this movie is so good frick

“Sing” was the kind of movie I watched not expecting anything and then ruined me by the end of the film. I never expected to love it this much since I only vaguely know the plot to be a singing contest. But good god, it wasn’t. You get to know each characters, become attach to them and come to love them all. So by the time the contest happened, I was kinda worried cause I wasn’t sure who I wanted to win, because each of them deserve to win and I was so fricking heartbroken but I know I’d be okay with whoever will win. I kept changing “Oh! I want him to win” “But oh dang man, so does she!” OTL Gods, man. It was so funny and so touching, I cried heaps of times. Special mention to my boy, Johnny (he’s the gorilla boy), I’m so proud of you. *wipes tears* I think we could all agree he had the sweetest voice. 

already making opinions about the movie by teaser images?

pro tip: try not to compare it to the canon because it’s already obvious it’s not connected to the show (it’s like comparing FMA03 and FMAB), treat it like an alternate universe, like reading a Ninjago AU fanfic (everyone does AU right?)

besides, seeing the characters in a whole different why is very interesting to me tbh, you get to explore the different personalities the characters could have

the movie might turn out good despite the… weird character designs

and considering it somehow takes place in the lego movie universe, it just might have the same humor, judging by the lego movie and the lego batman movie trailer, so that’s probably one thing to at least expect

also who cares about what they look like, Garmadon looks fricking awesome


“Nobody asked me if I wanted to die. The only choice I got was where and when and how.”
A lively young woman with a life threatening illness visits Sequoia National Park with the intention of ending her life – but her plans are complicated by her colorful family and her unexpected romance with a failed musician.

Sequoia (2014) dir. Andy Landen — watch the trailer here


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Review

Raise your hand if you can say you spent Mother’s day with your mother by watching this movie.  *raises hand*

I went to see it at my local drive-in.  which was interesting because nothing says ‘have a good time and enjoy your movie’ like what happened on the way down.  it starts raining so I turned on the wipers to see.  I would have to say give it a good 5 rotations before the driver’s side wiper falls off.  so, it was fun driving down to say the least. haha.

Actual review time… in t-minus 3-2-1…. (contains spoilers)

I found the sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy highly enjoyable because of it being a fun movie.

Baby Groot, what can I honestly say about him other than he is so fricking cute and stole the show.  from running away with the bomb and wanting to continuously press the detonation button to getting payback on the guy who poured liquid over him by grabbing him and throwing him over the banister.  I hope Baby Groot stays how he is now in volume three to see more of him but my gut tells me it won’t be the case.

when it comes to Drax, we saw him be that perverted friend of yours that you tries their hardest to make everything sound dirty.  I wanted to say I hated it but it added so many laughs.

introducing the newbie Mantis to the team was an interesting experience with her telepathic abilities shedding light on Starlords inner sexual feelings for Gamora.  it was hilarious and you cannot tell me it wasn’t.

Rocket, on the other hand, was his good ol brilliant self by shooting things and creating things.  oh and good job on getting Ayesha and her people on your ass.

when it comes to Gamora and Nebula, I loved their development.  in the beginning, they still hated one another and couldn’t see eye to eye.  trying to kill one another while also keeping each other alive.  by the end, we see two sisters finally except one another and see each other for what could possible be for the first time in their life.

and finally Starlord or Peter Quill whichever one floats your boat.  He had it the worst.  all his life he was wondering who his father was and he finally meets him.  sadly, the happiness is short-lived because he finds out the truth about his father Ego.  his father is too hungry for power.  Ego eradicates entire planets just so he can gain more land.

Ego had Peter so enticed and he was about to join his father.  except, a bombshell is left.  I was left saying ‘oh shit’.  the bombshell was his father telling him that he was the reason his mother died.  Peter Quill rightfully loses his shit and sets forth on killing his father which proves to be a challenge.

in the end, he prevails.  hooray!  but, it comes at a cost… shit man.  it was an emotionally driven scene.  Yondu gives Peter the device that allows him the breathe and it costs him his life.  it is harsh that Yondu died but I am glad Peter was able to have a last one on one with him and realized the truth.  his entire life, he was searching for his father.  when he had a father all along in Yondu.  Ego may have been his father by blood but Yondu was his daddy because he was the one who raise him.

in conclusion, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 explored every emotion you could think of and more.  it was a well-written story filled with guns a blazing and even tragedy.  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was neatly wrapped together and kept you tuned in from beginning to end.  if it had flaws, I couldn’t see any.  make your way to the drive-in and/or theater to see it.

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I love my girlfriend but I'm nervous to say I love you for the first time??? How do I work up the courage to say it

Ah frick I’m not very good with this because I’ve never actually been in the position to be like “hey I love you?” … For me, it’s always been like this thing that just kind of slips out, or like there’s just this moment where you feel so in love and you’re like “my god I actually love you” but like this is just based on like I don’t even know?? Maybe book scenes and movies for me. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help but I’d say do it when it feels right. When you get that rug inside that’s like “aye now is it”.

College!AU Ken

find leo (here), ravi (here), hakyeon (here), & hongbin (here

  • major: pre-med (biology) 
  • minor: creative writing 
  • sports: soccer team
  • clubs: choir, campus literary journal writer 
  • probably the most outspoken, interesting, and clumsy pre-med student on campus and every lab teacher knows him for being an actual walking safety hazard because he loves experimenting with things he REALLY should not be experimenting with
  • like literally he was making the skeleton talk during a study of the vertebrates lab and the professor was like “….ken……do you have something to share?” and ken was just like “no…..ill be as silent as…..the dead……” as he waved the skeletons arm and the class was like om f g did he just pun @ the prof???
  • (yeah he did)
  • and like people tend to misjudge him based on his relaxed and funny aura and they’re like oh he probably skids through his classes with like D’s and C’s but that’s completely not true
  • like ken has a knack for the sciences, especially neurobiology because he finds things like dna sequencing fun???? and people are like nah he never studies but when you visit the library sure he might be goofing around with hongbin and ravi but then the minute they leave he’s got his head in his lab notebook and textbook
  • and like his grades on tests are always the highest???? and his labs are always crystal clear???
  • and even the professors are shocked by his ability to actually be serious 
  • also imagine ken in like a long white coat and lab goggles holding up a brain and being like “ah…..yes……..the Human Brain……a work of art….” ok let me stop
  • ken was rumored to have smuggled a puppy into one of his behavioral psych courses and when the dog barked ken would cough really loud and no one has confirmed this rumor but like ,,,, ravi told someone that he found dog treats under ken’s bed once,,,,,
  • ken’s literally on the soccer team to meme at leo like he actually isn’t that into soccer he just likes imitating leo’s roles from the plays he does on campus during practice and leo is like ken,,,just quit and ken just launches himself into leo’s arms like you don T me A N that I L ovE you and leo is just: silent screaming
  • he took creative writing as a minor because he loves writing stories about the weirdest shit ever and like his teachers dig it so much so does the on campus literary journal so now he has like a short story published every month and each one is crazier than the next it’s..,,,,amazing no one guess it’s by a pre-med student lmfao
  • but yes you meet ken on a study abroad actually and it’s in australlia out of all places like you guys are there on two different programs, he’s there with his neuro class and you’re there to do research for your major but like 
  • ken has no sense of direction so when you guys have off time you notice as you’re like walking around sydney that ken is standing smack dab in the middle of the street looking up at the sky and you’re like ,,,, isn’t that kid from my college???
  • and there’s a car coming and this boy isn’t moving and you’re like !?!?!??!!? but you don’t even think you like run and grab his hand and like pull him across the street and you’re like dude!!!! what the hell!!!
  • and he’s like oh o h i got distracted by the sky and in korea the light makes a noise and gives you time t- and you’re like boy we’re not in korea??? and he’s like yEah you’re right thanks for saving my ass (-:
  • and he’s so damn nonchalant about the whole thing that you’re like ok,,,he’s a little,,,,,weird
  • and you don’t think anything of it when you leave him after he says thanks but then that night you overhear professors talking in the hotel asking where ken is and you’re like i saw him today in the city and they’re like he hasn’t come back and you’re like oh….
  • and tbh you don’t know what compels you because like you’ve never been friends with him or even really talked to him but you like decide to just go back to the place from today to see if he might be there and 
  • to your surprise he is he’s standing (not in the street) but at the corner, jotting something down in his book and you like sneak up behind to see and you’re like heY
  • and he’s like holY SH I YO UScreaED ME 
  • and youre like oops but hey dude it’s past midnight come back to the hotel because the teachers are freaking out and he’s like oh lol i didnt notice the time but yeah ill go back in a second and you’re a little suspicious because from what youve seen so far he’s not good at paying attention so you’re like ill wait till your ready
  • and he smiles @ you and it’s like,,,,,the softest smile you’ve ever seen on a human and you’re like oh wait ok he’s weird a little just a little but he’s also really handsome what the heck
  • and ken keeps writing for a bit and you notice that he’s really tall actually with nice proportions and pretty hair and,,,,,,,ok he’s hot that’s the point
  • so finally he closes his book and he’s like all set!! the story is finished 
  • and you’re like story?? and ken’s like yeah, for the next magazine on campus ^^ and you’re like oh you’re a creative writing major?? and he’s like noooope pre-med
  • and you’re like PRE MED but then you’re like oh ,,, how did that happen and ken shrugs and he’s like idk im just good at science and being a doctor would be pretty rad yeah?? and you’re like ive never heard someone use doctor and rad in the same sentence but somehow ken’s making it work
  • and so you two walk back to the hotel and you’re kind of curious to read something he’s written so when you get back to your room you ask to see if any roommates of yours have an issue of the campus lit magazine and luckily someone has last months and you find ken’s story and like
  • you read it in bed and then reread and reread it again because it’s s O GOOD and it’s over the top but??? he has skill and the next morning at breakfast you find him and you’re like 
  • DUDE your stories are soooo good and ken gets all smiley over his pancakes like !!! they are? well i know they are, but what’d you like about them??
  • and ken wants to hear each and every last one of your opinions and you want to give them and somehow you and him end up talking till everyones already gone for the day 
  • and that is how your friendship starts on this study abroad and it’s cute you bond over his stories and then ken lets you read a bit of the one he’s started here in sydney and like there’s only a week left but
  • you and ken just grow close in an instant because he’s never dull to be around and after your respective classes you meet up to go on adventures in this undiscovered country and you learn about ken’s real genius when it comes to science and you two might not have the same interests but you click
  • like when you two walk, something just works there’s like an energy that draws you closer
  • and on the plane ride back you two even sit next to each other and spend a good amount of time making fun of the bad movie and when you wake up you see ken’s head on your shoulder and like ok frick you might like him more than you expected
  • but like even after just a week of knowing him you know how flirty and outgoing he is so you think like it’ll never work, like no one can really tie him down 
  • until you hear that the pre-meds are throwing this big party and the whole campus is invited but like you have to study so you hit up the empty library to get some work done and suddenly you hear a noise and when you look up??
  • it’s just ken??? except he’s obviously tipsy and like disoriented and he like leans against a bookshelf and drops down to his knees and youre like oh shit is he ok so you hurry over and you’re like ken??? ken!!! and you’re shakign his shoulders and ken’s like coming to and he looks up at you with glassy eyes and you’re like
  • duDE are you crying?? 
  • and he just reaches out and pulls you into his arms and you’re like !!!! and he whispers your name against your neck and he’s like ,,,,,i hate this,,,,i hate everyone thinking im an idiot
  • and you’re like ????? ken what are you talking about and he just kind of trips over his words and he’s like 
  • i hatE  that theY A ll think im SOME jokE to laugh at!!?  that i don’t work for this as much as they do ! like i dont really want to be a doctor,,,,
  • and your heart softens and you kind of let your hands settle around him and you’re like im sorry,,if it helps i know that you’re so smart and kind and you’re gonna be a great doctor and ken keeps silent for a moment until you think like you feel??? his lips on the side of your neck and you’re like k–k-ken
  • but then you pull back and this big kids actually just asleep and you’re like oh my god but also god bless because you’re totally red in the face
  • and so you text ravi and leo to help you get ken back to his dorm but before he passes out dead on his bed he mumbles your name and leo and ravi are looking at you like oH and you’re like GTG BYE TELL HIM TO CALL ME 
  • and the next day you get a call and it’s ken and he’s like heY i didnt say or do anything dumb yesterday right and your heart sinks but youre like dont worry dude!!! you were just drunk haha
  • but then ken is like hey,,,,,,can i see you alone today,,,,later and you’re like oh ok???
  • and you’re worried to death that he’s caught on to your feelings or something and tbh you meet in an empty lab room and he’s there finishing up work and you’re like knock knock you told me to come here??
  • and ken smiles and he looks so professional in the white coat with his glasses on that you almost think he’s a teacher but that’s not the point you’re like what’d you wanna talk to me about?? and he’s like oh i want to ask you something really really important
  • and you swallow like ok??? and he’s like ,,,,,
  • “since im studying to be a doctor,,,,,,is it ok if i,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like omf what…is he going to say
  • and ken’s like on the verge of laughign he’s like “is it ok if i perform a full body exam on you……….im SORRY I couldn’t RESIST THE Pun”
  • and you’re kind of confused for a second but then you’re like blushing but also smacking him playfully like WHat ARE you SAYING 
  • and ken pins you against the counter of the lab desks and he’s like wiggling his eyebrows and it’s so funny but you’re also like are you serious???
  • and ken’s like im dead serious
  • and you’re like soooo does that mean you like me??? and ken’s like ,,,, wELL it’s a little more than just like ,….id diagnose myself with ‘lovestruck’ basically 
  • and you’re like that’s corny but whatever makeout with me
  • and ken’s like DONT MIND IF I DO 
  • and as much as i want to say you guys just do your thing there, ken’s like we can’t because the teacher is gonna come in 10 minutes to lock up the lab sO let’s do this somewhere more comfortable
  • but tbh like he’s a mess the minute he kisses you he’s just like my dorms too far your dorms too far you know what’s not far mY car that’s parked on campus let’s go
  • and like it’s ken so he’s large and so it’s a little uncomfortable but like at the same time he’s making you laugh the whole while and also just being really gentle and always asking if you’re ok and like whatever you don’t care where you are as long as you’re holding onto him
  • and it’s the same for ken like he whispers into your ear that that time he saw you in sydney, after you saved him when it was nighttime he couldnt even look at you because you were so beautiful against the backdrop of the moon
  • and you’re like god you’re so sappy like a real writer why are you becoming a doctor but you only say it to hide the fact that your heartbeats going wild
  • but since he’s pre-med ken can literally hear your pulse he’s like yeah uhuh says the one completely infatuated with me right now 
  • and you’re like kEN if we Bo th weren’t head over heels deep in for each other we wouldn’t be in this car right now doing this righ-
  • and ken just kisses you like yes yes i get it 
  • tbh it’d be hilarious you guys are too tired to go anywhere you sleep in the car and in the morning like ??? hyuk is knocking on the window and he’s like YO Ken hyung are you naked in there?? and ken’s like FRICK throws his lab coat over you and flips hyuk off through the window
  • “so you and ken are dating?” “yes ravi we are” “and you guys hooked up in his car?” “yes ravi we did.” “…….romantic.”
  • but like dont get me wrong ken treats you like royalty tbh dating ken would be gr8 because he’d only ever think about you and talk about you (he’d also study medicine but like you get what im saying)
  • and tbh his stories start getting more squishy and lovey-dovey and the lit journal editor is like damn ken did you get married or something you’re just seeing stars these days and ken’s looking at you like yEAH i guess i am
  • he’s a dork he’d show up to your dorm with like flowers at random times in the day and get down on his knees just to ask you to lunch
  • “ken check my temperature” “why?? do you feel hot??” “yes” “are you sick oh my g-wait……you didn’t mean it like that did you” “NopE - take your shirt off.”
  • going to ken’s soccer games and cheering for him and leo’s like he didn’t even score a goal and you’re like so what he’s the mvp and ken has you in his lap sticking his tongue out at leo like hEARd that im the M V P 
  • you and ken would just kiss a lot it’s freaking GR E A T 
  • also sometimes he’d just speak in really hard science terms when stressed and you’d have to soothe him by like gently patting his head and like letting him rest it in your lap
  • also like ken sings one day just like while you’re over at his dorm and he’s making some food and you spit your water out because holy hell ken you can sING 
  • and he’s like it’s a hobby (: and you’re like HOW ARE YOU Good at everything are you like actually a demi-god
  • and ken just gets all proud like mAYBe who knows aren’t you lucky to be dating a hunk like me
  • and you’re like shush before i throw this toast at you and ken’s like do it i bet i could catch it
  • the rest of the campus is like @ you how does it feel to be dating a real life meme and you’re like it’s amazing so you can all frick off
  • and then you like meet up with ken and he picks you up in his arms and you two walk off into the sunset except not really oyuyou’re going to starbucks to study for midterms RIP

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Hi, DC! (Can I call you that? :P) I'm back in your askbox, this time for a request that I'm not sure if you would be able to fulfill (not because of your fic-reccing abilities, which are perfect). Idk why I thought about this, but: drarry fanfiction that breaks the 4th wall??? Does that even exist? If it doesn't, then, feel free to rec me whatever you fancy. Have a good day! (And thank you).

I love this ask so fricking much I can’t even tell you, @aryxnsa. Partly because I got to think a lot about what counts as breaking the fourth wall, which, interesting. Crack fic? Feltcliffe? (which I have issues with and can’t bring myself to read as a matter of personal taste) Crossovers? AUs? Time travel? Fic based on movies/tv? Stuff that acknowledges that they’re fictional? Or that presents fictionalized depictions of characters within the narratives? How meta does it have to be? I still don’t have solid answers, and am totally, actively, enthusiastically open to debate/recs/additions, but for now went with the good old “know it when I see it” definition. These at least give the fourth wall a good old push, and are definitely, definitely interesting reads. Enjoy, and please remember to leave kudos for these awesome authors! 

Drarry Recs: Challenging the Fourth Wall

Aural Gratification and Aural Fixation by birdsofshore - NC-17, 11k/3k - Harry’s not gay – he just likes listening to exciting stories about Aurors. It’s not his fault that the narrator’s voice is so smooth, so expressive… and really rather hot.

Fear and Loathing at the Phoenix by curiouslyfic - NC-17, 20k - Harry’s Hunter S. Thompson. Draco’s his attorney. It’s the Tenth annual Victory Day and there’s Journalism afoot.

Inconsolable, or How Harry Potter Stopped H8ing and Learned to Love Video Games by November Snowflake - M, 10.5k - Harry Potter really sucks at video games. Draco Malfoy just sucks.

Never Mind the Bollocks, It’s Draco/Harry by geoviki - M, 5k - This is crack!fic at its worst. Can we say cliché? Yes, yes we can. I tried to get them all.

On Her Majesty’s Wizarding Service by nothingbutfic - R, 6k - (no summary)

Take Your Silver Spoon and Shove It by prurient_badger - NC-17, 2k - So they’re clones. It’s not weird. (Except maybe it is.)

so i got way too excited about various things while watching this movie

Newt Scamander, to Jacob: …so, this is your occamy…

me, in the fourth row: My occamy? MY OCCAMY? Yes. Yes! I will love him and pet him and name him Quetzalcoatl-

Newt: …also, don’t pet them. Too many people try to steal their eggs. They will bite your fricking hand off.

me: …oh.

Btw, a little funny story for y'all to enjoy:

I have this one friend who liked the 2004 Phantom movie and is familiar with the original London cast. She didn’t know that Phantom was originally a book, so when she found out, she of course wanted to read it, so I gave her my copy of the Coward translation. (We must make sure to initiate new phans with good translations, after all. No crappy de Mattos.)

I forgot all about it, until I got a phone call this morning. It was my friend. She was crying. The first thing she yelled (after something along the lines of “frick you” in German) was: “FOREHEAD KISS! AND HE CRIED! AND HE DIES?! WHY????”

I am so proud of myself. I have finally lured someone into the phandom. Now all I have to do is get her to make a tumblr account.

Let's Talk Mockingjay

So. I just came back from watching Mockingjay, just like the majority of the fandom lol. And let me just say, that there are so many aspects of the movie I could talk on and on about. Honestly, I just need somewhere to vent all of my feelings and views on the movie, so if you’ll follow me under the cut, let’s have a little review session! (Okay, maybe not so little; I am literally about to talk every aspect of the movie. Major spoilers ahead!)

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Cam-man Tao and a busy nerdy dgaf Kyungsoo
Cam-man Tao and a busy nerdy dgaf Kyungsoo

Tao[ch.]:  hey D.O…HEY…HEY!!! What are you doing? (repeat)
D.O[kr.]:   Watching a Movie, why are you filming me?
Tao[ch.]:  Happy Camp
D.O:         ahhh~ ni hao!
Tao:        Just now he realized we’re filming for Happy Camp.
                Is the movie good?[ch.]…is it good?[kr.]
                hahaha, nerdy…why are you so nerdy?
[Shandong accent]
                *stumble over something*

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Hi.:) could you do a blurb on 4/4 of them trying to help with your homework? X :)


aw i love this idea okay leggo so luke god bless luke he would be so sweet and like he would try his best to explain the things he knew and if you got frustrated he would be so cute like he would wrap his arms around you and just whisper that it would be fine and LUKE WOULD JUST BE REALLY SWEET U FEEL ME???

then theres calum so u know i feel like calum would have pretty good intentions at first but u know after a while he would just notice how you scrunched your eyebrows together and bit ur lip when you got frustrated and like wOW theres this perfect girl thats all his right there??? and he would get all hot and bothered and u know basically any intentions of homework wouldn’t last long *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

but then we have ashton dear lord ashton so i really don’t think ash tons attention span is that long at all so honestly he would try his best but then just nope nuh uh the poor kid just doesn’t have it in him and he’d just be super cute trying to get you to stop and watch some stupid movie with him or cuddle or both idk but yeah he just wouldn’t be into it

michael you see would be like all of the above bc he’d honestly try to help bc he doesn’t like to see you all upset and agitated but then alsO HE GETS REALLY TURNED ON BC U KNOW HIS SEXY ASS GIRLFRIEND IS ALL FRUSTRATED AN D LIKE AS A GOOD BOYFRIEND ITS HIS DUTY TO TAKE CARE OF THAT IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN RIGHT???? okay okay so after maybe a lil frick fracking you’d just be worn out and just not motivated to do anything but cuddle with your wonderful boyfriend and so thats that yeah i feel like u wouldn’t get much done around mikey okay bye g o o d by e

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Don’t get me wrong, I do indeed appreciate how the movie’s portrayed Katniss’ anguish in both Catching Fire and Mockingjay. You could really feel her pain and upset, and to me it was practically holding up a neon sign that said “hey just so you know i really care about and love peeta mellark lol.” Since Katniss isn’t the type to flat out express her love, it was refreshing to see it in the form of pure worry and longing. Like-

I loved her struggle here. We got to see a side of her that’s pretty absent in the rest of the movies. For a person who’s normally pretty reserved and shut inward, you KNOW things were serious when she launched herself towards Haymitch screaming expletives and smacking the frick out of him lol.

Not to mention she did indeed continue to fight even as the sedatives kicked in. She continued to scream and voice her pain towards losing someone who means everything to her, losing the person who completes her; her second half.

(And then there’s also that “I love you Peeta” part which yes, I’m convinced exists lol so 👀)

Not as intense as it was in the book? But still enough to portray proper emotions, which I’m thankful for.

Then of course there’s all her pain in freaking Mockingjay Part 1. Goddd either I’m a masochist or a ho for angst or….both lol, but the scenes where she was crying over Peeta were some of my favorites. Again, Katniss doesn’t express affection and love as openly as someone like Peeta would. It’s instead contained to her thoughts most of the time (hallelujah at the books giving us that inner monologue).


It pretty much nailed in the character/relationship dynamic from Catching Fire. Like hey, you know that passionate beach kiss with all that hunger? That was definitely legit because check out how worried she is for this boy.

So yes, Mockingjay definitely satisfied me as well.

…But then there’s the obvious weaker link lol.

The most irritating fade to black eVER lol.

Like good Lord. Obviously I love picking at THG just for the fun of it, but this is one of the scenes that genuinely does bother me. A lot. Because it got rid of two very important elements from the book, and perhaps the series as a whole.

…Well actually, maybe just one, because it sure as fRICK DIDN’T GET RID OF PEETA’S LEG.

I’m so. Peeta not dying from blood loss right there/losing his leg/not looking even remotely hurt is a whole different discussion on the erasure of physical ailments from the movies, so I won’t get into that lol.

But in erasing that out, they also cut very important development for both Katniss’ character and her relationship with Peeta. The audience gets to see that she actually legitimately cares for him. She’s terrified that she’s going to lose him, so terrified that she has to get sedated from screaming and pounding on the glass. It shows that her care for him extends beyond the games, and that it’s actually genuine. It actually exists.

…But what do we get? A freaking fADE TO BLACK AND A PERFECTLY PEACHY PEETA LOL.

SO YEAH NO. In conclusion lol, it would have been nice to get the full monty will all of those scenes of course. It would have really showed the depth of Katniss’ character and how she feels for the boy with the bread. And while two out of the three delivered, one of them…cERTAINLY DIDN’T.

The Magnificent seven

So yo dude. I just saw this movie The Magnificent seven and I just kjfnadkgndfkbndfknfgkbnfskdnfkn!!! IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!! You should go watch it like right now! Go see it! Sam was so chill and he didn’t even get hit! He was so cool!! And I fricking loved Billy and Goodnight. They were so precious ;w; and I SO ship Vasquez and Faraday because MAI GAWD they were always nitpicking each other until Faraday got shot (not deadly) one time and yo Vasquez just LOST it. He started to shoot like mad man and was shouting things “GO DIE OFF YOU FUCKER!” and “GO FUCK YOUR OWN MOM!” Okay maybe not THAT aggressively but he was clearly mad that Faraday got shot. I just can’t with those two. My favorite character from the whole movie was Red Harvest. That little precious cinnamon roll who pouts all the time. He’s my son okay?! He’s my precious little cinnamon roll who deserves better! I just love that little precious son. And Jack was like a big teddy bear. He was so adorable :3 But yo that movie just… Makes you laugh and cry and do both. Just go watch it if you wanna get fucked up real good. If you love the movie and ship and well…. Are in this little “fandom” then please reblog. Like and reblog if you ship Goodnight x Billy and/or Vasquez x Faraday thank you :3