this movie was bad though

marry the girl who:

- takes bugs outside rather than killing them because they have souls too
- takes you to the flowers she finds rather than picking them because picking them means killing them and she doesn’t believe in killing flowers
- cries over movies where the bad guy dies because even though he was bad, he’s still a human being
- cries over puppies and babies because they’re so cute and she wants all of them
- gets excited over movie dates and fort building with you because spending time with you means everything to her
- makes you feel excited about the future and puts on a smile on your face every morning
- is not only your lover, but your best friend, your soulmate, your person

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Imagine Watching a Horror Movie with Jacksepticeye

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You shuffled into the living room, popcorn bowl in hand while Jack skimmed through the horror section on Netflix. You sat down next to him, handing him the bowl and grabbing the nearby blanket, draping it over the two of you as he smiled.

“Are ya ready for the most boss horror marathon ever?” He said with a grin, making you roll your eyes and smile.

“You always pick dumb horror movies, can’t I pick one this time?” You begged, reaching for the remote which he reluctantly passed over. You smiled triumphantly as you scrolled along until you found one that looked slightly intriguing. You picked The Conjuring and set the remote down in front of you. Jack quickly pulled you back into his arms, hugging you around the waist as the movie started.

It started off okay, nothing too bad, but by the end of it, you felt like you were being watched. A jumpscare occurred on screen and you jumped back, screaming because you weren’t expecting it. Jack reacted mostly the same way, screaming loudly and pulling you closer to him like you were a teddy bear.

“Tell me again why we do this!” You gasped out, turning to face the youtuber who tried to look like he was brave but was faltering.

“B-because it gives me a reason to hold onto ya and not look clingy?” He muttered, looking anywhere but your face. Your cheeks lit up as you realized his true intentions and couldn’t help but smile widely at the revelation.

“You know you can just hold me when you want to… I won’t judge.” You mutter, leaning forward and quickly pecking him on the lips. He smiled and quickly pulled you back down to kiss you more deeply.

The horror movie in the background quickly faded from your minds as you snuggled up to his chest and he laid back, running his fingers through your hair happily.


rhink club initiation bedtime story for @rhinkisses

okay so randl sleepover

they’re both fifteen, and the north carolina night is windy and cold, making the old wooden farmhouse creak and shudder. but the boys are warm, and in cotton pj’s and thick socks, they spend all night down in the living room watching old movies and eating bad food. then, though they want to keep going, they finally retreat upstairs around one am and climb into bed (separate) and talk for another few hours. 

by 2am, rhett and link have both fallen asleep, dreaming sugary peanut butter dreams. around four, link wakes up all in a panic - he was having a nightmare in which rhett turned sixteen and got a car and a girlfriend and decided he was too cool for link and found other taller, more muscular friends. he said, “you think i’d be friends with someone like you?” and laughed in link’s face before turning away. 

link awoke crying and panicking, the last image in his head that of rhett and some redhead girl making out, and for some reason, that hurt worse than anything. so without even glancing over, fearing the boy in the bed beside him, link leaves the bedroom and runs down the stairs and goes outside and sits on the front steps in the cold. 

he shudders and cries and turns sad eyes up to the stars for almost ten painful minutes. he thinks about rhett, him, their friendship, his dream, and how rhett would feel if he admitted to wanting him, whatever that meant. and he’s shivering but the tears are hot and sting his eyes, and he’s about to draw his aching knees in deeper and let himself freeze to death when he hears a creak and a soft voice behind him.


link turns, heartbroken and small, and sees the same face from his dreams, but wearing an entirely different expression. this rhett is soft and concerned, beautiful brows creased with worry, mouth parted in confusion - not the hard, smug, gaudy sneer of the rhett in his dreams. 

and he steps out, wearing a big sweatshirt, the smart guy, and goes to link immediately. “what’s wrong? why are you crying?”

and link can’t even answer, he’s just so full of love and nerves and sadness and comfort and wanting all at once. and rhett just sits beside him and pulls him into his arms, and link snuggles into him and sobs, shivering, and rhett holds him so tight and presses his cheek against his head and warms him up. and they stay there on the front steps of this old, creaking ranch house under the silver specks of country stars. 

when link stops quivering and relaxes into rhett’s arms, he whispers, “i had a nightmare that you left me.”

and rhett squeezes him and presses his lips against his head and says, so honest, “i will never leave you.”

and link sniffles and rhett wants him to understand better so he pulls him up and looks right in his watery blue eyes, almost black against the navy night, and says, “never,” before kissing link’s right cheek, left cheek, and forehead, then holding him tight again, rocking him into calm.

when the southern night chills their bones to a hollow numbness, tips of noses frozen yet pressed against warm cheeks, they go inside and light the fire in the den and sit by it and talk, legs tangled up, soft, sleepy smiles on their young faces. they stay there until the sun rises, then finally blink groggy, heavy eyes in the soft morning glow and drift off right where they lay, on couch in the living room, link snuggled atop rhett’s long, supporting body, both of them at peace, with no plans of going anywhere.

the end.

The original Phantom of the Opera really is not that problematic tbh it’s just some people take the story out of context and see it as bad.
Christine was a strong female character who saves HERSELF, Erik did the right thing in the end, their relationship was told how it was (unstable and unhealthy) instead of pulling some twilight shit. And Erik, a very CLEARLY mentally ill character was actually written pretty well especially when you consider that the time period the book was written in. He was the villain but his illness was used more to explain why the way he was rather than the reason for his actions. Most stories even today can’t portray mentally ill villains without sending the message that mentally ill = evil. Gaston Leroux however was somehow able to accomplish that in the 1900’s. (unfortunately though people still list being mentally ill as being the main reason Erik is the bad guy)

That’s not to say that some of the adaptations don’t send bad messages though. (see the rat fetish movie for example)


Matthew Mercer as Malcolm Wagner in “The Evil Inside”



The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly + TV Tropes  »  Behind the Black:

The tendency for something or someone to be completely invisible to the on-screen characters simply because it is not visible to the camera, i.e. “behind the black” - even when that object or person should be in clear view.

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You're not just lightly salted; you are full on salted. Like straight movie-style popcorn or like the dead sea. Not in a bad way though, it's like the good salty historian way.



Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 (in progress)

Part 3 is out! It only took me a month. 8′D Just in time for a nice cliffhanger too. You’re welcome. >:3

- Yes, Wasabi swears in Klingon in my headcanon. XD It’s one of his… quirks. Alexander Carson is also my personal name for him. It just… seemed to fit him. *shrugs*

- As for how Tadashi knows this about him when he’s an amnesiac, well. He’s not completely a blank slate. He started to remember a few sparse things about his closest loved ones after Callaghan showed him some pictures and told him about them, and hey, can’t hurt to bring them out in a pinch to stop the huge guy with laser knives from slicing you up, right?

- Speaking of said guy with laser knives, Wasabi is essentially on autopilot here thanks to his headband, hence the blank expression and lack of dialogue on his end. He already knows this is Tadashi though. Only the real Tadashi would know these things about him and act like this. So this is Wasabi in a nutshell currently:

- Also, those tubes on Wasabi’s arms supply more juice to his blades, so cutting them will short them out. Luckily they don’t start spewing plasma everywhere when that happens. That… would make for a very short comic.

Moana isn’t even out yet and I can tell the fandom is going to be a wild ride.

People are already saying you can’t cosplay Moana if you’re white or look white. (IF you honestly need to be of Moana’s particular race, tbh you shouldn’t cosplay her if you aren’t Hawaiin or Polynesian)

People are already being racist are only happy about the fact that it doesn’t have white people despite the fact that over the past decade or so, we’ve had diverse disney movies with strong lead characters. (Big Hero 6, The Princess and the Frog, Brave, Zootopia, just to name a few IMO)

People are already headcanoning her as a lesbian and possibly trans, and probably going to get upset and pissed off at anyone who disagrees with the headcanon. 

People are already trying to force people to see the movie even if it is shitty. Even though disney rarely makes a bad movie, you shouldn’t force people to spend their money to see it if it sucks. If it sucks, it should bomb and rightfully so.

People are talking about how she is the first POC princess despite the fact that we had Tiana in The Princess and the Frog. (seriously for people who always want POC princesses, why do y’all consistently ignore Tiana?)

The fandom war with Frozen (No seriously let it go and get over your hate boner for Frozen)

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I’m not kidding when I say Captain Underpants was my Harry Potter growing up, and even though there’s a chance the movie could be bad you bet your ass I’m gonna be there opening day and I’ll support it the best I can

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Just got back from seeing Logan in the cinema!

No spoilers but all I can say is….man. ;___;

((on a less fun note, my wisdom tooth is acting up again and feeling pretty sore. It didn’t distract me from enjoying the movie though so it’s not ALL bad!))