this movie was so delightful!!!!

Ok so that post mocking EL James made me think about a few things. 

The first thing is something that I worry about whenever I reblog posts that make fun of bad writing or bad writing advice. I worry that someone will see my utter malicious glee at a phrase like “his eyebrows widened”, and then think “I could see myself making a mistake like that. I must be a shitty writer. :( “

This is absolutely not the case, and in fact, it probably means the exact opposite!

Being a good creative writer is always a balance between two things: Writing clearly, and writing inventively. At some points, your writing might use quick cliches and simple, invisible language (example: defaulting to “said” for a dialogue tag) for clarity’s sake. In another moment, you might experiment with a new way of describing something familiar (in a fic a while ago I described someone’s laugh as “a butterfly trying to escape a closed window”, and people seemed to think that was cool)

The thing is, when you’re fiddling around with words to make New Things, it involves a lot of trial and error. You may very well end up with something ridiculous like “his eyebrows widened” when you’re just trying to come up with a creative way to say “his eyes widened”. This experimentation phase is almost always when you end up with magical expanding eyebrows.

And if you catch yourself doing that, even in something you’ve already published - laugh at it! Laugh at yourself, because you have made something funny, and funny is the hardest thing to make. Maybe you’ve even stumbled upon a good comedic idea. Douglas Adams and Sir Terry Pratchett both crafted some hilarious extended metaphors, and that definitely required some experimentation.

EL James’ writing was dumped onto the poor, unsuspecting masses in a state that can only be described as embarrassing, and her book succeeded purely because of scandalous marketing and morbid curiosity. We laugh at her mistakes because a whole chain of supposedly professional editors and publishers failed to catch them. The problem was not that EL James wrote garbage; the problem was that she wrote garbage and then no one corrected her and instead they sold the garbage in its garbage state.

But you must make garbage too! You gotta practice, and all practice is a process of experimentation and failure. Hopefully, your editors will be 100% better than EL James’s in that they will help you grow. So please keep writing ridiculous phrases! Remember that they are a sign of you trying to be creative. Laugh at them, too! And then learn, and try again.

Monsters, Inc. Headcanon

So after they switched to laugh power at the end of the movie, they must have changed their slogan, right? Can’t use “We Scare Because We Care” when you don’t scare, right? I don’t think the movie gives the new slogan, so here’s my proposal:

We Keep Delights On.

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so sunshine... you've watched spiderman homecoming... you know what that meeeeaaans :))) VLD FAM WATCHING HOMECOMING. Who's the most excited? Who's fav superhero is spidey? Do they wear spidey shirts??? WHAT HAPPENS I GOTTA KNOW IF THEY RENT PUT THE WHOLE CINEMA TO GET THE FULL EXPERIENCE. THANK YOU SUNSHIIIIIIINE I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU <3333

mnemnems said: The Voltron Family going to see Spider Man?

[The Voltron Family] Keith was a huge fan of Spider-Man. When he found out that little Lance was a fan, he thought he would cry. When they found out about Homecoming, they cried. Keith had to prepare when they watch it in theaters. Shiro paid for all their Spidey shirt because obviously. One does not watch a Spidey movie without wearing a Spidey shirt. That would be ridiculous. They didn’t have matching ones, but they got to pick ones they’d like to wear.

“Can we get Spider-man snacks?” Lance tugged Keith’s shirt.

“Look who you’re talking to, kid,” Keith scoffed and ordered the movie tie-in drinks and popcorn.

The cashier guy in the popcorn stand looked at them and beamed. “Whole family a fan of Arachne boy?” 

“It’s Spider-Man!!” The three kids said in unison while giggling.

Keith turned his head towards his kids, then to Shiro and back to the cashier guy with a huge smile. “We’re very proud to have raised them spiderlings.”

When they sat on their seats, the kids immediately put on their 3D glasses even though trailers were just playing. No one was allowed to touch the popcorns until the movie started. When Peter Parker finally appeared on the screen, the children laughed so hard. Keith and Shiro had never seen the three of them enjoy that much at the very start of a movie. 

“He’s so funny!” Pidge laughed and squished her cheeks in delight.

“Someone’s got a crush,” Hunk teased, poking Pidge.

“I’ve got a crush on Peter!” Lance announced.

“And there’s nothing wrong with that, buddy,” Shiro smiled.

The theater was full of laughter and the number of times people gasped was ridiculous. Keith was enjoying it as much as Shiro and the kids did. He could see how focused the kids were—with minimal interruptions thank god—that they get mini heart attacks when something got thrown their way. 

“It’s Iron Man!!” Hunk pointed out loud and when he realized how loud he was, he looked around embarrassed as he covered his mouth. “I’m sorry.”

“Oh boy, Daddy Tony’s gonna scold him,” Shiro muttered as he ate his popcorn and Keith was so endeared.

There were parts that were just tearjerkers and one time Lance turned really quiet. Keith saw that the little boy was trying his best not to cry as he rubbed his eyes angrily. “No. No. No. Spider-Man. GET. UP. ”

Keith rubbed Lance’s back tenderly to comfort him. 

The whole theater exploded at the very last scene that the kids got up from their seats and kept on pointing at the screen. Keith looked at Shiro and they shared knowing looks. They stayed after for the end credits.

“That was awesome!!!” Lance jumped around. “BEST SPIDER-MAN EVER!!”

“I know!” Hunk agreed enthusiastically. “Remember that part when—”

“Okay but the funniest scene—” Pidge interrupted.

The kids continued talking to each other with so much energy that Shiro was able to pull Keith to his side. “So?”

“Oh god. Where do I start? It was everything I wanted and more,” Keith smiled so wide. “Tom Holland was just the perfect Peter Parker. And then—”

“CAN WE WATCH IT AGAIN PLEASE?!!” The kids asked in chorus facing their daddies. “Pretty please?” They all battered their eyelashes just for added effect.

Keith turned at Shiro, copying the kids. “Can we watch it again, pretty please?”

Shiro just rolled their eyes fondly at his family. “I knew this would happen so I brought extra money just in case. But not after we take photos with the Spidey stand. It’s tradition!”

As the kids all ran towards the Spider-Man display outside the theaters, Keith grabbed Shiro’s hand and squeezed it. “Did you see how much they laughed and cried? I’ve never seen them this excited to the point they wanna rewatch right after watching it. They loved it as much as I did, Shiro.”

Shiro just smirked at Keith. “You are such a fanboy.”

“I was about to offer to pay for the tickets this time but never mind,” Keith let go of Shiro’s hand only to be pulled back again for a hug and a kiss on the cheek. 

His husband laughed, “I was just kidding!”

“Daddy Keith, can I get webshooters?!” Lance shouted from the standee.

“No,” Shiro answered at the same time Keith said “Yes.”

“AWESOME!!” Lance shouted with joy. 


Suda Masaki (Tamiou) in J Movie Magazine, vol.02 (2015).

I admit, when I saw these pages I made noises that may not have been entirely human in nature

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Do you have an recommendations for period pieces or tropey romance movies? My bf is studying abroad for a month and I could use some nice love stories to brighten my days while he's away.

Heavens, yes!! I hope that your month apart flies by. :)

I would like to subtitle this post Attack Of The Straight White Usually British People.

Period Dramas With Nice Love Stories, Just Off The Top Of My Head:

  • Emma (2009) - miniseries. Like pure sunshine condensed into miniseries form! Romola Garai and Jonny Lee Miller are a straight up delight together.
  • Pride & Prejudice (2005) - OF COURSE.
  • Little Women (1994) - Not only a love story, but I find the take on Jo/Bhaer so dreamy in this one, and the Jo/Laurie stuff is great angst as well. (Also, the shot of Meg and Mr. Brook kissing in the snow on the porch is so perfectly romantic that it will haunt me for the rest of my days.)
  • Far From The Madding Crowd (2015) - Granted, this tale gets pretty harrowing, but the cinematography is beautiful and so is the chemistry between Carey Mulligan and Matthias Schoenaerts (yes, I had to look up how to spell his last name).
  • Sense & Sensibility (2008) - miniseries – The 1990s movie is also perfect, but there’s some extra moody scenery and such in the 2008 one that I really like. You can’t go wrong with either of them!
  • Jane Eyre (2006) - miniseries. Gets pretty harrowing at times, but Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens have the most delightful chemistry! The 2011 movie is also gorgeous to look at and quite romantic, but personally I feel like it doesn’t capture the spirit of the novel or the relationship between Jane and Rochester nearly as well as the 2006 mini.
  • Ever After: A Cinderella Story (1998) – The Perfect Movie, and such a delightful romance.
  • The Young Victoria (2009) - Such a lovely depiction of Victoria & Albert’s marriage. When their relationship came around on the Victoria TV series, I was hella underwhelmed in comparison.
  • Florence Foster Jenkins (2016) – More melancholy than the advertising suggested, and it’s a complicated love story, but dear lord the Old Marrieds Feels!
  • Brooklyn (2015) - Just a lovely, quiet little movie with a really sweet romance.
  • Hysteria (2011) - The quaintest little Victorian era romcom about the invention of the vibrator that you could ever imagine.
  • Stage Beauty (2004) - An awesome weird lovely gem of a movie about Shakespearean stage acting and the drama that it caused when women were newly allowed to play female parts onstage in the 1660s, ft. super enchanting chemistry between the two leads.
  • North and South (2004)  - miniseries. I have honestly seen this only once so far, and it was like ten years ago (I know, I’m terrible!), but it is widely regarded as a great dreamy Victorian romance, and I look forward to watching it again sometime!
  • Anne of Green Gables (1985) - miniseries. Not a romance so much as a story with a little romantic subplot, but it always brings me great comfort and delight to watch it.

Non-Period Drama Tropey Romantic Movies I Love

  • Leap Year - Amy Adams. Matthew Goode. Road trippin’. Fake marrieds. Love/hate. Beautiful scenery. This movie was made for my sappy lizard brain.
  • Bridget Jones’s Diary (and sequels) - Sometimes, and by that I mean ‘most times,’ my heart just needs some Bridget and Mark Darcy. In addition to the first one, I am very fond of the third one. (It made me like Patrick Dempsey after years of vague resentment???) The second one sort of just exists, being ridiculous and not very good, but I love their faces (AND HUGH GRANT’S FACE) so much that I don’t entirely care.
  • The Mirror Has Two Faces - Literally no one in the world agrees with me on this, but I DON’T CARE. Barbra Streisand and Jeff Bridges as middle aged professors who enter a marriage of platonic companionship while struggling with secret FEELINGS? YES.
  • Two Weeks Notice - Unwitting work marrieds! My beloved Hugh Grant! My beloved Sandy Bullock! Such a good one.
  • Stranger than Fiction - An unusual lil’ gem of a movie that features a lowkey and adorable Will Ferrell (although honestly, I will take Will Ferrell at any key) and a gorgeous romance.
  • The Parent Trap - Whether it’s the old one or new, I just really love the parents’ relationship in either case.
  • The Holiday - A true forever fave of a sappy holiday adventure, most especially because of Kate Winslet and Jack Black’s characters.
  • Imagine Me & You - So lovely and sweet and heartstrings-tuggy and full of adorable characters, and also has exceptionally gorgeous cinematography for a romcom! (And the one item on the list where you are not, at least, being attacked by straight people!)
  • Austenland - I think that this movie tends to thoroughly underwhelm some people, but I just find it so delightful and weird and great! It involves Bret from Flight of the Conchords doing some wooing AND an adorable romance between Kerri Russell and JJ Feild’s characters, all while everyone wears Regency garb. How much better can it get?

The whole movie is great, but these guys stole every scene they were in!

(Before we get into the review proper, my big thanks to @gretchensinister for funding my ticket to see this movie. She wanted me to suffer and she got exactly what she wanted.)

So. For the first children’s movie I have reviewed in over two years, Boss Baby was one hell of a way to get back into it. Wow. The concept of the movie is, initially, bizarre and actually watching it in action was more so. Despite the fact that this is supposed to be a comedy, Dreamworks really knew how to frame things to make it like a horror movie. A common problem/theme I have with children’s movies are their breakneck narrative pace and Boss Baby feels like the fastest one I have seen in recent memory. However, due to their fun animation style it was actually an enjoyable watch despite feeling incredibly rushed. I’ll get more into that later however. 

So, plot summary of Boss Baby: Tim Templeton, 7 and a half years old, has the perfect parents and the perfect life.  They dote on him, support him, and they give everything his little child heart could desire. It’s great! Until Alec Baldwin as the titular baby arrives. Then everything turns into Parental Neglect: The Movie! For a good 20 or so minutes. Along with a delightful dose of baby gaslighting. (Yes, you heard me right, baby gaslighting. There’s a good portion of this movie where both the parents and the Boss Baby blatantly deny happenings around them in order to make Tim stop questioning what is going on.) Despite it all Tim manages to put together that this baby (which arrived in a suit, in a taxi, in the middle of the day) is not your regular baby. 

After some various sleuthing Tim comes upon Boss Baby in the middle of a late night talking into one of those little play phones for a corporate meeting. Tim is caught in his spying and that’s when he and the audience get the reason as to why this well-dressed infant has come to upset Tim’s life.

The Boss Baby was sent by a company called Baby Corp, the company he was hired for before birth to figure out why the love for babies is decreasing in the world. As it turns out, you can blame dogs (specifically puppies) because apparently love is finite and can be put into corporate pie graphs. So the reason Boss Baby blatantly invades Tim’s life is because Tim’s parents work for Puppy Co, a company that makes new puppies. Yes, makes. Like they genetically engineer new dogs. They never say the word puppy mill, but the fact that there is an entire company devoted to making the “perfect puppy” is a… very unfortunate implication. 

Moving forward, this makes puppies and how cute they are a direct competition to babies and how cute they are and how much love they get. So Boss Baby has been sent to glean any and all information out of Tim’s parents in a strange bout of nursery corporate espionage to uncover the latest creation of Puppy Co., which is promised to be the perfect puppy that everyone will love.

As you can probably guess, Tim reacts to this entire thing very poorly. He tries to out this encroachment on his previously idyllic life and It goes about as well as you can imagine, with babies being thrown into car explosions, through a bedroom window, and high speed chases through backyards while the adults mysteriously don’t see a thing. Tim ends up grounded because he tried to slingshot his “baby brother” out a window and of course that’s the only thing the adults manage to catch. So he ends up grounded and in his room as punishment for child endangerment. 

After a period of time, the Boss Baby himself comes to Tim in his “lock up” (as they refer to it in the movie) and tells him about how if he doesn’t get this info on puppies, he’ll be fired from Baby Corp and become a legitimate part of Tim’s family, something they both agree they don’t want. So they decide to team up to try and stop Puppy Co. from releasing the cutest puppy in the world. 

Boss Baby was a fast-paced spectacle of honestly really fun animation but I wasn’t lying about my earlier comment about some shots being like a horror movie. In some scenes it felt like certain camera choices and styles were direct call backs to famous horror films. (I would go back and try to specify which ones other than the one reference I noticed, but since I am not much of a horror enthusiast, that would require more research than I am particularly willing to put in at this time.) One scene in particular when a group of babies are sent from Baby Corp to have an in person meeting with the Boss Baby seems to emulate tropes from Paranormal Activity, with its infrared glowing eyes and jerky crawling across the ground.

Now the concept of a Boss Baby was already bizarre in the beginning, but to add the entire body of office humor to an infant really puts this entire concoction of odd decisions to the test. This movie was almost uncomfortable with how much it played around with your perception of a baby and boss and the concepts therein. At one point there was a joke made that you can absolutely read as discussing the sexuality and sex life of a /baby/ but for the sake of my sanity and your sanity, dear reader, I will not dive into it more than that. 

The overall plot was pretty predictable, I saw the ending coming a mile away and the big twist was a surprise only because the spectacle of the rest of the movie distracts you from thinking about the plot too much until the plot is thrown in your face. I would applaud it for its successful misdirection but there is a difference between skilled writing gently turning your head away from a twist without you knowing and writing that distracts you by blowing an air horn in your ears and a flashlight in your eyes until its time to see the twist.  

Now a sad usual is that it hit the casual transphobia that a lot of children’s films implement of a big burly guy in a dress, though I would be bereft to not mention that the transphobia plaguing most children’s movies is specifically transmisogny, since it frequently mocks a masculine looking person in traditionally feminine clothing. While we’re on the subject of questionable set ups, Boss Baby also hits an uncomfortable racial dynamic of having three black babies be the “yes men” to the white boss baby while the one baby girl (who is Asian) is a bit demure and also subservient to Boss Baby. Then there’s the vaguely ableist other “minion baby” who blindly followed anything the Boss Baby had to say and played quite easily into the “lovable simpleton” trope. The problems listed here are not terribly overt at least so that’s something the movie has going for it. 

To sum up, the animation for Boss Baby was actually a lot of fun and easily captured the childhood whimsy of daydreams. They were very bright, very vibrant, and not afraid to go for it, a quality that I always appreciate. The imagination sequences with Tim and Boss Baby were some of the best in the film, other than the horror movie moments which get an honorable mention all their own. 

Of course they had to have the fart jokes, as every kids movie does, but the slapping theme associated with Boss Baby was disconcerting to add to that.  The impression of low level sexualization I got while watching this movie has me questioning whether I read too much into things, if they actually put that in there or whether it was an unfortunate accident born from transferring an adult role and the jokes that go with it onto an infant character. As a side note, if I ever see a baby in socks  and garters straightening an undone tie again as he waves around pie charts, I will rip out my own eyes. 

Speaking of unfortunate accidents, there are also so many ethical and moral problems with what went on in this plot. Why are babies judged for management jobs before they are born? Why is it based on tickling a baby? Why is it if a baby doesn’t laugh when tickled they don’t get a family? Why is love able to be measured in a way that implies excess and scarcity in a business model? What do these babies DO with all of this love? WHERE DO BABIES COME FROM IF NOT SEX? There are so many more questions to be had with this movie, and I haven’t even mentioned the part where the baby tries to drown a man. 

All in all, Boss Baby is a wild ride that barely gives itself enough time to have it’s completely expected formula of plot to develop. Though I assure you that when the added details of the world around it are put in, it does well to make the formula palatable. 

I’d give Boss Baby 3 out of 5 stars, with a special nod to its animation. It uh. It sure showed me who was boss.

(I hate myself so much right now)

It was 1986. My father died in 1972. I read that script and I wanted to play Inigo because my mind immediately went, If I can get that six-fingered man, then I’ll have my father back, in my imaginary world. He’ll be alive in my imagination. So that was it for me. It was like, I’ll become the greatest sword fighter, and my reward will not be to be in this movie that ended up being what it’s become to all those people; my reward will be that my father will come back.

Mandy Patinkin on playing Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride

(As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales From the Making of The Princess Bride, by Cary Elwes)

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Lol I adore Harry so much. He jumps right into questions about the film and is actually really insightful about his experience and Nolan's process and he's so quick to try to refocus questions back to the movie. And I love when he looks so delighted when he successfully avoids answering a personal question by talking in circles lmao. He's so aware and very good at managing all this I think and it's cool to see how he plays off of Fionn a bit, who is definitely very serious.

A headcanon of mine is Fionn confiding in Harry about being nervous for the interviews, and Harry telling him, “Relax. I’ll be on top of it. Watch me deflect, and learn.” I really enjoy the two of them together.

Love Actually (UK, USA, 2003)

Predictions: Is there anyone who has not seen this movie?? If you have not seen this movie, GET OUT NOW and go watch this movie. We had obviously seen this movie about a million times, so we had no predictions.

Plot: Ah, Love Actually. The movie that began this questionable trend of holiday-themed movies with way too many characters who all know each other in different ways. Thankfully, though, it’s not called Christmas, or Christmas Day, or Six Weeks Leading Up To Christmas. Starring every British actor you’ve ever heard of, Love Actually is about the idea that love is all around. Gross, right? No, it’s super charming, shut up.

In order of appearance: Bill Nighy is a washed-up pop star who makes a comeback by adapting one of his greatest hits and turning it into a cheesy Christmas single. He realizes that, more than fame or sex or whatever, his greatest love is actually his best friend, his manager. Colin Firth is a cuckolded writer who runs away to France and meets a Portuguese girl there. They fall in love, despite not speaking the same language, and he eventually goes to…France? Portugal? to…propose???? Liam Neeson is the widowed stepfather of 11-year-old Thomas Sangster, who has fallen in love with one of his classmates. He wins her heart by…learning to play the drums? with Liam Neeson’s support, and Liam Neeson meets Claudia Schiffer, to boot.

New paragraph – too many storylines! Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman are married, but then his eye wanders to his weirdly sexually aggressive secretary (WHY ARE YOU HITTING ON HIM, LADY???? HE IS MARRIED, AND ALSO OLD), but then Alan Rickman regrets his choices, as well he should. Kris Marshall, a creeper weirdo, announces to his friend that it’s not him, it’s England, and American girls would love him, due to his British accent. Sadly, he…is not mistaken???? Martin Freeman and Joanna Page meet as naked stand-ins and fall in love. Chiwetel Ejiofor marries Keira Knightley, but then Andrew Lincoln, his best friend, inexplicably confesses his love for her also???????? Like, not in a predatory way, but still, seems SUPER WEIRD. YOU ARE A WEIRD BEST FRIEND.

Last but not least, newly-appointed Prime Minister Hugh Grant gets together with some girl who works for him (after some obligatory shenanigans; they’re pretty cute), and Laura Linney gives up Rodrigo Santoro to be with her mentally-ill brother on Christmas. Ah, the holidays. Isn’t love grand? This movie is so much more delightful than all the movies that came after it. It is R-rated, so more risqué than any of them, and yet SOMEHOW MORE CLASSY???? Much more classy. Maybe it’s because it’s half-British. ;)

Also, RIP Alan Rickman, the classiest of us all (in real life; sadly not so much in this movie). We will miss your eyebrows.

Best Scene: At one point, would-be cheater cheater pumpkin eater Alan Rickman is trying to purchase a necklace for his secretary (!!!! NO. DON’T DO IT, ALAN RICKMAN) and has the misfortune of being helped by salesperson Rowan Atkinson. Rowan Atkinson spends basically a year wrapping the gift, and it is marvelous. Everything he does is a Christmas miracle, not to mention the look on Alan Rickman’s face at every additional frill. Runner-up: Prime Minister Hugh Grant and his door-to-door search for his hopefully-girlfriend.

Worst Scene: When Kris Marshall arrives in Wisconsin, and Wisconsin debases itself in the form of FOUR HOT GIRLS who, for some reason, share ONE BED and are eager to bring this British stranger into it. Not that we mind seeing surprise!Elisha Cuthbert and her hot friends, but like…what is even happening here???? Was Richard Curtis writing a porno, but then lost his funding, and thought, well, God, I’d hate to waste this amazing scene I already wrote?!

Best Line: This entire film is VERY funny and touching, so it’s hard to pick just one line, or even three or four. Everything that comes out of Emma Thompson’s mouth is amazing. Colin Firth’s bilingual interactions with Lúcia Moniz are very funny. Prime Minister Hugh Grant is exactly as you would imagine.

Worst Line: Probably something that either Kris Marshall or one of his new American lady friends says, because why.

Highlights of the Watching Experience: So, like, if Keira Knightley turned up at your door, asking to see the wedding video that you obviously shot but equally obviously can never show her, maybe you could (1) shut the door in her face because she turned up unexpectedly and WHO DOES THAT except a MONSTER or (2) make a babbling excuse and immediately throw the VHS out the window. Things we would not do: let her watch it and make our relationship even weirder than it was. Other things we would not do: later appear at HER door unexpectedly (!!!!), ask her to lie to her husband slash our best friend, play a recording of NOT CAROLERS (this CD = obviously accompanied), and then confess our unwanted and unsolicited love. Garbage friend. Garbage story.

How Many POC in the Film: A few supporting characters – Chiwetel Ejiofor, Abdul Salis (Kris Marshall’s friend), Olivia Olson (Thomas Sangster’s love interest) and her mom, and Prime Minister Hugh Grant’s…secretary? chief of staff?? Some important lady who works at Downing Street. Also, a whole bunch of background people. This movie did an okay job, POC-wise.

Alternate Scenes: Every time we watch this movie, we hope that somehow this will be the time that the movie is different and Alan Rickman just gives Emma Thompson the goddamn necklace instead of ruining their life together. It’s so easy not to cheat on people, guys. Just, why.

Was the Poster Better or Worse than the Film: Worse. The poster says, “Merry Christmas! Here is my gift to you – the faces of 10 white famous people, coming to murder you tonight.” Whereas the movie, of course, is delightful.

Score: 9.5 out of 10 Christmas-is-all-around-us smooches. We would, however, like to qualify that it’s EXTREMELY HARD (as we’ve now seen many times, to our chagrin) to make a movie perfect, or even any good at all, that has this many characters and storylines. While there are certain things we might change, overall, we both deeply enjoy this movie and find it impressively put together.

Ranking: 2, out of the 56 movies we’ve seen so far.

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1, 2, 3 & 6 for the ask a phan thing c:

1. Who is your favorite ALW musical Phantom?

It honestly depends on my mood! But it cycles between Juan Carlos Barona, Hugh Panaro, Earl Carpenter, Gary Mauer, Derrick Davis, and Ramin Karimloo.

2. Which Phantom movie is your favorite?

Tie between the Robert Englund film and the original with the O.G Lon. I’m a horror fan at heart so, both of these movies delight me.

3. Which Phantom movie is your least favorite?

I have not watched the entire thing, but I despise the Rat Fetish™ phantom movie. It’s pretty rare for me to outright hate an adaption of something but they grossly missed the mark on this one.

(I answered 6 in another ask below~)

Just saw Spider-Man and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT – even if you don’t like Marvel movies (in the same way I recommended Winter Soldier, though for different reasons).

1) It was just very fun and funny. There was not a single minute in those 2 hours that I did not enjoy. Also, the humor was very…millennial? The best way I can describe it is: imagine the funniest fic you’ve ever read (with all the character specific humor, A+ comedic timing, perfectly placed callbacks). Now imagine it just got made into a movie. That’s what this feels like.

2) The characters were all so delightful and likable and real! And consistent! The decathlon team in particular, oh my god. I have been waiting for SO LONG for an accurate portrayal of a) nerds b) nerds at a science high school, and while this wasn’t a perfect reflection of my particular experiences, it came pretty damn close. So many moments when my brother (also a grad of my science HS) and I turned to each other in the theater and were just like, “OH MY GOD, THIS WAS US/OUR FRIENDS/OUR SCHOOLMATES!” And of course, Tom Holland’s Peter is actually perfect in his earnestness and eagerness and misguided-ness.

3) Everything felt very earned – the jokes, the emotional beats, the reveals.

4) NEW YORK. This had a stronger sense of place than any other movie in the MCU, and any of the other Spiderman movies. New York’s color and character and diversity were captured so well. I’m especially happy about the diverse characters. It wasn’t token casting or heavy-handed. SO GREAT.

5) Casual but effective worldbuilding. I was in Captain America fandom for a pretty significant duration of time in 2014/2015, and a lot of that was because of the awesome fanwork that explored the (seeming) mundanities of the MCU. What would a world with superheroes actually look like for an everyday person? is a question that isn’t really explored in the other Marvel movies, because all the other heroes are so larger than life. But because Peter is an everyman, they get the chance to do that here, and the result is hilarious and super fulfilling.

Watch this movie! It is super fun! Like, it doesn’t really say as much as Winter Soldier does, and it won’t want to make you tear your face off in delighted agony, but it’s still SO GOOD.

Ah! Finally saw Wonder Woman! It was fun. This is actually the first DC movie I’ve really enjoyed since the Tim Burton Batman ones, actually. The end credits scene was beautiful, and actually I would say I liked this better even than the last couple Marvel movies. I’m delighted it’s doing so well in the box office; I hope it makes everyone step up their game.

i also wanted to mention that i found this cosplayer’s youtube channel the other day by happenstance and he makes movie-quality superhero cosplays and restores superhero figures and i was just??? so??? delighted??? to see a grown ass man enjoying fashion and dolls? i know a lot of men do, and that we shouldn’t gender these things, but it just made me happy, is all?  ive like never seen it in real life?? so it was really cool?? to know there are like thousands and thousands of men who enjoy these things