this movie is so perfect and flawless

I just watched Wonder Woman


• Gal Gadot is a literal godess what even like i wanna cry because of her beauty

• she’s born to play wonder woman ok?

• her fighting and that bracelet YAS QUEEN SLAY

• the amazonians kicking ass with spears, swords and arrows against men with guns

•diana lifting up tanks like nbd


• storyline is incredible like that TWIST THO

• and the fact that this was directed by a woman?! HELL YEAH GIRL POWER

• steve trevor and his blue eyes ughhhhhHHHH

• that little dance scene with the snowflakes is perfection

• Diana in london being clueless and adorable at the same time

• “a baby!” MY PRECIOUS ❤️

• the theme song is fire and empowering like leTS GO MAN FIGHT ME

• Etta Candy is so lovely ohmagash i wished they used her more in the story

• basically everytime Diana smiles i cannot handle that amount of cuteness

• and everytime she cries i die a little

• THAT FLAWLESS HAIR?!?!?!?!?! even during war she looks beautiful af

• spoiler alert: remus lupin

• blessing be upon us

• this movie is 11/10. 100%. A+++ 🔥

Was it a hard day? Mine kinda was..

Hey there lovely ladies, Can you do a Jay Park scenario where he comes home late from studio and found you asleep while you were waiting for him. Love you hyungs !

Here it is!

I am having so much fluff feeling those days mfhcoiw

BTW i recommand reading this listening to Lim Kim rain or IU palette


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-Yes yes..yes boss I am sure I checked it twice.. yes.. I.. yes I’ll review it again tomorrow. Have a nice evening .. Bye

You threw the phone on the black leather couch and sighted deeply while taking off your black hills that were killing you.

After a stressing day at work, you just wanted to eat pizza and cuddle in bed with Jay.

Looking around, you couldn’t find him, so you called his name, thinking that maybe e was in the shower.

Unfortunately, you found a yellow note on the kitchen table

“Babe I had to go to the studio for an emergency

I’ll be home as soon as I can I promise

I love you


-What a shitty day

You just tied your hair in a ponytail and looked in the mirror that was hung near the front door, your black fringe was messy due to the rain and your make up was basically all gone except for the eyeliner and mascara.

You placed your head in your hands, moving a rebel lock of hair behind your ear.

You just stood there for a couple of minutes wondering what to do: remove or not remove your makeup?

-Let’s cook! Y/N fighting!!

Changing in a pair of black shorts and one of Jay’s shirts you put on some socks and went to the kitchen, laptop in your hand looking for something to make for dinner.

-This looks great.. wait.. 4 hours??? Hell no!!!

-Maybe this..yes..this looks perfect!

You said enthusiastic of your choice, sure that Jay would have loved it.

You were good at cooking, and seeing Jay eating was one of the best things, he tended to forget things like eating or sleeping with his job and you were more than happy to help him.

The only problem with you cooking was that the kitchen always became a mess and you hated doing the dishes.

-Mmm, that looks good! Let’s just put it in the oven and.. clean?

You looked around, flower on the counter, egg shells here and there with other things that you didn’t even remember if you used them or not.

-Mm maybe later

You just took the laptop, knowing how mad Jay would have been if you broke it and cleaned it a bit with the hem of his shirt. Lying on the couch you put on some music and closed your eyes to relax a bit

-Just 10 minutes and I’ll clean everything


-She’s probably home

You said looking at your watch, shaking nervously your leg and waiting for Kiseok to sign the last document to join her home

-Are you in a rush?

-Y/N is waiting for me at home

-So yes..




-You’re cute when you talk about her

You smiled a bit, he was right.

You liked your relationship, it was relaxed.. you didn’t fight because of your schedules or unnecessary jealousy like it happened with the other girls.

She got you, your life and she seemed to enjoy it. She took care of you not making it too obvious and you had fun together even just staying at home watching movies and laughing like crazy.

Not mentioning how stunning she was, just perfect, flawless.

-Done! You can go to your woman Jay, we’re done

You stood up maybe too quickly, causing Kiseok to laugh at you.

You hummed the song on the radio on your way home, the rain stopped dropping and the sky became clear.

The street lights became to turn on while the sun was setting.

-Was is she doing? Not answering her phone..that little brat.. probably playing video games

You walked to your apartment, clicking the tiny buttons to enter the code and opened the door, the kitchen was a complete mess, you couldn’t even understand what she cooked. But thanks God the smell was amazing.

A sweet melody was playing.

You looked around and found her black hills on the floor with her bag, she usually threw things here and there when she had a bad day, so you just took everything from the floor and walked to the bedroom.

Before reaching it you saw her on the couch, one of your favourite shirt on stained of what you imagined was some sauce? You weren’t sure

You got close to her, putting her hair away from her face and caressing her soft skin. Her red lips were one of the first things you ever noticed and that made you fall in love even more with her.

You kissed her softly not wanting to wake her up, then just started cleaning her mess.

It took you a good 30 minutes, she really was a mess.

After changing from your work clothes you decided to just take her to bed, you lifted her up and placed her under the white cover of your bed.

-You sleep so deeply, was it a hard day? Mine kinda was.. you know, I missed you

You kept talking to her about your day, like she was listening to you, cuddling her and playing with her hair

-You must be really tired..look how you sleep..cute.. do you know how cute you are?

You kissed her again laughing softly while she turned around to face the wall, so you back hugged her and put on the same playlist on your phone she did before falling asleep, humming the song it was playing while touching her soft skin.

-I like these songs, your taste in music are nice.. did I aver tell you this? I know you prefer indie to hip hop but you don’t tell me..but I like this.. you’re so nice to me..little brat. I love you.. ah, so frustrating you’re sleeping.. well goodnight babe

And placing a soft kiss on her temple you closed your eyes, music still on filling the room, slowly falling asleep.


Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Words: 3.2K

Summary: After you and Sebastian have had a little too much to drink and he decides to brings up a heated scene you were offered to film with him few years ago, things that you both have been dreaming about for years starts to become true.

Warnings: Just pure and all the way sinful SMUT. Dirty talk & so, so much swearing. Oral- and unprotected sex.

A/N: Oh my god what’s happening to me haha. The plot is not even making any sense, but I just really needed to write some smut and well, this happened. As my defense I’m just going to say that I had been living like the most dedicated nun for over a week before writing this one. Just – oh god. I hope you enjoy, lmao.

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Giggling, you pushed open the hotel room’s door, Sebastian staggering right after you, half empty bottle of champagne in his hand and a mischievous grin on his slightly flushed face.

”Welcome to my humble home,” the brunet chuckled, taking a sip from the bottle before collapsing to the huge, king-sized bed at the middle of the even huger room. Vivid laughing filling the air, you spun around, trying to have a glance of every little detail of everything but humble suite.

You laughed, taking support from the edge of the bed to stop your head from spinning. ”And this is humble to you?”

”If you would have said yes to my offer all those years ago,” Sebastian raised the bottle in his hand, his eyes twinkling in the dark lighting, ”all of this could be yours.”

Rolling your eyes, you fell to the bed right next to the man, causing his smile to grow even wider.

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yooooo i loved IT. it's def one of my top favs now too. what are some of your fav horror movies?

Oh!! LEMME GIVE YOU A LIST bc i really really love horror films. I’m gonna make a loooooong list and my feelings abt them. MOST OF THESE  are on Netflix!

  • The Shining: number one fav. BC DUH. Kubrick is one of my favorite directors, everything about this movie is perfect. though, I do recommend the book as well!
  • Sinister:  still scares me to this day. i was so terrified by the movie that when i saw it in theaters i wanted to leave bc i was so scared. I watch it every day around halloween and just for fun. god DAMN this is a good movie
  • IT (2017) bc….wELl you alredy know. Flawless psychological horror, it played so well into showing how fear works with children/teens and they really….went there.
  • VHS 1 & 2 : EXTREMELY GOOD FOUND FOOTAGE SERIES. The second one is my favorite, but man. these movies. they are…incredible. They’re a bunch of short horror films by different directors compiled into one movie. Highly recommend. PLEASE dont watch the third one, VHS Viral…it’s awful.
  • The Conjuring: just recently watched this one….idk why it took me so long. it was rEAl good. a classic ghost horror flick but still good enough and scary enough to stand out from the rest
  • Creep: ok i found this gem on Netflix. It’s found footage also (my favorite horror genre) and…its. something else. It’s incredibly tense and makes you feel uneasy the whole time. No ghosts…just a man helping a another man dying of an illness document his life.
  • Insidious: tbh…..really god damn good. not what i expected, i briefly got obsessed with the series, i think all of the sequels are really solid. 
  • The Orphanage: okay this movie is spanish, but hear me out. its worth it.I will never forget how this movie made me feel at the end. its….incredibly fucked up. dont look up anything about it, just watch. its……..oof….its heavy.
  •  The Shrine: a hidden gem on Netflix. a very….veeeeeeeery unsettling movie. it fucked me up hardcore. found footage-ish? ppl go to a village to investigate the dissapearance of some ppl and find some cult shit. it gets buckwild
  • also here’s some classics i love like, obvs i love Halloween, Carrie, Pet Semetary, Cabin Fever, The Thing, The Omen, all good !! 
Movies with Aubrey Plaza

Okay so the ones I’ve seen:

The To-Do List: really good message about sexuality and first times, she’s acting great, I am really not a big fan of the 90s though, so that choice of setting was not my favorite thing. I did like seeing her in such an assertive emotionless role.

About Alex: I love her role in this, she’s really nice and I love the way they portrayed her, it’s different from what you see from her, and overall, she’s great. I wasn’t a big fan of the movie overall because there were too many characters and storylines for me to get really attached.

Ned Rifle: didn’t understand the story at all, maybe I’m just dumb. Didn’t understand why she acted so bad because her acting is terrible. And I say this as someone who loves her a lot. She was horrible. Terrible movie, never watching it again.

Addicted to Fresno: the movie is fine, it has really funny moments, I’m not quite sure I get the message it’s trying to send overall. I love her part, though, I found it was really good representation and it wasn’t like what you see her do a lot.

Safety Not Guaranteed: Incredible movie from end to end. Just perfection. The plot is great, the message makes sense, the acting is amazing. Her acting is great, and she’s the lead so we see a lot of it. Just flawless.


modern au where jeyne and theon end up becoming unlikely friends and every so often when one or both of them are feeling down they get together for movie night and stupid selfies and delivery pizza and hot chocolate, because okay their lives aren’t perfect but they deserve some fucking happiness

Cold Feet - George Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: Can I get a request where George and y/n are getting married and married and y/n is super nervous and its just super fluffy? Thanks

(( So if any of you have seen The Vow you may notice that I used the same vows from the movie in here so all the vows rights go to the amazing movie The Vow!!))


“Uh, with this… um… oh yeah, candle! I shall… brighten? No, with this candle I shall light? Merlin help me!” y/n screeched throwing her hands to the sky in desperation.

Daylight snuck in through the pulled curtains of the guest room on the top floor of the Weasley Burrow. Molly was racing around trying her best to make sure every little detail was perfect.

The sun was high in the sky and the birds were singing making it an almost flawless day for a wedding. Bright smiling happy faces entered in the spacious backyard, being greeted by Mr. Weasley and the grooms twin and best man, Fred Weasley. George sat alone in his room unable to shake the giddy grin as well as nerves from bubbling up inside him. All her could bare to think of was that in the next few long awaited hours, he’d marry the love of his life, y/n…. the beautiful, breathless, happy-go-lucky y/n.

Speaking of y/n, Ginny and Hermione sat upstairs with the bride-to-be giving her helpful advice and soothing words, but the words were no avail to the nervous girl.

y/n had been practicing her vows day and night practically all month long in attempt to memorize them, not that it was working at all. She could hardly even remember the easy stuff!

“Hey, hey!  Take a deep breath and relax! You’ll be fine, you’re overthinking everything!” Hermione confessed wrapping her arm around y/n’s delicate shoulders. Huffing in defeat, y/n fell back into the bed ignoring the complaints from the youngest Weasley about how she was ruining her hair and makeup by causing so much fuss.

“Besides, its my brother were talking about! You have nothing to worry about. That git will probably mess up on his vows at least seven times! When-“Ginny joked but quickly shut her mouth when she received a deathly glare from Hermione along with y/n.

Mumbling a hoarse ‘sorry’, then drawing her eyes down to the hem of her lilac knee high dress, y/n had picked out months before. The dress fit all the bridesmaids perfectly and added a nice touch to y/n’s mainly traditional dress. The dress was long and hugged her body tightly in a complimentary fashion. Light fairy dust purple sparkles were laced in and out the fabric of the wedding gown adding a nice appealing twist to the look.

Bridesmaids were styled with their hair simple and curled falling like a waterfall down their backs. While y/n’s hair was in a crown like braided bun with small flowers of various colors planted in and out of her hair.

“If you two don’t mind, I’d prefer to be alone and to go over my lines by myself before its time to recite them in front of everyone.” She requested politely. Ginny and Hermione nodded giving her a brief hug and a friendly kiss on the cheek, exiting the room swiftly.

Taking a deep needed breath, y/n stood from the bed gliding with ease over to the crème dresser counter and tying her floral silk robe around her body shielding her extravagant gown from the world, then moved lightly over to the balcony doors, sliding them open and taking a step outside. The fresh air felt like a graceful kiss hitting y/n’s redden cheeks. She glanced out into the horizon of unoccupied corn fields and empty land. From below she could just barely get a glance of the flooded of guest rushing in and chatting amongst themselves. They couldn’t see her much to her luck. Though her e/c eyes stayed locked on the ground level not for the view of the guest but because a head of wild red hair caught her attention. Now, she was in the home of the Weasley’s so chances were, it was just about any of the never ending red heads but something was different about this one.

The man, roughly four floors down was talking, to himself she assumed, in a hushed secretive voice. His words were vaguely familiar and y/n’s heart fluttered at the sound of them. They were vows coming out of his mouth. With a wave of courage overcoming her body, y/n shouted down to him, carefully not to get caught by Molly or anyone else for that matter, she knew the old wise tales about how it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding but she just couldn’t help it.

“Georgie! George… up here, darling!” The flustered groom shot his head up in panic glancing around. His hands were shaky and eyes wild. Finally, he looked up and when his eyes meet y/n the same grin from before returned yet this time larger than life.

“y/n, my sweet y/n. What’re you doing, we’re going to get in trouble and I’m not taking the blame for this one!” George said gleefully. y/n playfully shrugged blowing him a kiss which he pretended to catch. The two laughed together in sync, both feeling a weight being lifted from their shoulders. Silence filled the air and the engaged couple stared lovingly at each other, lost for words. George leaned back onto the unsteady railing devoting all he had up to y/n.

“Y’know, this would be a great time to run over our lines together… so we don’t forget them, of course.” George smirked, checking down below him for safety precautions. Molly would have his head if she gained information on their situation.

“I suppose you’re right, that way we won’t mess our lines up in front of everyone. In a way were actually helping each other prepare for the wedding which means we aren’t breaking any rules.” Seeing each other did indeed break rules. Many to be exact and y/n’s confusing explanation made no sense but the couple went with it.

“Shall I start my dear?” George teased.

“That you shall, handsome.” Voices echoed in the distance and y/n knew the ceremony would begin any second. George seemed to notice this too as his head shifted to the door then slowly back up to y/n mothing ‘Fred’. She nodded and smoothed out the robe waiting for him to begin. The sound of a door swinging shut brought y/n to glance down seeing George smiling with his thumb up in the air. She giggled rolling her eyes.

“Now I think Fred interrupted something very important, but what was it? Oh that’s right,” George smirked with a distant look planted in his eyes like he was at peace. Content even.

“y/n, the you I’m in love with today is the same you I was in love with yesterday, the same you I’ll be in love with tomorrow, the same you I’m choosing to marry because I’m in love with you, y/n.  I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love. And to always know in the deepest part of my soul that no matter what challenges might carry us apart, we will always find our way back to each other.” Tears puddled in her crystal orbs making the rest of the world cloudy and blurry. Her heart was racing 100 miles an hour and her palms became clammy once again. She loved him. More than she could ever express and there really was no reason to be nervous. This was George, her George and he loved her for the girl she was not some high class know it all, just the simple shy girl. He was in love with her as she was and ever shall be with him. Taking a shaky breath she opened her mouth and spoke in a tenuous like voice,

“George I love you more than the meaning of life itself and I would sacrifice a life full of endless eternity to spend 10 short seconds with you. I vow to help you love life, to always hold you with tenderness and to have the patience that love demands, to speak when words are needed and to share the silence when they are not, to agree to disagree on red velvet cake, and to live within the warmth of your heart and always call it home.”

George smiled warmly, his eyes crinkling around the edges. A loud knock sounded on the opposite side of y/n’s door and Molly’s cheerful voice shined through telling her it was time for the ceremony to begin. Throwing an apologetic look down to her soon to be husband, he shrugged.

“It’s alright, darling. That means we’re one step closer to being married. I’ll be down there waiting for you. I love you, beautiful. Never forget that.”
“I love you too, George. See you soon.”


- Daizy xxxx

I’m just going to gush over Tom Holland as Spider-Man for this post.

  • He’s the perfect Peter Parker. He’s not a super hot guy like Garfield, but he still looks young and a bit, not ugly by any means, but not perfect boyfriend material. But he’s also quite charming in his own way. You get why he’d consider himself a bit of a underdog, but he’s very likeable and funny. And as Spider-Man, he’s even better. You never forget that he’s a kid under that mask and It’s pretty obvious he’s geeking out whenever he’s hanging out with other superhero’s, even when he’s meant to be fighting them.
  • Speaking of which, I love watching him fight. He’s not a martial artist, he’s more of a free runner, constantly moving and improvising as he goes. He’s not quite mastered his powers yet, so he just goes with the flow. But he’s still a force to be reckoned with. Even inexperienced, he takes down Bucky and Sam, both at once and holds his ground rather well against Steve.
  • But he’s not just a good fighter, he’s also a problem solver. Spider-Man has always been capable of finding and exploiting any weaknesses he can find. Not only does he go for Steve’s legs, but when Ant-Man grows giant, he uses his own size against him and pulls him to the ground, something even Stark couldn’t think of.
  • He’s a super big geek, but not just in the ‘he’s really smart‘ way. When he takes down Ant-Man, where does he get that idea? The Empire Strikes Back. Spider-Man, ladies and gentlemen. Super spider vigilante, and a Star Wars fan.
  • His uniform is perfect. It makes a few changes to the styling, but it looks flawless on screen.
  • His scenes with the other heroes are the highlights of the movie. Not just in the way he fights them, but how he talks with them. His introduction is spectacular as he and Tony talk about why he became a superhero. The way Sam and Bucky react to him, perfect. And best of all is when he and Captain America talk. I was so worried Steve would just be annoyed by him, but it’s clear that Steve respects this kid, and doesn’t want to fight him. Particularly when he smirks after Peter tells him that he’s from Queens. It’s such a human moment, and I hope these two bond a bit more in Infinity War.
  • He swears in this movie. Do you know how awesome it is to hear Spider-Man, my all time favorite superhero say ‘Holy Shit‘ on screen?
  • Best of all, he’s funny as hell, but he doesn’t stop fighting to make jokes. Remember in TASM 2, when he stops fighting just to make a few bad jokes? Here, his quips aren’t just funny, they’re spontaneous and fast and Peter doesn’t just stop in his tracks to say them. My favorite is when Bucky throws something at him (something large and metal) and Peter quickly throws it back WHILE saying ‘Hey, buddy, I think you lost something.‘

I LOVE SPIDER-MAN IN CIVIL WAR!! Holland, Russo brothers, Marvel, congratulations. You surpassed Maguire and Garfield by miles, and you did it in about 30 minutes of screen time.

“The World’s Best (Worst) Kiss”: Galabella vs. Romantic Tropes

When I first heard the song, “The World’s Best Kiss”, I was a bit disappointed that they both found their “forever kiss” so awful, but then when I thought about it I realized that it was the PERFECT post first kiss song for them. This explanation as to why is long and rambling and gif heavy (none of them are mine as I lack gif making talent) and you have been warned!

Galavant is a show that constantly goes against the grain and subverts and throws any expectations we have for it out the window. Case in point: Galavant goes to rescue Madalena in the pilot and she turns down romance in favour of security,

 King Richard finds out that his wife is cheating on him with the jester and instead of executing him, he asks him to give him comedy lessons, 

and most recently Galavant is separated from Isabella and while on his quest to rescue her he gets stuck in a gay bar.

 Who could have predicted that? Certainly not me. Anyways, my point is that this show that we so dearly love gets a real kick out of turning tropes on their head and nowhere is this more evident than with the way Galavant handles romance.

When Galavant and Isabella first started liking each other they sang the song, “Maybe You’re Not the Worst Thing Ever” with these lyrics:

 Isabella: You’re utterly disgusting
I loathe your manly stink
Galavant: I see your mouth start moving
And God, I need a drink
Together: And then, from out of nowhere,
I’ll look at you and think
Maybe you’re not the worst thing ever

These lyrics are not typical, “I’m starting to like you” lyrics. Compare these lyrics to Colbie Caillat’s, “Falling for You”, a song that expresses the feelings that are usually represented when someone starts to like someone else:

I’ve been spending all my time
Just thinking about you
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you

I’ve been waiting all my life and now I found you
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you.
I’m fallin’ for you.

The lyrics for Caillat’s song are unabashedly romantic and hopeful, whereas the lyrics for “Maybe You’re Not the Worst Thing Ever” are more humorous and speak of a begrudging change of heart. Let’s face it, “Maybe You’re Not the Worst Thing Ever” isn’t usually a ringing endorsement when you meet the person you’re meant to be with but somehow on Galavant that’s exactly what these lyrics become, especially when Galavant  and Isabella look at each other with hearts in their eyes and you can see they’re actually thinking, “Truthfully I think you’re pretty wonderful”.

In the same way when Galavant and Isabella confess their love for each other in “Love is Strange” they sing:

Galavant: Love is strange
Isabella: And sometimes kind of gross
It’s embarrassingly gassy

And it leaves its dirty underwear
In piles around the place
Love is rude, it has a sort of smell

And it thinks that you don’t notice
And it blurts out things
That make you want to smack its stupid face
And it’s awkward and confusing
It annoys you half to death
Then it grins that dopey grin
And you can’t catch your breath

Galavant: Love is strange and sometimes sort of smug
And it’s really, really bossy
And it messes with your head
Till you’re a hopeless basket case 

Isabella: And it’s stubborn
Galavant: It’s insulting
Isabella: It’s obnoxious
Galavant: It’s the worst

Both: You keep pushing it away
And you fall in headfirst

This song is brutally honest about all the flaws Galavant and Isabella see in each other. Izzy still thinks that Galavant drinks too much and that he smells bad and annoys her and Galavant still thinks that Izzy is smug and bossy and insulting, yet somehow in spite of all that, they’ve realized that they truly do love each other. For Galavant and Isabella, love isn’t about romanticizing each other’s flaws. It’s about acknowledging them and choosing to love the person anyways. 

Compare this song to “Love is Endless” by Mozella:

One, for starry nights and
Two, for candle lights and
Three, for long walks in the sun
Four, for all the laughter
Five, for ever after
Six, your smile is just the best.
Love is endless…

Seven, you’re my goodluck charm
Eight, for your open arms
Nine, for best sunday in the rain.

Ten, couldn’t get much better
Eleven, two once put together
Twelve, all the joy and happiness.
Love is endless

“Love is Endless” is a much more typical love song than “Love is Strange” and emphasizes all the good things about love and about being with the person you love. Like most love songs, it’s all hearts and flowers and “I’m in love and everything is perfect” and not altogether realistic.  “Love is Strange” presents a much more well-rounded view of love and is a completely honest song. It mirrors how open and honest they are in their conversations with each other and gives Galavant and Isabella’s relationship an added layer of depth that is surprising given the fact that the show had only aired six episodes at that point in time.

Now given Galabella’s relationship and duet history, it makes perfect sense that their first duet together in season two would be “The World’s Best Kiss” with these lyrics:

Isabella: It was the world’s best kiss
And it was utter bliss
Though it was moister than I thought it would be

Galavant: It was the world’s best kiss
Save for the awkwardness
And how we fit…which I admit…felt sort of weird to me

Both: And in my dreams I still can taste it
Galavant: Slightly yeasty
Isabella: Oddly musty

Both: Distance and time have not erased it
I wouldn’t change a single thing

I wouldn’t change a single thing
Isabella: It was an awful kiss
Galavant: Kind of a total miss
Isabella: Clumsy and forced
Galavant: Way too much teeth
Both: Messy and wet

Isabella: Far from the world’s best kiss
Galavant: Still I can tell you this:
Both: It was a kiss I won’t forget

Galavant and Isabella almost kissed at least three times before they actually kissed 

and they kept prolonging their first kiss and building it up in their heads. 

Galavant also kept talking about “having one of those forever kind of kisses” with Isabella.

so is it any wonder that the reality was far from perfect and actually disappointing? Their disappointment in their kiss goes hand in hand with Galavant’s more realistic depiction of romance. Compare the lyrics to the song above to the lyrics to “Fearless” by Taylor Swift:

Well, you stood there with me in the doorway
My hands shake
I’m not usually this way
But you pull me in and I’m a little more brave
It’s the first kiss,
It’s flawless,
Really something,
It’s fearless.

In Swift’s song, her first kiss is “flawless” which means that it’s perfect. It can’t get any better than what it already is and this is something that most movies, shows, books, and songs do. They extol first kisses and make them appear wonderful and fantastic and everything one could hope for, while the reality is that practice makes perfect, so it’s highly unlikely that your first kiss with someone will be “the world’s best kiss”. Both Galavant and Isabella have realized that their first kiss wasn’t the greatest and I think that this is building up to a truly epic reunion kiss that will actually be the “forever kiss” that Galavant dreamed of…and hey if we don’t get that right away then I’m all for watching them practice.

I think what’s also important to note is that even with Galavant and Isabella being separated we still got a duet between the two of them and not only that but we also got a dance. 

They are clearly thinking of only each other and they are being framed as the couple to root for on the show. That split screen shot with both of them thinking of the other person while they were in bed is a classic rom com device that was used to great effect in one of the most well-regarded romantic comedies of all time, “When Harry Met Sally”.

 Galavant and Madalena never had a duet while Galavant was on his quest to save Madalena and they weren’t built up in the same way that Galavant and Isabella have been built up. All the signs ahead point to Galabella being the show’s OTP. 

So basically to sum up, “The World’s Best Kiss” is par for the course when it comes to Galabella and the way their romance has developed and I’m going to enjoy seeing what the rest of the season has to offer.

The Beauty of Imperfect Writing

Creators constantly have to hear, “Your work will never be perfect.” In some ways this is comforting, and in some ways, it’s depressing. But in my eyes, it’s beyond comforting and liberating. It’s amazing.

Nostalgia Critic’s video Can a Film Be So Good It’s Bad? opened my eyes to this. Doug Walker proposes that some movies hit all the right notes- the humor is on point, the pacing is perfect, and the characters are well developed- but it still falls flat for many people. It explained something I’ve been wondering about for a long time: why everything I become obsessed with has such noticeable flaws, whereas some things I’ve merely enjoyed have been technically flawless in my eyes.

When a piece of media does everything just right, it becomes mechanical, perfectly engineered without a soul, as if the author has a checklist for every aspect of their story. We are conditioned to want this perfection, but what we really need is a story with life and joy in it. Not that we shouldn’t strive to make our work the best version of itself, that we shouldn’t put in hours in order to achieve this- but we shouldn’t beat ourselves up when this version is still flawed.

So I guess Francis Bacon’s right: “There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.” It doesn’t have to be disappointing that our work isn’t perfect. It’s a wonderful thing.

Day 2: Lions

It was late night, Keith was walking by himself through the scarcely lit hangers where the paladins’ lions were held. He had felt the sudden urge to go check on Red after being unable to sleep for the night. Maybe spending time with Red would calm him enough to get some proper rest, figured Keith.

“There you are, buddy,” said Keith upon seeing Red come into view in the dark. He approached his lion and placed a hand on its cool surface. It seemed to thrum to life under his touch. Keith smiled and rested his head against his lion, feeling much more relaxed by his companion’s presence. “How are you doing?” Keith asked and was content to hear nothing. Or so he thought.

He’s here, Keith felt Red say.

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Feeling better.

I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that within a year I might be bald due to alopecia areata

This does not scare me.

This whole situation has changed my outlook on life. It’s weird that this happened because it’s just hair… But this is honestly one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. It’s about 1000x harder then having gone through transition. It feels like I’m losing a loved one… Like I’m loosing a part of myself.

I spent so long trying to attain the perfect version of femininity (e.g long hair, beautiful nails makeup ect) but FOR WHAT?

Our society has imprinted this figment idea of beauty, that women should have long luscious locks, flawless skin ect.

True beauty comes from inside.

I might be loosing my hair. But I’m not loosing myself.

I won’t be defined by the dead proteins on my head. I am beautiful.


Book of Atlantic!


Also Ryan (a doc) + Midfords VAs are perfect for their characters also

MAYBE ITS JUST ME SO FFING LOVING THAT ARC BUT ITS JUST FLAWLESS IN MY EYES I VAN EVEN FORGIVE THERE WERE TWO LITTLE SCENES NOT SHOWN (from Sebastian’s cinematic record if you noticed them then you really know Campanoa arc tbrough and tnrough just like me)


Do you remember what happened to Joss Whedon after Age of Ultron came out? He was bombarded with death threats, tweets calling him a misogynist, and some other nasty things. Why? Because feminists didn’t like that Natasha Romanov needed help in a scene and that she fell in love with someone. He quit Twitter after that (he says the hate tweets had nothing to do with his decision to quit, but you know).

And that, my friends, is why there’s no Black Widow movie or Wonder Woman movie. Because no one wants to write it. They’re all going to look at what happened to Joss and say “we don’t want that happening to us”. Because if they write one line of dialogue that might be somewhat questionable, feminists will send them death threats on Twitter. They don’t want the word “misogynist” to be stuck to them for the rest of their careers, so they’re not going to take a chance writing it.

It’s not because “Hollywood hates women” or “MRA’s are angry” or anything like that, it’s because of feminist actions. If you want a Black Widow movie or a Wonder Woman movie, stop getting angry about a character needing help, a character falling in love, or anything like that. Realize that female characters shouldn’t be perfect, flawless human beings to be a good character.

Unexpected Guest

Unexpected Guest || A Hijack collab between thatendyperson
and yakfrost

we both saw this prompt and thought about doing something about it so yeah, enjoy the fan fiction and the art!


“i really want an “i accidentally broke into your house/apartment because my friend lives next door to you and i was in the area, drunk, and i thought i was climbing into the right window and falling asleep on the right couch (and i did wonder when my friend got two cats but i didn’t question it) so now i’m hungover and shirtless in your living room so um hi howya doin” au” -  Prompt from here.

Yak and I collab’d on this thing.

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