this movie made me cry so much omg

so, that anne with an e show on netflix? i love it so much omg

i’m only just starting 1x03 but i knew watching episode 1 that i already loved it so much more than the 1985 version. it’s beautiful and real and not sanitized like other versions have been. i sooo did not expect this. it’s literally almost made me cry already. 

the acting, the music, the script, and the cinematography– all of it is A+. and the opening sequence is so gorgeous

i really want to keep marathoning it too but i’m trying to sort of fix my sleep schedule rn so i’m trying to resist.

sugarplum-senpai  asked:

I'm sorry to hear that you're having a boring day…but at least it makes us able to talk to you! ;) OMG, "A Single Man", I loved this movie so much…it's absolutely amazing and made me cry. So beautiful! As for questions: I hope your weekend was nice? Is there something particular you'd like to draw soon? And while I'm at it: I love your "anatomy explanation" of Levi so much. It's not only so beautifully drawn and explained, but also…it's LEVI! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us! <3

AHH YLVA, DEAR, YOU NEVER NEED AN EXCUSE TO TALK TO ME THOUGH <3 My weekend was nice but uneventful. Saturday was finally warm and sunny again so I cleaned my balcony, brought out all of my flowers/tomato and strawberry plants and lazed around in the sun. I spent most of my Sunday “drawing” (which means 20% drawing and 80% refreshing Tumblr/Twitter).

My next art goal is definitely finishing the next batch of comic pages. And even though the comic is technically Ereri, I want to draw another Ereri thing soon…

Aaand of course thank you for the kind words <333

anonymous asked:

levi comforting mikasa after eren dies(like he lost control and she had to killed him or somtin') (love your art btw ;D)

 Never keep your tears with me. Be honest with me

Omfg I made my own movie with this prompt omg. Like she tries to keep her tears and feelings for her, cry alone, try to be alone and Levi just know her so well that he just hug her to avoid that ;A; Fuck XD we all know that Mikasa would be really devastated if Eren dies ;A; and shipping a little bit Eremika hurts me this omg

;A; and thank you so much anon!! <3~~

Give me rivamika prompts if you want ;)

Bonus the first sketch I made about this ;A;