this movie touched my soul



Everyone, please watch this beautiful cast talk about this beautiful movie I had the absolutely honour of having touch my soul this weekend at VIFF. 

hopeless aromantic

there’s something i’ve heard a lot

at school


from people that i know and trust

when i divulge something very important


and trusting to them

“i’m aromantic” i say

i admit

(as if what i am is wrong?)

and the inevitable response is so often

“so you can’t fall in love?”


“i’m aromantic” i say

but my feelings are just as strong and passionate and excited

as yours

i get the same rush



from simply loving the world

“i’m aromantic” i say

i am not a computer

a robot


you argue

you say

“i never said you were emotionless


that you cannot fall in love”

i look you in the eyes

“i’m aromantic” i say

and i





in love

every day

i have fallen in love with the earth

the sound of a river

snowy mountaintops

and watching the stars pass me by as i shiver alone on a mountaintop

at peace with my own company

i have fallen in love with tastes and smells and memories

like the pizza my dad makes for christmas

and how the cheese my sisters and i sneak away from him taste on my tongue

i have fallen in love with ideas

written out into forms like books and poems and movies

that touch my soul in the same way your partners’ might touch yours

with the characters i see myself in

that are also not incapable of love

and are loved by so many

i have fallen in love with the promise of the world

with an eternal optimism that sends me spinning and laughing and reeling

and science

and inventions

and possibilities

and compassion

and the things we all can do

and i have even

though you presume not

fallen in love with people

with the way my sisters laugh when i make a terrible pun

or how the middle one proceeds to roll her eyes

(in that affectionate way that only siblings seem to know)

and how the littlest’s joy is real

with my mother’s encouragement as we sit on the stairs and talk

about the future

about our writing

about our dreams

and how we both love each others’

and we think the other is far more brilliant that ourselves

with my dad’s infinite knowledge of the unimportant

disguised as imperative

and his answers for everything

(even when he’s bluffing)

with the way my friends listen earnestly

when i make a joke

or talk about the things i love

and their genuine care that assures me that someone


is reading this

and values the insight into my mind that is so often closed

so yes

“i’m aromantic”

and while the racing of my heart might not come from the same place as yours

it is the same organ

experiencing the elation of excitement mingled with nervousness

(and something else, untouchable and indescribable)

that you get

just because i love differently that you

does not mean i lack the capability

which is why i

without shame

explain that

“i’m a romantic”