this movie is really yellow

My favorite part of the movie is how great, happy and united my children are and how nothing bad EVER happens to them.


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Watanabe Mayu starring in her drama as Kiriyama Saori in Sayonara, Enari-kun ep. 1 (170430)

I watched Yellow Submarine for the first time ever and was amazed how philosophical it actually was? The blue meanies are like all the things that bring us down - all the obligations, rules, all the things we’re expected to achieve - the things we really don’t want to do in our lives but what we still must do because of the pressure of society (or parents or whomever). These things make our lives colourless and tedious, these things really suck the life out of us. But music, or not only music but all the beautiful things in the world, all the things blue meanies wanted to destroy, make life worth living. And when you’re down and blue, when the blue meanies have won the battle, there’s always something - a healer - that can cheer you up and help you see the bright side of life. And you are happy again. To me, this healer is definitely The Beatles, they always save my day just like they saved Pepperland in the movie.

Imagine watching Yellow Submarine with John Lennon. Whenever his character comes up on screen, he elbows you and leans over to whisper “That’s me,” in your ear. Every damn time.


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You know what really sells this as a shitty movie? They fucking gendered yellow circle emojis. 😒

Look at the mom! She has that typical “can I speak to the manager” haircut, long lashes, and feet that are heels while also somehow being thinner than her husband and son. The only thing I can give them credit for is not giving her emojiboobs.

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For the name thing, Aden 👈😎👈

combat boots, trippy movies with really great soundtracks, smoke, sunflowers, the colors forest green and yellow, freckles, skateboards, easy laughs and laid-back atmospheres, aliens, the general feeling of things not making any sense but being completely okay with it, laying in an empty parking lot outside in the middle of a humid night, going with the flow, contentedness