this movie is so precious

Y’all need to support this movie so this cast can hang out more for a sequel [Part 2]

(These are just highlights. There’s so much more adorableness from their snapchats on this youtube account)   

  • Them: You know that the relationship validation thing between Batman and the Joker in the LEGO Batman movie was one big joke right?
  • Me: Yeah, yeah of course I do.
  • Them: ...
  • Me: ...But it was still really gay, right?
  • Them: Oh yeah, no, it was totally gay. Like I'm kind of surprised they didn't kiss in the end.

Happy 2nd birthday, Cinderella 2015! (March 13, 2015) with some of my favorite tags from last year’s post:  

#such a pure movie #this movie is my life #this movie changed me #the costumes are enough reason to watch this #I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH #perfection  #THIS WAS SUCH AN UNDERRATED MOVIE #i love this film so much it’s so magical #what precious children #i should watch it again tonight to celebrate

reminders that yoongi:

- lies about everything
- cheats in every single game ever
- makes the exact same face in every single selfie
- called a neck pillow his lover
- doesnt clean the bathtub after using weird bath products
- “whats ur favorite foo-” “MEAT”
- he likes tarantino movies plaese hes so precious

ill add more but anyway hes a loser


“Oooh look at this~!” *hugs Joker* “Come on Honey Bun follow meee!!!” *slips, falls, sends Joker falling on his face and makes things explode*

△ “You can control it, Credence.”