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No, but really. Power Rangers (2017) was an incredible film. Yes, a lot of it was absolutely silly, but my god that’s exactly what I wanted. I’m so tired of grimdark reboots. This movie had such a great sense of FUN. Rita Repulsa was over the top and wonderful. Each Ranger was interesting, but Billy really steals the show. They focus on the character building a lot, which is exactly how it should have been. I really cared about them by the final fight, and that made it very satisfying. Zordon even had an arc!

And because people want to know (it IS important) Billy is autistic, he states this outright to Jason, and it’s very well done. Trini is definitely questioning, but she never confirms her sexuality to her teammates or the audience. She says that her parents “like labels” and that she can’t talk to them about her relationships. Zack asks “boyfriend troubles?” Then after getting a sarcastic response asks “girlfriend troubles?” Trini doesn’t respond to that, but it seems to bother her.

This movie is so good though, you guys. Go see it, you won’t regret it, and may the Power protect you.


Suda Masaki (Tamiou) in J Movie Magazine, vol.02 (2015).

I admit, when I saw these pages I made noises that may not have been entirely human in nature

Allen Walker and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

raise ur hand if ur internalised homophobia and misogyny has ever tripled over a movie u thought was gonna be good lesbian representation

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You drew Chip! You drew him! I would type in all caps out of happiness but I will keep calm so nobody gets scared off. But you drew Chip, i can't even tell you how happy I am to see that. First thing I see and just, yes! :D

i did!!! and you know what, i had so much fun with it that i’m going to draw him again

it’s a pity he’s only interacted with pidge twice ever (or three times if you count Voltron Force), i would have loved to see them do more together because they’re both so sweet and blood families are hard to come by in voltron. 

we’ve already seen pidge break down over missing his parents, so, like… give him back his brother already??? let them hug??? i didn’t sign up for a five-second-long background frame of them shaking hands, where are my aggressively snuggly sibling hugs and eagerly introducing each other to the rest of their teams

And I have so many questions like what, are humans incapable of reproducing??? Why do they have to wait for the storks and what if like people randomly write letters as a PRANK broitsjustaprank and they end up with a human baby to look after what. AlSO Why do the babies have cool hair i want blue hair too but i guess none of this movie makes sense but it’s so incredibly FEEL GOOD it makes me happy ;;;;;;;; ive not felt like this in a while that’s so nice oh gosh


Itadaki High Jump 2016.01.13  - Nakajima Yuto

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rian seems like such a nice person who is genuinely grateful to be in the position he's in. the way he talked about taking pictures on set, the fact that he brought his camera along to the panel, taking a few pictures of the crowd, of bb8, the way he talked about going over the script in a jazzy stream of consciousness with carrie, talked about daisy's role in making rey great... he seems so nice, so good. and the movie looks incredible, i can't even like... don't tell me to BREATHE, luke

I think the choice of words in the trailer were deliberate for sure

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what are some good movies to watch? some with m/m pairing would be nice. it seems like u watch a lot of good movies so I thought I'd just ask u! ^^

I can’t tell if you’re wanting movies that just include m/m pairings or if you specifically want gay themed movies with m/m pairings but I’m going to just list the first one so if some of these aren’t “gay enough” for you, sorry. I’m not putting them in any sort of order:

1) Shelter (one dude think he straight one dude know he not… fall in love……….)

2) I Killed My Mother (angsty teen hates his mama… Also happens to like boys…….)

3) The Way He Looks (from a short film they turned into a movie cuz everyone loved it. Blind boy falls in love with another boy. Does other boy fall in love too?? Who knows… Watch the film)

4) Lilting (not sure if this is a spoiler but maybe don’t read this in case if it is: boy dies, boy leaves behind his boyfriend, boyfriend visits his dead boyfriends mom and forms a bond with her)

5) Boys (two dudes on a track team together… Have the hots for each other… One is !! NOT GAY !!…. Yes he is.)

6) Velvet Goldmine (weird ass film… It’s lowkey about David Bowie and Iggy Pop… Ewan McGregor is in it and he’s the love of my life so… Yeah)

7) London Spy (it’s a show but watch it… You’ll fuckin hate me afterwards but trust me it’s amazing) 

8) Queer As Folk (U.S.) (also a show but can’t get any more m/m pairings than that) 

9) Beginners (stars Ewan McGregor… Guys father comes out as he is dying… Lots of flashbacks in this film.. Amazing movie. Ewan trying to do an American accent.)

10) Any Day Now (two men fall in love… trying to raise a child together while the mother is in jail. they wanna adopt the kid. Sad film don’t watch it if you’re looking for a pick-me-up)

11) Philadelphia (tom hanks is playing a man dying of AIDs. He tries to sue his former employees for wrongful termination for firing him because he had HIV… Two gay men in love with absolutely no physical affection besides a slow dance…. Thanks Hollywood)

12) I Love You, Phillip Morris (starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor. Two guys fall in love in jail. Based on a true story. Very wild ride lmfao..)

13) Prayers For Bobby (based on a true story. Teen is raised in a strictly religious family. Realizes he’s gay… Slowly accepts it while he’s supposed to be “getting better” with prayer and such. I don’t wanna spoil the film but there is something potentially triggering in here involving suicide… Just a heads up)

14) Brokeback Mountain (starring Jake gyllenhaal and Heath ledger. Two southern boys fall in love in the 60s. Both get married and start families with women but keep coming back to each other on secret trips)

15) Weekend (boy meets boy for what is supposed to be a one night stand buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut it wasn’t)

16) Ludwig II (starring Sabin Tambrea. Based on the life of King Ludwig II of Bavaria.)

17) Shameless (U.S.) (a tv show… Used to be good… Went to shit and I won’t watch it anymore but yeah)

18) Seashore (two dudes go to this beach house because they’re on some sort of mission that never gets fully explained???)

19) Sense8 (tv show again. really good and there’s more lgtbq representation than just the m/m couple Hernando and Lito)

19) North Sea Texas (personally I hated this film but maybe you’ll like it idk)

20) Latter Days (Mormon guy struggles with his sexuality)

21) Edge Of Seventeen (teenager growing and accepting himself)

22) Free Fall (two cops like each other. one of them is kind of in denial and has a gf and a baby. And yes one of the guys in here is Wolfgang in sense8.) 

23) Geography Club (secret club for lgbtq youth at school they named it geography club so no one would wanna join. main character is a gay boy who accepts he’s gay pretty early in the film but doesn’t want everyone to know… he falls in love with a football player)

24) Pride (idrk how to describe this movie? but Andrew Scott from Sherlock is in here) 

25) Kill Your Darlings (based on a true story? Or like based on actual events? anyway Daniel Radcliffe’s character kinda falls for Dane Dehaan’s character… Yeah I don’t really know what to say about this film without spoilers so..)

26) Looking (tv show. gay friends all struggling with stuff involving gay male relationships and other parts of life)

27) A Single Man (college professor isn’t handling the death of his partner well and wants to take his life. ppl who love him try to help him)

28) Hit The Floor (tv show. Honestly have no idea what the show is actually about I don’t even think it’s that good tbh buuuut of course I watched for the m/m pairing because im always thirsty for lgtbq+ rep)

29) Shadowhunters (tv show… Acting isn’t very good but you know *shrug emoji*)

30) How To Get Away With Murder (again, a tv show… Sorry)

31) Suicide Room (you thought I was gonna write a list and leave out this poor representation that everyone was obsessed with in like 2011? Wrong!)

32) Were The World Mine (don’t know wtf this was… Wouldn’t ever watch it again… But I’m tryin to give u what u want here man)

33) Another Gay Movie (gotta love when there’s a movie super obnoxious and showing off every single gay man stereotype… or hate? can never tell…)

34) Kiss Me Softly (short film because why the hell not… Clinging to whatever sort of representation we can possibly find rn)

35) Dare (ANOTHER short film because whyyyyy theeee fuuuuck nooooot)

36) In The Flesh (even if you don’t watch anything on this list, watch this fucking show. Main character is a zombie he’s also gay but the show doesn’t revolve around him being gay BUT they don’t drown out his sexuality either. Very VERY good show. It got canceled so there’s no real ending to the story which is INFURIATING.)

37) Holding The Man (based on the memoir of Timothy Conigrave. tells the story of tim and his husband and their relationship of 15 years and their life living with hiv. very sad movie, just a warning) 

38) 4th Man Out (this is a comedy about a dude who comes out to his very straight group of bro-dude best friends lmfao. they try to help him find a bf)

39) Fair Haven (guy comes back from a gay conversion camp and ! surprise ! it didn’t work.. he’s still gay.. still likes his ex bf)

40) Bridegroom (documentary about a guy who struggled with no legal rights when his partner died because they couldn’t marry.)

41) The Falls (two mormon guys were assigned on a mission together… yeah)

hope this helps!

You’ll be pleased to know I saw Wonder Woman again and I only cried four times instead of sobbing intermittently for 60% of the movie like I did the first time 👌✔
Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while. - Dairypie - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
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KillerVibe Week- Day 5 - Pre-Particle Accelerator

“You’ve never seen The Princess Bride?”

I had a lot of fun writing this little piece. I wanted to write one of those cliche movie night fics everyone has. And The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies and Cisco thinks its a good movie to share with girls he likes, so it seems like a good fit. This is mainly just friendship love and fun times. I think their friendship is my favorite part of the relationship. And as long as they stay friends forever, I think my heart will be okay with whatever happens. So far, this has been one of my favorite days of the week, just thinking about their friendship growing from when they first met to now just made my heart swell with ideas and stories. I may write more of these.

With the snow and all it seemed like a good idea to have a movie day, so I’ve been cuddled up in bed with hot cocoa. The only problem is that I chose 500 Days of Summer to watch, and now I feel like even more of a cynic. Someone give me a cheesy romcom with a happy ending to watch next, or send a cute boy over. Either will do.

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I don't understand why many people think that Marvel is the best at & standard of superhero movies. It's like, if there's a superhero movie, people will say "eh it's not as good as a Marvel movie though". Like, FunnyOrDie tweeted what seems like their Wonder Woman movie review, and it says "so good, it's technically a Marvel movie!" But I'm glad people are dragging both Marvel & FunnyOrDie in the tweet's replies lol

Neither do I. I understand why people like Them but I really don’t get why an entire genre has to conform to the most popular examples. It’s like hating the Bourne films for not being enough like James Bond or Star Trek for not being more like Star Wars. 

I’m glad people are dragging Them too. If I see that shit again, I’m claiming the Russo Brothers Captain America films as DC properties because They’re the only MCU films that are aware you don’t need to tell jokes every three and a half seconds. While we’re at it, we should claim the earlier Marvel films like the Sam Raimi Spider-man films and Ang Lee’s Hulk film and the X-Men franchise. Fuck knows that the MCU fandom don’t appreciate or respect Them nearly as much as They should.

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People are already complaining about that Lily Collins movie. Like I understand there being concerns, but it hasn't came out yet and people are already judging it.

lily collins suffered with an eating disorder herself. The movie so far seems like it does a good job at bringing the subject to light in a respectful manner (without exceeding limits) I understand if people have concerns but ya we should wait till the actual movie comes out. We cant say we want the entertainment industry to bring light to mental illnesses and be quick to judge every single one. Idt this one will be anything like 13rw if thats people’s concern


The Mighty Gladers

The Dirtier the Better...


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Michael smut where you tell him ur ex could give u like 4 orgasims and stuff gets heated…youre bothe drunk and yore best friends and he gives you more…

 Warning SMUT! I always do love coming back with a BANG! 


Michael was pretty much my main bitch. Being best friends for as long as we have been we were always there for each other through the good and bad. So when your long term relationship ended with your now ex boyfriend, you broke. It’s about 2 weeks later and youre pretty over it, but you still cant help but find the small things you miss in that relationship…
Mikey povBeing in love with the girl Ive known my whole life is pretty shitty if im gonna be honest. She’s finally single, but I know her like the back of my hand. I know she misses him, and I know she thinks about him a lot. Why couldn’t it be me? Why can’t I be on her mind all the time like he is? Well, lets make a dream into reality…
Your povMike called and asked me to come with him to the movies, of course I said yes. Now we both are in the theater and grabbing our seats, our hands both holding jumbo drinks and large popcorns for ourselves (even tho we have 20 packages of candy hidden in our jackets and bags…). We sit in the back of the dim theater, seeing as not many people are here and theyre sitting in the front. We take our seats and pull out the boxes of candy and snacks we brought in.“Dude, nobody is even in here… Only like 5 people in the front..” I whisper to Mike as he stuffs his face with the overly buttered pop corn.
“I know right, guess we’re probably some of the last people to see it..” He says with a chuckle.
I let out a small laugh as the lights begin to lower and the room becomes lit by only the screen in front of us. 
The movie was pretty good so far, the only thing that seemed pretty weird was when the sex scene came up and Michael kept looking over to me. I never thought of him in that way, but the more I thought about it the more I pictured him over me.. Well fuck..
I kept remember when my ex would fuck me, giving me the most mind numbing orgasms multiple times…
After the movie…
Michael and I decided it would be cool to head out to the nearest bar and get shit faced. So after shooting down many shots and chugging a couple beers for the competitive sides of ourselves, we found that we both had to walk home and lean against each other to not fall straight on our asses.
We get home, both kicking the door shut and stumbling over to the couch and falling face first on the cushion.“That was a cool movie..” Michael says drunkenly.
“Ya, it was cool..” I say as I lean against his shoulder.
“Hey y/n?” 
“Do you think about your ex sometimes?”
“Ya… Like how he was in bed was amazing..” I say without a care.
I look over to see Michael with his jaw clenched and face stern.
“And how would he be different from anyone else in the sack?” Michael asks as he looks straight ahead.

“Well, he would go real hard and so deep.. And after I came he’d keep going till I came again and again… I was just amazing..” I say as I feel my core grow wet from the memories.
Michael looks at me with a mix of 2 emotions, one I know as anger and the other I don’t recognize.“Whats wrong Mikey?” I ask.
He just looks down at his lap, then gets up and walks surprisingly fast for a drunk guy out of the room.“Michael!” I yell, surprised by the sudden silent outburst from his stomping out of the room
I get up, stumbling over a bit before I start chasing after him. I takes careful, yet fast steps up the stairs and walk through the already open bedroom door to see Michael nowhere to be found…“Mikey?” I say curiously.
I then feel myself being turned around and a soft pair of plump lips pressed harshly against mine. I sink into the new feeling, the touch of his skin against mine making fireworks shoot off in my head. “You ok with this?” Michael asks me, looking me in the eyes as he massages his hand through my hair.
“Yes.. Yes, Michael. Please..” I beg as I place fast and desperate pecks to his neck and cheeks.
He lets out a low growl as he picks me up by my waist and roughly pins me to the bed. He makes many marks around my neck and collarbones, making a trail to my waist as he nips at my skin.He starts to pull down my jeans, taking his time as he teases me.“Please..” I beg him, bucking my hips forward a bit so he can take a hint.
“As you wish..” He replies with a smirk.
He practically rips of my jeans as he places his thumb to my covered clit. He begins to rub fast circles, placing kisses around my inner thighs. “Who knew you were such a tease, my ex would have already had me in any way he wanted..” I say with a smirk, wanting to get him to fuck me with all he had already.
He stops what hes doing completely and looks at me with dark eyes, taking his shirt off in a fast motion and unzipping his black skinny jeans and pulling his pants and boxers down past his waist. His length was perfect, the tip red and swollen, oozing pre-cum and his shaft rock hard and throbbing. He pulls my panties down, almost ripping them in half, and then he doesnt hesitate as he gets in position and thrusts into me with force.“You think your ex would fuck you this good..” He says as he thrusts deep inside me, hitting my g-spot multiple times.
I can’t even reply from how good the feeling is, his cock stretching me out as he thrusts into me with all his might.“FUCK! M-M-MICHAEL!!!” I muster out, clawing his back as I already feel my orgasm coming.
I cum.. Hard, and expect him to stop and finish, but he just grabs my leg and lifts it up so my knee is to my chest. He keeps thrusting, the sound of skin slapping and my gasps and moans with his dirty whispers and low grunts.“You like getting fucked? Like having someones cock shoved deep inside you, bet he couldnt fuck you this good. Im gonna make you cum till you black out..” He says imbetween harsh thrusts.
I feel my next high creep up, the sensation making me know this is gonna be a hard one.“OH GOD!!” I scream out, my walls clenching around Michael’s dick as he slows down his thrusting.
I lay my head against the pillow, shutting my eyes as I take a few breaths from the overwhelming sensation. Michael pulls out and he backs up till his face is in front of my used core. He looks at my pussy as if it was the last piece of candy in the candy shop. Michael dives in, holding my legs apart as he licks up my wetness with his tongue. He sucks on my clit and grazes his teeth against it as he darts his tongue in and out of my core. I t doesnt take long till I cum again, the last two orgasms making me sensitive.“Michael, oh my god..” I mutter as I close my eyes in ecstasy.
“Oh, we’re not done yet babe..” He says as he takes his fingers and plunges them into my pussy.
“MICHAEL!” I yell out as he moves them in and out in swiftly, making a come hither motion with his finger as he rubs my clit with his other thumb.
“He attaches his mouth to my clit again as he sucks harshly on it, making loud noises that would make your parents be ashamed.
“OH-OH GOD YES!” I yell out, moaning and bucking my hips wildly as he continues his movements.
I don’t even have time to warn him as my high hits me like a bag of bricks.I come down from my high, Michael looking at me in aw as I catch my breath.“You gonna finish up?” I ask him, seeing his throbbing cock twitching.
He gulps and crawls over me, lining up to my entrance and he pushes in. Michael thrust slowly, yet hard, making each movement amazing yet meaningful.“You- Have no idea-mff- How long Ive wanted this..” He says softly, placing a passionate kiss to my lips.
I don’t reply, I just let my eyes do the talking as I look at him in pure love. He doesnt take long as he pulls out and moves his hand in up and down his cock, looking me in the eyes and i sit up and lay my forehead on his, reaching over and grabbing his tip and rubbing my thumb over it in circles. Michael’s mouth hangs open as he cums on my hand, his moans a low groan with grunts and cracks.After he finishes he pulls off his pants and boxers and throws them on the floor. Michael grabs the sheets and lays down next to me, pulling the blankets over the both of us as we fall asleep in our own sexual mess…____________________I am so sorry I didnt post the day I was supposed to, Im so damn busy during the school year so its just really hard to find time.. Also I know that Im missing punctuation, but thats because I usually go back and edit when Im done, but I cant rn because I gotta go.. Love ya my beans!!!

I hate sharknado type movies where they make their movie deliberately bad in a very forced way just because they know lots of people will watch it just to see how garbage it is
It just seems so cheap and like an insult to movies that are actually good and have a lot of heart put into them
These fuckers just follow the same formula of goofy shark hybrids and zombie nazis repeatedly then start raking in the cash