this movie might kill me

the more i think about it the more i wished they had just kept Colin Farrel as Grindlewald. i mean the audience had grown attached to him and i dont know about anyone else but after credence was killed and Percival gave his speech, i felt my self being really sympathetic towards his viewpoint and was supremely pissed at the american ministry of magic/president. how amazing would it had been following Colin Farrel as Grindlewald after being on a emotionally conflicting journey with him in fantastic beast, after feeling hurt at what happened to credence. also apparently credence isnt dead, wouldnt it have been even more amazing and emotionally impact-full if later in the movies if credence and Colin Farrel’s grindlewald came face to face again after everything that happened in fantastic beat between them, with credence on the road to redemption. 

it really annoys me because Colin Farrel’s percival/grindlewald was seriously perfect, he was suave, exuded charm, had an air of sophistication and confidence in himself, was passionate, calculating, smart, and scary in a understated way which was perfect. i mean its not hard to believe why Albus dumbledor would fall in love with him, i found my self falling for him. he was so nuanced and you really bought into his cause, so its really disappointing we are not gonna get him in the next 4 movies. 

i wish the director/producer or whoever else in charge changes their mind and brings Colin back as the real Percival. i mean he can still be an interesting character given what he must have gone through at the hands of grindlewald plus he must be quite a powerful wizard as well.  honestly i just want Colin/Percival back but im not gonna hold my breath :(

Well, I’m off to the theater. If this movie kills me (and it just might), I want all of you to remember me as I was: that slightly-paranoid, borderline-OCD, majorly ADD and dyslexic girl who got way too excited about archaeology and dragons.

anonymous asked:

Five must see movies?

oh thats a huge question… ill do it quickly…

(which might kill me but it would kill me more to agonize over making it THE ULTIMATE TOP 5 OF EVER … its still tempting.)

1. Goodfellas

2. Rosemary’s Baby

3. Rushmore

4. Heathers

So since I’m too ridiculous I can’t just throw in a fifth and be done. So here are more off the top of my head. See them all.

pulp fiction



reservoir dogs

the rules of attraction


i heart huckabees

me you and everyone we know

there will be blood

paris is burning