this movie will break your heart

My Therapist Asks Me To Describe You

so I tell her about the house on Amherst,
the for sale sign,
the stupid purple blinds;

tell her about that Papa Murphy’s
that used to be a Blockbuster,
the way you tried to rent movies there
for like three years after
because you knew it made me laugh;

have you ever come home to find the doors locked,
your key in a coat pocket on the bedroom floor,
had to break your own window with a flowerpot?

I say,
if those years were a place
they would have to be the yellow line,
an overcrowded train moving in your direction;

I say,
there was not room enough
in my heart for the both of us;

I will fall asleep next to a man I love,
which is the only thing
you and he have in common.

& what a blessing
that silly, boring love is.
the way I do not lose myself in him.
the way I am not lost at all.

Drabble Challenge! #1 - 150

Rules: Followers send a number to your ask and you write a drabble using that sentence/prompt in your piece. Try to keep up! Expect a TON of requests!

  1. Take the long way around
  2. Can you shut up for five minutes, please???
  3. He’s been gone for quite a while
  4. I can’t see anything.
  5. I heard a noise.
  6. Scary movies are for chumps.
  7. You’ve gone to the bathroom fifty times today.
  8. The floor is lava.
  9. Where’s my food?
  10. I bet you feel like an artist
  11. Did you ever clean the attic?
  12. Can I be of assistance?
  13. Get out of the way before I murder you.
  14. I think you forgot who wears the pants in this relationship
  15. You’re breaking my heart, babe.
  16. Cry me a river.
  17. Build a bridge.
  18. Get over it.
  19. Another credit card?!
  20. It’s just rain, you aren’t gonna melt!
  21. When’s the last time YOU cleaned the bathroom?
  22. I don’t know why I married you.
  23. Have you ever lied to me?
  24. If I trip over one more of your shoes, I’m throwing them all away.
  25. Aren’t you supposed to be the adult?
  26. I’m stuck! Help me!
  27. I swear, I’m not scared.
  28. What do you think a cupholder is for?
  29. You know when your phone buzzes, it means I’m trying to talk to you, right?
  30. Turn that sh*t off!!!!
  31. When’s that last time we went on a date?
  32. I thought you didn’t like cats?
  33. The door’s locked.
  34. Remember when you were a kid and you ______ (insert memory)
  35. I’ll just tell your mom on you.
  36. I thought you were nice.
  37. I had a dream about you.
  38. I work pretty hard around here, but you get all the credit
  39. What color do you like better?
  40. Am I your husband or your taxi service?
  41. Take notes, sweetheart.
  42. This is where you impress me, right?
  43. Pick up lines only work when I’m drunk.
  44. I can’t believe you didn’t remember
  45. If that makes me a child, so be it.
  46. I could beat you up, you know that right?
  47. Would it kill you to help people?
  48. I bet you can’t go 24 hours without cussing.
  49. But, I said I love you.
  50. Is it just me or is cold as hell in here?
  51. I’m not weird, you’re just basic.
  52. Just sleep with one eye open, that’s all I’m saying
  53. Take off your shirt.
  54. Why’s there a pregnancy test in the trash?
  55. Way to go, kid.
  56. I found the candles, we’ll be alright.
  57. We could get struck by lightning, but you want to kiss in the rain.
  58. You’re never this quiet, what’s wrong?
  59. …or we could make out….
  60. I said “I HAVE AN IDEA!”
  61. Down the hall, second door on the left.
  62. I warned you. He warned you. Your freaking mom warned you.
  63. Sit still, for the love of all that is Holy.
  64. Are you even human?
  65. We’ll talk later.
  66. K.
  67. I’m afraid.
  68. I thought there was time.
  69. Can you just leave me alone?
  70. I’ll carry it.
  71. We’re not ‘fine’.
  72. Are you really taking his side right now?
  73. I like proving you wrong.
  74. Girls can’t drive, plain and simple.
  75. Who are you?
  76. I think you need stitches
  77. Must be a coincidence
  78. Can you be romantic for once?
  79. This is your fault by the way.
  80. Nothing bad is going to happen, baby, I promise.
  81. Excuse me for falling in love with you.
  82. I have fans. More fans than you to be exact.  
  83. I paid for half and you ate three-quarters.
  84. I knew you’d be mad.
  85. If you die, I’m going to kill you.
  86. You’ve never smoked anything in your life.
  87. You gave me a black eye.
  88. Stop looking at me like that, weirdo.
  89. What if it sinks?
  90. Birds can’t fly without wings.
  91. Sorry I’m protective over the things I love.
  92. That SOOO classifies as a date.
  93. No backsies.
  94. You’re an idiot. I married an idiot.
  95. I never liked it, I lied.
  96. Remember, we have to get up early tomorrow.
  97. Are you trying to flirt? Because, you’re embarrassing yourself.
  98. Remember when we were dating and you _____
  99. Be brave, sweetheart.
  100. I’m sorry, but that was adorable.
  101. You don’t hate me, quit lying to yourself.
  102. You hear that? That’s the sound of my awesomeness.
  103. She’s my daughter, I can read her diary.
  104. That’s a fact, Jack.
  105. Actually, I couldn’t care less.
  106. I try my best.
  107. Doesn’t make a difference to me anyways.
  108. I’m glad you’re mine.
  109. You look pretty good for your age.
  110. You passed out for like an hour.
  111. Delete it. Now.
  112. You’re a jerk.
  113. Are you high?
  114. No, you’re MY bitch.
  115. Ew ew ew. You’re so gross.
  116. Spare change for the poor and lonely.
  117. She’s 6, how can she scare you?
  118. When’s the last time we ______
  119. He’s spoiled rotten.
  120. I can’t stay long.
  121. There’s nothing we can do.
  122. Do you ever stop smiling?
  123. Step aside and watch a pro.
  124. Never give him stuff like that!
  125. You’re the one who left it laying around.
  126. I’m a lucky girl. I’ll admit that.
  127. Teach me how to play?
  128. It’s called a prank.
  129. Well, you’re a prick.
  130. Good, I hope you feel bad.
  131. You have cold, you’re not dying.
  132. I have reasons. You wouldn’t get it.
  133. I hope you have a cold shower.
  134. You don’t mean that.
  135. Sing to me, please.
  136. Did you enjoy yourself last night?
  137. Why do they behave for you?
  138. Stop making your own rules.
  139. Don’t open an umbrella in the house.
  140. You know what happens when you assume things.
  141. That’s open for discussion.
  142. Oh, what a shocker, you have an excuse.
  143. Be serious for two minutes, please.
  144. I cheated.
  145. What’s the biggest lie you ever told?
  146. Pillows are over-rated.
  147. Zombies aren’t real, I promise.
  148. Are we lost or do you know where we are?
  149. We started with one and now we have seven. You have no chill.
  150. *Make up your own*

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  • Kara: I'm a friend with benefits
  • Lillian: ...
  • Kara: The benefits of friendship! Girl's night out, movie dates, dinner date, you know...friendship things
  • Lillian: My son fell for those words, poor thing
  • Kara: Unlike my cousin and your son, I will never break Lena's heart. In fact, I plan on marrying her!
  • Lillian: ...???
  • Kara: Friendship marriage! Just two gal pals marrying each other to signify our strong friendship. Yup
  • Lillian:
  • Kara: IM NOT GAY

“The world will break your heart ten ways to Sunday. That’s guaranteed. I can’t begin to explain that. Or the craziness inside myself and everyone else. But guess what? Sunday’s my favorite day again. I think of what everyone did for me, and I feel like a very lucky guy.”
-silver linings playback aka one of the best movies ever


Look at the face of a brokenhearted man… He was strong, but love defeated him. 

Note: I like the last two gifs that I made. The animators did not show Naruto’s face, but you knew he was in pain.

When someone breaks your heart, you will initially feel numbness, like a shock, you don’t know what to do… then when all the things sink in, you suddenly feel pain. It hurts. It really hurts. 

Torbjorn and Bastion: A 90′s slice of life movie.

He’s a cranky dwarf who doesn’t trust robot’s

He’s a robot Killing machine with a heart of gold.

But this summer they’ll both Learn that friendship can blossom between the most different people. And break down any prejudice.

This summer take your family and Friends to watch: The Design of Friendship.

Good lord did I just right that.

  • “you were really drunk last night and that creepy guy wouldn’t take a hint and give up even though you clearly weren’t interested, you passed out before you could call someone to pick you up and i couldn’t find your contact info so that’s why you woke up on my couch, hi” au
  • “i moved in the apartment next door and you brought baked goods to welcome me, i didn’t have the heart to tell you that they were terrible and now you think that i loved them and make some for me every other weekend” au
  • “i was on my way back from the library at 3am and saw you sleeping on a bench” au
  • “you’ve rented this movie at least 7 times now, you’re cute but i seriously worry about your taste in films” au
  • “you happened to be walking by while i was playing a contact sport and i accidentally tackled you and holy shit did i break your nose?!” au
  • “you died, but now you’re suddenly alive?? also why are you acting like you’ve never met me?” (character A dies in one universe and character B is unknowingly transported to one where they’re still alive but have never met) AU au
  • “our friends set us up on a blind date and even though we work/have class together we’ve never actually talked” au
  • “my friend convinced me to go camping in the woods and i thought you were a bear because of all the nose you were making but you’re actually just really lost” au

it breaks my heart when i hear even say:
“i think life’s just like a movie, and that you can be the director of your own life. do you get what i mean?”

because honestly, if you look close enough, even’s always dropped subtle hints in front of isak to express that there’s something going on underneath the surface of even’s skin, that something isn’t right between him and sonja, that he isn’t well:

in episode 3: we see even tell isak clearly that him and sonja are drifting apart, and then even VERY cleverly uses the aluminium leg as his metaphor for his bipolar disorder to show why he and sonja can’t break apart.

in episode 4: when even tells sonja, “i mean it, stop monitoring me.”, you can see once again that even and sonja have tension between them, and isak could sense that, but he didn’t pay too much mind to it. but once again, it’s there, evident. even’s making it evident.

so in episode 5, when it’s just even and isak, and them lying side by side, even uses a metaphor once again, of being a director, but this time, the metaphor isn’t to describe him and sonja, but to describe what even’s always wanted to feel and what even’s always wanted in life: to have autonomy. to have control of his own life.

and it’s so upsetting, that even says to isak “do you get what i mean?”, because, god, even’s trying so hard to explain to isak without saying the words, hoping that isak’s understanding all these subtle hints that he’s been dropping one by one, that even’s not okay, he’s not well, and that he’s feeling so conflicted and suffocated from life, and his only way to feel free is when he’s with isak, and he NEEDS isak to understand that - to understand that even pursuing isak is purely because he wants to feel free, and unhinged, and unstoppable. and isak brings those feelings within him.

and what makes it even more sadder is in episode 8, when even FINALLY tells isak about how he feels sonja controls him, whilst still not talking about him being bipolar, but clearly telling isak that “i feel like sonja knows me better than i know myself, and what she says is true, and i’m tired of that, because she can’t feel what i feel, or think for that matter.” and if you relate that back to episode 5, all even wants is control of his own life … his life is a film, and he wants to direct it.

and it’s coincidentally, one of his greatest passions in life: to become a director, both in the sense of a profession, but also, personally too.

but in all of this, all this time, even’s been trying and trying SO SO hard to tell isak this exact same thing, about wanting to take his life back, and how isak being with him makes him feel like he can do that, with all these metaphors he’s been using, since art, in this sense, imitates life.
'The Flash'-'Supergirl' Musical Crossover: Darren Criss Details Dastardly New Villain

“Yay musicals! This is fun!”

Darren Criss is trying to hype the 20+ dancers assembled for one of The Flash–Supergirl musical crossover’s most epic moments, a giant dance number set in a ’40s nightclub to Jackie DeShannon’s “Put a Little Love in Your Heart.”

The Glee alum has reunited with former costars and classmates to play the Music Meister, a dastardly villain who causes his victims to break into song — a role first made famous when Neil Patrick Harris voiced the character during an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

During the crossover, however, the Meister sets his sights on The Flash (Grant Gustin) and Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), trapping them in an alternate reality movie musical in which their only means of escape is to play through the Meister’s script, complete with singing and dancing. EW hit the set to get Criss’ take on entering the world of singing superheroes

Interview under the cut:

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*cough, cough*

Pairings- Bucky Barnes x Reader

Requested by anon- Bucky taking care of the reader, who is sick.

It was the perfect rainy day- you, your boyfriend, ice cream and movies.

You cuddled into him, spooning large amounts of ice cream into your mouth. It was like your fourth or fifth consecutive bowl.

“You know baby girl, eating too much ice cream’s bad for you,” Bucky warned.

You rolled your eyes.

“There’s no such thing as too much ice cream,” you told him through another mouthful. “Besides, the movie’s breaking my heart. I need ice cream.”

Bucky sighed as you went to the kitchen to get more ice cream There wasn’t any stopping you, of course.

You woke up coughing. Sitting up in bed, you began to retch- your throat and chest felt horribly tight and congested.

Bucky stirred beside you.

“Wha’s the matter, baby girl?” he asked drowsily.

“I-” you tried to speak but your throat felt constricted. You started coughing again, feeling as if you might cough your lungs out.

Bucky sat up too, looking alert.

“Doll, what’s the matter?” he asked, his brows furrowed in concern.

You motioned frantically to your chest and throat, your face crumpled in anguish.

 “Do you have a sore throat?” he asked slowly, tilting his head with just a small hint of smugness in his voice.

You pouted and looked as miserable as you could. He ran his cool metal hand through your hair.

“It’s alright darlin’. I won’t say I told you so.”

You fell back into bed, feeling sick and tired. Bucky slipped out and stretched himself as you eyed his abs.

Bucky went out, presumably to get breakfast. But he had actually gone to call the doctor, as you found out half an hour later.

‘Viral infection of the throat and chest’ was your diagnosis. Seeing as there weren’t any medicines the doctor could give you for viral, he left only advice- drink water and sleep well.

“Bah,” you said hoarsely, lying flat in your bed.

Bucky hovered over you. “Lemmi sit you up, doll, and then I’ll get you some soup,” he said.

You pouted, not budging. You weren’t in the mood to comply.

He sighed, before leaning in a little and sliding his hands under your body. You squirmed and resisted, but he picked you up anyway- with one hand slinging you over his shoulder, he used to other to set up your pillows, and then he put you down in sitting up position.

You scrunched up your nose is annoyance, crossing your arms- then having another coughing fit.

Bucky gently kissed your forehead. “You’re cute when your annoyed,” he said, before leaving to get you soup.

He came back with a steaming bowl of chicken soup on a small table, which he set down in front of you.

“I’m sick,” you tried to whine but it came out hoarse.

“I know,” said Bucky sympathetically. “Here, this oughta help.”

He blew on a spoonful of soup to cool it down, then tried to feed it to you.

You, however, were unhappy and very determined to be a total ass.

“I don’t want to eat,” you said pitifully.

“Oh, come on,” Bucky chided. “Come on, baby girl, open wide! Here comes the airplane!”

 You let out an amused wheeze, which was supposed to be a laugh, and Bucky poked the spoon into your mouth. You swallowed the warm soup, feeling a little better instantly.

“Feel less grouchy?” Bucky suggested, earning a weak punch from you. You snuggled into your pillows, scowling.

Bucky tried stroking your hair, but you dodged his hand.
“I hate being sick,” you mumbled.

Bucky put away the soup table and climbed on the bed, getting into the covers beside you. His arms wound tightly around his waist, he drew you near his warm chest and rested his chin on your head.

You coughed a little bit more, prompting Bucky to reach for the bottle of cough syrup on your night stand.

You immediately ignored the tickling in your throat, trying desperately to look as better as you could- no that that would work, but it was worth a try.

“Come on, sweetheart,“ he said, measuring out a capful. "This will help!”

You stuck out your tongue and pretended to gag.

Bucky exhaled in exasperation- you were a child when you were sick.
Grabbing your chin firmly, he made you open your mouth and tipped the horrible, sticky syrup down your throat.

You let out a cry and reached for the water bottle on your night stand, but Bucky was quicker- he neatly lifted it out of your reach.

 “(y/n),” he said, his face falling a little. “I’m trying to take care of you….”

See, that was the part of Bucky that just hit you right in the feels. You sighed and lay back down, nuzzling your face in his chest.

“You’re right, I’m sorry,” you mumbled.

 You could almost see him smiling as he held you close, burying his face in your hair as you began to doze off, uncomfortable and sick, but still somehow comfortable and well.

I Love You Too, Dan

| Request: “Could you do a dan x reader where dan is your best friend (but he’s in love with you as per usual) and you guys watch a sad movie and even though he knows it’s just the movie making you sad, his heart breaks from seeing you cry (from his p.o.v. please?)

Also maybe make it a bit smutty if possible pls ;)” |

| Warnings: Smut. |


[ Dan’s POV ]


Soft sniffling.

I looked over at her from my spot on the couch.

She had crystal clear tears running down her beautiful face, a small smile on her lips.

I knew she was crying because of the movie we were watching, but it fucking hurt me to see her cry.

And she’s not even mine.

I wanted to hold her and kiss her and wipe away her tears and tell her I love her.

But I can’t.

She’s my best friend next to Phil, but goddamn do I love this girl.

She looked over at me, a huge grin immediately spreading across her face. “I’m sorry.” She said, laughing and wiping away her tears. “Things like this make me emotional.”

“It’s okay.” I mumbled, ruffling her hair.

But I wanted to kiss her.

I wanted to kiss her so fucking bad.

I needed to kiss her.

And so I kissed her.

Her [E/C] eyes shot open, and a shocked moan escaped her lips, but she kissed back.

And that’s when I knew, she loved me too.

Soon, her eyes fluttered shut, her arms wrapped around my shoulders, and her tears had stopped.

Now it was my turn to cry.

I pulled away, resting my forehead against hers, tears running down my cheeks.

“I fucking love you, [Y/N], d'you know that?”

She chuckled, wiping away my tears and pulling me into a hug, just as I had wanted to do to her.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to hear those words come out of your mouth.”

“Really?” I mumbled into the fabric of her t-shirt.

“Mhm.” She nodded.

I pulled her into another kiss, much deeper this time. She scooted onto my lap, making a slight tent in my pants.

She giggled into my mouth, I assume she felt the now obvious bulge.

“Sorry.” I mumbled, feeling my face get hot. She kissed both of my cheeks, making them feel hotter.

“It’s fine, Dan, in fact-” She ran her finger down my chest, before pushing me flat on my back. “-I think it’s sexy.”

She hovered over me, I could feel her breath on my lips, her breasts were pressed against my chest, her hands rubbing my shoulders.

I love this girl.

And she’s all mine, and I’m all hers.

“Dan.” She moaned.

“Yes, [Y/N]?”

“Make love to me.”

I wrapped my arms around her bottom, standing up and carrying her to my bedroom.

She looked at me like I held the world in my hands.

And to me, when I was carrying her, I was holding the world in my hands.

I gently laid her onto my bed, attaching my lips to her neck, her arms wrapping around my neck, her fingers tangling in my hair.

I wrapped her legs around my waist, trailing my kisses further down, pulling off her shirt and kissing the top of her breasts.

I wrapped my hands around her, unhooking her bra and slinging it across the room, immediately attaching my lips to her perked bud.

Her soft moans were like music to my ears, they were so beautiful, and she was making them all because of me.

I kissed down her stomach, placing a particularly wet kiss at her belly button, before unbuttoning her jeans and sliding them down.

Her underwear were black and lacy, they looked beautiful on her.

But they’d look even more beautiful on my bedroom floor.

So I slid them off, kissing her womanhood before sliding back up her body, kissing her once more.

She tugged at the hem of my shirt, and I broke the kiss to pull it off before reattaching my lips to hers.

I unbuckled my jeans and slid them down with my boxers, my member springing free.

“Are you sure you want this?” I asked her, but I swear I was more nervous than she was.

“Yes, Dan, I want you.”

I slowly pushed myself into her, and she winced, I stopped immediately. “Are you ok baby?” She nodded.

“Please keep going.”

I pushed into her once more, and slowly began thrusting. Her soft whimpers soon turned into loud moans.

She scratched so deep across my shoulder blades I felt blood run out, but I didn’t mind as long as she felt good.

“Fuck, Dan, baby, I’m gonna cum.” She whimpered, arching her back underneath me.

And she came, and I soon followed.

I rested my head in the crook of her neck, sweaty and still inside of her, almost drifting off to sleep.

She began to run her fingers through my hair, making me sleepier. “Hey Dan?”

“Mm.” I mumbled.

“I never said it earlier.”


“I love you too, Dan.”


“Our life is made up of time; our days are measured in hours, our pay measured by those hours, our knowledge is measured by years. We grab a few quick minutes in our busy day to have a coffee break. We rush back to our desks, we watch the clock, we live by appointments. And yet your time eventually runs out and you wonder in your heart of hearts if those seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and decades were being spent the best way they possibly could. In other words, if you could change anything, would you?”

17. He is Extremely Talented ( 20 Reasons Why We All Love Eddie Redmayne )

If the Oscar didn’t convince you, honestly, what will? Especially since the Oscar was for his heartbreaking portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. A movie that will break your heart, it also shows just how talented Eddie really is.

He has grown so much in the last few years. Going from the random actor that some people knew to Marius and now to the lead of a new Harry Potter franchise, he is surely proving himself as an actor time and time again. And he only continues to get better with each new movie he gives us.

When he performed “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables”, there was something so real in his performance that many knew he was someone to watch out for. The song is heartbreaking in itself but that was something different. Just Eddie alone in a room sobbing over the memories of his dead friends.

It is an emotional moment but seeing how connected Eddie was to Marius showed us all that he wasn’t going to go away anytime soon. And he proved that yet again by getting an Oscar nomination for two consecutive years. Eddie is definitely one of the most talented actors we have today and we’re so glad he’s around!