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film genre meme: sci-fi [2/8] - Aliens
“Maybe you haven’t been keeping up on current events, but we just got our asses kicked, pal!”

The local 2 dollar theater had a late night showing of Collateral Beauty, and I went because I had 2 bucks and nothing better to do. I had actually wanted to see Collateral Beauty back when the trailers first came out because the concept looked interesting to me. But then it was the end of a shitty year, I was busy and there were so many other movies to see, and Collateral Beauty was getting absolutely gutted by critics, so I never got around to it.

After watching the film for myself, I think there may actually be something to that rumor about critics having it in for Will Smith’s movies. It was in no way a perfect film, but it was FAR from the worst movie to come out in 2016, and it definitely does not deserve its 12% on Rotten Tomatoes or those scathing articles. I don’t get what people hated about it? That it was trying to be deep, with middling success? That it was schmaltzy? Those things are true for tons of films! And lemme tell ya, I enjoyed Collateral Beauty WAY MORE than I enjoyed La La Land, which is schmaltz and fake-deep cranked up to a million and set to a mediocre soundtrack.


1. Christian FORCED Anastasia to sign a very extensive contract that included limits, safe words, birth control plans, and a full physical.

2. At first Christian didn’t even want to make her his submissive cause she was a virgin but SHE WANTED TO DO IT.


25) Tonight we strike!

Oh Boy...

Peoples, serious question…

What does the Citadel do with dead War Boys.  They don’t live long, are they given proper respects and witness by their fellow Boys or are they…fed to them, unknowingly…or…awkward….

The People Eater eats people and he’s pretty darn…voluptuous.  Many of the War Boys are quite filled out, I mean, look at this boof in the corner here, or Slit, fucking Rictus, that’s a lot of protein going into a lot of young men.  They gotta have meat right, I mean do you get that way on green food and bugs and breast milk on their own?  Would they have chickens somewhere?

Or are War Boys, their own little half-life cult, fed themselves?