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How would the 2p!allies react to an S/o during watching a movie there's a sex scene that's like pretty graphic and heated and she just feels really awkward and she's like, "I I like those curtains. Yeah they're really nice. Whoever chose them must've had pretty good taste."

Haha! Admin Sarah and I actually got a laugh out of this! -Admin Jay

2p Canada: “Really?”
Matt would just pause the movie and look at them before raising an eyebrow. Really? That was the best they had? He would shake his head and sigh as he pulls them against his chest and wraps his arms around them. He would use his chest to block their view and would rest his head on top of theirs as he fast-forwards through the movie. Though just to mess with them, he would give them a completely monotone play by play of what was going on, cheesy sound effects included, just for their pleasure, of course.

2p France: “That is the best you can do?”
Francois would look at his s/o and for the first time ever, he would actually laugh. Like out loud for at least 3 seconds. He wouldn’t believe they just said that. Let alone say that in front of him while dating him. It would be too funny for him not to laugh. He would shake his head and flick them lightly as he raises an eyebrow at them. Francois would bring this moment up again…when? Who knows….but it would come back to haunt them. 

2p America: “Sooo do the curtains match the carpet? Ha!”
Allen would look at his s/o and start to laugh his ass off. They were flustered by this and they were dating him? That would be the craziest thing he has ever heard. Allen wouldn’t be able to stop himself from teasing them a bit…and a whole lot later on.Though he would give them points for attempting to hide their embarrassment…like one point, but still…they tried. He would pull them against his chest and look at them with that classic smirk as he bites their ear and whispers, “If you think that is bad…you have a whole ‘nother thing coming, doll…”

2p England: *is blushing and hiding behind the pillows* “Can’t we fast forward?”
Oliver would be just as flustered as his s/o and possibly hiding, either behind his hands or behind the pillows. He would not want to see or hear the scene, even going so far as to mute it or just play something else for a while. He would look at his s/o with bright red cheeks as he would be more than embarrassed, especially if he picked the movie. Though he would try to distract his own mind by commenting on the curtains, then possibly talking about re-decorating their place.

2p China: “You know we do better~…”
Zhao would think it was so cute seeing his s/o get all flustered. He would just slowly pull them into his lap and bite their ear as he whispers to them about how they do it better and it is more fun. He would love to try to get them more flustered and maybe squeeze in a round of fun during the movie. Though if they are against it all, he would just sigh and tease them before just talking to them to distract them from the scene. 

2p Russia: “Hm? Yes I guess those are nice. Do you not like ours?”
Viktor really wouldn’t be phased by the sex scene, but he would be more intrigued in how his s/o tried to deflect the attention. He would raise an eyebrow at them and tilt his head at them before it dawns on him that they were embarrassed. So to play along and let them feel better, he would start to question them about their own interior designs and ask them how they would change it, only until the scene is over. Though he may tease them later on about being so squeamish. They do worse.

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Ooh, Maki UR huh? Which one is your favorite one? Mine is Constellation. Yes, I have quite a few URs actually! I've been playing for almost two years now so I do have decent teams to compete in events. c: Oooh, SLG Nico! That's a good scorer card. If you level up it's skill, it gets to be a pretty decent card :) I know there's going to be a tour but I didn't know there was going to be a movie that gets played in theaters?!?!

Awh man, I looked it up and the closest one to me is New York or New Jersey, but those theaters are ~1-2 hours away from me X( DARN. Well, I hope any of your followers who go buys a Riko pin and wear it proudly too! Also, have fun too!

I forget the name but this is my favorite Maki UR!! She just looks so happy and adorable and perfect ahhh I love her! >///<

But wow you’ve been playing for so long! I played for a while but stopped for a while because life just got so hectic lol! But what’s your overall favorite UR card? I’m sorry that you didn’t get to see the tour either, the struggle is real :( At least we will always have LLSIF to play! :D

“Nothing’s gonna stop us now!”
I just came up with idea (it’s not some kind of AU or anything. I just like to combain Heroic and Villainous in one universe and make them acts like bunch of idiots x2) while watching “Can’ts Don’t Dance”.
On pic there’s Flug and Clemencia (that’s the Heroic!Demencia. Idk if I’m going to stick with this name, but it’s good-sounding so I think it’s ok.)
I like to think that Flug is actually a pretty good singer, and Demencia not so XD So in that case: Clemencia must be good just as Flug, and Slys/Slug [with 6.0.6 as his bodyguard (Max in the movie)] not so. But idk If I hc this that much. It’s just a thought.
Also I like to think about Clemencia as a sweet heard-worker, who don’t have time for crushes (even If she has a crush on WH. But will not admit it cause “it’s stupid, he’ll not look at me anyway”). (yeah I ship BH x Flug, BH x Demencia, WH x Slys/Slug AND WH x Cemencia. I just adore them all TuT)
And what about this pic anyway? Well, this idea I was talking about is about Slys/Slug trying to make WH and BH shut down thier companies and later buy it so he can… idk? Be evil? He’s a bitch don’t dispute with this. So Flug, Clem, Dem and 5.0.5 are trying to help companies earn the money (SOMEHOWLOL) with a show, to prevent selling them.
I don’t really know what could I write more about it. Hope ya like it?

For those who wants to know who Slys/Slug is in this concept… Isn’t it obvious?



WH: Thaaaaat… Was kinda sweet actua-


Lucien is having a good day.

Which isn’t really rare, actually. He has awesome parents, a pretty cool older sister, cool friends. He may like to act like a dick sometimes, but he likes his life.

But anyways, back to the point. Lucien is having a good day.

He’s sat in the Coffee Spoon, fiddling with his phone while he waits for Mat to prepare his order. He and and Amanda and their parents were having a movie night, and they’d send him out for drinks.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, some jackass pulls out the chair across from him, and sits down at his table.

Lucien looks up, kinda annoyed, only to freeze when he sees the face smiling back at him.

It’s an older man. He’s handsome, with salt and pepper hair and a neat suit. He has a suitcase on the floor next to him. He looks like he’s just left work.

“The fuck do you want?” demands Lucien, surreptitiously taking a glance around. The place is practically deserted, which is admittedly pretty rare. Mat is busy making Lucien’s order, but Lucien’s tone must have alerted him, he keeps darting glances towards their table.

Lucien shoots him a look, and Mat nods once, before turning and disappearing into the back.

“Now Lucien,” says the man, bringing Lucien’s attention back to him. “Is that any way to talk to your father?”

Lucien sneers.

“What right do you have to call yourself my father?” demands Lucien. “After everything you’ve done!?”

The man’s face crumples into an expression of sadness that is so fake, Lucien wants to gag.

“Please believe me, Lucien. It was never my intention to hurt you or your mother-”

Lucien slams his fist on the table, and the man jumps back, startled.

Mat, who’s just returned, also looks surprised at the display of violence.

Stop. Misgendering. My. FATHER,he grinds through clenched teeth, eyes blazing.

The man opens his mouth, as if to say something else, but is cut off when the bell over the door to the cafe jingles, announcing a new customer.

Lucien’s eyes flit over to see who it is, and he immediately feels relief course through him when he sees messy red curls and smiling blue eyes.

MC sees them, and immediately rushes over, a warm smile on his face for Lucien.

He seems to be out of breath, and Lucien is struck with the realization that Mat must have called him here.

Had he run the whole way?

“Lucien, I came to see what was taking so long, dude. At this rate, the popcorn’s gonna be stale by the time we get back,” he says with a laugh, his voice sounding deceptively normal and not as if he’d just run over from the other end of the cul-de-sac. He turns back to the man sitting across from Lucien. “And who might you be?”

His smile is friendly, and his hand on Lucien’s shoulder is reassuring.

The other man smiles, and there’s something predatory about him.

“I’m Lucien’s father,” he introduces, holding a hand out.

“Oh…really?” asks MC, scratching his head in mock confusion, and not taking the offered handshake. “You know…I could have sworn I was his father. Lucien, are you replacing me?”

Lucien can’t help the chuckle that escapes him at MC’s words.

“I have no clue what the guy is on about, Dad,” he says, looking up at MC and leaning a little closer to him. “I think he may be delusional or something. I’ve never seen him before in my life.”

MC’s smiles goes all soft and mushy for a second when Lucien calls him dad, just like it always does.

Then, he turns to look at the man who is staring at them both with an enraged expression.

The smile slowly becomes predatory as MC leans towards the man, acting as something of a barrier between him and Lucien.

“Well then, Mr Stranger,” he says, voice low and dangerous. “I suggest you turn around and walk right out that door, before I change my mind and drag you down to the police station for harassing my son. Who, may I remind you, is still a minor.”

The man splutters, as if lost for words, looking back forth between the two.

Finally, he stands up with an indignant huff and stomps out the door.

As soon as he’s out of sight, Lucien and MC collapse into fits of laughter.

Mat smiles as he brings over their drinks, and Lucien notices he’s thrown in a couple pieces of Right Said Banana Bread as well.

As Lucien and MC walk home after that, they come to a silent agreement not to tell Damien about what had happened, not wanting to upset him.

As soon as they step through the door, Damien descends upon them, hands fluttering worriedly over them and asking why MC had left the house in such a hurry.

MC just laughs, saying that Lucien had called him in a panic, only for MC to arrive at the Coffee Spoon and find out that the only problem was that Lucien hadn’t taken enough change with him to pay for their order.

So I just saw Get Out and this post will have no spoilers but holy shit, does it ever deserve its current perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes.

I’m not going to go on about its racial commentary aspects because I am white as hell and I figure it’s best if I leave that discussion up to POC, but it is just a fantastic horror film and a really well made movie and I highly endorse it.

Some thoughts:

  • I have only ever seen Allison Williams as Peter Pan before and so in my head, for the whole movie, she was Peter Pan
  • The cinematography is so GREAT and claustrophobic and that combined with the fabulous score just puts you so on edge and GAH
  • The preview makes it look like a racial Stepford Wives and it’s SO MUCH WORSE AND MORE DISTURBING, DAMN
  • But honestly though, I was actually the most unnerved during the setup than when things became a straight up horror film because at least then you could tell yourself “well this isn’t actually possible” but before that it’s like the microaggression equivalent of Chinese water torture and it’s so uncomfortable and cringe-worthy and the worst part is hearing shit like “I would have voted for Obama for a third term” or “my man” or “Is [the sex] really better?” and realizing you know people who would say that sort of thing and think they’re not racist at all and then you start to wonder if you’re that obnoxious and it’s almost a relief when things go to hell
  • Except it’s not a relief at all because HOLY SHIT THIS MOVIE
  • also the takeaway for white people here (other than don’t participate in human trafficking and racism) is probably that if you’re like Peter Pan and realizing your community is hella racist, the thing to do about it is not get privately frustrated but not actually stand up for your friends beyond incredulous looks at racist asshats, use your privilege for good, people
  • there is some comedy in this movie, and it’s great because it’s a Jordan Peele film, and it comes in exactly the right spots when you need a bit of levity or you might die of the tension, but it always felt like a proper horror film to me more than a horror comedy
  • the design of the hypnosis sequences are GORGEOUS
  • so there’s some gore in this movie but what you see is pretty much all surgical gore and any gory violence is just implied off screen, you only see blood as a result of violence
  • There’s no sexual violence in this movie, but there is human trafficking so that does imply that sexual violence is happening somewhere
  • There’s also an extended sequence of animal death where you don’t really see much but you hear the most awful pained cries
  • As far as I remember, there aren’t racial slurs or really explicit racist language (like “boy” or “you people” or calling the lead less than human or anything), but there is one scene that is very deliberately and painfully reminiscent of slavery auctions and there’s a lot of fetishizing of black (clothed) bodies by the white characters and casual dehumanization of black lives and at least in my perspective that made it even more uncomfortable and painful because these people probably are totally convinced they’re not at all racists and urgh
  • this movie made me like the TSA
  • like every single line of this movie has significance later, it’s really well-written
  • I know I said I wouldn’t comment on the commentary aspects much, but really, white people should see this movie, it points out a lot of microaggressions and makes you uncomfortable and it should
  • Daniel Kaluuya pretty much carries the movie in a lot of scenes and he’s great, I don’t know what his role in Black Panther is but I can’t wait to see more of him

Love letters.

Looking at you reminded me of everything sweet. It was like walking into a candy store but everything was named after you. I had a feeling that the store would give me a stomach ache but I’m pretty sure those are actually butterflies instead. I never would admit that I see you in my dreams and wake up wishing we lived in a movie so I could rewind one more time. Your eyes make me forget how much I loved the stars because you outshine them any day of the week. My name flows out of your mouth so lovely, like you were made to say it. There is an empty space in my bed that would fit you perfectly. I can almost see you laying there already, head back mid laugh, love has never looked so good. Cursive handwriting makes anything look more romantic, that’s what you told me last time. I think of you in pretty words and postage stamps and love letters sent in July.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Okay, so like I’m still bitter about Andrew but Spider-Man: Homecoming was actually really good.

• A film by Peter Parker - seriously that home movie was the cutest shit and it worked so well as a means to introduce Peter and his relationship with Happy. Like, he’s such a bouncy kid, so excited for his “Stark Internship.”

• Once again, excellent soundtrack. Marvel is really targeting their audiophiles this year and, like, I’m so here for it. Here, take ALL my money.

• Peter’s actually a motor-mouth (though not as much of a sarcastic little shit as I would have liked). Not to get too off topic here, but one of the reasons I love Spiderman and Deadpool, Spiderman & Deadpool teamups, and why I think Spiderman and Deadpool work so well together is because they’re both smart, sarcastic little shits who run their mouths off. I could go on and on about how much I love the Spiderman/Deapool dynamic and why it just *works.* But I’m focusing on Spider-Man: Homecoming here so I won’t. I guess my point is that it was really nice to hear Peter chatter away in Homecoming and to really see how smart this kid is. I mean, he and Ned HACKED A STARK SUIT. Successfully! Like, come on.

• Diversity - like real diversity. For the first time in a long time, the extras in a Marvel movie, in *any* movie, actually reflected real life (i.e., it wasn’t a sea of white people with one (1) poc). I really hope we keep seeing more movies that do this.

• Ned. Ned. NED. A true friend, the ride-or-die friend, a v precious v smart cinnamon roll who’s just really excited to be a part of this chapter in his best friend’s life, and who is a part of this chapter in Peter’s life - not a sidekick, Ned’s got a role and it’s one Peter legit values. Ned: the real MVP 👏👏👏👏

• Zendaya is a gift, A GIFT I TELL YOU. A+ casting I’m in love. She had the best comedic timing I think Just, the whole movie she’d occasionally drop a line or make a gesture and it killed me. She hardly spoke yet she stole the fuckin show, beautiful. Get it Zendaya, can’t wait to see more of you in future movies, Marvel and otherwise.

• I’m actually really happy with how they wrote Liz. Like, they totally could have made her a bitch, the stereotypical pretty popular girl who doesn’t even know Peter’s name. But they made her really down to Earth and grounded. She not only knows Peter’s name, she’s legit smart, and actually pays attention and notices that Peter’s acting strange and cares about what’s wrong! Like, well done Marvel. Nice job.

• Speaking of good characterization: Flash. Finally! A bully that looks and behaves like a bully. Not a muscled up, dumb, meat head who everyone in the audience can see coming a mile away, but just…. a normal, mean dude. You know, like the bullies in real life. 

• Okay, so I know the fandom keeps joking about how Aunt May keeps getting younger and soon she, too, will be a child. But I gotta say, Aunt May was awesome in this. She’s so cute, and I want her wardrobe, and omggggg the montage where she’s helping Peter get ready for the dance ❤❤ I like this Aunt May, good job.

• “If you’re nothing without the suit, you shouldn’t have it.” Hello Avengers callback wow. If you still think Tony Stark isn’t a hero unless he’s Iron Man, if you still think superpowers or a supersuit are what makes a hero after this you can unfollow me right tf now.

• ParentalFigure!Tony Stark. I am LIVING! 

• K.A.R.E.N. is lovely and I adore her. I love that Tony programmed a nurturing and encouraging personality into her. This whole movie dropped subtle hints at how hard Tony is working to be Not Howard™ for Peter and I love itttt.

• Happy!! We haven’t seen much, if any, of Happy since IM 3 and I’m so “happy” 😉 he’s back (plsdon'thurtme). And he’s sooo the cranky Uncle who cares deep down in his pinky toe. It’s wonderful. And! And!!!! He, an adult, openly and honestly admits he was wrong and apologizes to Peter, a teenager, who was right. Like, when’s the last time that happened in a film?

• “It’s been in my pocket since 2008” are you fucking kidding me Marvel??? Since Iron Man fricken ONE (1)??? Tony you’re WHIPPED and I love it.

• That Scene where Peter is trapped under the concrete holy shit. That was The Moment™ I was finally sold on Tom Holland and this new Spiderman, w-o-w. Acting. Wow. First Spiderman movie where we, the audience, are forced to acknowledge that Spiderman is a 15 year old CHILD. He’s still learning how to do this whole superhero thing, and in this moment he’s fucken terrified. 

He could have been at the dance, having a grand old time with his friends, you know, being a “normal” 15 year old. But no. He decided to go stop a bad guy, even without his suit, because it was the right thing to do and now he’s being crushed and he’s scared but goddamn if he doesn’t pick himself up and go because he’s Peter. Fucking. Parker. He still fights the villain, even after discovering who the villain is, AND fricken saves said villain because guess what?? He may be a 15 year old child but let’s not forget that he’s also a 15 year old fuckin HERO. I remain steadfast in my opinion that the only true difference between Spiderman and Deadpool is that Spidey actively tries NOT to kill people while DP doesn’t really care all that much and that’s why they get along so god damn well, they just complement each other man idek

• Poor Steve. Poor, poor Steve. Patience, is it really worth it? (Yes. Yes, it is Steve)
9.5/10 - yet another Peter Parker Spiderman film but, like, this was actually done really well?? So, yeah.

Anyways, if you’re hesitating to go see Spider-Man: Homecoming in theaters…. I get it. I do. I, too, was all: “Not another Peter Parker movie, ugh.” And yeah, go see Baby Driver or Wonder Woman (a smaller movie featuring characters with disabilities and a female-led diverse superhero movie respectively) first if you haven’t seen them already. Lord knows Spidey’ll be fine if you don’t see it in theaters right away. That being said, you should definitely go see Homecoming in theaters. It’s worth the money.

Cozy Day - Tom Holland Imagine

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I’ve been feeling kinda sad today so I decided to write something since writing always cheer me up :) even though its springtime where i live it’s raining a lot, is super cloudy and foggy and i’ve been picturing this perfect cozy autumn day with tom in my head so here you go (also october is here so yay 🎃)

warnings: fluff, fluff, lots of flUFF

pairing: tom holland x reader

word count: 1,020

ps: i wrote this listening to ‘I Knew This Would Be Love’ by Imaginary Future, I really recommend listening to it while you read it, it’s such a calming and romantic song <3

I woke up to the gentle sound of rain pattering against my window. Sighing, I slowly opened my eyes and peeked at the sky through the silky white curtains. All was grey, heavy clouds mounting on top of each other and thunders echoing across the air. Almost no sound of cars, horns or people passing by could be heard. On this peaceful sunday morning, most of London was still asleep.

While still contemplating whether or not to stay in bed, I suddenly felt a strong pair of arms engulfing my body in a warm embrace.

“Hey”, Tom said in a groggy voice, his hot breath against my ear, “why are you awake so early in the morning, darling?” he wondered, curious about why I had my eyes open at 8:00 in the morning on a sunday.

“Don’t know. Just woke up on my own, I guess. But this rain, oh my god. I could stay here forever.”

“Then let’s” he replied, a lazy smile appearing upon his rosy lips. He always looked so good in the mornings, his soft brown hair was everywhere and his toned chest looked perfect under the white duvet.

“Let’s stay here forever”, he continued, letting a loud sigh escape through his mouth.

“I’d love that”, I answered smiling, “but… how about we have a cozy day in? We could watch halloween movies, bake cookies, drink coffee and snuggle under the blankets. What do you think?

“Yeah, that sounds pretty good too, actually” he replied, moving my long hair away from my shoulder. “I’m gonna go make us some coffee then. Do you want to start with the cookies?”

“Yes!” I said, getting off of bed and trying to contain my excitement, “I’m gonna bake us my grandma’s recipe, the pumpkin spiced ones that you love.”

“Let’s go then, before Tessa wakes up and demands us to take her on a morning walk.”

Laughing about how spoiled his dog was we both headed downstairs and started the things in the kitchen.

We spent the whole morning baking cookies, listening to Ed Sheeran and dancing along the music in oversized sweaters and sweatpants. Tom’s cheeks were pink because of the warmth inside the house and he never looked more adorable. After we finished eating and cleaned up the kitchen we finally sat down to watch something.

“Okay, what do you wanna watch?” Tom asked, letting me rest my head upon his shoulder and throwing the fuzzy blanket over the both of us.

“Do you even have to ask?”

“The Nightmare Before Christmas again? Are you serious right now?” he asked me laughing, not understanding how could I watch the same movie so many times and not grow tired of it.

“Yes, I’m serious. It is the best festive movie there is and you know it!”

“My god, you watched that thing so many times I already know all the songs by heart”

“And that, my dear, is one of the most important requirements if you want to keep being my boyfriend”

“Okay, I give up” he said, throwing his head back and closing his eyes, a playful smile on his lips.

I jumped up and down on the couch, clapping my hands together like a giddy little kid, I just couldn’t help it.

After singing This Is Halloween together and imitating all the silly voices in the song, we finally settled down and started watching the movie.

His hands were softly massaging my head and his heartbeat was calm and steady against my ear. Just as I was about to fall asleep, Tom suddenly burst out laughing, making me jump a little.

“Oh my god, I almost forgot how funny this movie actually is.” He said, still with a goofy smile on his face, “I love the part where they kidnap Sandy Claws!”

And suddenly this rush of love and admiration for him just hit me. He was wearing a worn out sweater that was impregnated with his smell and his brown eyes were sparkling due to the brightness of the TV against them.

“I love you, do you know that?”

“What?” He asked me with a confused expression on his face, his laughter dying down a bit, “where did that come from, love?”

“I don’t know. You’re just… I love you.” I replied, laughing a little at myself. Not even I knew where that was coming from.

“I guess this whole day with you just feels kinda like a dream? It’s all my favorite things together and I couldn’t be more happy that you love them just as much as I do.” I looked down at my hands, feeling embarrassed all of a sudden.

Without saying anything, Tom just stared at me for a few seconds and gently pressed his lips against mine. He didn’t even need to say anything. Everything was there, in that kiss.

“I love you too, darling. And if watching Jack Skellington sing about pumpkins and christmas trees makes you that happy, I’d do it a thousand more times.” he said, putting a string of my hair behind my ear.

I brushed my thumb against his face and kissed him again, a silent way of thanking him for being so sweet. I layed my head upon his chest and closed my eyes, just wanting to stay in that moment for as long as I could. His breathing was calm, the rain outside was gentle and the warmth of his embrace was enough to lull me into a peaceful and deep sleep.

JoJo live action movie spoilers

So I had the opportunity to watch a very illegal recording of the JoJo live action movie and figured I’d let you know some facts about the movie to help you decide whether you want to watch it or not, as well as to dispel a very particular rumour that’s been going around. So spoilers under the cut.

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hii! i think you kinda whitewashed lance in your most recent draw!

Hey Anon-

I went to look at my most recent VLD artwork and while I completely understand where you’re coming from, this is the base colouring I had for Lance and Keith:

I did this a LONG time ago but if memory serves me right, I colour picked from the series when they were in dim lighting. So what you’re seeing is more or less his canonical skin-tone in low light.

But, because my art piece was going to involve them watching a movie (and screens emit a bright washout-y blue light), there was going to be some pretty stark screen-glare covering most of them. That meant Keith n Lance were going to look a good few shades lighter than they actually are (which happens IRL too when you watch movies in the dark!)

That being said, I’ve got a long way to go in terms of lighting, so you bringing this to my attention is just extra reason for me to work on how I light my pieces!! That way, in the future, starkly-lit pieces will be interpreted more like: oH i can see parts where the base skin-tone is, it’s just the highlights of the light source blanching them out, cool cool 

But for now, please be assured I didn’t white-wash him, and essentially: Lighting is really hard, I tried my best with the skill level I had at the time, but i’ll keep practicing harder so I improve for future works that involve challenging light-sources, and thanks for being polite about the whole thing

All Moana Songs: a Summary (Spoilers?)

Where You Are: The “You are a Disney Protagonist with RESPONSIBILITIES Song™”

How Far I’ll Go: Part of Your World but the opposite

We Know The Way: In case you hadn’t already sold your soul to this movie, Lin is here

How Far I’ll Go (Reprise): I’m not 100% certain how to sail but what could go wrong

You’re Welcome: Pure narcissism also the Rock sang and it was actually pretty good

Shiny: DEATH AWAITS YOU ~but look how hot I am~

I Am Moana: Grandma jedi ghost and Hamilton vibes

Know Who You Are: Very short, very dramatic

We Know The Way (Finale): Same song as before but Moana’s dad is no longer afraid of the ocean

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You really like Tony Stark? I know you like Bucky and Steve so why do you like Tony? He tried to kill both of them? (I am not a troll I'm just interested in your opinion)

Also can you explain why you like him? thanks!

Oh man I love Tony. Iron Man is what first got me so obsessed in the Marvel/DC superhero genre, so I treasure him a lot. Bucky is my number 1 and I like Steve too, I just happen to like Tony more. 

I think everybody in the mcu has made mistakes and made bad judgement calls but for some reason Tony is one of the characters where people feel the need to blame every single bad thing that happens on him. Worst of all he blames himself too. There have been so many characters that have made mistakes and been able to redeem themselves, some haven’t been held accountable at all, and for some reason none of the good things Tony has done outweigh his mistakes. Most of the problems arise from his desire to help people in the first place.

 At first his sarcasm and quirks where a lovable character trait and as time went by they stopped being funny and started being the result of an untreated mental illness, and people went from loving him to blaming him, because he acts out of fear and anxiety which is something other characters continuously take advantage of.

Shield takes advantage of Tony’s dependence on the Avengers, because let’s face it without Tony’s funding, his innovation and everything he does, there would be no Avengers. Not that that matters of course because nobody ever gives him credit for anything. Steve plunges into the ocean to save a city full of people and he’s hailed a hero. Tony does the nearly exact same thing and he’s taken for granted. Both heroic acts but the characters are treated vastly different. 

The entirety of the mcu rests on it’s neglect of Tony Stark and their continuous insistence on making him miserable. Without Tony’s continuous shitty treatment, they wouldn’t have any consistent storyline for the avengers. 

Tony ultimately has no support system. He has the Avengers a family which he cherishes but ultimately they don’t have time for him. (added: support such as Pepper, is one he’s for no reason in particular deprived of. It’s pretty clear that they will get back together but for Civil War he’s deprived of the most influential person in his life, for the sake of angst. Rhodey is a good friend but also has responsibilities of his own and after his injury in Civil War the focus in their relationship will be leaning towards him and his recovery [as it should]. So it’s less about how his friends fail him, but how the plot deprives him of the thing’s he cares about, mostly for no good reason. Due to this Tony is often left out of the equation and his feeling are pushed aside, in favor of the problems at hand)

Bruce is always pretty much looked after. People are wary of him, they feel sorry for him, Natasha becomes his personal nanny/LI for an entire movie. But at the end of Iron Man 3, Bruce can’t be bothered to listen to Tony talk about his feeling’s and everything that’s happened throughout the movie, and Bruce actually FALLS ASLEEP. 

[not my gifs] Full Video: X

Can we appreciate that Bruce has attempted suicide, is traumatized by his experience, feels guilty for the Hulks destruction, want’s to help people and live in peace and yet can’t be bothered to listen to a highly traumatized friend in need. A person he on many levels can relate intimately too. 

In fact it’s not that he just doesn’t pay attention, Tony is so irrelevant to him that he falls asleep. Tony’s a pretty shut off person. He cares so much that  he’s needs to close himself off so that he can function. So he only has a few people he would ever really open up too and when he finally want’s to talk to someone to be comforted, his friend falls asleep. With the excuse. “I’m not a therapist.” You don’t need to be a fucking therapist to listen to a friend in need. Tony doesn’t want to be psychoanalyzed. He want’s someone to listen, someone to care about him.  The worst thing is after he realizes Bruce is asleep and wasn’t listening, you can see the shift in his expression. He immediately closes himself off, makes a joke out of it, as if it doesn’t bother him. But it does. 

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I hate this scene because it represents pretty much everything I hate about how people treat Tony. (added: I don’t want Steve stans to go off on me here so what I mean is that this scene isn’t too terrible but it’s representative of how people think of Tony and how they treat him.) As if his accomplishment’s are worthless. As if he hasn’t struggled, faced loss, as if he isn’t one of the smartest people on the planet. They make assumptions about him. Steve should know better than anyone that it’s not the serum, or the armor that makes the man. It’s the person underneath. He himself faced people that doubted him all his life, because he wasn’t as strong, wasn’t as capable, they didn’t care about his heart. Just like in this scene where he assumes things about Tony without knowing him. Just like people did to him, in enlistment offices, in school, throughout his entire life.

Not to mention Steve is trying to start a fight here. He’s trying to put Tony down, wants to fight him. To prove that he’s better than him.

Iron Man is Tony Stark and Tony Stark is Iron Man. Iron Man couldn’t be a hero without Tony Stark, and Tony Stark needs Iron Man to be a hero. 

Basically I love Tony Stark  I want people to realize how hard he works, what he’s sacrificed, and that if you strip away the suit, what left underneath is just as brave, kind, strong and courageous.

I want people to stop treating a good man like a villain.

“What if I hurt their feelings?”

“You did insult them.”

“I know, but I didn’t actually mean it. I just couldn’t resist, you know how I am when a good insult springs to mind! I have to say it out of curiosity. It’s not my fault I don’t have a nemesis to banter with.” 

“Oh, please. You couldn’t handle a nemesis. You cry at Disney movies. You’re practically crying now.”

“You should have seen the look on their face!”

“I’m pretty sure they knew you didn’t mean it.”


Fandom: Marvel       Genres: platonic fluff, comfort, panic

Summary: Based on: “Imagine being trapped in an elevator with Loki.” by @thefandomimagine

Word count: 1,050


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You both looked up as the elevator suddenly stopped mid-way from its destination.

“I beg your pardon, but didn’t you say this kind of thing only happened in the movies?” Loki drawled calmly, raising his eyebrows. Apart from that, he seemed as calm as always and maybe even a little bored.

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Sort of an how-to animatic

So I‘m not good at it either, and this is actually more for me, but I‘m gonna share it anyways

Soo despite your art skills, there is some stuff you might wanna use some stuff it looks more interesting. Some of those are just personal opinions btw.

Perspective can be a big factor in making it seem more theatralic. I can‘t really say much about this but just try to imagine this was a real movie, where every angle is pretty much possible.

Here is a good post about it

But basically

is better than

Don‘t!! Be!! Scared!! To!! Do!! Too!! Much!!
Just go wild,, on the face but also body the body languages. This is also covered by Spib in their post, so I‘m not gonna put an example here.

So uh it‘s always good to put a background color because it
1) Helps the mood
2) Helps the setting
3) doesn‘t make it too obvious that you were too lazy to draw a background

What I‘d recommend is to read a bit into color theory and find out the effect colors can have. Maybe not if it‘s night. Just go with the blue/purple.
Also don‘t get TOO crazy with it because that would be just irritating. And ofc go with white if you draw backgrounds

Some really good examples by @juuria

That’s pretty much your decision. Of course, you should find something that makes sense and isn‘t just a white void (if it is, at least make it seem like they‘re standing on something???)

Go wild my dude,,, show them talking if it‘s  a conversation, if they‘re having a monolog just let them sort of do something that keeps it going, e.g they walk into the place where the other part of the animatic takes place. Also don‘t be afraid to let them change their pose, it makes everything smoother than if you just change their expression.


Just everything you can get your hands on!! Most people just use sai and movie maker

So uh yeah that‘s all I could think off, feel free to add more

Double Dating for Dummies x Jeff Atkins

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requested by anon ;  Can you write one where you are on a double date with Clay and Hannah, your date is Jeff. Originally you went so it wouldn’t be awkward for anyone as it is their first date together but turns out it was also a real date too between Jeff and you, which you don’t find out till later on when Clay says I told you this double date would help all of us.

You still couldn’t believe you let Hannah talk you in to this. A double date never goes well, that’s basic knowledge for everybody who watches way too many shows and teen drama’s.
‘Why was this a good idea again?’ You ask Hannah, while you look how she runs her hand through her short hair, her eyes focused on her reflection in the mirror.
‘Because you’re helping me out, [Y/N]. I don’t want to mess things up with Clay, and with you there, it will be so less awkward.’ Hannah turned around, smiling at you.
‘Hannah, I’m pretty sure Clay likes you anyway. He did confess that, right? You told me about, twenty times.’ You chuckled.
‘I know, but still. Besides, Clay is bringing along a friend, it will be loads of fun!’
‘For you two, yeah, still not sure which friend of Clay you’re referring to.’ You had been doubtful about your ‘date’, not sure who to expect. With Clay, you never really knew. However, since he had told Hannah how much he liked her, Hannah had been looking happier. She smiled again, made jokes and messed around with you. It was nice to see her like that again.
‘Don’t worry about it, [Y/N], I’m sure it won’t be that bad,’ Hannah grinned. ‘Besides, you’re doing this for me, so don’t you dare to be too focused on your date.’ She gave you a cheeky wink and then took her phone that buzzed loudly from the table. ‘They’re almost here!’ She announced happily.
‘Oh, joy.’
‘C’mon, I promise you won’t regret it. Have I told you you’re literally the best?’
‘Not nearly enough,’ you laughed, ‘but c’mon, let’s go downstairs.’
Just when you got down the stairs, the doorbell rang, announcing Clay’s and your dates arrival.
Hannah immediately opened up the door, greeting Clay with giving him a hug. A bit hidden behind Clay, you saw your company for the night. And, it actually wasn’t too bad. Fuck that, you were suddenly glad Clay was friends with him.
Jeff’s dark hair was in its usual quiff, his bright white teeth nervously tugging at his bottom lip and his hands pushed into the pockets of his black jeans. He was wearing a grey long sleeved shirt, with three buttons on the top of the shirt, that he hadn’t bothered to button up.
‘Oh, [Y/N], you know Jeff, right?’ Hannah ginned, turning around towards you. She looked very happy with herself, as did Clay. You kinda hated the smug smile on their faces, but couldn’t help but be happy with Jeff standing there.
‘Yeah, hi.’ You smiled, waving a bit awkwardly. Maybe the awkwardness wouldn’t be between Hannah and Clay, but between Jeff and you.
‘Hi, [Y/N].’ Jeff smiled back, pulling his hands out of his jeans pockets.
‘So, you two ready to go? We could go to the movies, and then go to the diner to have a milkshake or something?’ Clay suggested.
‘Sounds great!’ Hannah smiled, and you nodded along.
Apparently Jeff was driving, so you were forced to site in the passenger seat next to him, while Hannah and Clay sat in the backseat. The whole drive they were so caught up in their conversation that they barely noticed Jeff and you.
‘They seem pretty close,’ Jeff joked, looking at you and then glancing at the mirror.
‘They do, huh. Makes you wonder why they even want to go on a double date,’ you pointed out.
‘Yeah,’ Jeff said, focusing on the road. ‘So, eh, what kinda movie do you want to see?’
‘I don’t really have a preference. I like all kinds of movies. As long as it isn’t too romantic, because I’m not sure we’ll survive that with those two with us,’ you joked, pointing towards the backseat.
‘I can only agree with you,’ Jeff grinned. ‘Good thing I picked out a movie. Not sure what it is about, I just went with it because I liked the title.’
‘And what is the title?’
‘Don’t remember.’ Jeff confessed, a sheepish smile on his lips, making you laugh out loud.
‘What did I sign up for?’ You said, still laughing.

Turned out you signed up for a night full of laughs with Jeff, about how Hannah and Clay would get stuck together at one point, and how they would have to be together forever. It had actually been a while that you had so much fun, and it did surprise you. Sure, Jeff was pretty nice to look at, but you never knew he was actually a fun guy too. You two had a lot in common, more then you had thought.
You barely even noticed the meaningful glances Hannah gave Jeff and you. The movie had been absolutely amazing. Jeff did have a good taste in movies.
Now, the four of you were sitting in the diner, enjoying a milkshake while Jeff and you shared a plate of fries. You still were kinda hungry, but didn’t want to admit it. Jeff did notice it anyway, and ordered himself a plate of fries, but ending up sharing it with you. Even though he barely ate any fries. It did warm your heart a bit.
‘So, Jeff,’ Clay started, grinning at Jeff who was seated on the opposite side of the booth. You were sitting right beside Jeff. ‘I think you have to thank me, huh?’
‘Yeah, thanks,’ Jeff laughed.
‘Wait, I’m not following,’ you added, confused. This date was all about Hannah and Clay, wasn’t it?
‘Jeff wanted to ask you out, but was too afraid, so I came up with the idea of a double date. And I think it worked out pretty good.’ Clay smiled.
You frowned, and looked still confused at Jeff.
‘Is that true?’ You asked him.
‘Eh, yeah.’ Jeff admitted, nervously tugging at the sleeves of his shirt.
‘And I thought this was all about Hannah and Clay being awkward around each other.’ You said, a bit flabbergasted that you weren’t aware of this set-up date.
‘Oh, c’mon, have you seen them together?’ Jeff laughed. ‘But hey, doesn’t matter. You, eh, you’re not mad, right?’
‘Why would I be?’ You smiled. ‘It’s kinda cute.’ You admitted, cheeks starting to get bright red. You quickly looked at the other side of the booth, but Hannah and Clay were tangled up in yet another intriguing conversation.
‘How about a walk?’ Jeff proposed. ‘We’ll be back here to give them a ride home, they won’t even notice we were gone.’ You nodded and slide out of the booth, waiting for Jeff.
It was quite a dark night, since the moon was hidden behind the clouds. Luckily it hadn’t cooled down too much.
‘So, it was all a set-up?’ You started, smiling.
‘Yeah, eh, I guess I’m the awkward one here.’ Jeff laughed. ‘You’re really not mad, huh?’
‘Of course I’m not, as long as we get to do this again, without Hannah and Clay.’
‘That’s a promise.’ Jeff immediately said.
‘Can’t wait.’ You smiled, looking at him.
Turns out that double dates aren’t always trouble and drama. 

Dork (Connor Murphy x Reader)

A/N: This is kind of short and wasn’t requested but I loved the idea so I wrote it anyways whoops. Also, just so you know, I’m doing a face reveal at 200 followers and I’m almost there so look out for that! 

w/c: 982 

Warnings: cursing, mentions of sex, so much fluff but slight angst, spoilers if you’ve never seen Heathers (If you haven’t I recommend it), fem!reader (but mostly gender neutral words, sorry for my male readers) 

You had always hated nicknames. You hated when someone called you something other than your name, because it was always either condescending or annoying, and you didn’t like either of those options. You hated being made fun of too, it lowered your already pretty low self confidence. 

That being said, those things didn’t stop you from going out who your classmates considered to be the resident freak, Connor Murphy. 

When you started dating Connor Murphy, you knew that you’d be made fun of. You’d gotten used to the nicknames that followed you around wherever you went and had even come up with some pretty good comebacks. You got a lot of the normal “slut” and “whore” bullshit, but some pretty creative when it came to making fun of you, though none of it phased you. 

What you never could have excepted however, was the nicknames that you actually liked. The ones that Connor gave to you. The cute notes he wrote calling you his princess and sweetheart. He might look like a freak to others, but he was actually a huge hopeless romantic under all those black clothes. 

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