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  1. The meaning behind my url:
  2. A picture of me:
  3. How many tattoos i have and what they are:
  4. Last time i cried and why:
  5. Piercings i have:
  6. Favorite band:
  7. Biggest turn offs:
  8. Top 5 (insert subject):
  9. Tattoos i want:
  10. Biggest turn ons:
  11. Age:
  12. Ideas of a perfect date:
  13. Life goal:
  14. Piercings i want:
  15. Relationship status:
  16. Favorite movie:
  17. A fact about my life:
  18. Phobia:
  19. Middle name:
  20. Height:
  21. Are you a virgin?
  22. What’s your shoe size?
  23. What’s your sexual orientation?
  24. Do you smoke, drink, or take any drugs?
  25. Someone you miss:
  26. What’s one thing you regret?
  27. First celebrity you think of when someone says attractive:
  28. Favorite ice cream?
  29. One insecurity:
  30. What my last text message says:
  31. Have you ever taken a picture naked?
  32. Have you ever painted your room?
  33. Have you ever kissed a member of the same sex?
  34. Have you ever slept naked?
  35. Have you ever danced in front of your mirror?
  36. Have you ever had a crush?
  37. Have you ever been dumped?
  38. Have you ever stole money from a friend?
  39. Have you ever gotten in a car with people you just met?
  40. Have you ever been in a fist fight?
  41. Have you ever snuck out of your house?
  42. Have you ever had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back?
  43. Have you ever been arrested?
  44. Have you ever made out with a stranger?
  45. Have you ever met up with a member of the opposite sex somewhere?
  46. Have you ever left your house without telling your parents?
  47. Have you ever had a crush on your neighbor?
  48. Have you ever ditched school to do something more fun?
  49. Have you ever slept in a bed with a member of the same sex?
  50. Have you ever seen someone die?
  51. Have you ever been on a plane?
  52. Have you ever kissed a picture?
  53. Have you ever slept in until 3?
  54. Have you ever love someone or miss someone right now?
  55. Have you ever laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by?
  56. Have you ever made a snow angel?
  57. Have you ever played dress up?
  58. Have you ever cheated while playing a game?
  59. Have you ever been lonely?
  60. Have you ever fallen asleep at work/school?
  61. Have you ever been to a club?
  62. Have you ever felt an earthquake?
  63. Have you ever touched a snake?
  64. Have you ever ran a red light?
  65. Have you ever been suspended from school?
  66. Have you ever had detention?
  67. Have you ever been in a car accident?
  68. Have you ever hated the way you look?
  69. Have you ever witnessed a crime?
  70. Have you ever pole danced?
  71. Have you ever been lost?
  72. Have you ever been to the opposite side of the country?
  73. Have you ever felt like dying?
  74. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
  75. Have you ever sang karaoke?
  76. Have you ever done something you told yourself you wouldn’t?
  77. Have you ever laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose?
  78. Have you ever slept with someone at least 5 years older or younger?
  79. Have you ever kissed in the rain?
  80. Have you ever sang in the shower?
  81. Have you ever made out in a park?
  82. Have you ever dream that you married someone?
  83. Have you ever glued your hand to something?
  84. Have you ever got your tongue stuck to a flag pole?
  85. Have you ever ever gone to school partially naked?
  86. Have you ever been a cheerleader?
  87. Have you ever sat on a roof top?
  88. Have you ever brush your teeth?
  89. Have you ever ever too scared to watch scary movies alone?
  90. Have you ever played chicken?
  91. Have you ever been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?
  92. Have you ever been told you’re hot by a complete stranger?
  93. Have you ever broken a bone?
  94. Have you ever been easily amused?
  95. Have you ever laughed so hard you cried?
  96. Have you ever mooned/flashed someone?
  97. Have you ever cheated on a test?
  98. Have you ever forgotten someone’s name?
  99. Have you ever met someone who didn’t seem real?
  100. Give us one thing about you that no one knows.

Hi Anon! I know you were feeling super down lately and you wanted a quick Starco thing. I had my friend @elladoodles pick the prompt, which was “Marco braiding and playing with Star’s hair” and “Marco sneaking in to her room in Mewni for wholesome movie time.”


Star peers at him from behind her bedroom door she’s opened only partially to stick her head out of. It’s late and she’s tired between wand practice with her mother and fighting with him. She’s still pretty annoyed – their argument in the back of her head practically all day, thereby making training difficult. She really just wants to sulk in bed for the rest of the night, but he’s standing at her doorway and she really can’t bring herself to tell him to leave.

He smiles down at her, sheepish and nervous, the laptop he’s brought along with him tucked under his arm and a movie in the other. She raises an eyebrow, waiting for an explanation.

“I…uh,” Marco brings the movie he holds up as a sort of peace offering, looking around at the castle hall to avoid her gaze. “I was thinking, um, maybe if you weren’t busy that – uh,” Star’s head tilts a bit, confused, because he’s not usually so uneasy around her, even after a fight (Though, my crush on him may have changed that a bit, she thinks sadly). He hesitates, taking a deep breath, finally meeting her eyes. “Would you wanna watch a movie with me? It is Friendship Thursday, so maybe you and I could…” He trails off, hopeful, as Star pulls the door open further.  

She takes the DVD from his outstretched hand. “What’s it about?”

“It’s about a dumb guy that screws up and wants to make it up to his best friend.”

Star stares at the cover. “That’s what happens in Captain America?”

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anonymous asked:

if youre taking requests, enjoltaire + truth or dare

A/N: Thank you so much for the prompt anon! I actually wrote this about three times because I kept forgetting to save! Here are our boys being silly with a guest appearance from everyone’s fave plot device: the art of Miscommunication. I hope you enjoy !!

P.S I’m still taking prompts if anyone has any they’d like to send!!

Grantaire knows it’s all about to go downhill the moment Éponine gets that smile on her face.

There’s a lot you can learn about someone through their facial expressions- the example in question, Éponine, is currently wearing her ‘I’m about to fuck shit up and I know it’ smile.

Enjolras, who is on the receiving end of said smile, looks nowhere near as terrified as he rightfully should do. Everyone who’s ever played truth or dare with Éponine knows you do not, under any circumstance, ever, choose dare. Enjolras either doesn’t know this or doesn’t care, sitting up proudly and condemning himself to what Grantaire knows will be his end.

He’d always assumed Enjolras would die a martyr, nobly refusing to concede in the face of his enemies. He’d never dreamt that Enjolras would meet his end at one of Courfeyrac’s hastily thrown parties because he was foolish enough to choose dare at the hands of Éponine.

“Enjolras,” Éponine begins slowly, pronouncing every syllable in a way that sounds unmistakably dangerous- a trick she surely learnt from Montparnasse. “I dare you… to kiss Grantaire.”

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Don’t Tell Nobody ((Scott))

Originally posted by moan-s

Kind of disappointed in you guys because neither Scott or Brett reached 10 but I can’t torture @newt-themazecrank, so here you go

Part 1

Warning:// If you didn’t know, this is smut… So like leave if you’re uncomfortable 

Song inspo: 

I just hold it in like it’s picture time
I’ve been holding back for a long while
Just hoping soon it’ll turn around but

How can I word this? You ain’t been perfect
Tell me you working late
Your phone losing service

You chose to run to Scott 

Your heart quaked but your legs moved on its on for you.  

You ran outside and found Scott drinking a cola. 

Just as you walked over to him, he looked at and smiled.  

“Hey did you find–" 

You didn’t give him time to finish as you abruptly hugged him.  

He wrapped his arms around you and rubbed your back and waited for you to make the next move.  

When you pulled away his eyes were filled with worry.  

“Are you okay? What happened? " 

You sniffled in effort to keep the tears away.  

"Can we get out of here? " 

Scott didn’t look like he was going to say yes so you added on.  

"I promise I’ll tell you everything, just not here, okay? " 

He walked over to his bike and handed you a helmet. 

Within thirty seconds, you two were out of there.  

"Hayden and Liam? This is so unreal" 

You told Scott what you saw back at the party and why you wanted to leave so bad.  

Scott balled up his fists and accidentally showed his eyes.  

At first you thought it was because you were in an emotionally unstable state but you were almost positive they glowed.  

"Scott? Did your eyes just–" 

Scott muttered a curse word and ran his fingers through his hair.  

Scott: You have to promise you won’t freak-out  

Y/N: Okay… 

Scott: I’m a werewolf, and so is Liam. He preferred not to tell you and that’s why we never – 

Y/N: I know 

Scott looked at you with a confused expression.  

He sat on the edge of the coffee table, making sure you both made eye contact. 

Scott: What do you mean you know?  

Y/N: It’s Beacon Hills, Scott. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were a flying witch or something  

Scott: So you knew what we were 

Y/N: Not really, but I had an idea 

Scott: Wow 

The two of you sat in silence.  

You looked at Scott and marveled at his beauty.  

You reached out to touch his cheek. 

He held your wrist while looking in your eyes.  

"Show me" 

Without hesitation, his eyes glowed the same red they did earlier.  

You smiled at the sight.  

When they faded back to brown, he looked at your lips then back at your eyes.  

You knew what he wanted and to be honest, you wanted it too.  

He leaned in and you met him halfway.  

Your lips glided against his with ease.  

It felt like a true first kiss.  

Just perfection. 

You had chills all over. 

You pulled away and watched Scott’s eyes turn red.  

He closed his eyes and looked away.  

"I’m sorry " 

You furrowed your eyebrows and with the hand resting on his face, you turned his head so he was looking back at you.  

"Don’t be sorry, what you are is beautiful. It’s the heart that matters, it’s what determines whether or not you’re a monster. Scott you have got to be the sweetest, gentlest soul I’ve ever met" 

Scott had a glimmer of hope in his eyes and kissed you again but with more force.  

He placed his hands on your thighs while you wrapped your arms around his neck. 

Things got more heated as you tangled your hands in his hair and he slid his hands higher up your thighs.  

You moaned, allowing him to slip his tongue into your mouth.  

The two of you fought for dominance but you let Scott win.  

He pulled away and grabbed your hand, pulling you upstairs to his bedroom.  

Scott kicked the door open, pulled off his shirt and unzipped yours.  

He marveled at your chest and covered his face.  

You laughed and tried to pull his hands away but he wouldn’t budge.  


Scott dragged down his face and revealed a cheeky smile.  

"I just can’t believe this is happening. You have no idea how hard it was to talk to you or be near you. It was like my chest was going to cave in" 

You took a step closer and grabbed his belt buckle.  

"I was always attracted to you. You were my hot guy and I was the girl he friend-zoned in every movie created" 

"I’m the hot guy? " 

You unbuckled his belt and pulled it away while making eye contact.  

"Yes Scott, you’re the hot guy" 

Scott’s eyes darkened with lust as he pulled you in by your hips to reattach his soft lips back on yours.  

His hunger for you was insatiable.  

The only reason you were with Liam was because Scott couldn’t take you away from him.  

He wanted Liam to be happy but he didn’t care anymore.  

He deserved happiness too.  

The smell of your arousal made his bulge tighten in his pants, threatening to break the zipper.  

He picked you up from the back of your thighs then threw you onto the bed.  

You were surprised by Scott’s boldness. 

He always seemed sweet. 

"As much as I love how your ass looks in these shorts, they’re gonna have to come off" 

Scott grasped the lacy material and dragged them off of your body. 

He slipped out of his pants so that he was left in his boxers. 

You lifted your hips to grind into him, making him groan out loud. 

His lips glazed over yours and the two of you emerged into a hungry, passionate kiss. 

He couldn’t take it anymore. 

Scott pulled off his boxers so quick that he was able to jump back onto the bed and enter you in one swift motion. 

You screamed out his name while digging your nails into his back. 

He gave you no time to adjust but it was okay. 

The juices pouring out of your heat welcomed Scott with a warm, slick hug. 

He moaned and kept going at a steady pace. 

"You feel so fucking good" 

Your moans increased with every thrust. 

He held your hips to keep you grounded and you knew there would be bruises the next day. 

The sound of your moans and slapping skin, sounded like utter ecstasy to him. 

You shuddered as you reached your orgasm. 

Scott kept going at it. 

He thrusted harder and faster. 

You were back on the edge when he reached down to massage your clit. 

His thrusts got sloppy and you could tell he was close. 

So were you. 

Scott’s eyes flashed red as he came and you came immediately after. 

He crashed on top of you. 

He pulled his head back to look in your eyes. 

"I’m in love with you, Y/N. I know that seems crazy, but I have been for a while now. Every time I see you in the hallway, the parking lot, class, my heart feels like jumping out of my chest. Sometimes when I lie in bed thinking of you, I feel like I’m having an asthma attack. Don’t hate me, but I’m glad he cheated on you, because now I can do this" 

The kiss Scott gave you was full of affection. 

It set your insides ablaze with warmth and fondness. 

His lips dripped with love that sealed an innocent promise on yours. 

His lungs collapsed and it felt like his asthma was coming back. 

The only alleviant present, was your lips. 

When he pulled away, the twinkle in your eyes gave him hope. 

"When we were dancing, I only left because I didn’t want to cheat on Liam. Your mere presence makes me happy and I’ll be damned if I said I didn’t love you either" 

Scott smiled, and rolled over so he could pull you into his chest. 

He was the one. 

Y/N was the one. 

Maybe a part 2 where Liam finds out?! Inbox me to make it happen y'all!

Title: Metallic Finale

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

Summary: so the idea for the entire finale was from this evil critter:
The idea of Metallic was born from the very request of MC going to a platonic ride with Zen and to this request here regarding a convo Jumin and Zen had that goes, “If something happens to me, protect her for me.”

a/n❗️ have fun reading, everyone!! this is the fin of Metallic!
for those who have messaged me throughout the course of the story and took their time to show support, thank you so much!
we’ve now reached the end! but the end does not always mean that it’s going to be gone. sometimes, it’s the start of a new beginning.
i love all of you! you know who you are guys. anon or not, unanswered messages or not, i treasure you all. it was an interesting roller coaster ride. thank you for everyone who rode with me throughout. pls never forget that ♡
see you guys on my next fanfic project: Frostbite.

after story/epilogue will follow.

Part 11.

Disclaimer❗️ this prompt is based on days 7 - 9 of Jumin’s route but i took it from there. fic might contain themes that is not suitable for some audiences.
you’ve been warned!

update mentions❗️
@the-sloth-woman ;; @yuri-luciel ;; @ell3nj0y ;; @yoruwasu ;; @jetblckcrow ;; @thewibblywobblyfamilybusiness ;; @brightandkawaii​ ;; @directorjumin​ ;; @ihavenotfallenyet​ ;; @a-rattling-skeleton​ ;;

❝ My heart is running on empty
One more day and then we go
Yeah, the time goes on now
Don't ask me how
I don't know
We'll be home tomorrow
But a thousand miles too far away
Say you won't forget and I'll be okay

At least tonight
It's just you and me and honestly
That's everything I need

I don't wanna fall out
But we're all out of time
(Is this over?)(Don't want an ending)
In one day
No way you'll be mine
(Is this over?)(Don't want an ending) Tonight's the countdown
'Til the day we're not around
(Is this over?)
(Don't want an ending)
And you're gone
And we're on with our lives
(Is this over?)
(Don't want an ending)
No, don't want an ending ❞

You heard him shout from 2 floors below, his arms wide open, anticipating your fall. You thought twice regarding this as you pondered whether you’d be able to land towards his arms perfectly. You highly doubted whether it’s a safe alternative since it is high above ground and you know that the speed versus pull of gravity while falling might cause fatal results.
But his eyes looked at you as if what he’s telling you to do was the easiest thing on earth.

His face showed no second-thoughts. He looked so sure that he’d be able to catch you despite the circumstances. What if you land on the wrong foot? What if you’re going to break one of his bones as he catch you? What if you both are going to be hurt? You debated whether you’d be able to successfully orchestrate the fall. You couldn’t predict where you’d be able to land or whether he’d be able to successfully catch you in his arms. You were a nervous wreck since you’re on the second floor and the building was pretty high itself.

You shook your head as you swallowed hard, your heart beating like crazy against your chest when you heard the growing commotion inside the room. You can hear Seven’s distress as Yoosung grunted in pain when he was forced to the ground, his shoulder hitting something hard.
You wanted to badly help them.
But you knew it’ll put their efforts in vain if you interject now.

“Jump!” You heard Seven’s voice thundered as he tried to stand up. Your kidnapper stared at you with the coldest of smiles but what puzzled you is why he left Yoosung and Seven alone and dashed out of the room instead. You were jerked out of your reverie when you heard Seven speak again as he draped Yoosung’s arms around his shoulders to aid him in standing up.
“Jump, MC. Jumin and Zen are downstairs. We’ll follow you there. Go now!”

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Hollstein Astronaut AU

Because ukulelekatie asked for one.  Not exactly what you wanted?   But maybe close?  I don’t know, but I really liked the idea.

“Mission Control to Athena.  What’s your status Athena?”

A beat.

“Well hello there Mission Control.  You’re new.  What’s your name cutie?”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! If you ever have any free time, can I request a prompt from you? Some small Stanley and Ma Pines bonding? Stanley is sick and his mom is taking care of him. "I can't believe I got sick before Ford." "What I can't believe is you're actually sick" "If you didn't believe I was sick then why did you pick me up from school?" "Eh, I didn't have anything better to do." And they watch tv and he falls asleep.

This answer was not meant to be more than a few lines, but that’s what happens when I spend the weekend watching the Star Trek: TOS marathon. Anyway, bless this trash mom and her trash son, I love a lot, bye.

“Alright, somebody better quick explain why I was dragged away from work,” Mrs. Pines strutted into the principal’s office, hands strung loosely over her hips, heels clicking furiously against the tile. “I gotta be home before Mrs. Proffitt finishes her spiel, so that gives us, oh, forty minutes tops.”

From where he sat, miserable and hunched, Stan’s headache increased tenfold. Great, now he was in for it. Across from him, Principal Burbridge – a squat man with bushy sideburns, who obviously had it out for Stan – seemed to relish in his despair.

“Mrs. Pines, please take a seat. This shouldn’t take long,” he said smoothly. Mrs. Pines marched up to his desk but didn’t sit, instead gazing down at her son in exasperation.

“What did you do?” she demanded, as if reading from a practiced script.

Before Stan could get a word in edgewise, the principal crashed through his defense with the single accusation, “Your son claims to be ill.”

Unruffled, Mrs. Pines’ eyebrow lifted a fraction of an inch. “Claims?” she said anticlimactically. It definitely wasn’t the worst charges brought against Stan in his five years of schooling.

“Stanley has visited the nurse four times this month alone, complaining of temporary deafness, mathematical amnesia, and most notably, the plague.” The principal’s brow rose sharply. “And let’s not forget the incident with the fake vomit.”

That the cafeteria’s chowder made for a believable puke substitute should be the thing currently under fire, Stan thought ruefully.

Rolling her eyes, Ma Pines eyed her son discerningly, watching him quell under her glare. Whatever she saw, however, stunted her growing irritation; she brushed the back of her hand over his forehead, frowning at the heat.

“Did you take his temperature?” she asked the principal, flatly. “Because he feels warm. Really warm.”

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Hey, I see that you're into mystic messenger do you have any hcs? :)

Omg I dooooo. Sadly I had to leave on my 4th day since school is killing me and I don’t have enough time for my boys and my girl ♥♥ so I didn’t even get in a route *sighs*

Anyways, Ginny (@otomiya-tickles) and I worked together to make these headcanons together and I’m giving you here a few more~ 

(I didn’t make a second revision, so I’m sorry about the bad spelling and stuff), 


  • He’s a cutie and my friend ♥
  • He’s your perfect lee, all cute and squirmy and squeaky. 
  • He has a ticklish tummy and knees. He’s ticklish under his arms, too. 
  • He’s not shy about starting tickle fights, he even would ask his S/O if they want to have a tickle fight. 
  • You can’t say no to that face.
  • Be careful, he’s a ruthless ler.
  • He knows the right amount of pressure to put into your spots to make you beg for mercy… He pouts and teases when you start to beg “whaaaa~? too tired already? I’m just starting! You got me right so I have to get you back~”.
  • Cuddle him after tickles, please. 
  • Also cuddle and tickle him when has a rough day at school.
  • Also tickle him away from his games. It’s the only way to actually success. 
  • He doesn’t mind stop playing for being with his lover. 
  • He will love you with all his being, love him back♥


  • He’s very ticklish, not extremely ticklish, if you know what I mean. He has a few good spots like the sides of his tummy, the back of his ribs and, probably, around his bum ♥
  • He’s pretty shy about his ticklishness, he just thinks he doesn’t look pretty when he’s laughing his head off and his face takes a lovely shade of red very easily. 
  • Teasing drives him up the wall. Especially something along the lines “sorry, I can’t hear you, you’re laughing too much? Why are you laughing too much? What’s so funny?”; soft touches make him giggle like a child. 
  • When Zen is being the ler, he likes to go straight to your worst spot and try every kind of technique to make you beg, he likes when his lee begs. Not in a sexual way or anything, he just thinks is funny because one minute ago his lee was tickling his soul out, but now they’re trashing underneath him. 
  • He likes to tease, even if sometimes he gets embarrased by hismelf, when he actually makes himself blush he says he’s very sorry. He doesn’t stop, tho. 
  • He’s slow on recovering, so you have enough time to hide because he’s gonna get you back good. 


  • He’s got a extremely ticklish neck (like Ginny says in her post ♥), and he also gets turned on with kisses and licks and bites in that spot. 
  • His S/O always tries to give him a massage after his work to relax him a bit, but he can’t stop giggling, he doesn’t squirm away, tho. 
  • He likes to have S/O sitting behind him but with they’re arms and legs around him. He enjoys the shivers he gets when they kiss his back and shoulder blades. His S/O also likes to blow on the back of his neck and ears to make him squeak, giggle and scrunch up his shoulders. 
  • He gets all giggly when he feels hands pressing against his tummy or or sides because he knows he’s gonna get a few squeezes on said spots. 
  • He enjoys to tickle his S/O and he likes to kiss the laughter out of their mouth. 
  • His hands are sore and stiff and cold almost all the tiny because he spends too much time working, so he loves when his S/O massages his hands and he loves when they kiss them. He has ticklish palms, so sometimes his S/O nibbles there or blows tiny raspberries to make him squeak.


  • Jumin is just ticklish in a few spots, probably tw or three, but once you have him laughing, he’s a little more ticklish all over. 
  • His worst sposts are probably his hips, thighs and shoulder blades (probably around the nave too, but shh), 
  • He enjoys having tickle fights with his S/O, and only with them. 
  • He thinks tickles and cuddles are so domestic. 
  • He teases back when he’s being tickled, “J-just wait until I put my hands on- NO NOT THERE!”.
  • Jumin looks very hot when being tickled, like really. He has this really deep yet beautiful laugh and he throws his head back, exposing his long and sexy neck, he would jolt his hips up, no matter where you’re tickling. He curls and squirms but then arches and stay still. He’s just hot. 
  • ALSO. HE HAS DIMPLES. You can’t tell me he doesn’t.
  • He also likes to pin his S/O down and restrain their hands, ay.


  • Jaehee is my best friend ♥ I love her so much. I would like to go and have a coffee with her and go to watch a movie or something~
  • Anyways, she’s hella ticklish on her ribs, especially on her highest ribs, right under her breasts. Her waist is very sensitive too, and so are her feet. 
  • She can’t stand feet massages, she giggles too much, but she would let her S/O to give her feet massages because he thinks is cute and domestic and that will guide them into a tickle war and it’s a excuse to being all touchy with her lover. 
  • She loves to cuddle but she’s too shy and she thinks she’s going to make his lover uncomfortable… she’s not going to, of course. 
  • She has the cuuuutest giggles and squeakes. Her laughter is really cute aswell, she usually begs even after three seconds of her being under attack. She never says stop, tho. She’s just like “please” and “not there!” and “not that!”.
  • She loves being tickled, let’s be real. 
  • But when she says stop. She means it. You might think she’s weak… think again because she’s gonna feed your body to the crows. 

I get so fucking mad when I watch interviews and the interviewers are trash. Seriously how hard can it be to find an interviewer that isn’t sexist or tries to objectify the artists or actors they interview, have some respect. I also hate interviewers that are so obvious while hitting on the person they are interviewing on LIVE television. THIS IS YOUR JOB!! You’re not in a club this is not a casual interaction. This is your profession, act like it. Don’t be unprofessional. I cringe every time I watch these interviews, they make me feel so uncomfortable and most important it makes the people you’re interviewing uncomfortable. I’ve seen this so many times I want to cry.

Telling a bunch of 21-23 year olds “I am younger than I look and very fertile” is so inappropriate. I as a 19 year old can see that, heck you as a 30 year old something woman should know that too. You shouldn’t hit on the people you’re interviewing, it’s awkward. Doesn’t matter if you are a lot older than them or their age, it is still wrong. Touching another person without their permission is also something that should struck you as an adult, as something that shouldn’t be done while doing your job (you shouldn’t touch another person without permission period). Even if it’s just hair, it doesn’t matter. I don’t care if this is your way of connecting with the fans, it’s weird and us (the fans) aren’t here for it. (1D on The View)

Isn’t there a class people can take so they learn how to interview properly. I’ll teach it if it’s needed, interviewing 101. Seriously telling a person “you look tired, maybe we should cut this interview short so you can take a nap” or “you need a red bull” is not something a person that has been doing weeks of promo for something they have worked really hard on and they haven’t had the time to rest properly needs to hear. It’s just plain rude. (Cara Delevingne on Good Day Sacramento). I can’t stress enough how upset it makes me to see these interviews. (John Green words perfectly why this interview was just wrong in this article)

Making comment after comment about someone’s looks and pointing out what you don’t like about it is plain rude. Some things should just not be said in an interview, like “I’m a toe guy and your toes are great”. It makes people really uncomfortable and it ruins the whole point of the interview. (Cast of Fantastic Four on Rock 100.5 Morning Show)

I will never understand if these interviewers ignore the awkwardness in the room or they are just plainly blind to what is happening. I know some people don’t know how to read other people but come on. When the people they are interviewing are very obvious showing that they are uncomfortable with what you are asking them, maybe I don’t know change the question? Move on. Instead of pushing it further. When the interview comes to a point where the artist needs to ask you questions because all your questions have been shit, you should really take that as a sign. Don’t make them beg you to ask questions about what they really are there for. (1D on Telehit Special Report)

I’m sick and tired of interviewers saying the dumbest and most offensive shit in interviews. You get the chance to interview these bright, talented and amazing people that have worked hard on something, don’t ask shit questions, don’t make them uncomfortable. These people are here to answer your questions, yes, but they shouldn’t have to put up with your bullshit. Ask about their new movie, the making of it, the new album, the new single, the music videos and everything about their art. Do not ask personal questions that no one really wants to know, and do not blame it on “oh the fans want to know” or “our audience wants us to ask” I can assure you we (the fans/the audience) sure as hell don’t want you to ask that. Don’t blame us for your lack of questions. Just do your research on who you’re interviewing and ask good questions. Basically what I’m asking you is, do your job. Be professional.  

These artists and actors have to put up with so much bullshit from some interviewers I’m surprised they can keep their cool for so long. I sure as hell could never do that. I applaud you for not saying anything rude back. I applaud you for being the bigger person. 

Give Me Love - Chapter Six

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five |

I have one more complete chapter of this I think, then half of a draft of one more part, so I’m running out a little. I wont quit this, and I won’t leave it for too long, but it might take longer than it has done to appear.
I am, however, writing another story (I put a little passage of it up on that Q+A thing) and I’m also working on a prompt that someone sent me, so I can post those instead because both of those should be done soon. Hope you enjoy this chapter :)

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for badmooonrising, as a belated birthday present and also a cheeryuppything to combat the sads

Stiles loves hotels. He never got to travel a lot as a kid, so this is a whole new experience for him. While all the other grad students are already retired in their rooms, either slacking off on the Internet or doing last minute preparations on their speeches, Stiles has pulled on his swimsuit (bright red Speedo, Stiles has no shame) and is ready for that perfect, shining Olympic-sized pool advertised on their website. 

The elevator chimes and Stiles steps in, holding his fluffy towel and keycard, and presses for the lobby. 

On the eighth floor the doors open. 

Stiles almost regrets not wearing clothes, because damn, he’d love to have a conversation with this guy, but as is, the gorgeous man just takes in the large expanse of skin and blinks. He looks a little embarrassed, and Stiles is the one in the Speedo. It’s kind of hilarious. 

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Exactly this
Fandom: Free!
Ship: Rin/Haru
(this is dedicated to effie who probably feels emotions for rinharu more than anyone else i know on this earth)

It feels like he has no fucking idea what he’s doing.

Rin recognizes that he probably doesn’t have much of a clue what he’s doing, but  it’s not like he’s completely hopeless. Sure, whenever Nagisa teases him about having a big fat crush, it gets annoying, and when Rei starts telling him all the ‘most efficient and logical ways to go about telling someone you like them,’ he gets a little more annoyed, but mostly it’s alright, because they’re his friends and he guesses that’s what their job is.

To annoy the shit out of him.

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Jack G imagine!

‘Are you sure you don’t wanna come with us?’ Mom asked me as she rooted for her car keys in the dish we kept by the front door.
I shook my head, leaning my arms against the back of the couch with my head resting on them, smiling as I watched my little sister Skylynn get swung up in the air as she held hands with my brothers Nash and Hayes. 'No thanks, Mom. I’m sick.’
Nash unlatched his hand from Skylynn’s, and came over to stand in front of me, placing the back of his giant hand on my forehead, checking my temperature. Groaning inwardly, I bit my lip anxiously - Nash always knew when I was lying.
'She is a bit hot, Mom.’ He said finally, and I breathed out in relief.
'I’ll pick you up some medicine on the way home, okay?’ Mom said, finding her car keys and coming over to give me a kiss. Skylynn bounded over to me, only she was not able to reach my face from her height, so Nash picked her up so that she could give me a big, wet kiss on my forehead. Nash reached out and chucked my chin, before following my mom and Hayes out of the house.
Okay, obviously I felt bad about lying to my family, but I’d made plans with…someone for today a couple days ago, and I couldn’t backtrack. Leaping over the back of the couch, I skidded to the front door. It was like something out of a movie - it had only been about twenty seconds since my family had drove off, and here my boyfriend Jack Gilinsky was already, standing leaning against the wall next to the door outside.
A huge grin took over his face before he kissed me, moving his hands to my sides. I kissed him back for a moment, then quickly yanked him inside the house, shutting the door behind him.
'Ow?’ He said, almost as a question, rubbing his elbow where he’d smacked it on the doorframe when I’d pulled him inside.
'Sorry.’ I said, feigning innocence.
Jack rolled his eyes before he came forward and kissed me again, a slower one now. I melted into the kiss, sliding my hands up his arms until they reached his shoulders, as his looped round my waist. See, this is why I was lying to my family. Jack was Nash’s best friend, not only that but he was also older than me. Nash was your typical, massively overprotective older brother, meaning that he would hit the roof if he found out about Gilinsky and I.
Forgetting about my brother, I felt Jack’s hands slide further down, past my butt, grabbing my thighs and lifting me up. I automatically wrapped my legs round his waist and moulded my body into his, feeling him move, carrying me over to the couch. He settled me down, slipping his shirt over his head and moving his body on top of mine, lowering his head to the crook of my neck, lips immediately finding my sweet spot, making me whimper instinctively.
'Damn, (Y/N).’ Jack breathed, leaning back to gaze at me, eyes dark.
Before either of us could make another movement, a key being jammed in the front door sounded, causing Jack and I to practically leap away from each other.
'This damn door needs fixing!’ Nash yelled from outside, sounding incredibly frustrated. ’(Y/N), come let me in, will you?’.
Jack and I stared at each other, eyes wide, neither of us daring to move.
’(Y/N)!’ Nash shouted, banging on the door.
'Upstairs, go hide in my closet! Go!’ I hissed, pushing Jack towards the stairs.
I waited for him to disappear before attempting to flatten my hair, taking a deep breath and pulling open the door to reveal my tall, very irritated looking brother. His expression softened when he saw me, pulling me into a hug after he’d shut the door.
'I came home because I felt bad for leaving you at home when you’re sick.’ He explained, kissing me on top of my head before walking round the couch. 'How are you fe- what’s this?’.
Nash was holding Jack’s shirt that he’d left on the floor beside the couch, brows creased as he stared at it.
'That’s one of your shirts, right?’. I said, too fast.
'No?’ Nash said slowly, spinning it round gingerly as if expecting it to speak and tell him what house he would be in at Hogwarts.
Realisation finally dawned on him, and he glared at me, bright blue eyes crinkling as he scowled.
'Who is here, (Y/N)?’ He said, and I swear his voice almost had icicles hanging off of it.
Not even giving me time to reply, Nash pushed past me and stormed upstairs, leaving me no choice but to follow him, hoping to God that Jack had had the sense to find a good hiding place.
He hadn’t.
Once I’d took a step into my room, Nash had already tugged Jack out of my closet and shoved him opposite him, fists clenched and eyes narrowed.
'What the hell is this?’ Nash yelled, throwing Jack’s shirt at him.
'Dude, just give me a chance and I’ll explain, okay?’ Jack said, trying to calm Nash down, raising his hands.
'That’s my little sister!’ My brother bellowed, pointing a shaky finger at me. 'What kind of friend are you!?’.
'I’m one of your best friends, Nash!’.
'No! I swear, if you’ve touched her.’ Nash growled.
I saw the warning signs: the clenched fists, the red face, the tight jaw, muscles twitching. My feet didn’t move quickly enough and before I could jump in front of Jack because I knew what was coming and Nash would have stopped if I’d been there, Nash’s fist swung out and caught Jack on the right side of his face, knocking him straight to his ass on my bed, in shock or pain I didn’t know.
'Nash!’ I exclaimed, hurrying to Jack’s aid.
'Bro, I’m sorry.’ Jack winced up at Nash.
'Screw you both.’ My big brother answered numbly before he marched out my room, heading downstairs before the slam of the front door rattled throughout the house.

Okay I know how bad this is but I’ve had no motivation and I promised to post this so here it is! I left it kind of badly in case anyone wanted it to be continued into a part 2 (although I doubt it😂) but yeah, thank you so much for 200 btw guys!☺️

Don't Leave Me Stranded

Um. Inspired by this post because omg I needed it

(Title is from the song “Bad Boys” by Zara Larsson bc it fits really well)


This is how hitchhiking works, right? he asks himself for the hundredth time as he ambles along the highway with his thumb out. This is how they do it in the movies, isn’t it? I can’t be doing it wrong, they always show this, in everything.

Then why hasn’t anyone picked you up yet, genius?

He feels a sob blocking his throat, headlights in the distance going blurry and twinkling as tears well up, but he forces them down and keeps his arm oustretched, thumb raised. His shoulder aches under the weight of his too-heavy satchel (he’d tried to only pack the essentials, but damn, books got heavy after the third or fourth one…) and his shoes really aren’t made for long treks.

How long has it been? It feels like ages. The sun set more than an hour ago, and he knows it was just a little after supper when he left– out the window, like in the movies.

Perhaps he watches too many movies for his own good.

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tuck your love away through winter

A belated happy valentines to the Soul Eater fandom ❤️

She withdraws from him suddenly, retracting like a metaphorical turtle into her shell and brooding. “It’s nothing,” she tells him when he asks, and he frets. Their relationship has had its bumps and curves, but this is the first time she’s been so moody since they started formally dating. (Dating, going out, whatever. They’ve been partners for so long that Soul feels weird thinking about his meister as his girlfriend, even though he has no problems holding her hand or kissing her lips or cuddling her on movie night. Sex is a puzzle he doesn’t know how to solve when she has hang ups and he’s got two functional hands and an active imagination, and in the meantime he’s content to plant hickies on her collarbone.)

Stage two starts before he can figure out how to begin addressing stage one, and Maka distances herself from him physically now as well. She’s not pushing him away (yet, he thinks worriedly), but her arms don’t squeeze as tight when they hug, and she doesn’t fit quite as neatly into his big spoon, and her mouth is less responsive to his kisses. Soul stews in an anxious, self-conscious mess, wondering what set Maka off, wondering if he’s overthinking it, wondering if he fucked up somehow already. “It’s nothing,” she insists when he asks again, casually and oh-so-carefully, if anything is up.

It’s not nothing. Maka starts flinching from him, and he won’t chase her down— that’s not his style. Maka’s the one who hunts kishin: Soul just tries to keep her safe. He buckles down, settles in for the long wait. Whatever is going on, he tells himself, Maka will tell him. Eventually. She must. (He refuses to think of what will happen if she doesn’t.)

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Don’t Let Fear Control You


Summary: There are some fears of Tony’s that Steve can’t help him with, but when it comes to his fear of spiders the least he can do is try.

A/N: This fic is for my dear @sour–strawberries‘s birthday which is today! (As in May 2. I queued this to pop up at midnight because I wanted to be first lol) We started discussing the idea of Tony being scared of spiders and Steve pretending his wiggling fingers were spiders, so I decided to write it as her birthday fic. Apparently neck tickles are my thing.

Warnings: Mentions of spiders, but nothing graphic or anything. I’m terrified of them, so I would just be torturing myself.

Words: 1 638

Tony had few fears, but usually those said fears were deep and harrowing; most likely in the form of his loved ones getting hurt or worse. That was awful in itself, but Tony was always terrified that it would be his fault. That he would be the reason for it all. No wonder he spent half his time beating himself up for everything.

Steve saw, noticed, observed the way guilt almost consumed him over and over, and nothing he said could ease Tony’s burden. Nothing he said could change the way his mind worked.

So he settled on trying to help with his actions. Contrary to popular belief, Tony Stark was a man who believed in people doing things rather than saying them. Being a public figure with his own company, he’d probably had to deal with lots of promises being broken in his life.

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A Rose by Any Other Name, 1/?


Chapter: 1/?

Characters: Felicity Smoak, Pepper Potts, Tony Stark, Oliver Queen, Sara Lance, Thea Queen, Robert Queen, John Diggle, Tommy Merlyn

Pairings: eventual Olicity, eventual Pepperony, and mentions of Lauriver

Rating: all ages/teen (I don’t write smut lol)


“Jarvis, what did I say about interruptions?” Tony asked the AI.

“You said no interruptions unless the mansion is burning down, sir.”

“And? Is it burning down?” Tony asked. You’d think computers would be more obedient than this.

“No, sir.” Tony could almost hear Jarvis sigh.

Tony rolled his eyes and continued working. “Then why are you interrupting me? Hm? Tell Obadiah I’ll get back to him later. It’s too early for bad news.”

“It’s 11:00a.m, and it’s not Mr. Stane, sir. You told me to update you if anything changes.”

“When? When did I say that?” he asked as he paused to look over some blueprints.

“Approximately fifteen years ago, sir.”

Tony paused.

Fifteen years ago, when his daughter was born.

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I Don't Love You. Do I?

            “MICHAEL GORDON CLIFFORD! Give me my damn phone back!” you shouted chasing Michael around the large house the boys will be staying in for a couple of months. Luke and Calum were having a fun time splashing each other in the pool, while Ashton sat on one of the few chairs poolside, getting a tan and rocking out to the loud music they had playing. Michael and yourself, on the other hand were inside watching a movie that didn’t interest you one bit. Instead of watching the movie you decided to look for your phone for entertainment since Mikey was swallowed into the movie and you didn’t feel like going outside to hang out with the other guys. Not even ten minutes of being on your phone you heard Mikey sigh and that’s when it began. Michael snatched your phone out of your hands and took off around the corner, beginning the wild goose chase.

            “Do you guys hear that?” Ashton asked suspiciously, pausing his air drumming to a Bring Me the Horizon song. Calum and Luke abruptly stopped splashing in the water to see if they could hear what Ashton was referring too. “Give it back Clifford!” you shouted coming into view shortly after Michael and his bright red hair and glowing complexion ran by the pool towards the studio portion side of the house. The scene making all three boys sigh in annoyance. “God damnit, not again.” Calum said continuing to send massive waves of water with his arms to Luke. Luke began to laugh at Calum’s comment but was cut off when the salty water filled his mouth. The actions making Ashton burst out in laughter as he resumed air drumming to a new song. “You are going to get it now Hood!” Luke threatened splashing Calum with all his might.

            You and Michael were now inside the studio, with lots of expensive and valuable things. This was a place Michael and you shouldn’t be roughhousing around in. “C’mon Mikey,” you begged with a whiny voice, “can I please have my phone back? I promise I won’t bring it out when we’re watching a movie again.” Michael did nothing but smirk at you as he held your phone up in the air, way away from you reach, due to your short figure, at least compared to Mikey and the other guys. He looked around the room and sat on the partially worn out black leather couch. Bringing your phone to a more grabable (is that even a word? Oh well is now) height. You stood there momentarily before quickly jumping onto Mikey’s lap, attempting to reunite with your phone.

            Although your attempt was a failure. Mikey held the phone in his hand, moving his arm side to side making it harder to take for you to capture your phone back. With the other arm, he tried his best to push you away as gently as he could. The room was filled with loud laughter from Michael and long groans of annoyance from yourself. “Wow, wow, wow! What is going on in here!?” Ashton asked chuckled, obviously knowing it was nothing serious but getting joy from teasing the two of you. The two of your heads shot over in Ashton’s direction, surprised by his presence. You looked down at your position on Michael, noticing how you were straddling him and seeing how it could be taken as a naughty gesture. “Michael won’t give my fucking phone back!” you growled, attempting to reclaim it once more and ignoring Ashton’s attempt to make it awkward. Laughter was the only response that came from Mikey.

            “It sure looks like your about to fuck to me.” Ashton commented causally, taking a seat on one of the black rolling chairs. His comment making both you and Michael freeze, you quickly looked at Michael and felt your cheeks heat up. Ashton mentally cheering to himself teasing you guys enough to the point to make the both of you blush bright red. You moved to the furthest end of the couch and gave a fake cough to make some kind of noise into the now silent and awkward filled room.

            “I don’t understand why you guys won’t just fucking date already.” Ashton groaned, making you roll your eyes. You looked over at Michael and saw him staring at the ground, still with a faint blush on his cheeks making no comment. You pressed your eyebrows together, ‘why isn’t he saying anything?’ you thought to yourself. That’s strange, he normally says something. “It’s simple Ashton. Michael and I aren’t attracted to each other.” You stated maybe a little harsher than you expected. You got up and began walking out of the room, “Oh yeah? That’s why you can cut the sexual tension in this room with a knife right?” Ashton added before you fully exited. “Fuck you Ashton!” “I believe that’s Michael’s job!”

            “Y/N?” you heard after a soft knock on your door. “It’s open.” You sighed, knowing it was Michael and that he was going to talk about what happened in the studio. You were laying on your bed, back facing the door and staring at the plain white walls, fingers running over the texture of the painted wall. You didn’t really want to see Michael right now, you were having way too many different emotions going through you right now. You thought hard about what Ashton said and reflected back on all the times the boys teased you and Michael for acting like a couple. You didn’t really feel anything for Michael. Sure, he was way attractive and his touch was always so loving and his eyes were one of the most beautiful things you’ve laid eyes on. But you don’t like him, you can’t, he’s your best friend. He has been there for you since as long as you can remember. You can’t possibly like your best friend, there is no way the relationship would work out. You guys would break up and then no longer remain best friends and then you would never be able to see the other guys again. That can’t happen. Michael and you are just friends. You have no feelings for him whatsoever. Or do you?

            “I brought your phone back.” He awkwardly said, slowly walking over to your bed. You flipped over and reached out, taking your phone back into your possession. “Thanks.” He sat down on the end of your bed, rubbing the back of his neck. “I’m sorry about Ashton. I don’t know what got into him.” Michael trailed off. “It’s fine.” You say bluntly, wanting to cut him off before he went too far into it. “Look, I know you saw it.” He said out of the blue after minutes of silence. “Saw what, Michael?” you questioned clearly confused. He got up and sat right in front of you, letting a single leg fall from the bed and the other comfortably rest on the bed under his bum. “I saw you look at me when Ashton said we should date. I know you were expecting me to say something, like I usually do, but I didn’t. I know you know, so I’m just going to saw this right now.

            “Y/N. You are my best friend. I can confine in you with anything, and you already know you can do the same with me. I don’t know if this is going to benefit in our relationship or completely ruin it, but I can’t hold it back any longer. I need to tell you. Every time we touch, I can’t help but get an avalanche of butterflies and crave your touch. When we talk, I can’t help but watch your lips move and imagine how they would feel against mine. And whenever the boys tease us, I can’t help but smile to myself. Think of how nice it would feel to be in a relationship with you. But just like anyone else, I was afraid of rejection. So I covered it up with sassy comebacks to the boys. Y/N, your everything I want. The only thing I’m missing in life is you. I have a career doing what I love most, I get to do what I love doing most with my brothers, I have adoring fans I would do anything for, but the only thing I’m missing is a lover. And the only girl I’ve ever dreamed of having is you.”

            Michael took a deep breath and reached for your hand. He looked down at your intertwined hands and then looked back into your mesmerizing eyes. “Y/F/N (your full name), I love you. I would do anything for you. I don’t know what I would do without you.” He confessed, his eyes not leaving yours. His confessions leaving you speechless. Your mind was throwing you curveballs. You didn’t know how to react or what to say. You did nothing but stare at him in disbelief.

            Your brain was painfully slow processing every word that left Michaels mouth. The little spark of hope Michael had in his eyes was demolished and replaced with forming tears. “I knew it,” he said quickly standing up and removing his hand from yours, “I knew you didn’t feel the same way, damnit I such an idiot! I ruin everything!” he groaned heading towards the door. He reached for the door knob and opened the door when you finally seemed to find your wandering voice.

            “Mikey wait!” You shouted. You quickly got up and rushed over to him, slightly jumping on him, surprising him but he caught you. Your feet were slightly off the floor due to Mikey’s strength and height. You put your arms around his neck with a smile on your face and smashed you lips to his. He wasn’t at all expecting that, but it sure didn’t take him long to react. His lips moved perfectly in sync with yours, all the confusion left in your brain began to fade away. Nothing could ruin this moment. You could finally confirm your feelings towards your best friend. You were relieved to hear he felt the exact same way. You weren’t sure why, but something told you nothing was going to get between you and Michael. “Finally!” you guys heard the boys shout from slightly down the hallway. You two pulled away partially and looked at each other wide eyed in surprise from the boys’ presence. But after a few seconds of staring into each other’s eyes, your lips connected together like magnets, your minds blocking out the hollers from the boys and just focusing on the moment.

            “I love you too Michael Gordon Clifford.” You spoke out between kisses, making Michael smile from ear to ear. “WE KNEW THIS IS THE WAY ITS SUPPOSE TO BE!” the boys shouted before finally leaving the two of you alone.

A/N: i got an idea and just had to write about before it slipped. PLUS MIKEYYY FELELSS. it’s 5am. sorry if it sucks ): bfb part 4 tomorrow! that’s a promise!


Bethyl red line au

Red line au inspired by this post

Oh and just so we’re clear – Daryl is the same age as Shawn, so still older than Beth but not that old

She’d never had a red line with Jimmy. She would always feel guilty about that. She knew that everyone expected it, even Jimmy himself. And she never could hide the apologetic look she had on her face when she would shake her head at Maggie’s raised eyebrow, her sister looking pointedly towards her wrist. So she wasn’t unsurprised when Jimmy called her telling her that they needed to talk. She sat on her bed, tried to school her features in to something that looked like an apology when Jimmy extended his hand to her and showed her the red line on his wrist and told her that he knew this wasn’t gonna happen, if it was meant to be then that line would be black and she would have one to match his. He seemed eerily calm as he hugged her goodbye and left. Beth spent the rest of the night staring at her blank wrist, wondering if she would ever have a mark there at all.

By the time she met Zach, in college, she already had a scar running horizontally across her wrist. She enjoyed spending time with him and after a few months together, she wasn’t at all taken aback when the faint red line appeared on her wrist, running vertically through the scar that she had put there herself after the death of her mother. What did unsettle her was the colour of the line. The more pronounced the line got, the worse she felt about this red line painted across her skin. She knew she would have to mention this to Zach and she felt a real pang of remorse towards Jimmy, knowing now how he must have felt all those years ago. She found herself putting it off and then found that she was glad that she did, because after a few weeks, the line got darker, until eventually it was a dark red colour. She was happier each day that she spent with Zach, especially when she caught a glimpse of the faint pink line on his skin, and she knew then that while he wasn’t completely in love with her yet, the fact that his line was there, albeit light, and that hers was growing darker each day, was enough for her for now.

It would have been enough, had Zach not been killed in a hit and run.

After time, the line on her wrist faded, all physical evidence of her love for him and his growing love for her, gone forever.

Beth rolled her eyes so hard she thought they might actually roll out of her head. No one on earth could make her as exasperated as Daryl Dixon. Her older brother’s best friend made it his life mission to purposely annoy Beth and she hated that he succeeded so well at it, giving her stupid nicknames or wiggling his eyebrows at her. She knew that he wasn’t like this with everybody, knew that he was pretty closed off with most people, except the Greene family, but she couldn’t find it in herself to be thankful for the fact that he showed an interest in her.

The more time she spent around him with his stupid jokes and innuendos, though, she found herself laughing at him, laughing with him.

“Hey, Little Greene, missed me?” He swaggered up to the house (Beth didn’t think he even knew that he swaggered, it just seemed to be the way he walk naturally and she hated him for oozing sex appeal) and flashed her a grin as he hopped up the steps on the porch. “Your brother about?”

“You should know, Dixon. Ain’t you his boyfriend after all?” She pursed her lips at him, eyebrows raised, trying to hide a smile.

“Aw, come on, Beth.” He laughed. “You know I only have eyes for you.” He winked at her before throwing open the porch door (Beth didn’t care how often he came to their house, didn’t he know it was polite to knock?) and Beth hated herself for the warmth she felt in her stomach.

She hated herself again later that day for the blush she felt creeping up her neck when his hand brushed against hers and then again that same weekend when she watched him working with her brother, sleeves cut off, and she found herself admiring his arms, muscles rippling and glistening with sweat.

By the time their regular monthly movie night rolled around, Beth found herself feeling completely uneasy around Daryl Dixon. She felt like a schoolgirl again with a crush, laughing at everything he said (okay, so maybe laughing wasn’t right. It was more like flat out giggling) and despite trying to keep her distance from him, she still found herself touching him at every opportunity, even if it was just a brief brush of fingers as she passed him a mug of coffee. So she definitely wished she had made it in to the living room earlier because now Maggie and Glenn were seated together on one armchair, Maggie perched on Glenn’s lap, and Shawn had taken the only other arm chair. Which meant there was only one seat left – next to Daryl Dixon on the tiny couch. Daryl looked at Beth then at the spot next to him before wiggling his eyebrows at her. She rolled her eyes (again – good lord, how were they still in her skull?) but as she looked back at him she thought she saw something that looked like nerves flit across his face, just as quickly as it had been there, it was gone and he was giving her a shit-eating grin. Beth threw herself in to the empty seat and tried not to think about the fact that she could feel the warmth from his body pressed up against her side. She realised that he was wearing a long sleeved shirt again, he had been for a couple of weeks now, and she tried to ignore the disappointment she felt at not being able to see his arms again, she found that she missed looking at them (which is exactly why she never mentioned the fact that he had suddenly taken to wearing sleeves because she just knew that he would make some comment about how she wanted to ogle him like a piece of meat.) She absently ran her thumb across the scar on her wrist whilst watching the movie and felt a new ridge there, running horizontally. She froze, knowing exactly what this mark was, knowing exactly what it meant. She was in love with Daryl Dixon. She glanced over at him and found him looking at her before he quickly averted his gaze back to the television. Beth stood up quickly, making everyone else jump, and mumbled something about not feeling well before she made her way up to her room. She didn’t look at her wrist as she was getting ready for bed, couldn’t bring herself to see the red line that meant she loved someone who didn’t love her back.

It was two days later when she forced herself to look at the tally on her wrist and it wasn’t what she was expecting to see. The line was black. Her eyes widened as she traced it with her index finger and wondered if Daryl had seen his yet. (If she were willing to ask him, she’d probably make some joke about how he wouldn’t even notice because his skin is so covered in grease all the time, he’d probably just think it was another bit of dirt.) She stared at the line and watched as it turned from black to red before turning black again and she knew then, knew that he had seen it, that he was trying to convince himself that it wasn’t love he felt for her, that this didn’t mean what it was supposed to. She smiled to herself. Stupid, indecisive, beautiful man. She supposed this explained the long sleeved shirts though.

She waited on the porch, knew that he would be coming to see Shawn today. She knew the moment he had spotted her, watched as his truck slowed down, crawling towards the house, almost as if he was trying to figure out if it was too late to turn around. He pulled up in front of the house but made no move to leave his truck. Beth sighed, shaking her head affectionately, and made her way down to him. He climbed out of his truck slowly looking anywhere but at her, still wearing those stupid long sleeves, and it dawned on her then that he might not have even looked at it since it had changed colour. Probably hadn’t, her stubborn man. She stood in front of him, placing her hands on his shoulders to stop him from moving, before waving her wrist in front of his face. His eyes widened when caught sight of her black line and he caught her hand in his, running his thumb over the line before reaching to pull his sleeve up. He held her wrist next to his, flicking his eyes back and forth between their respective marks, and then looked back up at her, hopefulness in his eyes.

“’S black.” His voice was almost a whisper and Beth wanted to smile at the disbelief in his voice.

“Yeah,” she smiled then, “But it won’t be for long if you keep trying to pretend you don’t feel this, that you don’t know what this is. It’s been changing colour all morning.”

“What is this, Beth?” His voice sounded steady but Beth knew that he was still trying to process the fact that her line was black too, but he was smiling, she knew that he was amused that his indecisiveness had changed the mark on her wrist from black to red numerous times this morning.

“It’s us. Me and you. Think you can handle that?” She looked up at him, moved her arms to wind around his neck and his hands went automatically to her waist like they had done this a thousand times before. Daryl smiled as he pulled her closer to him, lowering his head to hers.

“I’m sure I’ll learn to cope,” he told her before his lips met hers.