this movie is really big on the vegetables
You Won't Believe It (But We Got It On Tape) - RiaTheDreamer - Red vs. Blue [Archive of Our Own]
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(I wanted to jump into the Grif angst. I really did. But apparently I am losing my mind and instead I write funny/stupid stuff. What is this? What is happening to me?
Big thanks to @creatrixanimi who helped discuss a lot of these scenes before I decided they needed to be put into a one-shot)

You Won’t Believe It (But We Got It On Tape)

Just to make the points clear:
Red Team are cockroaches. Banjos suck, no exceptions. Mushrooms are vegetables and therefor bad. The right answer is head and don’t you even mention tails. Zooming in reveals heartbreak. When making a movie Donut will be in charge of makeup, don’t question it, and – wait, where’s Caboose?

(Alternatively: weird shit that happened while the Reds and Blues were living on the moon and while they were leaving it.)


Yes I can draw a little lol. Anyways thats not the point. @no-chill-mack came and chill with me, an I cooked but he “claimed” that I wasn’t cutting my vegetables right 😒 I really didn’t see the difference but he’s the “chief”. Please. I just put together something quick but it tasted damn good tho. Still could do a lil something something. I drank most of the champagne an put on a movie that I can not remember but it was damn funny. Big head headed home like fifteen minutes after the movie was finished and I made more progress on this sketch I was working on.
How was y'all evening?