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I Never Planned on You: Tom Holland

tom holland x reader

A/N: I’m sorry, i feel like this was really crappy :-( this isn’t part of my broadway!tom series, it just happens to be v similar 


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Question can you do another Tom Holland imagine where the reader is on tour with newsies and lands a role on civil war so when filming wraps up in Georgia the civil war cast go and see the reader perform on newsies and Tom falls in love with her

Words: 2000+

Warnings: does poor character development count???

summary: your relationship with Tom only comes to light when he comes to see one of your performances on Broadway

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It had been a long journey to the big screen, and you couldn’t quite believe how lucky you’d been to make it this far.

It was stressful at first, the juggling of auditions and performances every night. It had been months of self-taping audition cuts between matinee and evening shows as your fellow cast members watched from behind the makeshift tripod, cheering you on silently.

The call came in late May. Someone from Marvel had finally seen all of the videos you’d been sending for the past three months and asked you to fly to Georgia for two days to screen test with some of the actors the film.

Your decision was an easy one; all you had to do was send in your two-weeks-in-advance notice stating that you’d be gone for three days at the most, and then you found yourself in Atlanta, caught in a whirlwind of new people to meet and new lines to read.

That was the beginning of the end, you supposed. You used to just be the girl who ended up on Broadway, performing for nearly-full houses eight times a week, which you weren’t complaining about, but if you were being completely honest with yourself, you couldn’t imagine was the end of the line for you.

You had barely touched back down in JFK two days later when they called you again to let you know that you’d gotten the part, and can you start next week? And of course you said yes. How could you not? It was a minor role, but it was just the tip of the iceberg that was your future. In a span of a few short days, you had gone from the small town girl on a big city stage to a small town girl who’d soon grace movie screens across the globe.

The hard part was leaving your home behind. You’d lived in New York for four years; your parents had moved the family up to the city when you were fifteen and had booked your first show on Broadway. You spent most of your teen years busy with never-ending rehearsals and homeschooling in between.

When the show closed only months after its opening, you were fortunate enough to already have something else lined up, and from then on, you spent your time building quite an impressive resume. Four Broadway shows and three Off-Broadway were definitely worth noting, especially at your age.

When you were eighteen, desperate to feel a sense of independence, you went on the hunt for a new apartment and a couple of roommates. From there, you found Anna and Sam, two of the sweetest, most supportive girls you’d ever met, and you couldn’t be more grateful to have them in your life.

Six months ago, you booked the role of Katherine Plumber in Newsies, your first lead role, and it had, thus far, been the best six months of your life. You loved your co-workers, and you loved that you were able to do what you loved eight times a week.

That was why leaving was so hard. It was only two months, tops, but it would be two long months without the people you loved most in a city where you knew nobody, doing something you had never done before.

You had quite the send-off, though. Anna and Sam, along with your wonderful parents, surprised you with a party full of everyone you loved, which meant the little rooftop garden on top of your building was full of cast members, crew, close friends, and your immediate family, including your brother who’d come back from teaching in Korea just to celebrate you.

You complained at first, said it was too much for a two month endeavor, but everyone insisted that it was a momentous occasion (though you knew Sam would’ve made any excuse to use the rooftop garden for a party). The night ended with teary eyes and long, tight hugs all the way around and strict instructions from your show’s producer to come back home whenever you missed Katherine too much.

The next day, your roommates and your family accompanied you to the airport, all getting out to say goodbye and wish you luck on your new adventures.

“So. This is it then, huh kiddo?” your brother asked, smiling softly as he wrapped an arm around you.

“Guess so. I still can’t believe this is happening. I feel like my life is actually about to start,” you mused, leaning into his body.

“You know we’re so, so proud of you, don’t you, sweetie?” your mom asked with a watery smile.

“Aw, mom! You’re gonna make me start crying again,” you pouted teasingly.

“She’s right, Y/N. We can’t wait to see where this movie takes you. We’ve always knew you would go so far,” your dad smiled, reaching over to rub your shoulder.

“Thanks, guys. It’s just gonna be so weird being away from home for so long. I don’t know what I’m gonna do without you guys.”

“You’re gonna go be a star, just like we always knew you were, alright Y/N? We’re sad that you’re leaving, but it’s only two months! We’re all just a phone call away, and you know you can always come home when you need us,” Anna grinned, pulling you to her and into a hug.

“I love you guys,” you mumbled into her sweatshirt.

“We love you too, Y/N. Now get out of here or you’ll miss your flight!” Sam giggled, hugging you when Anna released you from her tight grip.

You hugged the rest of your family with one last goodbye, then turned to security, getting in line before turning back around to send one more teary wave back to your family.

When you arrived in Atlanta, you were catapulted straight into shooting and nonstop work that you barely had any time to think about how much you missed home. In the rare moments that you did, though, you found solace in your young costar, Tom Holland.

You knew he was like you, that he’d started in the show business at a much younger age than you, and therefore he’d know what it was like to have a spotlight on you at all times. He also knew how hard it was to be away from home. He was from England, much farther than Manhattan, and you had to wonder how he was able to cope with being so far away from his family for so long.

He was good at taking your mind off of the matters that plagued your thoughts, like whether or not everyone was missing you, or how your replacement was doing in Newsies so far, or if your brother was alright, all by himself in Korea. With a quick wit and a natural inclination for humor, he was your beacon of light through your stressful times.

You’d finished filming much earlier than him; his role was a bit bigger than yours- who knew Spider-Man would be such an integral part to the story!- so he had another few weeks before he was done, and then the filmed bits would be off to be put together into a coherent story.

He’d gone to see you off at the airport the morning after you’d finished filming, sending you off with a big hug and a promise to come visit before he had to go back to London.

It was three months after you’d gotten back You were twenty now, and back at Newsies, playing the role you loved and missed so much. Backstage was chaotic, as it usually was at half hour, but you sat in your cozy dressing room, the eye of the hurricane, listening to Bing Crosby croon from the speakers of your vintage turntable as you prepared for the show.

You were always one to prepare early; you firmly believed that the earlier you got in costume, the more time you’d have to get in character. You breathed deeply, your essential oil diffuser letting out puffs of lavender-scented mist as you leaned back in your chair, closing your eyes for a moment of deep relaxation, one of the last moments you’d get before your fellow cast members started flocking to your room for last minute snacks or lozenges or cups of tea before the show began.

When the show began thirty minutes later, you got lost in the magic of the show, for once not worrying about what the audience thought of you. The stage lights did a great job of blocking the house from view, anyway. It wasn’t until intermission that you learned exactly who was sitting in the front row that night.

“Hey, did you see your friend out there?” Ben, one of the younger guys, asked, taking a long pull from his water bottle.

“Huh? Which friend?” you asked, distracted. You were trying to get the pin right on your skirt so it would hold the bottom up during your upcoming tap number.

“Oh yeah, that guy! The one you were filming with when you left us earlier this year,” Sky explained, stretching his leg out above his head.

“What? Who is it?” you asked, interest piqued. It could’ve been any number of  people; even though Tom was the one you tended to gravitate towards during the shoot, you’d made friends with most of the people in the cast.

“I dunno, I just know that I saw him in the trailer for the movie,” Ben shrugged, setting his water back down on your coffee table. “Anyway, they’re about to call places, so let’s go.”

You grinned triumphantly at the fixed pin, but your mind ran with ideas of who could be in the audience. You were hoping it was Tom. He had promised he’d come see the show, after all.

You made it through the rest of the show with hardly any bumps, putting a little more pep in your step now that you knew there was someone special to impress in the audience. And if imagining Tom was the one sitting in the front row impacted your performance at all, nobody had to know. .

You were back in your dressing room letting your hair out of its pin curls when you heard a quick rap on your door.

“Come in!” you called through the bobby pins in your mouth.

“Hey there, love,” a sweet, English accent spoke from over your shoulder. You whipped around, forgetting all about your hair that was half curling wildly, and half still contained under a dozen more bobby pins.

“I was told someone I knew was here. If only you’d told me, I would’ve tapped a little harder for you,” you grinned, standing to give Tom a hug.

“You were fantastic, Y/N. Honestly. I  had no idea you could dance like that. And your voice! My God, woman! Where were you hiding that all this time?” he laughed, pulling you off the ground to spin you around.

“Thank you, Tom. Seriously, I really appreciate you coming to see the show.” Your grin hadn’t slipped off of your face for even a second as he held you in his arms.

“I told you I would, didn’t I?” he asked, squeezing you tightly.

“Yeah, I just thought you meant that as a courtesy, not that you’d actually fly to New York to come see me!” you exclaimed.

“Hey, who said I was here for you? Maybe I’m here to see your pal Ben chomp on a cigar for two and a half hours straight,” he joked, eyes shining.

“Mhm, you know you love me, Tom,” you smirked, punching his arm lightly.

“Yeah,” he whispered, brown eyes boring into yours.

“What?” you asked, grin faltering.

“I love you, Y/N,” he repeated, bringing a hand up to cup your face. “Seriously, somewhere between our deep midnight talks and stupid pranks, I completely fell in love with you and I didn’t realize it until you left. I knew I had to come see you somehow and tell you how I feel, but they kept me in Atlanta longer than anticipated. As soon as I was finished, I booked the first flight here.”

You smiled, reaching up to grip the the hand on your cheek with your own. You sighed, leaning into Tom’s body heat.

“You know, you have know idea how long I’ve been waiting for you to say that, Holland,” you smiled, then leaned up to capture his lips with your own.

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Thank you

Thank you for being my first kiss.
Thank you for the summer spent in the sun.
Thank you for drawing on my leg on a long car ride.
Thank you for all the of the special moments we didn’t need to use words for.
Thank you for showing me new music.
Thank you for watching my favorite chick flick or horror movies with me.
Thank you for all the phone calls at 3am when I couldn’t sleep.
Thank you for making me laugh when I wanted to cry.
Thank you for breaking my heart, and teaching me how to put the pieces back together, and love myself.
Thank you for everything, the bad and the good.

Happy birthday to my favorite lady, blacktofade! I’m sorry it’s so short. ;___; This is based off a prompt from a list of meet cutes she sent me a couple weeks ago - this was her favorite. ♥

When Cora had her first kid, Derek — automatically designated babysitter by way of being Cora’s only living sibling — learned a lot about babies. He learned they were much messier than he’d thought they’d be, and loud, and — once Izzy learned how to walk — fast. He loved her deeply, of course, because as she became less of a baby and more like a tiny person she developed a vibrant personality that was as sweet as can be with a little bit of Cora’s fiery temper mixed in, but still: he learned that toddlers were always sticky, and if the house went silent for more than a few minutes, he needed to track her down and clean up whatever mess she’d made.

Sometime after Izzy’s third birthday, Derek learned how strong she was. He’d always heard the phrase “appearances may be deceiving,” which he knew was true in certain circumstances, but if anyone had told him that Izzy was strong enough to break his nose, he wouldn’t have believed them. And yet, that’s exactly what she did, swinging a fucking wiffle ball bat right at his face when she didn’t want to come inside for dinner. The bat met his nose with a clean crack, which he briefly thought was the sound of the plastic, at least until pain flared hot all over his face, and blood started pouring out of his nose. 

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V: when he realizes you’re crying he would find it extremely adorable. He would try and pull your hands away from your face. He would pull you into his chest and say something like “ay my baby is so sensitive, it’s only a movie!” and hold you tightly for the rest of the film.

Jungkook: He would be wide eyed when he realized you were trying to hide tears “wait are you crying!? WHY? ARE YOU OKAY?” he would be a bit panicked making you more embarrassed but quickly realize his reaction wasn’t helping the situation. Wiping your tears with his sleeve and ask you what’s the matter and try to calm you down. 

J-hope: When you begin to cry during a sad movie he would probably be wiping away his own tears while pulling you closer to him. He’d say something like “i was trying really hard not to cry but you’re making it really hard baby.” making you slightly giggle while helping wipe eachothers tears.

Jimin: He would find it heart warming how emotional you got when he has to leave for tour.  He would hug you tight and say “my poor cry baby, you didn’t have to bring me all the way to the airport. I’ll be back in a few days, i always do” He’d wipe your tears and give you one last goodbye kiss you before getting out of the car.

Suga: when he heard your sniffling he’d immediately turn to you with a panicked face pulling your hands away gently “Are you crying??? I knew this haunted house was a bad idea, just stay close to me baby its almost over” he’d hold you close till you two reached the exit and seat you at the nearest bench to kiss your tears away till they stopped 

 Jin: his hopeful face would soon turn concerned when he saw your tears start to fall, he’d put the dozen roses in his hands to the side to hug you and rub your back “did I forget something??? I’m sorry” you’d wipe your tears away and let out a little laugh “no, everything’s perfect. Happy Anniversary” 

 Rap Monster: He’d be a bit confused at first as to why you were crying but he’d sit with you pulling you into a hug once he saw you trying to hide it “there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, just talk to me.. But get comfortable because I’m not letting go till your tears stop”

I cry during movies. I cry because they’re heartbreaking and they’re beautiful and I’m so caught up in them that I forgot about the real world. And then the movie ends, I wipe my eyes, and i go and pretend that my heart hasn’t just been ripped out.
The real crying comes later. It comes at night, when I don’t have to pretend. I have the time to think, to reflect over the details-over shared lines, looks, characters who leave then come back in for a hug-and then I cry. Because there is no closure with this. I can never forget Dobby dying, or Lucy and Edmund saying goodbye for the last time, or Frodo sailing away into the west. Steve trying to get drunk after Bucky falls, Aslan dying at the stone table, Wanda when her brother has just died and she feels as though her heart has been torn out. I obsess over the minutiae-tiny details which make me sob into my pillow and then look for more-and I love with my whole heart.
So no, it doesn’t end when the movie ends: it lasts so much longer than that. I’m still crying.

What exactly do people say when they breakup?

It’s over? No. This isn’t a movie.
It’s only over for one person.
It’s only truly over for one.
Only one person sips that coffee
that won’t help them stay up.
Only one person feels like they’re
missing a finger, a leg, or a heartbeat.

Goodbye? Maybe. Probably.
Goodbye, my love, farewell.
Goodbye, I’ll see you in a few years…
and I hope we’ll remain friends.
Yeah, fuck that.

I hate goodbyes. We can’t be friends.
Call it childish, but how can I share
a conversation with someone I used
to hold to sleep? Hear about your day?
Fuck, what if he makes you cry
just like me?
Expect me to be there too?
That’s why I had to cut you off.
If it ever got to that,
I don’t know if we’ll be friends.

I don’t remember how we broke up.
I don’t. I don’t remember what I said.
I remember crying.
I remember punching a wall.
I remember taking the truth
from out of your tongue,
it ran deep. You were always
a shitty liar, naked and bare,
you could never run from it.
The truth like a star painted
into the black sky,
a vessel of your demise.
The look in your eyes
when I called you out on it.
You always had that look,
the how the fuck did you know?
Who told you?
Baby, I’ve known you for years,
the truth is, I made that fucking look.

You’ll never have someone like me again, someone who can see the truth before you even opened your mouth to say a word, before you delete any messages, before you share about your day, you see.. The tone in your voice, the words you choose, the decisions in our conversation, the red lights you sped past, the green lights you stopped at, they will all come back to bite you.

Maybe that’s why you left.
I always knew everything
a bit too well.
I knew you a bit too much.
I loved you,
and maybe…
that is not
how I should have been.
There goes the gentleness again.

“Goodbye, you’ll always be with me.”

—  How we should have broken up
Inside Out Sentence Meme
  • "Do you look at someone and wonder what's going on in their head?"
  • "First day of school! Very, very exciting!"
  • "We're gonna have a good day which will turn into a good week which will turn into a good year which will turn into a good life."
  • "Think positive!"
  • "Remember the funny movie where the dog died?"
  • "Crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of life's problems."
  • "Goodbye Friendship! Hello Loneliness!"
  • "I'm too say to walk. Just give me a few hours."
  • "I only make things worse."
  • "Well I just saved our lives. Yeah, you're welcome."
  • "On a scale from one to ten, I give this day an F."
  • "Congratulations San Francisco! You've ruined pizza! First the Hawaiians and now you!"
  • "Can I say that curse word now?"
  • "I'll have you know I'm not scared of everything."
  • "What was that?! I thought you said we were gonna act casual!"
  • "Welcome to Imagination Land!"
  • "We were best friends."
  • "Depth! I'm lacking depth!"
  • "Take her to the moon for me, okay?"
  • "Stop saying everything will be alright!"
  • "He...cares very deeply about things being fair."
  • "Well why don't we quit standing around and do something?"
  • "Like quitting! That's what I'm doing! Sure, its the cowards way out but this coward's gonna survive!"
  • "Fine, let's sleep on it. Because, hey, I'm sure jolly, fun-filled times are just around the corner."
  • "There are no bears in San Francisco."
  • "I saw a really hairy guy, he looked like a bear."
  • "Sorry, I went sad again, didn't I?"
  • "We did not die today, I call that unqualified success."
  • "I say we lock ourselves in our room and use that one swear word we know. Its a good one!"
  • "All these facts and opinions look the same. I can't tell them apart!"
  • "I..I know you don't want me to but I miss home."
  • "Sorry I don't speak moron as well as you, but lemme try!"
  • "We could cry until we can't breathe."

I just saw Alice Through The Looking Glass and let me just say it was AMAZING WONDERFUL FABULOUS! I think it was better then the first one. Here are some things I liked about it:

The Wonderland in this film is WAY more cheery and beautiful, dont get me wrong I loved the first one but it was so much more dreary. 

It showed the backgrounds to more of the characters which I loved. It was rather interesting to see the stories of some of these characters and to find out how they became who they are.

Loved when the red queen and the white queen made up!

The costumes and wardrobe were colorful and beautiful! I especially liked Tarrants costumes. Johnny looked DAMN fine in his costumes.

Dont you even get me started on Tarrant and Alice! OMG when they would hug each other I just cant, the feels were too much! And Tarrant kept calling her “my Alice” omg I died at that. She is his and he is hers. 

Basically this whole movie just shipped Alice and the Hatter <3 so many cute moments.

Here is what I didn’t like:

I know it wouldn’t make much of a plot line but I really just wanted to see more of Alice and the Hatter being cute together and drinking tea together and doing happy normal things together with their friends in wonderland.

I AM CRYING AT ALICE AND TARRANTS GOODBYE!!!! help me! why did they have to say goodbye?? and after all that to save the hatters family, she never really got to properly meet them and talk to them and then she had to leave the hatter. and that part about “meeting in the palace of dreams” omg i couldnt take it. I wanted them to be able to see each other again. Like have some sort of thing that they could travel through to get back and visit each other. Could you imagine the hatter meeting alices family awwww!!

Anyway, overall I really enjoyed it but that fact that Alice and the Hatter will not see each other again totally rips out my heart! 


Also, those puns throughout the movie about time just killed me, haha it was too good. 

remember how dawn was about to break down and cry during the last moments of DP191 but then ash cheered her up by yelling out her catchphrase to her and she got so fucking happy that she started running along the ship waving goodbye to him and brock in cliché romantic movie fashion

because i remember and it still makes me want to punch a wall over how adorable and bittersweet it was

How could you have been so stupid? You sobbed into your hands as a numb feeling took over your body, your legs brought up to your chest. It hurt. It hurt that Harry would bring another girl on a date when he should’ve known you were going to be at the restaurant. It hurt that he would bring Kendall Jenner - someone who was clearly so much better than you. Prettier than you, skinnier than you - she was a model! A model. How could you beat a model? Plus, everyone wanted them to be together. Every magazine you had read in the past month was about how Harry and Kendall were perfect for each other and that you were just a phase. 

“Oh, honey.” Y/F/N rushed into the backroom, immediately pulling you into a hug as your sobs increased, your hands fisting at her uniform. 

“I don’t understand why he would do such a thing..” You sniffled, eyes puffy and nose red. Y/F/N’s hands rubbed at your back in comforting circles as you continued crying, the thought of Harry and Kendall together absolutely killing you. 

“You’re okay, don’t cry. I’m sorry, I should have done something sooner but-” 

“It’s okay. I just.. I wanna go home.” You murmured, rubbing your eyes. You were tired, your hair was a mess, your heart was shattered - you just wanted to isolate yourself from everyone. “Can you take my shift? I’ll cover for you when-” 

“It’s fine. Go home, babe.” Y/F/N smiled, pressing a kiss to your head and giving you another squeeze before helping you up. “I’ll come over tonight for movies and pizza.” 


Something that you did not expect to see when you walked up to your apartment door was Harry. Quickly, you hid behind a wall, poking your head out to see Harry speaking to somebody. What the hell was he doing here? All you wanted to do was cry and him being here wasn’t going to make it any better. 

“Yeah, jus’ link her payments for the rent here to me. I’ll be paying her rent from now on if that’s okay.” He was speaking to your landlord? It was when Harry said goodbye and started to walk towards the stairwell that you panicked, immediately darting up the stairs to the rooftop. “Y/N?” 

Now it was like you were in the middle of a horror movie. Harry was hot on your tail and you were beginning to get tired from all the running. (Your quads were killing you.) “Y/N, stop!” 

“Go away, Harry!” You replied angrily, pushing the door to the rooftop open as you stumbled outside, Harry joining you soon after. “Why are you here?! Why are you paying for my rent?” You snapped, banging your fists against Harry’s chest when he backed you up against the wall in an effort to keep you from squirming away. 

“Y/N, please..” 

“Why are you.. here?” You began to break down, tears filling your eyes as you let out a wrecked sob, Harry’s eyes softening before he pulled you into a hug. You allowed yourself to be hugged by Harry because it just made you feel at home.. “I hate you, I hate you so much.” You cried, your face tucked into the crook of his neck as you pushed him away and slid down the wall, crying into your hands once again. 

“I know you hate me.” Harry murmured quietly, letting you cry for a couple more seconds before speaking up. “’m sorry. I love you.” 

“You can’t say that, Harry. You’re not allowed to say that anymore.” You rubbed at your eyes but the tears seemed like they were never going to stop. 

“I didn’t want to do it, I really didn’t want to.” Harry’s voice wavered as he bent down in front of you, his own eyes glossy. “But management said they’d break us up themselves and.. and they wanted me to be with Kendall but-” 

“Why didn’t you stand up for us?” You asked quietly. Was it so hard for him to fight for you? 

“I did- I tried. I tried so hard, Y/N. I stayed up till morning with management jus’ fighting and fighting but I couldn’t do anythin’ about it.” 


By the time you had asked Harry to leave, it was night time. So here you were, sitting on the couch with a tub of ice cream in one hand and a slice of greasy pizza in the other. Y/F/N was ranting about something in an effort to distract you but your mind was just focused on Harry. What was he doing now? Was he with Kendall? Most likely. Harry was the best thing that had ever happened to you and now he was gone.. just like that. 


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this part isn’t as drama filled but eh

should i leave this as the end?? inbox meee

  • Sehun: guys try make me cry
  • Chanyeol: do you need ice because you need to chill
  • Baekhyun: you're so poor that you eat cereal with a fork to save milk!!!!
  • Kyungsoo: you're so lazy that your patronus charm is a sloth!
  • Kai: you so ugly that HELLO KITTY said GOODBYE!!!
  • Sehun: ok really yo momma jokes?
  • Luhan: bye guys I'm leaving!
  • Sehun: *lip quivers* *tear slides down cheek*
It’s easy to feel hopeful on a beautiful day like today, but there will be dark days ahead of us too. There will be days where you feel all alone, and that’s when hope is needed most.
No matter how buried it gets, or how lost you feel, you must promise me that you will hold on to hope and keep it alive. We have to be greater than what we suffer. My wish for you is to become hope; people need that. Even if we fail, what better way is there to live?
I know it feels like we’re saying goodbye, but we will carry a piece of each other into everything that we do next, to remind us of who we are, and of who we’re meant to be.
—  Gwen Stacy, The Amazing Spider-Man 2
watching lilo & stitch for the 98th time

this movie makes me so damn emotional it’s ridiculous

lilo is that lonely strange kid everyone constantly side eyes and i relate to that so hard

and then stitch is so sad and lost because all he really wants and needs is a family but he wasn’t made to have a family and then he makes one all the same. the scene in the woods when he’s crying “i’m lost!” because that was what worked for the ugly duckling and lilo saying “i hear you cry at night” oh god oh god oh no why would you do this to me, disney.

all of the little mannerisms they give stitch – the way he squeezes his eyes, the way he flexes his little claws and holds his own hands, his expressive eyebrows. how he clings to the pillow when lilo tells him what happened to her parents.

“ohana means family. and family means no one gets left behind. or forgotten. but you can leave if you want to. …i’ll remember you, though. i remember everyone who leaves.”

when the grand councilwoman tells stitch he can say goodbye and he just walks over on his stubby little legs and bows his head and snuggles next to lilo

“this is my family. i found it all on my own. is little. and broken. but still good. yeah, still good.”

this entire movie is nonstop Feel City™ for me, i s2g. chris sanders is simultaneously a wonderful and horrible man between this and how to train your dragon; he gave us both stitch AND toothless and i’m both very grateful and very angry because they both make me cry way more than a hateful misanthrope ever should. ugggggggh.

It's not a goodbye, just a see you later.

“That’s a wrap” screams Francis. 

Oh, no. This isn’t happening. I must say goodbye to Katniss forever before I get out of her soul. I can see her with me. By my side, smiling and hugging me for my work of making her come to life. “Goodbye, Katniss” I whisper and suddenly all the memories I have since I started the movie appear in my mind. I wish I could start all of this again. I can’t deny it, I’m crying.

“Oh, no. Jennifer” says Nina coming to me. “That was an amazing work. You did it indescribably perfect” I hug her. She’s for my another relative for me. Like one of my aunts. 

“Thanks for everything, Nina” I try to say but every single word I to bring out, I get stopped by myself. 

Suddenly, I feel something stroking my back. I instantly turn around to that stroke and I see Woody’s face with a sad smile. 

“With or without that Oscar, you still being an amazing actress. Congrats, wig buddy” I make a loud laugh but only lasts seconds. I think I might be the Titanic’s ship because everything in my world starts to crumble down. “Come here” he opens his arms to me and I don’t waste an instant to go to them. 

“I’m not ready yet, Woody. I just can’t” I admit. He knows what I’m talking about. I’ll miss everything that is between this walls but what I just don’t want something to happen. I don’t want to say goodbye to him. The idea of not be with him twelve hours a day anymore or just not be with him anymore is more than sadness. I can’t articulate this words when I see him for the last time <<Goodbye, Josh>>

“He’s not ready either. Try to not think about it” I know he tries to help but the thing that he’s asking for me to do it’s obviously impossible. “I’ll miss you so, so much, Jennifer” Woody whispers to my ear.

“I’ll miss you too, Woody” My sobs are little of demonstration of my pain that my heart lives in this awful moment. 

Another four arms cover Woody and I while I sob more and more when I realize that the owners of these arms are Liam and Josh. My body starts to melt so it’s not a decision I make when I’m on my own knees on the floor. Eventually, Josh, Liam and Woody are on their knees like me as well. 

“I can’t imagine my life without you, guys” Says Liam with a broken voice.

I’ve been closing my eyes this entire time since I hugged Woody. I don’t want to look at Josh, or even Liam. I just want to feel their hugs and hear their voices along with their breaths. But my brain is only focused in one of these three. I only feel Josh with me, not the others. 

“Thank you for the best experience of my life. You don’t know how funny and overwhelming this has been” I hear Woody’s voice talking. 

It might be selfish but I just want them to go. I want to be alone with Josh, everybody else here in this room is just a distraction. I do love them, but my mind isn’t on them anymore and I think that Liam feels it because is hand is not that close to me as Josh’s hand does.

I remember the time when I was in the audition room with Gary waiting for Josh to come to see if we both had that magic chemistry with each other. I remember staring at his face and I’ll never be able to forget how his eyes looked at me when that happened. I felt something. Something huge. Love isn’t a good word to describe it. After that moment, I couldn’t stop smiling the whole day. His charming spirit is my weakness. Now I’m not able to look at that face for the last time, I don’t want to have that look of his in my head. Not a chance.

“We’ll be always a fami…” starts saying Josh but I stop him with a kiss. I grab his face with both of my hands and raise him from the floor while I’m kissing him.

I feel how Liam and Woody get away from us and the only thing that I feel now is Josh’s lips touching my mouth. This is a worth living heat. This is something that kills me every single time I kiss him. 

I hear how Liam claps his hands along with Woody, Francis, Nina and the rest of the crew and cast. I feel hopeless but fearless. I was meant to be with him. So after when he says “This is not the end. Real or not real?” I whisper to his ear “Real”

“The worst part of losing someone is starting over. When i lost you, i thought you’d come back. I waited. I lost a part of me that i deep down thought would always stay with me. I felt my world crashing down, I felt my heart being ripped out of my chest, I felt my eyes burn for days because of the endless breakdowns i had the night before, I felt my body shiver because of the overthinking that was draining every ounce of energy left in me. But losing you, losing you was something i never saw coming. The days passed by and i slowly accepted that this was all my fault, but something i never got over was starting over again. No one ever knew me that well. No one will laugh at me after a 4 hour crying session after finishing a movie, nor understand what i mean when i say i want milk at 3am, or just the little things that make me, me. You were the best part of me. You were the only part of me that accepted and loved me for who iam. I feel lost without you. Iam sorry for always being so stubborn and ignorant, its what lead us up to this day. You have a heart made of gold and you deserve everything in this universe. We both left without saying good bye. This is my goodbye to you, I love you forever. 
Losing someone may be acceptable but losing yourself will be the most terrifying thing to face.”


Tittle: Mine

Pairing: Dylan O`Brien x Reader

Request: Yes

Rating: PG

Warning: Swearing


    I was a flight risk afraid of falling, wondering why we bother with love if it never lasts.

  “Don`t tell me you ran away from another date.” My best friend Katie laughed as I ran into the room, slamming the door shut behind me.

  “He was a big time actor.” I sighed, shaking my head as I sat down beside her. “He`ll be away most of the time, not to mention I will be in constant computation.” 

  “Yes but Dylan is a good guy, you should have given him a chance.” She sighed, closing her eyes. “You need to stop being a flight risk and give him a chance. You may have just passed up on your one true love.”

  “How many times do we have to go through this?” I snapped. “Why bother with love when it never lasts? What is the point? Really?”

  “The point is that not every guy is going to be a dead beat, you need to give it a chance. Not all men are like your dad, like your exes. I get you had a hard go but running away from every single guy because your scared won`t do anything but hurt you in the long run.”

  “I get that you are so happy and crazy about love but come on let me live my life the way I want to.”

  “Not going to happen, you will once again go out with Dylan, Tyler and I will be there. Dylan is a good guy, you need to give him a chance.”

  “I don`t have much of a choice do I?”

  “Nope, I`ll call him said you came home sick, and set up a date for two nights from now.” She said with a happy smile, making it sound like it was the greatest thing in the world. A double date with my best friend, her boyfriend and a boy who my best friend thinks may just change my life. Yeah this, this is going to be great.

    “Yeah this is going to wonderful.” I sighed, shaking my head as I walked into my bedroom.


  Two Days Later:

  “I still don’t think this a good idea.” I muttered as I pulled my little black dress up, turning around to have Katie zip it up.

  “Yeah but that is because you are so afraid of falling in love.” She sighed, shaking her head at me.

  “With my past can you blame me? With my track record love is a problem a sure fire way to get hurt.”

 “Yeah, but that is in the past, this is now, don`t worry about it. Dylan is a wonderful guy.”

  “You are only saying that to get me to go.”

  “No I`m saying it because it`s true. I wouldn’t set you up to get hurt.” She assured me, patting my shoulder with a smile. “Tonight will be great, trust me.”

  “Yeah I`ll give it a shot.” I mumbled, shaking my head as the door bell rang.

  “Oh good the boys are here, now be nice.” Katie said, squeezing my shoulder as she ran outside to answer the door.

  “Y/n come on out please.” Katie screamed, annoyance lacing her voice. I let out a sigh and slipped into my heels, making my way out to where my best friend stood. She looked great, in a form fitting red dress that cut off above the knee. Her long blonde hair was in curls and her blue eyes shined even brighter as she started at her boyfriend. Tyler, like always, looked truly amazing. His brown hair was styled upwards, complementing his black suit and tie. His brown eyes were locked on Katie, looking at her like she was the only other person in the room.

  Beside him, standing awkwardly was Dylan. Being honest Dylan was handsome, beyond handsome to be honest. He had his brown hair styled so it was neat but still looked messy. His brown eyes were locked on me, smiling as he caught my gaze. As if he was unaware of his actions, he smoothed out his own tux, straightening his black blazer.

  “You look amazing.” Dylan said after a few moments of silence, the sound was Tyler and Katie as they whispered happily to each other.

  “Thank you, so do you.” I said with a smile, taking a deep breath as I walked towards him. Once I was beside him he offered me his arm before leading my to the door.

  “Your not going to get sick on me again are you?” He chuckled, his words causing my to blush a deep shade of violet.

  “No, that I can promise.” I assured him, sending him a wide smile.

  “Good because I was really enjoying our dinner last time.”

  “So was I.” I said truthfully, admitting the one reason why I had ran. I was enjoying the time I spent with him, so much that I was starting to look forward to seeing him again.

  “Well this time we will have even more fun and make sure you don`t get stranded.” Tyler chuckled, squeezing my shoulder as he walked past me. As he did Katie gave me a stern look, silently telling me that I was to not run off this time.

  “Hey the lady was sick, I couldn`t have asked her to stay.” Dylan said, shooting me a smile.

  “Well I`ll avoid eating what I know makes me sick this time, I`ll look into the dishes more.” I said with a smile, earning a wide smile from Katie.

  “We hope you don`t mind, but we thought since your date got cut short last time, we thought you might want to ride together. So you`ll be going with Dylan in his car and Kat and I will be going mine.” Tyler explained, smiling at me as he nodded towards the black suv.

  “Sounds good.” I said with a small smile, hoping my voice didn’t give away the fear that I had felt. Katie smiled happily and waved at me as Dylan lead me to his car. As he opened the door for me, I thanked him and climbed into the seat, thanking him as he closed the door. Once he was in, he gave me a smile.

  “So tell me about you.”  Dylan said as he drove followed Tyler and Katie.

    You made a rebel out of a careless mans careful daughter. You are the best thing that`s ever been mine.

“Come on just say it.” Dylan laughed as he tickled my sides, pinning me to the ground with his knees.

  “No!” I squealed in a fit of laughter trying hard to free myself from Dylan. He only chuckled and held on tighter, his fingers dancing even more quickly across my side.

  “You told Katie, now tell me. Come on just say it.” He laughed, bending his face down to brush his nose against mine. “Tell me you love me.”

 “Dylan we have only been dating six months.” I screeched, trying to wiggle out his grasp.

  “You told Katie.” He chuckled, pressing a kiss to my lips. “So why won’t you tell me.”

  “Because then you can leave.” I whispered, making it so I was looking anywhere but at him.

  “I`m not going anywhere, I promise you. I`m not like them, I`m not like your father. I`m not going to leave you.” He assured me, wrapping his arms around me so I was pressed against his chest. “I am madly in love with you, I am not going anywhere.” He whispered, brushing his nose against mine.

  “You promise?”

  “I promise.” He assured me, giving me a gentle smile.

  “Then, I love you Dylan O`Brien.” I whispered, smiling as I watched his own smile dance across his face.

  “And I love you.”

  Flash forward and we are taking on the world together. And there is a drawer of my things at your place. You learn my secrets and you figure out why I`m guarded. You say we`ll never make my parents mistakes.

  “I talked to Katie today.” Dylan said as he sat down in front of me, his hands gripping my own. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

  “Tell you what?” I asked, sending out a silent prayer that my fear didn’t show.

  “About your parents, how they fought all the time. How that affected you.” He explained looking at me with sad eyes. “Don`t you trust me?”

  “Oh Dylan of course I do, it`s just hard for me to talk about.”

  “Then talk to me.” He begged.

  “I watched my parents fall apart Dylan. I lost count of the times I would lay in bed, listening to them scream at each other. How many times I would wake up to my father missing because instead of making things work, he ran off. I was forced to watch as they destroyed each other, how they let their love for each other, destroy one another. I was scared that if I told you, if I explained it, then we would do the same thing.”

  “We are not your parents baby. We will not make their mistakes.” Dylan promised before he pressed his lips against mine. “Is that all that is holding you back?”

  “Of course.”

  “Then make it so you have more than just a drawer in my house, move in with me.”

  “Are you serious?”

  “Of course I am baby girl, you practically live here anyway.” Dylan laughed.

  “Then yes, yes of course I`ll move in with you.” I squealed, leaning over to press my lips against his.

And I remember that fight at 2:30 am, you said everything was slipping right out of our hands. I ran out crying and you followed me out into the street. I braced myself for the goodbye, cause that`s all I’ve ever known. But you took me by surprise. You said “I`ll never leave you alone.”

  “You know I can`t help that! It`s my job!” Dylan screamed, throwing his hands in the air.

  “I know that Dylan, but a “Hey I need to make out with my ex girlfriend for a movie” would have been nice!”

  “I didn’t say anything because I knew you would react like this.”

  “So you thought it would be better if I found out threw pictures?”

  “God I just can`t win. You would freak out if I did tell you, and you freak out if I don`t. Everything is just slipping out of our hands.”

  I stood there, staring at him, my heart breaking at his words. I shook my head and ran from the house, ignoring the cries of my name as I ran into the dark street. I had just reached the end of the drive way when Dylan grabbed my elbow, spinning me around to face me.

  “Were are you going?”

  “I`m leaving before you break up with me. I know where “everything is slipping out of our hands” mean.” I said in a sob, struggling to break free from his grasp.

  “That what you think? No! Y/n how many times do I have to tell you, I`ll never leave you alone. I love you and one stupid fight about won’t change that.”

  “You can`t mean that.” I sighed, shaking my head.

  “I can and I do. I fell in love with you the first time I saw you, and every time I look at you feels like the first time. I fell in love with a careless mans careful daughter and let me tell you. You are the best thing, that has ever been mine.” He said before he crashed his lips onto mine, pulling me against him.

  Can you believe it? We’re going to make it now,  I can see it now.