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Pocahontas // Anakin x Reader

hello,(FROM THE OTHER SIDE) I was wondering if u could please do an imagine based on the movie Pocahontas with Anakin him being a some what like John smith and you being like Pocahontas. Thank you so much!

Ever since I wrote that Beauty and the Beast imagine for Kylo, I’ve been getting so many requests for imagines inspired from Disney movies. Which is absolutely great, don’t get me wrong, I love writing them. That being said, tomorrow I am closing requests because I’m not coming back from school until very late. So, I’m going to try my hardest to get as many imagines as possible.

He was a foreigner to your lands. He was unlike anything you have ever seen. Jedi were something only seen once in a blue moon on Alderaan.

Anakin Skywalker was intrigued and excited. Something you wished for on the nauseating planet. He brought to adventure and tales of the galaxy that you wished to once see. “I will take you around the galaxy one day. I swear to you,” he says holding your hands before kissing him for the first time.

He was yours. And your father didn’t like that.

Your father was a well respected man on Alderaan. Many looked up to him and treated him like a king. And knowing that the king’s daughter was fooling around with someone else wasn’t very pleasing to hear out of a mouth other than yours.

One night, you snuck out of your house to go meet Anakin in the heart of the wood. When you arrived, he was there waiting for you, leaning up against a tree trunk. A smile appeared on his face as you got closer to him. He leans down to kiss your lips sweetly.

“I hate that we have to hide all the time,” you say, playing with his fingers. When you look at him, he has a sympathetic look on his face.

“I do, too, darling. But you simply know we cannot reveal this. I can get kicked out of the Order and who knows what trouble we will get in with your father,” he says, gently stroking your face.

Before you can open your mouth to speak, a voice speaks from behind you.

“A lot of trouble, I can conclude. Take the boy away,” your father says to a group of men with blasters. You try to object, but Anakin is already disarmed and being carried away to the town square.

“Anakin, no!” you call after him, trying to run to save the man you love. Your father steps in front of you.

“(Y/N), you have disobeyed me. You have turned against your family to be with a boy who is forbidden to have attachments. I cannot believe you would do this to your planet and your family. Go back home,” he orders sternly.

“No!” you run away as fast as your legs can take you.

Away from the forest. Away from your father. Away, away, away. You are stopped when men grab a hold of you, restraining you from running away further.

“Get off of me! Let me see Anakin! Anakin!” you sob, tears clouding your vision.

The men drag you to the town square to reveal Anakin on the ground, being held down by two men from your planet.

He was going to be killed.

“Let him go! I demand that you let him go!” you yell, voice cracking. Your father comes into the town square.

He comes to where Anakin in being held and addresses the audience that has assembled. “People of Alderaan. This Jedi scum who has come to our planet has broken the Jedi Code. He has had attachments with a female on our planet. And not just any female. My daughter!,” he yells his voice echoing as the people of your home planet gasp. All eyes are on you.

“You don’t understand. Anakin is a good person! He has made me happy! Father, don’t you want me to be happy?” you yell back, fire in your words.

He looks at you. “I do. But, this is not the way to be happy. This Jedi has been unfaithful to his practice. And for that, he must pay the price,” he says.

Your father pulls out Anakin’s lightsaber and turn it on, earning a gasp from the audience and yourself. Slowly, the men holding Anakin back let go giving your father a clear shot at Anakin.


Pushing away from the two men who held you back, you run to Anakin as fast as you can. Your father lifts up the lightsaber, just to crash it back down. Swiftly, you slide onto of Anakin.

“NO!” you scream at the top of your lungs, causing your father to stop the death filled motion.

Silence falls over the town as the people watch you and your father. You grab onto Anakin for dear life, shaking in with paranoia.

Your father retracts the lightsaber, waiting for an explanation.

“Anakin has made me happier than I have even been in my entire life. He has brought me joy and wonder and hope for a better life. I hate it here. There is nothing for me. But, ever since he arrived, Anakin has opened my eyes to a whole new galaxy…And I love him,” you say, causing everyone to gasp. “I love him. There! He has made me a better person and I love him for it.”

Looking at Anakin, you connect your lips. Your father is at first disturbed by the sight, but then relaxes. When you pull away, you look at him. “I love you.”

He smiles, “I love you more.”

You turn around to look at the audience, “And if you can’t accept that, then we will do whatever it takes to be together.”


A short film I made for a competition. Please help by giving it a thumbs up!

A girl who recently broke up with her boyfriend received a message to find her happiness in Jakarta.

jessicablancla And that’s a final wrap for Braven!!! I’m so proud of @linoeding for directing his first feature film with Jason Momoa @prideofgypsies aka Aqua Man! I was lucky enough to witness the inspiring process of creating an action packed movie with so many riveting elements! The cast & crew were amazing and I can’t wait for everyone to see it!!! @glentrotiner

Jė§§içã Błãńç LÅ on Webstagram January 28th 2016

last night was a terrible night and i got in a fight (over a bowl of chili) w someone i hate fighting with and it was like rly ugly and i was screaming alone in my room so hard that my throat hurts so i smoked and watched coraline to calm down and went to bed and i think the movie subconsciously inspired me to sew something. so today i had my mom help me start embroidering a quote i love and now im fucking alone suffering and watching coraline again while i embroider

just watched Joy, I really enjoyed the movie. Actually I feel so inspired by this woman and I hope lots of girls like me who watched the movie, felt the same kinda inspiration.

Sadly, I can recognize a lot of families like hers, always ready to hold it agaist you and ready to take all of your money. At one point I seriously wanted to slap Joy’s father and stepsister in the face.

As for Jennifer Lawrence….outstanding performance. Loved her.

To all of the old and brand new Jennifer Lawrence haters, who apparently are going around saying, quoting most of you: “she’s sooo overrated” and “she’s annoying, she just screams and gets a nomination at the Oscars”
You can kiss her ass.
Seriously. Go and kiss her ass.

You just wish to be in her position at her age.

I’m not always that rude, but when people get on my nerves, it’s so simple to lemme react.

Okay, so since I changed bedrooms I got a new closet right? It’s going to be a neat art space with all my supplies on a shelf instead of on my easel so I can use it.

There’s this wire shelf that I’m gonna hang some keychains that are based on stuff that inspires me and things I really like… I’m really excited about it… My closet is gonna be so cool

#AboutLastNight.. My Kid was so Inspired by this Movie.. He said he’s not going to the Navy Now, he’s going to Acting school..So I know I will have to move to New York or Los Angeles ,so he can get a real chance.#TheBirthOfaNation the Nat Turner Story was amazing,can’t wait for everyone to see it. On a Side note: the movie just stole for 17.5 Million and now has became the Richest Sundance Deal in History