this movie is so weird to colour

meet Liesel Meminger, the book thief 

Some book/movie characters are so special that I always postpone drawing them. I feel like I’m never good enough to do it and that ‘I should wait a little more’. Like they are too special for me to practice my skills on. But then again I’m kinda weird most of the time. 

p.s. After I posted this I was reminded that Liesel has brown eyes! It’s just been a while since I last read the book and I had forgotten that detail about her. Now, I’m not gonna change the colour in my drawing, simply because the blue is important here visually. I just wanted to let you know that it wasn’t on purpose that I painted blue eyes, it was a mistake but the colour scheme is already set.

  • Will: So, Nico I have some questions you need to answer. It's for a record I have to fill about the patients.
  • Nico: Uh..okay
  • Will: What's your favourite flower?
  • Nico: huh? How is that relevant??
  • Will: I don't know but it's on this questionnaire so you have to answer.
  • Nico: I don't know...I really like those black roses I have heard about.
  • Will: Cool! What's your favorite colour? No. Never mind, that one is obvious.
  • Will: What qualities do you look for in a soulmate?
  • Nico: *gapes* These are some weird questions....
  • Will: Yeah well they are there in the form. This form that needs to be filled. This very official, very important form.
  • Nico: But-
  • Will: What's your idea of a perfect first date? What do you think about a moonlit boat ride in the lake? Or what about a simple movie date? What hair colour do you want your significant other to have? Is there a preference? I hope you like blondes, because I really don't want to have to dye it.

i just remembered today is american thanksgiving, so what better way to celebrate this american genocide holiday than consumerist fueled garbage

i love how this movie literally only exists because some board directors realized there is no popular animated 3d childrens movie for thanksgiving they can sell to. so they made one.

take shot for:

-hideous bowling pins that are supposedly ‘turkeys’ with feathered heads ????

-goofy male protagonist animal who loves human things and has never been in ~the wild~

-generic love interest who is skinner/has noticable breast/ lighter colour

-another shot for the fact that she is supposedly a ‘native turkey’ from the 1600s with the name Jenny

-these…’chicks’ that are sentient beach balls

-the native turkeys are almost all coded as being red

this movie’s only redeemable qualities:

the love interest has a lazy eye

these weird side characters

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i just got to know sorry. im so intrigued. why do you hate the kingsman so bad?

It’s classist, racist, misogynistic and the morality is awful like I don’t even know where to start this would take a fucking day.

Like the only two people of colour in the movie being the villains (one of whom is very visibly disabled which is used as a weird gimmick). Also the main villain is an extreme ecologist (with a speech disability) whose evil plan is supposed to stop climate change and who takes an asshole white republican under his wing while the good guys blow up Obamas head (and those of a shit ton of other people in a really disgusting scene while we’re supposed to CHEER THEM ON with celebratory music playing in the background and it’s supposed to be hilarious?) THIS MOVIE IS LITERALLY SO DEEPLY CONSERVATIVE IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY)

AND the memorable last scene which is the princess of Norway or Sweden or smth offering our (possibly underage??) protagonist anal sex because he saved the world (the movie literallly ends on a shot of her naked ass). Needless to say that the….three? female character get little to no characterisation and are either killed or completely sidelined

Not to mention how insanely classist it is? How the whole “hero journey” our protagonist takes is to become like a member of the british upper class?? Like what the fuck?

Or that ten minute scene where our mind-controlled “good” guy slaughters a shit ton of also mind-controlled innocent people in a church in incredibly graphic ways with again celebratory music in the background. Please let that sink in we’re supposed to enjoy and cheer for out hero being mind-controlled and slaughtering other mind-controlled innocent people. And actually literally every single time people are being gratuitously slaughtered (which happens A LOT this movie is like 70% gratuitous violence) there’s happy party music playing in the background. ALSO READ THIS ENTIRE REVIEW THERE’S JUST SO MUCH OFFENSIVE SHIT IN THIS GARBAGE MOVIE. 

SO yeah I’m not a fan lmao.

"Is that weird" - Kickthepj imagine

Accidentally picking up each other’s bags 

You lugged your galaxy coloured suitcase off the carrier. Pulling it along, you made it to your friends car. Finally ready for vacation. When you reached your destination, You slipped into the room your friend had provided for you. 

“Get into your Pajamas and come out so we can start the movie!” Your friend called. 

“Okay just a minute,” you called back. You threw your suitcase onto the bed and unzipped it. The smell was the first thing that tipped you off. The delicious smell of cologne made you sigh happily. Some colognes were a bit much, but whatever this was, it was intoxicating. However, after your smellgasm you wondered why your suitcase smelled like sexy cologne. You looked down seeing a bag filled with things that were not yours. Craft supplies, an art book, mitch match socks, tons of black skinny jeans and some nerdy tee shirts. 

You were worried now, this obviously wasn’t your suitcase. You sighed grabbing the tag hanging off the handle of the case. “Pj Liguori,” you mumbled to yourself. You told your friend what happened and returned to the bedroom.

 You dialled the number listed on the tag. As you waited you glanced at the array of things lying in the bag. You noticed a book. “The edge Chronicles,” you read slowly. You remembered this book, you’d read it when you were younger. Unfortunately the library hadn’t had the second book. You were flung into a nice memory of being snuggled in bed reading that intriguing book.

“Hello?” You were broken from your revery. “Sorry yes hello, this is-" 

"Y/n y/l/n yeah I saw your name on the tag of your bag,” a lovely British voice explained on the line. You were struck by the utter beauty of his voice, easy, sultry, and soothing. A voice you wished could’ve told you a fairytale. 

“Sorry about that I’ve got yours here,” I told him. 

“Oh thanks, sorry, I accidentally opened yours I still thought it was mine when I unzipped it,” he apologised. He sounded so lovely polite and sincere, you wanted to make sure he knew it wasn’t his fault. 

“Oh no it’s fine, I’m sorry but I unzipped yours as well,” You felt like a silly kid admitting to taking a cookie. 

“Oh, haha no worries, but I gotta say you’ve got some really good taste,” he laughed. “Is that weird to say?” He asked. 

“No I was thinking the same thing when I saw your book, I read that book as a kid,” You told him excitedly. 

“Yeah the only reason I continued to look through your bag was because you actually have the same Star Wars shirt that I have,” he told me. 

“Oh yeah I love that shirt! They didn’t have any Star Wars shirts in the girls section so I bought one from the boys section,” You explained, still feeling a bit foolish and awkward like you were talking to a crush. “Ha I probably sound crazy,” you mumbled. 

“No way, fuck them for not having Star Wars shirts in the girls section, it doesn’t matter anyway if it fits it fits,” he agreed. 

“Thanks,” you said. “We should probably meet up to exchange these,” You offered. We planned a meeting place together. 

You were waiting with the boys suitcase when someone tapped you. You turned to see the beautiful boy matching the voice. Curly, silky brown hair, gorgeous sea green eyes that seemed to pierce your soul, and a smile that made you get butterflies. 

“Hi I’m Pj,” he put out his hand. You shook it, still in awe of this beautiful creature. He was just your type, you’d always loved tall boys with curly hair. 

“Hi Pj,” you smiled. He offered to buy you a smoothie since you were close to a smoothie shop. You both were really hitting it off. You were starting to believe it was fate that made you pick up the wrong bag. He was just so perfect. At the end of the time you really didn’t want to leave. Everything flowed so easy with Pj. Now he could walk out of your life possibly forever. Well you weren’t going to let it happen! Though you felt a bit forward you took a courageous jump. 

“Hey I don’t know about you but it seems like we really clicked, maybe you’d like to go out sometime on a more official date,” you asked. You held your breath waiting for him to respond. 

“Thank god you asked, I was too nervous to,” he admitted and you couldn’t help but smile. You exchanged numbers and it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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biggest fashion influences (celebs, movies, culture, etc)?

-magazines i like looking through the photoshoots in magazines and seeing what outfits i find cute and can take inspiration from

-ppl i see in the street or just in day to day, every time i go to town i’ll see someone and be inspired or wish i could pull off the look they’re wearing at the time

-tumblr and ig

-other south africans like tony gum and a fashion designer called rich mnisi his designs are so beautiful 

 -i like the style from 90s movies a lot 

-i’m also into the whole 70s glam rock look rn as well


-adwoa aboah

-oh hyuk

-harry styles

-old british crime shows for some reason

-fka twigs a bit 

-japanese street fashion 

-brit rock music idk why i can’t really explain it 

-alternative or weird black girls they always have the most interesting looks imo

-uhhh any film with a rich bright colour palette

-ashton sanders


this is long and i’m sure i have more i could list but yea

2017.05.20 OEdo no Candy 2 Event and Movie Review!

I got a chance to go to another OEdo Candy event and I got to go to the showing of the new movie plus they had a butai aisatsu (stage greeting) from some of the cast after.

*PSST: if you just want to read about the stage greeting then Ctrl F and ‘Stage Greeting’. It’s at the bottom of the page/post.



Overall: This is partly what I was expecting and partly not. I was expecting it to be fantastical and romancy、 BUT I wasn’t expecting it to be so fairy-like and lots of glittery special effects and weird colour tones and such. It definitely makes it all the more magical and luckily, isn’t too distracting. Also it wasn’t as BL-y as I was under the impression of. I wish this movie had been longer. I needed and wanted more character development. The visuals were amazing, it was very funny (which I also wasn’t expecting) and the characters were great. It’s definitely an Indie-styled movie. It’s not a clean cut, it’s not professional looking, the editor purposefully leaves in real actor mistakes that happened for comic relief. BUT it’s enjoyable, fascinating and I’m glad it ended with a ‘To Be Continued’.
Rating: 7/10

Now for cast and spoiler section and everything:

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So, as per request from my dear friend @patchwork-rabbit I am now working on a guide on designing aliens :)

Like, I have an excuse now, but this was long time coming. I feel like modern sci-fi is really not performing up to it’s true potential when it comes to alien designs. I mean, I understand that in movies it’s convenient if not necessary if all the other alien species are just humans with a weid skin colour, or horns or weird ears, but honestly, literature has no such excuse. And thus, my upcoming comprehensive guide which will dive into alternative designs, adaptation to specific planets, evolution, biology, and maybe even some space culture if I feel up to it.

Stay tuned for more ‘Sundews rants about aliens’!!

I'm It!! (For the Second Time idk lol)

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Relationship Status: I’m married to five guys in my dreams. But irl, my culture dictates that I’m too young to be in one. So…heh. Single as a Pringle and totally not ready to mingle, that’s for sure.

Favourite Colour: Silver. I know it’s not a color, but I’m writing it down anyway.

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick!! I especially love the chocolate-flavored ones. Not gonna lie, I kind of overdose it until my lips turn into a weird shade of reddish brown hahahah;;

Last song I listened to: Summertime Romance by Johnnyswim, it’s one of the cutest songs ever wth I sing it in the shower every time

Last movie I watched: Kubo and the Two Strings (I cried for the fifth time)

Top 3 shows:
> Gravity Falls
> Steven Universe
> A tie of Cats 101 and My Cat from Hell lol

Top 3 characters (screw the rules, I’m naming all five of my husbands):
1.) ZEN aka Hyun Ryu from Mystic Messenger (my iPad has officially registered his name as a word in my personal dictionary bless)
1.5.) Quicksilver, aka Pietro/Peter Maximoff from X-Men (from the comic series and both movies)
2.) Papyrus from Undertale
2.5.) Jake English from Homestuck
3.) Nico di Angelo from the Percy Jackson series
BONUS: K2-SO aka my droid husband who will forever live on in my heart

Top 3 ships:
You can’t do this to me, I have too many :( but also, why is it that when people ask me who I ship, that’s when my 10-page long list just magically disappears like wth
1.) loophole time, I ship all of my friends with their respective guys/gals/aliens/rocks
2.) Percy and Annabeth from PJO series, like wow, what a beautiful couple and the first one that popped into my mind
3.) i ship my mom with my dad.

Books I’m currently reading: My Precalculus Math Book

5 things in my bag:
I already listed all the contents of my bad in my Meet-The-Artist meme, but my top five essentials are:
> pencil case
> notebook/iPad (whichever I grab first, should I be in a rush)
> headphones
> phone
> water jug

5 things in my room:
1.) 3 desks
2.) 2 computers
3.) 183748379284729 art stuff
4.) A drawer full of scratch paper
5.) A Darth Vader pillow

5 things on my to do list:
1.) Finish my drawing requests + sticker set
2.) Draw more and improve!!
3.) Practice public speaking for the Panel Discussion performance tomorrow
4.) E x e r c i s e and burn those calories
5.) Regain aforementioned calories after that strenuous workout by eating three chocolate bars in under five minutes.

5 things I’m into:
Green and Jasmine-flavored tea
Romance and action novels

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Relationship status: Single and I don’t really want to date anyone. (Not to be rude, I’m just not very interested in that romance-y stuff.)

Favorite color: Changes by the week, but I have a thing for pretty colour combinations. Right now it’s Gold and burgundy red, but if you ask me again in a week I might say peach and black.

Lipstick or chapstick: Both make my food taste weird, but if I had to choose I’d go with chapstick.

Last song I listened to: Can you feel the love tonight from Elton John.

Last movie I watched: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Top three TV shows: At the moment just Dreamworks dragons.

Top three favorite characters: I can’t pick my favourites from HTTYD only so don’t even get me started on a top three out of all the characters I know.

But some of my HTTYD favourites are Book!Hiccup, Movie!Toothless, The twins, Hookfang, Furious, Hiccup the Second and NORBERT THE NUTJOB!

I also like Viggo, Movie!Snotlout, Book!Fishlegs and Camicazi, but I’m way over three already.

Top three ships: I’m not that big on shipping, but I really love Stoick & Valka. And Tuffnut & chicken in a non romantic way.

And I tag @therewerepotatoeswheniwasaboy @thepotatoreader @fanwriter02 @zerodestiny169 @animalsarepeople2 @jackiejack6 and whoever reads this. Apologies if you’ve already been tagged ;)

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name: jade

nickname: my parents would call me crabit jazz bc apparently I don’t smile

zodiac sign: Capricorn

height: I really have no idea probably 5'5’’

orientation: straight

nationality: british but I’m from northern Ireland

relationship status: single

biggest fear: sharks

fave movie: in your eyes

fave fruit: red apples

fave season: autumn

fave flower: white roses

fave scent: it’s either clean cotton or soft blanket by yankee candles but I do love the smell when you blow out the candles

fave colour: any kind of blue

fave animal: either dogs or birds ahhh I cant decide

average hours of sleep: right now it’s 8-9 hours

fave fictional character: this is going to sound so weird and random but oh dol-byung from strong woman do bong-soon he was so freaking funny

number of blankets you sleep with: 2

dream trip: well I’m going to Perth in Australia next year and a small trip to london this september but i’d like to go to seoul maybe

blog created: 30 april 2016

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Just Another Tag Game

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Nicknames: Maïa?

Zodiac: Taurus

Height: 5′10′’

Last thing I Googled: rtm

Fave music artist(s): uughh, I’ll say something? Probably? So many music artists??

Song stuck in my head: In cold blood (Alt-J)

Last movie seen: Star Wars The Force Awakens

What am I wearing right now: Pink shirt and jeans

Why did I choose my URL: I have no ideas. It had something to do with alarms, but yeah, weird.

Do I have any other blogs: a1armytrashsideblog and comatale

What my last relationship taught me: that I’ll forever be forever alone (haha jokes on you I’ve been single my whole life)

Religious or Spiritual: Nah

Favorite colour(s): Green

Favorite characters: Kylo Ren/Ben Solo, Loki, Jack Frost, Ulquiorra, Bucky, Gamzee

How many blankets: 3 everyday of the year

Dream job: Animator or concept artist, something with drawing

I’ll tag: @anachronisticglimmer and @r-i-v-e-r because I don’t have friends

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Sorry if this is I don't know random or weird but my daddy has been gone since 3 pm yesterday and still isn't home. I feel so sick to just be away from him. Any tips on how to preoccupy my mind so I don't think about not being with him so I'm not sick?

Colour and watch movies! Or bake cookies! Or like… watch videos :3

the most important thoughts i had while re-reading goblet of fire
  • fleur is actually kind of bitchy at first??
  • but she gets so sweet after harry “saves” gabrielle
  • also i love how she already thinks bill is a hottie when she first sees him
  • and i AGREE, the pictures i get in my head of him are not too damn bad
  • harry and ron making fun of neville asking hermione to the yule ball in front of GINNY makes me so upset
  • especially because ginny doesn’t really defend neville too much, she just says that if she didn’t go with him, she wouldn’t be able to go at all
  • ron is REALLY mean to hermione when he doesn’t believe that anyone would ask her to the yule ball
  • snape is a cruel, evil man for telling hermione that he can’t see a difference after malfoy made her teeth grow super long
  • there ARE BOYS at beauxbatons!!!! why aren’t they in the movie??
  • percy is an annoying bastard
  • also amos diggory just needs to stfu and be cool like cedric instead of pointing out all the ways that cedric is better than harry
  • ludo bagman is so weird, but i LOVE HIM SO MUCH
  • if i went to hogwarts, i would be truly terrified of moody
  • sirius is the coolest guy ever
  • barty crouch jr has freckles and straw-coloured hair, and i’d have loved for that to be the same case in the movie
  • when the champions’ families come to visit, and harry doesn’t expect anyone to see him, and then molly and bill shows up, it’s just the sweetest thing ever
  • though i am disappointed in molly for believing what rita skeeter wrote about hermione and harry and krum, and treating hermione differently because of it
  • harry is so silly i love him 
  • the graveyard scene is actually super creepy, i can’t believe i read that without getting scared when i was 10

Thor: Ragnarok finally looks like a superhero movie that looks like superhero comics
like not just the colours but the sheer fuckin ridiculousness of it like Cate Blanchett spinning and knives just fly out of her, or Tessa Thompson riding in through golden clouds into a b&w world to fight a swarm of spears like
just the visual spectacle of it all is so very Comic Book and the movies have always been too afraid to go this far.
i mean look at Silver Surfer when they turned Galactus into a storm cloud, b/c they were sure that he’d look so weird standing in space and staring down at a planet in his purple helmet-crown. and he would’ve looked weird. but that’s The Point. comics get to be visually creative because they’re a hand-drawn medium not limited by physical space, so why is Thor: Ragnarok really the first marvel movie to try and meet that standard

Identity - Chapter Fifteen
Word Count: 1590
Chapters: 1, 14
A/N: OKAY, so this chapter is VERY very triggering. It has self-harm in it and vivid descriptions of blood in it. SO IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH READING THIS, THEN MESSAGE ME AND I WILL GIVE YOU A DESCRIPTION OF WHAT HAPPENED IN THIS CHAPTER. My main concern is all of you and I want you all to be safe. 

- The classroom was filled with light chatter, excited about the movie that they were about to watch, but Phil sat rigidly in his chair, clenching and releasing his fists. His anxiety was peaked to the max and he had the urge to just grab the little brown-haired boy next to him and drag him back to the dorm where they could spend all of their time playing video games and cuddling.

A light touch on Phil’s wrist made him stop clenching his fists and look into worried brown eyes that were searching his expression. “Are you alright?” Dan murmured in a quiet tone, the concern in his voice making Phil relax and give him a gentle smile.

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i think it’s okay to like literally whatever you want. and i don’t mean there’s something too weird or too childish or whatever. you can watch ‘minecraft’ videos on youtube and you can wear mismatched neon colours and you can do your eyeliner 'way too big’ and you can watch movies and never have a single criticism for them and you can listen to 'mcr’ or 'nickleback’ or 'ke$ha’ and you can have opinions on things because we’re all human and it’s down to you and only you the things u learn to love. live and do whatever the fuck because at the end of the day why is it so hard to let people just enjoy things?

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Could u write a sabriel ficlet with the eye colour soulmate thingie? Pleeeeeeease?

Who actually came up with the entire soulmate nonsense (ao3)

Gabriel is grumpy. No not grumpy, he is god damn pissed. Not enough that he has to sacrifice his free afternoon to help with this stupid college summer party thing. No enough that he will be there all alone since he is still single. And not enough that a lot of his friends have already found their soulmates. No, now he has to be the one to go buy the flowers for the decoration. Why did he go into the party committee?  

It’s not that Gabriel minds doing such projects, or being the one buying the stuff. What he minds are flower shops. It’s like entering a black and white movie. Well basically his entire life is a black and white movie. The only colours he sees are red, purple and a weird shade of pink. And that’s all because his soulmate is a genetic freak with the weirdest eye colour ever, containing blue, brown, and green. So yeah, life is pretty grey for Gabriel and it sucks. And the worst of course are forests and flower shops. While everybody admires their beautiful inside Gabriel just wants to cry with frustration.

The only one who understands him at least a bit, is his brother Castiel. He can’t see green as well, but at least brown and blue. However he doesn’t seem to mind his colour disadvantage. Gabriel on the other hand hates it. Who even came up with this stupid soulmate eye colour thing.

When he finally reaches the flower shop he could punch something. Grumbling he enters the shop. A bell on top of the door announces him. Even though it’s flower saison the store is completely empty.

Weird, he thinks, maybe destiny is doing something good for once.

“Hello,” he calls out, hoping someone will show up.

“I’m coming,” someone replies from the back of the store and Gabriel hears fast footsteps.

The sun is shining warm through the windows and warms Gabriel’s back. He lazily stretches his back and rolls his shoulders. He looks around and just as expected sees an ocean of grey with some spots of colour.

“So here I am, how can I help you?” suddenly says a voice behind him. Gabriel turns around and gasps.

Dean really loves his best friend Charlie and he really loves studying engineering and working with her. But he hates her for making him work on computers for one of their final projects. There is just too much blue. Social networks, e-mails, open office, html codes, he just hates it. Just as much as he hates looking into the night sky or eating blue berry pie. Charlie of course doesn’t understand his frustration. She found her soulmate Gilda in high school. But Dean isn’t in high school anymore. He is about to graduate. And while at the beginning of college he loved one night-stands, he would now really to find his soulmate. Maybe destiny is punishing him for sleeping so much around. Maybe he will never find his soulmate because he doesn’t deserve one.

With a deep sigh he leans back in his chair and closes his eyes. They hurt from all the grey. Reading grey letters on a black background is pretty difficult.

“Oh come on, we have only worked two hours,” Charlie complains.

“Yeah, but I need a break. My eyes hurt,” he mumbles, “Also our pizza should be here any minute.”
And just like that the door bell rings. Dean is literally saved by the bell.

“Well then go, and get your pizza,” Charlie says annoyed, but there is a small smile on her lips. Dean knows she can’t resist good pizza. Neither can he, but he hates ordering it because the clothes of the pizza delivery guy is, oh how else could it be, blue. Dean is sure he is being punished by life, destiny, god, what ever suits you.

Dean opens the door while fishing the money out of his pants, so he only hears the deep voice of the pizza man saying, “Dean Winchester?”

Dean only nods and then looks up.

“I got your pizza. That makes 10.30” the pizza man says.

“Thanks man,” Dean grabs the box, “Here, keep the change,” he adds and gives the pizza man his money before he closes the door.

“Those uniforms are getting uglier and uglier every time I order pizza,” he mutters, “Baby blue, what a stupid colour.”

“What is a stupid colour?” he hears Charlie ask from the living room.

“Baby blue,” he answers, “the poor delivery guy has to run around it all day.”

“What?” Charlie asks again, staring at him like he has gone mad.

“I said the delivery guy has to run around in bab-”

The pizza box drops to the floor and Dean sprints to the door and rips it open. He almost expected the pizza man to stand behind it, but he is gone. So Dean runs down the stairs and out side where he runs directly into a stunned pizza man staring at the trees and plants.

Dean follows his glance and looks up to the treetops, only to have his breath taken away by the blue and shining sky.

“It’s so beautiful,” he whispers, scared the colours might disappear again if he talks to loud.

The pizza man slowly turns around and gives him a shy smile.

“Yes, they truly are,” he says.

“What is?” Dean asks, unable to concentrate. The sky might look nice, but it’s nothing compared to the pizza man’s eyes. They look like they have swallowed entire oceans and galaxies. Not that Dean could exactly tell how those look, but he imagines that they are not even halfway as magnificent as the pizza man’s eyes.

“Your eyes,” the pizza man says.

“Yours too,” is all Dean can say and then suddenly he is kissing the pizza guy. Minutes ago he would have freaked out about kissing a stranger he doesn’t even know the name of. But this is different. This feels like he has known the guy for aeons, like every part of Dean’s soul has craved the soul of the pizza man, its rightful counterpart.

Sam has always loved flowers, the reason why he is working in a flower shop while studying. He loves their bright colour, their fresh smell, how they make people happy. The only flowers he didn’t like were sunflowers, and daisies, and orchids, and daffodils. He also didn’t like sunshine or chocolate. Why eating grey food was not really delicious and seeing a grey ball every time you look up in the sky is not nice as well.

But he has learned to live with it, like the most people before they find their soulmate. Yet today is a bad day in particular. Not only is the sun shining like it has a contest to win, no some stupid people from his college decided to organize a summer party and for the decoration they wanted sunflowers. So with a grumpy mood Sam had prepared a lot of sunflowers the entire morning. Thanks good there weren’t much customers. Only around noon the bell rings. Sam doesn’t hear it though. First when someone yells hello, Sam notices that he is not alone anymore. He hurries up front, only to see the back of a really small guy how stretches his back and looks at the flowers.

“How can I help you?” Sam asks and the guy turns around and Sam is sure that in front of him is standing an angel. His eyes are glistening like whiskey in the sunlight, his hair is golden and the sun shines above his head almost like a halo. His face is the most beautiful Sam has ever seen, a mischievous smile on his lips. Sam feels like an electrical shock goes through his body. The usual dim shop is floated with bright light.

The guy in front of him seems to be taken as much by surprise as Sam. He can’t believe it, he has finally found his soulmate. His soulmate opens his mouth, but instead of amazement or  charming words his soulmate says, “You are such an asshole!”

“Because of your freakish eyes my life has been an entire black and white movie with some red and purple. Why the hell do you have such weird, beautiful, and perfect…and stunning…and breath taking eyes?”

His soulmate seems to calm down, but Sam can’t blame him. He has weird eyes and he knows it.

“Sorry,” he mumbles.

“Don’t apologize,” his soulmate says,”Get down and kiss me, if you’re okay with it?” And who is Sam to say no to his soulmate.

Cas hums along to the song while he buries his face in Dean’s neck. He has never understood the concept of slow dancing until now. He never wants this moment to stop. He also never has seen his colour blindness as an issue. He has never been angry about it like his brother (who right now is wrapped around some giant on the other side of the dancing floor. Cas will introduce him later to Dean.) But now he knows he should have been angry. Angry about missing the beautiful colour green. Angry about not knowing Dean. Angry about running around for 23 years of his life with only half a soul.

“What’s going through your mind?” Dean whispers in his ear.

“I’m sad about not having you in my life for 23 years,” Cas answers. Dean chuckles and Cas feels the vibration through Dean’s chest.

“Don’t worry, baby,” he says, “We still have the rest of our life.”

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this movie fucked me up man but it had some gr8 animation. i wanted to draw some of the outfits so heres fav part was when these 3 were like “can i speak to the manager” it was great

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Relationship status: single, most likely always will be, but thats okay!

Favorite color: black, red, purple, blue, olive green… i like dark colours mostly 

Lipstick or chapstick: probably chap stick, i dont like weird coloured shit on my lips.

Last song I listened to: Nemo by Nightwish

Last movie i watched: either John Wick ch 2, or Repo! The Genetic Opera, the genetic opera is a musical, and i dont normally like musicals, but this one i dont mind, the aesthetic is up my alley, and the music is not bad imo. also i was kinda forced to watch it (thanks mike). however if you ever wanna see giles from buffy sing and rip out someones guts this is the movie for  you.

Top three shows: Angel, Star Trek: Next Gen, The X-Files

Top three characters: this is tough… guess i’ll go with Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (Angel), Niko Bellic (gta iv), and Fox Mulder (X-files)

Top three ships: uuuuh, fuck… i dont really get into shipping, its never been my thing. when i think of the whole shipping concept im just reminded of this site and some of the people on it who seem to ruin things for everyone else.

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