this movie owns my heart

So I’m just casually mention to all the people who may have followed me for Trollhunters and Stricklake that I have a movie recommendation I feel compelled to pass on to you: 

It just so happens to be one of my best beloved movies, a film that pretty much owns my heart and soul –– Strange Magic. 

We have a badass, sword-swinging Fairy Princess…

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…a legitimately intimidating Beast who is also a badass…

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..but who is also a super secret sweetheart and a total fucking nerd…

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…and what’s more, we have a Beauty and Beast relationship where neither one physically changes.

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It’s a romance built on both of them being competent, well-matched badasses with enough sexual tension to make you blush…

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and on them being helpless dorks who don’t have a clue on how to handle the undeniable attraction between them. 

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Also, we have music. Great music. Alan Cumming and Evan Rachel Wood star in this, and both of them put their gorgeous voices to good use. 

It’s just a very lovely and earnest gem of a movie and it has a very sweet depiction of a Beauty and Beast romance, okay? 

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(I wasn’t fucking kidding about how flagrant this movie gets with teasing about  the sexy times ahead for these two nerds, look at them, they’re shameless). 

If you dig Jukebox Musicals, Beauty and Beast Romances, Monster Boyfriends, and movies like Labyrinth and Moulin Rouge, then go watch Strange Magic!


cs winter hiatus memeCaptain Swan in s3: CS Movie Edition pt. 1

Wait. Are you saying you know how to do whatever this is?
It’s called a waltz. There’s only one rule: Pick a partner who knows what he’s doing.



It’s been 12 YEARS since this godforsaken movie got into teathers and into my heart <3

I literally own my life to this movie, besides, I wouldnt even be close to be who I am nowadays if it wasnt for my obsesion over this animation trainwreck. Every single year for the past decade Ive been drawing my human version of the characters nonstop, and now thanks to that, I can say I have a style of my own uwu <3

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if Uhura shows her affection and comfort by kissing and hugging him, Spock shows his affection through resting his forehead against hers (headbutt of love ™)

it’s the kiss he initiates, his ‘i missed you’(i’m gonna miss you), his 'i’m happy to see you (i’m sad when you are not with me), his 'your company is restorative’(i’m grateful about your presence and you loving me), his 'everything’s gonna be alright’ (i’m here), his ‘I’ll be back’(i’m scared that I can’t come back and I’ll never see you again, but I’m being illogical promising things that are outside of my control for your comfort, and mine, and because I love you).

That’s why that scene, that particular moment from the first movie, owns my heart.

Finally - Neymar

Hey guys, I have a lot of Neymar Imagines saved so here is this one I hope you like this!!! x 

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I wasn’t sure of a lot of things, for example I could read the menu twice and not know what to get. i could drive on the highway and still not know if this was the right direction. life was just so out of control, or at least my life was out of control. that’s what it felt like for me at least. my anxiety controlled my life and before i could turn around it controlled everything. it controlled my behaving, my eating, my relationships to other people just everything. i was young i should go out with friends on the weekends get drunk and not regret what i did. i should live my life to the fullest because i would never get this time back. but instead of going to party’s i found myself in my apartment hiden away from people, eating then and there and watching tv shows or movies where i could cry my heart out on my own. if i wasn’t doing that i would go to university or work, i was working in a coffee shop which really wasn’t that busy, it was in a rather quiet region of this big city not many people came by and those who did were either lost or people who came here every day. it was nice through there wasn’t that much to do and it was quiet and not driving me crazy. if i came back from work i mostly ate something watched tv and went to bed. it was the same circle every day. and for people who did not know me it probably seemed sad and it probably really was but i kind of liked it, it wasn’t anything exciting it was just me. me and my life and i choose this so i might as well just live in it. i closed my eyes for a brief moment as i realized i lost track while counting the money once again, i had to start again and sighed as i begin counting the bank notes once again. The door opening didn’t made me stop in my actions as I told them we were closed already. I continued counting only as I heard footsteps coming closer towards me and not the door, I looked up and my heart started beating faster, just a tiny little bit.

“Are you still making me a coffee or do i have to come back tomorrow?” Rafa asked and a small smile spread on my lips as i sat the bank notes aside and walked around the counter to give her a hug. I wrapped my small arms around her and pulled her in an embrace for a few seconds.

“What are you doing here?” i asked as I pulled out of the hug and put a hair strand behind my ear.

“I haven’t seen you in so long” i stated.

“I know I missed you so much” she said and smiled down at me.

“I missed you too. Do you want a coffee?” i asked her and walked back around the counter. She nodded and I started preparing the few things that were already put away and started brewing her a coffee handing her the cup after I was done. She had sat down on the bar stool in front of me.

“How have you been?” i asked her as she took a sip of her coffee.

“good. i’ve just been here and there” she said smiling at me.

“you’ve been traveling a lot from what i’ve seen” i said and she nodded.

“yeah i do have to travel a lot especially with Neymar living here and you know” she said and i looked down at the mention of his name. I felt tears welling up in my eyes and bit down on my lips so they wouldn’t actually spill out. I closed my eyes for a second and opened them again when i thought i had myself under control again. I looked up to her and saw her already looking at me.

“Yeah that seems pretty difficult” I said and that was all i would say to that topic, I turned around to put the trash in the trash can. Although the main reason was that i didn’t had to look at her anymore.

“Y/n..” my name left her lips with a soft voice and that alone would probably be enough to make me cry but i controlled myself good enough.

“what?” i asked as i turned around.

“i can see you still hurting” she said and a small apologizing smile played on her full lips.

“you know Neymar, he-” she started but I cut her off shaking my head.

“I don’t wanna hear it” I told her and she sighed.

“Was this the whole reason why you came by to talk about him?” I asked.

“Because if it is, then i’m sorry but then you can leave” i said gesturing to the door she came in a while ago.

“Y/N” she said her voice has changed.

“I came by because I missed you as a friend. I’m still one of your best friends even if we may haven’t seen each other in a while. i still care about you and i see that you’re hurt” she told me and i pressed my lips together looking somewhere out of the window.

“and if you would just let me finish. He is too. Neymar is hurting. It’s been months and he is still hurting. I haven’t seen him like that before. We all haven’t. He’s not the same anymore-” she said.

“I told you i don’t wanna hear it” was all I said biting down on my lip.

“Why? Why can’t you listen to me when I talk about him?” she said.

“Because you still have feelings for him just like he has for you” she said.

“I know that” i said furrowing my eyebrows together.

“Don’t you think i don’t know that already? But there were reasons why we broke up if you believe it or not” I said.

“Why? Why did you guys broke up?” she asked if Rafa wouldn’t have been one of my best friends I probably wouldn’t even talk to her anymore. She was just something like a sister to me or she was because right now or since him and i broke up i wasn’t so sure anymore. and that’s why i even still talked to her.

“You can ask him that” i told her.

“Well he won’t tell me either” she said.

“Can you please tell me why you guys broke up? It might not be my place to ask or whatever. but it’s been month both of you are hurting and i can’t stand to see either you or him like that anymore” she told me and her pleading eyes looked into mine.

“Why did you guys broke up?” she asked.

“I kissed someone else” i muttered under my breathe i wasn’t sure if she understood but after her lips parted and her eyes widen i knew she did.

“you what?”

“i kissed someone else” i repeated.

“why and who and how?” she mumbled her eyebrows furrowed together.

“do you remember Kylie?” i asked her.

Kylie was some friend of mine, well she used to be one of my friends. she wasn’t really the kind you wanted to be friends with but i somehow met her at a party months ago and we became friends. Kylie was a bitch. I knew that now and I honestly wish i knew it earlier because that wouldn’t have caused me that much trouble as it did. I only ever met her at parties really and sometimes we hang out during the week but that was about it. After Rafa nodded I sighed and started telling her.

“Well we were at this party and obviously I was drunk you know how fast I get drunk” i told her and after she nodded I continued. Rafa looked at me with such a blank face expression her lips were formed in one line and her eyes were concentrated to what I told her. I’ve only ever saw her like that maybe once or twice.

“Well anyways I can’t really remember much of that night. But we played truth and dare and Kylie she knew I was dating Neymar. She knew it but she didn’t care and so it was my turn and after I somehow said dare she dared me to kiss this guy I didn’t even knew about. I didn’t wanted to at first but he came all over me and after I tried pushing him away he pulled me closer.” I said and pressed my lips together looking down I wasn’t proud to talk about it.

I pushed all of what happened that night so much aside that it didn’t even happen for me anymore.

“After he pulled away from me everyone laughed including Kylie. They told us to get a room. I left pretty soon after. I found out that same night that Kylie wasn’t even drunk. She was sober. She took photos of me and that guy kissing and you know what? she send them to Neymar” I told her as my hands begin to shiver and the tears that had welled up in my eyes, one or two made their way over my cheek.

“Did you talk with him about it? Did you tell him what happened to you?” she asked.

“I did” I said and nodded.

“Could he not forgive you?” she asked and furrowed her eyebrows together.

“I don’t know he may could have” i told her.

“But I couldn’t. I kissed someone else. Even through I loved him, i still love him and I did that to him” i said.

“so you two just broke up?” she asked.

“we decided to take a break” i said.

“but we both know that a break means nothing more than a break up” i told her.

“y/n it doesn’t”

“you both could have talked it out.” she said shaking her head slightly.

“maybe we could have. he tried calling me a few times. he even came by my apartment” i told her as i wiped the tears away and pressed my lips together looking up at her.

“and you didn’t open?” she asked and i shook my head. She got off of her seat and walked around the counter, as she stood in front of me she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in a hug and i sighed out as my head was in her neck and she rubbed my back with one of her hands.

“oh y/n” she whispered and i sighed.

As she pulled out of the hug she wiped my tears away and smiled at me.

“we’re gonna go see him now, c'mon” she said and took my hand in hers.

“Rafa no” i told her.

“yes we are” she said.

“he still loves you and you still love him and you’re not gonna break up because of something that stupid. Y/N you’re one of my best friends and I want you to marry my brother one day and i want you to be my sister in law. there’s no one more perfect for him than you and i won’t continue seeing both of you that hurt when you still love each other so i’m not gonna discuss this either you go on your own or i carry you out here” she said and i rolled my eyes at her slightly but a small smile formed on my lips as well. Rafa was so cute it melted my heart.

“okay” i whispered and she smiled at me.

“c'mon” she said.

“okay okay i need to put the things away first” i told her and started putting away the thing on the counter.

After I was done I got my jacket and walked to the front door with her. I was nervous and afraid of facing him. I didn’t wanted to. And in my head i made up a plan to run away and hide so i could maybe escape this situation. on the other hand i still loved him and if he still loved me like Rafa said then facing him wouldn’t be so bad right? We walked out of the shop and after I locked the door we got to her car, we got in and she immediately speed off to the other direction of town. We got there in about 20 minutes and she parked her car in his driveway. I haven’t been here in so long and even through it probably should feel weird being here it felt like coming home in a kind of way. I sighed as I got out of the car and Rafa stood already beside me wrapping her arm around me and walking towards the front door with me, she ringed the doorbell although i was sure she still had a key to his house, like i did back then. Maybe she forgot it at home or maybe she just didn’t wanted it to be more awkward. After some seconds the door opened and a tired Neymar stood in front of us. As soon as he met me his eyes widen and his lips parted. As our eyes locked i felt my heart going crazy in my chest and pressed my lips together as i looked away.

“hey Ney. okay so you two still know each other” Rafa said ans gestures between him and me with her hand.  i totally forgot she was even there, she pulled her arm from around me away and stepped into his house leaving just me and him there. I stood there awkwardly, not knowing if i should leave or stay here.

“do you eh wanna come in?” he asked and i hesitated for a moment but nodded. He stepped back and opened the door wider for me to step in. I got in and looked around me. It still looked exactly like the last time i’ve been here. it’s been months and you could think that by now it should look different but it still looked the same. there were still the same pictures on the wall, of his parents, Rafa, of Davi, of us.

“nothing has changed” i stated.

“no” he said and shook his head.

“Do you want something to drink? to eat? you came here after work right? i bet you must be pretty hungry” he said.

“yeah i am but-” i begin but he interrupted me.

“then c'mon i still have some left overs” he told me and started walking towards his kitchen, i sighed and followed him. Even in his kitchen everything was still the same. I sat down on one of his bar stools and he stood at the counter in front of me.

“Did Rafa force you to come here?” he asked.

“No” i said shaking my head.

“she came by after work and asked about us and why we broke up” i told him, he nodded and i thanked him after he handed me the plate with chinese take out on.

“did you tell her?” he asked and i nodded after i begin eating.

“she said she can’t see us both hurting when we both still love each other” i said.

“is it true do you still love me?” i asked him after i pressed my lips together and looked at him.

“How could i not y/n” he said and my heart begin to beat way faster.

“Of course I still love you”

“It hurt me when i tried to talk to you and you wouldn’t let me i know you were hurting more than i was. i just wanted to be there for you” he said as he was walking around the counter.

“but you wouldn’t let me” he said sighing.

“i’m sorry” i said.

“you don’t have to be sorry y/n. i know it wasn’t your fault”

“i don’t get how you can forgive me that easily when i kissed someone else” i told him.

“like i said it’s not your fault. i trust you i know you wouldn’t kiss someone when you weren’t dared to or when you were sober” he said taking my hands in his.

“i trust you and i believe you” he told me.

“and i still love you” he said.

“kiss me” i whispered.

“what?” he asked unsure if he understood me right.

“kiss me. kiss me kiss me kiss me” i repeated and it didn’t took him long to lean in and press his lips on mine softly. i sighed out relieved and happy as i puled him closer to me with my hands in his neck.

“finally” i heard Rafa yell and just smiled in the kiss. yeah finally, finally i was reunited with my love.


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“I’m such a dumb ass,” you muttered to yourself, furiously wiping away your tears. “I should just - I should just quit relationships! With this economy, you’re better off single sometimes anyway…”

“Not if you’re in love with a superhero!” someone shouted from above and you jumped, letting out a shriek as the man landed in front of you. “Did the author just call me a superhero? I really don’t think that’s the right term. She needs to rethink her writing process - or watch the movie again. Ah, Ryan Reynolds. A man after my own heart.”

“Who the fuck is Ryan Reynolds?” you blurted out and from behind the mask, you swear you saw him blink before he threw his hands over his face.

But then he dropped them and let them hang by his sides. “The hell if I know? But apparently I’m a superhero and you’re in distress! Tell me the fucker who did this and after I remove their head from their body, we can sprinkle their blood all over their parents’ yard!”

“I…don’t think that’s any of your business. Oh, God, I’m talking to a delusional stranger in a suit. I - I should head home.” You made to walk past him, wiping at your nose to try to ease the urge to sniffle.

“I’m a hero! I’m obligated to help - obligated? Heroes aren’t obligated! Go talk to Mr. Spangly Pants!” You had no idea who he was looking at. All you knew was that this guy was really into monologues. And was creepy…very creepy. “Wait, I’m supposed to make them laugh?” He looked back over towards you before letting out a sigh and grabbing your wrist. You began protesting, not liking this one bit, especially when he dragged you into an empty alley.

“Be warned: I’m going to run into that brick wall now at top speed.”


He charged at the looming brick wall, not bothering to slow down as his body collided with the wall. For a moment, you were grasping for your phone, ready to dial 911, but then he started singing some random, idiotic song, and you were doubling over with laughter. Maybe it was the fact that you were tired from all the crying, or maybe it had to do with the fact that this man was creepy as fuck and seeing him in some type of physical pain made your ‘stranger-danger’ alarm cease. Whatever it was, you were now crying tears of laughter.

“Gee, Miss Author-Priss,” he groaned out as he shakily stood to his feet, “you’ve got a weird-ass sense of humor.”


Open When… You Want Ideas for Date Night

You already know that I will undoubtedly love anything that you plan, so long as it isn’t another horror movie. This is just a few ideas in case you’re feeling lazy or you want to know exactly what I’m looking for in a date. Either way, I will appreciate the work you put towards our relationship, whether it’s picking something simple off the list or creating a date that is entirely unique, just like you. 

  • Diamondbacks Game: Obviously, you’re not as passionate about the sport as I am but I still think this would be entertaining for both of us! The vendors at the field offer pretzels, ice cream, giant caramel apples, beer, and more. Ooh, maybe if I’m lucky, we’ll be featured on the kiss cam. 
  • Game Night: Much like the ones we have had before, it would consist of whiskey and Lord of the Rings Risk. That is three of our favorite things right there: alcohol, Tolkien, and each other! Of course, spring for video games instead. I’m always open to replaying Until Dawn or Wolf Among Us. 
  • Hiking: Arizona has so many neat trails to hike. In the city alone, there is South Mountain, Camelback Mountain, Papago Park, and A Mountain, which we have done before. Weather permitting, we should definitely spend a morning or afternoon with Kato in the mountains. 
  • Dinner and a Movie: You know how much I love the classic dinner and a movie date. It is just about the simplest one to plan, so long as it isn’t a horror movie again. 
  • Sunsplash: I can’t believe you’ve never been before! It’s so much fun with the water slides, wave pool, and lily pads. Honestly, this would be the best idea for a double date. All of the inner tubes come in pairs! 
  • Tolkien Movie Marathon: We’re both in love with the series. Spending the whole day watching the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings trilogy would be more than perfect to me. On the other hand, you could always read it to me if you wanted me to fall asleep right away. 
  • Stargazing: This would be most ideal if you ever took me to Cornville, as there are significantly less buildings and city life to hide the stars. It would be even better if you were to pack up a bunch of blankets and pillows in the bed of your truck so we could lay next to each other. Too bad you don’t like me. 
  • Drive In Movie: West Wind Glendale is just about the only drive in theatre left in the metropolitan area. I would love to take your truck out there for a night. Plus, it’s easy to sneak in snacks since we’re cheap as fuck. 
  • Mill Avenue: Goodness, there is so much to do in Tempe. We could revisit Tempe Beach Park, where we have attended multiple concerts together. We could always go back to Spinelli’s, since you fell head over heels in love with their pizza. I think it was love at first bite. Oh, man, I am so funny. Anywho, we could also grab frozen custard from Rita’s, get frozen yogurt from Mojo, or shop at the Hippie Gypsy, which you would throughly enjoy.
  • Slide Rock and Salt River: I’ve never been! I think it would be so much fun if we were to get a group of people together to go during the summer and make a day of it. We could even take my car so you don’t have to drive! 
  • Dinner Date: I’m sure it’s not your first choice but it’s such a simple plan for a date night. Buying me food is the easiest way to make me happy, though you do a good job of that anyways. 
  • Frozen Yogurt: Quite possibly the greatest dessert option ever. The best part about frozen yogurt dates is the red velvet flavor, which you must try if you haven’t already. Maybe, I enjoy it so much because the low temperature of the frozen treat reminds me of the icy coldness of my own heart. 
  • Movie Marathon: We have so many movie series to go through and it really breaks my heart that you’re not into superhero movies like I am. Nonetheless, we could still watch Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Disney movies. 
  • Video Game Night: As I have mentioned before, I am always willing to play Wolf Among Us or Until Dawn, though I am horrible with the quick time events. I would also like playing any other games you think I would enjoy! Practically every video game you have suggested, I have loved. I’m open to any of your other recommendations! 
  • Mini Golf: Every couple goes mini-golfing. Sunsplash Golfland has a miniature golf course that is near you! Should the weather align with out plans, it would be an adorable date.