this music video is still my life * *

blood sweat & tears is such a high quality fucking song not only just bc of the song itself and the fact that they all sound amazing and the song was arranged perfectly but also bc of the fact that the styling was flawless they all looked fucking gorgeous and expensive.. the choreography fit the music so perfectly and it is executed seamlessly and synchronously by all of them and the music video was beautiful it was luxurious and sexy and elaborate and it just..,, it was so different but it was still bts and i could listen to it on repeat for the rest of my miserable life


“And so I’d thought I’d let you know
That these things take forever, I especially am slow
But I realized that I need you
And I wondered if I could come home”

First Day of my Life ~ Bright Eyes (listen here)

so i wrote this in the youtube comments but i also wanted to put it here

so this is just my interpretation, but we first see tyler being driven in the car looking uncomfortable and slightly scared but not actively trying to escape. we later see the hooded figure driving, i think that must be blurryface. the car could represent tyler’s mind or tyler’s life but either way it’s obvious that blurryface is in control. blurryface is wearing his seatbelt, tyler is not. i don’t really know what that represents but perhaps that blurryface is comfortable and wants to remain where he is and tyler doesn’t. however, even though tyler looks scared he doesn’t leave which reminds me of glowing eyes “do i want to say goodbye to all the glowing eyes, i’m holding onto what i know”, people have speculated that ‘glowing eyes’ are tyler interpretation of depression, similar to blurryface’s glowing red eyes. as the music video goes on, the car starts to fall apart, and blurryface disappears, as the car breaks more, tyler stands up, this could be him asserting himself, and he leaves the car to join josh, perhaps symbolising that he’s strong with josh. also, the car explodes which reminded me of “sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind”
however, the video ends with tyler back in the car being driven around again, presumably by blurryface, this could be saying that even when tyler thinks he’s defeated blurryface, he still manages to come back. sorry this is so long and rambly but i hope this opens up discussion |-/

​ edit: (21/3/17) i just realised that the first lyrics to holding onto you apply massively to the music video, ‘i’m taking over my body, no more shotty’, shotty referring to riding shotgun, and not being in control of a car… or a body, or a mind, or a life

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whos sleepy????

*cries a little bit*

Sleepy is a rapper/producer from the group Untouchable, He is a hard working incredible talented man who makes such great music and is signed with T$ who I think forgot he exists until he goes to drop a music video. All his promotions are from B.A.P and it makes me sad (thats how I found him at least) I don’t think Untouchable has been active in Y E A R S but their music was (and still is) pretty fucking neat 

Sleepy Solos that people sleep on (hurhur) and I cry

And OFC his collab with Yongguk 

And I would link more videos but I think I’m going overboard but my fave Untouchable song that brings me so much life honestly. 

He’s in a few of B.A.Ps vlives just randomly, the members really love him and he’s such a good guy who just needs to get the fuck out of TS and I want him and Bbang to create their own studio and adopt all the TS idols and protect them from all the evils in the world sdgdufnsmdf

on the may 15th fansign, mental health, darkness, and hope

on May 15, 2015, during 화양연화 Pt. 1 I went to BTS’ fansign at Sinchon and had a conversation with Namjoon that I, at the time, chose not to reveal for personal reasons. at that time, because of that decision, there were a lot of people who criticized me—people accused me of saying something mean to him, accused me of hiding some secret relationship between us, called me a slut, etc. I didn’t say anything about it at the time because it seemed pointless, but now that 화양연화 has come to an end for real, and following the release of YOU NEVER WALK ALONE—plus, the upcoming 2 year anniversary of this extremely fateful conversation (lol)—I have decided to write about it, if only to explain a little of why I feel such a connection to the concept and so people will understand why I kept it private for so long.

I just want to go ahead and give people some warning: it’s not only a post about BTS. it’s a post about my life, and it contains a lot of sensitive material, like self-harm, suicidal ideation, and drug use. please bear that in mind if you decide to read it, I don’t want anyone to be upset by that content.

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InShaAllah, this Ramadan will mark 5 years since I started praying Salah regularly…

I’m not posting this to brag or show off, but to hopefully help every one who is struggling with praying their salah.

Before I even started praying I used to sit on social media all day, I’d post a few Qur’an ayah here and there, and I used to feel as though what I am doing as a muslim was enough. That my imaan was growing because of my social media posts. It wasn’t.

I used to keep getting into islamic debates online, I’d argue against non-muslims and defend Islam against terrorism, I’d debate with brothers and sisters about ‘what is hijab’, and about music, and about all sorts of other things - the typical arguments you see online. I had a lot of things going on in my life and I used to vent my frustration online… to random people - but it never gave me peace. 

I would sit on the computer and watch islamic lectures on youtube, about the history of Islam, about marriage, about famous muslims from the past, about the importance of Salah, but the irony was I would watch these videos on salah, while neglecting the times of prayer. - I still couldn’t find peace, I was always moody and used to keep my distance with my family.

Ramadan 2012 was around the corner, I used to see these posts about ‘Ramadan muslims’ and how certain muslims will only act religious in Ramadan and not any other time of the year - It frustrated me even more, as I felt that I was one of those people. So I set myself a goal. I used Ramadan as a catalyst. I prayed all Salah during Ramadan and used that motivation to continue after Ramadan. I tried my best. Every single Salah I tried my best to pray.

I focused on my Fajr Salah first, if I could wake up for Fajr, then the other four should be a piece of cake. So I was there, I never missed a single Salah for a whole year - and with it I felt more peace around me, I felt closer to my family as well.

I won’t lie to you, after the first year, I kind of slacked with my Salah, I missed one fajr, and then began delaying certain prayers through the day - but I would still make sure I made up for them. Even if I wasn’t on time, I would do my best to pray the missed salah - it started having an effect on me as a person again, I started getting moody at times, and lost my temper easily. 

Alhamdulillah, for the past few weeks I’ve been striving to pray on time again, especially now that Ramadan is here. So I just want to tell anyone that has difficulty with their prayers, and get told they are just ‘Ramadan Muslims’ - don’t worry, this could be the year you start praying every single salah. Just keep yourself motivated. Ramadan is the best time to make that change. Everyone has a starting point, but I want to say something; it may be cliche, but I can honestly say I have seen the benefit in my life, as a person, that salah has helped me gain more patience.

If you’re not praying salah on time, or are missing it, do your best and you will see how much your life improves.

May Allah make it easy for us.

I keep thinking about a modern Animorphs AU and I’m so in love with it
It honestly has so much fun potential and I could go on forever about it, but here are just a few headcanons I have:


  • He just doesn’t Get social media
  • Marco’s always telling him to update his profiles more, but he never does
  • Only really goes on facebook and the occasional forum or chatroom
  • Most of his posts are Marco tagging him in things
  • Him and Tom would play video games a lot together, and Jake still tries to get him to play more
  • Jake usually just resorts to going to Marco’s house
  • Probably has a very dad-like phone case for his smartphone
  • Marco and Rachel make fun of him for it
  • Likes really outdated memes (Marco groans in the distance)
  • Someone please help this child


  • Gets in trouble for wearing crop tops at school
  • Has an aesthetic blog on tumblr
  • Lives on Instagram and pintrest
  • Her room looks like something straight off of pintrest
  • Watches so many beauty vloggers on youtube
  • Secretly wants to start her own beauty channel, but knows that she can’t being an animorph
  • Sends Cassie beauty and fashion hacks and tutorials all the time with the hope that she’ll get into it
  • It doesn’t, but she still does it


  • Spends a majority of his life online
  • Stays up until 3am on school nights going through reddit
  • The pirate KING
  • Has folders filled with illegally downloaded music and movies and anime
  • As a hawk, one of the animorphs brings him a tablet to use in the forest
  • He shows Ax anime
  • This was a bad idea
  • Everyone thinks he’s really tech savvy but mostly he’s just really good at googling things


  • He owns so many video games and different consoles oh my god
  • He always invites Jake over to play
  • Spends his nights trolling online
  • This boy is the absolute meme king (But let’s face it, that’s not even a headcanon. We all know this.)
  • He always sends Jake memes and funny posts he finds
  • Just take this moment to imagine Marco sending Jake cursed images or out of context gifs and saying “this is you”
  • Posts selfies c o n s t a n t l y
  • Literally all of his selfies have all these filters and he does all the stereotypical douche poses
  • Probably posts at least one selfie a day and brags when it gets liked
  • Jake always likes out of pity
  • Tries to grow his hair out for a man bun because the ladies will love it
  • Rachel tells him this is not the case. He ignores her


  • She’s had the same smartphone for the longest time
  • Honestly the only reason she has a smartphone is because Rachel finally convinced her to join modern life
  • The screen is incredibly cracked because she keeps dropping it while working with the animals
  • Like Jake, she doesn’t really get social media, either
  • She follows so many animal pages on facebook though
  • She just doesn’t get internet humor
  • Sometimes she thinks she gets it, but she never does
  • Rachel and Marco die a little bit on the inside every time Cassie brings up something she found online because it’s always old and outdated jokes and memes
  • Jake always laughs though
  • Accidentally liked an old picture of Jake once
  • She texted Rachel frantically asking her what to do
  • Rachel was dying
  • Honestly Jake probably didn’t even notice. He was just happy Cassie liked one of his pictures


  • Marco showed him a meme once. He had no idea what the point of it was, but now he won’t stop trying to reference memes. Marco regrets his decision. Tobias tries to help him understand memes more. It’s a lost cause. Ax now brings up memes at the worst possible times.
  • Remember how I said Tobias showed him anime. Ax loves anime.
  • He ends up getting into quite a few of them and sits in the forest draining the battery of their electronics
  • He doesn’t even need subtitles because of his translator chip
  • Tobias gets frustrated because every time a new episode of the anime they’re watching comes out, Ax watches it before him and is really bad with spoilers
  • Scoffs at touch screens (“You need to use a screen to touch? A hologram would be much easier.”)
  • Marco insists on setting up a facebook profile for Ax’s human morph because he thinks not having a facebook in modern day might make controllers suspect him
  • Now imagine Marco helping Ax take selfies for his new profile
  • Words cannot even begin to describe that shipwreck
  • The other animorphs cannot stop laughing at how ridiculous his pictures are

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RFA + V + Saeran with an MC that has a habit of singing/dancing around their house/apartment even if there's no music? And it's like, weird dancing, not good dancing? Thanks

Sure, Anon, I wanted to put songs to the names… I hope you don’t mind. You don’t have to listen to the song, of course. Obviously i dont own any of the music

Yoosung - Me & my Broken Heart

  • You were making lunch in the     kitchen when you began to hum a song    
  • And humming turned into full     blown singing
  • And then dancing…
  • It was a music act.
  • Yoosung was peering at you     from around the corner as you slid across the tiles floor and burst your     lungs out
  • You, skilfully, managed not     to spill anything as you sung and danced 
  • Yoosung thought of how cute     you looked singing
  • “All I needs a little love in my life! All I needs a     little love in the dark! A little, but I’m hoping it might kickstart, me     and my broken heart!”     
  • He began to take a video, and     then sent it to group chat    
  • Your phone vibrated and you     were still dancing and singing when you checked it 
  • Then you saw the video of you
  • “YOOSUNG!”
  • He’s never run so fast in his life     
  • However, you can’t stay mad     at him forever because he tells you repeatedly he did it because he     thought you were cute. 
  • He helps you finish lunch,     and you dance around together    

Jaehee - Thnks Fr th Mmrs

  • You were cleaning the shower,     when suddenly Jaehee heard loud echoing
  • She got up to find you     because she thought you were in trouble
  • But she turned the corner to     hear singing, and she could see your reflection in the mirror
  • You looked possessed to be     honest
  • You were doing some creepy     stare-off thing with yourself as you sung
  • “One night and one more time! Thanks for the memories,     even thought they weren’t so great, she tastes like you, only     sweeter!”     
  • Noticed how you changed the     lyrics 
  • Her giggling got her caught, and     you immediately flushed as you tried to stumble an explanation
  • She waved you off, giving you     a quick kiss on the cheek and telling you how cute you looked
  • And you caught her tapping     her foot and humming the song later    
  • Eventually the two of you did     a duet
  • But it was probably to one of     Zen’s Musicals

Zen -  Bubblegum Bitch

  • what do you mean duets happened      all the time?
  • Well, duets did happen all     the time, but that was when you tried your best to sing
  • When you were alone you     didn’t care what you sounded like, or how you looked
  • You were dancing with a broom     as you swept the room, singing to it as if it was a person
  • Zen was watching the whole     thing from the door frame.    
  • “I’m Ms sugar pink liquor liquor lips, hit me with your     sweet love steal me with a kiss!”     
  • You tried to do a cool thing     with the broom where you threw it to the ground and then kicked it up and     caught it
  • You did not catch it
  • Instead it smacked you straight in the face    
  • You frowned as your nose     started to bleed, and Zen forgot he wasn’t suppose to be there so he raced     forward to help you    
  • He scared the shit out of you
  • “Are you okay MC?!”    
  • “How long have you been standing there??”    
  • He smirked
  • “Long enough”     
  • You smacked him and went red
  • But he assured you, you looked     very cute dancing and singing. 

Jumin - Im an Albatros

  • normally he worked late
  • So, you danced around the     apartment, singing whatever song you liked at the time, in one of his     shirts waiting his arrival 
  • Jumin came home early today,     and did not tell you    
  • So, he was standing in the     doorway, a smirk on his face, as you jumped around the apartment yelling a     song. 
  • “She called herself the hoe, with the money money flow,     but fuck that little mouse ‘cause I’m an Albatraos”     
  • You screamed when you saw     him, and fell to your knees out of pure fear. 
  • He was chuckling at you     before He approached you and gave you a quick kiss
  • The two of you got ready for     bed
  • And Jumin made a mental note     to come home early more often    
  • Because you looked very cute     when you thought no one was watching    

Saeyoung - Im the Bad Guy (Wander over Yonder)

  • Saeran was out, Saeyoung was supposed     to be out as well, but he     wasn’t, he was hiding, observing what you’d do on your own
  • It was very interesting, to     say the least
  • You began to sing a song he     didn’t actually know    
  • That’s because it’s a song     from a show he header seen    
  • You were draping all over     furniture and dramatically touching lamps as if they were people
  • “I’ve always had a weakness for bareness and bleakness!     I crush all your hopes and then I watch you cry!”     
  • You tried to do some cool     spinny thing with the lamp    
  • And got tangled in the cord    
  • And the lamp fell
  • Saeyoung couldn’t help but     laugh, which drew attention to him. 
  • 707 has been compromised     
  • you dragged him out of     hiding, and forced him to help you clean the lamp mess for laughing at you
  • And after, you put on     whatever song you wanted and started to dance ridiculously
  • And of course, Saeyoung     joined you
  • You did some weird couple     moves
  • Saeran came home
  • And decided right there on     the spot he was moving out    

V - Honey, im good

  • he had the surgery, he can see, it’s all good.    
  • You were vacuuming and you     had headphones in, but you were on the other side of the apartment and     didn’t think V would hear you    
  • You were horribly wrong
  • V could hear the commotion,     it sounded like elephants running through the house, so he went to     investigate
  • And what he found was much more interesting than a herd of     elephants     
  • You bopping your head- rather     violently- to a     song as you sing along    
  • “Nah, Nah honey I’m good! I could have another but I     probably should not, I’ve got somebody at home and if I stay I might not     leave alone!”     
  • V smiled and laughed, you     didn’t hear him, but when you shut off the vacuum and turned around you     saw him smiling
  • His smile made you less     embarrassed, somehow, and you unplugged your headphones
  • Instead of stopping, you     turned the song up and threw the phone on the bed before grabbing V and     dragging him to a dance    
  • You both just spun around the     apartment, laughing as you tripped over each other’s feet 
  • At the end of the song you     both collapsed on to the ground and stayed there for hours listening to     the other songs that played, and enjoyed each other’s company

Saeran - Kids in The Dark

  • You were in the kitchen     making breakfast
  • And he woke up at the sound     of your voice
  • A little annoyed
  • But he forgave it easily when     he saw how funny you looked    
  • You were dramatically turning     and throwing your hands out, singing like no one else was in the area. 
  • “They left us alone, the kids in the dark, to burn out     forever, or light up a spark!”
  • The words you sung connected with him a lot    
  • You were mixing the pancake     mix, and when you turned you caught sight of Saeran. You dropped the mix     and froze in horror    
  • “I didn’t know you were there”    
  • “I could tell”    
  • He told you to keep it down     so he could sleep, and after he said it he regretted it because he missed     your voice
  • A few days later he heard you     singing again, and found you dancing once more while you cleaned the room
  • So, this time he watched you     for longer, hiding better so he wouldn’t get caught
  • You saw him, and instead of     freaking out, you sneakily made your way to him, grabbing his arms and     dragging him into the middle of the room
  • “MC, knock it off-”    
  • “Not until you dance!”     
  • You grinned up at him and     wiggled your body strangely, and he couldn’t contain it anymore
  • Saeran began to laugh, harder     and louder than he had ever done so before
  • And the two of you wiggled     weirdly and thrashed around, punching the air and screaming the lyrics
  • Saeran gathered some courage     and pulled you close to him, kissing you softly before the next song     starts
MONSTA X - 「HERO (Japanese ver.) 」 Music Video (Full ver.)
i dont own this lmao


I think now is a good moment to talk about this. Since 2012 i have had problems with weight. I had anorexia few years and i’m still battling it. Now for a few months i have felt so bad about my weight. I’m not fat, i have normal weight. Like 52kg is not much i think but still looking into the mirror makes me wanna cry. First i didn’t want to say it out loud that i battle against the problem but it is better to face it.

  • Sherlock & Molly | What is She?

    Vimeo is my friend. Youtube hates me. This new version has been blocked in the entire world. Arrrggghh. So yeah. Pretty much a Tumblr exclusivity. As announced previously, I have deleted my previous video posted here two days ago. Let’s all forget my EPIC FAILURE and move on. Shall we? Please, pretty please? :D

    Before doing that though, I need to say a huge thank you for the positive feedback I got regarding the previous attempt and the encouragements. You really made everything better. 

    Also, if the wonderful bunnies who wonderfully reblogged the post with the original video could do me a kindness and delete it, I would be much obliged to them. And grateful beyond belief. There is no point in keeping it around anyway since the link is no more :) 

    So this is it. The final edition of Who is She. I am happier with the result. Less fluffy, more angsty.  Something deeper to explain what Molly represents regarding Sherlock’s growth as a decent human being. In short what I originally intended to express and failed miserably at. This is a lesson for you, kids. Just keep trying. Being creative is not an easy process. Not matter how hard you try and how experienced you think you are, you keep making mistakes. And that’s okay. That’s how you improve.  I can safely say that I am glad I deleted the previous version.

    Although mainly focusing on Sherlock and Molly, the video turned out to become Warstan as well. It’s quite short and the pace is a bit too fast. But I think I successfully made my point. 

    If you are a Sherlolly connaisseur, nothing in the edit should be a big shock to you. Molly is the one who showed the world that emotions don’t make you weak. Driven by love and care, her feelings elevated Sherlock into becoming a better version of himself. For her, he always tried. And I think, at last, Sherlock understood why. Eurus made him face the fact that he loves her much more than he thought. And my god does she love him too. Now go and make babies. That’s an order.

    The video is of course, still dedicated to @theleftpill. I repeat myself but she did provide life-altering advice regarding my editing software. And she’s just awesome. I add a special thought and many thanks to @whenisayrunrun and @anyone-lose-a-fez  who very kindly got in touch with me after my publication debacle to cheer me up and tell me the kindest things in the world. Thank you so, so much. I can’t tell you how much you helped.

    The music hasn’t changed. I should have used a longer and gentler one but I didn’t want to. Simple as that. I love it too much. As I said before, it is aptly named « Labor of Love » from the Star Trek 2009 soundtrack. A jewel composed by Michael Giacchino.

    Disclaimers: I don’t own the songs or the clips used in this video. This is purely a work of fiction, no profit gained.


alright i’m pissed off about the thumbnail and i still can’t believe i’m posting a video of myself singing for all these people to see, but here it is. i was sitting in bed playing my guitar when i got an idea for a poem and so i wound up writing my first piece of music in years. it’s not perfect, but it felt good. 

why’s this feeling of insecurity so innate to me?
all my life i’ve been bubbling with anxiety.

if i could learn to love myself then maybe i could heal my soul
if i could learn to love myself then maybe i could feel whole

i never really knew what i wanted to do
i just wanted to be okay
but now that i’m figuring it out
maybe i’ll find my way

why’s this feeling of self hate so deep in me?
i don’t know if i remember how to be happy.

but if i could learn to love myself then maybe i could heal my soul
if i could learn to love myself then maybe i could feel whole

i never really knew what i wanted to do
i just wanted to be okay
but now that i’m figuring it out
maybe i’ll find my way

Me: I’m not falling for this new kpop group. I just heard this song and want to see the music video… I will not obsess over them…. I will not….

Me 5 hours later: *knows the names, birthdays, heights, and ideal types of each and every member*

Also me, in obvious denial: *gif* I’M STILL NOT OBSESSED THO, THIS IS TOTALLY FINE

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I just realized I am basically Eurus Holmes:
  • All I want for Christmas is Jim Moriarty and I’m still waiting
  • I own a very embarrassing amount of videos featuring Jim Moriarty 
  • 5 unsupervised  minutes with Jim Moriarty are quite enough to me (aka I could break dat glass with the overpowering force of my pheromones)
  • Proud captain of the Jim Moriarty Fan club™
  • also good taste in music

a yearly shoutout to all the people who make my tumblr experience great :)

thanks for your edits, gifs, writing, art, concepts and jokes. im glad to have found so many cool people to talk to here, to share my spn love with. it wouldnt be the same without you! i love ur blogs LOTS!!! creme de la creme homies

special mentions go to:

  • my irl friend Justyna, whom u can see tagged in a shit ton of posts and who is also a fan of spn (spn AND a gyros joint helped me found one of my best friends lmao)
  • Han, @sunnybauds, dude,,, i love talking to you about spn and food and music and watchin spn with you and just ugh, everything. You won me over when u were like, im gonna make a spotify mix for u… i’ll take it with me 2 my grave,,, love u even tho u made me listen to lorde’s album so many times that i ended up liking it wtf
  • Sarah, @srk1o3, you’ve brought a ton of A+ music into my life, some deeply regrettable, (i pray my dick get big as the eiffel tower??!?!?!! brAH i listened to it 2 many times i love it but like smh @ kendrick), you are thE ONLY RAP/ELECTRONIC MUSIC pal i can talk to abt this and ur taste is so good, great horror/video discourse, i hope we continue to talk next year cause goals
  • Marlz @lovelybenny wishes to see my dance moves and thinks im super cool but is afraid to admit it. also loves mountains??? nature?? but i still like her somehow
  • Alex @vintagesam has asked me the most important questions, like ‘what do you think about killer clowns from outer space?’ and thanks to him i got to know very good movies and music, thanks, i literally think about you everytime i watch some weirdo monster movie
  • Hanna @tipsysam, Dani @sensitivehandsomeactionman, Fiona @ruedesarchives, Sandra @lemondropsonice, Kaz @lipglosskaz even tho we don’t talk all that much i can’t imagine tumblr without u
  • Jenny @envydean, Aimee @scentofyesterday, Pika @lizziemcguire, Kahala @spacelesbians, Emma @fightdarcy and Sam @sammy-samulet, i consider y’all some of my regular best pals on here for years whether you like it or not

here are the blogs (and people behind them) that have been filling my dash with awesome posts this year: (under the cut cause thats A LOT of people i love so many blogs smh)

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Road trip with Seventeen


• Not excited one bit but tries to look enthusiastic to make others feel better

• Scared of the fact that they have to go with a fucking van and most of his friends are unsupervised in the back 

• Illegally too, he’d like to add

• Is in the front with Mingyu and Jeonghan just to read the map  

• Feels like crashing the car would be a great alternative     


• Demands he gets to sit in the front because he’s one of the designated drivers 

• But doesn’t actually drive because “Mingyu is so much better anyways”    

• Likes to play a little game called how many times can I get Mingyu to turn the wrong way by shouting wrong directions over Seungcheol      

• Tells Mingyu to stop on every gas station to check if anyone in the back needs to pee 


• Was excited to go before he realised he’d have to be the oldest one in the back of the van

• Brought his guitar and is salty because the others are already listening to music so he can’t play

• Plays anyways

• Honestly this is not how he expected this trip to go       


• No one really knows what goes on inside his head

• He doesn’t know either

• But he enjoys doing anything as long as he’s with his friends

• Talks sometimes but no one knows what he’s saying

• Needs to pee on every gas station (Jeonghan: See, Mingyu? I fucking told you!) 


• ExITeD As FuCK

• Makes up songs and choreographies about everything he does

• “Throwing the bags in the back~ ay! Making room on the floor so we can sit shalalaa~” (Jihoon: Can you actually do something useful? Move!)

• Excited about everything from the car moving to the flashlight Wonwoo has on his phone because I don’t have one and that’s very useful (Jihoon: Yeah. Imagine being shoved on the back of a van one day and you don’t even have a flashlight)

• Runs out of things to be exited about within 10 minutes into the trip because there are no windows.


• Laughs at everything Soonyoung does but eventually moves on when he hears Jihoon complaining

• Brought a book and isn’t afraid to read it

• Would complain about others being noisy but that would be uncool and therefore very unlike him

• Eventually gives up on his book and joins the others in being noisy


• Excited that he gets to be in the back

• Quickly gets sick off it and starts sending Seungcheol texts begging to switch places

• “I can handle Jeonghan just please!”

• Doesn’t get his way so he finds a corner and chats with Jun the rest of the way      


• Designated driver and very annoyed about it

• Purposefully follows Jeonghan’s wrong directions because he’s petty and doesn’t want to do this

• “If I drink a shit ton the next time Jun needs to pee, can I stop?” (Jeonghan: No but we can let you stop the van once in a while if you need to throw up.)  

• Every time they have a break he spends it complaining to Minghao about how hard his life in the front is


• Is very excited™

• “Is this what it feels like to be kidnapped?”

• Excitedly sings along with Hansol’s loud hiphop music with Hansol and others who occasionally join their cool squad

• Takes out his phone to start a video shoot but ends up taking only one video before he gets distracted by text messages (Minghao: It still blows my mind how you have friends.)


• Excited but tryinna be cool about it

• Giggles when he steps into the van    

• Occasionally sings along with Hansol and Seokmin

• Does absolutely not give any fucks about Mingyu’s complaining on their lunch break

• And is a friend enough to tell him     


• “This is just like that one One Direction music video”

• Changes his mind once the van’s doors close though

• Sings

• Sings all the fucking time and over Hansol’s obnoxiously loud hiphop music

• Is embarrassed for like second when Seungcheol texts him to stop but get over it because I have just blessed your ears you’re welcome



• Isn’t even that excited just enjoying life like usual

• Music is life music is loud!

• Only turns it down when he gets a reminder text from Seungchol that what they’re doing is very much illegal

• “Dude, I swear I just heard a siren. Dude, this is like in the movies.”

• Somehow manages to get Joshua excited again   


• Is salty that him sitting in the front wasn’t even an option

• But gets over it quickly because the back is actually litty as f

• Laughs as loud as possible to let Jeonghan know that he’s missing out

• Gets tired quickly and falls asleep in Jun and Jihoon’s corner after Hansol turns his music down

Feel free to request more!


Kakihara Tetsuya Music Video Collection 2010-2017 

my life my time (still on Journey - 2010)

Chaos Breaker (CONTINUOUS - 2012)

Call my name (Call Me - 2013)


ダンディギ (ダンディギ・ダン - 2014)

咲いちゃいな (咲いちゃいな - 2015)

オレンジ (orange - 2015)

進ませろ!(進ませろ!-  2016 )

Start of LIFE (Circle of LIFE - 2016)

トコナツウェーブ (トコナツウェーブ- 2017)

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