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say hello to the newest glorified traffic cop officer on the force 👮🚨

“You know, most people say I’m not hard enough for this job. But I look really good in a uniform, so, I gotta serve and protect.”


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No, but really. Power Rangers (2017) was an incredible film. Yes, a lot of it was absolutely silly, but my god that’s exactly what I wanted. I’m so tired of grimdark reboots. This movie had such a great sense of FUN. Rita Repulsa was over the top and wonderful. Each Ranger was interesting, but Billy really steals the show. They focus on the character building a lot, which is exactly how it should have been. I really cared about them by the final fight, and that made it very satisfying. Zordon even had an arc!

And because people want to know (it IS important) Billy is autistic, he states this outright to Jason, and it’s very well done. Trini is definitely questioning, but she never confirms her sexuality to her teammates or the audience. She says that her parents “like labels” and that she can’t talk to them about her relationships. Zack asks “boyfriend troubles?” Then after getting a sarcastic response asks “girlfriend troubles?” Trini doesn’t respond to that, but it seems to bother her.

This movie is so good though, you guys. Go see it, you won’t regret it, and may the Power protect you.

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Is there going to be a new season of carmilla?

Nothing has been confirmed but the way the movie ended definitely seems like they set it up for the possibility of more content. I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but never say never…


Suda Masaki (Tamiou) in J Movie Magazine, vol.02 (2015).

I admit, when I saw these pages I made noises that may not have been entirely human in nature


boyfriend donghan includes:

  • an actual shashasha bby
  • on the outside hes like burning red stuttering out a quick thanks
  • on the inside its that one scene from spongebob where tiny spongebobs are throwing out papers
  • but instead of tiny spongebobs its tiny donghans trying to type a better reply than thanks but ends up fucking every other reply so he ends up saying thanks 
  • while the tiny donghans are trying to put out the massive fire inside his brain
  • not that much skinship bUT SO MANY KISSES???
  • smothered in kisses from head to toe m8 
  • too shy to kiss in public but there’ll be the occasional forehead kisses
  •  eye smiles for days !!! 
  • secretly loves it when you compliment his dancing talent 
  • he ends up slaying the performance tho (his call me baby stage will forever make me cry)
  • such a lil cheeky shit but ya know you chose to date him so 
  • okay but dont expect too much affection from him 
  • hes still a smol boy who doesnt know how to express his feelings 
  • always tries his best though!!! 
  • takes you out on dates to non-expensive places but makes them some of the best memories you have 
  • always some sort of problem on dates with him but its fine bc being with him during his busy schedules is enough for you 
  • does also occasionally take you out on really fancy dates tho 
  • fights with donghan wouldnt happen too often 
  • they did it would be small petty fights that really didnt count as fights 
  • if anything the one big fight that you did have was about his lack of affection 
  •  but you guys got over that pretty quickly too 
  •  promised to try to show you more affection!!! 
  • if he got really mad tho i feel like he be slightly scary 
  • but he’d try to tone it down 
  • sometimes when the fights got too extreme you would give him the silent treatment 
  • donghan would end up using aegyo to try and get you to OPEN UP to him 
  • he’s like I KNOW YOU KNOW (team deserved better) that youre not mad @ me anymore 
  • on the outside you have your pokerface but on the inside your like i could NEVER be mad @ you 
  • “OH LITTLE GIRL what am i going to do with you” 
  • eventually gets you to laugh by showing you a small SHOWTIME 
  • im sorry
  • he would also be vv good @ cheering you up 
  • like you’d come home one day feeling fucking miserable bc nothing went right
  • and donghan would catch on pretty quickly so he ordered to go change while he cooked up some meat (bc even kenta and yongguk agree that he cooks meat vv well)
  • he would also open up some wine/beer to get your mind off of it 
  • would also drag to to the bedroom to go and cuddle and talk about what happened 
  • or end up cuddling on the couch eating snacks while watching stupid rom coms or comedy movies 
  • sometimes sings you 2!3! by BTS
  • he’d seem so good @ cheering you up but he’s secretly panicking inside again
  • he would also be vv caring normally but is EXTRA EXTRA caring when mother nature hates you for not having a small fetus inside your womb 
  • would be slightly embarrassed when buying tampons/pads but would end up not caring at some point 
  • almost cried when you called him oppa for the first time 
  • like he wouldve just had his heart beating faster than normal if you had just called donghan oppa 
  • bUT 
  • you ended up almost choking him to death with water and a heart attack and a wet floor bc he literally spat out his water 
  • when you first called donghan oppa 
  • it was like 6 am in the morning 
  • and donghan wanted water so he got up and was chugging his glass of water when he heard your soft morning voice call him oppa 
  • and he turned around to be met with you standing there in his sweater that was too big even on him with messy bed hair rubbing your eyes with the sweater paws 
  • he almost called the police to arrest you for being too cute 
  • its so fluffy im gonna die!!! 
  • actually spat out his water bc you were just that cute in his eyes 
  • donghan probs thought you were an angel bc you were just that beautiful 
  • and thats the story of how you almost landed donghan in the hospital and also why he spent almost an hour just hugging you that day 
  • he secretly also wants to see you in his clothes again so he’ll leave his biggest clothes around in hope of you wearing them
  • other cute moments with him include you @ home cleaning while he’s @ practice, him leaving practice early, and then walking into you jamming to i know you know and him joining you !!
  • cute midnight “errands” to the convenience store nearby
  • playing with his hair while cuddling or him playing with your hair
  • forehead kisses hugging while waddling from side to side (you know that thing)
  • he’s such a smol pupper 
  • bUT ON STAGE HE TURNS INTO A FULL GROWN DOGGO (shape of you has fucked me up) 
  • “i came out here to have a good time but im feeling so attacked right now” 
  • also expect random back hugs and neck kisses 
  • he’s also the type of boyfriend who would purposely leave you stuff on the highest shelf just to make you call for him 
  • also the type of boyfriend to be vvv insecure every once in a while so compliment him!!! make him feel loved and needed!!! 
  • he doesn’t have much experience with dating but he’ll try his best 
  • he loves it alot when you notice small changes like 
  • “did you dye your hair recently?“ 
  • “ooh did you get a new cologne” 
  • he’s also vv observant so he’d know so much about you 
  • like small habits and such 
  • or things you do when you’re happy sad etc 
  • gets so touched when you remembered the small unimportant things!! 
  • he loves you with his whole soul mind heart body etc but he doesnt know how to show it to you so be patient with this shashasha baby 
  • remember to give him his daily intake of love!! 
  • he’ll give you yours too!! 
  • likes subtle couple items 
  • matching jewelry, phone charms, etc 
  • he once saw this couples phone charm that light up only when theyre in range of each other 
  • and immediately bought one of each design 
  • desperately wants to call you a petname 
  • but cant think of a good one 
  • ends up sticking with baby or angel 
  • occasionally is vv rude and calls you baby girl 
  • in the end donghan isnt the perfect boyfriend but he’s much more better than you had thought
  • you wouldnt change him for anyone 
  • and vice verse

It was a year ago today that this ridiculous movie took over my life, so it seemed like a good time to post the map of Rose Creek that I’ve been working on. 

Based on this map & a whole lot of screencaps, I’ve only included the main buildings. 

(Also, if anyone knows what the building at the end of the main street, next to the Imperial Saloon is, I’d be really happy to know! Can only see half of the sign in the movie.)

If any of the names are a bit hard to read, I’ve included a full list of all the buildings in town under the cut.

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Itadaki High Jump 2016.01.13  - Nakajima Yuto

well that was two and a quarter hours of my life i’ll never get back

Allen Walker and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

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what are some good movies to watch? some with m/m pairing would be nice. it seems like u watch a lot of good movies so I thought I'd just ask u! ^^

I can’t tell if you’re wanting movies that just include m/m pairings or if you specifically want gay themed movies with m/m pairings but I’m going to just list the first one so if some of these aren’t “gay enough” for you, sorry. I’m not putting them in any sort of order:

1) Shelter (one dude think he straight one dude know he not… fall in love……….)

2) I Killed My Mother (angsty teen hates his mama… Also happens to like boys…….)

3) The Way He Looks (from a short film they turned into a movie cuz everyone loved it. Blind boy falls in love with another boy. Does other boy fall in love too?? Who knows… Watch the film)

4) Lilting (not sure if this is a spoiler but maybe don’t read this in case if it is: boy dies, boy leaves behind his boyfriend, boyfriend visits his dead boyfriends mom and forms a bond with her)

5) Boys (two dudes on a track team together… Have the hots for each other… One is !! NOT GAY !!…. Yes he is.)

6) Velvet Goldmine (weird ass film… It’s lowkey about David Bowie and Iggy Pop… Ewan McGregor is in it and he’s the love of my life so… Yeah)

7) London Spy (it’s a show but watch it… You’ll fuckin hate me afterwards but trust me it’s amazing) 

8) Queer As Folk (U.S.) (also a show but can’t get any more m/m pairings than that) 

9) Beginners (stars Ewan McGregor… Guys father comes out as he is dying… Lots of flashbacks in this film.. Amazing movie. Ewan trying to do an American accent.)

10) Any Day Now (two men fall in love… trying to raise a child together while the mother is in jail. they wanna adopt the kid. Sad film don’t watch it if you’re looking for a pick-me-up)

11) Philadelphia (tom hanks is playing a man dying of AIDs. He tries to sue his former employees for wrongful termination for firing him because he had HIV… Two gay men in love with absolutely no physical affection besides a slow dance…. Thanks Hollywood)

12) I Love You, Phillip Morris (starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor. Two guys fall in love in jail. Based on a true story. Very wild ride lmfao..)

13) Prayers For Bobby (based on a true story. Teen is raised in a strictly religious family. Realizes he’s gay… Slowly accepts it while he’s supposed to be “getting better” with prayer and such. I don’t wanna spoil the film but there is something potentially triggering in here involving suicide… Just a heads up)

14) Brokeback Mountain (starring Jake gyllenhaal and Heath ledger. Two southern boys fall in love in the 60s. Both get married and start families with women but keep coming back to each other on secret trips)

15) Weekend (boy meets boy for what is supposed to be a one night stand buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut it wasn’t)

16) Ludwig II (starring Sabin Tambrea. Based on the life of King Ludwig II of Bavaria.)

17) Shameless (U.S.) (a tv show… Used to be good… Went to shit and I won’t watch it anymore but yeah)

18) Seashore (two dudes go to this beach house because they’re on some sort of mission that never gets fully explained???)

19) Sense8 (tv show again. really good and there’s more lgtbq representation than just the m/m couple Hernando and Lito)

19) North Sea Texas (personally I hated this film but maybe you’ll like it idk)

20) Latter Days (Mormon guy struggles with his sexuality)

21) Edge Of Seventeen (teenager growing and accepting himself)

22) Free Fall (two cops like each other. one of them is kind of in denial and has a gf and a baby. And yes one of the guys in here is Wolfgang in sense8.) 

23) Geography Club (secret club for lgbtq youth at school they named it geography club so no one would wanna join. main character is a gay boy who accepts he’s gay pretty early in the film but doesn’t want everyone to know… he falls in love with a football player)

24) Pride (idrk how to describe this movie? but Andrew Scott from Sherlock is in here) 

25) Kill Your Darlings (based on a true story? Or like based on actual events? anyway Daniel Radcliffe’s character kinda falls for Dane Dehaan’s character… Yeah I don’t really know what to say about this film without spoilers so..)

26) Looking (tv show. gay friends all struggling with stuff involving gay male relationships and other parts of life)

27) A Single Man (college professor isn’t handling the death of his partner well and wants to take his life. ppl who love him try to help him)

28) Hit The Floor (tv show. Honestly have no idea what the show is actually about I don’t even think it’s that good tbh buuuut of course I watched for the m/m pairing because im always thirsty for lgtbq+ rep)

29) Shadowhunters (tv show… Acting isn’t very good but you know *shrug emoji*)

30) How To Get Away With Murder (again, a tv show… Sorry)

31) Suicide Room (you thought I was gonna write a list and leave out this poor representation that everyone was obsessed with in like 2011? Wrong!)

32) Were The World Mine (don’t know wtf this was… Wouldn’t ever watch it again… But I’m tryin to give u what u want here man)

33) Another Gay Movie (gotta love when there’s a movie super obnoxious and showing off every single gay man stereotype… or hate? can never tell…)

34) Kiss Me Softly (short film because why the hell not… Clinging to whatever sort of representation we can possibly find rn)

35) Dare (ANOTHER short film because whyyyyy theeee fuuuuck nooooot)

36) In The Flesh (even if you don’t watch anything on this list, watch this fucking show. Main character is a zombie he’s also gay but the show doesn’t revolve around him being gay BUT they don’t drown out his sexuality either. Very VERY good show. It got canceled so there’s no real ending to the story which is INFURIATING.)

37) Holding The Man (based on the memoir of Timothy Conigrave. tells the story of tim and his husband and their relationship of 15 years and their life living with hiv. very sad movie, just a warning) 

38) 4th Man Out (this is a comedy about a dude who comes out to his very straight group of bro-dude best friends lmfao. they try to help him find a bf)

39) Fair Haven (guy comes back from a gay conversion camp and ! surprise ! it didn’t work.. he’s still gay.. still likes his ex bf)

40) Bridegroom (documentary about a guy who struggled with no legal rights when his partner died because they couldn’t marry.)

41) The Falls (two mormon guys were assigned on a mission together… yeah)

hope this helps!

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You drew Chip! You drew him! I would type in all caps out of happiness but I will keep calm so nobody gets scared off. But you drew Chip, i can't even tell you how happy I am to see that. First thing I see and just, yes! :D

i did!!! and you know what, i had so much fun with it that i’m going to draw him again

it’s a pity he’s only interacted with pidge twice ever (or three times if you count Voltron Force), i would have loved to see them do more together because they’re both so sweet and blood families are hard to come by in voltron. 

we’ve already seen pidge break down over missing his parents, so, like… give him back his brother already??? let them hug??? i didn’t sign up for a five-second-long background frame of them shaking hands, where are my aggressively snuggly sibling hugs and eagerly introducing each other to the rest of their teams

Do you understand what this means? It means I can say whatever I want and no one can drag me because then you’ll go to constitution jail. Most superhero movies aren’t very good! Taylor Swift doesn’t seem so bad! Polyamory seems like biting off more than you can chew! If you want to take a picture of a thing you can just take a picture of it, you don’t have to make a selfie with that thing in the background! I would have believed you saw it yourself, I didn’t need proof! Ah, the deathless soul of liberty, ne'er shall she perish.