this movie was really creepy

Cars and Siblings



“Dammit, Y/N!” Dean said, pounding his hands against the wheel. “Dammit!”

“Dean,” Sam chided, already tired of hearing his brother complain. The hunt had been tough and he’d been afraid for your safety. And Dean had already said ‘Dammit’ about ten times already and they weren’t even down the block.

“No, Sam, don’t stick up for her. She knows what she did wrong.”

“You’re acting like you never did anything stupid on a hunt,” you said from the backseat.

“So you admit it was stupid!”

You growled in frustration. “Dean, it’s not that big of a deal.”

“I could maybe forgive you for jumping in even though I had things handled, but you got Baby hurt!”

Your eyes trailed down the crack in the windshield. You couldn’t help that the only way you could think to get to Dean in time and knock the monster out was to drive into it. “That crack is hardly noticeable.”

Sam turned back and stared at you, giving that condescending elder-brother look.

“Okay, so maybe half of the windshield is bad. But the other half is kind of okay.”

“And the bumper is screwed up and the paint is scratched and the hood is dented… do you have any idea how long it’ll take to repair her?”

“Sorry your stupid car was used to save your life.”

“Don’t you dare call her stupid!”


Once the three of you returned to the bunker, Dean fully examined Baby. You stood in the garage, watching him, trying to offer suggestions or help.

Finally, Dean shook his head. “This is gonna take forever.” He gently ran a hand over Baby’s roof. “It’s okay, Baby. I’m gonna fix you up.”

“Can I help?”

“No.” Dean turned, his voice hard. “Go to your room.”

You laughed. “I’m sorry, did you just try to send me to my room?”

“Listen to your elder. Now go.”

“If you think–”


Sam watched as you stormed through the bunker, wincing at the sound of your door slamming shut. He listened as Dean banged around in the kitchen, pulling beers from the fridge, before stomping into the living room, plopping down on the couch.

“So,” Sam said as Dean scowled at the TV. “How’s Baby?”


“And Y/N?”

“I sent her to her room.”

“Yeah, I heard.” Sam shifted. “Look, man, don’t you think you overreacted a little bit?”

Dean glared at his brother. “You wanna go to your room, too?”


Sam was still awake when he heard your door open and shut, quietly, almost as if…

He waited, ears straining, listening to you step down the hall. After a few moments, Sam stood and carefully opened his door, stepping down the hall after you.

He watched from corners and doorways as you quietly made your way through the bunker, heading for the garage. A large bag was slung over your shoulder. You got in your car and pulled out from the garage, disappearing into the night.

‘Dammit,’ Sam thought. He pulled on the boots he’d left by the door and grabbed a set of keys.


You pulled into the lot of an all-night diner. Sam pulled in at the other end of the row, watching as you stepped into the restaurant. You were seated in a corner booth and Sam watched as you lazily flipped through the menu.

He waited until you’d ordered before heading into the diner.

You barely looked up as he sat in the seat across from you. “Save it, Sam.”


“I’m not coming back.”

“Yes, you are.”

“No, I’m serious. I’m done. I can’t have Dean treating me like a child any longer.”

“He’s only lashing out because he’s concerned about you.”

You rolled your eyes. “Please. He cares more about his stupid car than me.”

“No, he doesn’t, Y/N.”

The waitress came over and set a plate of fries in front of you. You glared at them with a slightly bored expression before picking one up and pulling it into smaller pieces.

“You know how I know he cares about you?”

“Let me guess. Because we’re ‘family’ and that’s what family does.”

“While that’s true, that’s not what I was going to say.”

“Then what?”

“Dean always checks on you before he goes to sleep. He keeps a secret stash of candy in the kitchen for when you’re upset. He tracks your period on his phone so he knows when you need fuzzy blankets and crappy movies–”

“That’s really creepy.”

Which, if you’ll recall, he’s always willing to watch with you. He buys your Christmas and birthday presents months in advance. He…”


Sam shook his head. “You’ve got to promise you won’t tell him I said this.”

You shrugged.

Sam swallowed. “When Dean prays, which granted, isn’t very often, but when he does… he asks for God to watch over you and I. Not himself, not his car. You and I.”

You were quiet for a while.

“And you know what else?”


“I guarantee when we go back home, the first thing he’s going to ask about is where you were.”

“Dammit, Sam.”

Sam smiled, knowing he’d won.


You and Sam stayed out until early morning. When you returned to the bunker, Dean was in the kitchen, brewing coffee.

“Where the hell were you two?” he asked.

You looked up at Sam, who shot you a knowing look. Then you stepped over to Dean, wrapping your arms around him, pressing your face into his chest. You felt him twitch in surprise before gently patting your back.

“Easy, Y/N,” Dean said. “It’s too damn early for you to be this lovey-dovey.”

i hope the new beauty and the beast remake means that “beauty and the beast au” becomes a popular fan fic trope because honestly when it’s done well (aka: realistic slow burn like the movie and not rushed/creepy) it’s really cute and heartwarming and honestly every ship needs a beauty and the beast au

I Thought You Were Different: Book 4 (Part 19/?) (Rogers/Stark x reader)

Part 18

“One catastrophe at a time, please,” you groaned, pinching the bridge of your nose as you thought out your next move.  “Okay, Steve and Tony are locked up, and it’s likely their own stupid fault for being there, so I’m not so worried about them. Brooklyn, did he leave anything behind that might give us a clue as to where he could’ve gone?”

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What Does ____ Sound Like?

Describing the sound of a language is a really difficult thing to do, mostly because everybody hears things a little differently and we make different connections. I’ve heard people describe French as being “romantic” and I’ve also heard people say it sounds like “someone got something stuck in their throat”. Some people say Spanish sounds musical but I’ve also heard people describe it as angry. Mila Kunis even once compared Russian to Klingon, and there’s a scene from a TV show where one of the characters accidentally gives his blessings in Klingon, having believed it to be Hebrew. The fact of the matter is, the only way you’re going to know what a language sounds like is to hear it. So I’m compiling a list, separated by language, with various examples of said language in its natural context. This means there will be soap operas, youtubers, movie trailers (probably a lot of these ‘cause they’re easy to find), some newsreels, maybe advertisements. What there won’t be is music or those recorded dialogues they put in language learning textbooks. The point of this is to hear different languages actually sound with your own ears.

Some things you should know:

I am in the United States so all links are confirmed to work in the United States, I cannot guarantee they’ll work anywhere else.

This is (hopefully) not going to be the only post of it’s kind. I plan on making a series, here I just start with a few major languages. I’m hoping later I can make little series like “East Asian Languages” and “The Uralic Branch” kinda thing.

These are not meant to be comprehensive or even useful for studying. This is literally just a list of links so people can hear a few different languages and get a feel for them.

I will attempt to mark regional accents where I can. If no accent/region is marked it’s probably because I don’t know. If you see one of these and you DO know what accent/dialect it is, let me know, I’d love to include that kind of information.

Clearly there isn’t much here for people who are d/Deaf/HOH. I cannot caption the videos because they’re not mine though some of them do have captions put there by their creator. Later on I hope to do versions of this for “What does ____ look like?” and show written language as well as signed languages.

NONE OF THESE VIDEOS ARE GUARANTEED TO BE FREE FROM LANGUAGE, NUDITY, AND ADULT TOPICS. Partially because I can’t actually understand most of them so who knows what’s going on. I can tell you that the visuals are all pretty clean (so no porno or bloodfests).

There will be NO horror movies or trailers for horror movies. There might still be creepy stuff or horror like concepts but NO jumpscares. Mostly because I just really don’t wanna watch them and I don’t wanna accidentally expose someone else to some creepy horror movie trailer when they too really don’t wanna watch them. That’s just mean. And if for some reason someone finds something on here that they believe to be a jumpscare let me know so I can take care of it.

What does German sound like?

Die Welle (The Wave) 2008 Trailer

Goodbye, Lenin! 2003 Trailer

What does Italian sound like?

Quo Vado? 2016 Trailer

La Bella Gente 2015 Trailer

Interview with Il Volo, 1 Mar 2013 La Vita in Diretta, Roma

What does French sound like?

Celine Dion Interview on France 2 News 16 Nov 2013

Un homme idéal (A Perfect Man) 2015 Trailer

Entre amis 2015 Trailer

Venez comme vous êtes McDonald’s Ad

What does Spanish sound like?

Mexico Una Película de Huevos 2006 Trailer

Peru Esto son fueron los peores ‘roches’ en la televisión peruana  

Argentina 5 películas argentinas que no pueden dejar de ver

Spain Día De la Fiesta Nacional de España -  NOTICIAS 1

What does Portuguese sound like?

Brazil Apresentação no Bom Dia Brasil - Rede Globo  

Portugal Entrevista a Daniela Ruah Noticias Portugal

What does Mandarin Chinese sound like?

美人鱼  Mermaid (2016) 中文预告片

The Monkey King 2 2016 Trailer

What does Japanese sound like?


24時間テレビ 制作発表 生中継 V6 & Hey!Say!JUMP #150701

What does Cantonese sound like?

Scene from 花樣年華 (In the Mood for Love) 2000

What does Arabic sound like?

Egyptian Panda Cheese Commercial 2014

شاب سعودي يهكر عقل مقدم صباح العربية على الهواء  

What does Russian sound like?

Чёрная Молния (Black Lightning) 2009 Trailer

Putin’s Victory Speech 2012


Gideon Gleeful is totally not 9, and is actually a vampire

Let’s have a look at the evidence

  • When Dipper and Mabel went back in time in the episode Blendin’s Game, they landed in Gravity Falls ten years ago.If Lil’ Gideon was 9, he wouldn’t have been born yet, but here we see him in his stroller with Bud and Mrs. Gleeful
  • So definitely existing at a time when he should not technically exist, if he was 9 as he is generally accepted to be. It should also be noted that here he’s sporting his present-day hair, and not the tiny baby hair that’s depicted in the “just had a baby demon” sign above. What else are the Gleefuls lying to us about? And why lie about his hair? Maybe he isn’t really a baby at all? 

  • The sign itself is pretty suspicious. We’re meant to take it as a joke, but Gravity Falls has used jokes to mask clues in the past and I wouldn’t put it past them to do it again.

  • Stan says specifically, “Ever since that monster Gideon rolled into town, I’ve had nothing but trouble.”

  • I mean there’s an obvious connection there with “monster” but ALSO CONSIDER: Why would Grunkle Stan say that Gideon “rolled into” town if Gideon had been born there, as we’ve been lead to believe? Why wouldn’t he just say ever since he was born? Conclusion: he wasn’t born there. He “rolled in” from somewhere else.

  • Gideon parallels the vampire from the “Widdlest Wampire” advertisement from the end screen of Into the Bunker really really well. The “widdlest wampire” is pulling a really similar face and pose to the one Gideon uses to get his audience to go “aw”, the ad is the the ONLY non-Gideon use of the word “widdle” in all of Gravity Falls, and the first time we see Gideon he’s also wearing a cape.
  • Throughout all of the episodes in which Gideon appears, no one ever once refers to him as a kid. BudGleeful and Lil Gideon himself both refer to him as a “boy”, but even they havenever referred to him as a child. Dipper refers to him as a kid, but Dipper hasn’tbeen in Gravity Falls long enough to know otherwise. He also thought Gideon didn’t have any powers and like two scenes later was proven wrong about that.

  • Gideon has five fingers on each hand just as the adults in Gravity Falls do. When asked at 2013 SDCC why Gideon has five fingers while the rest of the children have only four, Alex Hirsch refused to respond on the grounds that the answer was too spoilery.

  • In the episode Dreamscaperers, the movie everyone’s watching right after Lil Gideon tries to steal the deed to the Mystery Shack called Grandpa the Kid. Y’know, like an old person posing as a kid. 
  • Gideon talks like an old man. In Hand the Rocks the Mabel he refers to Dipper as “boy” and uses big words that even Grunkle Stan has to comment on. Also in the same episode he gets winded after a very short dance. You know who else gets winded after light physical activity? Old people. Also his hair is white like an old man’s and he also dresses like an old man, as well.

  • Bud Gleeful defers to him as if he was actually Gideon’s son and not the other way around, and Mrs. Gleeful is downright terrified of him.

  • This tiny representation of Gideon has pitch-black demon eyes.
  • Gideon being a vampire makes the entire “Mabel wishing for a vampire boyfriend” plot in Tourist Trapped thousands of times more ironic and more mind-blowing on the rewatch and let’s be real here that’s totally something Alex Hirsch would do on purpose.

  • Furthermore if Lil Gideon is actually a REALLY OLD VAMPIRE, then the episode title Hand that Rocks the Mabel  is a reference to a really creepy movie about someone trying to steal a baby, called “hand that rocks the cradle”. Stealing a baby sounds a lot like “cradle robbing” which urban dictionary defines as dating someone who is MUCH MUCH younger than you. Which actually makes sense to the plot of the episode, when you factor in that GIDEON IS REALLY REALLY OLD.

TL;DR: The only conclusion I can come to here is that Gideon is a really old vampire who wants to make Mabel his vampire queen for some reason.

“Now the monsters can’t get you.” {Peter Parker x Reader}

A/N: Hey everyone, so this is my first fic up on this account. I wanted to start a new tumblr for fanfiction, so that I can write a lot more. A little disclaimer: I am from Australia! So if I make any mistakes referring to American schooling or context in general, I’m sorry!!! I’m absolutely in love with Tom Holland at the moment, and his Peter Parker too. I’ve always loved Spider-Man, and am so excited for Homecoming next year. I’m going to be writing fics for different people and characters, and Tom and Peter will be just two of them. If you have any requests, please do send, and I’ll try and write them! I hope you enjoy : )

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: Fluff!!! You force Peter, your best friend, to watch a horror movie with you. He gets terrified. Later on, feelings are confessed…
Word Count: 2.6K

I knocked on the door of the apartment where Peter and his Aunt May live. The door opened only seconds later, revealing a smiling Peter Parker.
  Peter and I have been friends since the first day of Middle School, when he was sitting alone in our first class together. I noticed that he looked nervous, and I decided to befriend him. It seemed like a good idea since I didn’t know anyone else, and it seemed like he didn’t either. He was shy to begin with, but we soon hit it off and became close friends. Now he is one of my best friends, and we’re in our last year of High School together.
  “Hey,” he said, and reached out to hug me.
  “Hey Pete,” I said and hugged him back, or as much as I could since I was holding two bags. Peter noticed and reached for them.
  “Let me get them for you.”
  “Thanks,” I said and followed him into the apartment. Peter walked into his room and placed the bags down at the end of his bed.
  “Aunt May’s going to be staying overnight now after the meeting, it’s too far to travel back,” Peter said and smiled at me. I could see a glint of mischief in his eye making me smile back.
  “Okay, that’s fine. So movie night and food?” I asked, moving to leap on Peter’s bed and falling back. He did the same thing. Peter kicked my shoe with his and I looked over at him.
  “What movies do you want to watch?” Peter asked, and I smirked at him. He was going to love this.
  “A horror movie. I know just the one,” I grinned at him. I watched in amusement as Peter’s eyes widened. He groaned and turned to face the ceiling.
  Peter always refuses to watch horror movies because he’s terrified of them. He tries to act like it’s because he doesn’t like them and isn’t too scared, but I know otherwise. We’ve only watched one full horror movie together, because the other times Peter walked out of the room and refused to come back until it was turned off.
  “Please Pete, come on,” I whined, “it’s just a movie, it’s not even real. We could even have the lights on, if that made you feel better.”
  He turned his head to look at me, frowning and thinking.
  “Although having the lights on kind of defeats the purpose, and I’d rather have them on-” Peter rolled his eyes and interrupted me with another groan. He turned to face the ceiling again, covering his face with his arm.
  “Y/N,” Peter whined.
  “Okay fine!” I said, sitting up to lean on my elbow and look down at him, “we can have the light in the kitchen on!” Peter moved his arm so he could see me, and I grinned at him. “Please Peter! It’ll be fine, it’s not that bad.”
  He dropped his arm from his face and sat up on the edge of the bed, “I hate these movies, and you know that.” I sat up too, waiting for his decision. Peter looked over at me, “what movie is it?”
  I stared at him and blinked, “Insidious two.”
  “Agh! Y/N!” Peter cried out.

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Went to the movies today and really wish I hadn’t

This is a creepy experience by tygurlz.

Today I went to the movies to see DeadPool. Along side me was my stepmother, who has recently been training to be a cop. In the beginning everything was going normally and everything was good. I loved the movie and had seen it once before this.

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Oh my god, I finally found it complete! I’ve been searching for a long time and now I’m thrilled to present you the full Ariel’s Voice Unedited Version!

For those who don’t know, it’s Jodi Benson’s original voice, before Disney edited it and put it into the movie. It’s really creepy and I wanted to make this video similar to the first one uploaded by snaggs015, which has been deleted. I think this way it is be as creepy as possible. The ending part is the best and it gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it.

Originally, Disney intended to make the little mermaid in 1940, but the project stopped because of World War 2. It was supposed to be much darker with gruesome elements such as the witch cutting the mermaid’s tongue and the blood that came out, being eaten by eels nearby.

Halloween headcanons!
  • Ib tries to scare Garry every Halloween. She has done everything from jump scares to putting fake-spiders in his fridge. She has never failed to scare him.
  • Garry avoids to decorate his appartment with spooky things. It’s secretly to let Ib have a laugh when she scares him, but he blames it on not having the time to decorate.
  • Garry really hates creepy movies. On Halloween, and only that, he makes one exception: The Nightmare Before Christmas. He finds the characters really creepy and makes sure to have every lamp switched on before even putting the disc in.
  • He plans his costume ages before Halloween. However, he has a hard time deciding a costume. One time he ended up sewing several costumes because he couldn’t decide on one.
  • Garry helps Ib’s family with their yearly Halloween party. He freely does all the baking and cooking, which usually ends up being a lot. He doesn’t have any problem with this though. In fact, he even asks if there’s more things he can help them with.

I’m constantly defending found-footage/docu-horror movies, but my defense usually goes a lot like “OK, yeah, there’s a lot of trash, but it’s not ALL trash, and I’m not just talking about Chronicle”, followed by me trying to remember movies that aren’t Chronicle and dodging objects thrown at me by Cloverfield defenders (look, I watch these movies for fun, so I have to respect your life choices, but we’re just going to have to agree to disagree on that one). ANYWAY, the point of this post is that now I have an actual list that I can show to people to demonstrate that there is some decent/not boring found-footage/docu-horror out there. These are my top 10 favorite ones (of what I’ve watched so far), and they’re sort of in order:

  1. The Dinosaur Project: I like this one because, well, dinosaurs, the effects are actually pretty good, and, for a horror movie, it’s a lot of fun (DINOSAURS). I also really like the ending.
  2. The Tunnel: This movie is sufficiently creepy throughout (AUSTRALIA, MAN), helped a lot by the very claustrophobic feel of the tunnels. I still don’t know what the hell that thing is, but I do know that I think “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?!” every single time I rewatch this. 
  3. Banshee Chapter: First of all, I have to mention that this is one of those movies that falls into the “someone’s filming but all our characters are in front of the camera” trap during some parts, but I honestly think it adds to this one, in a strange way. It’s really not at all what I expected, and there are a lot of moments where you, along with the characters, wonder if any of it’s real. Also, I almost pissed myself AT LEAST twice.
  4. Afflicted: This movie is HELLA. I honestly don’t know what to say. It’s a really great movie and a really great horror movie that just happens to be done in the found-footage style.
  5. Evidence (2012): I specified the year on this one because someone else made another found-footage movie called Evidence a year later, but this one is MUCH better (or so I think). I don’t even know where to start with this one. It’s one hell of a ride, that’s for sure. It’s all normal (for a horror movie) at the beginning and then proceeds off the deep end at a very high speed and just keeps diving deeper and deeper. 
  6. As Above, So Below: This one is a lot like Evidence in that what you think it’s going to be at the beginning is not at all what it turns out to be. It is also one hell of a ride. I sort of stumbled out of the theater in a daze the first time I saw this, trying to figure out what the hell I’d just seen (the second time was mostly spent suppressing laughter because the two other people in the theater with me were legit screaming at certain points).
  7. Lake Mungo: I wouldn’t really consider this a straight-up horror movie, in that it’s not really outright scary (except for that one jump scare, OH GOD), but it’s HELLA FUCKING CREEPY. There’s a sequence at the very end that just made my skin crawl.
  8. Incident At Loch Ness: This is also not really scary, but it’s HILARIOUS. It’s a movie about a guy making a movie about Werner Herzog making a movie about the Loch Ness Monster, and IT’S AS RIDICULOUS AS THAT SOUNDS.
  9. The Wicksboro Incident: I feel the need to make a disclaimer about the quality of this movie. It’s a VERY low budget movie, and some of the effects could use some work, but that’s the ONLY reason this isn’t higher up on the list. It’s like that COPS episode of The X-Files, but on a shoestring budget.
  10. Exists: This movie is what happens when someone is watching one of those Jack Link’s “Messin’ With Sasquatch” commercials and thinks to themselves “how could I make this into a full-length movie?”, and then proceeds to actually write that movie, and I have to say that I really liked the answer to that question.

Of course, those aren’t the ONLY good movies, but I wanted to keep the list short, so here are 5 honorable mentions:

  1. Haunted Poland: This is probably the realest found footage film in terms of filler content (so it’s kind of boring in spots, since it’s normal vacation stuff). It’s what we all WISHED Paranormal Activity had been.
  2. The Hunted: I just really liked this one. It’s kind of generic, in terms of story, but it’s executed well and it’s also genuinely creepy.
  3. The Bay: I know that a lot of people think this is the best ever, and I won’t deny that this one is good, but I think that the quality of a lot of the video is TOO good. That’s probably in my top 5 found-footage pet peeves, to be honest. It’s hella gross, though, and also hella creepy.
  4. Grave Encounters: A LAUGH RIOT, but not very scary (to me, at least).
  5. The Frankenstein Theory: This one is kind of the opposite of The Hunted, wherein it’s a good story with a somewhat generic execution, but it’s still a good movie.
Tumblr Headcannons for Life Is Strange

•Max is a photography blog primarily. She takes a lot of selfies, a lot of nature shots. She’s really known for her amazing stills of animals, especially butterflies. She’s also really down for Indy music and covers.

•Chloe has the retro-grunge down. A lot of her blog is dedicated to tattoos and colored hair. Music videos and tasteful nudity rule her queue. She’s known as that one blue haired haired lesbian who probably will steal your girlfriend. Gets a lot of mean anons and utterly slays them with proper use of gifs and biting remarks. Very NSFW.

•Warren. What a fucking nerd. He’s covered his feed with video games and retro monster movies. He creates a lot of knowledgable posts about behind the scenes for creepy movies. He’s also really into practical effects and movie make up. Major film buff. He posts cute selfies of him and the girls when he gets drunk, constantly has his ask box open and gives good advice. He is the science side of tumblr.

•Victoria is similar to Max in that she does a lot of photography. But her style is very different than Max’s. She loves saturating colors, sunsets over mountains, ocean landscapes. Her blog is rich purple with cursive fonts. It’s half fashion blog, lots of selfies of her in pretty outfits. Doesn’t have her ask box open ever. Outfits of the days and style advice for anyone brave enough to @ her.

•Rachel posts a lot of videos of her playing songs on the acoustic guitar. She’ll take songs you never expected and make them beautiful folk numbers. Likes insta-print photos and non-focused pictures. Very aesthetic. Rarely does straight text posts, it’s almost always visual. Reblogs a lot of what Chloe does. She wants to get out of Arcadia Bay and she’s very obvious about it. There’s a lot of wanderlust going on in her blog, pictures of destinations from all around the world.

•Nathan is definitely NSFW. Bondage as an art is a big thing for him, as is black and white photography. Very even gender distribution of models. Surprisingly, there’s also a lot of mental health resources. He’s really insightful to vent to, gets a lot of anons that he answers genuinely. He likes silent films, classical music and artistic nudity. He’ll disappear for a few days sometimes and comes back without an explanation. Drunk/high rants early in the morning, gets real deep.

anonymous asked:

HC that Danny, when upset or sad or just feeling down, will subconsciously lower the temperature around him. He only notices when it finally happens when he's in ghost form and the roof he's standing on gets covered in rim-frost. His friends already noticed, but Danny misunderstood their attempts at joking about the horror movie creepiness factor.

Oooh!! I really like this idea! Maybe it’s a side effect from his ice powers.  Whenever he gets sad/depressed the temperature drops just enough to make everyone around him feel uncomfortable.

I think that he’d probably be like this fairly often, because all the things that this poor kid has to handle would definitely drag him down.  His friends notice after a few particularly bad days, the way the air around him sends chills down their spines. He bounces back after a few days, but they’re still worried for him.  When they bring it up a few days later he apologizes far too much for making them feel uncomfortable, even after they reassure him that they were perfectly fine.

His parents notice, but they have no explanation for the things they see.  Sometimes frost creeps around the edges of the doorways he walks through, lingering only for a moment before disappearing again. One time Maddie went up to his room to put his laundry away, only realizing that the door handle was ice cold after she had stepped into his room and heard the crunch of her boots on a layer of freshly fallen snow.


After everybody figues out he’s Phantom his classes in school sometimes make him their personal air conditioner. It’s too hot? No problem.

“Hey, Mr Fenton, could you think about something sad for us?”



Requested by anon: Hope you like it, I picked Alice in Wonderland because its time appropriate but because I really liked the movie as a kid even though it’s kinda creepy looking back!