this movie kills me every time i watch it

Logan is a Western, and it Changes Everything

Logan makes every other superhero film in the past fifteen years look like a cheap parlor trick. For two hours and twenty one minutes, it locks you in and makes you watch a movie that doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. It’s uncomfortable and messy and it doesn’t satisfy. Wolverine’s claws are uneven and his kills are ugly. People die with no last words, no proper sendoff and no closure. Logan provokes visceral reactions time and again, not because it’s violent, but because it’s painful, and everything else now looks plastic by comparison.

From the top, let me say I hope this doesn’t come across as some edgy rant arguing for more gore and profanity in superhero films. That’s not my point. I should also confess that I have no experience with the X-Men comics, or with comics at all for that matter. I’m not arguing that The Avengers would have been better with a few more fucks given. All I’m saying is that Logan changes things, and the rest of the genre needs to take notice and adapt.

I expect words like “raw” and “gritty” will be thrown around a lot in discussing Logan. I’m hesitant to use that vernacular because it’s the same language people use to describe The Dark Knight, and the two really aren’t that comparable. They both step outside the box of contemporary comic book movies, but where The Dark Knight is a thriller, Logan is a western, and therein lies the difference that makes Hugh Jackman’s final outing so important.

In the modern Hollywood superhero archetype, the greater message to the audience is apparent to the characters. Superman is a symbol of justice and goodness, and he understands that just as well as we do. In The Dark Knight, Batman represents the basic human struggle between morality and chaos that thematically pervades throughout the whole film. Both forces are at work in Bruce Wayne, and The Joker and Two Face bring that inner conflict into the spotlight. And Batman gets this. He understands he’s a symbol in some broader thematic picture.

In a western, Batman doesn’t get it. We get it, and therefore we have certain expectations about how Batman is supposed to act and how the plot is supposed to go. Batman doesn’t see the deeper significance of his circumstances, so his actions don’t match our expectations. He doesn’t stop to consider what he’s supposed to do in a narrative sense.

The Dark Knight is clean. Maybe that’s controversial, but it shouldn’t be. Yes, Rachel dies. Yes, Harvey Dent succumbs to The Joker’s twisted social experiment, and yes, Batman takes the fall when he shouldn’t have to. But that all makes sense. It fulfills the thematic ends we anticipated when we bought our tickets. We understand what Batman and Joker represent, and we’d be shocked if the movie ended happy. In the end, we get what we paid for. It’s clean. It satisfies.

Logan does not satisfy. It isn’t clean because no part of it understands the rules it’s supposed to follow. Professor X insists on being crass, pathetic and generally wrong about everything, despite our presumption that he’s meant to be kind, strong and wise. Characters die in the middle of fights, dazed and confused with no forewarning, no tidy arc or epiphany and no greater thematic significance. And when they’re buried, Logan offers no words to explain why. It doesn’t resolve the major plot points revealed in the film’s third act. It refuses to give us the explanations we demand. Hell, the whole crux of the plot is that Wolverine’s powers have stopped functioning properly. He doesn’t work the way he’s supposed to.

I also expect Logan will see a lot of comparisons to last year’s Deadpool. After all, the two films mark the first two consecutive steps in Fox’s ongoing experiment in R-rated superhero movies. The difference is that Deadpool puts a filter on the established tropes of the genre, while Logan takes a filter off.

At no point while watching Ryan Reynolds bloodily slice up extras and spout crude one-liners did I see Deadpool as some new norm. It doesn’t feel natural, it feels off. In a good way mind you, but off nonetheless.  Logan, on the other hand, makes everything else feel off. Suddenly, every prior film Fox, DC and Disney have ever put out in the genre looks fake. Where’s the ugliness? Where’s the pain? I’m not asking Chris Hemsworth to start decapitating people in Thor: Ragnarok, but looking back now I can’t help notice all the lines, all the actions, all the moments that felt stiff and unnatural. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been primed and focus-tested, there’s no revelation there. The Hollywood blood was visibly coursing right beneath the skin, and everyone accepted it. But now Logan has cut an adamantium gash and the Hollywood is spilling out, impossible to ignore anymore.

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine holds a pedigree as old as the contemporary superhero film. Tobey Maguire’s masked debut in Spiderman made such a huge splash upon release in 2002 that lots of people forget it was preceded two years by the original X-Men. Long before Robert Downey Jr. became an idol for American children, Hugh Jackman and Wolverine laid the early groundwork that would become modern comic book blockbusters as we know them. The X-Men franchise built the foundation for the genre’s multibillion-dollar card tower, and in one breath James Mangold blew the whole thing down and showed us all what a façade it was.

Up until now, superhero flicks have been Hollywood’s Top 40 pop hits. Sure Batman might switch into a minor key and Deadpool slapped a parental advisory label on the cover, but they still played on the same stations. Logan composes in a whole different time signature. It’s new and different and feels unnatural, and it can’t be ignored.


Marinette and Chat Noir stood in silence. She shifted her gaze towards him for just a moment, trying to find the right words to say. She had wanted to ask him about his life. Who he was, to be more precise. It had been bouncing around her mind for some time now, despite what she had said as Ladybug. She wanted to know the boy beneath the mask, really know him. So much to the point she was willing to throw caution to the wind.

She couldn’t say when the curiosity started. Maybe it was sometime through their talks,  when he would rant to her about his day with such vagueness that it almost irked her. She was a naturally curious person, and often it got her into trouble. Especially as Ladybug. Could she ask him? Would he tell her or would he scorn her for asking such a ridiculous question? She sighed, her eyes now looking at the streets below. Chat took notice, his ears twitching in her direction as he looked at her.

“Is everything alright, Princess?” He asked, taking note of her change in mood. He only got a shrug in reply, the corner of his lips tugging down in a frown. “You know you can talk to me, Mari. Right?” This time, she gave a nod,the faintest of smiles gracing her lips. 

“I know, Chat. It’s just something that has been bothering me for some time now. And I’m not sure how to go about it.” She murmured, managing to meet his stunning green eyes that seemed to peer into her very soul. Her breath hitched in her throat, her body seeming to freeze up on her. How could she ask him? Would it affect their current relationship? 

“Well, all my ears are alert and willing to listen.” He gave her one of his softer smiles, one she adored and took comfort in. God how she loved this stray cat. Marinette took a breath, leaning her head against his shoulder. 

“Thank you, Kitty. I suppose that… talking about it would help.”

He lead her to the lounge chair she often used for sunbathing in the summer, and on occasion an extra place for plants, sitting her down with an ease only Chat had. He took the end for himself, crossing his legs and clasping his hands together in his lap. His tail flicked in curiosity behind him. She looked like a nervous breakdown waiting to happen. He felt his heart constrict at the look in her eyes. 

“I… Chat, who are you?” She asked tentatively, her bluebell eyes searching his in desperation. He froze. His heart stopped. She had just asked a forbidden question. He tried to speak, opening his mouth, closing it when no words came out. He swallowed hard and took a breath, choosing his words carefully.

“Marinette… you know I can’t answer that.”

“Please, Chat…” She pressed, tears pricking her eyes. She was in love with someone she knew little about, yet so much at the same time. It was almost killing her not to know. “It’s driving me insane. I fell so hard and I hardly know you. Everything late night talk, every stupid, crappy movie we’ve watched, every time you’ve helped me with stupid, senseless little problems. Even helping me with designs, every smile you’ve caused, and I can’t even thank you properly.” Tears dripped down her cheeks now, her fingers gripping her pink sweatpants tightly as she averted her gaze, looking away from him.

He sat there in silence, taking in her words slowly. She loved him? She treasured him so much that she wanted to thank him for things he was happy to do? What do I do? If I tell her, she’ll be in danger, along with everyone she loves… I can’t do that to her. Even if I want nothing more than to show my princess who I really am, her safety trumps my desires. He shook his head, sliding his clawed gloves to either side of her face, thumbs resting on her cheeks as his fingers slid to her neck. 

Marinette blinked, forcing herself to look at him. Once she did, he covered her lips with his own in a tender, sweet kiss. Her face flushed, heat spreading through her body and curling around her heart. Once he pulled away, she dared to meet his eyes. He gave a saddened grin. It was his turn to speak. 

“Mari, Princess… I love you. Everything about you. Your smile, your laugh, the way you tap your foot when you lose patience with my puns, when you crack a pun, the way your eyes light up and sparkle when you get a new idea in your head and just have to sketch it then, when you’re dancing and singing your heart out to Jagged Stone, your baking skills, which could rival the best in the world, that blush you get when I compliment you that blends so beautifully with your freckles, especially your freckles… your eyes, and just your overall personality. I want nothing more than to tell you who I really am, believe me when I say this Marinette, but you mean so much more to me than you can imagine. And telling you would put you in danger. And everyone you care for… everyone you love…” He paused, images filling his mind at all the possibilities that could happen to her. 

A wetness on his cheeks brought him out of his thoughts as he leaned his forehead against hers, closing his eyes as he cried. “I can’t lose you, Marinette… please understand that. Please…” The emotion in his voice was clear. He was scared, hurt, worried, and so much more. His body shook, his brain trying to chase away the horrid images of a lifeless Marinette just because she knew his identity. “I’m sorry…” He whispered, voice strained as he choked back a sob.

“It’s okay, I understand.” She placed her hands on his wrists, squeezing in an attempt to soothe him as she closed her eyes. 

“I promise you that one day… one day…” He couldn’t finish his sentence, opening his emerald, teary eyes to gaze at her beautiful, yet heartbroken expression. His stomach felt as though it were in knots, guilt filling him as he rejected her request. 

“Yes,” Her grip tightened on him. “One day.” She concluded, her lips curling into a sad, understanding smile. “But not today.” 


Well, that took a while! This was just my idea of what happened in @australet789 Marichat May Day 18: Rejection art found

here . It’s a beautiful piece of work and they have such an amazing talent. This fic was inspired by the art drawn, so please give credit where credit is due!

What gets me about Captain America: Civil War is the absence of blame for the villains. Tony didn’t kill the woman’s son in Sokovia; Ultron is the one who lifted the city and planned on destroying as many people as he could.  Wanda tried, and failed, to contain a bomb, but it’s Rumlow who set that bomb off.  Loki opened a portal above New York City; the Chitauri soliders did most of the damage. Steve dropped three helicarriers in the Potomac River to stop HYDRA from killing millions. 

It pisses me off every time I watch the movie. 

Funny sibling stories:

I’m watching John Wick with my sister for the first time. Keep in mind, she’s a huge dog lover. Taking care of a dog is one of her life goals. So we get to the point in the movie where John’s dog gets killed by the villains. I turn to her and she’s completely stone-faced. Like, you can practically see her seething rage.

After the scene, she turns to me and says, “Skip to the part where these assholes die.” So I did and she enjoyed every second of John’s revenge.

Moral of the story: Don’t hurt dogs.

Whovian Feminism Reviews “Oxygen”

After Star Wars and Star Trek, one of the first space movies I watched as a kid was Apollo 13. It was unlike any of the movies I’d seen before. Space wasn’t a grand place filled with spaceships the size of palaces and doors that went “shuck-shuck.” Space was a dark, cramped place that was probably trying to kill you. Life in space wasn’t a given – it was a fragile, tenuous existence where every bit of survivable space had to be fought for. Jamie Mathieson’s “Oxygen” brought me right back to that feeling I got the first time I watched Apollo 13, when I realized that the only thing scarier than the monsters lurking in space was the endless, indifferent void you’d have to cross to find them.

Space hasn’t been scary in Doctor Who in a long, long time. The limitations and dangers of life in space are more likely to be hand-waved away so we can move on to other dangers. We’ve also had a lot of cute scenes of incredulous companions leaning out of the TARDIS into the vacuum of space, like Amy floating around in her night gown. Those moments aren’t bad – they’re actually some of my favorite scenes – but you do forget after awhile that space is meant to be dangerous.

Mathieson brings the terror back to space. The Frankenstein-esque spacesuit zombies border on ridiculous for a moment, but Pearl Mackie’s horrified reaction absolutely sells them. I believed they were frightening because she seemed genuinely terrified. And Mathieson is able to create real, lasting consequences when things go wrong. The Doctor is blinded after walking with insufficient protection through the vacuum of space, and no magic cure from the TARDIS is able to restore his sight. I’m curious to see how long the Doctor will remain blind, and how they intend to address it moving forward.

“Oxygen” may reflect Apollo 13′s terror and wonder at space travel, but the political message is much closer to Alien. On this space station, you live and die by capitalism’s whim. Human life is only valued for its ability to provide value to the corporation. And once their efficiency declines and they are no longer profitable, they are expendable. Human life has no value outside of profit. 

The political messaging could be a bit on-the-nose (I admit I giggled when the Doctor said they were fighting “the suits”) but it was an interesting critique of the dehumanization and impersonalization of capitalism. Never once do we see a human involved in the decision to kill the crew. An algorithm determines that the station has become unprofitable, a line of code is sent to the suits to have them kill their operators, and the suits’ onboard AI hunts down and exterminates the remaining survivors. A human probably created and approved that system long ago, but the humans whose lives are determined by it have no recourse or appeal if it decides they are expendable. It’s maximum corporate efficiency. No pesky morals or emotions can intervene to spare an unprofitable workforce at the last moment due to sentiment.

But they didn’t count on an interfering Time Lord. 

The Doctor has another opportunity to give a grand speech about his and his companion’s unique role in the universe to help those in need, but it rings a little more hollow this time around. The Doctor didn’t end up in the middle of this crisis by accident – he sought out a distress call. And he’s not doing this solely out of the goodness of the heart. He’s bored. He’s an adrenaline junkie seeking his next fix.

And Nardole is not having any of it. This is the first episode where it starts to feel like he might actually have a purpose for being on the TARDIS. His continuous shading of the Doctor’s cockiness and dereliction of duty added a bit of levity throughout the episode, and we even got a reference to fluid links! But the humor dries up by the end of the episode when Nardole starkly lays out everything the Doctor’s actions put at risk. Matt Lucas can play the buffoon very well, but Nardole is at his most effective when he’s playing the jester – mixing insightful and sharp commentary in with his humor. 

There was only one sour note for me in this episode, and that was the subplot with Ellie and Ivan. Ellie’s speech about wanting to have a child with Ivan was a sweet, humanizing touch at the beginning of the episode to remind you about the lives these workers want to have outside of their jobs. And then she is immediately killed. At the end of the episode, her corpse hands over her oxygen pack to help keep Ivan alive so we can watch him be sad about it. 

Look, I know I must sound like a broken record on this. And I know this is a relatively small, not particularly compelling example of fridging. But I’m going to keep pointing it out every single time it happens because it’s a lazy plot trope that does a disservice to female characters and fans. Plenty of people die in Doctor Who, but I want the women’s deaths to be about them and their lives and their pain, not about the men surrounding them!

The signs as "Heathers" quotes
  • Aries: The extreme always seems to make an impression.
  • Taurus: I say we just grow up, be adults, and die.
  • Gemini: I can't believe you did it. I was teasing. I loved you! Of course, I was coming up here to kill you..
  • Cancer: Dear Diary. My teen angst bullshit has a body count.
  • Leo: Chaos is great! Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling.
  • Virgo: If you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn't be a human. You'd be a game show host.
  • Libra: I shop, therefore I am.
  • Scorpio: Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw. Do I look like Mother Theresa?
  • Sagittarius: Our love is God. Lets go get a slushie.
  • Capricorn: Are we going to prom or to hell?
  • Aquarius: Whether to kill yourself or not is one of the most important decisions a teenager can make.
  • Pisces: This isn't just a spoke in my menstrual cycle.
Slytherin! Vernon

admin k: every harry potter fan is gonna kill me for this but I’ve never read any of the books and only watched like 2-3 of the movies…sorry babes. maybe I’ll watch the reestch/ rest of the movies some time soon~ so because of that, I’m sorry if i didn’t capture the houses personalities right/accurately! I did my best tho so please don’t hate~~ 

word count: 1,076

genre: Slytherin! Vernon x Ravenclaw! reader (Harry Potter AU) 

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Do you ever just *clenches fist* love credence barebone so got damn much


LIKE. I also feel GREAT PAIN because Credence is SO MUCH and sometimes digging into it just makes me sit down and kinda dissociate for a little while cause my fragile human mind can only handle so much, y’know?

But he’s a great character. Ezra did a phenomenal job. I watch scenes from the movies still like… all the time just to appreciate how DANG good this character is.

I mean, firstly, I just love seeing what they call REVENGE PLOTS. Kill Bill is, like, one of my favorite movies of all time on the face of the earth. Also Carrie. So I am automatically here for a movie whose plot hinges on “Young man exacts violent supernatural revenge upon his abusers” I’m HERE FOR IT. There’s a creepy little girl? The heroine is awkward without being incompetent or a ditz or naked for no reason?? Her tender and entirely platonic relationship with our supernatural revenge fantasy is the heart of the plot’s resolution? I’M THERE. I’M THERE WITH BELLS ON.

And like… unlike some of the revenge plot films that I’ve enjoyed, Credence is… he’s not some badass killer. He’s frightened. He’s repressing SO MUCH. He’s not beautiful when he breaks down. It is not artistic or lovely or soft. There are tears and there’s also a whole lotta drool, holy shit. He’s gentle. He cares about people and wants to be cared about. He’s hurt. He’s proud. HE’S FUCKING PISSED OFF. He gets to be SO many things. FACETS? IN A MAINSTREAM BLOCKBUSTER THAT DEALS WITH ABUSE? 

I just love him so much. I don’t trust JKR with him AT ALL because she’s a fucking hack, but Ezra is a darling. He is a dumb stoner whiteboy but he is ready to drool on himself and wear period appropriate underwear for this character even though he doesn’t get a wand even and I trust him ABSOLUTELY


I literally always want to talk about this boy and just. gush intensely about my love and maybe cry a little (a lot)

need to rant plz don't mind me I'm not looking for discussion just ranting

I swear this series will never stop haunting and destroying me….

So the last mother fucking episode of Na***o (I censor it for my own sake) is Hin**a’s wedding…again…why..did she not get an entire MOVIE for her and her selfish love??? Now the last episode is dedicated to her god for saken wedding…
That’s not even the worst part… I did this mistake of scrolling the tag and immediately starting crying

Sakura.. the fictional character who got me through some of my hardest school days. She inspired me so much and it kills me to this day seeing what’s become of her and this series I once loved.

Every single time I think she can’t be hurt anymore, that there’s nothing more they can do to destroy her..
I’m proven wrong every time! They show her watching all the happy couples while she is completely alone…& the only “comfort” she gets is a letter from Sasuke with the word congratulations on it..meant for N & H….. that’s what she blushes and smiles at…that’s the final scene she receives in this series.
How can anyone human being who watched/read this series from the beginning be truly ok with this scene and just overall ending… it’s pure evil and beyond cruel… Sakura the main heroine in the series, who has overcome so much and basically been sad since the beginning…she didn’t get to have a happy ending (call it what u will guys that’s no happy ending and that’s coming from someone who loved Sasuskau at a time) it’s miserable and it hurts me.

To think Hin**a the side character who really never had much to offer to the series besides holding an immense love/obsession for Nar**o got an amazingly happy ending meanwhile Sakura the actual heroine whose character actually impacted the series in many fucking ways is left with the worst ending I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t wish this ending on any character.
and we all know it doesn’t get better because she then has a child and is left to raise it alone while everyone else is a couple raising there’s just like the creators truly despise Sakura and want to make her suffer in any way possible..& I know it’s just goddamn fiction and I’m insane for caring so much but it really does hurt me deeply. I loved this character so much she really was and sadly still is important to me so whenever I see how miserably she is treated and continues to just hurts…

it hurts a lot and I wish I can wake up one day and not give a fuck…

okay end of rant..

Seven Minutes in Heaven with Jiyong

Fandom: BIGBANG/ OT5

Synopsis: At a party, Jiyong decides to liven things up a little with a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven…

Warnings: Fluff & a bit suggestive…actually, this chapter is the raciest. It’s not what I would call smut, but it’s skirting the edge for sure. lol

Author’s Note: This chapter is what happens when you draw Jiyong’s name…
And so, the leader came out of the bag last. :) This one also has a bit of a surprise ending… *gasp*

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.


“Well, well, well… aren’t you the lucky one?” Jiyong said, looking over your shoulder to see his name written on the paper.

Your eyes slowly slid closed and you swallowed thickly. This was going to be… interesting. Ever since you had become friends with Bigbang, Jiyong had been flirting with you. But, much to the leaders frustration, you declined all his advances. You could tell that it ate at him, knowing that he couldn’t have you & people always want what they can’t have.

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What kills me, what absolutely slaughters me, about Batman VS Superman
Is that if you sit down and watch the movie and I mean the entire movie. Not the theatrical version but the extended directors cut, is that it is an amazing movie. It’s fucking phenomenal.
BUT Snyder had to cut out stuff for time, and 90% of the problems people had with it?
Solved by watching the extended version.
So it’s got this terrible rap for pacing problems, and too many subplots and everything. However, when you watch the movie as it is meant to be seen, yes it’s a long ass movie, but it is a coherent narrative that shows the genius of Lex Luthor in a way that hasn’t been showcased in ages.

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okay but alec and lilly as bros is my aesthetic


  • Alec asking her to babysit Max??? Shes surprised af but PRETENDS to be nonchalant about it. A shadowhunter asking a vampire to babysit their child? Pffff, totally normal. Happens all the time. 
  • Sometimes Lily visits at the same time as the Lightwoods, and she calls Robert “Bob”, and when he corrects her about it she’s just like “Shh Bob, I’m trying to talk business with your son, you can go do something useful for a change”  
  • Lily sending Alec messages during official clave meetings??? 

“Lightwood your progenitor is insufferable”
“He’s not that bad…”
“who the fuck is that person anyway”
“thats my Parabatai actually”
“well he’s also insufferable”
“….I know”
“your sister is kinda cute though”
“that’s not my sister”
“my bad, some of you shadowhunters look a lot alike.”
“Lily please stop pulling faces, Maia is gonna kick your ass if you make her laugh”
“not my problem I’m naturally hilarious. Also tell her to text me if she has anything to say” 

  • Drunk!Lily calling Alec in the middle of the night and he gets so worried??? Maybe she’s in trouble or something happened, but when he picks up she’s babbling about some girl that turned her down and that had never happened to her before??? Is she losing her touch??? It takes Alec twenty minutes to calm her down, but he doesn’t care too much because nobody apart from his siblings had ever told him about their personal problems, and its kinda nice to know Lily trusts him enough. 
  • Lily sends Alec selfies all the time, but she rarely gets any on return. 
  • She probably downloads Snapchat on his phone, and sends him pics of ketchup and blood alike stuff like “oh man I was so hungry” followed by a pic of herself pulling a horrified face “Wrong number!!”. 
  • LILY TRYING TO TAKE ALEC CLUBBING ALL THE TIME!!! She pouts when he reminds her that he has a son to take care of, sorry
  • Magnus completely betraying him and reminding him Isabelle is available that night, and that he should definitely go out with Lily
  • “Huh yeah my friend over there likes you, you should um, talk to her” and then, lower “And be nice to her or just for you to know I could kill you with my eyes closed” 
  • They have movies nights every now and then because Lily can’t believe Alec knows crap about pop culture??( “Magnus what are you for if not to teach young Lightwood here about pop culture??” “I did my best, sue me”)  
  • Obviously the first thing they do is watch every single Twilight movie. 
  • “ I’m glad you don’t do that” Alec smiles when Edward steps into the sun “I have enough glitter in my life already”  
  • Of course Alec complies. The reason she doesnt let people see her phone? She has TONS of baby pictures. 
  • Lily has always hated that nickname, but let’s him use it. Magnus uses it once and he still has nightmares about the glare he received from her 
  • “Just for you to know, Lightwood” she tells him one day over coffee after they have solved a particular hard case that had taken them hours “I’m expecting your next child to be named after me”. Magnus splutters on his cup, because Max is barely three, they’re not having another kid that soon, thank you very much, but Alec nods solemnly and replies “ Sure. You will have to fight Isabelle to death for it, but okay” 
  • It stays for like a week but it was awesome 
  • Sometimes she talks about Raphael with Alec, because he’s a really good listener and always knows what to say. 
  • LILY MAKES ALEC TAG ALONG FOR CONCERTS!!! So far they went to see Halsey, Taylor Swift, and Years & Years. Alec had never listened to any of them, but he loved some of the songs. 
  • “Truth to be told, I only brought you because I need someone tall with broad shoulders, and Maia doesn’t like Taylor Swift” “Why would you need-” and then Lily hops on his back. She pulls his hair during some songs because “I just know you’re judging this song, stop being a pretencious asshole and SHAKE IT OFF”
  • Every time Wildest Dreams comes up when they’re together, she points at Alec and sings at the top of her lungs “He’s soooo taaalll, and handsome as hell, he’s so baaaad but he does it so wellll” 
  • Jace shaking his head when Lily comes into conversation because “I honestly can’t understand how you’re friends with her. She’s so scary and intimidating” everyone agreeing while Alec looks directly into the camera like the office because he literally just received a text from her saying “LOL look at this cat video” 
  • Funny cat videos!!! They send each other those all the time. 
  • Lily kidnaps Chairman meow every now and then, sends Alec pics of both of them with sunglasses (he rolls his eyes, it’s 22PM) and lots of emojis. 

Warning: This isn’t like my usual imagines. This imagine is based off of the novel ‘American Psycho’ by Brett Easton Ellis, and if you’ve read or heard of it, you’ll know it’s very controversial. I tried to keep it mild because, obviously, no one asked for this and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. However, I know some people may be quick to get judgemental. This isn’t supposed to offend, scare, mock or anything of the sort, it’s merely a piece of fiction inspired by another. With that, please be aware but also, enjoy it.

PS. If you don’t like it or are offended or whatever, don’t come at me; I warned you and you carried on reading. Enjoy💗

Justin’s P.O.V

She lays with her head on my lap, her hair sprawls out and contrasts with my washed out jeans. I feel dizzy but I keep my focus on her to steady myself, it only just works.

The TV plays across the room, meaning there’s no need for us to make any kind of conversation. It means I can sit and stroke her hair, feeling her shiver beneath me. It gives me great pleasure to feel her body jolt whenever my fingers touch her scalp.

Her feet twitch at the edge of the bed, she lets them sway gently and curls her toes every so often. It’s a sight I’m familiar with and I’m taken back to the previous week when I managed to make them curl in the exact same way by pounding her with no remorse, I remember having to hold back from ripping her to shreds from beneath me.

My eyes coming back into focus, I realise I’m not paying even the slightest bit of attention to the TV but rather thinking of all the ways I could use the new power drill I purchased last night. So far, I’ve thought of six.

I’m not sure what we’re watching, but it’s quiet and calm - although, in my head it’s a completely different story - and I’m happy to sit doing nothing besides watching the white walls of [Y/N]’s bedroom, thinking they’d look a lot more appealing if they were dripping red.

I’m guessing the movie is a slasher; the loud thuds of non-diegetic music as the poor, defenceless girl creeps cautiously around the conveniently destroyed and abandoned building pours through the speakers.

It all happens so fast, much to my disappointment. I’m suddenly paying attention and watching with bated breath. Does she die? How? Knife in the stomach? Decapitated? I hope [Y/N] doesn’t feel my body stiffen.

She jumps when the killer takes a stab, meanwhile, I clench my fists. The fake blood and the shrill sounds of screaming awakens something in me and I can feel a wave of heat wash over me.

I abandon [Y/N]’s hair in fear of grabbing it too hard and instead, place them at my sides. They turn white from being balled so tightly while the girl on the screen writhes on the floor pathetically. [Y/N] is watching behind her hands now.

She looks up at me and for that moment, the world seems okay. “How can you watch this so casually? Are you not scared?” she whines and I smile.

I think about all the things I could tell her, about what I’ve seen, heard, done, and immediately decide against it; it’s selfish but I refuse to let her leave.

“It’s all fake, and not to mention, inaccurate. It’d take her a lot longer than that to die by a couple of mediocre stabs to the neck, and the blood is clearly paint. Blood’s thick, but not that thick,“ I say and think back to the night I fell deep - deeper than usual - into my typical spiral and ended up in my neighbour’s kitchen, drinking the blood from his neck after having used my - at the time - brand new pocket knife. It was bitter and left an unusual aftertaste but the kill was satisfactory.

“I know that,” she rolls her eyes, although I know she probably didn’t know. “But it’s still scary, the thought of it, you know?”

It’s humorous to me that she’s frightened by child’s play; whoever created, directed, produced and even starred in this sad excuse for a horror movie had clearly never slashed open a man’s stomach and scooped his insides out; they went about portraying it all wrong. Despite this, it’s sending my bloodlust into a frenzy and I’m thinking about asking her if I can borrow it sometime.

“The thought of what?” I ask, interested.

“Just.. murder. Killing someone. Having so much blood on your hands. I could never do it, I care too much.” She seems to go into some sort of mini trance and I grin, wondering what beautifully tragic images are going through her mind. I wish I could play with her brain and see what she’s seeing.

That’s why I love her - I think I do, I can’t really feel much, but I think I’m as close to being in love as I’ll ever be - she’s kind and delusional and thinks people are good. She’s innocent and pure and I sometimes struggle to keep it that way - sometimes my mind’s foggy and I have to leave before I ruin her.

“That’s because you’re angel,” I mutter and I can see her shy away, making me grin. I run my fingers along the side of her face and I catch sight of dry blood under my fingernails from last night, I make a mental note to wash my hands again.

“You are, too,” she replies and I try to stop myself from cackling. I think she notices because she frowns. “You’re too good for this world.. too good for me.”

She’s delusional, all right. She says I’m too for this world but I’m not ‘too good’ for anything, I’m not even ‘good’. I feel moved by her failure to see through my heavy guard.

“What if I told you that just last night, I had a girl’s head on my coffee table while her headless body lay limp in the kitchen? Would your opinion change?” I smirk and her eyes widen.

“Don’t even joke about that!” she slapped my chest with the back of her hand. She wasn’t scared, or even paying attention to the movie anymore. “You’ve got a sick sense of humour, Justin, you know that?”

“I do, indeed.” But my sense of humour actually feeds on puns and knock-knock jokes, the girl’s head was still on the coffee table as I left for work this morning and, unless it grew legs and took off, was probably still there now. The body is currently on its way to London, Tokyo, Canada, Switzerland, and many other places across the globe, in tiny pieces.

“I love you,” she says, looking at me with a strong look in her eyes that told me she meant it. I’m sure my heart would’ve began to beat rapidly if that kind of thing was what kick started it, and I suppose, if it functioned properly.

“I love you too,” I trace her eyebrows with my finger, doing the same with her eyes, nose and lips - they’re wet under my finger and I lick my own involuntarily.

I often think about the ‘L’ word. It’s supposedly powerful although I’ve never seen the hype. So what if your boyfriend doesn’t love you back? So what if your mom has never said she loves you? Fuck them. And no one really cares how much you love your new Summer dress or how in love you are with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Love is helpless and hopeless, it’s nothing important, really.

Actions speak louder than words, which is why I prefer to kill the people who arise the anger in me; it’s like saying 'you’re an annoying bastard’ without actually having to open your mouth.

“I’ve missed half the movie now,” she mutters before shifting her gaze from me to the TV that shows a sobbing man on his knees, a high camera angle has been used, probably to portray his weakness. He’ll probably be dead in the next few minutes and I watched silently.

I’m right. The killer returns once more and takes their time raising the knife to stab the man in the chest. Lust seeps into every inch of my body and I remind myself of rain against the windows and expensive ice cream and hot food in Winter afternoons, just to distract myself from the fog clouding my mind.

Sweat forms at my hairline and I find myself growling quietly. Thankfully, it doesn’t draw any attention, even when I begin to shake lightly, she doesn’t notice. I force myself to take deep breaths but I know from past experiences that it does nothing.

My heart is thumping in my chest and I know I have to excuse myself before I explode and grab the small but sharp knife in my coat pocket.

“Baby, I’m just gonna go get a drink. You.. want anything? Water? Coke? A glass of blood?” I grin and she rolls her eyes. I try not to focus on the one drop of sweat that strokes my skin.

“Tempting, I must say,” she jokes, and I immediately have vivid images of her soaked in blood, although not her own of course, and I sigh. “Water, please.”

I nod and make my way out of her bedroom, trailing my fingertips along the wall before jogging down the stairs. It’s dark downstairs but the lamp in the corner gives it a yellow tinge.

I hum the theme of Halloween as I reach the kitchen. The room comes to life when I flip the switch and I make my way to the top cupboard. Almost taking the door off its hinges, I grab the open bottle of Vodka from the darkness of the shelf, I only know that because I opened it a few nights ago.

I down it without remorse, feeling it burn and take away the bad in my brain. I had two choices; I could down the rest of this and return upstairs, I’d probably be able to last without spiralling until I left if I made some excuse as to why I can’t stay over tonight. Or I could leave now and find the next breathing thing to take home and satisfy my terrible desires.

As I fight with my own mind, I chug the vodka without having to tell myself to and it’s as though I’ve already decided what I’m going to do. Once only a quarter of the bottle is left I put it back and feel like brand new. I’m able to make my way, slowly, back up to her room.

She’s laid as she was when I left. Her hands rest, clasped together, on her stomach while her boobs curve out in a way that compliments her greatly.

I smile as I sit down back where I was, she lifts her head so she can rest it in my lap again. She’s looking up at me expectantly and I frown.

“Water?” she asks carefully. Her fingers tap together on her stomach and I notice her nails are polished and gleaming, unlike mine.

That’s when I realise I was focused so much on creating a buzz in my mind that I forgot to bring her water. I cursed myself mentally.

“Oh.. I, uh, I.. forgot.”

She chuckles and take my hand in hers. “You do that a lot,” she says and I realise I do. Although I’m pretty good at remembering how many stab wounds I gave that man in New York last year, and how many screams left the other man’s mouth while the chainsaw pierced his skin, I wonder how I’d forgotten her water.

“My apologies, I’ll go get you it.” I’m ready to stand but she doesn’t move her head. I don’t want to have to move it myself in case a rush washes over me and I end up snapping her neck.

“No, it’s okay. Stay.” I can see her cheek being attacked from the inside by her teeth and I watch it happen, wanting to be the one biting her.

“As you wish,” I grin but I know she shouldn’t want me around, it’s one of the many moments I’m with her where I think of breaking it off. She can’t want me, at least she shouldn’t.

But I’m thirsty for her, and even though I have to be cautious and work around the late hours of my bloodlust, I want her, more than I’ve ever wanted anything - the liberating feeling of pushing a knife through the surface of the human skin, the sound of women’s screams, the drugs, the alcohol, the taste of skin in my teeth, I want her more than any of that and I know I’m capable of keeping her with me forever.


There are a lot of reasons I adore the movie “Bedazzled”. Maybe it’s the face of young Peter Cook. maybe its the Christian humor that is both insulting, and spot on. at least on the catholic standpoint. 

and yet also has the very beautiful message that God did in fact give us free will, to pave our own way. 

or maybe it’s Peter cook 

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I feel sad he died the same year I was born. 

George Spiggot’s character is hysterical, and the nun scene kills me every time. there isn’t a video clip of Stanley moon as a nun blowing a raspberry while witnessing the other nuns wash bushes and vacuum the garden and George Spiggot keeps giving him confused and condescending glances, I lose it every time, it’s sad it’s not there to show you… guess you’ll have to watch the movie to witness the genius that is this movie for yourself. 

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thank you on your cassian meta??? every time I read something that makes cassian into this guy tortured into unfeelingness by a rebellion that he really longs to escape I'm like??? cool concept y'all but that's Not Cassian!! he lives and breathes this shit even if aspects do take their toll on him (like having to kill tivik). the idea that he would ever willingly leave the rebellion before the fight was won is mind boggling like what movie did people watch to believe this

You’re welcome!

Yeah, that’s definitely where I’m at. I think there’s a nuance there that fandom struggles with—that Cassian can be tormented/traumatized by what he personally has to do for the Rebellion, and yet the Rebellion as a cause and a systematic effort can be something uplifting and essential and good in his life. The only way I can see him leaving the Rebellion, ever, is if the work he could do was over and he couldn’t really contribute to what remained.

(I feel like there are shades of the same problem with Vader and the Jedi. His identity as a Jedi is quite clearly framed as a good thing for him, integral to his essential self and to his core beliefs—however warped—even though the Order failed him and itself in many ways.)

Dating Stiles would include...

throwing pens at each other in class

him “accidently” locking you out of the jeep (lets face it, he does it all the time)

“hey babe… can you make me something to eat? … please”

flicking him when he doesn’t shut up

piggy back rides

sitting in his lap while playing video games or watching a movie or some shit

fighting about who kills the spiders

having to be really quiet while making out n stuff cause sheriff is down stairs and the walls are probably paper thin

helping him pick out outfits that go with his favorite flannels

him trying to impress you by teaching you his lacrosse skills but you make every shot and he wasn’t even going easy on you

“what, I wasn’t listening”

him playing with your hair when you take naps in his lap

catching him looking at your lips like a thousand times a day

making out in coach’s office like 4 times a week

listening to all of his theories about the pack n stuff

getting lost in his hazel eyes

“from eden” by hozier is definitely your song

making him watch the twilight movies with you and fighting about team Edward or team Jacob 

semi drunk sex every once in a while

tight hugs

loving the smell of his cologne

Me every time I watch heathers
  • Me: Maybe he won't kill himself this time
The types as things my grandpa’s said

INTJ: “Next time I see him smoke drugs, I’m going to laugh. Because drugs kill.”

INTP: “Every time Mollie sees me watching the science movies, she thinks I’m turning into an atheist.”

ENTJ: “If I was God I’d send you straight to the depths of hell right exactly now.”

ENTP: “I wanted to make cheeseburgers, but I let the grill catch fire because it looked cool.”

INFJ: “Jesus had to be white, that’s the purest.”

INFP: “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go check my Twitter.” [opens Tinder]

ENFP: “I made so many cheeseburgers, you’ll get a heart attack. But you’ll die happy.”

ENFJ: “What do you call the Mexican KKK? The Que Que Que!” [throws a fit of laughter]

ISTJ: “Leave the cooking to the women, and the grilling to the men.”

ESTJ: “I am a much better cook than Mollie. I haven’t always been, of course, because she’s been in the biz longer than me. But that just proves I have more natural talent than her.”

ISFJ: “Love the Lord, love biscuits.”

ESFJ: “Maybe if you didn’t eat so much you’d be thinner.”

ISTP: “All these commercials, they’re boring.” [hits television set with a baseball bat]

ISFP: “Mollie, your aesthetic is dumb.”

ESTP: [upon watching Good Luck Charlie] “Oh, Teddy? I wouldn’t kick her out of bed.”

ESFP: “Have five caps of rum, it’ll help with your cough.”


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