this movie's gonna wreck my heart

I was tagged by @realitybetterthanfiction​. Yay! Fic! I love talking about fic!

Answer the following questions and tag people.

1.    What is the last fic you read that you liked?

the boys of fall (had the most visceral jealousy in the beginning i was THRIVING!)

2.    What is the first fic you remember reading?

Touch (wow bless that was 2012 when i was a baby larrie)

3.    What is your favourite fic trope?

I like… high school AUs… if those count as a trope… first kisses… nervous sweaty first loves… give me all of the high school AUs…

4.    What are your three favourite chaptered fics?

A/B/O ‘Verse (idk if this counts but I’m counting it)

You Are The Blood (i am @povverbottoms trash)

Love Is A Rebellious Bird (obv)

5.    What are your three favourite one shots?

little wings on my shoes (tbh this is the best fic ever written)

Curtain Call (i wish there was a sequel)

It’s Always You, I Always Knew (this one was so hard to pick but i love everything @fackinglouis)

6.    What fic would you love a prequel to? and a sequel?

idc about prequels but give me the sequel to my first two fav one shots D:

7.    How about a fic that would make a really good movie?

I am gonna be a movie snob and say that most fics wouldn’t work bc of the way they’re structured but i think this would be an interesting concept (like pushing daisies) … Life After Love

8.    What fic do you think is severely under appreciated?

my birthday fic obv feat. demi louis … Like Him

9.    What is the funniest sentence you have ever read in a fic?

She pouts and Louis’ certain a truth or dare kiss would not wreck her and Zayn’s ‘home.’ (i literally laugh at this line every single time i read this fic)

10.  How about the one sentence that broke your heart?

“It’s a sad story,” he says finally.

“The best ones always are, babe.” Louis replies, whole body rising on an exhale. (tbh the closest i’ve ever gotten to crying from a fic)

11.  Re: other pairings; which do you like and to get into it what should I read?

i don’t like to read non-canon pairings :) i only read larry aha

12.  Is there a prompt you have?

more high school aus tbh that is what i want

i tag @adifferentkindofson @haydolce @juliusschmidt (i worship you) @fackinglouis @loadedlilo god idk who’s done this ive been off tumblr for a while??? if u wanna do it, do it!!