this movie was so odd

below the cut are 351 gifs of aaron tveit as charlie in the movie better off single. all gifs were made by yours truly for roleplaying purposes. feel free to like/reblog, but don’t redistribute into other gif hunts. if you’d like to make them into gif icons, just shoot me an ask! i’ll more than likely say yes. there’s probably some slightly nsfw-ish gifs in this bunch, there’s a very odd sex scene in this movie. so, just to be safe, i’m marking it down!

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me, seeing all this great wbb stuff popping up: wow wouldn’t it be great if i had a dream about my favorite pairings, wouldn’t that be cute–

my dreams: u wanted panlie & grizznom? nah, bich, you’re getting pannom & grizzlie.

me, staring at my ceiling at 3am: why

Ok so I watched the RGU movie..

and i noticed this on the picture frame in utena’s room:

and i just..


i cant remember if ive already talked about this but the response to la la land bothers me so much… the attitude surrounding it seems to be that its “revolutionary” because… what, its a musical? it doesnt have a happy ending? like why are all the people involved with the film saying stuff like “i cant believe we were able to make this movie, the odds were so against us, we didnt think there would be an audience for it”, tbh i think a movie starring two white hollywood superstars in a heterosexual romance is the most marketable thing imaginable

i loved the movie for what it was but it was not groundbreaking in any way. you know what was groundbreaking? starts with an m ends with oonlight

“Director talks about the Justice League Dark movie”

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—  arin hanson, by way of four (?) runs through the crytype-ifier
  • me: i love trying new things!
  • other person: ooh, here, try this new thing!
  • me: oh.... no thanks.... *goes back to my favorite thing*

anonymous asked:

Do you know what the girls are doing next? What their plans are?

A few things! 

Shay has a reality tv type show coming out called Shades of Shay, I think. A horror movie she stars in, Cadaver, is also in post-production.

Lucy has 3 movies in the works! Dude (post-production), Miles (filming - voice), Truth or Dare (pre-production).  She’s also got a TV movie for The CW in post production, Life Sentence, although it’s looking like it could become a series instead of a tv movie?

Troian has a couple movies in the works too. Clara (still filming), Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins (completed). She’s also produced, written, and starred in a movie called Feed which is about her struggles with anorexia. Tom Felton of Harry Potter fame also stars in it. 

I read recently that Ashley said she’s being very selective in the next role she picks, which she wants to be a movie role. Since filming on PLL has completed, she moved from L.A to NYC. There were rumours about her being considered for DWTS this season but she was not announced as a cast member, but that’s something that could come up later. 

Ian was cast in a new TV show called Thin Ice. He also has a movie in post production – Office Uprising. He’s also slated to be in a web series called Flip The Script . He’s recently talked about doing some more writing since he enjoyed doing Odd Birds so much. 

Tyler has a movie in post-production called Hello Again.

I’m not sure about Keegan – I think he has plans to do some music and another book! 

Sasha, as far as I can tell isn’t slated for anything quite yet. I think she’s focusing on her wedding and her lifestyle blog

Janel has a completed movie called Tiger. She’s done a few guest stints on shows, and she tends to do some off-broadway musicals and plays so definitely keep your eye out for that. 


Ik tere baaju duja
Mera koyi mol na

Bolna maahi bolna

Rebel Rental: 'Our love is god'

Armie has rented the same movie twice in a row.

It’s not exactly an odd thing or anything, if this was anyone other than Armitage Hux. Because this isn’t some classy black and white number, it wasn’t a documentary, or something terribly cerebral that you might need multiple viewings to wrap your head around.

It wasn’t Primer for fuck sake.

It’s Heathers.

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I have no idea if 499 or 500 in the Naruto anime is the wedding b/c I’m not quite there yet, just need those two left, but if this series ends w/ a NH wedding my 11 y/o self will be screaming at the  back of my head like “I CAN’T BELIEVE THE SHOW FUCKING ENDED WITH MY SHIP GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


northern downpour // panic! at the disco

Been waaaay too long since I’ve watched Monster (movie with Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci), it’s so fuckin good

I love movies that are odd.. make me feel things. Like SLC Punk, Requiem for a Dream, Thirteen, Boys Don’t Cry, Girl Interrupted, etc

Never realized though that both Scott Wilson (Hershel from Walking Dead) and Pruitt Taylor Vince (Otis from Walking Dead, big guy that Shane killed from Hershel’s farm) were in this

What are your favourite “odd” movies??