this movie looks pretty good actually

All Moana Songs: a Summary (Spoilers?)

Where You Are: The “You are a Disney Protagonist with RESPONSIBILITIES Song™”

How Far I’ll Go: Part of Your World but the opposite

We Know The Way: In case you hadn’t already sold your soul to this movie, Lin is here

How Far I’ll Go (Reprise): I’m not 100% certain how to sail but what could go wrong

You’re Welcome: Pure narcissism also the Rock sang and it was actually pretty good

Shiny: DEATH AWAITS YOU ~but look how hot I am~

I Am Moana: Grandma jedi ghost and Hamilton vibes

Know Who You Are: Very short, very dramatic

We Know The Way (Finale): Same song as before but Moana’s dad is no longer afraid of the ocean


The Hunter

Watched this movie out of random when I was looking through Netflix and didn’t expect much, but it was actually pretty good. Dafoe plays the role of a professional hunter hired to find the last Tasmanian Tiger. According to imfdb, the rifle is a Keppeler KS-V Bullpup. Very obscure rifle made in Germany and as far as I know, they aren’t imported into the U.S. (GRH)

Barbie: Starlight Adventure

For some reason I wrote down notes while watching one of the latest Barbie movie with Space Elsa and I did not want to throw them away so her we go. :P CONTAINS SPOILERS!!


  • Visually stunning! Galaxy imagery is always pretty, but this movie is really colorful and absolutely beautiful. (* w *)
  • Barbie looks and acts like a 17 year old and that is good (in most of her movies she appears to be in her twenties, especially the older ones). 
  • Barbies´ snort laugh! <3
  • Sal-Lee´s hair! <3<3
  • Scene were a robot steals the prince´s popcorn.
  • Leo´s constant need for food in general is actually really funny. 
  • I may prefer fantasy, but it´s very refreshing to see Barbie in a sci-fi adventure for once.
  • All the teens are super smart and talented in their own way. They can handle technology and spaceships without any problem, which reflects well on our youngest generations that are growing up in the technological age. 
  • Barbie isn’t treated differently based on sexist shit, which has always been a good trait in her movies ((Well, at least most of the time… *cough* Barbie and the Three Musketeers *cough*)). 
  • I like that the king isn’t a bad guy like you first assume.


  • Unnecessary narrator is unnecessary.
  • Barbie is called Barbie in this. This messes up canon lore soon much!!
  • The characters say stuff without any reason. They jump from topic to topic in an unnatural way. And it´s not a character thing, just bad writing.
  • The reuse of the same 3D bases for the main characters is more distracting than ever (CLONES!!). And because of this I head-cannon that Leo is Barbie´s long lost brother. YOU CAN´T STOP ME!!
  • The songs feel really out of place. It´s not that the songs aren’t good, it´s the audio itself. It feels and sounds as if Barbie isnt really singing, that somebody muted her and put on iTunes.
  • Why doesnt the prince have any powers? :,(
  • The sisters´ telepathy skills are introduced, used like once or twice and then are never seen again. Just a waist of script pages.
  • Since there is no villain or antagonist of any kind there isnt anything really standing in Barbie´s way. There isnt even an element of “You must change in order to overcome your own weakness” or anything like that. 
  • The main plot line (save the stars) does not come with any sense of urgency. There is no countdown, and we dont even know what will happen IF the stars die (they litteraly only say the it would be “bad”). And even when the stars DID go out at the end, it did not seem to matter that much. People were just a little sad. 
  • That damn deus ex machine ending twist. It had me literally swearing. It was pretty thou.
  • Barbie is special and that snow-flakyness saves the day. Been there, done that. 

seeing a lot of people on here who think kylo ren looks cool, just wondering, when are you all gonna kill your dads? because you know he killed his dad right? did you even watch the movie because if you did maybe you wouldnt think hes so good, he actually does a lot of pretty messed up stuff if you pay attention

On the random topic of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them…

I personally enjoyed this movie more than any of the other Harry Potter ones! I think a lot of that had to do with not knowing any of the characters going in, or how the world would be, or what to expect… 

Newt was a new world entirely and I didn’t have any preconceptions in my head of what he was going to be, and that was delightful.

All the side characters were enjoyable, and my gosh it was so pretty…

I’m looking forward to more of these, actually!

What a darn good movie!

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Rogue One

I was all hyped up and ready to absolutely love Rogue One, with what a great response it got on Tumblr and in general, which is I think why I’m so mad at it.

Spoilers are in here, if you haven’t seen Rogue One this is not the post for you.

I will preface this by saying that I enjoyed a solid 80% of what was in the film, it had good continuity and I saw the lengths that they went to in order to make this film tie in with the other Star Wars movies. The plot was actually pretty decent, not too much and not too little, and while I thought that they certainly could have used a lot more character development and ‘quiet’ scenes like we get in the Original Trilogy (one of the factors that I think make them such strong films) it was leaps and bounds better than the prequels. The acting was good, and outside of the palm trees it visually looked like a Star Wars movie (something that the prequels really lacked and they’ve worked hard to recover)

But that said.

What is the freaking point if every one dies.

Like, I get it- I get that it’s supposed to be about a ‘greater purpose’ and something ‘bigger than you’, I understand the thought process in a critical sense, but to me as a storyteller it just seems cruel, and mean spirited.

When I look at a story and pick it apart I’m not trying to be mean, I’m trying to make it better. Make it the best that it CAN be. And best is going to be subjective, so I understand some people will even enjoy that they all died because to them it might prove the point more strongly, that you should believe in your cause enough to give up your life etc. 

My counterpoint to that would be that this is not supposed to be a lesson in that sense; we already have seen the sacrifice as the characters we’ve walked through begin to die, K9 first and then Bohdi and the other two fellas I can’t remember the names of; we see many of the rebels dying to get this cause through, her father dies, we’ve ALREADY SEEN and felt the sacrifice. 

Outside of just making the viewers feel even more sad and demoralized at the end of your story, what purpose does it really serve to kill your main character? It didn’t improve the story in any way and I’ve already seen these people give up everything to be at this point, and I don’t even really mind if they die five minutes after they leave the planet; but to end your story with “Rocks fall and everyone dies” just feels really like you don’t care about the viewer’s emotional experience at all at the end of the film. That you’re OK with people being incredibly disheartened and sad even though the whole message of your film is trying to portray hope. It’s like… Yeah, you can paint a painting about the rainbow with black and white if you really want, but is that the best way to actually convey a rainbow? To make someone FEEL a rainbow? 

You’re telling me to hope against all odds, but leaving me feeling hopeless.

And to me that’s a failure of storytelling.

Alright, they’ve finally cast one of my favourite YA boys and I really don’t know if I like it. We don’t know much about him. All we know is :

- He’s new and he’s just been in a few movies and two tv series I think??
- He has a movie called beach boys coming out this year.
- He’s british and is like 6 ft tall ( Isn’t Amandla 5"3 ? That’s gonna be cute)
- He doesn’t look anything like how I pictured Liam to be.
- His eyes are pretty tho
- He looks a little too old to play Liam
- Alex said that she’s seen his work and she likes it.
- I’m very sceptical and I can’t see it really BUT he’s read all the books and that’s good, that’s great, that’s fantastic actually. That’s a start.
- Let’s give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Also I kind of trust Alex.

Also stay strong TDM fam, because we aren’t too far from finding out Chubs and Zu.

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In movie sword fights, there's always a lot of parrying, but it feels like that would damage the swords a lot, especially in those situations where the combatants just press their swords against each other in a strength struggle. Do real sword fights involve a lot of parrying?

They do, but it looks different from movie parrying. You’re right in that it would, did, and does damage the swords a great deal which is why it’s not the preferred method in real sword fights. The technique you’re describing has been termed as Flynning (after actor Errol Flynn) and the Tropes page has a pretty good description of it versus some discussion of real fencing. It’s important to remember that the point of a movie is primarily to entertain. While it has no connection to actual swordfighting, Flynning is a great deal of fun to watch and much more visually interesting than traditional swordplay.

One of the most accurate gun fights in film is in Michael Mann’s Heat with the bank robbery. The sequence was universally panned by audiences as not being “exciting” enough.

Finding a comfortable middle between entertainment and reality is something each writer will struggle with. However, luckily for you, you’re not working with a visual medium.

Lots of fencers, especially HEMA fencers, will tell you that movie sword fights are stupid. In the real world, when two knights ended up in a movie style blade lock they wouldn’t monologue. One would just punch the other. It’s one of many reasons why you wear gauntlets.

One of the great flaws in how a lot of writers structure their fight scenes, particularly with weapons, is that they get very focused on the weapon itself and forget about the other body parts involved.

Two warriors ending up in a blade lock seems like the perfect time in the movieverse for a monologue. They’re nose to nose, too close to actually stab each other. If you disengage at that distance, one or the other has to back up to use their swords again. If you’re thinking only about the sword and not say disengaging into a head bash or a punch because this is a sword duel and sword duels only ever involve swords, then it’s not going to occur to you.

In the real world, combat doesn’t wait five minutes for punchy dialogue. Someone talking means they’re either A) trying to distract in order to create an opening or B) are distracted themselves which means there is an opening.

You do, however, parry a great deal and not just in sword fighting but also in hand to hand. The parry is a key part of defense and creating openings by which you attack. In combat flow a basic attack is countered by the parry which allows the defender to remain on the defense or take up the offense with a counterattack. So, think about parrying not as clashing and banging but deflection.

It’s easiest to think of this kind of defense and offense as applications of pressure. Physics are ultimately key in understanding a lot of the defensive concepts that are the core across multiple disciplines. While everyone does it differently, the concepts remain the same.

Blocks and parries are two separate move sets.

The block takes the hit.

The parry is a defensive move that creates openings in the enemy’s guard when your opponent attacks.

So, what happens when you lean into someone else? You lay your weight on top of them/against them? Or when two people pull on a rope? If two people lean into each other, they can stay upright even though they’re off balance. This is what the blade lock is, the basic theory that Hollywood is using and it requires two people to be interested in applying the same pressure against each other. But what happens when one person just lets go? The other person loses balance, they fall over, and possibly go all the way to the ground. It’s rarely this dramatic, but that’s the concept. You take the path of least resistance,

Your parry is your give. This is where the attacker who fights without control gets into trouble. If you’ve totally committed to your strike or over-committed then you find the expected resistance no longer there and you come forward into the enemy’s counter.

What you’ll notice in sword combat is that the blade catches but then it rotates, turning the other blade aside. After that, the counterattack comes.

Real fencing is also fast. Most of the time, it’s over in only a few moves. For a real head trip, go look up Olympic Fencing on YouTube. Assume every time the buzzer sounds is a kill.

You’ll notice when you watch fencing videos, like those below, that the movements tend to be fairly tight compared to movies where the swords are swung in wide arcs. Part of the reason why movies and plays do this is so the sword can be seen by the audience, but it’s worth remembering that the bigger the motion then the more tiring it is. Also, the greater the opening it creates in the defense and the more distance the blade/fists/legs have to go in order to connect. The same technical reasons which make big slow motions so great for audience viewing are the same ones which will screw you over in a real fight.

There is a strategy which comes in at the higher levels with blocks, parries, counters, and feints. The upper levels involve bringing multiple concepts together to seamlessly move from one state (defensive) to another (offensive), and often involve tricking opponents through body language and false attacks (feints) into making choices bad for their health.

TLDR: parries are part and parcel to the foundations of martial arts across the board, not just fencing.


Some Fencing Videos:

Longsword Techniques: zornhau, oben abnehmen, duplieren, mutieren  

More Swords from IndenSchwertkamf

A Glossary of Fencing Terms from Wikipedia

Fencing Strategy and Tactics: Counter-Time from SelbergFencing, a discussion of parries as an offensive action from Master Charles Selberg. (I’d check out his whole channel and watch his discussions about fencing strategy, techniques, and their purpose.)

As always check out Matt Easton’s channel Scholagladitoria for in depth discussions on HEMA, Fencing, Medieval Weaponry, and Hollywood mistakes.

And Skallagrim for the same.

We also have a swords tag for more references, resources, and our thoughts on different issues.

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Hey, Gwendy. I just thought of something. What if Kylo didn't kill Luke's students because there wasn't any of them. Luke was trying to build it but what if there was only Ben to teach. And that's why he destroyed it all. Because he was all there was. I know the movie says "he was training a new generation of Jedi" what if jedi is singular and that means he was training Ben to be a new type of Jedi? I know generation means a group of people but what if he was the Jedi of a new generation?

You know, that’s actually a pretty good way to look at it. Another perspective on things so to speak. I’m sure we’ll have answers by the time TLJ comes out but til then, this is one interpretation I’d be in to.

Ninjago Movie reactions

Okay so far looking through the comments and everyone’s reactions of the new designs for the ninja there’s been overall one main thing stressed about each character. I’m going to sum them all up.

Garmadon: Actually looks good.

Lloyd: dem eyebrows dou

Kai: Impossible hair

Nya: Who is that?

Jay: Freckles

Zane: On drugs


Wu: meh

And that’s pretty much the overall reaction for each character……. I’m not ready for this movie.


College!AU : Jeon Jungkook, the badboy

Yep Jeon Jungkook was the badboy cliché like in the movies. Always with his band of stupid “friends” that stayed with him just because he was rich and popular. He had good grades and was pretty smart for a little fuckboy like him. He secretly has a girlfriend, that one girl no one ever notices because she’s always quiet and shy and avoid people. He would secretly got into her house by her window late at night, and sometimes he would organize date at school inside empty classrooms.

Jungkook looked like a bastard who would always be up for a fight if someone ever insulted him or something, and he actually was that kind of person. But deep inside, he was a nice guy, and grew even nicer since he met Taehyung and Jimin.

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I noticed that in few places, people did not add plural s to jedi. Just like fish! So if jedi word is like fish we can say "Oh, yes it is PLURAL!" :) It seems luke wont die. Actually i dont wanna see him dead cause Han is gone, Leia is probably going to be "gone" in 2nd or 3rd movie.

I think it’s pretty official now that the Jedi in “The Last Jedi” is plural. We recently got official title releases in other languages (French, Portugese, German to name a few) indicating that the Jedi is in plural form. I don’t think Luke is gonna die though Leia’s fate….it doesn’t look good.

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Have you ever seen a good fancast for Demetri based on his physical description in the books/Guide?

Not that I can recall, but I’m just like, so bad at fancasts. I don’t really see faces/features clearly in my head when I read, so when there is a Movie of the Book made, pretty much the actors’ faces fill in the blanks. 

(And when I DO see something clearly it’s usually more about being reminded of something else than what is actually written.  Edward originally looked like Edward VIII in my head because I associated the name with that historical figure; Aro looked like Gary Oldman in Dracula because vampires + robes, I guess?  Neither are anything like the characters were described lol) 

Anyone have any suggestions? 

Matt & Liam Judge the Girls of DOAX3

Marie Rose best girl

Liam: EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD! Totally, eighteen years old! She likes…pricess bak…bakel? That’s a swedish thing, I don’t fuckin’ know.

Matt: I saw that and I was like what? I do like that she likes horror movies.


Matt (a split second after she pops up): GOD!

Liam: *back on Marie Rose* Yeah, horror movies is good. *switches to Honoka* And then we get to Honkers.

Matt: *laughing* HONKERS!

Liam: Honkers.

Matt: Oh, she likes cream puffs, huh!

Liam: But she likes pro wresting and martial arts movies.

Matt: She also likes being clean, which is always a plus.

Liam: *switching between Marie Rose and Honoka* So these two are like the most popular right now.

Matt: In Japan they won the big battle royal.


Liam: Uh, Nyotengu is fuckin’ sick. Don’t shit on her, she’s actually amazing.

Matt: She actually looks pretty cool.

Liam: She’s one-thousand and eighteen human years old, but she’s still got it!

Matt: She’s been around the block, she’s seen her fair amount of sausage, but she’s still out there and she’s still doin’ it.


Liam: Um, there’s co-core-o, who likes piano—

Matt: Damn, that bikini! I’d look good in that; you would, too.

Liam: Yeah, man, we both would, dude.


Liam: Uh, we got Ayane.

Matt: That’s a cool outfit.

Liam: There’s your old guard.

Matt: Ayane always just seems like she’s evil. I know she’s not, like in the later games, but…HOW IS SHE STILL EIGHTEEN!?

Liam: There’s something like, I can’t trust her because of Ninja Gaiden events.

Matt: She’s gotta be like twenty-five now, actually. Like, depending on where she started.



Liam: She’s still nineteen.

Matt:She’s like twenty—

Liam: Hasn’t aged a day!

Matt: She’s like fifty!

Liam: Yeah, well…


Matt: Ah, look how cool that outfit is!

Liam: Yeah Momiji’s sick.

Matt: Although, her hobbies and favorite foods are kinda boring, but whatever. She’s twenty-one.

Liam: Well, yeah, it’s all stuff you—



Liam: Hitomi…

Matt: Why is she from Germany, but her name is Hitomi? Can you understand this?

Liam: This is the…porridge of this game.

Matt: The dishwater.

Liam: She is the lukewarm dishwater of dead or alive.


Liam: She is from French.

Matt: She’s twenty-three. She’s the old guard. She’s on her way out, they gotta replace that.

Liam: Oh, no, absolutely. That’s why Honkers and Maria are in, like…

Matt: *laughing hysterically*

Creepy Anime Bullshit - Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

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Does Alex Wolff look like Jahar from what you've seen?

Not really. Facially, you’d never mistake him for the real Jahar. They do have similar features though.

If you saw them both from the neck down, face hidden, then yeah, they’re similar. Alex also tried to walk like Jahar in the movie and it was pretty realistic imo. Idk if Alex actually walks like that irl tho. Basically, Alex is a good match, but you wouldn’t say “holy shit is that Jahar?” if you saw him walking down the street.

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How about choose five or so of your favorite movies/tv shows/books/games and draw one or two characters from each of those all interacting with each other?

That’s a pretty cool idea actually! I like it! Thanks! Hopefully it looks good in the sketches! ^v^

How I ended up being fucked over by Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Friend: Hey look at this girl from an anime I wanna cosplay!! *shows me picture of Mami*
  • Me: Oh wow that's awesome
  • Friend: The anime is really good, you should watch it! Look at all the other characters! *shows cute photo of all the girls*
  • Me being bored: Well this actually looks pretty cute, I'll watch it
  • Me five hours later after binge watching the whole season: *sobbing* WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?! *more gross sobbing*
  • Friend: Mwahaha... okay there is a sequel movie on netflix trust me it'll make it better
  • Me stupidly: Okay then *sniffles*
  • Me another two hours later after watching Rebellion: *sobbing harder* WHY DID I TRUST YOU I HATE YOU I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF I SHOULD BE HAPPY OR SAD
  • Friend: Well your ships came true didn't they?