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ok but consider this: Richie and Eddie together at prom because i am SELFISH and want all the GOOD THINGS
- Richie asks Eddie with a huge fucking banner that says “WILL YOU COME TO PROM WITH ME EDS?”
- (”Don’t call me Eds.”)
- Eddie acts all cool about it but freaks out to Beverly later on because what is he going to wear he’s never done this before what is he supposed to do
Richie is acting super confident and is his normal self
- “Should’ve asked your mom”
- Richie picks Eddie up and is speechless for once in his fucking life because his boyfriend is beautiful 
- ❀❀❀ gives Eddie flowers that he picked himself ❀❀❀
- lots of it
- they dance under a gazebo because shhh let me have this
- (Eddie kisses Richie as a thank you for the amazing night and Richie melts jfhskkfh)
- the entire Losers Club has a great time dancing and having fun together and there are no sewer clowns and everyone gets home safely the end

my vice lately is pitching moana tracks down several notches and thinking of joey, so i’m back to entertaining that idea from like three years ago of him being more heavily involved in local tibetan culture while living on that mountain 

he’s starting to get a little antsy now he knows about the teen titans (all these other super-powered teenagers actively going out and doing good in the world instead of only tackling what minimal trouble comes their way, how amazing), but feeling guilty about it because adeline put him here to stay safe, and he’s got a perfectly fine life keeping the peace around this mountain without having to go out and look for danger……..

Probably my favorite misconception about twilight saga is this idea that E and B are like… all over each other/desperately in love right from the start. That they’re all like “ooh Edward, we are soulmate…. dont leave me…” “I’m… too dangerous.” 

When in reality they just….give each other shit…,, for like the entire first ¾ of the book???? And even after that they express love by CONSTANTLY teasing one another???? 

Like I don’t know how it came across that they’re this mushy cringe-worthy overdramatic couple when right from the start all they ever fuckin do is be little shits to each other and then have moments of actual affection. And if you ask me, that sounds like a pretty damn healthy relationship.