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can you write something about kara/supergirl finding out about lena's favourite little things?

i combined two other prompts with this because i’m terrible and haven’t worked on prompts in months. anyway. sorry if it sucks

It’s during their second interview that Kara learns Lena has a terrible snacking habit.

Her massive desk has a well hidden drawer—one that Kara missed the first time she x-ray visioned the office, much to her chagrin—filled to the brim with energy bars, trail mixes, crackers, and expensive chocolates Kara’s never even heard of, maintained and supplied by the very perceptive Jess who is well aware of her boss’s unfortunate tendency to forget several meals in a row and insists on at least ensuring that the CEO subsists on snacks at the very minimum.

Kara spends the hour Jess has painstakingly fit into Lena’s schedule smiling as she watches Lena pull out a bag of trail mix, snacking through every question, chewing thoughtfully as she ponders how to respond to the inquiries into her family.

“Oh no,” she murmurs, after asking Kara to try the dried cranberries, informing her that they’re her favorite and that she wants Kara to try them too, “I don’t think my mother was working with Lex before. I think his going mad was what broke her. She was never quite shy about being obvious for her preference for Lex.” Lena stops, digs through the mix for a moment, searching for any chocolate—something Kara’s noticed is the first to go—and shakes her head. “Can we leave that off the record, Kara? I just…let’s talk about something else.”

And Kara nods, promises to leave out any mention of Lex and Lillian (focusing only on Lionel), and accepts the cranberries, trying hard not to blush at the smile Lena sends her way when she agrees it’s likely her favorite part of the trail mix as well.  

(From that day forward, Kara always checks the secret drawer, letting Jess know on the sly if Lena’s stores were running low—much to the assistant’s pleasant surprise.)

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It really annoys me how negative people are about the Prisoner of Azkaban movie. It has obvious plot holes, and sadly missed the identity of the Marauders. BUT. I feel as though because of that it receives a lot of unnecessary negativity towards the whole movie and people dismiss it. In my opinion it was the most beautifully filmed and just a genuinely brilliant bit of cinema and I appreciate it so much. I wish they kept Cuarón on set for the other movies even just as a creative producer.

It’s just so funny to me that there is no Captain America movie or no appearance of Steve where Bucky isn’t somehow mentioned or shown. Yet Tony who they are apparently centering their universe around barely ever mentions Rhodey?

Why would you put that damn “Don’t touch my Rhodey” line in your movie and then have Rhodey fade to the background?

So you’re saying that even though we have two movies heavily featuring Tony we can only guess and hope for Rhodey? Like they haven’t been best friend since college. Like they haven’t been friends for at least thirty years. Like they haven’t been through it all together.

Their friendship should be just as important as Steve and Bucky’s. Should have at least as much screen time. More importantly Rhodey should have been a more fleshed out character by now.

So not only did they fuck over Terence Howard they’ll keep doing that Don Cheadle?


I'm actually glad the movies failed now.

I was one of the few who actually liked the movie, but I do think it could have been HEAPS better than it was.

I’m a Kevin Zegers fan, and I thought he did a good job as Alec, but yeah, he was/is too old to play him. I was blinded before by my love for KZ. xD

Godfrey (movie!Magnus) looks like a GOD and he had the visual part of Magnus down for me, but would he have made a good Magnus in all the other areas? I don’t know, and I guess I never will, because we never got to see too much of that.

Harry hooks me from the word “GO!” How he moves, how he speaks, his facial expressions - there is NO OTHER that can play Magnus. Harry IS Magnus Bane. No one can tell me otherwise. This man is BRILLIANT as the character, and if the movies had been more successful, I would have never come to know that and that would be a tragedy.

Same with Matt as Alec. He looks so tortured, serious and yes, indeed, “grumpy” a lot of the time, and just how I pictured him in the books (though of course, my visual had blue eyes, and as much as I am a sucker for blue eyes, that no longer matters to me. Matt’s eyes could be fuchsia and I wouldn’t care because everything else about him and his portrayal of the character is FLAWLESS!!) 

Oh, and don’t even get me started on Malec as a couple. The chemistry those two have is beautiful, and it makes me sooo happy seeing this now because —as a book reader— I know what is yet to come and if they are this amazing to watch now…. oh gawd, someone save me. (I’m sooo looking forward to them falling in love on screen before my very eyes.)

Another reason I’m happy the movies fell through, is that we get soooo much more of the Shadowhunter world because of it. The movie was like 2 hours, but with the show we have 1-hour-episodes (more like 45 minutes because of commercials, but still), so about 9+ hours of footage in one season - and with 20 episodes for Season 2, we have like 15+ hours more of our wonderful characters still to experience.

I remember being super upset when I heard of the fate of the movies. I was happy to hear we would get another shot with a TV show instead, but the idea of all new people playing my favourite characters was still upsetting. But I couldn’t be happier to see now that I had nothing to worry about because this new cast is great!

So excited for Season 2!!

               THIS DUDE JUST HIT 4,000 FOLLOWERS! 

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My mind is blown, truly. I’ve never once been remotely popular in regards of social media, school or anything really. I’ve always been the kid on the sidelines watching. But Katie McGrath dragged me to this fandom and shoved me inside and I couldn’t be happier. 

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I don't know if anyone has thought of this before but in a parentlock type situation, Sherlock would watch tons of kids movies with Rosie, which means he would have seen The Bee movie at some point. Imagining him being super excited about a movie about bees then huffing and critiquing it the whole time while John flicks his ear or something to shut him up is hilarious to me. Also, now that I'm thinking about Sherlock watching kids movies I'm wondering who his fav Disney princess is. Maybe Belle?

ADFASCASFSADASD NONNY OMG. Listen, I’m not big on parentlock but totally can see this ASDFASDF.

And then he’s criticizing the logistics of the whole movie, LOL. We all know Sherlock secretly wants to be a disney princess, and he was waiting for his prince to come (ie. JOHN). Hmm, I dunno which princess he would like? Maybe Belle, because she’s so brilliant and doesn’t take shit from anyone… though I think maybe also Merida because he loves her no-nonsense approach to life and her desire for freedom and her taking the initiative to take control of her own future. Hee hee.

Hmmm! What d’yall think?

Baahubali: The Conclusion, a summary...

*Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen the first movie, STOP READING!*

  • The cinematography and overall visuals of the film are absolutely GORGEOUS! (DUH.) 
  • Prabhas and Anushka are the OTP-est OTP ever and I really need them to be together foreva eva. (But like, really though… How can I make this happen?) 
  • The soundtrack and background score are perfection.  If you pay attention to the lyrics closely, you’ll notice that they actually help carry the narrative in certain high points of the film. 
  • The fight scenes are BRILLIANT.  I’m really not one to appreciate guts and gore but daaaaaamn.  Each maneuver and battle tactic is so creative and well thought out. 
  • Finding out why Kattappa killed Baahubali will crush your damn soul. (My heart still hurts…)
  • Almost the entire first half had me giggling like a five year old.  There was a ton of light hearted humor that really helped keep the story from dragging. 
  • Overall, I just really fucking loved this movie.  I usually end up hating sequels, but this was a fabulous wrap up of an epic saga. 
  • Whether you care for the story or not, you really should go and watch this in a theater just to enjoy the majestic visuals and the grandeur of another SS. Rajamouli masterpiece! (This sentence barely makes any sense, BUT I’M SO HYPE YA’LL!)

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A Flea in Her Ear (aka the hilarious old movie with YOUNG EDWARD HARDWICKE)

So I’ve talked about how there’s hardly anything I’ve seen online where Edward Hardwicke is younger, but because of lovelies @tremendousdetectivetheorist and @granada-brett-crumbs, I was given a link to this movie from 1968 starring Rex Harrison, and my heart almost stopped when, within the first 10 minutes of the movie, I saw this:

Edward is practically a baby; I’m screaming.  And the movie is brilliant too; it’s absurd and funny and just, here’s the link to the best quality version I can find:

Minor spoilers and more gushing below the cut:

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Don't you think Wes Anderson movies has dark/serious stories but the way he makes his films makes it seems so lighthearted? For example, in Rushmore this 15 year old kid, Max does some pretty crazy shit to Mr. Blume but idk it doesn't seem like it.

For sure! Wes also likes to kill off the characters pets :/ Brilliant dude though xx

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2-D and Murdoc with an S/O that loves to shower them with affection? Like I'm talking straight up spoiling them rotten.

(2D deserves to spoiled and you cannot convince me otherwise.)



~ 2D wouldn’t know how to act at first. He’d suspect that you wanted something in return so he’d start to show you more affection and bought you little things because he thought that’s what would make you happy. You explain to him, after a bit of laughter, that you didn’t want anything in return. You just wanted to love him. 2D had the biggest smile on his face. He tackles you and hugs you so tightly you hear your back pop.

~ He jumps back and yells, “OH NO! I DIDN’ MEAN TA! ARE YA OKAY?!” You giggle, “Yes, I’m fine. My back actually feels better now, thanks.” You kiss his cheek and head into the living room. You had planned a special surprise for him. You had rented all of his favorite films, bought his favorite snacks, bought him two new packs of cigarettes and gotten his favorite tea. “2D, could you come in here for a sec?” You yelled in the direction of his room. You heard him coming down the hallway. You grinned and waited to see his face. “Yes, lov-…” he couldn’t finish his sentence. His jaw was hanging from his mouth. “Wha’s all dis?” 2D was still looking around the room as he walked closer to you. “I wanted to give you a little surprise.” You couldn’t stop smiling. He looked at you and you thought you saw a tear fall. “No one’s evea done anyfing like dis fo’ me.” You pulled him onto the couch and kissed him. “It’s about time someone did, and that someone’s gonna be me.”


~ Murdoc would expect you to be so affectionate towards him, or surprise him with these nice little things. You didn’t always get him crazy expensive things but it was the little things that got to him. Like how you would leave a glass of water with a sticky note that had a cute message written on it so his hangovers wouldn’t be so bad. Or how you’d cover him up with a blanket if he fell asleep in the studio. Or even how’d you make him dinner and bring it to him if you knew he hadn’t eaten. Murdoc would feel a bit guilty because he’s never had anyone treat him this way and he wasn’t sure how to tell you how much he appreciated you.

~ One day, he got a brilliant idea. He hadn’t slept so he was just laying in bed with you staring at the ceiling. “That’s it!” He whispered yelled to himself. He looked over at the clock and it was almost 8am. You usually were up by 9:30 or 10am. That gave him enough time. He ran into the kitchen and put on Russel’s too big apron. Murdoc searched through the cabinets to find the ingredients he would need. He had decided he’d make you those stupid, heart-shaped pancakes you’d see in romance movies. The process did not go well though. He was so determined to make you a nice set of pancakes, he hadn’t noticed the time passing by.

~ You stirred in your sleep and stuck your hand out to feel for Murdoc, but he wasn’t there. “Mudz?” You sat up and saw the empty bed. You stretched and make the bed before going out to find him. You heard grunted and cursing coming from the kitchen. You furrowed your brows at the sound and walked towards it. What you saw in front of you made you laugh out loud. Before you was Murdoc attempting to make pancakes. There were a couple stuck to the ceiling. Flour was everywhere, including all over his face and hair. He heard you laugh and turned around with the pan in his hand. “Oh honey, what are you doing?” You asked while giggling. Murdoc coughed and tried to act cool, “I was just, ya know, makin’ you some breakfast.” He looked everywhere but your eyes. You walked up to him and planted a sweet kiss on his flour covered cheek. “Thank you, love. But let me help you.”

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Headcanon: Tony absolutely hates horror movies. He gets really scared during them. He hates them since watching a really scary one, at night, at MIT, with Rhodey. After the movie had ended Tony had been scared of the dark for days if not weeks. The first night he crawled into Rhodey's bed and told him he wasn't feeling well just so he could stay there. Rhodey wasn't fooled tho, especially when he felt how much Tony was shaking. So he just smiled to himself and hugged him closer.

Actually, Rhodey probably wasn’t smiling that first night, because let’s face it, he totally is the one who suggested the movie in the first place–and yes, Tony insisted they should watch it to the end, even though he flinched so hard he knocked the popcorn bowl over within the first ten minutes–but Rhodey should have known. He should have known that Tony would push himself, because that’s all he ever does, pushing, and he feels guilty.

Sometimes it’s just easy to forget how young and human Tony really is, you know? He’s just so brilliant, shines so bright and obvious, and Rhodey tries very hard to look past all that. But it’s part of who Tony is and it’s all too easy to get caught up in it. Until he goes too far, burns too bright, and suddenly Tony isn’t bigger than the world anymore, is small and thin and shaky instead. And it’s terrible.

Of course Rhodey can’t tell Tony that. He holds him close instead, can feel the smaller body trembling faintly in his arms, gently cards through Tony’s hair and traces inane letters down his back, until his breathing slows and he slowly falls asleep. He does it again when Tony wakes them both up screaming around four hours later. And again the next night. And the next.

They don’t watch a horror movie again.

Later, many, many years later, Rhodey will miss a movie night and the team will watch a horror movie. Tony will tell him about it, an off-handed mention weeks later, and a little bit of Rhodey will break apart at the seams when he realises that Tony doesn’t get nightmares from chainsaws and cheap special effects anymore, that there’s no room for new horrors left. “I don’t mind them anymore,” Tony will say cheerfully, like it’s an accomplishment. But his eyes are too empty and his smile is too wide. “I do,” Rhodey answers, and for the first time it isn’t an excuse to cover for Tony’s fear. It’s the truth.

They don’t watch a horror movie again.

Sorry for the darker turn, anon! If I understood your headcanon right, Tony was supposed to still be afraid of them in the present–and I love that idea, I really do–but I just couldn’t resist the full circle of Rhodey being the initial “cause” of Tony’s fear to Rhodey fearing horror movies (for what they represent) because of Tony…. I suppose it wouldn’t surprise anyone that I’m not in the greatest mood right now, huh?

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In regards to those "spoilers" I would appreciate it if shows/movies would stop killing her in them.

That would be brilliant, wouldn’t it? I feel like she gravitates towards these roles.

I can just picture her with her team going through scripts. “Is she tragic? Is she suffering? Is she pining? Is she gay? Could she be gayer? Does she need a huge hug? Does she deserve the world but no one seems to be giving it her? Is she a little shady? Does she have a dark side? Is she too fabulous despite all of that? Does she die? Bitch sign me up. When’s the audition?”

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She plays everyone so wonderfully though, it is hard not to fall for her characters.

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What is your objective opinion about Lana's performance and singing?

Nonnie, I am SO SORRY THAT IT TOOK ME THIS LONG TO ANSWER YOU! Truthfully, I wasn’t by tumblr regularly this week. And when “Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance” first dropped, I was so firmly in fan girl mode (my god Lana, be more gorgeous! I dare you!) that I knew I couldn’t be objective. But I am more level headed now so we can talk about this! 

Let’s (objectively) talk about “Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance”:

(If you don’t want to read the long book-length essay I wrote (whoops!), my short answer is: I think she did as well as anyone could have reasonably expected. The song is a lot of fun, and she has a lot of fun with it. Though I’m an Evil Regal to the end- this is not my favorite number. Still, I love it and play it often. And anyone who follows me knows that I have can’t stop reblogging gifs. It’s great. But, I am going to be more critical in what follows)

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The Konoha Eight? Nine? Ten?

My personal ranking from fave to least fave

1. Inojin - He’s so sarcastic and the expressions on his face are brilliant

2. Metal - Kind of like me, only talented. I love how he’s so like his dad but also a good bit different, and his anxiety is very relatable. 

3. Shikadai - Shikamaru’s mini-me, but I love Shikamaru so I’m going to like Shikadai

4. Chocho - This is who I would have loved to have been at school - so confident and unapologetic and also very funny

5. Sarada - She seems different in the anime than in the movie, and I preferred movie Sarada. I’m hoping we see more of her though

6. Iwabee - I really like Iwabee and want to see more of him. I like how he’s a lot older but doesn’t belittle any of his classmates or feel superior to him. His feelings when we first met him are kind of understandable.

7. Mitsuki - It’s more I find him interesting than I really like him…I think he’ll grow on me, kind of like Sai did

8. Boruto - why must you be so irritating?!? One minute I’m like “you’re cool” and then nope! And he’s so irresponsible to the point he makes his classmates cringe. I *want* to like him. I’m positive I’m going to like post-movie Boruto. But academy student Boruto? Hmmm

9. Denki - ah…the poor man’s Koushiro (he’s the cool nerd from Digimon Adventure), and I just find him utterly bland.

10. Sumire - dear god just no. I found Hinata endearing and relatable…Sumire’s just…nope.

Honourable mentions - Kakashi fankid wins the award for most adorkable. Goth girl wins the award for being most mysterious….and then there’s the furries - the girl with the cat’s tail and the one with the cat paw gloves, both of which are disturbing

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Would you recommend Kingsman? I've heard good things.


Seriously though, it’s a bonkers spy movie that spoofs every trope in the book and then some, and the whole thing is so awesome and intentionally over-the-top that it’s an incredibly fun movie to watch. The acting in it is INSPIRED, too– Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Firth are brilliant, and Taron Egerton is AMAZING in this. It can get gory in parts, but that just adds to the surreality of the entire movie. The fights scenes are legendary. Watch for the fight scene in the church. You’ll know what I’m talking about. Mark Hamill had a bit part in this. The assassin with two prosthetic legs that double as deadly blades is something else. There were so many times in this movie when I was on the edge of my seat, hardly daring to breathe, and then in the next moment I was falling out of my seat with laughter. God, I’m making myself want to watch this again. I think I will.


And now for the beloved, the adorable, the actual angel, Park Jimin aka chim aka how the hell does he go from being all giggly and precious to somebody help I’ve fallen bc the thrusts were too muCH HOW

  • Proposal here
  • Wedding here
  • Honeymoon here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read either of those parts (which you don’t have to, it works if you don’t) this features young!Jimin
  • This precious human being is just a sweetheart and that carries over to how he is as a husband
  • Now if Namjoon got giggly whenever he was called husband, Jimin was just twice as bad
  • He likes full on hugs himself and giggles and is just like oh my god that’s me i’m a husband i’m your husband wow wow
  • Jimin was already super comfortable with you before since you two had been best friends since you were five
  • It just gets amped up once you two get into a relationship
  • For the first few weeks, he’s like oh wait gotta look good for my baby is my hair okay are my jeans too tight
  • After that initial gotta impress stage, he starts walking around with bed head and his shirts hanging off and it probably has a stain on it bc its laundry day and he has to dig to the very back of his closet to find something comfy
  • He loves loves loves spending time with you
  • You two could do absolutely anything and he’s just ecstatic
  • Playing video/board games?? He’s ready and pumped
  • Cooking?? He’s your official helper
  • Cuddling?? siGN HIM THE HELL UP
  • Side note though he does love cooking with you
  • Whether you’re a brilliant chef or can barely boil water or anywhere in between, he’s up for the task
  • Jimin seems like someone who can cook when he has a recipe
  • Some things burn yes but overall he’s not bad at all
  • His favorite part is being able to either show you what to do or help you out
  • Whenever he’s with you, giggles are happening
  • You two could just be chilling and watching a horrible movie and he’d still be :D
  • And his smile makes you smile so you’re automatically :D
  • Then your smile makes him smile wider and it’s just a chain of happiness
  • He’s his happiest with you in his arms or him in yours
  • His favorite thing to do with you is cuddle hands down
  • He’s a v v versatile cuddler
  • He’s cool with big or lil spoon (okay but just imagine jimin as a lil spoon bc MY HEART) you can lay your head on his chest or his stomach or in his lap as long as he gets to cuddle with you he’s good
  • His favorite though is being able to hold you close and your faces are just a few inches apart and he’s always got his eyes locked on you  
  • He gets to trace your features if he wants to, he can kiss you, he can just hold you, he gets a wider range with this position
  • Okay but imagine his lil satoori coming out whenever he wants something
  • Like he knows you love his accent and the way he speaks when he uses satoori so out it comes along with a much too precious pout and some irresistible puppy dog eyes
  • He has a lot of lil pet names for you, including Korean ones like jagi/jagiya of course but baby is his favorite bc you’re his baby
  • Husband!Jimin is just madly in love with you and honestly falls deeper every day

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Hey Jacey, have you watched the recently released Tangled series. And if so, what are your thoughts?

I have not seen it yet and am very conflicted as to whether I should. There is one very deal-breaking thing about the premise that I utterly HATE.

First of all, for anyone who doesn’t know me that well, I adore Tangled. Rapunzel is my favorite Disney princess (though Jasmine gives her some stiff competition) and the one with whom I self-identify most. That entire movie was absolutely beautiful, and its main character SHONE with brilliant energy and relatable fear and self-doubt. The songs were catchy as hell, too. 

So of course, when a sequel series was announced, bringing with it a greater mythos for Corona (hopefully) and some original characters to boot, I was actually really, REALLY excited. I was hoping for a resurgence of things like the Aladdin and Hercules animated series that gave their main heroes more time to shine on grander adventures and explored the worlds more, with a dash of comedy fitting with the film’s original style and some nifty callbacks to the original film. I wanted Rapunzel to become a heroine with a résumé. I wanted Corona to become the crown jewel of a rich and textured world. I wanted the new characters to become as lovable as the main cast, and Cassandra DOES look like she fills that bill from the occasional gifset of her that crosses my dash. For all I know, this show did all of that perfectly well. But I’m not in the mood to find out.

Because of the god. Damned. Hair.

“Tangled” is a film that works on several thematic levels surrounding Rapunzel’s hair and its eventual cut. Rapunzel is a victim of abuse because of her hair and the magical powers bound up in it. She is pursued by multiple people (Gothel AND the Stabbingtons) who see her not as a human being but as a vehicle for beautiful, magical hair. The hair becomes a symbol of what ties her down, what holds her back. And of course, while it’s not played up at the forefront, there’s the inevitable theme of not judging people by appearances. Rapunzel isn’t JUST the woman with the forty-foot blonde locks, and the people who are most valuable to her life are the people who treat her the same after the hair is gone: they see her artistic spirit, her love of fun, her drive to become active in her community. Putting the hair back, to me, erases ALL of that. It puts Gothel’s chains back on her. It paints a target on her back for the Stabbingtons and their ilk. It even has an implication of “Oh, good, you’re back to normal” when it comes to how she interacts with her parents and Eugene, even if that implication is never acted upon out loud. Blonde hair is not Rapunzel’s “normal.” Neither is brunette hair, as symbolically important as that cut is to her. Rapunzel’s “normal” is being herself.

Not to mention that Eugene died to get rid of that hair. He was LEGALLY DEAD. What does it say about his sacrifice that it’s back now? 

I might give in and watch sometime if the reviews continue to be good and I really, REALLY need to see what happened to my favorite princess in the extended canon. But as of right now, the return of the long blonde hair is too much for me to handle without getting seriously angry, and so I’m skipping out and living in a filmverse-only canon.

Oh, and the wedding short. That’s still canon.

i think a huge part of the problem with the HP movies isn’t just the characterization of Ron but how they gave Harry and Hermione a lot of Ron’s qualities to compensate for his minimized screen time

If you watch the movie, you wonder why Ron is the person Harry would miss most since they reduced him to comedic relief, often times making fun of him, even though Ron’s truest humor came from making fun of other people and his dry comments back to Hermione (Hermione is at her funniest with Ron, lbr). But in the books it’s a no-brainer that Harry would miss Ron more than anyone. He’s miserable in the weeks they don’t talk in Goblet of Fire and even says directly that being best friends with Hermione isn’t nearly as fun as being best friends with Ron. Honestly, that makes me really question Harmonie shippers like…I’m sorry if any of my friends ship it, but it makes no sense since Harry prefers being around Hermione when Ron is there and seeing as how they barely talked in the 7th book when Ron left and how Harry even told her to stop talking in Goblet of Fire when Ron wasn’t there like…no. They can’t be a couple. Ron finds the fun in being with Hermione and that’s the important thing above all else. But I digress.

So in the movies, they give some of his comedic lines to Harry ( “you ought to get your inner eye checked” in PoA is the first big one that sticks out to me) and even the times he ruthlessly defends Hermione against Snape/Malfoy (Ron was always quicker to act on that than Harry, though they both were obviously upset by the comments). They give a lot of his impulsiveness to Hermione (whereas in the books she’s the wet blanket telling Harry and Ron to think before acting and Ron’s the one often times blindly following Harry) and even some of the wizarding knowledge he brings to the table. In Chamber of Secrets, Hermione doesn’t know what a Mudblood is. Ron gets enraged on her behalf while she’s clueless. Ron’s the one who knows the wizard fairy tales. Ron’s the one who knows about Squibs and blood purity and all of these things neither Harry and Hermione know. But in the movies they reduce him to the dumb side character. He doesn’t protect Hermione from Snape’s cruel words. He doesn’t enlighten his friends. He doesn’t make them laugh. It’s a disservice to a great character and a great actor.

Ron gave up years of Christmases with his family to be with Harry. Everyone loves how Mrs. Weasley made Harry Christmas gifts for his first holiday at Hogwarts, but who told her that Harry wasn’t expecting gifts? Ron. Ron defeated McGonagall’s chest set when he was only 11 and then sacrificed himself so they could go on. Neither Hermione nor Harry could’ve made it out alive without him. Ron attacked Malfoy with a broken wand when he called Hermione a slur. Ron was the only person who cared that Hermione was taking three classes at once. Ron stood up on a broken leg to protect Harry against Sirius Black when he thought Sirius had killed thirteen people and wanted to kill Harry. Ron always apologized when he screwed up with his friends, sometimes with actions, sometimes with words, often times both. He was the one to tell Hermione and Harry about the jinx on Voldemort’s name. Ron repeatedly calls Hermione brilliant while still getting her to take herself and grades less seriously whenever he can. He tries to learn how to use a telephone just so he can talk to Harry. He gives Dobby his Christmas sweater since Dobby loves clothes so much. Ron followed spiders into the forest to help figure out the mystery in the second book even though his worst fear is spiders. Ron always knows how to find humor in the worst situations, something his friends always need. 

And the movies took all of that and made him a guy who just eats and says dumb things. So, yeah, that’s a huge part of why I hate the movie adaptations.


I love the anime movie: Doukyuusei

To start off, usually yaoi animes either have: Rape, non con, murder, death, aggressive behaviour, ignoring the words ‘no’, not listening, speaks rudely to each other or doesn’t like being homosexual/doesnt want to out themselves, ect. 

This one is so real, the characters are so real and sweet.

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Top Ten Underrated Horror Movies (Part 6/10)

We have finally reached the top five and these movies are movies I just absolutely love and enjoy every single time I watch them.

So, what is number five on my list?

Time to find out.

5. The Final Girls (2015)

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I find this movie to be absolutely brilliant and though maybe not the most “original” idea, the way that the dialogue flows together and the characters in it are memorable, it certainly makes it one of the most original movies on this list. 

The movie consists of a group of actors who really can bring comedy and horror together considering their situation: Taissa Farmiga, Malin Akerman, Alexander Ludwig, Nina Dobrev, Alia Shawkat, Thomas Middleditch, Adam Devine, Angela Trimbur, Chloe Bridges and Tory N. Thompson

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I already wanted to see it, because it stars Taissa Farmiga, who I absolutely love from American Horror Story and a few other actors that I have always enjoyed. This cast works together so well and have such great on-screen chemistry that I believe the main group of friends truly know each other and spend time together, while the other group are full of such quirky and comedic characters that make me believe that it is the setting of a classic 80′s slasher movie.

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The plot follows of Max Cartwright (Farmiga) who lost her actress mother three years prior after both were in a car accident. She is obviously not the same person, which is shown convincingly, because in the scene with her and her mom before the accident, she is a care-free young teenager who carries herself well, while after the accident, she is much more of an introvert who seems distant in most social situations. 

Now her mom was one of the stars of the 80′s slasher movie “Camp Bloodbath” and has found little work since, mostly only known for that movie franchise. The three years after her death, Max is invited to attend a two-part screening of the movies, as a special guest, per request of her best friend’s step brother.

Once at the movie, a fire breaks out and in an attempt to escape, then manage to trap themselves in the movie. 

Normally movies with a plot like that are just cheesy and a bit difficult to get through, but this movie surprised me and I have grown to the love it, because of how believable it is that they are stuck in a movie, not a whole other world, but the movie.

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With a premise like this, it could have easily been butchered, but with an outstanding cast, witty and entertaining dialogue and a plot that relies on so much more than just “getting out alive” it got me hooked and made it to my top ten. 

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While the characters in the movie within the movie are completely unaware life outside the movie (obviously), the main characters try to get through the movie, but keeping it as normal as possible, but when they realize that they too can be harmed and killed, just like the movie characters, they take this shit seriously and get down the business, becoming bad asses in the process, to defeat the villian: Billy Murphey (most easily compared to Jason Voorhees).

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Seriously, I want to give way more details, but at the same time I do not want to spoil the plot. So far most of what I have described is what is shown in the trailer for the movie. 

It has been awhile since a new horror movie release has impressed me and brought something new to the genre, but this movie did it with so much ease. 

Plus, how many horror movies can play the song Bette Davis Eyes over and over and still be taken seriously? Honestly, I love that song and the movie made me love it more, due to the mother-daughter storyline between Max and her mother’s movie character in Camp Bloodbath. 

It isn’t just a slasher, because it is not just relying on the plot of escaping, it is also equally shared with Max and her finally getting to process the death of her mother, while being able to remember her for so much more than just someone who died. The power to do so is what turns her into an amazing “final girl” of horror movies and creating such an amazing scene between the two.

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I don’t know how much more I can rave about this movie, but the list just keeps getting longer, so if you have the chance to watch this movie, especially if you have not already seen it, I say go for it, because it is very unlikely that you will not find something to enjoy about the story. 

Whether it be the death scenes, the characters, the story or even the humor of satire without making it a satirical movie.

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It may be only number five on my list, but it is one of the top two movies on this list that I absolutely insist you watch at least once in your life.