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I hate sharknado type movies where they make their movie deliberately bad in a very forced way just because they know lots of people will watch it just to see how garbage it is
It just seems so cheap and like an insult to movies that are actually good and have a lot of heart put into them
These fuckers just follow the same formula of goofy shark hybrids and zombie nazis repeatedly then start raking in the cash


Suda Masaki (Tamiou) in J Movie Magazine, vol.02 (2015).

I admit, when I saw these pages I made noises that may not have been entirely human in nature

Allen Walker and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


Itadaki High Jump 2016.01.13  - Nakajima Yuto

Why was there so much buzz and controversy over homosexuality in Beauty and the Beast?
LeFou’s character was fitting to his role, and they couldn’t have casted anyone better, honestly.

-Possible mild spoilers-

He was obsessed with Gaston, but Gaston is hella straight.
A different male character smiled when he was meant to be “attacked” by being dressed up as a female (pretty funny)
And for less than a second LeFou and this dude were shown almost dancing with one another.
That’s it. That was the “gay scene”.

I don’t see an issue with it, honestly.

With the snow and all it seemed like a good idea to have a movie day, so I’ve been cuddled up in bed with hot cocoa. The only problem is that I chose 500 Days of Summer to watch, and now I feel like even more of a cynic. Someone give me a cheesy romcom with a happy ending to watch next, or send a cute boy over. Either will do.

No spoilers, I just wanted to say something about I Saw The Light.

I was expecting not to like the movie as a whole. After everything I’ve heard and read, I knew I would be seeing an amazing Tom performance, but the movie overall wasn’t great. So I didn’t have many expectations about that, but I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie and supporting Tom, so I looked passed that.

And I’m so glad that I did. I fell in love with this movie. I can understand why people thought it was cut oddly, or the pacing was off, or it jumped too much. It might not be everyone’s taste, but it was surely mine. I loved every moment of it. Tom, as everyone said, did one hell of a job. He put his everything into this role, and it shows. If anyone ever doubts his acting ability, force them to watch this movie, because you can’t be a doubter after watching him portray Hank Williams. 

I feel like this movie focused more on the relationships and Hank’s demons more than the music itself, and I almost rather that. The music was just an added benefit, but it was everything else that truly made this movie.

All I want to say, is give the movie a chance. I know what everyone has said, both fans and critics, but it honestly might surprise you if you’re even a little intrigued by Tom’s performance and this movie. It’s easily one of my top Tom movies.