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I-I don’t understand this– Our daughter is dying in there. I want answers! It is your job to give us answers! Mr. Cahalan– No! This ain’t some kids club where you get to play doctor! This is my daughter’s life! Her life is in your hands and I want answers. Tell me what is wrong with my daughter!


You lied about your feelings. Yes. I did. Why would you do that?

The Power Rangers movie was so good, yo. “Don’t listen to the critics” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, but I really do mean it this time. Well-integrated diversity, stellar cast…even a character like Zordon, that could so easily have been one-note, gets some rich story. I’m a longtime fan of the franchise but I went with people that aren’t and we all had a blast!

We have an outline already in which Tarzan gains weight. Tarzan remains hairy and does not have eight pack abs. It has no action and Tarzan eats cake, lots of cake. I wrote it.

Alexander Skarsgård on a Tarzan sequel and his rigorous physical training to prepare for the role

“I’ve never done anything this extreme before and I was really nervous; it was a huge challenge. I didn’t know how my body would respond to the intense training and diet. I had a very good trainer and nutritionist, Magnus Lygdback, and I was extremely diligent and did everything he told me to do, and tried not to cheat at all.”

Alexander Skarsgård’s first cheat meal occurred more than five months into his training. Skarsgård had been on a very strict diet for five straight months, avoiding any fat completely, as he was in the process of developing an eight-pack. He said, "It was a Sunday, and we were training hard in the gym, and my trainer saw that my will to live was fading. He told me to put down the weights and he took me to lunch. That day he let me order whatever I wanted. I got to eat pizza, pasta, tiramisu. I get emotional just talking about that day.” On the last day of filming, the crew congratulated him on the end of his diet by gifting him with a huge “Banoffee Pie,” a British dessert. Skarsgård said that to celebrate, he ate the entire pie by himself, in a single sitting.

Alexander Skarsgård said his biggest fear in taking on the role was that his little brother, who was seven years old, would think that Skarsgård “is a shit Tarzan.” Skarsgård said his little brother looks up to Tarzan as “his ultimate hero,” and he did not want to let his little brother down.


for the few people who were asking about it last night: those photos of twink glenn i posted came from this scene in monday night mayhem. i really watched an hour and a half of football shenanigans so i could isolate these 55 seconds, color correct them, and then share them with all of you


I really like to post videos of my favorite actor’s most ridiculous roles. Hugh Jackman, everybody. 

My hands reached his neck. My fingers slipped across the blood edging his face. Even his freckles were hidden.

“You can’t sit here.”
This isn’t fun.

“You can’t rest yet.”
This is horrible.

“We’ve got stuff to do.”
I want to stop.

“We’ve got to get home.”
I want Marco.

“We’re going to be heroes, remember?”

“Please…” I clutched at the bloodied collar, burying my head into the shoulder that was still clean. “Please get up.”


Red Beanie Thursday feature: Playing Off Him by freckledbodty.

Acting AU! Jean finally catches his acting big break in the form of an action-packed movie, where he is forced to work closely with a certain freckled co-star. Cue an instant friendship, Jean being floored in more ways than one, and surprisingly poor attempts at hiding blossoming feelings considering they are both actors. Playing Off Him is generally sweet and easy to read, and balances out the heavy with the light.


I have written absolutely nothing. I’m sorry, I just haven’t been feeling it. Don’t take that the wrong way, I love doing this, but sometimes my imagination just comes up blank! Then a little later I will get these writing spurts and write up a whole bunch at once and have a lot of fun with it! That’s when I do my best as well. I kind of try to force it sometimes but I’m worried about being repetitive and when I look at the work I forced I think It’s total poop (which is why sometimes I go back and twerk little things in my imagines). I just really want to apologize for all the people who have been waiting for their imagines to come out, I just need to feel it! I need that writing spark again, it’s on and off with me a lot and when I feel it I love doing it! I’m not complain to you people or anything, I just feel really bad for leaving you all hanging and wanted to give you some type of update.

I need inspiration!

25) Tonight we strike!

The one time I actually try and watch a yaoi anime and 4 minutes in im just loling at every scene

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Unpopular opinion: the new Ghostbusters movie wasn't actually bad, but the politicization of it was v annoying

Disagree; with or without all of the “if you don’t like this movie, ask yourself - are you just a misogynistic asshat????” articles, it was pretty awful. 

The scriptwriting was poor, the humor wasn’t that good at all, and Leslie’s character was written as a stereotype (to this day im STILL surprised why more people on here weren’t concerned about that).