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I still don’t think there’s been a scene between Emma and Killian that’s made me scream with tears of joy like their kiss in 3.22 (maybe the reunion in 5.21). That whole moment still makes me emotional even after seeing it over a thousand times. Killian’s secret being revealed, then the kiss, and then Rumple’s monologue over this kiss just made things absolutely perfect and nothing could ever ruin it.  

Every so often Walt would call us up to his office on a Friday afternoon. We knew what he wanted. When we got there, he would say, “I just wanted to know what you boys were up to these days.” Then he would turn around in his chair and stare out the window, like the first time we played it [Feed the Birds] for him, and he would say “Play it.” And we would…and you could just see Walt thinking “That’s what it’s all about, everything we do at Disney.” - Robert B. Sherman

“I never saw him as a regret,” I said, “I don’t think I ever will.

I guess it’s because through it all - it, he, we, and the almost ‘us’, made me a better person. It made me vulnerable and it allowed me to experience all the emotions I’ve only seen in books and movies.

He was the true meaning of how home wasn’t a place, but a feeling - it was irreplaceable, and no matter where I was or where I decided to go, I would always find a way back.

He made life a little less lonely. I was always alone, but never lonely, and I appreciated life that way, until I met him and realized that maybe I didn’t need to be alone. Because when he was in it, life was just full of life itself.

I was so alive. I was free. I was more "me” than I thought I could ever be.“

—  Excerpt from the letters he left behind #25 by Ming D. Liu

I find it bizarre that anyone would want to go see anything that I’ve done. And then to see that they’re already so stoked about it. For me, it’s incredibly emotional. For me, being next door or doing a junket, that’s work and I understand that I have to do that. But to connect with the people that are going to see the movie and sit there and give them 30 seconds of my time just to say hello and thank them. That means more to me. Because they’re the people that made it possible for me to be sitting here talking and for me to be working.

                “we can’t let our  l o v e  force you out of the order–”

        “force me out of the order?” he smiled down at her fondly.
                                                         "was that a PUN?“

Michael Fassbender did something so wonderful in this movie… I just saw him in Jobs last night - Holy shit! Jesus. He should win the thing, the Oscar. But anyway, Fassbender does something in this movie (X-Men: Apocalypse) where we’re at the end of the scene, and he asked me not to call cut and when the scene was over, he continued and did something that made me cry in the tent; I’ve never done that before. The head of my company grabbed a Kleenex. Simon Kinberg, the writer who has no emotions at all, actually became emotional. It was so beautiful, I’ve never seen an actor do this for me and he just took the scene to a whole another level. It’s a heartbreaking scene, not a typical comic book movie scene at all, so let’s hope it makes the cut. But after he did it, I went up to him, hugged him and said ‘Thank you, Michael, for that gift. Now I need you to do it again.’ And he did it, and fucking rocked it again… with full emotion. This guy is amazing.
—  Bryan Singer talks X-Men: Apocalypse at the 2015 San Pedro International Film Festival, 9 October 2015 (x)

“I cry at RSPCA commercials on the telly,” says Martin Freeman . “I think you just have to let it go.”

“I saw ET and it made me cry for weeks. I was almost too moved.”

“I think I was paralysed with emotion. I thought about it for weeks.

"The last time I saw it on telly I cried. I was watching with my three year-old son Joe, who had never seen it before. He couldn’t take his eyes off it. It was moving seeing it through his eyes.”

—  Martin Freeman says “he can get very emotional and finds it hard to hide it

So there is a new trailer out for ‘Inside Out’ Which is a new Disney Pixar movie about emotions and I noticed something in it that made me wonder.

Previously in the sneak peaks we saw that the main young girl had varied looking emotions with varied genders.

but in this new trailer we saw some new things. We saw the mother’s emotions and the father’s emotions. The mother’s emotions were all female and had her hair style as well as her glasses, we could say these are her distinguishable features. The father’s emotions were all male and had his mustache and similar attires to his own. Again distinguishable features.

However the young girls emotions all look different and two of them appear to be male. This had me wondering. What if they did this on purpose because as a child many things happen that can alter who you are as an adult. You don’t really know who you are going to be until you are fully matured. So what if her emotions have no distinguishable features or a set gender because she as an individual and a child has not grown into who she(?) will be as an adult. What if they are purposely not the same gender because she may not actually be a female and maybe when she is an adult they eventually change to being male? Or female? Or they stay different because she identifies with both? or neither? What if they have no distinguishable traits yet because she hasn’t gotten what makes her her yet?

I hope you know what I mean, And I doubt that this was their intention but I really rather like that idea. I certainly like it better then them just not bothering. 

There is a link at the bottom to the trailer.

EDIT: one of my friends on facebook also brought up the fact that the mother’s emotions are run by her version of Sadness and the father’s emotions are run by his version of Anger. I think that is also thought provoking. I really hope as much thought went into making this film as it will inevitable provoke from it’s viewers.

This is a link to the trailer I am talking about


I just got back from seeing the most heartwarming movie of my LIFE!!  It was so beautiful!!  It was uplifting and amazing and it was alllll about family.  Basically your typical animated hour and a half long kids movie.  But there was something that got tossed in there that made it stick with me, and I just need to gush about it.

The movie I saw was Storks, which frankly looked like just another cute kids movie and I didn’t expect it to be nearly as funny as it was.  The whole premise of the film is that storks used to deliver babies they made in a baby-making factory to people who wrote them letters, but they had come to the decision to stop delivering babies and deliver packages from  So pretty much, whenever people wrote them letters asking for babies, they put them in this giant container and never thought about them again.  Cue Tulip, an orphan who was never delivered to her family and lived at the factory.  She ends up working in the letters department and receives a letter from a little boy named Nate who desperately wanted a little brother.  Long story short, she ends up accidentally making this baby which she and a stork named Jr. decide to deliver.  They go on this whole adventure only to be stopped short of delivering the cutest little pink haired animated baby I have ever seen to her new family, which is when things go crazy.  Basically, all the letters they’d collected over the years asking for babies end up getting inserted into the baby making machine and there are thousands of little babies everywhere.  The only thing to do at that  point was to deliver them all, and here was where things got real.

First, I want to say that there were so many cute babies, all with different colored skin and hair (seriously, some of the hair colors included blue, mint green, bright orange, pink, and yes they were all absolutely adorable).  So the diversity level was waaaay up with these babies.  But I didn’t really get emotional until they actually started delivering the babies.  They started showing the families as they receive the babies they had asked for, and you quickly realize that a lot of these families aren’t what would be considered “typical” families.  The first family they’re shown delivering a baby to is a couple where the woman is disabled.  She’s in a wheelchair, and probably wouldn’t be able to easily have children on her own, so when the stork gives her this baby, the sheer emotion in her in her husband’s eyes made the tears start flowing right then and there.  And that was just the beginning.  There was a Japanese couple, there was a biracial couple, there was a single mom, and yes, there was even a lesbian couple.  All these couples receiving babies they had asked for and basically defining that no family is the same.  It was so beautiful.  Just this one scene had tears streaming down my face for the remainder of the film.  

Throughout the movie, I was under the belief that it was just a cute, funny kids movie (it really was funny).  This little montage made it all real.  It’s going to stick with me for a long time.  It was amazing and I can’t get over it.  Go see this movie.  It’s cute, funny, and absolutely heartwarming.  11/10 would recommend.

Star Trek Beyond

I really enjoyed the movie on the whole.

I was far too emotional whenever Anton Yelchin was on screen, it made me realise this was our final chance at seeing him on the big screen & it made me so sad! The toast Kirk gave at the end of the movie ‘to absent friends’ and it cutting straight to Anton broke me & the closing title of 'For Anton’ made me sob!

The scenes surrounding Leonard Nimoy also got me choked up, especially seeing his robe & the photo of the original cast.

All in all I really enjoyed the movie, it just made me incredibly sad that we lost Anton so soon, he deserved so much more! RIP


CS + Past

Requested by Anonymous.

For this word I decided to do a tribute gifset to the season 3 finalle, aka Captain Swan the movie.

I’m sure that for most of us this is the favorite episode(s) on the show. I still can’t believe how lucky we are to get a double episode built like a movie, in which the protagonists are our babies. It was amazing in so many ways, funny, adventures, sad, comforting, emotional, and with a very very happy ending for us. I think the fact that this is a couple that we’ve seen for such a long time before and knew the complexity behind them made it even more than seeing a regular movie. It was definitely the peak event for something that was built slowly for the entire season. I’ll forever be grateful for the writers for choosing our ship for this amazing story line. 

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

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It’s like their first sleepover.

They had great plans to stay Up All Night, playing songs and watching movies. Inevitably, a time came when they felt homesick and wanted to say, Take Me Home, but they stuck it out, and were so glad they did, because they made some amazing Midnight Memories with their FOUR new best friends. Before they knew it, they had all these great moments Made In The AM, and now as they finally get to go home and rest, they can’t wait to get a chance to do it again!

On Inside Out Costume Design

Okay, so I am always amazed by the amount of detail that goes into animated films (especially Pixar). One thing I noticed that made me really excited was how Pixar used the colors as emotions theme in the clothes that Riley wore. (It wasn’t all of the time but many of the prominent scenes in the film.) 

[spoilers under cut]

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