • when the scientist guy explains everything about chari’s motivation, the flashback montage has the demon slave and stadium and but the narration itself conveniently forgets to mention anything about it, implying, just by being virtue not mentioned, enslaving and destroying demons is part of effort to subjugate bahamut and this. just. doesn’t. stack.
  • I’m still waiting for an explanation because surely there must have been one.
  • why destroying cocytus and enslave demons?
  • it certainly not to build Dromos since Dromos is built by humans, who clearly *get paid*.
  • srsly why the need to kill a whole capital city of demons???
  • at least he makes it clear he attacks the gods to steal Dromos’ blueprint. Still despicable, esp bcs of all the killings, but he has a motive. but Cocytus…?
  • Look at her being mightily beautiful and untouchable.
  • And you know if someone’s animation suddenly improves, it’s bcs they’re about to die/disappear forever in dramatic fashion.
  • so it’s possible Gabriel and Lucifer are really gonna be made into keys to seal bahamut after all.
  • not sure if this face is in relation to kaisar or lucifer, but i assume it’s more for Lucifer probably.
  • I really hope Lucifer and Gabriel do not to become keys tho.
  • I mean, throughout Virgin Soul, Azazel (and the demons) just keeps losing and losing and losing and losing.
  • He lost his capital city, his standing, his ppl, and then when he tried to do something he failed and lost Bel and the demons who had faith in him, and just as when he lost his pride and finally worked together with humans, he lost Mugaro. if he also lost his leader now… holy shit.
  • can’t even laugh anymore at that “being azazel is suffering” thing.
  • meanwhile chari and the humans just take and take and take and keep on taking without getting repercussion.
  • just.
  • why.
  • why do all the atrocities, WHY HIDE BAHAMUT???
  • chari killed tons of the demons and gods, for the sake of what, sealing bahamut?????????????
  • dont you think if he just *tell* them, they would actually listen???
  • esp since ten years ago, humans/gods/demons already worked together and the balance is pretty much as normal???

I really hope Gab and Lucifer becoming keys is really not true, bcs holy shit, it makes chari looks so stupid and incompetent as hell.

look at him killing and destroying demons and gods only to be saved by the leaders of demons and gods.


if only he tells them everything from the start, Gab and Lucifer could solve it all with no sweat, with no killing, no drama, nothing.


what is this even.


Pairing(s): Lucifer/Reader (Sam!Lucifer/Prophet!Reader)

Summary: You’re a prophet of the end times, but your true calling is endless and time has a way of changing your mind.

A/N: Honestly, I have no idea how to summarize this. It’s a post-apocalyptic, fairy tale/fantasy soulmate AU(-ish), inspired by this: On Loving an Angel of War. Plus a metric eff-ton of physically/emotionally needy sex—wow, so thirsty.

Author: WFBI

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 8,300+ (This damn thing. Bear with me, okay? Approximately half of that is smut!)

Warnings/Tags: Smut, post-apocalyptic (human extinction mentioned, nothing violent/graphic), manipulation, some dubious physical contact (subtext only; smut is consensual), soulmates/bonding, wing kink, accidental voyeurism, dirty talk, power dynamics (dominant Luci, submissive reader), praise kink, oral sex (receiving), masturbation (male).

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why is it so hard to look at you?

the answer, in the guise of questions—

did you know that mortals cannot look at a god’s true form because it’s too much for the human gaze?

are you aware that you glow in a way the rest of us don’t?

that it’s as if the sun itself lurks underneath your skin?

i look away for i don’t want to disintegrate.

(but darling, i beg of you:
never feel that you must dim your brightness for my sake.
the world needs your light.)
—  O.M., perhaps you are apollo incarnate
It’s one of those bitter days...

where I wish I could continue to excuse the “epic love” ships on TV.

But no. I gotta be healthy and ship the shit out of OTPs that are like BFFs and actually probable but definitely problematic for the rest of the fandom.

When I was younger, I was ALL ABOUT epic love. I mean the really idealistic love that your fictional writers want you to believe in. As I got older I realize that love is not really true to reality. True meaningful relationships can be born out of lifetime friendships and loyalty and coming together in compromise.

“Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.”
Ann Landers



And why do I always feel like I’ll get burned by them every single time?

“If human nature were not base, but thoroughly honourable, we should in every debate have no other aim than the discovery of truth; we should not in the least care whether the truth proved to be in favour of the opinion which we had begun by expressing, or of the opinion of our adversary. That we should regard as a matter of no moment, or, at any rate, of very secondary consequence; but, as things are, it is the main concern. Our innate vanity, which is particularly sensitive in reference to our intellectual powers, will not suffer us to allow that our first position was wrong and our adversary’s right. The way out of this difficulty would be simply to take the trouble always to form a correct judgment. For this we would have to think before we spoke. But, with most people, innate vanity is accompanied by loquacity and innate dishonesty. They speak before they think; and even though they may afterwards perceive that they are wrong, and that what they assert is false, they want it to seem the contrary. The interest in truth, which may be presumed to have been their only motive when they stated the proposition alleged to be true, now gives way to the interests of vanity: and so, for the sake of vanity, what is true must seem false, and what is false must seem true.”

- Arthur Schopenhauer, “The Art of Controversy”, Parerga und Paralipomena (1851)