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I'm watching Victor Frankenstein and boy,

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power rangers movie? more like

i s2g when will the tadashi fangirls chill tf out

KICKFLIPS !!!!!!!!  if we’re talking about shit that the movies did wrong, CAN WE DISCUSS LITERALLY ALL OF SIRIUS MCFUCKING BLACK !!!!!!!!!

I’m still crying over the fact that there’s a gay power ranger like in all my 16 years of living i have never seen a movie in the theaters with a gay main character

I am so sick and tired of how people keep complaining about DC being too dark. And I’m like listen, there is an ALIEN ARMY DETERMINED TO DESTROY EARTH AND EVERY HUMAN BEING. Why tf would ANYONE want to make a fucking joke when there’s a real possibility of you dying? Wtf is so funny about that? Why does that shit have to be fun? How can knowing the entire human race will die be fun for anyone????? Shit, I bet EVERY single member on JL would rather sit and home and do nothing. There is NOTHING FUN ABOUT IT. 

FUCK Y’ALL DC HATERS. Keep pretending like superhero movies need to be bright, fun and ignore important things like DEATH. 

Podcast Topics!

So as some of you might have seen last night, Baseball and I are considering doing a fun podcast type thing for shits and giggles. I’m pretty surprised at how many were interested! But to actually have some concrete things to talk about, we want to get questions from you!

What are some questions you have that you would like two goofs on the internet talk about? Can be asking for advice or just our opinion on something in general!

Here’s a list of things that Baseball and I tend to talk about a lot:

  • Character Creation
  • World-Building/Writing Process
  • LGBTQA+ (Asexuality/Aromaticism in particular)
  • Not Everything Being Black & White
  • Fandoms (Undertale, Steven Universe, etc.)
  • Pet Care & Behavior
  • Gender Roles
  • Scary Stories
  • Movies (and dumb opinions about people doing dumb shit in them)
  • Dumb Opinions About Dumb Shit In General

And much more!

Feel free to reply to this post or send in an ask if you want to remain anonymous about anything at all! Otherwise we’ll have no idea what to talk about. lol

  • Me after watching BATB '91 for the first time: Okay, that was fine. Pretty cute.
  • Me after watching BATB '91 for the second time: Holy shit this really is a work of art look at the backgrounds look at the details look at the animation listen to the music this is some Gothic opera shit why did I reject this as a child I could literally stare at this movie for hours how did it get to be four in the morning
ok ok ok ok ok ok can I just have a quick lil moment of your time?

This shit.

So Hunchback is far and away my favorite movie from Disney’s Renaissance, and it always makes me so happy that yes, people seem to appreciate it, people seem to love it, but I’mma go into exactly WHY it’s my favorite, and WHY I think it’s so crucial, and WHY I think it should be required viewing for young boys specifically.

We all know that a huge bulk of the media we’ve grown up with consistently has that one frustrating message:  Being the hero means you’ll get the girl.  Many boys let this mentality bleed into reality.  We have “nice guys,” who feel that their niceness entitles them to romance, when obviously that discredits a female’s personal choice.  We all get this, we all know this, and a lot of us get that it’s a toxic message.

So check out our hero.

He’s an incredibly good person who isn’t conventionally attractive.

Check out our lady.

Super good person, conventionally attractive.

The movie so deliberately builds up Quasi’s hopes.  There’s a whole fucking song about it.

But Esmeralda, who is her own person with her own motivations and preferences, chooses another man, who is also good and also attractive.

A lot of people criticize this aspect of the movie, the fact that Quasi doesn’t get the girl BECAUSE of his appearance.  But my argument?  This is the best damn message a movie could ever send.

Because when things get dicey, when Esmeralda’s life in in danger, when Quasi would be putting his own life on the line, he knows that romance is no longer within the realm of possibility.  He knows he won’t be “getting the girl.”  He knows this, and he allows himself a moment of bitterness, he risks falling prey to the “nice guy” trope, and he almost succumbs.

“She already has her knight in shining armor, and it’s not me.”


He has NO ulterior motive for saving her life.  NO ulterior motive for opposing the man who raised him.  And he doesn’t know that he’ll get any reward, he knows he could straight up get killed for his actions, and yet he still acts.

And there’s no bitterness. There’s still so, so much love between him and Esmeralda, pure awesome platonic love, and love between him and Phoebus, and just fucking love all around, it’s amazing.

I’ve heard so many people express distaste at Quasi not ending up with Esmerelda.  Like he was cheated out of some kind of reward.  But have they watched the ending?

Does that look like a man cheated of his reward?  Does he look like he “lost” to Phoebus?  No dude, that’s a man who has everything he ever wanted, and that’s also a man who didn’t “get the girl.”

If that’s not an essential message for young boys to hear, I don’t know what is.