this movie looks pretty good actually

All Moana Songs: a Summary (Spoilers?)

Where You Are: The “You are a Disney Protagonist with RESPONSIBILITIES Song™”

How Far I’ll Go: Part of Your World but the opposite

We Know The Way: In case you hadn’t already sold your soul to this movie, Lin is here

How Far I’ll Go (Reprise): I’m not 100% certain how to sail but what could go wrong

You’re Welcome: Pure narcissism also the Rock sang and it was actually pretty good

Shiny: DEATH AWAITS YOU ~but look how hot I am~

I Am Moana: Grandma jedi ghost and Hamilton vibes

Know Who You Are: Very short, very dramatic

We Know The Way (Finale): Same song as before but Moana’s dad is no longer afraid of the ocean


The Hunter

Watched this movie out of random when I was looking through Netflix and didn’t expect much, but it was actually pretty good. Dafoe plays the role of a professional hunter hired to find the last Tasmanian Tiger. According to imfdb, the rifle is a Keppeler KS-V Bullpup. Very obscure rifle made in Germany and as far as I know, they aren’t imported into the U.S. (GRH)

Barbie: Starlight Adventure

For some reason I wrote down notes while watching one of the latest Barbie movie with Space Elsa and I did not want to throw them away so her we go. :P CONTAINS SPOILERS!!


  • Visually stunning! Galaxy imagery is always pretty, but this movie is really colorful and absolutely beautiful. (* w *)
  • Barbie looks and acts like a 17 year old and that is good (in most of her movies she appears to be in her twenties, especially the older ones). 
  • Barbies´ snort laugh! <3
  • Sal-Lee´s hair! <3<3
  • Scene were a robot steals the prince´s popcorn.
  • Leo´s constant need for food in general is actually really funny. 
  • I may prefer fantasy, but it´s very refreshing to see Barbie in a sci-fi adventure for once.
  • All the teens are super smart and talented in their own way. They can handle technology and spaceships without any problem, which reflects well on our youngest generations that are growing up in the technological age. 
  • Barbie isn’t treated differently based on sexist shit, which has always been a good trait in her movies ((Well, at least most of the time… *cough* Barbie and the Three Musketeers *cough*)). 
  • I like that the king isn’t a bad guy like you first assume.


  • Unnecessary narrator is unnecessary.
  • Barbie is called Barbie in this. This messes up canon lore soon much!!
  • The characters say stuff without any reason. They jump from topic to topic in an unnatural way. And it´s not a character thing, just bad writing.
  • The reuse of the same 3D bases for the main characters is more distracting than ever (CLONES!!). And because of this I head-cannon that Leo is Barbie´s long lost brother. YOU CAN´T STOP ME!!
  • The songs feel really out of place. It´s not that the songs aren’t good, it´s the audio itself. It feels and sounds as if Barbie isnt really singing, that somebody muted her and put on iTunes.
  • Why doesnt the prince have any powers? :,(
  • The sisters´ telepathy skills are introduced, used like once or twice and then are never seen again. Just a waist of script pages.
  • Since there is no villain or antagonist of any kind there isnt anything really standing in Barbie´s way. There isnt even an element of “You must change in order to overcome your own weakness” or anything like that. 
  • The main plot line (save the stars) does not come with any sense of urgency. There is no countdown, and we dont even know what will happen IF the stars die (they litteraly only say the it would be “bad”). And even when the stars DID go out at the end, it did not seem to matter that much. People were just a little sad. 
  • That damn deus ex machine ending twist. It had me literally swearing. It was pretty thou.
  • Barbie is special and that snow-flakyness saves the day. Been there, done that. 

seeing a lot of people on here who think kylo ren looks cool, just wondering, when are you all gonna kill your dads? because you know he killed his dad right? did you even watch the movie because if you did maybe you wouldnt think hes so good, he actually does a lot of pretty messed up stuff if you pay attention

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Sam, I'm having a "discussion" with a coworker. She says that Rogue One is only understandable if you know the greater universe, and I think knowing the background helps, but it's still a good movie. Since you knew Star Wars existed but hadn't really seen them, what's your opinion?

(As a note: I have actually seen The Force Awakens recently, and I osmoted some information about Rogue One from the Star Wars posts that made it past my filter, so I’m not 100% unfamiliar, but I am pretty close.)  

I do think I lost a lot of nuance being unfamiliar with the canon. Like you might wonder why there’s one random CGI Imperial Officer (though I personally thought the CGI wasn’t that noticeable unless you looked for it) and that kind of thing. And there’s also stuff like apparently Baze and Chirrut aren’t Jedi? I thought they were straight-up Jedi, but they’re a kind of non-Force-sensitive monk. Knowing Chirrut doesn’t actually have the Force makes his walk of faith a lot more intense, so it’s weird that they didn’t go to great lengths to make that clear in the movie, it kind of undercuts the moment. 

For the most part I followed it, but the opening in particular can make it a little impenetrable – we jump back and forth between like five planets in the space of about 15 minutes, and my parents were visibly going “What the fuck” every time we landed on a new planet. By the time we hit the sixth or seventh planet title card at the start I was also growing concerned. I understood that they were introducing an ensemble so I kind of get why they jumped around, even though I think nobody actually remembered or cared where anyone was when they did anything. Like it all could have happened within fifteen square miles and I wouldn’t have known the difference because most of it was interior shots anyway. 

I do think it is understandable if you’re not familiar with the rest of the universe but it requires either a lot more work or a total lack of fucks. I possess the latter in spades. :D But I also think that’s true of a lot of the Phase II Marvel films and the later Fast and Furious movies, so I don’t think it’s confined to Star Wars. These films aren’t meant to be viewed in a vacuum, as much as the producers want to make them visible to everyone. 

Rogue One

I was all hyped up and ready to absolutely love Rogue One, with what a great response it got on Tumblr and in general, which is I think why I’m so mad at it.

Spoilers are in here, if you haven’t seen Rogue One this is not the post for you.

I will preface this by saying that I enjoyed a solid 80% of what was in the film, it had good continuity and I saw the lengths that they went to in order to make this film tie in with the other Star Wars movies. The plot was actually pretty decent, not too much and not too little, and while I thought that they certainly could have used a lot more character development and ‘quiet’ scenes like we get in the Original Trilogy (one of the factors that I think make them such strong films) it was leaps and bounds better than the prequels. The acting was good, and outside of the palm trees it visually looked like a Star Wars movie (something that the prequels really lacked and they’ve worked hard to recover)

But that said.

What is the freaking point if every one dies.

Like, I get it- I get that it’s supposed to be about a ‘greater purpose’ and something ‘bigger than you’, I understand the thought process in a critical sense, but to me as a storyteller it just seems cruel, and mean spirited.

When I look at a story and pick it apart I’m not trying to be mean, I’m trying to make it better. Make it the best that it CAN be. And best is going to be subjective, so I understand some people will even enjoy that they all died because to them it might prove the point more strongly, that you should believe in your cause enough to give up your life etc. 

My counterpoint to that would be that this is not supposed to be a lesson in that sense; we already have seen the sacrifice as the characters we’ve walked through begin to die, K9 first and then Bohdi and the other two fellas I can’t remember the names of; we see many of the rebels dying to get this cause through, her father dies, we’ve ALREADY SEEN and felt the sacrifice. 

Outside of just making the viewers feel even more sad and demoralized at the end of your story, what purpose does it really serve to kill your main character? It didn’t improve the story in any way and I’ve already seen these people give up everything to be at this point, and I don’t even really mind if they die five minutes after they leave the planet; but to end your story with “Rocks fall and everyone dies” just feels really like you don’t care about the viewer’s emotional experience at all at the end of the film. That you’re OK with people being incredibly disheartened and sad even though the whole message of your film is trying to portray hope. It’s like… Yeah, you can paint a painting about the rainbow with black and white if you really want, but is that the best way to actually convey a rainbow? To make someone FEEL a rainbow? 

You’re telling me to hope against all odds, but leaving me feeling hopeless.

And to me that’s a failure of storytelling.

On the random topic of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them…

I personally enjoyed this movie more than any of the other Harry Potter ones! I think a lot of that had to do with not knowing any of the characters going in, or how the world would be, or what to expect… 

Newt was a new world entirely and I didn’t have any preconceptions in my head of what he was going to be, and that was delightful.

All the side characters were enjoyable, and my gosh it was so pretty…

I’m looking forward to more of these, actually!

What a darn good movie!

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Alright, they’ve finally cast one of my favourite YA boys and I really don’t know if I like it. We don’t know much about him. All we know is :

- He’s new and he’s just been in a few movies and two tv series I think??
- He has a movie called beach boys coming out this year.
- He’s british and is like 6 ft tall ( Isn’t Amandla 5"3 ? That’s gonna be cute)
- He doesn’t look anything like how I pictured Liam to be.
- His eyes are pretty tho
- He looks a little too old to play Liam
- Alex said that she’s seen his work and she likes it.
- I’m very sceptical and I can’t see it really BUT he’s read all the books and that’s good, that’s great, that’s fantastic actually. That’s a start.
- Let’s give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Also I kind of trust Alex.

Also stay strong TDM fam, because we aren’t too far from finding out Chubs and Zu.

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In movie sword fights, there's always a lot of parrying, but it feels like that would damage the swords a lot, especially in those situations where the combatants just press their swords against each other in a strength struggle. Do real sword fights involve a lot of parrying?

They do, but it looks different from movie parrying. You’re right in that it would, did, and does damage the swords a great deal which is why it’s not the preferred method in real sword fights. The technique you’re describing has been termed as Flynning (after actor Errol Flynn) and the Tropes page has a pretty good description of it versus some discussion of real fencing. It’s important to remember that the point of a movie is primarily to entertain. While it has no connection to actual swordfighting, Flynning is a great deal of fun to watch and much more visually interesting than traditional swordplay.

One of the most accurate gun fights in film is in Michael Mann’s Heat with the bank robbery. The sequence was universally panned by audiences as not being “exciting” enough.

Finding a comfortable middle between entertainment and reality is something each writer will struggle with. However, luckily for you, you’re not working with a visual medium.

Lots of fencers, especially HEMA fencers, will tell you that movie sword fights are stupid. In the real world, when two knights ended up in a movie style blade lock they wouldn’t monologue. One would just punch the other. It’s one of many reasons why you wear gauntlets.

One of the great flaws in how a lot of writers structure their fight scenes, particularly with weapons, is that they get very focused on the weapon itself and forget about the other body parts involved.

Two warriors ending up in a blade lock seems like the perfect time in the movieverse for a monologue. They’re nose to nose, too close to actually stab each other. If you disengage at that distance, one or the other has to back up to use their swords again. If you’re thinking only about the sword and not say disengaging into a head bash or a punch because this is a sword duel and sword duels only ever involve swords, then it’s not going to occur to you.

In the real world, combat doesn’t wait five minutes for punchy dialogue. Someone talking means they’re either A) trying to distract in order to create an opening or B) are distracted themselves which means there is an opening.

You do, however, parry a great deal and not just in sword fighting but also in hand to hand. The parry is a key part of defense and creating openings by which you attack. In combat flow a basic attack is countered by the parry which allows the defender to remain on the defense or take up the offense with a counterattack. So, think about parrying not as clashing and banging but deflection.

It’s easiest to think of this kind of defense and offense as applications of pressure. Physics are ultimately key in understanding a lot of the defensive concepts that are the core across multiple disciplines. While everyone does it differently, the concepts remain the same.

Blocks and parries are two separate move sets.

The block takes the hit.

The parry is a defensive move that creates openings in the enemy’s guard when your opponent attacks.

So, what happens when you lean into someone else? You lay your weight on top of them/against them? Or when two people pull on a rope? If two people lean into each other, they can stay upright even though they’re off balance. This is what the blade lock is, the basic theory that Hollywood is using and it requires two people to be interested in applying the same pressure against each other. But what happens when one person just lets go? The other person loses balance, they fall over, and possibly go all the way to the ground. It’s rarely this dramatic, but that’s the concept. You take the path of least resistance,

Your parry is your give. This is where the attacker who fights without control gets into trouble. If you’ve totally committed to your strike or over-committed then you find the expected resistance no longer there and you come forward into the enemy’s counter.

What you’ll notice in sword combat is that the blade catches but then it rotates, turning the other blade aside. After that, the counterattack comes.

Real fencing is also fast. Most of the time, it’s over in only a few moves. For a real head trip, go look up Olympic Fencing on YouTube. Assume every time the buzzer sounds is a kill.

You’ll notice when you watch fencing videos, like those below, that the movements tend to be fairly tight compared to movies where the swords are swung in wide arcs. Part of the reason why movies and plays do this is so the sword can be seen by the audience, but it’s worth remembering that the bigger the motion then the more tiring it is. Also, the greater the opening it creates in the defense and the more distance the blade/fists/legs have to go in order to connect. The same technical reasons which make big slow motions so great for audience viewing are the same ones which will screw you over in a real fight.

There is a strategy which comes in at the higher levels with blocks, parries, counters, and feints. The upper levels involve bringing multiple concepts together to seamlessly move from one state (defensive) to another (offensive), and often involve tricking opponents through body language and false attacks (feints) into making choices bad for their health.

TLDR: parries are part and parcel to the foundations of martial arts across the board, not just fencing.


Some Fencing Videos:

Longsword Techniques: zornhau, oben abnehmen, duplieren, mutieren  

More Swords from IndenSchwertkamf

A Glossary of Fencing Terms from Wikipedia

Fencing Strategy and Tactics: Counter-Time from SelbergFencing, a discussion of parries as an offensive action from Master Charles Selberg. (I’d check out his whole channel and watch his discussions about fencing strategy, techniques, and their purpose.)

As always check out Matt Easton’s channel Scholagladitoria for in depth discussions on HEMA, Fencing, Medieval Weaponry, and Hollywood mistakes.

And Skallagrim for the same.

We also have a swords tag for more references, resources, and our thoughts on different issues.

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hi so i've asked sooo many people and no one is answering me, but i also am waiting until tonight (in america) to watch the final problem.. so lemme get this straight The Final Problem's russian version was leaked online and people watched it and were not happy with it?? and people this it was intentionally leaked??

Well, I’m pretty happy with it. But not because it was any good, but because this episode makes Baywatch look like Shakespeare. Bad acting, terrible effects, even worse settings, a BORING plot made out of lemon jello, is like they took their worst nightmares in narrative and married them with the love child of the movies Saw, It, The Room, The Shining and The Ring. They’re mocking everyone with this thing, even themselves. Is a B movie dressed like Sherlock. I laughed and cried seeing this crack parody shadow of the actual show. Go watch it.

Message From Hell

AmiableJinx Has Signed On

AmiableJinx: …

AmiableJinx: So Ester? I got a book published. It’s doing pretty good, actually. Maybe one day it’ll become a movie.

AmiableJinx: It’s been about three years. Since you went missing. Your ex husband’s still going down for it because of the mountain of evidence against him, the post on your blog, the blow out fights you had… and they’ve stopped looking for you.

AmiableJinx: I know the truth though. I can’t forget it. I have nightmares. I miss you so much. I really do.

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College!AU : Jeon Jungkook, the badboy

Yep Jeon Jungkook was the badboy cliché like in the movies. Always with his band of stupid “friends” that stayed with him just because he was rich and popular. He had good grades and was pretty smart for a little fuckboy like him. He secretly has a girlfriend, that one girl no one ever notices because she’s always quiet and shy and avoid people. He would secretly got into her house by her window late at night, and sometimes he would organize date at school inside empty classrooms.

Jungkook looked like a bastard who would always be up for a fight if someone ever insulted him or something, and he actually was that kind of person. But deep inside, he was a nice guy, and grew even nicer since he met Taehyung and Jimin.

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please don't joke about the split movie it literally demonizes and dehumanizes people with DID

Hiya anon! I thought this ask was interesting because it totally depends how you look at it. I 100% see where you’re coming from though. I pretty much went to see it for the mental health aspect of it, as I am someone who suffers from my own plethora of mental health problems. On the one hand, yes I does make them seem like monsters but I actually think the movie was good as it brought awareness to a disorder that not a lot of people believe to exist. Have a good day :)

Okay. So I’ve been stiring on this for a while so I finally decided to take a really good look at what’s actually happening.

I’d like to start off by saying that Steve was pretty much a dick the entire film. I mean I get that he didn’t want to sign the accords but the way he went about it was just so completely wrong. Thing is I completely agree with Tony because he had it right because he knew what was going on. I mean, out of the two of them who actually knows the politics of the 21st century and has worked these sorts of things for decades? Tony.

Tony knew, as soon as the Sokovia Accords were made that he had to sign on. It wasn’t about guilt, although that was part of it. It was about the fact that if they didn’t do it now, it would be much worse later and or done to them and he knew that. (He actually says this in the film.) He also knew that the only way to have ammendments was to prove he was willing to cooperate. As with any new law and it’s affected parties.

Tony knew they needed oversight. Everything has some sort of chain of command. Military. Police. Business. Etc. And Tony knew the value of having that chain.

Steve Rogers on the other hand, doesn’t seem to understand the necessity. Need I remind you that he repeatedly went against that chain and was rewarded for it? Sure, he saved a bunch of people when he went to get Bucky, but that’s not the point. He ignored the chain and there could have been dire consequences (as we see in the future after S.H.I.E.L.D fell)

Another thing. He went after Bucky. Only Bucky. Noone else. It was pure chance that he let those guys out first, but they were used as a distraction so he could get to his main goal. Bucky. We see time and time again that Steve gets tunnel vision when it comes to Bucky.

And in Civil War it escalates to the point where he’s injuring and getting innocent people killed for Bucky. Only Bucky. When it comes to Bucky, everyone and everything else is inconsequential and unimportant as long as Bucky is fine.

Steve did not read the Accords. Fact. He left for Peggy’s funeral while he was skimming. Even if he did read it all, there is no possible way (and Tony Stark would bet his fortune on it) that he understood all of it enough to make an informed opinion. Laws use a lot of big words. Big words that would have been invented in the 70 years Cap was gone. So no, Steve didn’t actually know what the Accords were about.

He probably had no idea what the UN was either. Did you see his notebook in CAWS? Pop culture. 7 decades worth of world history? No, Moon landing, that’s it. Politics? Nope. New laws or government organizations (like the UN)? Nada. I think it’s safe to say that Steve wasn’t really caught up if pop culture is the sort of thing he’s catching up on.

Steve had made his mind up already. And he can’t use the Bucky excuse because by then Bucky wasn’t in the picture yet. Steve never gave a thought to the Accords and then Bucky fueled that fire and made him stubborn to a point beyond stupidity.

So, to sum up here. Tony knew that the Accords were going to happen no matter what and was willing to help make ammendments to suit everyone affected by the law. Steve went “Fuck you, I know better that 117 countries” and got a lot of people hurt and or killed.

Here’s another kicker. Tony convinced Steve to sign the Accords. He was literally about to and then Wanda was brought up, which is another thing.

Okay, a) why the fuck is she an Avenger? She was a HYDRA agent. A willing one, might I add. She and her brother volunteered to be experimented on and then work for them. She was the cause of Ultron.

She did mess with his head, and arguably, because it probably was, it was worse for him. He was alone. He didn’t know she was there, then suddenly he’s shown his worst fears mingled with a shit tonn of major PTSD triggers. He probably didn’t even know Wanda gave him the vision. He has PTSD, he’s probably used to attacks where he sees things.

I mean seriously, Tony has made AI’S before and none of them went bad. (DUM-E, U, JARVIS, then FRIDAY) They (Bruce & Tony) even say in AOU “We’re not even close to an interface yet” which means something jumped the mind stone to hijack the incomplete program.

Then you’ve got to think, an AI is made, with incomplete programming and whatever the mind stone did, and then was instantly thrust into the Internet. No wonder he wanted to kill everything. Information overload much, then attempting to make something of it all.

She had(/has) an illogical and unreasonable hatred for Tony Stark. Sure, the bomb thing was probably traumatizing, but she’s like ~23 now. That’s over a decade since it happened and you’ve got to think, why didn’t the bomb go off?

Stark weapons were brilliant. Top of the line never failing basically. So. Two bombs are dropped, and from the sounds of it, there was no explosion or if there was it was really small. Otherwise how could they be so close to her parents without dying too?

So, this leaves two possibilities. First, was the bomb actually Stark tech? Her home was war torn at the time. I’m sure some sides would like to intimidate their enemies with the idea they have Stark weapons. OR, the bomb was never armed. Again, war torn country. It’s entirely possible the plane carrying it was shot down.

So, unreasonable and illogical. If someone stabs you, who do you blame? The knife, the manufacturer/designer of the knife, or the person who stabbed you? The third one, obviously. So why was Tony Stark to blame? We’ve also got to remember Obadiah was dealing under the table.

b) She is NOT a kid, and I don’t understand why pretty much everyone thinks she is. She’s ~23. She can drink. She can vote. She can drive. She’s killed people. She became HYDRA. In what way is she a child? The way I see it she hadn’t been one in a very long time.

c) back to CW. Steve got all pissy because Tony kept Wanda in the compound (the lap of luxury need I remind you) for her own safety and the safety of those around her. It wasn’t a matter of her starting a fight. If she’d gone out and been attacked and defended herself, the situation would be made so much worse for her. Especially if someone got hurt or dead when she did so.

Now we get to the airport. Tony tries to talk. Steve is dismissive and unwilling to listen. Steve refuses to share vital information that would have helped the situation and the threat they had every reason to believe exists.

Steve starts the fight. His team doesn’t hold back like Tony’s does. They destroy a lot of property and nearly killed T'Challa and Spiderman several times. I mean, fuck you Steve, who just drops a huge heavy walkway create thing on someone who is obviously a teen? And then WALK AWAY while they struggle to hold it up. What if you had overestimated Spiderman’s strength? Congrats, you just killed a kid because once again you show no regard for anyone else besides Bucky.

He leaves his team. They probably knew even less about the situation than he did, because he knew fuck all about the Accords so I can’t imagine the bullshit Scott and Clint were told.

Then fucking Natasha. Ffs, she could have easily either disabled/sabotaged the quinjet or delayed them from leaving. But she didn’t. Then she has the nerve to tell Tony to watch his back after she betrayed him.

Also, Rhodey. Oh my god. Everyone gives Tony shit for point blank shooting Sam, but think about it. If Sam had taken the hit and turned into a glider, Rhodey would be fine. It doesn’t completely make sense, but there was a long moment where Tony was watching Rhodey fall to his death. Sam was a quick way to lash out. He also didn’t hit him that hard, just enough to knock him down.

Zoom ahead, Tony gets evidence that prove Bucky is innocent and admits he was wrong. (About what though I’m not sure, because all he wanted to do was give Bucky mental help and a fair trial but whatever. It’s not like Steve told him about the threat or anything. Because that would have been helpful.)

Clint makes a crack at Rhodey’s condition which is such a dick move. Sam then tells Tony the information he should have been given from the beginning by Mr ‘I-Dont-like-my-team-keeping-things-from-me’ Rogers. Tony heads to Siberia as a friend.

Steve gets a little arrogant cause he’s got this attitude of ‘I knew I was right the whole time and I’m glad you’ve finally seen sense’.

Then the video. This pissed me off the most I think.

You’ve just witnessed your parents brutally murdered by the person standing not 10 feet away from you. This reopens unprocessed greif and causes emotional backlash. Then you find out someone you thought of as a friend had known. Known for years. Since CAWS. And never said a thing in an environment where it would have been okay, instead of watching the murder and then being told someone close to you knew the whole time who had done it. (Again because it was Bucky. Bucky is more important than the world, remember?)

And his face. It’s so broken and betrayed. (I’d add a picture of Tumblr would let me) and he attacks, because who wouldn’t?

And then Steve does the worst possible thing he could in that situation. Fight back. When someone is having an emotional breakdown like that, you hold them until they calm down and Steve was well within his power to do so. If he’d tried he probably could have talked Tony down.

Fighting more fighting. Steve starts disabling the suit. To you can no longer fly properly. Then he proceeds to continue to be violent and make it worse and acts like it’s not a justifiable or reasonable reaction for a human to have (especially one with PTSD and a past of horrible things happening when he’s betrayed by someone close to him)

They gang up on him. Then Bucky had him pinned and is trying to rip out the Arc Reactor. Once again, PTSD. Also, need I remind you that he’s only recently had it removed from his chest. That was the only thing keeping him alive for a long time. In the state of mind he was in, he wouldn’t have remembered he no longer needed it to survive, hence blasting off his metal arm.

By this point he seems to have calmed down a bit and isn’t actively going for the kill, he’s just defending himself at this point.

He tells Cap to stay down, because he doesn’t want to fight him, and when he’s momentarily distracted Cap jumps on him and slams him to the ground. Tony barely does anything and then Steve is punching the faceplate. Then he’s smashing it with the sheild.

There’s this moment, you can kinda see it in the 3 secs of gif tumblr would let me use. There’s this moment where Steve is seriously considering decapitation. Tony sees this, is terrified and emotionally unbalanced and covers his face.

Steve slams the sheild into the reactor and leaves it there. Tony goes wide eyed with terror and let’s out a very not good sounding breath. He’s looking at Cap with such fear because he saw what Steve was about to do. Saw him stab him in the back and literally break his heart. (Kept him alive for years, remember?)

There is so much fear and Steve looks at him with no regret for what he just did and twists the sheild out of Tony’s chest and walks away.

When he drops it, his expression is like indulging a child in something stupid.

Then he leaves him there to die basically. Tony can’t fly, the suit is dead. Can’t contact anyone. The suit is dead. Noone knows where he is and T'Challa took Steve and Bucky with him when he left.

Steve Rogers beat Tony to a pulp after he witnessed something truly traumatizing and then left him to die in the middle of nowhere in an old HYDRA base.

They act like it was Tony’s fault for the Raft as well. I mean, they’re powered and dangerous and also criminals. The Raft was a bit much though, I’ll admit. But Tony didn’t put them there. He brought them in because he was following the law like everyone else on the planet should. Because he didn’t think himself above the law the Steve did. (Aka flipping the bird at 117 countries whose people say they’re scared and what someone to oversee the Avengers) and the jacket and collar on Wanda was unethical. I think the collar on its own would have been fine but wearing a straitjacket for too long is really bad for your health.

And then just to put the icing on the cake. The letter. The damn fucking letter. It’s mocking. It’s arrogant. Not once is there an apology or true regret. Other than regretting that they’re now criminals who hurt so many people that is. But mostly just the fact they have to hide when 'they did nothing wrong’. No remorse for anything. Not for Tony, defiantly not. That would be decent. Not for anyone else either.

“I know I hurt you”. That’s not an apology. There was no mention of the destruction he left behind in his quest for saving a single man, who has killed people. A lot of people. By choice or not, it was still his body. His life was not worth the loss of so many innocent lives. There was no acknowledgement of how deeply you hurt Tony. How much you damaged him.

Steve basically says. “I forgive you for being wrong and because I’m such a nice and just person when you see I’m right I’ll be here for you and all will be forgiven. Because we’re still friends/family. Even if you fucked up.”

Argh. Angry ranting at 2am. I’ve probably missed points I wanted to make but my wrists are cramping and I’m tired.

I just… I used to like Steve, but Tony a little more because he always seemed more relatable to me. (And had a more interesting backstory.) And then this movie just made me hate Cap so much. He was such a dick in it and it annoys me that the movie was obviously trying to get you to side with him. Feel free to add anything to this.


KITTEN! This here is a 12 week old female ragdoll. SOOO CUUUUUTE!

 Also my recent Amazon delivery (1 of 2). Here we have a couple sides of me. On one side we have two kinds of movies.

 Finally bought Love Actually on bluray (I have had it on full screen DVD since release), and I do love that movie! Then the Bourne Legacy for when I’m more in the action mood. It’s not great, but since Jeremy Renner has grown on me in the last few years as an actor (and he’s pretty good looking too!), and the movie isn’t too bad, I got it. I’ve wanted to add this to my Bourne collection for a while (plus it was $7). Still need to see and maybe buy the most recent one too, but I’m not in a rush.

I also ordered some primer and foundation, more makeup I’m going to mess with soon! I’m having a lot of fun with the eye makeup so far, but haven’t had the chance to practice a lot. I’m improving a little though. I also ordered another pair of jeans as well as a new top that is coming tomorrow. More clothes yay!

 Work today… hm. It was busy, but not overly terrible. Not much to report except the cute as heck kitten we saw near the end of our day (see the first picture!). I’m pretty tired though as we left extra early due to the fear that we’d be dealing with frozen ground. All turned out well though.

 Boob pain is back today. It’s not too bad, but noticeable. The odd thing going on right now is on the tip of my thing-not-to-be-named - it’s sensitive near the tip. I felt it a while back and it went away quickly, so hopefully that will be the face once again, but I’ll just have to see. It’s odd though. When my pants rub up against the tip at all it feels weird. Pretty good, actually, but as I don’t really like using said-thing, it’s pretty uncomfortable to even talk about it. As I’m mentioning everything going on with my transition, and this could potentially have to do with my hormones etc., I’ll mention it. Plus, it’s now happened more than once, so there is that.

 I’m going to relax for a bit before bed and hope to get some decent sleep before tomorrow as I managed *maybe* 5 ½ hours of sleep last night.

 Hope you’ve all had a great Wednesday!

 - Lana

I see posts about how the films ruined Ginny’s character but what about Cho?

I feel like Cho in the films had no personality what’s so ever. She was a pretty face and a love interest. She smiled at Harry, danced with Cedric and looked sad throughout The Order Of Phoenix until it was time to kiss Harry before disappearing.

In the book Cho wasn’t perfect but at least she had more to her. She was a quidditch player (Seeker! and good at it too!), she didn’t just smile at Harry all the time but actually spoke to him, she actually CRIED over everything wrong in her life (and there was a lot more wrong in her life than just losing Cedric, she had so many issues that Hermione brought up). She defened her friend (even though her friend was a snitch) and she got jealous of Hermione before she tried to make Harry jealous and so on…

She wasn’t a perfect character and she bugged me at times but at least you could say she acted like a normal teenage girl. In the films it felt like she was there to be a pretty face and be a love interest for Harry, other than that they didn’t bother with her at all.

anonymous asked:

I saw your tags about Stonehenge Apocalypse and I can confirm that you definitely need to look that up. It's so dorky and the VFX aren't so great but it's actually pretty neat and I totally love it.

I believe you, anon. I just looked up the trailer and holy shit does it look like the so-bad-it’s-good B movie of my dreams! I can’t wait to go all MST3k on this movie. Feast your eyes, my friends!


Also Misha looks fucking hot as hell in it. But that’s par for the course, really.

Just watched the new trailer for Dream Stars and I’m actually sobbing? We got a small glimpse at the Kira Kira transformations, which look really good. Seeing them with the other Cures makes them feel like real Precure now, and I am just so excited to see them. I wish we could’ve seen Pekorin though, although I think she was in Ichika’s arms in the beginning? But the movie looks really promising, and I’m actually glad they decided to condense the cast. 44 was way too many, and I’m glad they decided to focus more on the story than trying to fit all 50 cures in there. Just about 3 more weeks until Kira Kira gets here and I could not be more excited.