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Kraglin deserves so much love. When the othe ravagers gave Yondu a funeral with fireworks, Kraglin’s expression hurt me more than anything. His teary eyes and cheers because he knew that all Yondu (his captain) ever wanted is a Ravager funeral and he finally got it.

Quick Tip: Making Characters Info Dump Without Seeming Like They’re Info-Dumping

The Tip: REFERENCE information with their OPINION being the focus. Never “tell” information, while not showing an opinion.

  • Why and How it Works:

Show of hands; how much do you hate when characters tell other characters things they already know, just because the reader doesn’t know (and needs to know)? Sometimes there’s information that needs to be shared with the reader and there’s no other way to do it but by SAYING it.

Here’s how to dodge the problem.

Imagine you and your friend are characters. You and your friend just watched a movie together. When talking about it, you wouldn’t “tell” them what happened – you’d reference it.


“It was an awesome movie. That scene where Harlock swishes his cape and pulls out a huge sword that’s actually a gun, kills three soldiers, and then moves down the hall to take down the others; that was so cool!”


“In Harlock Space Pirates, there’s this scene where he swishes his cape and pulls out a huge sword that’s actually a gun, kills three soldiers, and then moves down the hall to take down the others.”

The reader now knows what happened in the movie, but the characters didn’t need to explain it to each other like its new information.

In real dialogue, people REFERENCE shared knowledge. They never “tell” it. If they “tell” it, it’s insulting and the person they’re talking to will be insulted, because you’re essentially saying they’re dumb.

Here’s the Kicker That Makes it Work - Opinions:

What your friend already has is the information. What your friend doesn’t have yet is your view on things. What you’re really giving your friend is an opinion – but what you’re giving the reader is information. Have your characters assess the information and give their thoughts, opinions, feelings, etc. on it in the same breath – rather than just saying it. As a bonus, this is fantastic for showing your character’s personality. 

Pro Tip:

The opinion doesn’t need to be long. It can be as simple as “that was cool!” or “it was evil but it was damn smart.” The end. That’s the opinion. You got all that info to the reader and your character doesn’t look dumb or mean.

Black widow solo movie

I want her to team up with Hawkeye solely so they can have a flashback to what happened in Budapest to see who remembers it correctly

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Welp. We went to see Wonder Woman. I cried during the sad parts and some of the other parts. They were the same kind of tears I had on and off through Ghostbusters. Movies with strong women who are fully realized people who are allowed to be sexual but are not sexualized and can also kick ass just make me cry randomly. Though TBH I also cry in LotR when anyone picks up their sword and runs into battle screaming the name of their home. I didn’t even realize how ravenous I was for a female version of that.

Ok stay with me on this but...

Because Johnny has been staying with Rosita for awhile and is constantly around her kids, he accidentally calls her mom when asking her a question. At first he’s super embarrassed and that Rosita might react to it, but she doesn’t and they carry on normally to his relief. On the inside though, Rosita is so happy she wants to cry because she pretty much already sees Johnny as her son ever since he got there.

Marauders Movie

I need a Marauders movie. I need to know exactly what happened between Lily and James. I need to see bad boy Sirius Black breaking girls hearts. I need to see Remus being happy with his friends. I need to see them pulling pranks on poor Lily and Severus. I want to see them alive and happy. Please J.K Rowling please

I just saw Logan in theaters.

Somebody hold me.

petition for an lgbtq+ movie with gay, lesbian, bi, trans, ace, etc actors and actresses who are diverse (poc, all sizes, mental health issues). and the movie won’t just revolve around the conflict of coming out, nor will it be drug/sex oriented. rather, it will have complex characters who don’t just struggle with their sexual orientation, but have other issues like in any other movie. that’s all we ask for: some realistic representation.

  • Steve: If we told Tony...
  • Sam: He would never believe it.
  • Steve: Who knows if the Accords would let him...
  • *on the Raft*
  • Sam: *tells Tony*
  • Tony: *immediately, without any hesitation, believes what Sam is saying and agrees to put aside all their differences, be Steve's friend and help Steve and Bucky regardless of the fact that he is consciously choosing to ignore the Accords and Ross could arrest him for breaking the law and/or for treason against the UN AND the US for aiding known fugitives (i.e. Steve and Bucky)*
wonderbat musing...

So, I’m new to the Wonderbat ship, but I’m ready to go down with it, tbh. A few moments in the comics, plus the entire Justice League animated tv series…. there is a lot to work with. 

But in the new DC cinematic universe…it might happen. Diana outsmarts Bruce; he inspires her to come out of retirement… her first act as Wonder Woman since Steve’s death (that we’ve seen so far) was to save Bruce’s life. They danced. They made eyes, matched wits. 

Wonder Woman is a frame story, and the frame is Bruce sending Diana the original photo from Veld, and her thanking him. Together, the two of them weather the death of Superman and are bringing the Justice League together.

Then I think about how Batman almost died destroying the Watchtower on the show, and Steve died destroying bombs on a plane… both are self-deprecating, cynical, but truly good to the core. She might see a little of Steve, her first love, in Batman.

With Steve gone, and Clark firmly with Lois… Wonderbat could happen in the DCEU. Even just hints of it would soothe my shipper heart.

why isn’t there a shieldshock version of the strip horse/basketball scene from what’s your number.

So, went to see Fate of the Furious

Spoilers ahead so keep scrolling if you don’t want any!!

Alright so, from the beginning of the movie, Hobbs seriously took the limelight as my favorite character all over again for sooo many reasons.

-Worlds #1 soccer dad who knows who the fuck Tay-Tay is omfg XD
-Does the Haka with his daughter and her soccer team and makes the other team shit their pants!! 100% good shit right there!
-Aggressively supports his daughter and encourages her talent plus her team!! So supportive.

So after all that though, oh maaaan all the tension between Hobbs and Shaw though. That had me rolling and hoping like crazy they would throw down at some point but then things got interesting and the tension just seemed more sexual and dammit all if I didn’t start hoping the movie would wrap things up with those two together.

Am I seriously the only one who was able to see a scene with both Hobbs and Deckard at his daughters champion soccer game, both of them aggressively cheering her on? Them smack talking all throughout the movie up until Shaw “dies” then he returns and them having that intense meaningful hug like “Don’t scare me like that… We haven’t gotten our fight yet.” Then, once all is said and done, the fam is together, those two sneak off for their little one on one, both all prepared to literally beat the shit out of each other but after a few snarky things of banter are tossed about, things get suggestive and a heavy makeout sessions spurs from it instead. Extra points if the whole fam finds out. Or even just Dom stumbles across them and gets all smug over it.

Me and @moon-warrior were literally outraged that there was no fight, no extra scene with them but dammit there better be in the next movie! Hobbs has got to keep true to his word and “beat” Deckards ass like a Cherokee drum for fucks sake. The movie was so damn amazing, great plot, perfect twists, hella awesome effects and action and the only thing that could’ve made it even better was those two winding up together. Physically fucking needed it by the end of the movie jfc.