this movie killed me for so many reasons

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I love the scene where they're sitting outside the van and he's looking at a map drinking out of that tin cup while she's just looking at him with those eyes❤️ it just looked like the classic scene in a movie where wife is eating breakfast while the husband sits and reads the newspaper with a cup of coffee😭 like how many of those type of mornings do they get back at ASZ?? Gimple release the tapes

Oh my god, it totally was. And when she says, “We gonna win today?” she sounds so cute and I just cry because how dare they. There’s so much good in this episode even without the sex scene that was stolen from us and knowing that they have even more footage actually kills me. 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i'm really troubled and unsatisfied by the lack of closure and cohesiveness in the third trial of sdr2. a lot of important things were never clarified properly or at all, and the advancement of the trial seems to be propelled a lot by unclear assumptions, which would be incredibly dangerous to rely in a life-or death investigation. i mean, what did mikan actually use to kill hiyoko? what did she do with said weapon afterwards? was it possible that she got blood on her clothes or any other objects around her? if so, how did she clean it and/or dispose of said evidence? that exact aspect is quite important in the first trial. how did she possibly have time to uncover hiyoko's body, break the drumstick, and seal the door in such a short amount of time? and then without anybody seeing where she came from? what was her purpose for imitating Monokuma's movie and/or mixing up the killing order in the first place? pulling off so many of the numerous highly complex aspects of those murders would be incredibly risky to her, so why would she do it with no clear reason? i mean, do we even technically know that the person imitating ibuki on the monitor was mikan? it would certainly stand to reason, but considering the numerous arbitrary complexities of that and other trials in sdr2, it wouldn't be the least bit strange if mikan got an accomplice to pull off imitating ibuki to trick hajime. it just seems to me that the game's creators put so much focus into trying to create complexity and challenge that they lost focus on creating a cohesive storyline. this can be seen numerous times throughout sdr2, but almost nowhere is it more evident than in that third trial. it's really frustrating and disappointing to be honest.

Clue references in Poe Party (52/?): Okay, so I had motive to kill one or two people, but there have been how many other murders tonight? I certainly had no reason to kill any of them…

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why dont u like tony??

i don’t like his personality and the way he acts. he’s a type of arrogant, self-centered man i have seen in real life that i absolutely hate. one of the biggest problems i have with him is actually that marvel refuses to acknowledge the fact that he isn’t perfect and they are shoved so far up inside his asshole (and rdj’s asshole) that they seem to make every single movie they can that isn’t iron man about him somehow (what the fuck was civil war jesus christ it was supposed to be a captain america movie and iron man was pretty much as important as steve????? that would NEVER happen in an iron man movie). just the fact that he manufactured weapons that killed who knows how many people is a reason for me to never want to forgive him, no matter that he stopped doing that. he did it for a long time and didn’t stop until it affected HIM personally.

and for the love of god he manipulated peter into going to a fight WITH HIGHLY TRAINED AND SUPERPOWERED PEOPLE AND HE GOT HURT. 


he’s a minor and tony literally threatened to tell his aunt about him being spider man if he didn’t come with him TO ANOTHER FUCKING COUNTRY. he seems to have lied to may to get her consent as his legal guardian and that’s just so fucked up jesus fucking christ it just makes me want to vomit that they want to present him as peter’s mentor in homecoming and people act as if there’s nothing wrong with that


my head hurts just by thinking about this jesus

i’ve never liked him, even since iron man 1. his entire persona doesn’t sit right with me and i don’t think it ever will

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In the first scene of the movie As YouAre mark stares at himself in the mirror completely broken inside/out, breathing heavily as if he was just sobbing, could you explain your views on what happened and why that was placed as the first scene and what it symbolizes/represents and if it was supposed to foreshadow something or act as a flash forward from the future,I'm never quite sure bc then it cuts to the death scene???? Ugh this movie kILLS ME I CANT

*Spoilers above in question and below line so skip if avoiding that*  

The mirror scenes are so powerful, heartbreaking, and just flat out gorgeously acted (more below)

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tell us your favourite quotes from your character. give us an idea
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From the script:

“I wanna know who you are and what you love and what you dream.”

“But your future is your own, isn’t it?”

“And he said he would kill me if I tried. And I tried. It turns out that I knew how to defend myself better than I thought. If he finds me, he’ll follow through.”

“But it’s your life. You don’t get another.”

“When I draw you, loup-garou, I’d wish that you were real.”

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okay! okay! natasha romanoff emoted so much for steve rogers during this film i mean there is a whole bunch of scenes but these just caught me because she, in the first one, is worried about his life okay, for so many reasons maybe because she knows steve is willing to die for someone else especially bucky barnes and thas the reason why she  tries to talk him down the entire movie because his actions for bucky will definitely get him killed she is so genuinely worried for his life!!! okay!!!

then this next one. she is starin straight daggers at ross’s ass for even thinking about coming for him. like holy hell dont let her catch you out on the street you will get every bit of the asswhoopin you deserve for coming after the boys

i’ve been thinking a lot about this post and the maximoffs anger at the avengers, america, and particularly tony stark

and you know what

the shells that killed the maximoff’s parents

i don’t want obadiah stane to be the one who sold them to the enemy, and the anger of the sokovian people is misplaced. i want it to be the american government who killed so many people, whether in pursuit of some other enemy or whatever, the reason doesn’t matter. i want it to be tony stark who sold those weapons. i want the maximoff’s rage to be absolutely, completely, one hundred percent justified.

it better not be in some future movie “yeah wanda you know all those years you and your brother spent fighting back, you know the reason you volunteered for almost certain death at the hands of an organization that was part of the death and persecution of your great-grandparents (mcu maximoffs are romani and jewish fight me on this), yeah well everything you’ve done and everything you’ve sacrificed to destroy the man who was responsible, guess what that man fell into an arc reactor seven years ago”

no. they do not blame the wrong man. they blame the right one, they hold him accountable.

i want their fury to be justified.