this movie is so depressing and so lovely at the same time

Life is Pointlessly Pointless.

Eat, sleep, procreate, die. That’s all that matters. Humans have overstayed their welcome on this planet and I think it’s just time to fuck off. We try so hard to create meaning for our existence. We try to find love, find a job, or a hobby to add meaning to our pointless lives. Everything just ends up the same though…disappointing. We constantly venture life looking for “happiness”. A romanticized concept that humans created to help us move along. Happiness is nothing more than an artificial mindset that we are sucked into because we are too simple to understand why we exist in the first place. I never understood how people find joy in art, music, movies, their job, school, relationships, etc. All of this pointless shit we get involved in to add “joy” or “meaning” to our lives is a waste. We are prolonging our ultimate goal. Death. From the moment we are born we begin to grow so we can fulfill our biological functions, then we slowly decay. As it should be. I care less about how people have “found what they were meant to do”, “found that special someone”, or “Have found true happiness” whatever the fuck that means. Trust me you’ll be “happier” if you just accept that you are one in a million. Nobody special. Who is only wasting their time and energy on pointless deeds that will just go to waste when this pitiful planet is sucked into the sun or a great war breaks out, demonstrating that the only end goal is death and destruction. So go on enjoy life. Have fun. Carpe Diem till your hearts content. I’ll be waiting in Hell to tell you “I told you so.”

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My heart is so heavy man. I guess you can say we were preparing ourselves for it but there was still an ounce of me that expected a miracle. You were my DAWG man. All the sleepovers, parties, sneaking in the movies, goofing off in class, me doing your art homework cause you hated drawing lol. I was so blessed to be your friend. I hated seeing people flock to you. Only because I knew they didn’t want you for YOU. They wanted to be around you for who you were and that always pissed me off. I wish I could laugh with you one more time, hold you tight, and tell you everything will be ok. Just 7 months ago, I was in the hospital for drug overdose following depression and literally a week after I got out, you went in for nearly the same thing. I love you Krissi. Always have and always will. I pray that you’ll be my angel to pull me through each and everyday. We had plans in this life and I’ll make it happen for you. Rest in peace my love. I know you’re happy to finally be in the arms of your angel. Until we meet again