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The Little Mermaid almost didn’t become a movie. Initially, Disney turned down the idea because they’d been working on a made-for-TV sequel of Splash, and they didn’t want to do two mermaid movies. After finally reading the 2-page treatment written by co-director Ron Clements, they realized it would be perfect for a Disney movie, and they changed their minds. Source Source 2


This is very “hairpulling” isn’t it?



My pet Cinnabun binkying with Scout noises for no reason.

Filming  Productions...

A/N: I haven’t posted in a while, lol. I’m sorry about that. What a surprise, another Dylan O'Brien imagine since there will never be enough in the world. Remember requests are always open and so are ship requests! xxx Love you all! x

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Relationship?: Dylan x reader

Imagine Type?: Fluff, so much fluff!

It is my first day. Oh My God! First day. I am finally pursuing my dreams of filming a movie! The best part is that Dylan O'Brien is the lead in the film. Me. Y/F/N. Is filming a movie with Dylan O'Brien. American Assassin. Before I was told I was hired for the job of the female lead, I read and reread the book and studied the script so carefully that I always accidently said lines from the movie in public making me look like a complete idiot. But who cares, I’m gonna be in a movie with my all time crush. I’ve had a crush on him since his first movie, High Road. His acting was so good for his age and plus he was just really damn adorable.

I made my way to the first filming location to properly introduce myself to the rest of the amazing cast, including the one and only Dylan O’Brien. I parked my car close by the entrance and walked towards security to assure that I was had to go through to the set. “Hi, my name is Y/F/N. I’m g-” you started. “Don’t worry, I know who you are, you can go through, Y/N.” he politely interrupted. I sweetly smiled at him and the security guard wished me good luck for the following months to come. My heart started to beat faster and faster within each step I took. What if the cast didn’t like me? What if Dylan didn’t like me? What if they all hate me? Suddenly, all the happy thoughts were bombarded by a hurricane of negativity. You weren’t going to let that happen, this was your first day of shooting, the first day of many and you were going to enjoy it whether anyone liked it or not.

The directors of the movie were waiting outside of set, backs leaning against the walls until everyone arrived. “Hi, Y/N. How are you?” I shook their hands and replied. “I’m doing great, thanks. Am I late?” Michael shook his head and laughed. “No, not at all. In fact, you’re the second person to arrive. Sanaa is inside, you can go introduce yourselves. I’m sure Dylan, Taylor and Michael should be coming soon.” He opened the door for me and smiled at me. I smiled at him and saw Shiva sitting on the sofa on her phone.

“H-hi, Sanaa. I’m Y/N. How’re you doing?” you asked, happily. “Hi, it’s so good to finally see you. I’m doing really well, thank you. How are you?” she responded. “I’m great, just really excited.” you said, warmly. “Excited for late night shooting or excited for the dangerous amount of coffee we may need to drink to stay up?” she chuckled and sat down while patting down the space next to her, signalling you to also sit down on the sofa. “This is my first proper movie and the best part is always meeting the cast for the first time. To me, probably one of the most exciting parts of filming.” Sanaa’s eyes widened. “First proper movie? Jeez, woman. This is a pretty big break then, if it’s your first.” I bobbed your head and grinned. We both jerked our heads towards the door when we heard it being opened once again.

“Hi, guys. Who’s ready for some hard core filming?” you smiled as Dylan walked through the door. His hair was sticking all over the place but still managed to look gorgeous. His golden honey eyes glistened in the light and his cute little upturned nose just looked so damn adorable. The same guy I liked years ago was standing right in front of me, Dylan O’Brien. “H-hi, Dylan. I’m Y/N.” I smiled graciously. “Yeah, I know who you are, I did a lot of research on you… And now that sounds like I’m a crazy stalker. Great first impressions, Dyl.” I giggled. “Hi, Dylan. I’m Sanaa.” she shook his hand and he replied. “Hi Sanaa, it’s nice to meet you.” She stood back up from the sofa, “I’m going to the bathroom, I’ll be back in a minute. “Okay, bye. Sanaa.” I kindly said.

“Do you think Sanaa will mind if I steal her seat for a bit?” I smiled at Dylan and shook my head. “Nope, I don’t think so.” Dylan groaned as he sat down and I twisted my body around so I were facing him and he did the same. He leaned his head against his hand on the back of the sofa and just stared at me. “What is it?” I asked curiously. “You’re just a lot prettier in real life. Not that you weren’t pretty in your short movies and stuff. You’re just even more beautiful now.” I felt a hot blush rise to your cheeks. “I’m really not that pretty, Dylan.” I responded. “Trust me, you’re probably the most attractive woman I have ever met.” Dylan scooted closer to me. “Then, in that case. You are the most handsome guy I have ever met.” I moved closer to Dylan.

Oh my god, he just called me pretty. No, he called me the most attractive woman he had ever met. Jesus Christ, this is actually happening. He could most likely hear my heartbeat from where he is sitting, it’s literally like a hammer smashing against a wooden table. Okay, this is happening. Get a grip, Y/N, you can do this! Let’s not die today, Y/N. We’ve 100% got this, don’t mess it up. Stop thinking and actually do something, Y/N!

Dylan moved his hand on top of mine and gently squeezed it. “Do you believe in ‘love at first sight’?” I hesitantly nodded my head. “Yeah, I do.” Our faces were right in front of each other and I could feel his hot breath fanning my face. His free hand cupped my hair and his thumb slowly stroked my cheek. “You’re so damn stunning.” he leaned forward and his lips crashed into mine. Like he was running out of oxygen and I was the only thing that could keep him alive. I snaked my arm around his neck and played with the little hairs on the back of his head which caused him to moan into your mouth. Our lips were moving so perfectly against each other, like this was the 1000th time we’ve kissed.

We quickly separated when the door freed open and Sanaa was standing by the entrance, mouth wide open. “I leave you guys for 5 minutes and you already suck each other’s faces off. Kids, huh? I will never be able to get that imagine out of my head.” she laughed and sat down on the chair opposite the sofa. I glanced back at Dylan and chuckled when I saw lipstick smudged above his lip. I lifted my hand and swiped it off with the tip of my thumb. “You might wanna re-apply your lipstick, it’s kind of just completely gone, basically just ended up on me.” Dylan smirked as I brought my phone up to my face to use the camera and he was right, literally nothing left. “Oops, what happened here? You know what? I’m not going to re-apply more, it would be a waste later.” I winked at Dylan and lightly kissed his cheek. “I think I’m falling in love, Sanaa.” he stated.

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Talking about Lefou. Spoilers.

I’m seeing a lot of people say stuff like “everyone was in an uproar over NOTHING! Lefou wasn’t even GAY!!” But tbh I found him to be super flaming throughout the whole movie😂 I mean, jeez, he and Gaston were practically spooning in the tavern! And whenever he says “nobody bites like Gaston” and he lifts up his shirt and there’s a bite mark?? I was like “LEFOU!!! THIS IS A FAMILY FILM PUT THAT AWAY!!” And when he booped Gaston’s nose and just

He was super gay the whole time.

But I’m glad he didn’t end up with Gaston and found his guy at the end. That was nice😄

when isak heard 5 fine frøkner while he and even were at oslo pride parade he immediately started to sing and dance with even, but then even suddenly stood and looked at isak very seriously. “did something happen even?” asked isak. even took isak’s hand and replied “yes, happened, this, all of this. when we were fooling around to this song i couldn’t even imagine that in several months we will be here, god i couldn’t even imagine that we really can be together. but now we have our home, we think about our future, we are going to morocco next week. i just… i can’t believe that this beautiful and kind boy who is standing right in front of me really chose to stay with me and all this mess.” isak smiled “i think you don’t remember that moment on that kitchen clearly if you are saying stuff like this now” even looked at isak with confusion “and you was dragging me because i couldn’t figure out title of the movie? jeez even. back then i told you that you’re mannen i mitt liv, so stop with this nonsense, of course i’m here with you, this is the place i belong. i love you even”. “i love you too isak”.

Daisy Love  Stan Uris X Reader

Summary: The reader is having on and off occuring dreams of when she had to face her fear when going to Pennywise’s house with the Losers’ club. Her dreams always went something like this: Every member of the Losers’ Club including her splitting up to go kill off Pennywise, but he catches her in the blink of an eye trapping her in a room. He would start to fill the room with water, which drowning was one of her fears, and then he would leave. Which meant she was trapped in a locked room without anyone knowing she was. The room would fill up with dark deep water and she would shout out their names, “Stan!? Bev! Richie! Someone please help!” she would always scream out their names. Starting to realize what is happening she gathers enough oxygen to swim, trying to break the door open it was helpless. She started to drown, floating to the top of the water. Thankfully her friends heard the screaming before and ran to the room, Stan, Richie, and Bill would bust the door open to only realize you were floating at the top of the dark water. “She is drowning!” Richie would cry out, you would fall down with the rest of the water when the door burst open. You were lying on the floor while everyone was frantically panicking. “What the fuck do I do?!” Richie had begged for a answer. “Give her freaking CPR dippy!” Bev would shout at them. Stan would be the one to give you CPR he tried everything until you woke. Starting to cough out water you balled up, your knees’ meeting your face. You would cry. Then you had woken up from the dream. The dream had happened when you spent the night at Stan’s house and he would try to comfort you which causes unexpected daisies 

Warnings: Fluff, light cursing,mentions of drowning, all the other spooooky stuff you would find on my account for fan fics lol also SPOILERS

Requested: Nope ;-;

A/n: Sorry and SORRY that the summary was sooooo long lol but I had to describe the occurring nightmares that the reader was experiencing! It was kind of deep but also not my idea for the nightmare scene, I don’t remember who came up with the idea but I am trying to give them some type of credit. ALSO this is my first ever IT fan fic btw, and if you didn’t know. The movie IT is based off of Stephen Kings thriller/drama book. The 2k17 version is just a remake of the book and the original movie. And I HAD to make a IT fan fic for Stan bc like he is a angel lol. AND NO I DIDN’T SEE THE MOVIE JUST JEEZ I’M SORRY!  allssoooo sorry this is like rlly long lol ALSO lol I changed the age of their group to like 16/17 

                                                          *  *  *

                                                          *  *  *


       When you were younger you always did hang out with Stan,Bev,Bill,Richie and Eddie. They were technically your only friends considering you were kind of a loner, but you befriended them easily since they were easily attracted to your personality. Richie on the other hand was kind of a asshole to you, but you both knew you loved each other like a family. All of you were like family to each other actually. But when Bill’s brother had gone missing and was known dead things changed. Almost everything did. Bill acted differently, your friend group know as “The Losers’ Club” didn’t hang out that much. But then Bill changed all that when he started talking about clowns. From there on you all knew about Pennywise, you were all a target for him. And in the grand scheme of this it seemed that Eddie and Richie were too close to be friends or even best friends. They Richie hadn’t came out about it yet since the death of Eddie and now your all sophomore’s in high school. Still traumatized from that stupid clown. But at least he brought you guys closer together. But the worst things that he had ever done to all of you left scars and horrid memories, I mean first of all he killed George and he almost killed you too from drowning you and he killed Eddie. He tried to kill all of you guys and got away with one person. You still remember the day when Eddie died. While you guys were fighting IT for the last time in the sewers, Pennywise manifesting as a giant spider ripped off Eddie’s arm. Which caused him to bleed out and die, you remember the fear in his Eddie’s eyes when this happened.  I remember his last words being to Richie, you and Richie both insisted on carrying the poor boys body out of the sewers. But everyone was saying to leave him there, and that’s the horrible decision that we made. To leave his corpse there to rot and decay, they acted foolish considering Eddie was like the baby of our group but still the mother. You remember how strong Richie was for kissing him on the cheek and leaving him. You always wanted to see what Eddie would be when he was older, see if he would travel the world. See the stars that shone from infinity miles away in a different view. You always felt guilty about leaving him there, and always will. But now times have changed and you and the rest of the Losers’ Club are sophomores in high school. 

                                                        *  *  *

            “Oh come on Y/n! Why would you choose that answer for a math quiz” Richie exclaimed as he skimmed through your already graded math quiz, “Its not my fault Mr.Allan wasn’t specific for #8″ You rolled your eyes playfully as Bev walked in to Stan’s living room. “Hey guys” She smiled, you waved and the other boys had their fair share of saying their greets. You turned on the TV and flipped through the channels but stopped when the news channel turned on, “Hey!” Stan said as he snatched the TV remote from your hand. You sighed when you saw the news talking about important stuff like the robberies and deaths or missing kids. Stan saw your reaction and quickly changed the channel. “Where is Bill?” Beverly asked as she looked around. “He is probably stuck at home with his parents” Richie spoke then handed you back your science quiz paper. “You did good though Y/n” He said “Thanks Rich” you turned around and smiled at him. Richie was still having emotions flowing through him like crazy ever since Eddie passed away sadly, but he was good at hiding it. There was a couple of people who understood Richie’s emotions like he was a open book to them. You, Eddie, and Bill completely understood him out of the group. After a hour or two of just you all talking about school,music, and whats been happening lately Richie finally agreed that it was getting late out considering that it was now 11pm. “Bye guys” Richie said with Beverly. “Bev do you need a drive home? Or did you bring your….” Richie started talking to Beverly as he left the room and the house. “Are you gonna stay the night again?” Stan asked which snapped you back into reality because you were still thinking about what had happened a couple years back. “Y/n?” He asked waving his hand in front of your face to capture your lost attention. “Y-yeah” You said with a smile when you looked at his face. “Cool” He smiled back at you

                                                   *  *  *

         You had already packed some clothes, which you had just changed into when you walked into the bathroom, walking back out you saw Stan cooking a small meal for himself. “Oh hey Y/n” He said while being focused on not burning the cheese sandwich, you walked over and sat down on the couch. You turned on the TV and started looking for something remotely interesting to watch, “Please don’t turn on the news channel, okay?” Stan said as he finished making the food for himself. “mk” He walked over and sat on the floor so he would get crumbs on the floor, which made it easier to clean up.  

  Soon enough you guys got tired and walked to his room, “Are you sure you want to share a bed? You can always sleep out on the pull-out couch Y/n” Stan asked. “I’m okay with sharing a bed with you Stanley” You said, he hated when you called him ‘Stanley’ because he thought it sounded weird sometimes. He rolled his eyes “Fine”, he walked into the bathroom to brush his teeth while you got into the side of the bed that faced the wall. When he was finished getting ready he walked back into the room. He climbed into bed with you, making sure both of your backs were facing each other. It was somewhat kind of awkward but comfortable silence. After a couple of minutes you could hear the soft sound of him sleeping. You on the other hand were kind of scared to go to sleep in fear you might have the same dream again. And it only happened when you would think about when you were 15 and all the traumatizing stuff that happened. Shit. You already expected it to happen. When you fell asleep after 4 hours, it would be 3am, the dream happened. 

     Every member of the Losers’ Club including her splitting up to go kill off Pennywise, but he catches her in the blink of an eye trapping her in a room. He would start to fill the room with water, which drowning was one of her fears, and then he would leave. Which meant she was trapped in a locked room without anyone knowing she was. The room would fill up with dark deep water and she would shout out their names, “Stan!? Bev! Richie! Someone please help!” she would always scream out their names. Starting to realize what is happening she gathers enough oxygen to swim, trying to break the door open it was helpless. She started to drown, floating to the top of the water. Thankfully her friends heard the screaming before and ran to the room, Stan, Richie, and Bill would bust the door open to only realize you were floating at the top of the dark water. “She is drowning!” Richie would cry out, you would fall down with the rest of the water when the door burst open. You were lying on the floor while everyone was frantically panicking. “What the fuck do I do?!” Richie had begged for a answer. “Give her freaking CPR dippy!” Bev would shout at them. Stan would be the one to give you CPR he tried everything until you woke. Starting to cough out water you balled up, your knees’ meeting your face. You would cry. As they tried to comfort you in hopes to help you get up and leave the place forgetting what happened. 

                Then you woke up to realize it was only just a dream, thankfully. You tried not to cry so you wouldn’t wake up Stan, you only called out his name. “Stan?” You asked hoping he would wake up. And he did. “What?” He asked groggily, “I-I had a nightmare…” You said quietly. He turned around to look at you but only to see just your clothed back. “Is that my shirt?” He said as he wrapped a arm around your waist unknowingly. His eyes widened for a moment then realized that you didn’t have a reaction to his arm around your waist. You closed your eyes at the touch of his cold hand wrapped around you, “No, it’s Bill’s. He gave it to me when it didn’t fit him anymore. But it’s a  bit big on me” you said. He smiled then shook his head, “Sometimes I wonder if you ever get to close to the boys” you turned around so now you were facing him. He wrapped his arm back around your waist and you rest your arms around his shoulders, “Seriously?” You asked as if you were surprised. Stan rolled his eyes “Yeah dummy” he said with a shit-eating grin. You smiled and buried your head in the crook of his neck. You took a moment to realize that you were actually “cuddling” Stan Uris, your best friend. He wasn’t no stranger to being like this but he did have a soft side. One that you sometimes would see, but he was more mature and clean person. The only time you would ever be seen like this with him was when having a movie night with him and everyone else from the Losers’ club. “Y/n? Will you tell me what the dream was about?” He said as he looked down at your tiny figure, “Would you be mad or ever surprised that I still haven’t gotten over Eddie’s death and when I almost drowned to death” you said when you looked up at him. “No, why would I get mad at you for something  that had horribly happened in our past. That’s a serious topic Y/n” He sighed, he always knew that you would never get over anything that happened a couple years back. He always had felt guilty for ever letting something like that be seen by you and everyone else. “I know you wouldn’t bu-” You started to talk but Stan nicely interrupted you by saying “Just please tell me the dream”, you sighed. “You remember when we went to IT’s house and how I got stuck in t-that room and the water and me almost dieing” You spoke softly as you rested your forehead on his. “That was the nightmare?” He said as he looked at you with his dark fawn colored eyes, you nodded. “Oh” There was that familiar silence that fell upon the room when you had to tell something to Stan or say the truth.

             “Y/n, he is dead why would still think, talk or ever have nightmares about him?” Stan said as he lifted his forehead away from yours. “Stan, I’m sorry” You said as you looked down. “Why would you be sorry?” He asked, you started to cry from the horrid memories of everything that happened, “No Y/n, please don’t cry” He said as he lifted your chin up so you made eye contact. He didn’t know what to do from the moment he did that, you both didn’t know what to do. He furrowed his eyebrows and took a moment to realize what he was about to do. Then suddenly your worlds collided with one simple kiss. You blushed like crazy then buried your head in the crook of his neck to hide your embarrassment, his eyes widened and then his eyes wandered looking around the room just to take a moment to realize what he just did to his best friend. “Wow” you mumbled. He scoffed, “Was is really that bad” He asked quietly. You shook your head, “Your really asking your best friend if the kiss we just shared was good Stanley” You smiled. 

                                                      *  *  *

   And that’s it lovelys for this creative Stan Uris fan fic, it was so fun to write. This was totally unexpected and look forward to new fan fics since my internet is running smoothly (Yey!) But this was a creepy but yet fluffy fan fic and if you would like a part 2 where they decide to tell everyone else that they kissed and what happens after that let me know by direct messaging me! Like I said this is my first ever Stan Uris fan fiction because I absolutely adore the cast and the characters! Thank you so so SO much for reading this, and I hope you have a wonderful day my lovely’s! <3 

the highlight of my 8th grade year

One time I almost started laugh-crying in Literature class because in the few minutes before class started, I saw one kid making very panicked hand gestures to another boy, so I tuned into their conversation, which was something like this:

“Dude, look, NO. I don’t care how interesting it looks. DON’T WATCH THAT MOVIE.”

“okay okay jeez, what’s it called again?”

“The Labyrinth. Don’t fucking watch it. THAT MOVIE WILL MESS YOU UP. You will have a debilitating fear of owls for the rest of your life. You know that guy, David Bowie? Yeah. He’s in it. He wears really tight leggings. YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO STOP STARING AT HIS BULGE. YOU WILL QUESTION YOURSELF. My mom tried to give me peach cobbler that night. I CRIED. There are creepy-ass puppets and moss with eyes and scary mazes and shit. There’s glitter on EVERYTHING.”

“Bryce maybe you should calm down”



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“What?!” Jake shouted, practically making the whole precinct shake because of his shock. You only shrugged, people had warned you not to tell Jake but it came out accidentally. You’ve never seen Die Hard.
“You mean to tell me you’ve never seen the greatest movie of all time?”.

“Jeez Jake calm down its not that big of a deal” you sighed “it’s just a movie”.
Everyone around you winced really hard when you said that. To your great surprise Jake immediately started to push you toward the elevator.
“Um, where are we going?”.

“Back to my place. You have to see it, trust me it won’t be just a movie after that”.


Tough Love. (Chicago Med; Halstead Family)

Prompt: Hii!! Can you please write an imagine where the reader is will halstead’s twin sister and she’s a surgeon in Chicago med, and she teases him about his crush of Natalie (before he started dating Nina, of course)?? I really love your blog, you’re very talented!! 💕

Pairing: Halstead Siblings being cute af. Mentions of Rhodes.

Fandom: Chicago Med with a sprinkle of PD.

“If she stare at her a little harder, she might do a trick.” The folder landed with a smack on the desk, Will’s gaze ripping away from the woman of his affection and to his twin sister. She had a smug smirk on her face, one that he could remember her chubby cheeks spreading into when she was only a tot. She was all grown up now but she would always be his little (by four minutes) sister. Especially when she was teasing him like this.

“Ha ha, very funny.” He ruffled her hair, ignoring the scowl she gave him as she tightened her high ponytail. “I was just making sure she’s okay. We have a tough case and the dad’s being extra about it.”

“You did not just say extra- you’re so old!” She teased, punching his arm as he reached for her hair again. “But for real, why don’t you just ask her out? You obviously like each other.”

“Oh please, I’m Ed Sheeran and she’s Beyonce.”

“Okay, first of all, Ed Sheeran can get it. Boys cute.” He made a face, he couldn’t stand when she talked about liking boys - even famous ones. “And you’re more Chuckie, and he was getting all the girls.”

“He was a murderous doll.” She scrunched her nose in confusion.

“Uh, he was a precious baby?”

“He was a ventriloquist’s murder doll.

“Wait, wha- Not Chucky, Chuckie from Rugrats! Not the creepy ass fucker from the horror movie. Jeez, not even I’m mean enough to call you that, for goodness sake.” She exclaimed, laughing as he still made a face. That wasn’t a compliment. It was less of an insult but it still wasn’t a compliment.

“Still, it’s a stretch.” He sighed, signing his name on a release form as he turned to walk away from her. She was a meddling kid who always had his back, enough so that tears almost sprung to his eyes when she reached out and wrapped her arms around his waist from behind before he could leave her. “Sis,” Her face was pressed into his back.

“Okay, I’m going to be really affectionate for a moment and if I look at you, I’ll get emotional so just listen to me. I love you more than anything, don’t tell Jay, and you deserve all the happiness in the world. That might or might not be the ice queen but don’t you dare think that you aren’t good enough, handsome enough, smart enough, anything enough for her. In a world of ugly, you are a Connor Rhodes.”

He couldn’t help but laugh, turning so he was cradling his little sister to his chest. She meant the world to him, even if 90% of their relationship was teasing each other. She always knew what to say to him, she always knew how to make him smile. “I love you.”

“Love you more- oof! What the - Jay! What are you doing here?” She groaned, being squished tightly by both her brothers now.

“What I can’t just visit my two favourite surgeons? Although, I am offended a Halstead family hug is going on without me.” Jay winked at Will, both of them scooting closer so she was officially squished and she groaned. “I’m kidding, I have a case.”

“Yeah, me too. A case of idiotic brothers who are trying to squeeze my insides out through my eyeballs.” She heaved, barely able to breath between these two lugs. Why did she love them?

“Dr. Hals- Female Halstead.” Maggie corrected, eyeing the group suspiciously. Her head popped out of the cuddle and Will had to laugh at her disheveled hair and red face. “Rhodes is requesting your assistance on a surgery.”

“Oh thank goodness, let me go.” She wiggled her way out of the sandwich, tapping them both on the foreheads with her palm as a parting sign. “Both of you are handsome, so get the sticks out of your ass and go get your girls! I have a surgery to perform.”

As she disappeared through the halls, Will turned to Jay.

“Who is she to talk? She hasn’t had a boyfriend since fourth grade.” Jay gave him a smirk. Will followed his brother’s pointed finger to the gun on his hip.

“Yeah, I have made sure of that.”

Little did they know, Rhodes didn’t even have a surgery scheduled; he just wanted to see you.

this thing is all over the place but I love it.

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