this movie is such a mess omfg

OK guys imagine an AU

Where all DC characters are in group chat and Conan sits from two browsers, pretending to be Shinichi. And then messes them up.

(the pic is © @plushie-lore and I LOVE it)

Azusa writes some suspicious shit and then tells on the next day that she lost her phone.

Movie!AU - Kaito Kid pretends to be Shinichi, while Conan is still in group chat.

I seriously need this in my life.

Superhero Couple(BVS)

Request: You’re Clark’s fiancée and (not knowing his secret) but you’re also a powerful mutant and when everything happens (you know fights and war) you help him and recognize each other

Note: the mutation I’m going to use is storm’s power from marvel (aka lightning), swears, so much hinting at the movie plot in this omfg, Y/S/N is your superhero name

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