this movie is really yellow

My favorite part of the movie is how great, happy and united my children are and how nothing bad EVER happens to them.


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Imagine watching Yellow Submarine with John Lennon. Whenever his character comes up on screen, he elbows you and leans over to whisper “That’s me,” in your ear. Every damn time.

I watched Yellow Submarine for the first time ever and was amazed how philosophical it actually was? The blue meanies are like all the things that bring us down - all the obligations, rules, all the things we’re expected to achieve - the things we really don’t want to do in our lives but what we still must do because of the pressure of society (or parents or whomever). These things make our lives colourless and tedious, these things really suck the life out of us. But music, or not only music but all the beautiful things in the world, all the things blue meanies wanted to destroy, make life worth living. And when you’re down and blue, when the blue meanies have won the battle, there’s always something - a healer - that can cheer you up and help you see the bright side of life. And you are happy again. To me, this healer is definitely The Beatles, they always save my day just like they saved Pepperland in the movie.


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The Beatles: Yellow Submarine LEGO set review

By Simple Cash

One of my favorite bands ever, without a doubt, is the Beatles. Wether you like them or not, chances are you have definitely heard about them or listened to at least a couple of their songs. They are, indisputably, one of the most influential bands to ever walk this planet.

When I first found about this set, I admit I thought it was a fake. I mean, it was too good to be true, right? Wrong. This set is just fantastic, specially for Beatles fans; it makes a killer piece for display. Let’s get to it!

Let’s start by talking about the box itself. The front design is simply beautiful, showing us the Yellow Submarine over a dark blue background decorated with psychedelic, colorful shapes that perfectly fit the tone of the Yellow Submarine movie and the Beatles overall.

In front of the submarine, we see Paul, John, Ringo and George on a brick-built stand with nicely printed “Yellow Submarine” tile, next to them is the Jeremy minifigure.

The back is pretty much the same, and I won’t go into much detail here (or in the sides)

I apologize, as the box got pretty dangled during the flight; it looks beautiful, nevertheless.

Now, onto the submarine itself:

The build is definitely bigger than we have anticipated, and it is also way more stunning than we thought. The colors of the submarine are just sublime, combining the classic “Yellow LEGO” with the more recently introduced “Mango-yellow” it adds a feeling of complexity to the naturally simple design of the submarine. The cartoonish printed tile on both sides of the sail (yes, I had to Google “submarine part names”) is just a perfect fit. Let’s take a closer look at the minifigures:

Starting form left to right, we have Mr. John Lennon. He sports a black jacket with green and magenta details, which adds a nice groovy touch. His legs are light and dark purple, and he is holding what seems to be a telescope. 

Next, we have my personal favorite beatle, Mr. Paul McCartney; he’s left handed, just like me! He is holding a nice 1x2 tile that has “LOVE” printed on it. He rocks a dark purple vest over a purple shirt and has a yellow and red oversized tie. He has khaki legs with some purple printing representing part of his vest.

I have to be totally honest with you, I had no idea what George Harrison is holding, but apparently, it’s the engine. He has a nice light brown torso with some green around the neck, and plain black legs.

Mr. Ringo Starr is last. He has a red and blue striped torso with an orange and purple tie. I think this is one of the coolest torso pieces I have seen, and in makes up for the lack of leg printing (same case with the George Harrison mini figure).

All four Beatles have alternate face prints:

Finally, we have the Jeremy minifigure holding a green apple. Not much to say about him, but he’s one of our favorite mini figures.

Before taking a look at the inside of the submarine, we’ll take a quick look at the periscopes (at least that’s what I think they are!) I really like the way these came out, specially the ingenious use of the hot dogs.

Oh, and don’t forget the two nice little red propellers on the back of the submarine:

The inside of the submarine is an amazing (and really fun build), mainly because of how detailed it is. At this point I should highlight that there are no stickers in this set, everything you see is printed, which is actually really cool and pretty uncommon nowadays (except maybe for other Idea sets or Junior sets).

I believe all (or at least most) of these tiles are exclusive to this set, but then again, I could be mistaken!

Fun fact: this tile reads “1968″ and it’s a reference to the year that the Beatles’ movie, “Yellow Submarine” was released.

I really like those little knobs and meters, they look really nice and the color selection is marvelous.

The set also includes a nice brick-built stand that makes up a great display, and while we found it particularly tricky to build, it’s completely worth the pain. 

This is a great set. Aesthetically speaking it looks perfect, LEGO nailed the look, period. Apart from that, it was a really fun build, and it was even more fun because I built it with my best friend Simple Dan, and watching it take shape was great. I would definitely recommend you get this set, wether you’re a long-time Beatle fan or just want a nice piece of display for your collection.

I hope you enjoyed this review, take care you guys!


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i prefer the original version of “gator golf”