this movie looks so good can't wait to see it!

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heyo so turns out my vision's gotten a teeny bit worse and i need new glasses (i have been waiting for two years,,,my old ones make me look like an angry librarian) and i picked out these really nice huge ones that are like super lightweight and kind of a goldenish brown color but they're coming in two weeks and i can't wait that long and i'm just refusing to wear my old glasses until then and i'm watching the emoji movie on sunday and my vision is uhh bad so i'll barely see it is that good

just wear the glasses whats the problem

If this was you, message me!
  • Customer: oh your name is Katie? So is mine! Is it short for anything?
  • Me: nope, that's it.
  • Customer: Oh wow, me too! I always get asked if I'm actually Catherine, it's very rare to meet someone else who's just Katie!
  • Me: haha I know. I used to want to be Catherine or something, but then I figured I like my name as is. There's an abundance of Catherines anyway.
  • Customer: *starts to smile* have you read the book?
  • Me: *grinning* not yet but I've read TFIOS. I cried.
  • Customer: can't wait to see the movie!
  • Me: oh yes, it looks so good! There's heaps of stuff on the internet, if you know where to look.
  • Customer: *looks very serious* I... Like your shoelaces...
  • Me: *freaking out* I stole them from the president!
  • Customer: oh my god, this is the first time I've ever been able to do this you have no idea how happy I am- side note, don't tell my mum... I write smutty Destiel... And don't want her snooping on my blog.
  • Me: understood. I write Johnlock ;)
  • Both: *fangirling* (then her mum comes back and she sort of goes quiet and looks at me and goes 'shhhh' and I never got her URL! :( )
  • Me before going to see HTTYD1: oh this looks like a cute movie Dreamworks makes good stuff and the dragon looked cute so this might be good
  • Me before going to see HTTYD2: OMG I loved the first one I can't wait to see Hiccup and Toothless bond more and I can't wait to see more of Stoick and the others I'm sure nothing too bad will happen in it though
  • Me before going to see HTTYD3, probably: oh fuck oh fuck i'M NOT READY IM NOT
140528 I and my boyfriend went to the cinema to watch a midnight movie and there were two really tall, eye-catching boys. So I was like "Who are they", the employees whispered they were EXO and I dashed over to take a look. It was Sehun and Tao. Really handsome, the two of them both had good proportions and Sehun's skin was flawless. Anyway, when entering to watch X-Men, because the entrance was a little dark, Tao told Sehun in a unique tone: "Do you see? Do you see? I can't see!" kkkkk so Sehun answered in a funny tone: "Eh I can see tho?" After the movie ended they didn't come out at first. Seemed like they waited for the end credits scene but we just left. Anyway in conclusion, they were really good looking. Even my boyfriend was angry that EXO were so handsome kkkkkk.


YOOOOO Heads up to Keroro fans, there’s a new movie out that will be streaming for the next several weeks at the Keroro Exhibition in japan at SKIP City International.

The translation title I think is “Keroro Gunso The Super Movie: Starry Sky Solar System Follow Up?”

That is from my very vague and badly remembered attempt at reading the japanese (Someone please correct me because I know i’m probably wrong)

Get hype.

  • me: man, I can't wait to see Ant-Man!
  • person: why?
  • me: it looks good! the trailers were cool and it's been getting pretty positive reviews so far!
  • person: but nobody's even heard of him before!
  • me: so? nobody knew about Guardians of the Galaxy either.
  • person: it's not Black Widow!
  • me: that is Marvel's fault, not mine.
  • person: the movie looks shitty!
  • me: so do you.