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Harry Misses Anne So You Surprise Him With Plane Tickets To Visit Her

A/N: This is quite short, but it’s such fluff I am in love.

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“This is shit! All of this is shit!”

Harry’s hands violently shoved all his crumbled pieces of paper and music journals off of the kitchen table before pounding the sides of both of his fists against the wood, refusing to contain all the frustration that had only seemed to increase inside of him any longer.

He had been trying to write new music for the past three weeks. After visiting the local record label for what felt like the hundredth time since he’s moved from home, they still refused to sign him until he figured out a way to produce music that “didn’t sound like everything else.” He’s tried everything—from writing about his love life to writing about all the angry shit scrambled inside his head—yet nothing seemed to gain their interest.

At that point, Harry had run out of ideas. There was absolutely nothing else he could think of writing about that he hasn’t already, and it was as if every possibility of making music in his future had suddenly turned into a false hope.

It was all he had, though—writing and producing music was the only thing he had going for him and the only chance he had to make money. But it was so much harder than he ever thought possible, for he had been trying for years to gain recognition for his creations, yet nothing came to his avail.

He was on the brink of giving up on everything at that moment—everything.

“Fucking shit!”

Y/n ran from their shared bedroom into the kitchen after hearing the chaos Harry had riled up. By the time she reached the dining table—which was normally used both as a place for them to eat and Harry’s office—he was an absolute wreck. Between the mess upon the floor and the cries that seemed to obstruct the silence that had once been, she had absolutely no idea what to do.

“Harry, wh—what?”

“I can’t—I can’t live like this anymore!” He sobbed, his head in his hands as his lungs began to fail him through his words.

He couldn’t continue living through their financial crisis; between his dead-end attempts to make a career out of his music and Y/n’s minimum wage salaries, it was nearly impossible for them to live a life they both deserved. Their memories were trapped inside an apartment that could barely fit the two of them, all their passionate nights were shared on a mattress with no bed frame, and their life together remained stagnant for far too long.

Harry loved her more than he’s ever loved anything before, and the thought was enough to terrify him.

She deserved so much better than him—she deserved a man that could provide her with all her needs and wants. She deserved every bit of the earth and Harry could barely offer her a fraction of it. He could only provide her with his love and the scraps he made from his failures.

She deserved so much more than him.

“Oh, baby.” She whispered.

She kneeled down to where he was sitting, pressing her forehead to his as she played with the hairs that raided the nape of his neck. She was well aware of how hard their living situation was—especially for him.

He worked hard enough for the both of them. He worked relentlessly, often times skipping meals or refusing to have a proper night’s sleep until he had something done—whether it was a new song idea or even a newly written verse. Stress took over his every move and Y/n knew he wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle.

He was losing himself slowly, and it pained Y/n beyond words to see him live the way he was. She wished she could offer him more help than she was already giving him, but she was busy, too, and she never felt more upset with herself.

“I need my mum.”

The words he’d spoken an innumerable amount of times fell from his lips without much thought.

He hadn’t seen her since he decided to move away with Y/n, which was four years ago at the time. He had sacrificed his entire life to start a new one with Y/n. He figured that moving away with her to a different city would be his opportunity to start fresh on his music career and start making enough money for him, Y/n, and his family.

He had sketched plans upon backup plans to get his music going. He searched through all the different venues, music companies, music managements—everything he could think of—and spent nearly every hour practicing and writing.

He never expected that what he had to offer wasn’t good enough.

To those he showed his music to, there was a list of improvements they felt he had to make. They claimed that his music was either too mainstream or too different, and there was absolutely no in between. He found himself in a rut with his creations and it was far too late to move back in with his family since he nor Y/n were making enough money to pay their rents, bills, and a plane ticket back home.

Anne wasn’t able to afford visiting him either, though, so there was absolutely nothing the either of them could do besides wait until Harry’s music career started to take off—if it ever did.

He missed Anne more than anything. Although he was in love with spending every day with Y/n and getting to experience all of his miserable life with her, he missed the feeling of his mum being around him all the time. He missed absolutely everything about her, especially when he had his emotional breakdowns.

She was his rock and his provider his entire life, and he relied on her for everything until he decided to move away. She kept him sane through all his hectic times and was there for him when nobody else was.

Anne wasn’t only his mum, but she was his best friend, and continuing to live without knowing when he’d be able to see her again was Harry’s own personal hell.

“I know, darling.” Y/n whispered as she let his tears soak her shirt and his body shake in her arms.

He kissed her where her heart was as he squeezed her more into him. His entire world was in his arms and he’s never needed the weight of it more.

“Don’t ever think I regret my life with you, love, please don’t. But my mum, Y/n, my mum—I miss her so much. Phone calls don’t mean shit to me because I’m not w—with her.”

She only nodded, letting him vent to her without any interruption. It brought her comfort whenever Harry was having a breakdown, as sick as it sounded—it just brought her peace knowing that he was letting out all of the emotions he kept in for her sake. He was human, after all, and he deserved to have his moments.

“I need her, Y/n. I need her to hold me and tell me that everything is going to be okay. I need her to kiss me and tell me how proud she is of me even though I’ve done nothing but fail those around me—like I fail you—and just hold me like she did when I was a kid.”

She shook her head instantly, slowly pushing his body away from hers in order to her eyes to meet his. They were red and soaked with tears, but they were beautiful and was always what got her weak in the knees.

The pads of her thumbs wiped away the tears that fell onto his cheeks, making sure to kiss him a couple of time while doing so.

“You never fail me, Harry. You give me a new reason to fall in love with you every single day and I thank God for you every time I look at you. Your love never fails me, nothing you do fails me. So never think that again, you hear me?”

And she really meant it more than ever, especially in that moment of Harry’s vulnerability. Her heart always hurt knowing that he wasn’t aware of how much she actually did give her, even if it wasn’t materialistic. Nobody provided her with as much love and safety as he had, and it was something she’d never be able to get enough of.

He got her through all her troubled times and all her insecure moments. She needed him and wanted him more than anything money could buy, and she’d spend the rest of her dying days attempting to make him believe it.

“You’ll see your mum soon, okay? If I can promise you one thing, it’s that you’ll see her soon.“

She kissed his cheeks again before they sat in silence together, all wrapped up in each other’s arms as they waited for Harry to finally calm down. They hadn’t found a lot of time within the past three weeks to spend loads of time together, so even just the half hour of holding one another was enough to mend him quite quickly.

“Can you promise me something else?” He breaks the silence, his voice slightly hoarse from the screaming that took place earlier.

She nodded.

“Can you promise me that whenever I see my mom again, that you’ll be there? I want you to meet her so properly and make her see why I want to marry you someday. I really want her blessing.”

She ran her fingers through his hair, grazing her lips softly against his forehead before muttering a small “I promise.”

That was a year ago.  

Ever since that night, Y/n made it her first priority to find a way for Anne and Harry to reunite. She never wanted to see that side of Harry again, and she’s been through the God awful pain that came from missing a parent. Y/n had lost both of her parents in a car accident, and she never wanted Harry to go through what she had to for the following years.

So, she started working double shifts at her job—gathering and saving as much money as she possibly could for a couple of months straight. Airfare was quite expensive, especially since she planned on buying two round-trip tickets and intended on being able to pay the rent and bills for that month and somehow buy food and necessities during the trip.

She intended on leaving it a surprise for Harry, as well, and was able to make up plenty of excuses as to why she wasn’t able to be at home as much. He was quite upset, but she found it was quite easy considering Harry was keeping busy with his music throughout that time as well.

To say she was exhausted was an understatement. She had never worked so hard in her life and never thought she had it in her to make as much money as she did. It made the living situation slightly easier during the time. She knew every lost hour of sleep and every extra second spent working would all be worth it in the end.

And it was all worth it, especially now.

The confirmation for her order is right in front of her; two round trip tickets to Holmes Chapel. It’s a sight she’s been desperate to see for a year now, and she lets out a sob as she reads the words over and over again. It’s real, it’s happening, Harry’s ticket to happiness is right in front of her and she has never felt so accomplished in her life.

As she prints out the tickets from her nearly broken down printer—that took her almost two hours to fix—she contemplates whether to wait a week for their sixth year anniversary or just go to him now and gift it to him.

But as she stares at the plane tickets in her hands, she just can’t keep it a secret any longer.

Y/n’s holding everything Harry’s needed right in between her fingertips. Everything that Harry has worked so hard for is right here, inked on printer paper right in front of her and there’s just absolutely no way in hell she can keep this information from him—he’s waited long enough.

She eagerly makes her way to their bedroom, a slight squeal leaving her lips as she makes her way to the doorway of their room. She sees Harry in the bathroom, dressed only in a pair of black boxers as he shaves the stubble under his chin.

He smiles softly upon her entrance, but quickly goes back to shaving the extra bits of his facial hair. She bites her lip at his nearly fully exposed body, but quickly regains her composure as she remembers exactly what she’s here to do.


Harry pats the excess hair from his razor as he looks up.

“Hm?” He hums, his eyes drifting away from his reflection in the bathroom mirror over to where she stands beside their bed.

She has tears in her eyes, but they’re much different from those Harry has seen before. Normally, along with her tears comes a frown on her face and red-tinted cheeks—only the smallest examples of how much her features drown in sorrow whenever she’s upset. But as he stares at her in the way she looks now, there isn’t a trace of sadness within her. Instead, her lips are up in a slight grin and the eyes that are filled with tears are staring at him in admiration. She’s glowing, too, and he swears he wants to look at her in this way for the rest of his life.

“What’s that, love?”

He nods his head slightly, referring to the two pieces of paper that are clenched between her fingers.

She takes a step closer to him as her eyes gleam at the man she’d do anything for. She wishes nothing to be as close to him as possible in this moment, but also wants to be far enough so that she can fully see the product of a man who’ll finally be reuniting with his mother.

“I got you tickets to see your mum, Harry.”

As soon as the words leave her lips, Harry nearly chokes. He drops everything on the floor—his shaver and his comb hitting against the counter and nearly breaking to pieces around his feet. His hands grip along the edge of the sink, face paling and eyes widening at her through the bathroom mirror.

He almost thinks he misunderstood her somewhere—that maybe what she actually said got scrambled in his head to somehow make him hear what he could only dream of hearing. But her face reassures him that he did, in fact, hear her currently and that he just couldn’t believe it.

Y/n’s tears fall down her cheeks as she giggles, observing how he still hasn’t moved a single muscle and the color in his face still hasn’t returned.

“You’ll be at home for a month and you’ll be leaving in two weeks.”

She takes another step closer to him, her smile never fading as he finally lets out a choked sob. Tears are already forming in his eyes and his hands hold tighter against the sink, but words seemed to be trapped in his throat and all that his brain can process is the pounding of his chest and the air that has yet to be knocked out from his lungs.

“I know that when we talked, you said that if you ever had the chance to see your mum again that you’d want me to come with you. I figured that that would be unfair to you, since you have spent so much time with me and haven’t been able to see her in so long. I decided to compromise and—and I’m only visiting for the first week but I figured it’d be enough time to—Harry?”

Her eyes narrow i concern as she watches him nearly fall backwards from his prior position, nearly tripping over his own feet as he finally turns around to look at her properly. Neither of them say anything as Harry stumbles towards her frame—eyes still bewildered and face still pale. He nearly trips over the sheets on the floor, but he quickly regains his balance before his hands find their way upon her cheeks.

He wants to say everything he’s thinking—he wants to tell her how thankful he is and how much he loves her. He wants to express every ounce of gratitude and give her everything she’s ever deserved in this moment. Hell, he wants to get on his fucking knees and worship all the blessings she’s ever given him and love on her until she can barely speak anymore. But all that falters nearly seconds after he reaches her.


He sobs—complete soul shaking sobs. Everything he’s feeling completely overwhelms him to the point where he ends up on his knees. His body collapses and his lungs are constricted but he has never felt so good in his life.

Y/n falls with him, cradling him again her chest as she presses chaste kisses along his forehead. Her hands rub up and down his back in an attempt to calm him from his cries, but he doesn’t back down. He’s hasn’t felt this amount of happiness in so long that he feels there’s nothing else his body can do.

He reaches his hands up to her face again, admiring her from what he can see between all the tears in his eyes and the squinting of his lids. He presses his lips to hers, but the kiss doesn’t last long before he’s sobbing again—bringing her face down to the dip of his shoulder while he holds her there.

She giggles, shaking her head softly.

“Didn’t I promise you, love?”

Reasons why Oikawa Tooru is Sharpay

- Fabulous

- has someone who knows them since childhood and while letting them do what they want is also so done with them

- Great Sense Of Style that would look like shit in anyone else

- unnecessarily mean

- diva style

- worked their ass off their whole life to achieve a single thing that they loved more than anything only for it to be snatched by someone with less experience than them and later be labeled as Villains

I just finished playing the game Night In The Woods, which tells the story of Mae, a college dropout who comes back home to the small, crumbling town she grew up in. And it’s hard to know where to begin. It’s definitely not like any game I’ve played before. I’ve looked at a few reviews of the game, and this inability to pin the game down seems to be a common feeling. It’s not a terribly long game. It only took me about 12 hours to play though it. But those hours leave you with plenty of content to try to sort out in your head long after the game is done. 

However, there is one specific theme that I feel unifies the game: survival. I feel like this is a story about survival. Not the survival of horror movies or epic fantasies full or murderous orcs and demons. In the broadest of terms, the game is about surviving life itself. Loss, stress, confusion, sorrow, hopelessness, isolation, change. It’s a game that features jobs that don’t pay enough, people who hate every waking day, families that are barely keeping it together, and friends who hate each other sometimes. 

But alongside all that suffering is what makes life worthwhile–makes surviving possible. Friends and family who love each other despite their faults. Looking at the stars through a telescope on a rooftop. Listening to a neighbor’s poetry. Pizza and video games. In the end the games doesn’t really give you an answer. There’s no giant concluding point that the game settles upon. Although, to say that the game doesn’t give you an answer supposes that the game poses a specific, overarching question in the first place. It doesn’t really. And I like that. It’s an ambiguous, grey, and foggy journey through the familiar, the unknown, and a changing world that’s never able to be just what it used to be. 

I have a hard time saying who will enjoy this game, because it walks such a fine line. Some parts of the story are depressing. Some provide hope. Some parts can be either and will create different thoughts and feelings in different players. I feel like the people who will get the most out of the game are the people who know just how hard surviving life can be. I imagine that many people are able to play this game and think, “This is me. This is about me.” And my hope, as a fan of this game, is that on the whole the game can serve as an affirming experience that can communicate a sense of “You can survive. You will survive. And it will be worth it.” 

In the meantime, as you play your way through the game, you’ll hop around on power lines, go to parties that probably won’t go well, have jam sessions with your friends, shoplift, and run around in Mae’s eerie dreams and nightmares

And some of those nightmares might just happen when she’s awake. And yes, that is supposed to sound ominous. The game is called Night In the Woods for a reason, and nothing good ever happens in the woods at night. 

It’s a gorgeous game with an often morbid sense of humor, fluid animation, and fantastic music. It’s full of mystery, which can be found in both the game’s creepy plot and in the characters themselves. More than anything else the game progresses through exploring the lives of its characters and developing the relationships between Mae and her friends. It’s a heavy game, and not something anyone should play if they’re just looking for a lighthearted way to pass the time. But it’s quite the experience and was well worth the 20 bucks it cost me (plus it’s gotten really positive reviews, so clearly I’m not the only one who likes it!)

Invade my insane space

#1- does the darkness comfort you?
#2- what brings you crashing to the floor?
#3- angels or demons?
#4- God or Satan?
#5- would you sit on the moon and watch the universe twirl quietly, even if you couldn’t breathe?
#6- what scares you most in the world?
#7- can we always be there for one another?
#8- I feel like I’m dying… Can I talk to you?
#9- being blind or being deaf?
#10- what song makes your heart pound the most?
#11- do you wish on stars?
#12- what were you doing last night at 1:03 am?
#13- the happiest, most golden moment of my life?
#14- the worst, most positively crushing moment of my life?
#15- if you had to choose between your mother and your father, who would you choose?
#16- ask me anything
#17- salt or sugar?
#18- death by water or fire?
#19- if you could have a degree in anything, what would it be?
#20- black or white? ….assuming I don’t like grey
#21- the thing/person I want to stay safe and happy and comforted in this world?
#22- if you could have the superpower of flight, invisibility, or mind-reading, which would you choose?
#23- is music something you could not live without?
#24- favorite flower my dear?
#25- why dragons?
#26- ice cream in winter? Or possibly hot chocolate in the summer?
#27- what’s your sexuality?
#28- do you dream in black and white or color?
#29- nights full of nightmares?
#30- what was the voice in your head saying at 2 am?
#31- okay…. Why don’t you hate the thorns on a rose?
#32- do you trust me?
#33- most cared for song at the moment?
#34- worst injury?
#35- bath or shower?
#36- color you love the most?
#37- anonymous question
#38- another way to wish not using 11:11, dandelion blooms, or even the fairy you thought you saw…?
#39- do you ever stare at the sky and look for those weird shapes in the clouds?
#40- a really weird something I like to eat in a weird way
#41- Lamborghini or Corvette?
#42- when did I have my first kiss? Boy or girl?
#43- most listened to genre?
#44- Jack Frost or Iron Man?
#45- are shorts and a tank-top an optional outfit for you today?
#46- will you be speaking to anyone you hate today?
#47- nachos or pizza???
#48- is my life what I thought it might be like?
#49- thing I am the most proud of accomplishing?
#50- ask me a question concerning intimacy
#51- piano or guitar?
#52- tell me something about yourself, my follower, please :)
#53- rather a mad world? Or an insane universe?
#54- are you that girl that sits alone on her roof at night?
#55- I wrote this question at 3:59 in the morning, listening to Mad World by Jasmine Thompson: do you like hummingbirds?
#56- is 1 (one) a unit or a number?
#57- glorious fireworks on a dark beach with your thoughts? Or swimming in the rain with your lover?
#58- tattoo? What would it be?
#59- natural shade of your hair?
#60- color of your eyes?
#61- the thing you regret the most?
#62- would you break a heart if it helped someone else?
#63- do you ever wish you hadn’t kissed a past friend/lover/acquaintance?
#64- the most violent/brutal/inhuman thing you’ve ever done?
#65- would I hug again, my most recent lover?
#66- would I kiss the lips of my last kiss?
#67- who was the last soul to see you cry
#68- have you ever looked into the eyes of someone who was about to die… And you didn’t even know it?
#69- do you ever wear your clothes in a uncomfortable fit, just to try and reshape the way your body looks?
#70- have you ever intentionally hurt someone?
#71- if you could spend the night with anyone, anywhere you wanted, how would you end up?
#72- butterflies or dragonflies?
#73- do you enjoy cooking?
#74- given the rather unpleasant opportunity, would you wear white to a funeral?
#75- have you ever abused drugs/alcohol/people?
#76- have I ever lay down in a barren field in the middle of a lightning and thunder storm?
#77- would you dear, eat a strangers heart?
#78- take the chance to sing in front of 10,000 people, while its snowing?
#79- if “New Zealand” was a French pastry dish, would you eat it?
#80- if “Naples Italy” was a Korean Milkshake, would you drink it?
#81- if “Cardiff Wales” was a star in the universe, do you think you would know that?
#82- what happened in your dream/s last night?
#83- tell me who doesn’t deserve the air they breathe?
#84- do you speak any foreign languages?
#85- do you experience anxiety attacks?
#86- ABCDEFGHIJKPLMNOPQRSRTUVWYXYZ…. do you know the alphabet?
#87- describe “nucleus”
#88- running through the woods at night? Or crawling in the snow at dusk?
#89- have you ever had a one night stand? Do you regret it?
#90- ask me anything “music” related
#91- smoke alone, by the water or on your roof in the dark?
#92- have you ever kissed a flower, knowing it was someone else’s favorite?
#93- have you ever sat on a cold bridge… And just waited?
#94- when I said “I love you” last… Did I honestly, truthfully and wholly mean it?
#95- have you ever had a near-death experience? /What happened?
#96- what do I want more than anything else on the planet/in the world/in the universe?
#97- do you put others before yourself, even on bad days?
#98- what, to me, is an angel?
#99- what’s the most passionate thing I’ve ever done?

#100- this is not a question, but rather a statement.
* I want everyone to do me a favor: smile. Find that piece, that glimmer, that twinkle that brings life to you breath. Hold it, love it, don’t let it go. Talk to that person you fell for so long ago… Laugh with them, cry with them. It doesn’t matter, just talk. Get it all off your chest. We all need this.
Eat what you want. Fuck society, everyone is beautiful, shape/color/voice/culture/sexuality/habits/ love and hates included.
Wear something comfortable. Listen to your favorite song until you’re shouting the lyrics at the world because it feels wonderful. Run outside in the night air and jump up and down in your pajamas like a crazy child because we are human and we are beautiful and we deserve the love no one ever gets. Because we are us, and that is more than okay.

#101- thanks guys

French Perfume Part 5

Crowley X Reader

Word Count: 1.6K

Summary: Female reader receives a package from an admirer.   She also learns about her special gifts.

A/N: I was inspired to write this section specifically because I wanted to expand on the fact that I believe that Crowley’s love language would be gift giving.

Warnings: language

Catch Up: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

After a day of training and still feeling like you got nowhere, you were exhausted, you dreamt of how to use your new found powers properly. When you awoke, on the empty side of your bed, there was a large white box adorned with a red bow and a dozen red roses in a vase on your dresser. You smiled and couldn’t believe your eyes; your boyfriend had done it again. Standing over the box, you saw another small white card.

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Tsukishima Music Headcanons

These have been swimming around in my head for a looong time. And I won’t lie, they are kinda-sorta-maybe-a-lot based on my boyfriend (I just really think they could sit and talk about nothing but music for HOURS and nothing else). And, legit, I am going to tag examples of everything I think he would and does listen to! (Can be connected with these head canons as well!)

‘Someday Someday’ :: Tumblr Edition, #15

“Okay,” Harry stood close behind me in the small ice cream shop, his hand hanging at my side but not resting on it as we investigated the cabinet, “Choc­-peanut is good if you’re a peanut girl. Or mint choc­-chip is fantastic … Hokey pokey is a standard. I’ve had that blueberry white­ chocolate one before—”

“—You’re a chocolate person,” I observed, craning my head back to look at him.

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Techno is art. It is a specific language that with no words says more than anything else. It is a culture that in such a short time influenced more people than any other religion did on this earth. Techno music talks about love, positive vibe, emotions, relaxation. It is a different kind of sound made for people, to make them dance and experience feelings they never knew before. Music is like any other tool. You can use it to destroy the world or to do something magnificent. We choose to make this earth a better place for all of us.

  • Hunger TV: You set up the record label Bromance; what’s Bromance about?
  • Brodinski: It’s about looking at what’s going on today, and how we can change it a bit, where Bromance can make a difference. The whole fraternity aspect of it makes it more interesting. I always help a friend with his music, even if it’s not exactly the music I am going to play. All the music on Bromance, I love it. Everything is completely different. Everyone signed on Bromance is my friend and my family. I will do anything for them. And that matters ten times more than anything else in life. What matters at the end? All that matters, is helping other people. What matters is how many people you help in your life. And how many people you experience stuff with in your life. By yourself you will never do anything.
If you love Kpop just read this.

To all those who listen to, admire and love kpop. So I tried spreading the love of kpop to so-called “friends” and I know that doing that is very dangerous considering they may think I am crazy. Something happened today that acc lowkey hurt me, so i was on the phone to my friend whilst with other friends and we were talking about learning the dance to call me baby by EXO for our new youtube channel. The minute they heard me explaining the song to my friend and singing the korean bits as I had a quick fangirl moment, they literally treated me like an outcast for the 15 mins i was with them. They literally crossed the road and walked on the other side, and when i tried to catch them up cos i thought they were kidding, one person was like “don’t touch me” he even flinched. The other person stopped in their tracks and somewhat seemed disgusted that I was into that. LIKE WTF? DOES LIKING KPOP MAKE ME A DISEASE? And just so y’all know KOREAN, JAPANESE AND CHINESE ARE 3 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. They like to say they are all the same damn thing ffs. Now all I really want to say is, if maybe, people look at you like you’re a weirdo cos say, you listen to kpop or learn far eastern languages or something different to the rest, don’t be phased by it. I have been told endlessly that I am “annoying” or “so weird” because I learn japanese and korean and listen to kpop/jrock. Honestly it is hard to comprehend that the same people who should respect me make fun or mock the fact that I’M TRYING TO BE A MULTILINGUAL BISH! Like you can stay speaking dry english forever while imma be in another country speaking korean/japanese or some shit. I feel like Kpop has shown me a new way to life and groups like EXO, BIGBANG, 2NE1 etc are so inspiring to me and you know what, I enjoy kpop more than normal music now. I’ve even started deleting some english songs cos I won’t have enough space on my phone for kpop lmao. Everyone on here PLEASE embrace your love for kpop and anything else you are interested in. Don’t let mean people get in the way of you being such an amazing person and open doors for yourself. *exhales*

You know what message me, let’s all have a chat on life and whether you have loads or little friends who are into kpop like you, and your experiences. 

I want to give you long hugs and go out on breakfast or brunch outings. I want to jam to music in the car or whilst we’re walking. I want to go hiking with you and for you to laugh at me when I trip on my ass. If nothing else I just want to play with your fingers as we’re watching a film or as the night settles in. I want to learn all the things you know and all the experiences you wish you could tell. I want to expand my horizons and tip toe out of my comfort zone knowing that you’ll be there if I don’t like what I see on the other side. More than anything, I want to be enough for you. And to not be so hard on myself when I realize I’m not.

-emilia 7/12/17

Requested: Hey could you write about Shawn being in love with a girl that plays the guitar and sings and posts covers online and they meet at his concert for the first time and she shows him her hometown?



Your buzzing phone signals that someone is trying to facetime you. Glancing at your screen to see who is calling, you see that it is Shawn, and just seeing his picture brings a smile to your face. You accept the call. “Hello?”

“Hey y/n, I saw your new cover!”

“You did?” You ask in surprise. “I just posted it like twenty minutes ago.”

“Yeah, I get notifications every time you post,” He admits, and you laugh.

“Well, I’m honored. Thank you.”

“Of course. Can you believe I’ll be there in Portland in just four days?” He says, a huge smile spreading across his face.

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You guys didn’t ask for it but here it is with plot and background and everything, seriously it is over 2000 words.

Thanks to @kittymewmyu for helping me come up with the ideas for the characters and building on the concept, this is our ORIGINAL IDEA and the fun of it all is that the fandom can do what they please with new plot ideas and expanding already existing ideas, all characters are the same but the setting and plot have changed to suit the high school environment.

We’re just laying out the ground work: this a community effort, and yes, I made the skeletons of age (with a valid reason why) to allow ships to sail because that’s always fun.

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anonymous asked:

Do you write while listening to music?

I do, but it’s a very specific sort of music: more ambient than anything else, and 98% of the time devoid of lyrics (because they distract from the flow of your own writing). I listen to stuff like this:

Or this:

And I use it to set the tone and mood for my story: to immerse myself in a scene as if it were a movie. It’s what helps me make my writing more visceral, because it engages the senses and turns writing into a three-dimensional thing that I can experience, rather than words on a page.

I’m not sure if that explanation makes sense, but I guess it’s a form of method writing (and the music I listen to helps facilitate that).

Magnises Interview: Madeon

At only twenty years old, Hugo Pierre Leclercq has conquered the EDM game. Better known as his DJ name, Madeon, Hugo spent years developing a signature sound infusing elements of electro-pop and house, earning him collaborations with some of the biggest names in the music industry (including Lady Gaga, Coldplay, and Foster the People). Set to premiere his debut album at the end of this month, we caught up with the reigning king of French electronica to discuss his approach to making music and performing.

Magnises: In an EDM marketplace that’s become so dilated, how does an artist such as yourself make a name and really stand out from all the noise?

I think you have to be very conscious about not being part of a scene. It can be tempting because for a while scene can be the biggest thing. You want to keep up with it and emulate it, but as a result, you’re going to crash with it. It’s so much more valuable to get your own career independent of anyone else; people should become fans of you, not a genre or something bigger than you. To do that, you have to get a sound unique enough that’s not embracive of current trends.

M: Tell us a little bit about your specific process for creating music.

It changed a lot over the years, but right now I try to make music that is very intentional. I think it’s more of an intellectual process than anything else. I’ll think about music a lot and observe things in music that I listen to and find something that strikes my interest. I’ll have an idea and let it emerge through elements that are common to my production and songwriting style. Or I’ll experience an emotion in a medium and try to find a way to replicate that in sound. It will generally start with a clear intention of what I want the song to be, either emotionally or conceptually, and then I will sit down and make a blueprint and try to make it really quickly, and essentially have a layout for the whole song and all the chords and main melodies as quickly as I can. I try to build a set of tools to help me achieve those blueprints really quickly. And once it’s there, and if I like what I’m hearing and think the song has potential, I’ll start executing it and spending a lot of effort polishing it and re-creating it from scratch and making sure every decision is conscious, while staying respectful to the original source of inspiration.

 M: What would you say went into making the blueprints for your newest album, Adventure?

The blueprint approach definitely scales up and extrapolates into the other details. For me, I was very interested in the contrast between the excitement of social interaction and isolation; one second you’re talking to people at a party and the next, you’re walking home alone in the middle of the night and it’s silent around you. It’s the stark contrast between interaction and loneliness. It’s kind of hard to describe, but I found that transition interesting and felt like it applied to so many different aspects of my life. For instance, the contrast between touring in this hyper-active lifestyle, and producing at home. I would alternate between those two highly contrasting lifestyles and was interested in having a blueprint of an album that started with these happy, sparkly, sometimes juvenile emotions, and then progressively got a little more solitary and contemplative. Visually, I pictured it as walking from this futuristic city into this desert of loneliness.

 M: It has to do with the fact that you’re on stage performing in front of all these people, but then must retreat to create what they come for

Which is not a bad thing. It’s something I enjoy, but it’s definitely a stark contrast.

M: Before Adventure, you’ve collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry. Did you have a particular favorite to work with?

I was very lucky to do big collaborations very early. That was always one thing that was appealing to me; I wanted to play shows, write original music, and produce for other people. When I produced for Lady Gaga, that was absolutely a dream come true. She was on the top of my list of people I wanted to collaborate with at that point, so that was memorable, that was very interesting. I came into it very humble, hopefully, and tried to keep this distance so I was a tool for her to execute her vision and it was her album. I was there to execute on what she wanted, rather than trying to stamp on it.

M: Is there any reason you didn’t reach out to her or any of the other people you’ve collaborated with to work on your newest album?

It didn’t go through my mind, to be honest. I had a fairly clear idea of what kind of sound I wanted vocally on the album. The people I was with were pretty much the top of my list, on my album. I guess there’s also a sense of not overreaching. I would have been a bit embarrassed asking. It’s also different because I’m appealed to Lady Gaga’s scale and ambition of being the biggest thing in the world – this superstar-thinking thing. I like the scale of that ambition. But while I love observing it, it’s not necessarily something I would like to re-create. Madeon is production: a different job. Imagine something else.

M: When you’re on stage performing, what goes through your head when you’re DJing?

I guess what goes through my head is the problem-solving and puzzle-confidence of DJing. I try to never have a track list, so I’m instead thinking about, “Okay, what should I play next? How should I transition to it? What kind of creative transition should I come up with on the spot?” Just looking at my life and trying to piece together various music. I look at the crowd as this metric of how well [the music] is doing. Or I try to understand what I want, but even doing that makes it like they’re the bad guy in a way. I’m not very invested in the party scene. I don’t go to shows like that so I don’t really understand the people in the crowd most of the time, but I understand having a good time. That’s what matters to me. But I do think I have a certain sense of distance between what’s going on in the crowd.

Photography: Jingyu Lin, Styling: Abigail Lipp, Grooming: Dillon Pena

Sometimes I read critiques and reviews about Fury Road and I see that this scene is referred to as “the only sexy scene” of the movie or stuff like that, mostly because they’re wet, and half-naked, and there’s a water hose etc. But… I don’t see this scene as sexy, on the contrary ?

The way I’ve always seen it when watching the movie, and the way it’s filmed, it seems they look more like some sort of magical apparition than anything else. It looks like Max is discovering some secret ethereal place where wild animals come to drink, and when they notice him, they just stare immobile. At the moment he sees them, the music drops and becomes this very omnious chord, and I’m not sure if it’s voices or something but it sounds like Max is having a religious experience for a few seconds. The sisters aren’t being sexy, they’re trying to rub the sweat and dirt off, minding their own business, and when they realize he’s here they look like frightened does.


Cold as the Night - Ch 1: First Meeting

TITLE: Cold as the Night


AUTHOR: whatcolourmyeyes


GENRE: Romance

FIC SUMMARY: Darcy’s first time on Asgard… but all pretenses aside, why the hell did she have to come along with Jane?  Arranged marriage AU.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: I was trying to work on an English essay, and then this happened. Might be continued if the spirits move me. Note: some swearing.

He’s glaring at her again. Jane maintains that Darcy is imagining things, but every time she sneaks a peek at the guest seated on her left, his eyes meet hers directly, unflinching. She freezes as he openly trails his eyes over her. She can feel the blood rushing to her already pink cheeks, and she wishes, not for the first time this night, that she could be back into New Mexico, and not on another planet in the company of ridiculously attractive aliens – one alien in particular, whose gaze is still trained on her. Embarrassed, she finally gives up on the staring contest, and looks down at her hands, fingers awkwardly tangled in her lap. She has to stifle a gasp as the previously blue fabric of her dress fades to a deep emerald green. Darcy’s eyes jump back to him, and he cocks an eyebrow expectantly. Your move, the gesture seems to say.

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people wanna evaluate zayns album for lyrical prowess and intellect—but that was never the plan

if you went non stop for 5 years without any break and you finally had some time to think for yourself would it come out in an organized and articulate fashion?

zayn never claimed for this album to be what people want it to be—the exact opposite of one direction–what it was supposed to be—and actually is–is a true reflection of where he is in life, a lyrically vulnerable expression of his past his present and his future

he said it himself, mind of mine is a brainstorm, where hes experimenting with different sounds; a culmination of the craziness hes experienced so far

mind of mine is not trying to be anything else but a reflection of who zayn is, and that takes courage 

if music is what he truly loves, then this album was extremely therapeutic for him and hes starting to truly process everything, and i love that; its a privilege to be able to hear the music that is bringing him back to who he is, hes sharing his journey with us, and thats more than i could ever ask for

eta: im seeing peoples tags, and i want to add that this album *actually is* lyrically strong, but i think people were expecting /refined/ lyrics, but thats not where he is right now, and instead of forcing it, he shared where he is, and thats nothing short of genuine and fearless.

hannibal asks (as of season 2) 

hannibal: what’s the worst thing you’ve ever convinced someone else to do? 
will: who is the person who understands you best?
winston: if you could be any kind of dog what kind would you be?
bedelia: weirdest trip you’ve ever taken?  
alana: someone you feel responsible for?  
abigail: something that makes your dad unusual? 
jack: was there ever anyone in your life you were wrong about?  
bella: any near death experiences? 
freddie: something you were right about that no one else saw coming? 
beverly: any secret talents? 
zeller: what makes you uncomfortable? 
price: did you enjoy bee movie?  
dad hobbs: have you ever killed anything? 
franklyn: do you have a type? what is it? 
tobias: whats your favorite kind of music?  
matthew: whats the biggest favor anyone has ever done for you? 
margot: whats your relationship like with your sibling(s)?
mason: whats the most disgusting thing you’ve ever eaten?
miriam: whats the craziest thing you ever did for a class assignment? 
chilton: have you ever tried to impress someone and it didn’t go as planned?
wendigo: what do you most want to become? 
the nightmare stag: whats the weirdest dream you ever had? 
abel: whats the worst advice youve ever gotten from a psychiatrist?
georgia: what do you think happens after we die?
peter: do you have any pets?