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The Thousand Chance Umbrella 


I ship it: Robb x Margaery

“You must think I can only thrive in sunshine, but a bit of snow does me good. At night, I look out of my window and pretend that the snowflakes are falling stars. I adore it. I adore Sansa. And I know you adore me, Lord Stark.”

“I adore you, a thousand times over.”


- Once we get married, I will be a stranger to my family. You will be the only one I could trust. In times like these, you should say I love you many times. You should embrace me and be nice to me. Do you… not love me? Are you not going to answer me?

- If words were enough, I would say it hundreds and thousands of times. But words have no power.

- It is where everything begins. You must express it with words first, then show it with your deeds. If you repeat that, that becomes… a life of a married couple.

In Memory of the Elves

They have shed their blood to defend this land

They have given everything they had to give

They sacrificed so much

For they loved Middle Earth

They loved the peace after the war

But in time, all evil things come forth

Some things must end

Even after thousands of years, endings still must come

But there was hope for the Eldar and to the Sea they went

Paths will always lead home, even for the fairest of folk

I bid you all a very fond farewell 


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Do you have the sources for the video for the gif set about Sebastian not talking? Please😄

i’m surprised at the asks i got about this, bc i feel these are the kind of quality videos everyone must have seen a thousand times already because they are incredible and ICONIC. if you haven’t seen yet, you’re in for a treat!!! here’s the ca:cw cast video where you get lizzie talking about how civilized sebastian is and chris does the hilarious ‘CHEADLE?? CHEADLE???!! who said cheadle? get outta here. cheadle’s playing grabass with the rest of us’ in one of my fave boston-drowned soundbites from him ever. joe russo’s bit is from this video, where they literally follow up joe’s answer with a cutaway to a muted sebastian with the sound of silence playing in the background a;lskfdj:

and the stackie one’s from one of my all-time favorite interviews with this infamous show-stopping spectacular moment that launched pining!needy! (look at me, praise me, ANTHONY I LOVE YOU) seb straight outta canon:

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That was a dream?… It’s like my having to walk down thousands and thousands of white marble stairs… and nothing but very, very blue sky, very blue like… Yes, and I’d have to walk down them forever. I never thought about going up… I don’t know, don’t you think that must mean something? It never occurred to me to turn it around. I mean, why didn’t I think that way? This was after I had the car accident… I don’t know. I think I’ve run out of time.
-Edie in Poor Little Rich Girl


It took my parents a while to a c c e p t  their  f e e l i n g s 
        Must run in the f a m i l y



We’ve seen you push yourself beyond your limits, you putting a smile on your face even though you’re tired and sick, we’ve seen the disappointment and frustration on your face when you couldn’t dance during one concert. So for you to personally come out and explain that you need this time off to take care of your health, it says a lot about your condition. because i’m 10000% sure that if you could be on stage, smiling and performing for your fans, you would be.  But I’m glad that you’re taking the time off, focusing on your health, putting yourself first for once. 

All those times you had wet hair at the airport (probably because you were trying to get as much sleep as possible and got ready the last minute), you getting skinnier and skinnier, all those times you’ve had to face your fears of heights, the fatigue in your eyes, it’s hard for a fan to watch and not being able to do anything about it. We want you smiling that gummy smile, laughing your jaws off, showing off your thousand eye wrinkles and the spark in your eyes, being healthy and happy always. So I hope you take all the time you need to recuperate and get better. Come back to us healthy and strong. <3

EXO REACTION - When you're in the hospital because of a minor injury but they make a big deal about it

Sorry if this is not good or it’s not close to what you asked :( but hope u like it


SUHO: “Jagi, are you okay? sorry for not protect you, I’m a terrible boyfriend”

BAEKHYUN:  “I will be with you for anything you need”
You: “Thanks Baek, but I’m fine”
Baekhyun: “shh shh don’t say anything, I said I’ll be here with you”

CHANYEOL: He will always be with you doing cute things to make you feel better, no matter if it’s something serious or not

D.O.:  “ He will always take care of you, even if he knew it was nothing serious
“Please tell me if you need anything, I’ll be here for you” 

KAI:  “Nothing will happen again, I promise, I will take good care of my girl from today” 

SEHUN:  He feels like the worst boyfriend in the world for not to take care of you, despite the fact that you have said is not serious he doesn’t listen 

XIUMIN:  He canceled all his activities just to be with you in the hospital… he would ask every five minutes “Baby, are you okay? you need something?”

LUHAN: Luhan would be really worried, in spite of being nothing serious, you are his little princess and he is always worried when something happens to you 

KRIS:  “Baobei I was very worried when I heard you were in the hospital, are you okay? how do you feel?”

LAY:  Use his healing powers to make you feel good, even though you’ve already said a thousand times that you are fine

CHEN:  “ I glad you are well, I would not know what to do if something bad had happened”

TAO:  “ Why did this happen? This must have happened to me, I’m a bad boyfriend who does not protect you. Now you’re here in this hospital”
you: “But Tao I’m fine…”
Tao: *crying* “I’m Sorry Baby”

 I do not own these gif, credits to their respective owners

Disneyfrozenprincess’s mini Tumblr awards!

Since it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m almost a hundred followers away from a thousand, I decided to do a mini Tumblr awards! Yay!

Categories that you could win in:

Best url

Best icon

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Best sidebar/header

Best edits

Best gifs

Nicest blogger

Best overall

Winners will receive:

  • a follow back (if I’m not already following)
  • can request a photo set
  • request anything really (except gifs unless you don’t mind a bad gif)
  • a new friend
  • eternal love from me <3


  • only reblogs, likes don’t count
  • Reblog as many times as you like
  • Winners will be picked on the night of February 25 (Arizona time)
  • This must reach at least 50 notes

im tentatively looking for more admins for the @miracurefladyblog​ 

because its got several thousand followers and 2 really busy people running it and we are kind of swamped

job description:

  • search through the episodes for requested ref, take gratuitous amounts of screenshots of your target
  • work on compiling photosets in the drafts (I will rearrange/add/subtract as needed then post)
  • save any reblog that might be ref-relevant to the drafts
  • posts can be general ref, outfit ref, face ref, building ref, item ref etc


  • must have all the episodes downloaded (HQ)
  • must have time to actually DO this
  • send me in your tiny resume (if you make amvs or gifs or have some sort of proof of the fact you have the episode files and know how to take a screenshot)
  • preference to amv makers/gif makers/editors/and artists (because they know what kind of ref they want)

if you don’t want to commit to anything but want to help out, always feel free to create your own ref posts and send us the link so we can reblog it

Hollah, so a lot of things are kinda happening at once at the moment eg. I’m very close to my next thousand and in about a week’s time the government will deem me responsible enough to be a parent, plus I haven’t do anything big in a while so…


-Mbf me
-Reblog to enter (but you can like for bookmarking)
-Ends 31st March
-Must reach 40 notes (pretty pls)
-1 winner and 1 runner up per category (+1 runner up for every 50 notes


Best url
-Best icon
-Best theme
-Best description
-Best sidebar/header
-Best edits/gifs/fanart
-Best fanfiction
-Best tmi/tid
-Best multifandom
-My favourite


-A place on my winner’s page
-Follow back
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-Unlimited promos for a month
-My super duper rad friendship
-3 unicorns