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its not that big of a deal

probably an unpopular opinion but jack smoking weed isn’t that big of a deal. people his age (my age as well) do shit like this all the time and maybe because he is famous or he should be setting a better example he is under fire but kids and teenagers shouldn’t be seen as role models or should be examples for other people. he is young and stupid and is inevitably going to do stupid shit. he is growing up and figuring out who he is, that doesn’t necessarily mean smoking weed but it means that every decision he makes isn’t going to 100% great. he is growing and still like most people his age doesn’t know what the fuck he is doing half the time. also hate to be the stereotypical stoner but its just weed!! not meth or alcohol or he released a sex tape. he could be doing a lot worse shit and people his age shouldn’t be seen as examples/role models

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You know what,

I would love to watch a movie about black people living in America between 1920s and the 1940s.

We have so many movies about what happened before and after this time period, slavery and the civil rights movement. While these movies are great, we have so many of them already.

I would love to see how black people were living during the Harlem renaissance, going to segregated schools before integration was beginning to be pushed, the great depression, and world war two. There are plenty of stories to tell, and I would like to help bring them to life.

I’d been thinking I wanted the Black Widow movie to be about Nick Fury and Natasha Romanoff, and all about their relationship and how they’ve had to repair their trust since Cap2, when both of them did absolutely the right thing but it hurt them anyway.

I’d been thinking about how I wanted them to use the movie to actually center Natasha and Nick’s brand of morality. In each of the other movies, they’ve been presented as dark mirrors of other characters, either “there but for the grace of god” and “that is a perspective I could have never thought of that makes things better,“ depending on what the movie needs. A Black Widow movie could adopt their approach to the world for its perspective, and the other Avengers’ brand of superheroism as the Other- still good, still important, but not the default.

I still want all of that.

But ALSO, since signs indicate this is just going to be a one-shot movie and presumably the end of Scarlett Johansson’s involvement with the MCU, they could use the Black Widow movie to have Natasha discover a Red Room still exists. She and Nick (and Bucky? Sam? Clint? Maria? Rhodey? IDK, she could take people, they’re out there) could go in, and try to rescue them- only to find that some of the young women don’t want to be rescued. But one does, and joins them in the fight, and ends up sharing (or taking on) the mantle of Black Widow.

And through that, they could let a woman of color become the Black Widow for Phase 4 and beyond.

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Can I just... Every time I see the scene where Oliver runs his fingers om Elio's mouth (and how he lets him) before they kiss.. I can't believe its so damn erotic and sensual!

Stop, Anon. It is unbelievably hot. I wish so bad we had another angle of that moment. I wish we could have seen Elio’s face up close. Urgh. Kill me now.

Bonus for Elio’s splayed legs.